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RIU Paradise Island  

Casino Dr, 6307, New Providence Island

"IF YOU NEED 2 BEDS or 1 KING ... DO NOT STAY HERE.. Management lied to us.. Horrible experience.. Staff was nice but the management is horrible"
Posted by: Mark on Apr 6, 2015
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RIU Paradise Island Reviews
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User rating 3.4

Based on 24 reviews

RIU Paradise Island Information

Situated on a 3-mile-long, white sandy beach, Riu Paradise Island has a prime location next to the Atlantis Casino.

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RIU Paradise Island Reviews

RIU Paradise Island Review: 3.4 of 5 24 reviews
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"The food was excellent wherever we ate"

RIU Paradise Island
User Rating:  RIU Paradise Island Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Rob08  on May 1, 2008  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: May, 2008 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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We spent 7 days at the Riu Paradise Island in May 08 and loved every day! The beach was great! (however can be real wavy some days)-but it didn't stop me from enjoying the clear blue water.) when the red flags are out, stay out! the waves will kick yer butt.

We spent 7 days at the Riu Paradise Island in May 08 and loved every day! The beach was great! (however can be real wavy some days)-but it didn't stop me from enjoying the clear blue water.) when the red flags are out, stay out! the waves will kick yer butt.
Nice white sand and blue water. Best beach in the Bahamas! There a jet skis to rent there, you can talk them down to $80 for the hr.

The food was excellent wherever we ate. The steak is very good and the buffet had plenty of decent food every day! Specialty restaurants were all great! book all of them for different atmospheres. Excellent food! and service is worth tips. Try the Kalik beer on tap (even in the buffet) it's quite good! The food is way better than Cuba, DR or Mexico. Lunchtime, the pizza is great! eat on the outside tables and risk being attacked by the gulls :-)
This isn't the Atlantis folks! you want to spend $1,300 for three days and spend $300-$400 for dinner everyday? why would you?

If you want a reasonable vacation on the nicest beach in the Bahamas, with great drinks, great food and fun times, the Riu is it! The drinks will be made as strong as you want them. They use Smirnoff vodka and other premium brands. If you just want a drink from the smoothy machines, they are weak. You want more booze in them just ask. Tipping goes a long way also. We brought insulated mugs, get 2 cold bud cans and pour into them to take to the breach. Stays colder longer.

Take a ferry or taxi into Nassau and enjoy the straw market and main street, great deals there. Best deals on booze is in town at the duty free shops. Don't buy at the airport! Clothes shopping? do in town at the nice shops. Cheaper than even the straw market. Banana Cay is the best prices for T's, clothing etc, anywhere. You can buy a beer in a bag at the duty free's and walk the streets with it legally. Kalik "strong" is a great tasting beer and packs a punch at 7% The ferry ride is only $3 each way and is great. You go right past all the cruise ships and houses along the shore owned by the lucky ones.
We have been to Cuba, Mexico, Dominican and now the Bahamas....we will not be going back to the first 3, it's Bahamas, baby from now on and the Riu is the best bang for your buck right next door to Snobworld Atlantis Bahamas. Go there in the daytime and you'll see it's Disney world- bratty kids everywhere! You want to go check out the Atlantis and all it's underwater aquarium greatness? go after 6PM It's FREE as the ticket takers go home. Look for The Dig and go below the water, is very cool down there! and the casino's great too! we came out ahead playing Keno slots, almost paid for our vacation :-) The marina is great also, huge yachts seeing how the rich and famous live. The shops there are real pricey tho! The grounds of the resort are also very nice, high class all the way. To get to the casino, just walk out the front doors of the Riu, down the driveway and into the Atlantis Beach Towers, follow the signs....only about a 5 min walk

Back to the Riu,The rooms are dated yes, that's a given. (They are doing a revamp this summer or in 09.) How much time do you spend in your room anyways???? Ours was always clean and nice, no problems. They have 4-40oz bottles in your room, Vodka,Rum.Gin and Brandy. It's DR liquor, not the highest quality but it's ok. A tip every couple of days to the fridge stocker got me extra Buds in the fridge and extra soda's. You want an odd numbered room for a pool/ocean view, preferably. They other side had some duct work to be viewed as well as the ocean, but it is quieter up on the higher floors. We never had a problem waiting for the elevators? 2 minutes tops. The lobby is very nice as is the bar there. They make the best drinks. Nightime bartenders make a drink called a Tsunami (151 Rum) be careful. LOL They are also open all night if you want a drink coming back from the casino. There are many tours available if you want them.

