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Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya  

Sea Horse Lane | Lucaya, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

"The resort is too expensive for what you get"
Posted by: ErinNBCanada on Feb 1, 2008
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Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Reviews
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Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Grand Bahama Bahamas

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User rating 3.2

Based on 5 reviews

Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Information

Resorts are Smoke Free!! Both resorts offers guests full access to combined resort facilities and activities. Just 55 miles off the coast of Florida. With acres of white, sandy beaches, several pools, championship golf, inventive dining (12 Restaurants) and a rejuvenating spa,

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Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Reviews

Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Review: 3.2 of 5 5 reviews
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"The resort is too expensive for what you get"

Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya
User Rating:  Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  ErinNBCanada  on Feb 1, 2008  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2008 | Business | With Group
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I stayed here for a week at the end of Feb 2008 with a large group for a convention. There were a few other large groups here for conventions. Other than that, the resort was practically deserted.

The service wasn't very good.:
We opted for an all-inclusive package which didn't really save us any money, but it took away the stress of deciding where and what I should eat and drink.

Even though we wore all-inclusive bracelets, we were still required to sign for everything at the restaurants and bars. When we went to check out, they charged us for a lot of stuff and we had to fight to have it taken off since we were supposed to be all inclusive.

If I ever came here again, I would skip the all inclusive and might eat over at the market a few times.

I did find that the resort is too expensive for what you get. If you stay at the Sheraton, which is part of the Our Lucaya Resort, the rooms are half the price.

It is the first hotel built on this island in the 50's or 60's so it is more run down than your average westin resort. Few minor issues with the room. The bathroom tub was clogged up, which they promptly fixed. The bathroom sink pull up/down plug didn't work. Looks like they did some plaster repairs to the bathroom ceiling, but they didn't get around to painting it. The ventilation in the bathroom wasn't working. The air conditioning vent was clogged with dirt and could use a cleaning.

The service wasn't very good. The employees didn't really seem to care about customer service, which makes sense, since 15% gratuity is added on to everything automatically no matter what.

The drinks were great. We were joking that the pepsi must be more expensive than the rum, because the drinks were pretty strong. We actually ventured across the street to the market and you can get a large bottle of bacardi rum for $8US, so I think the pepsi IS more expensive than the rum.

There was no lack of restaurants to dine at. Barracudas is a breakfast and supper buffet restaurant in the Sheraton which is the cheapest place you are going to find to eat at the resort. ($11 breakfast buffet). Willy Broadleaf is also a breakfast/supper buffet in the Westin. (Breakfast buffet $37) China Beach is an asian themed restaurant. I dined there a couple times and thought it was really good. The kitchen is open and in the middle of the restaurant so you can see everything. There were 3 different beach side grills that offered sandwiches, burgers, salads, and drinks. Church Hills was a steakhouse which was absolutely delicious and crazy expensive. The Prop Club is a pub atmosphere restaurant and disco on Friday and Saturday nights. Great place to get lunch or supper. Only place on the resort where you will find pizza and chicken wings. You can even get pizza to go. There was another restaurant called Iries that we didn't have the chance to eat at and a restaurant called Portobellos, which is no longer open.

For less expensive food, there is a market right across the street with drug stores, liquor stores, shops and restaurants including subway, quiznos and dominos.

The Westin has 2 beautiful infinity pools and 1 lap pool. The Sheraton also has a large pool with waterslide that would be great for kids.

The beach is beautiful and goes on for miles. Great for going on long walks or for a run. I did notice quite a bit of glass and ripped open aluminum cans in the sand though. They rake the sand everyday with a tractor and it must shred any garbage that is on the beach. Never saw any hotel employees picking up trash off the beach, but I did see quite a few guests doing it, including myself. Nothing would ruin your vacation like stepping on a shredded metal pop can. In the end, I think Freeport, Bahamas is a great place, and I would gladly visit again, but not the Westin.

