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Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island  

West Bay Street, Cable Beach, Nassau | PO Box 39-CB-13005, 20317, New Providence Island

"Worst Honeymoon Ever!!!"
Posted by: Joe on Mar 3, 2016
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Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Reviews
Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Pictures and Information
Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Nassau Bahamas

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User rating 3.2

Based on 25 reviews

Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Information

Few resorts in the world can match the exceptional fine dining selection at Sandals Royal Bahamian's eight specialty restaurants.

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Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Reviews

Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Review: 3.2 of 5 25 reviews
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"I had been warned by the travel agent"

Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island
User Rating:  Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  ShannonCanada  on Jul 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jul, 2004 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
237 people found this review helpful

My husband and I travel frequently and while we're pretty easygoing, we can definitely tell quality from non-quality. Those who truly want to relax, have no fear: This resort is awesome.
Our travel agent at (Rachel) was stellar. She was thorough, always returned our calls, and even helped us get the dates we wanted even though it was technically sold out. I would return to Tripcentral anytime.

There was a massive lineup at the Customs entry area at the airport, but we survived. We proceeded to the Sandals desk at the arrivals section and they directed us to the bus. We waited for about 10 minutes for them to fill the bus, and they did accept tips. But the driver was friendly and gave us a narrative as we drove to the resort which we really enjoyed.
Once he pulled into the resort, they unloaded all our bags off the bus. One guest started to take his bags, but the bellman admonished him (all friendly like) and said they'd be taken care of. They walked us to the lobby where we all were seated on plush couches and given champagne. They came to us and asked us for a credit card for incidentals, then brought all our information back to us as we relaxed. (Later in our trip we went to Atlantis for a day, and saw that people checking in there had to wait in line, hot, sweaty, etc. It was just like the rat race we were trying to escape, and we really appreciated the service level at Sandals all the more for having seen that.) They then walked us over to the Windsor block and showed us to our room.

I had been warned by the travel agent that the "oceanview honeymoon concierge" had somewhat of a limited ocean view. She was not incorrect. The Windsor building is perpindicular to the beach, so while the balconies are tilted in the direction of the ocean, you still only get a partial ocean view. Looking straight out the window, you saw the roof of the buildings on the compound, which was rather disappointing. Personally I felt they should have at least planted gardens or something on the roofs to make the view nicer. My husband was more disappointed than I was, so he called down and asked for a room further down the block towards the ocean. We did get moved two days later, and the view was better. Still, I think they probably shouldn't sell these rooms as oceanview.

The room was very nice. It was a standard upscale hotel room - large, with a seating area, big bed, big TV for our purposes that got lots of stations including Canadian ones (CBC and CTV). We spent one morning laying in bed watching movie after movie on HBO - hey, it's vacation! The room also had a fully stocked bar with juice, water, beer, red and white wine, champagne, and full bottles of gin, rum and vodka. There was a safe in the closet which was very secure as you programmed it with your own code. The bathroom was nice, big tub and good water pressure. Only downside was they inexplicably kept taking our hand towels and not replacing them.

The staff were super friendly. The speed of service is definitely on Caribbean "slow down" time zone, but after a day or so you're in that time zone too, so it worked. The bartenders at the pool bars were probably the slowest. The only bump we hit was on our day to check out. We asked for a courtesy room to change in at a specific time. When we went to get in to the room, the key didn't work. When we went back to check, they were snippy with us for waiting so long to try to get in to the room - however, we'd asked for it for that time, so we weren't quite sure what the problem was.

Wide and sandy with plenty of loungers and beautiful crisp clear water. Can't say enough good about it. The only suggestion I would make would be to have more umbrellas available - we were there at the hottest time of the year and couldn't stand laying in the direct sun for more than a few minutes, so the umbrella chairs were at a premium.

There were two main pools - the Windsor pool and the Manor pool. Both were massive and both had swim up pool bars. The Windsor pool was more of the party pool - that's where the pool volleyball, basketball, aquacise took place. As well, there were bands beside this pool on several afternoons. The Manor pool was quieter - just background music. It was very nice to have a choice of pool ambience in that respect, depending on what mood you were in. There were also several smaller pools on the grounds in the garden, away from the beach. These were hardly ever used and totally beautiful and peaceful.

Each restaurant was unique - they made you feel like you were in a completely different world each time you walked in someplace new. I really appreciated that because I was afraid we'd get bored with being at the same resort all week.