Enjoy the Riu! and don't believe the bad reviews, it's a great resort! 7 days was not enough for us! we want to go back real soon! remember it's your vacation and it's what YOU make it! Have FUN!!!

any info needed? feel free to ask moontan101@hotmail.com

Photos: http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f155/badboyzracin/Bahamas%20May%202008/?albumview=slideshow&start=60

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"The beach had beautiful white sand and the water was clean and clear"

RIU Paradise Island
User Rating:  RIU Paradise Island Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  William08  on Jan 1, 2008  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Jan, 2008 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
548 people found this review helpful

Contrary to many of the negative reports, the Riu Paradise Island provided a wonderful setting for a relaxing vacation.
Check in: Our room was not ready at 3:45 PM so we were told to go and have a bite to eat or have a drink and check back. When I checked back later the room was ready. Very friendly staff a front desk.

The hotel is 15 stories. Just one building. The pool is situated so that by 3 pm the pool area is beginning to be shaded by neighboring hotel. In the morning it takes til about 10 AM for the sun to hit the pool area. So for the sun lover, it is take a walk on the beach to catch the early rays.
The workers were busy painting while we were there. The outside area by the restaurants were being painted.

The lobby was beautiful. Crystal Chandeliers and the dark woods that the Riu’s are known for. Always clean.

This I will agree, they were a bit slow and made some weird noises.

There were several bars on the property. And usually more than one seemed to be open. There was a bar at the pool but none down by the beach.

There were lounge chairs on the beach but no shade from trees, if you wanted an umbrella on the beach; it was $25 per day. I believe this was offered by a private vendor. When they said $25 we went back up the stairs to the pool area. Note there are stairs down to the beach area or a winding ramp for handicapped people.
The beach had beautiful white sand and the water was clean and clear. The most beautiful turquoise color. Waves were a bit rough when we were there so not many ventured in the water.

Good variety on the buffet. They were always very quick to clean the tables so there were always tables available. The one thing is that the food was never really hot, it always seemed lukewarm by the time you got to your table. Even the coffee was always a lukewarm temperature.
The gourmet restaurant, Sir Alexander’s offered excellent food. Dress code allowed men to wear dress shorts.
The steakhouse served as the noon lunch buffet, there was no snack bar at the pool or by the beach.
One of the very annoying things was the reservation system for the restaurants. Sign up was between 5 pm and 6 pm. The line started forming in the lobby at 4:30PM You could only reserve for the next day, so that meant coming back more than one day if that is how you choose to dine. Very poor planning. Early AM reservations when you go to breakfast would be preferable

Digital safe in closet, no additional charge. Our room (501) was huge and very clean. Abundant drawer space and plenty of hangers. The bed was comfortable. The mini bar had a gallon of water in it and was replenished every other day. The bathroom offered ample space and everything was in working condition. Note that you had to think about the shower ahead of time and turn the hot water on as it took quite some time to get hot water. We had a small balcony and there was a partial ocean view. The odd number rooms overlooked the pool. The bathroom had a handheld hair dryer on the counter top. They also provided the foil packs of shampoo and bath gel. We were always provided with washcloths.

Pretty much non existent. They said they were going to play bingo at a certain time and then nothing. There were no pool activities at all. The pool was so cold you would never have been able to stand it anyway.
The nighttime shows were pretty good. They had various trivia contests prior to the show starting.
There just didn’t seem to be a big activities staff as at other Riu’s. The music at the pool was not loud as some have written. The one day they did try some activities, they didn’t start til well into the afternoon when guest were already heading to their rooms to prepare for the dinner hour.

Arrival went smooth, luggage arrived about the same time we got to baggage claim, showed the personnel our paperwork and we were on the way to the taxi. $32 to the hotel. About a 40 min ride because of the heavy traffic on Bay Street.
When we left the Bahamas we went through American Customs there so we did not have to when we arrived in U.S

There is a water taxi available to take you back and forth from Paradise Island to Nassau. It docks right by the Straw Market. They say it runs every 30 minute, but they forget to tell you it really doesn’t leave until the boat is full, and believe me they want if full!. $6.00 round trip. The main shopping area is Bay Street, but there are many shops down the side streets.
Atlantis is definitely a must see. No problems with anyone checking us, we just walked everywhere on the property.
Weather was very comfortable-low 80’s No rain the entire week

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"The only thing I found not to be good was the entertainment"

RIU Paradise Island
User Rating:  RIU Paradise Island Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  MrsKilnerBarnsleySouthYorkshire  on Nov 1, 2007  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Nov, 2007 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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Hi Debbie
just been to the Riu Paradise Island hotel in the Bahamas and had a great time. This is despite the reviews I had read before going of how the pool was dirty, food repetitive, people being ill.
The only thing I found not to be good was the entertainment, the 4 people can't string a note together between them and relied upon the guests to entertain each other. Example of this was the Karaoke, this take guts to get up in front of people and try and sing without the entertainment crew larking about whilst the guest is singing.
The hotel was very clean and the pool area was constantly being cleaned with bleach to kill any germs etc.Our room on the 6th floor was done immaculately every day by the maid, bed linen changed every other day and towels as and when we decided to save on water.
All in all a good time was had.

