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Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental  

Long Bay | (formerly Allegro/Occidental Resort Pineapple Beach), 33442, Antigua

"Not worth the money"
Posted by: Michelle  on Jun 24, 2013
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Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Reviews
Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Pictures and Information
Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Antigua Antigua and Barbuda

of 25 Hotels in Antigua

User rating 3.4

Based on 23 reviews

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Information

All-inclusive - 180 rooms in one, two, and three story buildings

Occidental Grand Pineapple Beach formerly known as Allegro Resort Pineapple Beach, is located on a beautiful stretch of secluded white sand beach, overlooking the turquoise waters of Long Bay on Antigua's northeastern coast.

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Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Reviews

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Review: 3.4 of 5 23 reviews
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"Some rooms are a long walk up a hill."

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental
User Rating:  Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Don04  on Mar 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2004 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
266 people found this review helpful

I judge resorts on the following criteria; here's how Allegro measures up:

ADEQUATE SUPPLY OF TOWELS: Yes for the beach, but there was a major problem getting towels in the room. All towels were collected every morning, and not available til late afternoon. When I suggested to the manager that only dirty towels be collected, he said this was already done, but it never was.



ENTERTAINMENT: The highlight was guest karaoke one night. Otherwise, the usual locals. There were a few slot machines.

TENNIS AVAILABILITY: We always found courts.

FOOD VARIETY: The resort is on the small side, so there wasn¹t great variety, but the quality was the best I¹ve experienced at a resort. Kudos also for breakfast, a hard meal to vary, where they had one different dish each day. Lunch also offered 4 excellent choices.

NON-HARRASSMENT: We were generally free from salespeople.

TV STATIONS: Major cable and network available.

NEWSPAPERS: Another major shortcoming. No US papers for sale. They printed a few copies of the online "NY Times" each day, but instead of posting them where all could see, a few copies were dumped in the bar, first-come.

QUIET: The resort seems to have been built in stages, and is sprawling. Some rooms are a long walk up a hill. Those close to the center are less quiet. There¹s the usual obnoxious music around the pool, and the staff tends to communicate by shouting at each other.

RESPONSIVENESS: Some dinners in the main dining room were served a la carte, and there was a wait for tables. Complaints to the front desk were not responded to. There could be another bartender at busy times.

We were invited to a special party for Allegro repeat guests, where we heard the resort has expanded too fast.

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"You have a porch with two chairs and a table for quiet morning coffee"

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental
User Rating:  Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Mike03  on Mar 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2004 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
251 people found this review helpful

We just returned from the Pineapple Beach Resort in Antigua. This resort was just wonderful. We had no stayed here before and we were seriously considering Sandals Antigua (which we had stayed at before) but their pricing had nearly doubled since last year, so we thought, what more could Sandals give us this year that they had'nt last year yet still charge us nearly double the price ?!? Our conclusion was they couldn't ! Not that Sandals wasn't great, it was, but at twice the price this year it was pretty much a no brainer to look at other resorts. We did our homework and throughly researched many different properties. Pineapple Beach was the one that stood out the most, and we couldn't have made a better choice.

We booked a standard room but when we arrived we were ungraded to a garden-ocean view at no additional cost! Our room number was 208. It looked over the gazebo and onto the ocean (view of ocean was somewhat obstructed, but you could easily see it). The rooms are somewhat small but very nicely decorated and ample room for all your luggage. Wicker furniture and brightly colored bedspreads and drapes. Bathroom was quite large and fully stocked with wonderful shampoos, conditioners, moistizers, and soaps. Lovely fresh flowers in the bathroom as well as on the dresser. You have a porch with two chairs and a table for quiet morning coffee. There is a coffeemaker in your room. Housekeeping does an outstanding job of keeping these rooms neat and clean

If I could think of better words that gorgeous, awesome, super, outstanding they still won't describe this beach. It is powder white sand and firm white sand in the water. The water is what I would call "swimming pool" blue, if you didn't know it you'd swear you were in a pool. It is that clear. Some people may be concerned about this property being on the "windy" side of the island. While it is on the Atlantic side, there is a large reef that protects this beach and makes for some very small, fun waves while you are in the water. It also has some of the best off shore snorkeling we've ever seen. You do not need a lifevest for the most part to snorkel, if you are not a good swimmer and wish to venture out in the deeper water you can get a lifevest from the watersport center. The area you can lay on the beach couldn't be better. There are plenty of chairs always available and many spots for sun worshipers and shady areas for those who prefer not to fry. Take it easy, the sun here is extense! Take it slow, don't spoil your vacation by getting a scorching sunburn.