Casanova - italian, and our favourite. Very good italian food - the spaghetti blew me away. Cafe Goombay - probably our least favourite. Caribbean food, but just not our style. Kimonos - the atmosphere was good, the food was OK. It was japanese, but we weren't crazy about it. Crystal Room - fantastic prime rib. The room is like a ballroom in a fancy hotel. The wait staff were kind of slow, but the food was very good. Baccarat - our best experience. Fantastic dinner, wonderful ambience, lovely bright restaurant. Spices - Standard buffet fare, we ate here only once or twice. Cafe Grill - we ate here several times as it was open at the funny hours when we would get out of bed. Lovely selection and good food.

I only went to the spa once, for a massage. It was wonderful, although a bit pricey. If you've been to a spa at home, this is probably somewhere around the same level of service.

Snorkeling - book it in advance, especially if the resort is chock full. It's a quick trip because the reef is not far from the resort, so you're only gone for around 2 hours or less. Saw lots and lots of cool fish, including a barracuda named Bob.

Scuba Lesson:
my husband took the morning scuba course and then went on the dive the next day. He enjoyed trying it out, but felt he saw more fish snorkeling.

Evening entertainment:
the weekly show put on by the playmakers was so awful it was funny. Poor people, they were reallly trying but it was dreadful. There was a comedy show later in the week, and it was awesome.

Overall we tremendously enjoyed this vacation and would recommend Sandals to anyone

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"The resort was extremely disappointing"

Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island
User Rating:  Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  StaceyMesaAZ  on Sep 1, 2003  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Sep, 2003 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
245 people found this review helpful

On September 2, 2003, my husband and I arrived at the Sandals Royal Bahamian resort, what was indicated as "the Caribbean's Most Impressive Resort" on the Sandals website. We stayed eight days, seven nights and I would not indicate that any portion of our stay at your resort was impressive.
The resort was extremely disappointing and is far overpriced for what you actually get. We saved up for this Caribbean vacation and we would never recommend that anyone visit a Sandals resort after our experience that definitely was not "perfect in every way."

We booked what was indicated on your website as the Royal Honeymoon Oceanview Suite. On the website, there is a mention of a Rolls Royce VIP Airport Service when guests stay three nights or longer in a qualifying suite. This "qualifying suite" is not clarified on the site and obviously is misrepresented, as when we arrived at the airport and checked in at the Sandals desk, we discovered that the "VIP treatment" we would be receiving was an old bus that was not even owned by Sandals. We sat on this bus for at least 45 minutes since we had to wait for several other couples to board the bus for this "VIP treatment."

When I recently looked at your site again, I noticed on the main page of the website that it states that "Our inclusions are designed to take the worries out of your vacation. That's why we include airport transfers in air-conditioned buses, all tips, gratuities and all hotel and government taxes." This is rather interesting, as on the way to the resort and upon departure, we were told that the drivers gladly accept tips; this is even on signs hanging in the buses!

Upon check-in at the resort, we sat on a couch that was ripped and dirty. After check-in, someone took us to the Windsor building, where our first (of three!) room was located. We were taken to the floor of our room and when the elevator doors opened on our floor, the person pointed down the hallway to where we were to go, as he was escorting another guest to their room.

Upon arrival in our room, I assumed that our luggage would be inside the room or would arrive shortly thereafter, especially since the website indicates "Our exclusive Suite Concierge Service will pamper you with VIP check-in, special luggage handling." I was not aware that this "special luggage handling" really meant that we were to call three times and ask where our luggage was at and that our luggage would arrive three hours after we arrived in our room. We were hungry and just wanted to take a shower and relax, but instead became restless and irritated as we waited and waited for our luggage.

Room #1 - 1334 (Windsor) As soon as we had stepped foot in the Windsor building, we should have known that something was wrong because even the lobby had a strange smell when we walked up to our room. After entering our room, we noticed that the walls, bathtub, floors, etc. were all dirty and everything in the room smelled of mold. There was even obvious evidence of mold on the walls where the paint was peeling off.

You could not sit down on any of the furniture without smelling the mold and the awful smell had even sunken into the pillows we were to sleep on, all of the bed linens, as well as the robes in the rooms. We took towels and slept on those to try to help with some of the smell on the pillows, but that didn't even help. We couldn't even hang our clothes in the closet because it smelled so bad, so we left our suitcases packed, but open and all of our clothes and other items ended up smelling just like the room.