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"Lobby is spacious, beautiful, well lit"

RIU Paradise Island
User Rating:  RIU Paradise Island Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  ChrisCindyBarrieOntario  on Oct 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Oct, 2006 | Leisure | With Group
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Six of us stayed at the Riu Oct 1-8 and found:
Airline: Skyservice is a flying sardine can. They should really do away with the rock hard bun in a box lunch and maybe more leg room. I am under six feet and I was so cramped in, it was unbelievable. Also, they were late getting back into Toronto (3 am) and with the baggage carousel breaking down 5 times, we didn't get home until 5 am. Not the Riu's fault, of course, but it does put a damper on a GREAT VACATION

Lobby is spacious, beautiful, well lit. The people, both on and off the resort are some of the nicest, gracious people I have ever met (taxis, wait staff, servers, etc.) We went over to Atlantis (which is right next door) a few times and found the people very stuck up and, quite frankly, irritating. We were happy not to have booked rooms there.

Clean, though a little tired (the washrooms need an update, though they are clean) and the balconies are small, though good to sit out and have a smoke or a drink while watching the waves come in. We had rooms on both the pool and "air conditioner" side, and while both were nice, a word of advice, avoid rooms with even numbers on the 2nd and 3rd floors (you will be directly over the AC units) and try to get higher numbers if you want beautiful ocean views (we had 428 which was near the ocean end of the hotel and it was spectacular) The minibar was funny (a fridge, which was well stocked and a little "medicine chest" above with a dispenser of brandy, vodka, gin and rum, which is something I've never seen before)
One interesting note, the hotel is a smoking hotel, but the rooms (except for the Calipso room downstairs) were not stale and did not smell of smoke at all.

Six of us, seven days, three meals a day, we had about 120 meals over the course of the vacation and we had one meal that was...suspect. Breakfast on Thursday was not the greatest and the coffee was a little strong that day. Other than that - excellent. We went to the steakhouse one night and the Japanese another, buffets the rest. The steaks were good, though you have to be very specific with the order (medium rare is almost blue, so you may have to bump it up a bit). My father-in-law and sister-in-law had never had sushi before and were unwilling to try, though I managed to coerce them into it. "Absolutely marvelous" was his response and the entire meal was spectacular - you must try it if you can.
We all found it amusing that the hotel manager comes out right at 6:30 to ring the dinner bell - lterally, as he yells DINNERTIME at the top of his lungs. Everyone found that hilarious.

Premium brands, well made (heavy on the booze, so ask them to put only a little in if you're not a drinker) and good selection

Outside stuff:
We tried the moonlight dinner cruise (quaint, food was mediocre, ambiance was good if you go to the top deck). The dolphin experience was good, worth the $85. We golfed at Ocean Club ($200 +$70 for clubs) which, if you are a golfer, is an amazing experience. Shopping was not bad, especially if you like jewellry. We went downtown to the Straw Market, which is like an industrial sized flea market, good bargains.

Overall, no complaints, nice place, we plan to go back.

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"Their indoor aquarium was amazing!"

RIU Paradise Island
User Rating:  RIU Paradise Island Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  BethNewJersey  on Jun 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jun, 2006 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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My boyfriend & I stayed at the Riu on Paradise Island in June 2006 from the 2nd-8th. Our goal was to relax on the beach and maybe take an excursion or 2. It was our first vacation together after almost 5 yrs and we had an amazing time. We loved the RIU hotel chain and are basing our next trip on where RIU hotels are located!

