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Allegro Varadero  

Carretera Las Américas, Varadero
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"I can't believe travel agents are reccomending this dump, shame on you!!"
Posted by: Lisa  on Feb 23, 2015
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Allegro Varadero Reviews
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User rating 2.7

Based on 31 reviews

Allegro Varadero Information

This hotel has recently re-opened after extensive renovation works.

Allegro Varadero all inclusive resort hosts a unique Cuban town, with villas as they were in Varadero back in 1920. Beautiful private beach, marine sports, wonderful entertainment, biggest gym in Varadero and much more...

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Allegro Varadero Reviews

Allegro Varadero Review: 2.7 of 5 31 reviews
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"Beware of the Rip Currents"

Allegro Varadero
User Rating:  Allegro Varadero Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  on Apr 14, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | With Group
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We lost our friend to a rip current the day after we arrived. He dove in to rescue his son that had simply been jumping in the waves close to shore and then was pulled out to sea. The beach was not officially open (it was just after breakfast), so no flags were up and boats,etc were still locked up.

Please be careful.

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"Allegro Varadero: Don't Listen To The Bad Reviews, Food Is Very Good!"

Allegro Varadero
User Rating:  Allegro Varadero Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Jeffrey  on Apr 10, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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This was our 6th trip to Cuba since our first in 2005 to Tryp Cayo Coco, we've traveled to Cayo Coco twice, Cayo Guillermo once, Manzanillo de Cuba once, Varadero once and to the D.R. once, but prefer Cuba and it's people. So now back to Varadero, to the Allegro. This resort has gone through many managment hands in the last 5 or 6 years and recently has changed to the Occidental Allegro in the last 6 months and there seems to be a genuiene effort to make things better and to spruce up this huge resort to bring it up to the 4 star status it deserves.

Your Arrival:
Having only flown Sunwing once before (Montreal to Manzanillo de Cuba) I was looking forward to a good flight with lots of room, West Jet our favorite airline with Sunwing a close second. Well not sure if Atlantic Canada gets older planes or my memory is getting bad but this plane was anything but comfortable. Seemed to be an older plane, there was ashtrays built into the armrests, so that may be a sign. Flight was the roughest I've ever encountered, the seat belt light was on for 4 hours of a 4 1/2 hour flight, but that's life eh?
Check in went smoothly and we had a room immediatley, although I believe others had to wait an hour or two as our arrival time was before the stipulated check out time of noon.
The bellboy grabbed our bags and wisked us off on the golf kart to the Cayo Largo section of the resort, although far from the main area of the resort this was definatley an upgrade to the main building.

We arrived at room 6314 and found a very nice an spacious third floor room, not dericly on the ocean but with an ocean view. It was clean and came with a king sized bed so all was good. The room was fitted with an ironing board and iron, a small mini fridge with a large bottle of water, a coffee maker, a safe and the usual things found in a cuban resort room. Although there was no dresser to store your cloths, we have gotten used to this being hit and miss in Cuba. We found the room quite warm and stufy on our arrival and the bellboy turned the A/C on and it blew air so we though give it a few minutes and it will cool down. We dropped our bags and went exploring this huge resort, (they say it's 2 kms in size, not sure if that's 2 square kms or two kms long, but it's huge!)
We returned to a warm and stuffy room, and dropped down to the desk to see if someone could have a look, they said they would send someone up, it was almost 4 and nowing Cuba I didn't expect to see anyone til morning.
We went through the night with the patio door open and found this ok, but couldn't do this during the day as your patio is easily accessable from the main stairs or another room.
We checked again with the desk and they said they would send someone, but it seemed like they knew nothing of our previous concern.
Day tow is almost over and no A/C, now I'm getting a little miffed, we meet the tech this time and he says the third floor has no A/C, there is only 4 rooms on the third floor, but all are occupied, and patio doors are open on all. We go back down to the desk, a long walk, and ask for a new room, they say they will send a tech, we say there have been techs and it's the whole floor. We want a new room. they insist on sending a tech as they have no free rooms. We head off frustrated but it's not gonna ruin my vacation that's for sure. In the moring we call the desk after figuring out the crazy way to reach them on the resort phone. They said no problem they have a new room for us, great! The bellboy reachs our room and we load up and head down closer to the pool at the Cayo Largo section, back up to the third floor and wow a realy nice room and right on the ocean. We step in and bam, no air, he turns the switch and nothing, no way, we walk past the bathroom and I look in to see the ceiling on the floor. ARRGGHHH!
The Bellboy calls the desk and they say all they have is a room in the main building with an ocen view, at this point I'd taken a view of the street.
So off we go on the golf cart again and up to the 4th floor and walk in to toom 4318, slightly smaller, with no ironing board or iron, but that's OK, the A/C works! All is good and although we would have rathered be in the Cayo Largo Section, we are fine with this as we didn't book the Cayo Largo section and had just lucked out on that.