We tried leaving our towels and swim suits in the room to dry, but determined that there was too much moisture in the room and that nothing would dry, so we had to place all wet items on the balcony. The moisture in the room was so bad that it even ruined some of the reading materials that we brought to enjoy on our vacation.

And out on our balcony, I assumed we would have a nice ocean view, after all, we were staying in the Royal Honeymoon Oceanview Suite. Instead of a big ocean view, we had to lean over the balcony to see the ocean and our view consisted of the tenant's facility and parking lot, where they often played loud music.

Also on the website when I booked this trip, we assumed we would receive room service with our "Suite," as it states that "An extensive and sophisticated in-room menu serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers and late night snacks is available for guests staying in qualifying suites." When we looked around our room, all we saw was a continental breakfast menu.

After a second un-restful night in the room, we could not take it any more. We decided to complain about our room because there is no way that was the room that we paid for, indicated as a "perfect private palace" and "the finest rooms and suites in the Caribbean" on the website. When we complained, the check-in attendant seemed like she didn't hear anything, in fact, she told us that we were actually given an "upgraded" room from the one that we supposedly paid for. She told us that we were upgraded to a "junior suite" and that the room we paid for was smaller, had a smaller bathtub and was a "level 5," whereas the room we were given was the "nicest" room, at a "level 9." If this was in fact a "free upgrade," why would they not have mentioned this to us upon check-in? If they were, in fact, giving us a "nicer" room for free, why wouldn't they have told us this? This whole thing seemed rather suspicious.

Also, when we asked about the room service, we were told that we booked a "room," not a "suite." Clearly, on the website, we selected the Royal Honeymoon Oceanview Suite. I paid more for this room, thinking we would get the room service and all we received was stale bagels and old fruit for breakfast.

We stated that we wanted to see the room we paid for since we were not staying in this room another night. Once again, I mentioned all of the things wrong with the room, as well as the bad view; and finally the desk attendant picked up her phone and asked for a room with a better view. Of all of the things wrong with the room, it was just the view that she felt she could fix. Then, we were instructed to come back in three hours so we could see the new room, but never did she apologize for the awful room that we were initially given.

I thought that "At Sandals, there are no compromises and no surprises. The best of everything is included at one up-front price"? At least that's what is indicated on your website.

Room #2 - 519 (Manor):
When we came back three hours later, we were told that the new room was not ready yet. The person at the check-in desk asked a staff member to go look at the room to see if it was ready and he indicated that it was. So, he took us to see the room that we supposedly "paid for."
This room smelled a little musty, but was definitely an improvement on the overwhelming mold smell of room #1. The view was better, but this room still did overlook a construction site. At least the ocean was clearly visible. We took this room and were instructed to go and pack and call the bellhop to pick up our luggage. We never really unpacked, so we were quickly out of the old room and decided to wheel all four of our bags all the way across the resort by ourselves since our initial luggage service was so bad.
After we entered the room, the phone rang and we were told that the room was not ready. We said that the room seemed "ready," but then we were told that they had to paint the ceiling. This was rather strange. So, the check-in person met us at this room and told us to go to room 619, as that would be our new room. So, we lugged our bags up to room 619.

Room #3 - 619 (Manor):
This new room had a similar smell and view as room #2, but was still an improvement upon room #1. So, we started unpacking and got changed so we could try to enjoy what was left of our day. While I was changing, another couple used a key they were given and actually entered our room. They seemed rather embarrassed and confused and told us they were told this was their room, so we immediately called down to the front desk to find out who's room this really was. It turns out the check-in desk made a mistake and told us, then this other couple that this room was each of ours. The check-in desk straightened out the confusion and gave this other couple another room. Not only is this an invasion of privacy that this other couple was allowed to walk right into our room, but it is also a breach in the security of the hotel.
When we later tried to get back in our room again, to our dismay, our keys wouldn't work. It turns out that since this other couple used their key in the door, this voided out our keys and the check-in desk attendant had to reset our keys again so they would work for our room.
And the air conditioning definitely left something to desire. The room was either hot or cold. You couldn't even adjust the temperature on the thermostat! Also, at all times of the day, there were dogs barking outside the resort - it seems as if this happened each time we tried to rest!