The hotel was very clean and the staff was very helpful with all of our needs. The beach was gorgeous! We spent almost every day on the beach. We did go during their rainy season so there were 2 days we didn’t get any sun, but the rest of the time was very sunny & hot. We went on a jet ski right off the beach for an hr & it was so much fun! The guy said we could go all the way out to the island we could see from the hotel & past all of these gorgeous homes on the water. My boyfriend talked him down a little bit so we only spent 90$ instead of 120$ for the both of us. The little island was great & there were lots of little shells & a little beaky place to dock your jet ski. The food was great in all of the restaurants. Our favorite was the Japanese one; Tengoku. We went there twice and on my boyfriend’s birthday, the chef came out & sang happy birthday to him. He had a great voice. We loved and took advantage of the location of the hotel right next to Atlantis. It was like nothing we’ve ever seen. Because the RIU was all inclusive, many nights we would eat dinner & have some drinks, then walk over to the Atlantis and walk around their grounds. Their indoor aquarium was amazing! They charge 30$ during the day to walk through it but at night its free, and personally I think its better at night. Essentially, we were able to experience the Atlantis without paying Atlantis prices. Our room was very clean and they brought us fruit a few days before we left. The room was big with a decent size balcony as well. We were not allowed to bring food up to our room from the buffet because of bugs (according to hotel staff), so we brought some snacks with us from home to munch on. I liked that our room had a hairdryer in it- & it was a decent one too. I packed my own just in case but when I go to another RIU resort, I wont. The hotel wasn’t huge like some of the others but very nice. The shows at night were fun-they had a Mr. RIU pageant, BINGO, karaoke, Miss. RIU pageant and music afterwards for dancing. The drinks were very good-also strong! We loved the idea of having soda & alcohol in our room so we could have drinks on our balcony & relax. The balcony was great as well, an amenity that is a must in the Bahamas! I loved how natives of the island came to the hotel lobby to sell jewelry. A few different women came all with different items to offer. Also sarongs, bathing suits & towels were sold by an outside vendor in the lobby. No one badgered you to buy, but the convenience was nice-I took advantage!

We only had a few problems one of which was when one of our liquor bottles was empty in our room we called to have someone come & replace it-which took about a day to be accomplished. We happened to call the front desk again numerous times for a replacement bottle later in the evening-11 or so- and we didn’t get any answer. This was a little scary if you really needed something & no one answered. Also, on the day we were leaving one of the 3 elevators broke & bc we had to get out early & others were up for breakfast, the elevators were packed & we couldn’t get in with our luggage. When I was ready to take the stairs down 8 flights with my suitcase, my boyfriend suggested we go up in order to go down, so with 2 elevators working it probably took us an additional 20 minutes to get down to the lobby-something we clearly didn’t budget into our time that morning. The elevator situation may have been something no one could control so we don’t blame the hotel, it was just an inconvenience that’s all. The beach towels were constantly running out, so my suggestion is that even though they tell you to turn your towels in at the end of each day, bring them up to your room & bring them back down the next day that way you will already have a towel if they are in the process of washing them. We booked our trip through liberty travel so all of our transportation was scheduled to and from the airport. The driver of our bus took us a completely different way then other drivers we later found out from others, because we drove through the ghetto. The area was so bad-the roads were wide enough for only one car & there were bars on business windows. Not only was it a bad side of town, but we were driving through a bad residential area for a long time- about 25 minutes. It was like he was taking short cuts through neighborhoods. We started to wonder where that guy was taking us. Our ride back to the airport was much better. The natives were allowed to go on the beach to try to solicit services for hair braiding, jet ski rides, banana boat rides, cocktails in coconuts, jewelry, etc. But if you ignored them they didn’t bother you or if you said “no thank you,” that was the end of it. Keep in mind many of these were minor annoyances but we learned to get around them the longer we stayed. I would definitely go back, the trip was worth our money.

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"We booked a couples massage in the spa"

RIU Paradise Island
User Rating:  RIU Paradise Island Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  JaniceJonathanTorontoOntario  on May 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: May, 2006 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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My husband and I just returned from a vacation at the RIU Paradise Island (end of May) and travelled to the resort by Canjet.
Weather: Beautiful...with a daily high of 85-90 degrees. The pool and the ocean were both comfortably warm.

Very impressive lobby. Nice pool bar. The pool is a little small (and it's only 4 ft deep), but there is ample seating around the pool deck and on the beach. Large umbrellas are available for rent for $25 per day. Good size rooms with a nice view of the ocean, but not very luxurious. We got stuck with a room above the noisy air conditioning vents (room 618), so we didn't spend as much time on the balcony as we would have liked. We did get the king-size bed as requested. The TV in the rooms and the lobby bar have Fox Sportsworld (good news for you soccer fans) and HBO, so if you've had too much sun you can usually find something good to watch for an hour or two. The A/C worked fine. The fridge wasn't very cold and we called for service but they said it was working fine. The toilet ran pretty much all night - didn't bother calling for service again. Convenient room safe with programmable code (no deposit required!). The nice surprise was that the fridge was restocked with cans of beer and soft drinks on a daily basis (a six-pack of each) and there was a cabinet on the wall with 4 bottles of liquor for a self-serve bar. The dining rooms also had serve yourself draft beer (Miller and Stella Artois), which my husband enjoyed. The cans of beer at the pool bar are MGD.