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"The resort was EMPTY during peak season"

Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya
User Rating:  Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Lauren05  on Feb 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Feb, 2005 | Leisure | With Group
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I recently spent five days at the Westin Lucaya resort in Freeport, Bahamas for my bachelorette party. Five other women joined me on this special trip. Unfortunately, from start to finish, the trip was a disaster. The Westin resort was very expensive; however it was run-down and offered limited amenities. Upon arrival, we were rudely greeted and warned of an abundance of “restrictions” and possible fines if we did “this or that.” Our room had several problems: faulty air conditioning, the grout in the bathroom tile was loose and falling out, the tub stopped up every time it was used, the hinges on the bathroom door were rusted, the towels (which were not adequately replenished every day) were worn and scratchy (equivalent to motel towels), and there was not sufficient information about restaurants, hotel amenities, or island activities. Every time we inquired about information from the staff at the front desk, we either received no information, or inaccurate information. The only pleasant, helpful person was the Concierge lady. Additionally, the hotel restaurants were horrendous and almost all of the hotel staff (in addition to the locals) were overtly rude and obnoxious (there were some exceptions here and there). The resort was EMPTY during peak season, and it is clearly because of the unfriendly and rude staff. The only two positives about the trip were 1) the spectacular location of the resort; and 2) “Hammerhead’s Pool Bar” had yummy drinks. I will never return to this resort, nor the island as a result of my experience. I still enjoy Starwood hotels; however something needs to be done about the Westin Lucaya because it’s a mess. Oh, and don’t drink the water, eat fish or meat...I became violently ill the third day and it took me almost six days to fully recover.

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"I would throw in my 2 cents"

Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya
User Rating:  Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  FamilyFromIndiana  on Apr 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Apr, 2004 | Leisure | Family and Kids
759 people found this review helpful

My husband and our 2 teenage boys stayed at the Sheraton Our Lucaya - awesome property! Some of the reviews scared me, so I thought I would throw in my 2 cents. Check-in was a breeze, however, walking through the lobby several times a day, I noticed lines were really long sometimes, so I guess it all depends upon timing of flights, group check-in, etc.

Pools were cold, but so pretty.:
Even though all 3 hotels were booked, it never seemed overcrowded. It was spring break & it was a joy to see college kids having a great time. It wasn't like an MTV thing, but the contests the hotel provided proved to be worth a lot of laughs.

My worse fears of these reviews occurred when we were sent to our ocean view room only to be looking down on a roof with the ocean wayyyy out in the distance. I immediately called the desk and politely begged for another room. No other ocean rooms were available so I asked about a poolside room. They had a bellhop show us two other poolside rooms & it ended up just perfect. He even made the exchange of keys for our convenience. (expect to tip everyone $2 - $5)

Maid service was excellent. Each guest is given a towel card for the beach/pool area. Everyday you can get a huge beach towel & rights to beach chairs (you see, temporary guest from cruise ships & other hotels didn't get these unless they paid $$$$). If you lose a card, it is a $25 fine for each cards you lose. I can see why - those towels are very nice.

Golf was expensive ($110 for 18 holes, $60 for 9 holes, 15 & under-just the cart fee $18) but nice to be on a course again. We stretched our dollar by golfing 3 rounds of 9 holes instead of 2 rounds of 18 holes. Lucayan course is prettier, but very narrow. Reef course is wide open with lots of water.

Was very windy for 4 days and most snorkeling boat excursions were cancelled. Nature Snorkel Tours substituted our Peterson Cay trip for the West End where our guide treated us to kayaking & snorkeling in calm seas blocked by trees & a bay.