As a "pampered guest" the website indicated I would "dine on dazzling delicacies" and would experience "ultra-gourmet dining." First, we were told that we needed to make reservations for three of the restaurants. We thought we would just make the reservations for our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th nights, then would make another reservation at any of the restaurants that we really enjoyed. Instead, we were able to get in The Crystal Room on our 2nd night, then we were on the waiting list for Café Goombay on our 4th night, and didn't have reservations at Baccarat until our 6th night! In the FAQ's on the website, it even references dinner reservations and says that "You may make reservations for each day of your vacation," yet we were not able to make some of our reservations until our 6th night at the resort.

During our stay, we did have the opportunity to dine at all of the restaurants and would definitely not say that "Sandals Royal Bahamian is an incomparable passport of excellent taste for the world's most discerning palates." The food was average, to say the least. In fact, I got sick from the food on my 2nd day there and my husband got sick from the food on our 5th day there! And I was extremely disappointed with the limited selection of entrees available at the restaurants. There wasn't even lobster on any of the menus and this is something I expected while staying at a resort termed as a "monument to regal elegance" with "sensational haute cuisine."

A few of the restaurants, namely, Spices and Royal Café, often had birds in the seating areas or even on the tables. The servers never seemed to try to shew them away. This was rather disgusting. We were very disappointed with the speed - or lack thereof - of the service overall. A few of the restaurants that required reservations actually gave you a new drink after you were finished with your last one, but overall drink service was extremely slow at the restaurants. For some reason, I believe that the lack of tips most likely does have something to do with the speed of the food and drink service received, which should not be the case at an "all-inclusive" resort.

In regard to the times the restaurants were open, we were very disappointed that not all restaurants were open for long periods of time. If we wanted a late night snack or drinks, we always ended up at Cricketers Pub, which was probably the place with the slowest service out of all of the restaurants.

We were also very surprised that we were offered a wine list of bottles of wine we could purchase. We purchased what we thought was an "all-inclusive" vacation where "everything's included." So, why would we have to purchase beverages? Especially because certain types of alcohol were not listed on the website in the "What's not included in the all-inclusive package?" area. My husband also stated that the overall quality of the liquor that was included was lower than what he expected, since the "top-shelf" brands were not available.

Prior to leaving for vacation, my husband and I read the information on scuba diving on your website and knew that we wanted to scuba dive while at the resort. So, we went to the doctor (per the instructions on the form) and made sure to have our Medical Statement Participant Record filled out and ready for when the instructor asked for them. On our first morning at the resort, we called for reservations for scuba diving, as this was what we were instructed to do. To our surprise, they told us that we would not be able to go because it was booked for the entire week! We later found out that scuba diving isn't even available on Sundays! If phone or fax-in reservations would have been available, I would have done this before we left so we could go scuba diving, as this was a big disappointment for us. The website even states "Guests must arrange this [Scuba Diving] upon arrival at the Water Sports Center for the following day," so we never thought we just wouldn't get to go over our eight days at the resort.

While on the phone with the water sports reservation desk, I asked about snorkling and was shocked that we even needed reservations for snorkling! We weren't even able to go until our 4th day there because that was booked up too. And when we went snorkling, we couldn't believe that we could only use the equipment during the time that the ferry took us to the spot to go snorkling and that we couldn't just take it and use it ourselves in the water offshore or across on the offshore island.

In regard to what is listed on the website in amenities, it lists "2 swim-up pools," "7 pools & 6 whirlpools." Then, on the fact sheet that we were given upon arrival, it actually stated that there were "3 swimming pools, 3 mini-pools, scuba pool, 6 whirlpools." Based upon the initial information from the website, we imagined a vast array of large pools that we could frequent. Instead, we really only had access to two main pools on the main island and these were always extremely crowded and dirty (the pool itself, as well as having plastic Dixie cups, straws, and cigarette butts all over the place - sometimes even in the pool!). In fact, there were a few nights that the main pool closed for some reason, so it wasn't even useable. In regard to the whirlpools, they were often either uncomfortable, as they were either scorching hot or cool/lukewarm in temperature.

The pool bars were very disappointing as well. Since there was no drink service to us poolside, we all had to wait in lines at the pool bars. And while standing or sitting downwind of the bars, you pretty much lost your appetite for a drink after smelling how bad the area smelled (potentially another mold issue).