The bar staff were very pleasant and attentive - we didn't wait long for any drinks. They have slushy machines for Pina Coladas, Margaritas and Mudslides and they make a wide range of fancy drinks (blue ocean, hummingbird, etc.). The maids were courteous and did a good job of tidying the room each day. Most of the dining room staff are cheerful and are prompt at offering coffee, filling up your water, clearing your table etc.

The buffet was had a wide range of dishes for every meal - it was very good. I enjoyed the Bahamian food as well as the changing theme dinners (oriental, mediterrean, cajun, etc). We made reservations for the steakhouse one night - it was good, but we had a peek at the buffet in the other room later and wished we had gone there. The seafood skewer in the steakhouse was over-cooked. Another bonus was the freshly squeezed juice bar for breakfast - I tried a different juice every day. I've heard people rave about the donuts, but I didn't like them. I had a small piece of dark chocolate cake that was excellent.

We booked a couples massage in the spa - the attendants were very nice and the massage really helped to loosen our muscles. There is also a large jacuzzi pool in the spa, which is very relaxing.

We paid $29 each for the tour of the Atlantis "dig" - it was interesting to see the different species of marine life in the big aquarium and the various lagoons, but the experience doesn't live up to the hype. The timeshare salespeople in the lobby of Atlantis (dressed in orange) are very polite, but persistent in asking you to attend a presentation of the new additions to the property. We were greeted by at least six of these sales people each time we walked through the lobby.
We spent most of our time near the pool or on the beach. The sand at the beach is very powdery - it really gives your calves a workout. We didn't even bother to bring down our snorkel gear as we could easily see that there were very few fish around the shore line. Jet skis are available for rent ($50 per half hour) on the beach. We didn't bother going on any tours as we've done that kind of thing so many times before, but we were interested in the sailing trip to Exuma. Unfortunately the cost was $190 per person for the day-long excursion.
We poked around the shops near the resort but didn't find anything special to bring home, except for a sweet Bahamian angel pin from the Diamond Centre and a couple of cigars from a liquor store.
Overall impression: 5/5. We would go back to this resort again as long as we got a good "last minute" package.

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"The service at the restaraunts for dinner was great"

RIU Paradise Island
User Rating:  RIU Paradise Island Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  LizMike  on Mar 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Mar, 2006 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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My boyfriend and I recently got back from a stay at the RIU, paradise island resort in the bahamas. The reviews on this page helped us out a lot on our vacation, so I wanted to give some input.
Beautiful...it was sunny every day with a light breeze. However, it did not get hot enough for me. It was 75-80 degrees each day we were there, but the pool was cold so I did not go in even once! The ocean was warm enough for me though! I bet it will really warm up in a couple weeks

We got booked into a room with double beds for the first night...and since there were no extra rooms we had to stay there until they could move us into a room with a king size bed. We had to spend two nights in the double beds...but then we were moved up to the penthouse level where we had one huge bed so it was alright.The lobby at the RIU is very impressive...the rooms are alright, I wouldn't say five star quality, but they were clean. Who goes to the bahamas to hang out in the hotel room anyways? The views from both of our rooms were fantastic...we hung out on the balcony alot. I was 100 % satisfied with the service at the RIU. Everyone was super friendly...drinks did sometimes take a little while to get, but its not a big deal to wait 5 minutes sometimes. The service at the restaraunts for dinner was great.

To me, food is a huge deal. I was so impressed at the RIU. They have everything. There are buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, for dinner you can make reservations at 1 of 3 restaraunts. If you wish to make a reservation, you may do so by waiting in line (from 9-10 am) in the lobby. There was a huge line from 9-9:15, so I just went at like 9:30 each morning and it was a breeze. The gourmet restaraunt was the only one that you have to wait in line for if you want to go to it (its a very small place and fills up fast). I really liked the gourmet and the japanese, I wasn't hot on the steakhouse...it was kind of smokey. The buffets for breakfat and lunch are impressive...the fruit is great! Off the resort food is very expensive, like $15 appetizers and $50 entrees.