Restaurants and Bars:
Allego Varadero has 1 buffet, and 3 a la cartes, International, Steak House, and Italian. There is also 3 snack bars that are open from 12-6 everyday, one between the main building and the Cayo Largo section, one at the Cayo Largo Pool and one at the Cayo Coco section, at their pool.
There is 6 bars, La Habana beside the main pool (which I never seen closed, the others hard varying hours), the Cohiba Bar, which house a baby grand piano being played every night, and was huge with little pocket rooms and comfy couches and chairs, get there early in the evening to get a seat, and the fancy drinks, like irish coffee and other special drinks and 15 year Havana club is available for extra $$. Cayo Coco, and Cayo Largo Pools each have a swim up bar, there is a beach bar and one at the snack bar between the Cayo Largo and the main building. All seemed to serve different drinks and those that were the same were made different, so find which one you like and keep going back. The snack bar had slushy drinks but closed ar 6 so get your bubba Keg filled early and get it in your fridge if you want an evening cool drink.
We sampled all A la carts and found all to be very good and nothing like the buffet food.
The buffet was a surprise as past reviews on another site were quite hard on the buffet. Knowing Cuba and their struggle sometimes to get variety we didn't expect a lot, but were surprised to get a lot.
For lunch and supper there is a pasta station where you can get premade or have them fry up a dish for you, then a large aray of premade dishes, of rice potato and other meat and fish. then a carving station, we saw beef, lamb, meat loaf, chicken and turkey over our stay, then there was the grill section, usually 3-4 different choices, of either beef, pork, chicken or fish, and hotdogs and burgers at lunch as well.
Not sure what other people eat at home, but to me that's a good variaty.
Breakfast was your normal fare of two egg staions making basic eggs or omlets, as well as premade eggs and other dishes, bacon, sauge seemed available everyday. With your normal toast, cereal, yogurt, and lots of fresh fruit.
No worries about the food here, they even had a special area for the kids, with burgers, fries and chicken nuggets.

The beach is secluded from the rest of Varaderos beach by a large coral outcroup on each end. The sand is a bit darker than the average white beach, and had a good mix of shells and coral, but overal is a very nice beach, lots of loungers and a good number of umbrellas, thay have staff who will drag you a lounger to where ever you want it and whipe it clean for you, tip this guy a pesso or two as he's out in the sun all day and trying his best.
There are three pools, one main pool just off the side of the main building, nothing special a very larg squarish pool, but nice and clean with lots of loungers around. They had a guy who would drag an extra one out of storage if you needed it and offered cushions for the lounger if you wanted them, like the beach guy show him your gratitiude for his hard work in the sun. The cayo largo and the cayo coco section each have thier own smaller pools, visually nicer than the main pool and each with a cold jacuzzi off to the side and their own bar.
This resort is huge if you get to walk the whole thing you will see this for sure. Gardeners are everywhere keeping it clean and attending to the grounds and greenery. All the trees and plants are marked with a small sign saying the speciaes, we found this a nice touch. They have a long system of fish ponds linked up in fron tof the main building with a version of coy in them, most are orange in color and some are quite big, maybe 12 inches or so. There is also a white heron type bird who has taken up residence and if your patient youl see him dive in for his own version of a cuban buffet.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Activities seemed light on the first few days with only Aqua Aerobics and dancing being offered the first half of the week. The last two days seen way more going on from orginised water polo to mini putt. They need to work on having the animation crew more involved with the guests and doing more around this huge resort, I never saw the archery being offered once while we were there, and they have a nice range.
We finally, after many years of trying to get on the catamaran tour, got our catamaran excursion. We have tryed previously over the years only to be cancelled by the weather at leat 4 times.
We enjoyed this trip, on the cat, and got to visit the dolphins in the huge concrete enclosure out in the ocean, way better for the dolphins then the set up in town. It is made so water flows through and even fish mingle with the dolphins and it's huge so they have louds of room.
Then off to Cayo Blanco for a lobster lounch and some beach time, The lobster was OK, being from Nova Scotia we are slightly pickier about our seafood. We would have rathered plain lobster grilled with some garlic, but this was a large tail in a tomato based sauce, good but not great.
Then we sailed back to port, with lost of singing and dancing by all.
The bar was open from start to finish, and the drinks were good.
We set into town twice during the week and wandered around and checked out the many open air markets. We took the double decker bus both times as it was most economical with $5 all day, hop on hop off.
We didn't get to Jesone park, or try any restaraunts, so no reviews of this trip. We did Jesone park two years ago and recomend anyone looking for a quite walk or a really good pina coloda to wander through there.
The nightly shows were very well done, although we were surprised that there was only 1 audience partispation show in the 7 shows we saw, not that this is a bad thing, but it makes for some good laughs.
The dancers were first rate and they even had many different singers who were quite good.
All in all worth staying up for.