On occasion, my husband and I wanted to take a swim or sit in the whirlpool in the evening and the pool bars weren't even open after the sun went down!

Regarding the pool towels, I don't see how you can even call those towels "beach towels." They were thin and raglike pieces of cloth that barely absorbed any water. Since the website stated that "beach towels are provided by the resort," we didn't bring any beach towels and definitely regretted that. And when we did turn our towels in during the day to get our evening towels before 5 p.m. each night (since that is when the towel area closed), our maids took the clean ones from our room! They never took our used ones, but did manage to take the clean ones we were going to use.

Due to our slow luggage service on the first night, we missed what we found out was the only show (Ooh La La) during our entire stay. We expected more shows and entertainment from a resort claiming "Sandals Royal Bahamian satisfies your desires to be endlessly entertained. Whether it's sharing intimate conversations at seven bars or applauding the nightly shows at the impressive Royal Theatre, the pleasure of choice is already yours." We expected more than boring contests (in fact, they were begging people to participate!) and the same band every night at the Royal Theatre. The only other entertainment was the Piano Bar, but you can only listen to the same songs so many nights before becoming tired of it.

The beachfront was definitely smaller than I expected. We tried taking a moonlit stroll one evening and the beachfront is practically just a few steps, then you turnaround and come back. And the offshore island is stated as having "2 beaches," per the fact sheet we received, but one of the beaches was really where we docked and shouldn't have been considered a "beach."

We visited this "private" island on one of our first days and were instructed to stay on the "Sandals side" of the island because the cruise lines use the other half. This is very misleading, as your website specifically states that "Within minutes of the shoreline lies our magnificent offshore island." If this is really the Sandals' island, why are cruise lines using half of it? And on the Sandals side, the pool was filthy, as if it had not been cleaned in days.

The Sandals website states that "At Sandals you get more than you ever dreamed of…not only in quantity, but in quality." This was definitely not the case at the Royal Bahamian resort!

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"No problem with the pools, chairs, beach or hot tubs."

Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island
User Rating:  Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  ChrissyKirkLancasterPA  on May 1, 2003  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: May, 2003 | Leisure | With Group
225 people found this review helpful

We (7 couples) just came home from a great trip with Sandals! This was our experience and suggestions:

No problem with the pools, chairs, beach or hot tubs:
We (7 couples) just came home from a great trip with Sandals! This was our experience and suggestions:

We booked thru Liberty Travel (Lancaster, PA-$2600 per couple 4 nights, 5 days airfare included). Three couples were signature guest members(getting a $375 discount) and the other four couples were first timers. I, myself emailed Sandals regarding our stay (and upgrades for signature guests) and kept in touch with emails. I received an email from sandals signature guest and Martin Crossland regarding our requests.

We left 3/20/03 at 6:00am with some anxiety regarding the war but arrived in time and safe (with USAir) at 10:30am. Transfer and champagne check in were smooth and welcomed. We were all informed we were staying in the villas! This was a pleasant surprise for all. For return guests we expected an upgrade but not that kind of one. We were to be in the Manor block. What great villas with private pools and some hot tubs with full concierege service and 24 hr room service. We were treated great! The staff would not accept tips when offered.

We felt the food was good. No one went away hungry or Lost Weight! I enjoyed Bacarat for dinner (with Chris for a waiter) the best, while my friends enjoyed Casanova's so much they returned twice, with a salute to Pepsi, she was great! The Crystal room, Kimonos (shakira) and Spices (dwayne) was enjoyed by all. When munchies where in order, 24 hr room service and Crickiters Pub was appreciated. The Royal Cafe was fine and had no problems. My only complaint was Baccarat for breakfast took way too long with hardly anyone there and that you NEED to make reservations as soon as you get there or you will not get in to the restaurant or it will be very late!

No problem with the pools, chairs, beach or hot tubs. We also jet skied, snorkeled and went to straw market (bus 10). We were told to avoid the island because of sand fleas. Some of us took that advice while others went. Those who went did not get bitten, ate, had some fun and informed us that it was a little run down. Check out the fitness stated before, even if you don't exercise the view is awesome!

We had massages on the pier with Shelly and someone else (unfortunately) whose name I do not remember and they were awesome! 50 minute swedish massage! I have had several massages with many from the Hershey Spa and this was so much better! With having a great massage and the sounds of the waves, oceans it was sooooooo nice! Recommended! It started out with just 2 of us and then ended up with almost the whole group getting them over the stay.