Things we did:
We did the snorkel at Stuarts Cove. Cost was $52 a person and included the bus ride there. The bus ride was very long, RIU is always the first to get picked up and the last to get dropped off because of its locattion.
Snorkeling was AWESOME! We had a great tour guide. This tour was snorkeling with sharks, which was optional (Mike did it and I didn't). Buy a waterproof camera either before you get on the plane down there, or before you go on the snorkeling trip. They were $22 at Stuarts cove and only $17 at the hotel...the pics came out great too! Also, BUY FISH FOOD!
Dolphin Encounters: This was a lot of fun too. The whole trip was about 3 hours. The encounter was $85 a person and the swim with the dolphins was $160 a person. We did the encounter, but I would honestly recommend the swim if you are going to do it. They charge an arm and a leg for the pictures, but we brought a camera down with us and traded taking pictures with another couple and their camera.
Atlantis: There are so many awesome things to do at atlantis. "the dig" is a huge aquarium and its amazing. During the day there is a charge, but if you go after 8 pm you can walk through for free. The casino is good...I think, but Mike tells me that there aren't enough tables and the minimum is too high! We went to the comedy show (the one at 9:30 is the dirty one) It was something fun to do. $20 a person for admission, but the drinks are like $200 each, so I would recommend getting liquored up for free at the hotel bar first.

Some other things:
~You cant drink the water from the tap...but the hotel provides you with gallons in your room, so I would recommend bringing a small travel sized bottle to fill up and take with you daily.
~The bar gives you drinks in small plastic cups if you are going to go outside with them, but if you bring large ones from home, you can take these out on the beach with you.
~People have said that they were stingy with the towels...I didn't think so. Heres the deal: They give you a card to trade in for a towel. Whenever you want a new towel, you have to trade in the old one. THen you have to give the towel back before you check out.
~If you go into downtown Nassau, you can take a cab there for $10 and get car sick, or a ferry for $3 each way. The ferry is nice because you get a boat ride, but you do have a 10 minute walk back to the hotel. If you are downtown, the ferry is located by the cruise ships.
~there is a hot tub in the resort that almost no one knows about (not even some of the staff). It was really nice, mike and I had it to ourselves most of the time. The first thing you should do when you get there is find it!

I though this hotel was great overall. If you are really into going out clubbing and stuff it may not be the right place for you though. There is not much nightlife at RIU, but plenty of options closeby, so you just have to venture off the resort. Hope this helped! ENJOY!!

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"It was ugly beyond belief"

RIU Paradise Island
User Rating:  RIU Paradise Island Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  CoriDarrickLondonOntario  on Feb 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2006 | Leisure | With Group
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I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to give a less than favourable review for the first time. For those of you who are already booked to stay at the RIU Paradise Island, I hope my review is helpful in providing tips to avoid the problems we encountered. This resort certainly doesn’t deserve the 5 star rating it has been given by Sunquest but on the other hand it has enough redeeming qualities that you can still have a great vacation with a little luck and if necessary some specific requests at the resort.
We stayed at the RIU for 3 nights with a large group in early February 2006.

Our flights were with Canjet. The flight there was about 3 hours from Toronto and a little less on the way home. The plane was pretty small and of course as with all charter flights the seats weren’t exactly roomy but that is to be expected. Luggage pick up and the customs drill was quick and efficient. We were transported to the resort by bus. The bus ride was about 30 minutes and it was an interesting drive mostly along the coast. It was really unnerving at first to be driving on the "wrong" side of the road though.

Our room (216) was probably one of the worst I have ever had the misfortune of staying in. The only reason we did not demand a room change was because the trip was organized and paid for by someone else and we did not want to appear unappreciative or be overly demanding in those circumstances. If we had paid for the trip ourselves we would immediately have insisted on a room change, failing which I would have switched resorts. Where to start? The worst aspect of our room was the "view". Our balcony (very small) was right on top of a huge duct work and air conditioning system. It was ugly beyond belief and to add insult to injury, the huge air conditioning units were so loud even with the sliding glass doors shut you could hear the noise. The room itself reminded me of an older Holiday Inn type room with carpeting on the floor (as opposed to ceramic tile which is the usual flooring at tropical resorts in my experience). The room was reasonably clean with the exception of the tub which had mold (mildew??) in it. The bathroom was so small that two people couldn’t be in there at the same time and it was a challenge to open the door if the bathmat was beside the tub. We were provided with wash cloths only the first day we were there which was a pain. We only got one little bar of soap during our entire stay and only once got shampoo which was a tiny little bottle we received on the second day. That was very inconvenient because I had forgotten to pack shampoo and was forced to buy a bottle in the gift shop for $7 (and the same bottle would have cost $2.99 in Canada). There is no coffee maker in the room which was a disappointment. There was a hair dryer provided with the room (not attached to the wall like most) and it only worked the first time I used it. After that it was dead.