Expect to pay a lot of money for meals ($800 for four of us - 6 days), but do not expect good service. Be patient - your mantra should be "It's okay, we're on vacation." Gratuity is always included on bills. Marketplace across the street has tons of places to eat, but most are pricey too. We found the some of the property restaurants weren't any more expensive than the marketplace ones. Starbucks in the lobby. Our favorite "on property" eatery was the Prop Club - 2 pizzas for about $30. Typical burger meals are around $12. The drinks will kill ya though. We've saved a little by eating a few meals from Subway & Domino's & Dunkin Donuts. The breakfast buffet ($15) at the Sheraton Barracuda was fantastic! We indulged at Friday's seafood buffet at the Westin's Willy Broadleaf's for $47 each - but it was awesome! Case of beer from liquor stores - Bud Light $38, but if you drink all your beer down by the pool, you would be paying $150 for a case*.

Rooms were nice, bathroom is small. Refrigerator and safe in-room was great. We brought snacks and a pitcher to mix kool-aid. Walks along the 3 hotel properties are beautiful. Cannot see sunsets from the Sheraton (you can on the higher rooms at the Westin), but sunrises were great. Pools were cold, but so pretty. Ocean temp was doable. Everyone down here was nothing but nice, nice, nice!

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"Breakfast was served every morning with plenty to chose from"

Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya
User Rating:  Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  FamilyFromConnecticut  on Feb 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Feb, 2004 | Leisure | Family and Kids
725 people found this review helpful

We just came back from a long weekend (4 nights) at the Westin Breakers Cay at Our Lucaya. We are a family of 5, 3 teenagers and 2 adults. We stayed on the 10th floor (club level) with ocean view rooms. The accommodations were great and our view spectacular. I would recommend club level because of the convenience and helpfulness of the staff. Breakfast was served every morning with plenty to chose from. There were appetizers and drinks at night. We spent a lot of time at the beach, which was very nice and had plenty of beach chairs. You could get drinks and food delivered to you at the beach. We rented wave runners right out front and had a lot of fun. We had our own snorkeling equipment, which came in handy since you can't rent snorkels unless you go on the boat trip. However, we saw plenty of fish just out front, on our own. The restaurants were good, but overpriced and a little slow. We ate a Will Broadleaf's and found it very expensive. Irie's was great. The marketplace across the street was a lot of fun and filled with all kinds of people. The restaurants there were more funky and fun. Lots of shops with local wares and duty free liquor, jewelry, etc. There is a central square where bands play nightly and it was fun to walk around the docks and check out the boats. One of the highlights of the trip was the Dolphin Encounter. I highly recommend it and particularly the swimming experience. The trainers were very knowledgeable and made it really fun. My kids loved it!! My husband and son played golf at the Reef Course and had a wonderful time. It was just down the road and so was easily accessible and didn't take all day. We flew to and from Freeport on Continental, direct flights from Newark. It was extremely convenient and quick. This was a great vacation and we would definitely go back.

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"All in all a nice deal."

Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya
User Rating:  Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Sandra04  on Jan 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Jan, 2004 | Leisure | Solo
762 people found this review helpful

Just back from 3 night trip to Sheraton at Our Lucaya, have not been to Freeport in 20 years. Was surprised how much the area had grown., the marketplace across the street is still there and some of our local bars, such as the " Rum Runner" at still there, many new shops, bars and restaurants. The Sheraton and Westin both very nice and the Casino nice, but would have preferred it open 24 hours. They only do this on the weekend, Friday and Saturday. Room was nice, air conditioning really didnt work well, but outside was in the 70's so was ok. Water a little chilly in January., but sun was plentiful. Not a lot of places to eat breakfast, but buffet at Willybroadleaf at the Westin was nice., $15 per person and a big selection. Billy Joes conch shack at the Sheraton outside is nice for sitting outside with a Kalik beer and some conch salad or cracked conch is nice, he used to run a small umbrella stand 20 years ago and now has a little "shack" with a few picnic tables and a small band plays during the day. The bar food around the pool at Sheraton is good also. All in all a nice deal. We went via Apple Vacations and the deals are great for air fare and hotel combined.

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