Food and beverage:
Possibly the best we've had at any resort! I can't say that there was anything that I didn't like. From the buffets to the menu items the selection was plentiful and presented very nicely. There are 3 restaurants, 2 of which are only open on certain days and require reservations (which can only be made the day they are open, so go early to the tour desk to make them). There were no "up charges" for any menu items as we had heard from some other people who were staying at Jolly Beach when they order shrimp they had to pay extra and they also had to pay extra for premium liquor. The bar service at PBR was extraordinary! We happen to like Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey and one evening they ran out of it. A quick call to the manager and she made a special trip to their warehouse to get more. Not only did the bartender remember what we liked to drink, but how we liked our drinks mixed and as soon as she saw us coming towards the bar she was already making our cocktails! Now that's service! In the late mornings on the beach there is a waiter who will come around and ask if he/she can get you anything from the bar. Also from noon to 5 pm there is snack bar which serves hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, french fries, salads, nachos, ice cream, etc, even these typcial foods were quite tasty. A trip up the hill to the "Outhouse" and Ms. Mary's ribs and a cold Waldeli beer is not to be missed. Bring along your marker as you can write your personalized message on the "walls" The view from up here is amazing!

These people have got it right! They genuinely care about how you are treated. They all seem to really like their work and are happy to do whatever they can to make your stay a pleasant and carefree one. Remember you only get back what you've given so be polite and courteous just as they are to you.

While there were some planned activities, aerobics in the pool, volleyball, etc, you are not pressured to join in. There is a watersport center which has hobie cats, kayacks, boogie boards, etc. Don't miss out on the Bird Island Tour with Captain Savage, this is more so a party trip than a snorkeling adventure, but it was a lot of fun. Just the ride over to the island is worth the price, I can bet you will never see water like this again!

Local entertainment provided from 9-11 pm each night and was fine. Limbo/fire eater, bands, singers, etc. You can then proceed onto the disco until 130 am, however, we are more laid back people and by 11 pm we were pretty tired out from a full day. If you are looking for the party 'til you puke type atmosphere, this is not the resort for you. I would suggest Cancun for that. There is also a small casino on the property, but we did not go in there, we've just not the gambling type.

We opted for the Kokomo Catamaran Triple Destination Tour. Cost was $100 pp. It is only offered on Sundays, but the ship offers other excursions on different days. This one stopped at Green Island, Nelson's Dockyard and then Shirley's Heights. You are on the ship for several hours and the ride on the Atlantic Side can get very rocky, but it's something you shouldn't miss! Once the captain put up the sails (rather than the engines) the sailing was peaceful and serene. The island takes on a whole new look from the water. We even saw whales jumping. Nelson's Dockyard is impressive, especially if you are really into sailing. And Shirley's Height's has one of the most breathtaking views in the world. The day can get a bit long so be prepared as there is a lot mixed into one day, but certainly worth every penny!

The resort does a wonderful job of keeping the grounds neat, clean and lush. Remember this island only gets 45 inches a rain a year! Yet everything was blossoming and green, manicured to perfection.

It did rain almost everyday, but for about 10 minutes. If you get up in the morning and see rain clouds - don't worry - be happy ! It will clear shortly after a brief rainshower, (which on some really hot days felt great)! The temperatures were always in the low to mid 80's.

