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Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort  

(formerly Fiesta Resort & Casino), El Roble 5400, Costa Rica

"Not anywhere near Hilton standards"
Posted by: andrew on Sep 21, 2011
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Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort Reviews
Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort Pictures and Information
Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort Costa Rica Costa Rica

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User rating 3.0

Based on 3 reviews

Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort Information

The Doubletree Resort by Hilton Costa Rica - Puntarenas is a modern, full-amenity, all-inclusive resort hotel.

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Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort Reviews

Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort Review: 3.0 of 5 3 reviews
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"Not anywhere near Hilton standards"

Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort
User Rating:  Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  andrew  on Sep 21, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Aug, 2011 | Business | Family and Kids
884 people found this review helpful

My family and I spent one week at the Puntarenas double tree and were extremely disappointed. We booked the Hilton for its name and expectations we are familiar with. The hotel and that is what it is is no way a resort as advertised. The hotel was beautiful and that wa it. The staff seemed more bothered by guests ratehr than helping.. Bartenders texting on their phones motioning for us to wait a sec while they finished. A cook outside droppign a serving utensil and goinf back to serving food after a quick rinse and a rub down with their fingers. Activities on the board that were cancelled or told your children were too young to do. The website showing things at the resort that were not there. Closing the main pool bar, bringing in bus loads of locals for day trips, poor service at the buffets (getting a glass of water was a chore), getting our confirmation on our transportation to the airport were told they dont call the states and sent us on our way. Has to leave the resort and find a person who let me use their phone to call the states to find out when we were being picked up. we normally spend three days off resort and two days on the one day we spent on the resort our 8 yr was crying after the first three activities were told he had to be 18 to do.. ping pong, bb guns, and kids craft was cancelled after we were sent to three locations and no one had an idea where to go. Also they sent him to the tenis courts for a tennis lesson then they cancelled. after that we booked another excursion to escape the hotel. Our tour guide Charlie from across the street saved our trip and made our childs trip a special one. Even took us to feed monkeys by hand.. The Double tree we found out after our return and contacted HIlton is a franchise not a true Hilton.. We emailed triple aaa and appple while we were down there and Apple even called the hotel to meet with us they never did. The country of Costa Rica is beautiful and do not regret going down there but will never stay at a Hilton again because of it.. Hilton reponse about our concerns have gone no where and haven't heard back from them. Guest service is no longer their concern anymore apparently.

Beautiful hotel not a resort.

Were not like in picture. We wanted a balcony because we have an eight yr old and were told none available even though hotel was no wherenear capacity. No mini bar which was odd for an all inclusive resort. Rooms were dated grout was nasty on the floors.

Restaurants and Bars:
two main restaurants were pretty good. the seafood restaraunt had an odd menu including octopus. Pool bar closed two days of out of five days down there.

pool was very nice and clean. The beach on the other hand was dirty covered in debris that was never cleaned up at any point during our trip. Also another Amercian couple hot the joy of watching a local pee on the beach. The grounds were very nice. The bar staff in the main bar and and pool bar seemed bothered by you. the young man at the lobby bar was excellent.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
the only activities that were done were at the pool and some in the bars such as trivia and towel folding. Many excursions off the resort recommend booking them through Charlie across the street..

Other Comments:
The lack of English speaking staff did not help the trip go well. NO one seemed to want to help or gave the classic no English. We decided to have laundry service so when i called the number in the book I was greeted by no English and a click. When I called back down I received the dame warm greeting.. Needless to say we did our laundry back home.

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"Great one week stay."

Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort
User Rating:  Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Lucille  on Mar 18, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
928 people found this review helpful

Spent one week at the Doubletree Puntarenas in deluxe room, building 3. Spacious, clean rooms with immediate access to pool and beach. Great food at buffet and at two a la carte restaurant. Easy access to daily tours. Resort is out of town, not great access to town. Beach is not good for swimming; dark sand, significant current. Real nice sunsets off the Pacific. Overall, was not disappointed, great experience. Would recommend.

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"The resort has not a single whirlpool"

Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort
User Rating:  Doubletree Hilton Puntarenas Resort Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Janet from Toronto  on Feb 1, 2009  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2009
901 people found this review helpful

The resort has 2 main sections. On the left side is the older building-Building 1(not up to Doubletree-) on the other side is the new buildings(2&3) and they are much better. (they have queen beds and bath tubs-some with whirlpool)

The older section has just 2 double beds, no kings, hot water is intermittent and the building is very noisy. the walls are paper thin and people talking (not shouting) in the hallways are clear as a bell. speaking of bells, on the first night, we werre treated to the fire alarms going off at midnight, then again at 2 AM

As you read in all the reviews in here, you will notice that a consistent theme is that the maid service is hit and miss. this is accurate. one day it's no floor matt, then it's no face cloths, then it's now duvet on the bed etc--it rotates with no apparant order. in 2 weeks we only got the face suncscreen on the last 2 days, and our coffee was replaced only once. Also check your TV--your supposed to have approx 55 stations. we had none for the first week, then only 11 (all spanish) for most of the second week.

They let on that there are more restuarants. dont be fooled! there are 2 "a la cartes" and one big, 2 sectioned buffet. as for Bars, there is 2 swim up and one main one at the buffet area, and one near the snack bar (chips, hamburger/hot dog/ nachos/pizza and a few salads)

Food - is classic "all inclusive" fair--sitting in pans floating in sauce or grease or dry, but lots to choose from. fresh fruit is terrific. The beef is shoe leather, so dont go looking for a good steak or prime rib. Im used to succelent Canadian beef and Tico beef is really tough--brama cows who walk the mountains. their bread is stale and hard as a brick so dont get too excited about a nice sandwhich at the resort

The beach-

The beach has dark sand (volcanic) didnt bother me at all--except that by noon it scalded your feet so bring beach sandals if you plan to walk the beach. the water was warm, and you could go in up to your chest/neck. some people surfed and boogy boarded, some people even fished from the beach/pier

Pools -

Lots and vacuumed daily, but the water is a bit cloudy (it's hard to keep a pool crystal clear with that many people uninating and spilling drinks in it) there is also a quiet, adult only pool. we were surprised to discover the resort has not a single whirlpool.

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