The room access cards were simply a joke. They were obviously old and should have been replaced a long time ago. It took us an average of 5 to 10 minutes to get our room door to open each time. I finally went down to the front desk and when I explained the problem instead of just replacing the cards they sent up the "engineer" to give us a lesson on finessing the cards in the slot to get it open faster. That little exercise was absolutely useless. One couple in our group finally demanded new cards which solved the problem for them. I regret not having insisted upon new cards ourselves us because it was ridiculous how long it took us to get in our room each and every time.

If upon arrival you find you have been booked into either room 216 or 214 I would strongly recommend you request another room or you will regret it. Also, if you run into any of the other problems I have mentioned don’t take no for an answer in getting the issue resolved. The rooms at the back of the hotel are closest to the beach and will afford the best view. I understand from speaking to other guests that the rooms facing the pool were quite loud (music and loud voices from the pool area) but that would have preferable to what we ended up with.

The beach was the best part of the resort in my view. The beach and the water were both very clean and beautiful. The waves were simply huge most of the time and we had a great time body surfing. I would have been concerned if we had our kids with us though because the waves were so big and the undertow was incredibly strong. If you don’t like big waves that will knock you on your butt you might not like the beach but we just loved it.

The sand on the beach is very dense and sticky. The beach is very long and wonderful for a walk but it is quite a work out because the sand texture made it more difficult than usual to walk in. There is no bar on the beach so you have to walk up a large set of stairs to get a drink at the pool bar. There are lots of beach vendors wandering around but I didn’t find them to be too pushy. There are jet skis for rent on the bench but they are not connected with the resort. My husband rented a jet ski and the engine blew up out in the ocean and they had to go out to "rescue" him.

The weather was a mixed bag. There were often clouds but we got enough sun and warmth to satisfy us most of the time until the last day. The third night we were there it started pouring rain in the early evening and the rain lasted for a long time. There was a leak in the lobby area with water pouring in and a bucket in place to catch the water. The last day we were there we were planning on spending the morning on the beach but to our surprise the lobby doors to the beach and pool area were locked and there was caution tape stretched across the doors. I have never been to a resort before where they lock the guests in! We eventually went out the front of the resort and accessed the beach by the public beach path. It was incredibly windy to the point where it was difficult to walk and the sand was blowing around so strongly it was like you were being sandblasted. The sand really hurt when it hit the skin and it was absolutely freezing. Basically the beach and pool area were off limits for most of the day.

We ate at two of the a la carte restaurants and I would have to say the food was definitely above average for an all inclusive resort. The beer tenderloin was very good. We did the buffet for breakfast and lunch but never tried it for dinner. It was comparable to other AI resort buffets although I ended up with cold pancakes and french toast each time I tried them in the morning. I found the mixed drinks to be quite strong but that wasn’t a problem for me. I was rather disappointed that they only had one kind of beer (Miller Genuine Draft) which I didn’t particularly like. It would have been nice if they had the local beer to try (Kalik). I eventually went out to the liquor store to buy some.

There is only one pool. Compared to the other pools we’ve seen at other resorts, I would describe the RIU pool as being on the small side but it is reasonably attractive all things considered. When the weather co-operated we spent most of our time on the beach but there were lots of people by the pool. The lounge chairs are very close together around the pool and the pool area is pretty small. The pool deck was very very slippery most of the time.

Atlantis is a short walk from the RIU either by beach or by road. We walked down the beach to the casino one night and wandered through the resort a bit. It is a very beautiful resort. At night they don’t have security checking bracelets so we weren’t stopped as we explored. If you go during the day though you are restricted as to where you can go.

We took the ferry over to Nassau one morning which was an interesting excursion. The ferry ride itself was fun. They guide on the ferry was a fountain of interesting information. The straw market and the shops are just a short stroll from where the ferry drops you off. The straw market had lots of touristy souvenirs and if you are a good bargainer you can get some good deals. There were a wide variety of "knock off" designer purses in addition to the usual souvenir stuff. I found that the prices though were much higher than you would find in New York City for the same faux purses. There are lots of little shops to check out and I have never seen so many jewellery stores in one place. If you want to shop for jewellery Nassau is the place to be!

We also did a boat cruise which was a blast. The whole area is definitely a boater’s paradise.

I had a massage at the RIU spa which was just wonderful. It was done on a little hut beside the beach and it was so relaxing to hear the waves pounding in the background. The spa offers a wide variety of services so there’s something for everyone.