I would not hesitate to stay at the paradise-type resort again, and will seriously consider doing so next year. Keep your mind open to other places that you may not have heard so much hype/advertising about (like Sandals) and you too will find a diamond in the rough such as we did at PBR! Thank you Antigua for providing us with another great experience! See you next year!

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"We enjoyed the laid back atmosphere"

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental
User Rating:  Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  RigoMarie04  on Mar 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2004 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
257 people found this review helpful

With respect to Antigua, safety is not an issue anywhere you go. Antiguans are very friendly and helpful. You will definitely experience ‘island time’ when waiting for service, but the slow pace is exactly what we needed . It forces you to relax and gives you the opportunity to stop and take in the beauty of the island and its people.
The Pineapple Beach Resort is a wonderful. We enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, the good food, the snorkelling and the beach. My wife describes it as “A little paradise on earth, - surrounded by beauty – great place to recoup from life’s stresses”
Would we go back to this resort – definitely!
The resort is well run and management is attentive to the operations and to the needs of the guests. Resort staff is welcoming.
While we were there the guests were about 1/3 British, 1/3 American, and 1/3 English Canadian, plus a sprinkling of Italians and Swedes. A very friendly bunch. Most were in their 40’s and 50’s with some 30’s and 60’s.
The resort is very well laid out and everything is within close walking distance. The view from the Topaz restaurant is just amazing. Nothing like having breakfast beside the ocean! As mentioned in other reviews and comments, there were birds in the Topaz restaurant during the day, but they were never a bother. Management puts bowls of bread croutons outside the restaurant and it seems to satisfy most of the birds.
Following are ratings on the various aspects of the resort.

4.5/5 Mostly friendly and very helpful when in need of something. For example, when we went to close our suitcase on the last day, the zipper broke. The facilities manager (Paul, I believe) had the maintenance manager come up to our room in a matter of minutes. He repaired the zipper immediately – no charge. Reservations and excursions staff were also most helpful and friendly. Housekeeper - very nice.

4/5 I would recommend the 700, 800, and 900 blocks for location, newness and views from those rooms. I would avoid the 400 block of rooms as the two blocks of rooms face each other, no privacy on the walkway and balconies connecting the rooms and some of the rooms towards the back (i.e. 419, 421) have little light coming in and no view. If money is no object, “Terry’s” 500 block of rooms has unsurpassed views and the rooms didn’t seem that dated (from peering into them).

4/5 We went to the resort with another couple so we were able to try pretty well everything between the four of us. Most of the food was excellent. Food and water safety are not a concern. We ate everything, drank the tap water and were fine. I have a delicate stomach, but never had any problems at this resort. Another guest in the buffet line told us “you can at least recognize the food here and get to try Caribbean food if you’re adventurous”. Salads were always fresh and crisp with excellent dressings. Desserts were wonderful. For coffee lovers, you will find that because the milk flavour is different from what we are used to in North American, that it changes the flavour of the coffee. Nothing that you don’t get used to after a couple of days. We found the coffee in our room to be very good. The shrimp in the cocktails were the best that we have ever had, and we often eat shrimp back home.

Pietro’s 3/5 (Italian a la carte, veal – tough, lasagna – small portion but delicious). Reservations required.

Pineapple Grill 4.5/5 Excellent fajitas, good steak – bit tough, excellent ‘Combo grill’ platter. A la carte - reservations required.

Topaz 4/5 Breakfast: Excellent waffles, eggs, omelettes to order, bacon, etc. Excellent at lunch (although we often skipped lunch). Dinner: Good on buffet nights and very good on a la carte nights

Outhouse 5/5 If you like bbq chicken and ribs, salad and cold beer, head up the hill for lunch and a great view! Mary is a sweetheart.

Pool snack bar 5/5 Excellent snacks by the pool. Close to beach as well. Excellent jumbo dogs, chicken fingers and tuna sandwiches; fries were good. There were other items on menu such as seafood sandwiches and ice cream which we did not try.

Food Service 3.5/5 The service was fine most times but inconsistent. Some workers were cheerful, others were not. This might be due to the fact that some were there from early morning until closing at around 11:00 PM and then they were back early the next morning.