Other Comments:
The Allegro Varadero is a huge resort with equally huge potential.
They have a good management team who seem to be around day and night to be making sure the progress of stepping back up to the 4 star level is happening.
At the moment this resort is a strong 3.5 star. With many little issues holding it back from being a 4 or more star. For a resort that saw life first start back in 1977 it's in amazing shape, but give it a year or two if the shine and glitz factor are important to you.

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"Over all a Great Vacation"

Allegro Varadero
User Rating:  Allegro Varadero Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Leah  on Apr 10, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
290 people found this review helpful

The weather was nothing less than amazing. We were blessed with sunshine every day of our stay with temps of 28 to 36 degrees C.

The only complaints would be the little plastic cups that they served the drinks in and the fact that certain drinks were not available as they ran out later in the day. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE A TRAVEL MUG.

To sum it up if you go to the Allegro Varadero and don't enjoy yourself, Then it would be your own fault..... Loosen up ..... You only live once ..... Enjoy Life!!!!

This is our honest opinion on the Allegro Varadero.

Your Arrival:
We stayed at the Allegro Varadero from Mar 29/10 to April 6/10.
We Arrived mid afternoon. Staff at the front desk very friendly and helpful very short wait then we were on our way driven to our room in the Cayo Largo section of the resort by Louis [great guy].

We were escorted to our absolutly gorgeous room on the corner, second floor of the second building from the beach room # 6220. We had a King size bed, coffee maker, fridge, Dresser, two large closets [safe in each one], large clean full bath with private toilet and then there was a balcony with a view of the ocean that wrapped around the side of the building streching nearly 40 feet from end to end.Our room was cleaned daily by Daylin who was without a doubt the best maid either of us could have ever hoped for. And for those who complained that they did not get proper supplies, I tell you all, We recieved everything we asked for and more. A friendly note and a good tip goes a long way.

Restaurants and Bars:
Now for the FOOD, I don't have any idea what people were complaining about. The food was not bland, very good actually. We always found a good variety of food and enjoyed most of it. We found the food to be very much like we are used to in Canada.
We ate at only one A la carte which was the Palma Real. The food was ok, The service was great. We had most meals at the buffet restaurant the best advise here is be early this is a huge resort with many people and the Quality and variety gets less & less the later you arrive. We ate in the same section each meal and received super service from our waitress. Also for lunches the BBQ at the beach bar was always very good. We were not real impressed with the pizza but there was lots of other good food.

We had our own pool with bar and a Jacuzzi in our section.
Felix our best Bartender was always willing to do what he could to make our days filled with drink, music and chit chat.
There was another bartender who worked with him who was not friendly, But we simply avoided her when possible.
The BEACH "WOW!!" the beach Breathtaking to say the least. Very beautiful. Cleaned everyday with a tractor and manually raked. The sand is very white and very fine, a few shells but it is a beach after all.
Two evenigs during our stay the beach became the sight of BEACH PARTYS, live music, dancing and even a limbo contest. With a bar set up right on the beach.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

Our evenings consisted of taking in the nightly shows that for the most part were entertaining and well performed.
Then we would be off to the disco for more drinks, Dancing and watching the peformances of the less than sober partiers as they let loose after a day in the Sun.

We did one excursion which was the Jeep safari Amazingly Great Time!!!! Well worth the money. Our tour guide Victor lead us through the tourist free areas of Varadero. With stops for Speed boat drive up a beautiful river, Snorkeling over a Coral reef, A tour of a old coffee plantaion including lunch and horse back riding [Thank you Peter for the tour and history lesson] and then to the cave for a swim in the underground lake.
The double decker bus trip is a must. Great way to see Varadero resort area and go down town to enjoy a few hours of shopping, entertainment and dining. If you like old cars as we do this is a dream come true beautiful classic cars everywhere.