The staff at the RIU were reasonably friendly most of the time and the service was not bad. Some of the staff were better than others. We’ve stayed at a number of 4 and 5 star all inclusive resorts in other countries and the RIU Paradise Island just didn’t even come close to comparing (with the exception of the beach). I think it would be generous to give the RIU a 3 star rating frankly. The resort is pretty small and tired but the beach really does compensate for some of that and I can’t say that we had a horrible time because we accepted the problems early on and focused on the positive. I will admit we would likely have been a lot happier if we had been given a better room. (In all honesty, I just can’t believe that they would put ANYONE in rooms 216 and 214.) I have written glowing reviews for each of the other resorts we have stayed at but unfortunately I cannot in good conscience do the same for this resort.

Overall we loved the country and there are some beautiful beaches to enjoy. The Bahamian people were very friendly and welcoming wherever we went which we really appreciated. We would likely return to the Bahamas but would definitely stay at another resort.

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"I actually had gained weight"

RIU Paradise Island
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Posted by:  RickGailOntarioCanada  on Feb 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
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We recently returned from our 1 week holiday to the Rui Paradise on Paradise Island, Bahamas went with 2 other couples and just wanted to write and say that we had a lovely time!

Rooms were spotless, the hotel staff were friendly and helpful and oh the drinks...absolutely fabulous. My husband and I have travelled for more than 20 years that this had been one of our favorite holidays. The hotel is not as large as other rui's but the staff and atmosphere were as wonderful as all other rui's.

The bars (3) in all had great service and wonderful bar tenders who always had a smile on their face. The only problem we found was that not all were open long enough. The lobby bar opened from 10 in the morning to1 at night, the pool bar from 10-4(sometimes 5), but the third bar in the entertainment room was only open for the shows and a little while after they ended. The problem with this, is that later in the evening everyone migrated to the lobby bar which was always very busy and sometimes you had to be patient to get served. This was no fault of the bartenders as they always did their upmost best and were always friendly but at times we thought they even felt overwhelmed.

The food was fantastic. I am a picky eater and usually on holidays, I try to find something to eat but overall I have not really been impressed with the food on most of our holidays. The buffet was always presented in a lovely way, food was always delicious and hot. There were things that I did not particularly like but that is more my taste rather than the quality of food. Each a la carte restaurant was absolutly impeccable and the service was out of this world. We had been fortunate enough that some of the a la carte restaurants we dined in twice in a 1 week period. This vacation I had come home and found that I actually had gained weight from having too much of a great time.

There is only one pool, which was always a little cool to swim in, but it was always kept very clean. Each day you would see the staff washing the cement and tile around the pool and on a few occasions we had seen them do it twice in a day. The ocean was beautiful and the beach was fantastic. Each day around 4-5 o'clock you would see the hotel staff cleaning around the pool and cleaning up on the beach. They would be out there for hours and each morning the beach area was raked.

Things To Do:
Not really a lot to do as far as excursions but we always managed to find something to entertain ourselves. This hotel is located right next door to the Atlantis, which does have a casino and some shopping, you can also take a tour of the aqaurium and walk some of the grounds of there hotel. This was an excellent day and the cost was minimal so we thouroughly enjoyed our visit of the Atlantis. We had also taken a tour to the Fort and to the Queens staircase which was also wonderful to see, but as I mentioned they do not have alot of excursions except for those who love to snorkel and dive, which is not something that any one in our group was interested in doing.

Overall our experience was fantastic and yes we would re-visit this hotel if we decided to return to the Bahamas, although we do try to visit a different place each year. Again, a fabulous job done by all the staff at the Riu Paradise Island and we do applaud you!!

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"My way will be to never go to a Riu hotel again"

RIU Paradise Island
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Posted by:  Lavonne06  on Jan 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) 
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We arrived Jan. 10,2006 for a 5 night all inclusive stay at the Riu Hotel .
I was traveling with my daughter, and son-in-law and 2 grand children Their ages 1 1/2 and 3 1/2. They were anxious to go swimming in the pool. There is only one pool and it is not heated. For the 5 days at this hotel we saw only 4 people use the pool. It was ice cold.
We had to go next door to Atlantis and pay a $200.00 day room rate to use their heated pools. The buffet food is good for an all inclusive and their specialty nights offer a variety of choices. However it is a bit repetitive. The rooms were clean and housekeeping does a fine job of daily room maintenance. There is no organized activity program for adults or children.
This does nothing to create an atmosphere of friendliness and fun IT APPEARS TO ME THAT WITH ATLANTIS NEXT DOOR , THEY DON'T CARE WHETHER YOU ARE SATISFIED OR NOT.
I wrote to the main office of Riu and complained about the pool situation. They claim they contacted the manager and he stated that the heaters were on They thanked me for the correspondence and sent me on my way. My way will be to never go to a Riu hotel again.

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