Wine service was hit and miss depending on who was assigned that night. For example they would top up the red wine, but if the white wine bottle in their hand was empty, they would most likely forget to come back to top up the white. One night they forgot about our food order. It took well over two hours before we were served our entrée and only after we had asked if they had forgotten about us. Not too bad though as we had fine conversation and decent wine to occupy us. Apart from this one episode, the ladies who served the food were efficient. The open air concept at the Topaz and Pietro’s tended to cool down the food quickly. (Topaz and Pietro’s are in the same large area, with some dividers used to cordon off Pietro’s – same kitchen used for both).

3.5/5 Getting a drink did not normally involve much of a wait. There was enough choice in premium brands – for my tastes anyway. At times had to tell them to go easy on the liquor portion of the drink – very generous with the rum! Bartenders were efficient but not very cheerful. It is one of the busiest jobs on the resort so this may account for the ‘lack of smiles’. Felt as if one was imposing on them when getting a drink. Towards the end of our stay, I started asking the fellows who picked up the glasses (bartenders in waiting) to get my drinks and I would tip them each time.

5/5 “Peaceful and total relaxation”. A nice crescent shaped beach with fine, off white sand. The water is calm enough for swimming, even if one is not a strong swimmer - and it gets deeper gradually. The far right side of the beach has a coral reef . The water is calm and ideal for snorkelling. Some snorkellers said that the water was not as clear as at some other islands, but we thought it was amazing. This was my wife’s first time snorkelling and she enjoyed it so much that she went out several times. Lots of nice fish - some days better than others.

4.5/5 Very pleasant surroundings - always maintained. One negative - some of the interlocking stones in the main walkway have disintegrated for some reason, making it tricky to walk from the restaurant and bar areas to the rooms in the evening. One lady stumbled on the uneven interlocking, fell and cut her knee.

Staff came by trying to drum up support for various activities. We did not participate so can’t comment. We were glued to the beach and water.

Different entertainment every night for the first week and then repeated during the second week. We enjoyed it. It is geared to the 40’s and 50’s crowd, but can be enjoyed by all, especially karaoke night.

St. John’s Shopping at St. John’s (the capital) is a must if you need to bring back presents. Even if you are not into shopping, it is interesting to see the activity in town and meet the inhabitants. For me, the ride there and back is worth the price of admission ($10 US return). Fairly scenic, lots of wandering goats, cows, donkeys, and the taxi driver’s ability to navigate the potholes, oncoming traffic on narrow roads and ability to avoid the animals creates excitement and laughs for the passengers.

Shirley’s Heights Overrated - Excellent steel band(s), beautiful sunset, very crowded – standing room only and line-ups for drinks and toilets. Not much to do up there except stand in one spot, listen to the music and watch the sunset. Again, the scenic drive there was the highlight for me.

Devil’s Bridge: It is about two miles from PBR. We walked there and back one morning. We are in our 50s (my wife turned 50 while there) and it was a comfortable walk. Wear sunscreen. The location is breathtaking. The Atlantic waves come thundering in along the rocky shore. The bridge itself is interesting and can make for some great wave action and spraying if you get too close. We sat there for a long time taking in the view – beautiful. Saw the Wadadli and Kokomo catamaran excursions go by while we were there. They seemed crowded.

Golf: I would highly recommend the Jolly Harbour golf course. Great vistas, interesting holes and well maintained fairways and greens. While the course is not long (just under 6000 yards), it is still challenging in that it puts a premium on accuracy.

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"The ocean was beautiful, small waves and refreshing."

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental
User Rating:  Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  KimMike04  on Jun 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jun, 2004 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
243 people found this review helpful

I thought I would send in a review as this website helped me out alot with deciding where my now husband & I would be married. After alot of choices and reading up on all the resorts we decided to go to the Grand Pineapple Beach.

A total of 15 people ranging from 22 to 63 (family & friends) went there for a week of relaxation and to watch us get married. We could not have picked a better place.