We would definitely go back to Sandals! We are a group in our 30's (married with children-lol) and had a blast. The guys said the beer wasn't always cold. But I think they just drank it faster than they could stock it! They even had beer delivered in cases, to our rooms which had stocked mini-bars (rum, vodka, all soda's, champagne, wine (red & white), beer, water and all juices. It was by far the best mini-bar ever! Melvin was great for that!

We (hubby & I) have been to the Bahamas (Radison) twice, St. Thomas 3 times, Sandals in Antigua, Mexico-Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta , St. Johns and Italy and I truly felt this was just a fantastic vacation! I only tell you about our previous travels to let the readers know that we have been places and to feel assured that you cannot go wrong for going to Sandals in the Bahamas! I would classify us has regular travelers.....We do not stay or expect services like the Ritz nor could we afford to! We also do not stay at low level or fly by night places! We stay at clean, dependable named resorts, with a good reputation........that is what we expect and pay for and that is what we receive. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at

Go there have a great time ! We already want to book for next year!

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"We are going to become Sandals Signature members"

Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island
User Rating:  Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  ChuckRochesterNew York  on May 1, 2003  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: May, 2003 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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My name is Chuck, my wife Debbie and I went to Sandals Royal Bahamian for our 20th wedding anniversary. We spent six nights from April 26 - May 3, 2003. We live in Rochester (Upstate) New York and we have never been to the Caribbean. We decided on the Sandals Royal Bahamian after a month of research. I dont do ANYTHING without researching and this trip was no exception.

My name is Chuck, my wife Debbie and I went to Sandals Royal Bahamian for our 20th wedding anniversary. We spent six nights from April 26 - May 3, 2003. We live in Rochester (Upstate) New York and we have never been to the Caribbean. We decided on the Sandals Royal Bahamian after a month of research. I dont do ANYTHING without researching and this trip was no exception. We have 2 kids and although we love them to death, this was our vacation and we wanted to go somewhere that was adults only. We like to visit outside the resort so we wanted a place we would feel comfortable. We heard that the Bahamas were the place to go as the people were some of the friendliest on the earth. We were not disappointed. Knowing we were going to be traveling in peak season and couldn't count on an upgrade, we booked in a suite (Royal Honeymoon Oceanview Suite) in the Windsor building. Although the room did not take my breath away, it was a very nice room. There was ample space and furniture, the bed was large and comfortable, and the balcony had a nice view. Before we booked we did a lot of research and as others have said, we seen good and bad reviews for this resort. From what I could tell, there were just some reviews that looked like they were written by competitors and we simply could not believe some were true. I can tell you that we are glad we booked at the Sandals Royal Bahamian. It was the best vacation we have ever gone on, even with poor weather. I cant tell you how great it was to be at a resort without wining kids running all over the place, and the bars everywhere...I was in heaven. We took a day trip to the Atlantis and there were little kids running and screaming all over the place, and I seen the price for the lunch buffet was $40 per person!! thank goodness we didn't go there. That is another great thing about Sandals, after your there, you dont pay extra for anything! no tipping either, you get a drink whenever, and eat and just get up and leave, no waiting for the bill. It was AWESOME!! We met several other couples while we were there. Some of them we still talk with and I think we will be friends for life. We hope to meet some of them again on a future vacation. We loved all the resturants! The only one we didn't go to was Cafe Gumbay. No reason other than we never made it. We did go to the island for a few days and it was superb. Very relaxing and less people. We had our anniversary dinner at the Crystal Room and the food and service was fantastic. The Casanova was great too! The only complaint I had was at Kimonos it was kinda hot, I get hot easily and that's not the restaurants fault, but it did get a little biggie, I still liked it. The staff was all that we expected and more. Darrell (bartender) became our best buddy! If any of you go and see Darrell, tell him Chuck and Debbie said Hi!! He was the best.... We also had a fantastic time at the Piano Bar, a must if you go. I dont know what else to say, we absolutely loved our trip to the Sandals Royal Bahamian! We are going to become Sandals Signature members, were hooked!

