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Deciding on where to go in Colombia is just half the fun!
On this page you find Debbie¹s Review index of all hotels & resorts in Colombia.
I hope you enjoy reading the opinions of fellow travelers as much as I do and look forward to read a review about your experience soon!

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Hotel Name Destination Hotel Class User Rating Popularity

Alfiz Hotel Cartagena 0 reviews

Bahia Sardina San Andres 1 reviews

Bantú Hotel Cartagena 0 reviews

Barranquilla Plaza Hotel Barranquilla 0 reviews

Blue Cove San Andres 1 reviews

Capilla del Mar Global Cartagena 1 reviews

Caribe Cartagena 2 reviews

Caribe Princess Barranquilla 0 reviews

Cartagena Millenium Cartagena 2 reviews

Charleston Santa Teresa Cartagena 0 reviews

Cocoplum Beach Hotel San Andres 0 reviews

Decameron Aquarium San Andres 5 reviews

Decameron Cartagena Cartagena 2 reviews

Decameron Isleno San Andres 0 reviews

Decameron Marazul San Andres 17 reviews

Decameron Maryland San Andres 2 reviews

del Prado Barranquilla 0 reviews

Estelar Oceanía Cartagena 0 reviews

Las Americas Global Cartagena Cartagena 1 reviews

Lee Cartagena 0 reviews

Los Balcones de Badillo Cartagena 0 reviews

Portobelo Junior San Andres 0 reviews

Puertas de Cartagena Cartagena 0 reviews

San Andrés Noble House San Andres 0 reviews

San Pietro Cartagena 0 reviews

Santa Cruz Cartagena 0 reviews


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