Upon arrival to Antigua we were in and out of the airport quite quickly. No problems, We hopped onto a bus to be taken to our hotel.

Lobby & Rooms:
When we arrived at the resort the gardens were lush and beautiful! The lobby was very HOT!!! no air conditioning but we managed to cool ourselves off with our welcome rum punch! Check in was slow but we were on island time and in no hurry. Our room was to quite ready so we just changed in my parents room and went to the beach. About 1 hour later we went to our room 221(Beach front). It was very large, clean & simple. The only issues were 1.No hot water once during the week and 2. Our toilet would to flush a few times.

My husband and I are avid travels. We vacation to all exclusive's 1-2 times per year. We ate at all the restaurants.

Topaz - (Buffet & Preset menu)
The food there was great. Dinner was very relaxing, not rushed and the proportions were nice. If you wanted more all you had to do was ask. Most of the time we were there for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. There are two sitting, the 6pm & 7pm. Oh as a note all men must were collared shirts for dinner, mandatory. Breakfast was also served here. Pretty much the same thing each morning, bacon, sausage, french toast, pancakes, waffles, eggs, potatoes, omelet's, fresh fruit, cheese, bread, danishes, cereal, yogurt, etc. It was good, we never went hungry.

Pineapple Grill (Caribbean Food)
- Only air conditioned restaurant The food there was good. Again off a menu but tasty! The entertainment at the restaurant was super funny! They had two guys with a guitar and maracas singing. People were laughing as they were making up each virus table by table. We video taped them and still laugh everytime were hear them.

Chef Piero (Italian)
All 15 of us ate there for dinner after our wedding. The food was fantastic! The service was great! Lots of selection on the menu. This restaurant is very close to the Topaz with a nice breeze coming off the ocean

Snack Bar by the Pool
Good snacks! Tuna sandwiches were really yummy! Nachos, Hamburgers. Good for during the day. This is where we mostly had lunch. The Topaz did have lunch just never went.

Disco - (Pineapple Grill at night)
Non existent. No one goes! BORING! We went there once but left after 30 mins.

Not as bad of a walk that everyone says. Good food, tender chicken and ribs, salads ,COLD beer & pop. Make sure you get a piece of wood and a marker so you can make a sign! There must be hundreds up there! Lots of interesting stuff , especially to see where everyone is from.

Slow service at first but once they get to know you they get faster! No one in our group of 15 complained about drinks being made properly. Everyone was there to have fun and party it up. If they did not like the drink the simply got another one.

Not as great as some of the other resorts that I have been to. The best night was Mr Moves (Fire eating limbo dancer) AMAZING!! They had a great band the night we got married and they made sure we got our own special song from them to us. They had name that tune which was fun & some Antiguan dancers another night. During the day was pretty quite, not alot of activities which suited me just fine. They had water aerobics a few times and they were also playing some games on the lawn.

Beach Towels & Chairs:
Make sure to get towels early in the morning. A few times we went to get new ones and they did not have any. As for beach chairs, you never had to fight for one! plenty to go around.

Pool & Beach:
Kept very clean! The water in the pool was very nice, not too cold. The ocean was beautiful, small waves and refreshing. Alot of people in our group went snorkeling a few times and said it was great. Just be careful as a few of them came back with cuts from the coral on there bodies

FANTASTIC!!! I would recommend it to anyone! Novella Bryan did a great job! It was so stress free and everyone had a great time. The hotel photographer did a beautiful job everyone compliment on our pictures. We also got a video done which was also top notch! >From the flowers to the decorated gazebo our day could have not been more perfect.

Kokomo Cat Cruise around the island - Was great! A bit rocky on the water at times so make sure to take gravol if you get sea sick! Shopping - Good, most vendor's have the same stuff, shopping for about 2 hours should be more then enough. Swim with the Stingrays - Most people in our group when and said it was amazing. (I was too chicken) Jeep Tour - Very interesting - alot of history about the island.