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"The ads made this place look great but are very deceiving"

Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island
User Rating:  Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  N-N  on Apr 1, 2003  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Apr, 2003 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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My Friend and I went to the Bahamas in the first of April 2003 and stayed at the Sandals Royal Bahamian for seven days. Our goal was to simply relax, have some fun and be in an all adult atmosphere.

We encountered very little problems upon arriving at the airport. The Sandals rep was readily available and we were shown to the bus to take us to the Royal Bahamian.

Check in:
We were ushered into this area and met by a resort rep and given our paperwork to fill out. This process took over 30 minutes to complete due to the amount of people who arrived at the same time. We were offered only champagne which is great if you like champagne. A nice cold beer or refreshing drink would have been nice. Other resorts we have visited have offer selections of the guest choice. Upon getting the paperwork filled out and handed over to the rep, we were told that our room was not ready and that lunch was being served. We ate lunch at the Royal Cafe. What lousy food, meat was burnt and fries were soggy. Went to get salad from the fruit and salad bar but no plates. It took quite a length of time to get the plates. Upon finishing lunch we went back to the check in area to learn that our room was still not ready. It took nearly 3 hours before we were shown to our room.

Our Room:
The room was fairly nice with a balcony and ocean view for which we had upgraded from just the deluxe. We were told the bags would be right up but only one bag arrives. We didn't understand how this could be as we were the only two left to get our rooms. 45 minutes later it finally shows up. The second day we got up to take a shower, no water. Call the desk and were told they would check on it. It took a while before the water came on spiting. The room cleanup was very slow and you didn't always get a full set of towels.

The Beach:
The beach in this section of the Bahamas (Cable Beach) was very disappointing, it’s small and was usually covered in seaweed. They did have a clean up crew but it wasn’t until about noon that they were finished. There is not much beach to walk on, you can only walk about 5 minutes in one direction before you have to stop and turn around. We were checked out the private island which had a beach not much better than the resort although it was bigger. Most of the ocean floor was covered in rocks and stones, but they did not seem to have the same problem with seaweed. There is only one snack restaurant on the island, plus a small pool with a side Jacuzzi. Do not go there expecting some lush tropical retreat, it’s a decent change of scenery but not much else.

The Food:
The food was nothing special. The Spices has the best food of all the dining areas. It offered buffet style breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Ristorante Casanova offered Italian cuisine and other choices which was very good but rather small portions. The Baccarat Restaurant offered French cuisine and had very good food but service was slow. The Kimonos offered Japanese cuisine with several couples located around the grill while your chef cooked and entertained you. The food was pretty good but not totally Japanese. The Crystal Room had a variety of food offering but the food was lousy, took a long time to arrive for the amount of people they were serving and the room was hot and you had to dress to top things off. The Cricketers is suppose to be a genuine English Pub, haw, if the English saw this they would disown it. The food was over cooked and took for ever to get both service wise and cooking it. The Crystal Room and Baccarat both require reservations and my suggestion to you is to book your reservations for the restaurants that require it ASAP, otherwise be prepared to eat dinner at 9 PM or worse yet not get in at all. The Cafe Goombay on the island offered hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries which were the best I had during our stay at the Royal Bahamian.

The Spa:
My friend had 2 sessions at the spa which she really enjoyed. This was provided since we had upgraded our accommodations

There are two moderately sized pools on the resort both with swim up bars. The pool closest to the front of the building had 2 heated Jacuzzi just off to the sides. As with most resort pools they were both pretty cold, which is fine when the whether is blistering hot, but we encountered a fair bit of cooler weather. The pools themselves were basic and well maintained but nothing to write home about. There wasn't enough lawn chairs for everyone so if you didn't stake your claim to one first thing in the morning you were out of luck. Each pool had a pool bar and they had a bar in the main building but it never opened before 8 PM. If you wanted to get a drink and just sit outside and or inside the building you had to travel around the pool to the pool bar for a drink. This was ridiculous I thought.

Overall I was quite pleased with the staff we encountered, most seemed to be in a decent mood and easy to get along with.

Overall Impression:
This was a relatively expensive trip and not much bang for your buck. We could have got more for our bucks in the Bahamas or Jamaica. Most of the grounds are well maintained and clean and the staff are nice but it’s just that everything things just don't flow. You had to keep thinking where you were to reach something. The food wasn't up to standards. The ads made this place look great but are very deceiving. It a place for young people getting married. You get to see at least 4 weddings a day.

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