So to wrap things up this is one of the better resorts I have been to. If you are looking for night life and alot of activities this is not the resort for you!
I would return to this resort but not right away. I would like to visit other islands first .
Another resorts we have been to: Superclubs Punterana - CUBA , Paradise Bach Club & Casino x 2 - PUERTO PLATA, Bacelo Maya Beach Club - MAYIAN RIVERA , Allegro Cozumel - COZUMEL
Enjoy your travels around the world!

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"The nightly 'entertainment' was High School Amateur Night"

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental
User Rating:  Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  RonSouthampton04  on Jun 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) United Kingdom
Visited on: Jun, 2004 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
250 people found this review helpful

Having just returned from a week at the Pineapple Beach I decided to check out your review site. To say I'm amazed to read those glowing tributes is an understatement. To explain:- This was my first foray into the world of ALL INCLUSIVE, although my wife has been A I on a number of occasions in Barbados with friends. If the fayre at Pineapple Beach is anything to go by it will certainly be my last. The food in the Topaz retaurant was, with the exception of breakfast, consistantly abysmal. The cocktails in the Piano Bar were unrecognisable. The nightly 'entertainment' was High School Amateur Night at it's worst ( there was even Bingo one night!!!!! )

My wife and I are in our early fifties, we have holidayed all over Europe, the Far East, America, Canada, and as far as Australia. This is the first, yes the FIRST, holiday spot I have ever felt the need to criticize in over 30 years of vacationing. Pineapple Beach did have it's good points-- the accommodation, the beach, the staff for the most part, and Mary's Outhouse ( the only properly cooked food in the whole establishment ).

For those of your reviewers ( mostly American ) who say the food was excellent--WHOA-- I've had better food in the lowliest truck stop in your own country.

For those who say the entertainment was superb-- Try comparing it to the finalists of Pop Idol, not the first stage hopefuls.

Finally, for those who say the drinks were good-- Get a cocktail book, follow the instructions for your favourite tipple, and taste how it should, and could, be made by even an amateur.

My advice to anyone thinking of going to the Pineapple Beach Resort for a holiday is DON'T, unless you are a tee-total, early to bed type on a starvation diet!

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"I felt we got what we paid for"

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental
User Rating:  Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Susan04  on Nov 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2004
250 people found this review helpful

Well, we are back and not a bit happy about it!! I will try to keep this somewhat organized, but apologize up front if it turns out not to be.
Visited 11/13/04-11/20/04

The resort:
We had previously stayed at the Allegro resort in Turks&Caicos (this resort had not been bought by Occidental and has since been torn down). We found the Antigua resort to be similar to that one in the set-up, food, etc. We both thought this resort showed signs of proper care - fresh paint, etc. Our room was fantastic (832) - the view was the best!! The hike up the hill to our room was never an issue (ok...maybe after a few drinks it was a little more taxing ...but...that was our fault!!) The common areas were fine - my only complaint was with the guests leaving glasses, etc all over the place. I will never understand why people cannot walk to a trash can 10 feet away but that's my personal pet peeve. The entertainment was fine...we enjoyed the 3 or 4 of the nightly shows. The night with the group (I cannot remember their name - had a male singer and two females) was great entertainment - best live band we had seen in a while (by that I mean bands that you would see in a night club). All of the staff we encountered were very friendly. The only staff that didn't seem quite so outgoing was the bar staff but that could have been because we never 'sat' at the bar and made conversation with them - so no blame on them! Ms. Mary (the Outhouse) are keepers!! What a great place and one you would not normally come across at an all-inclusive so a very nice change! We left the New Hampshire license plate swaying in the breeze! Overall, the food was fine. Our only complaint was that it would have been great to have snacks like popcorn, pretzels, etc available. Breakfast is always my favorite while on vacation because I never seem to have time when at home so I loved that! We never got into the Pineapple Grill but did enjoy Chef Pietros one night. The vendors on the beach were never a problem. At checkout we did experience a charge to our room for the internet that neither of us did. It was a charge for the morning we were leaving - was only $5 and they did remove it when they confirmed the signature was not ours. Our transfers from the airport were fine with no issues.

The Island/Tours:
We took Eli's tour on Wednesday and had a great time. What a great day. Eli, Tony and Ebi were informative and helpful. Very relaxing day on the water. Lots of sun! The lunch was superb and watching the turtles surface for air while we ate was a new lunchtime activity for us!!

We had scheduled a sunset cruise for Thursday night but unfortunately it was cancelled due to lack of sunset :(

We did go into St Johns for shopping on Friday morning and enjoyed wandering around the streets of St. Johns.

Weather wise our week was not the best but it certainly beat the snow we drove through on the 13th to get to the airport. We had some overcast days with occasional sun, some rain, sun, lots of rain (at night and on Friday) but still enjoyed our time on Antigua!!

We would recommend this island without hesitation. I would also recommend the resort - I felt we got what we paid for and that's all I ever ask for. The people of the island were friendly and enjoyable to talk with. The goats made us smile. The roads were better than some back roads of New Hampshire, the driving not any worse than Boston :). We had a great time!


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"We have being going to The Grand Pineapple, Antigua for 8 years"

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental
User Rating:  Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  SheilaJeff05  on Jan 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) United Kingdom
Visited on: Jan, 2005 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
241 people found this review helpful

We have being going to The Grand Pineapple, Antigua for 8 years and it will not be our last visit, we have already booked for 2005.

The resort
Well keep well maintained and very clean,always someone on hand keeping it to avery high standard.

3 of all of a very good standard, Topaz breakfast in the mornings fantastic,and Debbie cooks the best omelettes ever go girl.

Snack bar
12 noon till 5pm if you are feeling a bit hungry go and see Dolci she will do you a great snack and the icecreams are to die for. Miss Mary does a great B.B.Q.up the top of the hill.

Main Bar
Kevin the main man for keeping the bar well stocked Sheralyn and Vera for always smiling and keeping us happy and of course the rest of the staff keep the good work up. And to Dale Peter Richard Novela, we thank you all for making our stay in Antigua Fantastic.

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"We paid for a standard room but were upgraded for free"

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental
User Rating:  Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Mary2825  on Feb 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2005 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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it was fine on a.a. except that they lost my husband's suitcase, he received it 24 hours later.

Our room:
we paid for a standard room but were upgraded for free. we stayed in the 200 block, it was wonderful, we were close to the beach and had ocean views from the balcony.

the liquiors were outstanding, bailey's v.o. stoli ect. i am a bartender and this was one of the few island resort where i recognize many of the bottles.

the room service, bar and restaurant service was very good and friendly.

Restaurant's and food:
the breakfast buffet was bland the pancakes lacked something and the sauage and bacon didn't taste right lunch; mary's outhouse was good, but be prepared to wait for ribs or chicken even if you get there early, except on fri. and sat. dinner; the topaz was good, but it was the only option 2 or 3 nites a week. the pineapple grill was only open 3 nites a week and chief peitro's open 2 nites a week. and if you don't get to guest services early you won't get a reservation that nite.

Gift shop:
it was a joke. since my husband's suitcase was lost he needed a bathing suit, he had to buy a kids suit (thank god he is very thin). also there were people with very large bug bites the gift shop was out of bug spray and suntan lotion. also it was very difficult to get change, even for a $20.00 bill

Stray Dogs:
on a totally different note if there are any dog lover's reading this there are bright blue steps behind the beach vendors. we would go up there at nite to feed two stray dogs 1 female white with light brown spots, (she looked pregnant) and a black male, we took rib and chicken bones ect to feed them. if you whistle the female might come out she became friendly towards us. if not just leave it they come eventually. i would take plastic store bags to save food(ask mary for bones she saves plenty for her dogs) also there are stray donkey's up there.

back to the resort my husband and i are both in our 40's and we would rate this resort a 31/2 instead of a 5.

if anyne wants to e-mail me about the stray dogs my address is mary

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"I enjoyed my stay, but won't be coming back"

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental
User Rating:  Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Laurent06  on May 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) BELGIUM
Visited on: May, 2006 | Leisure | Solo
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I read of lot of bad things on this (and others) hotels, this is mainly because some people are never happy. I do not say this was the best hotel I've been in (far from it), but it's not so bad either. So, I'll try to make a short and fair description of my stay there.

My Review:
To begin with the good points, our rooms was nice and well furnished. No fridge at first, but it came two days later (maybe the box of chocolates to the cleaning girl helped, I do not know). We took the ocean view type of room (the one on the hills, not front beach). The garden view are the same (but viewing the garden of course). I've checked the normal unit room and they were just ok (smaller and much less sunny).

The hotel itself is beautiful even if a little small. The beach is awesome. The pools are nice too.

The staff was very nice and helped when they could. We will remember them fondly.

Now, the bad points. Much too few animation. We stayed 11 nights, my wife got bored after 3. Evening show were crappy, the discotheque was empty all the time. Thus, nothing to do except sleeping, eating, tanning and drinking. Not so bad, ok. But one week is a maximum.

The worst part is surely the food. It's not really bad (even if better in Dominican Republic) but it's always the same food again and again. You got three restaurants "à la carte" (all in the same building in low season), one mexican, one italian and the main one (in fact mexican with less choice). On tuesday, no choice, it's italian buffet and on thursday, no choice, mexican buffet. Yes, you have it: you end up eating either crappy italian food (I'm half italian, and their idea of what is italian food is quite funny), either mexican food. I have nothing against mexican food, but it's always the same dishes. The only good point, is the snack bar (in the afternoon or quite late in the evening): damn good food over there. Ah, I nearly forgot, there is (in the afternoon also) a small hut over the hill (quite far but nice view) where could have BBQ chicken. It was good, but as my wife don't eat chicken, that was the end of it.

So to resume, a very nice hotel if you like your tranquility and are not difficult on food (which I'm not, but two weeks eating there in the evening would be a very courageous act). Dominican Republic's hotel are much better for cheaper, but you can't rent a car and visit like in Antigua. I enjoyed my stay, but won't be coming back.

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"Staff demanded a $75 cancellation fee.... ridiculous!!!"

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental
User Rating:  Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Danny07  on May 1, 2007  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: May, 2007 | Leisure
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We (6 of us) had read numerous mostly poor reviews of this resort. Deciding to try a new place rather than return to the Dominican (which in hindsight was a mistake) we took the plunge!

The good::
Great location, beautiful beach and flora, very tranquil, not much motorized noise and wonderful swimming and sun tanning.

The bad:
The staff seemed unhappy and were mostly unhelpful. Our rooms (non-ocean views) were basic with the bare essentials (no fridge like the ocean view rooms) and very noisy air conditioners (think v8 engines). The washrooms are basic and the walls around the tub crack-filled probably to allow the insects a good in and out from the room. Our kettle broke on day 2 and although we asked for a replacement, this never happened... the doors are glass slats. One of our rooms had see-through slats and when we complained, the staff nailed some cloth on the inside of the door to act as a curtain. The food was mostly basic, bland and almost always the same... the first 3 days there was virtually no fruit until a truck arrived on the Wednesday and thankfully we enjoyed a day or two thereafter with some fresh food and fruit. If you have food restrictions (i.e. for religious reasons, etc.) chances are there will be evenings you will go hungry as they tend to serve pork, ham, seafood with crab or shell that restricts your choices). We had numerous other issues (cancellation of taxi within 5 minutes of asking for one resulted in an argument where the staff demanded a $75 cancellation fee.... ridiculous!!!).

To sum up, we wrote a letter of complaint to Signature via our agent. After a month of us checking in and no responses, we then wrote another to Mr. Michael Price, President of Signature Vacations. To date, no response...

So, overall, while the beach and environment were truly stunning, the overall vacation was spoilt by many issues that made the vacation far less than what it should have been. Like others have written, your money is better spent elsewhere. Needless to say, we will not be going back and do not trust Signature Vacations to live up to their side of the bargain either!

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