Other Comments:
The staff for the most part were very friendly and willing to help, there were a few, as everywhere else in the world, that were not so nice but we didn't let that bother us. The staff worked very hard and there was not always enough staff to accommodate the volume of guests expecting service.

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"Has Not Reached 4* Level \Yet"

Allegro Varadero
User Rating:  Allegro Varadero Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  carol ann  on Mar 24, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
325 people found this review helpful

Traveled to this resort when it was a Bahia Principe back in 2004. After several different owners and seeing that the Occidental Chain had taken over I thought that it would be at least a 4* as advertised... It certainly has a long way to go before it can attain that status. So much neglect has resulted in broken doors, floors, rust on bathtubs and fixtures. Balconies with holes.....Public washrooms with insuffient lighting so bad that you needed a flashlight to see into the stalls.. We were there last 2 weeks of February. Started to notice an improvement in food towards the end of our stay. Ran out of both types of wine for 5 out of 14 days of our stay as well as the rest of the time only able to offer one or the other. Very sad......Beach however is outstanding . The property is beautiful outside. They need to fix the solar lights down the path at nightime which lead to the a l a carte restaurants. Was thoroughly disappointed in this resort. Was hoping for so much more.....

Other Comments:
Would return if only all repairs have been done. Hope they actually do them as it would be outstanding.

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"Love the beach... will not eat"

Allegro Varadero
User Rating:  Allegro Varadero Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Paddy  on Mar 24, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
309 people found this review helpful

Your Arrival:
Arrived at noon, room was ready at 3pm.

Large room large bath
Very little hot water
Queen bed came equiped with... fleas/ticks
saw maybe two cockroaches
nice balcony view from 4th floor ocean view
little loud from the bar and the lobby late at night

27" TV... who cares

Restaurants and Bars:
As long as you don't like variety or flavour you will be okay.

Go for the fresh omlets at the buffet

Dinner... bring ketchup (lots)

ala carte... same thing as the buffet , but someone serves it to you.

Bars not bad

from 5:30 t'ill 1AM go to the Cohiba Bar... live music eithe piano or guitar. Best drinks & specialty coffees.

We walked from the 1920 resort to the Blau resort and all the beaches looked great. You could get just as good a beach at any resort on the coast.

Pools were clean the swim up bars were at the the 2 pools on either end of the resort. the wesern pool was better b/c you could watch the ocean from the pool bar. And they serve lunch.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Went to Havana and did the dinner and a show tour. WELL WORTH IT., but you can do this at any resort.

Other Comments:
Do yourself a favour... book another resort this one say 4* actually 3* at best.

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"Muy Excelente!"

Allegro Varadero
User Rating:  Allegro Varadero Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Tara  on Mar 8, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | With friend
272 people found this review helpful

My friend and I are both 25 year old women and we had an awesome time here. The main building is quite nice inside, the rooms are clean and you have either a garden or ocean view, the food is FINE unless you are an incredibly pickey eater and the staff is fantastic.
If you want to go on vacation for good food and beautiful INDOORS then go somewhere else! If you want to go somewhere for beautiful beaches, hot weather, wonderful people and a week long party - then go to Varadero.

I'll start with the food. My friend and I ate at the buffet 6 of the 7 nights we were there for dinner. There is not a lot of variety - but they offered plenty of fresh vegatables, fruits and pastas every night. They also had pretty decent fish. I myself am a picky eater, but I definitely never went hungry on this trip. There is also a snack bar that offers sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers throughout the day - definitely not gourmet - but quite edible. Cuba doesn't have the same things we do - so if you go there with the impression that you are going to eat like you eat at restaurants in Toronto, then you might be disappointed.

Drinks! 24 hr unlimited drinks. They do offer a wide variety of rum based beverages as well as beer. The mojitos are great.

Staff! They are great for the most part. The large majority of the staff is fantastic. They are all so friendly and so much fun!

BEACH! The beach is absolutely gorgeous, of course! The entertainers will play volleyball with you if you feel so inclined :) There is a beach bar as well, so you don't have to walk back and forth to the main bar.

Rooms. We had a garden view room, and like I said, it is clean and we really didn't spend much time in there other than to sleep and get ready. I did not spot a single bug in the whole place. The maid came in every morning with fresh towels and cleaned our room. Our hair dryer did not work for the first three days we were there. We reminded the front desk twice and they were finally able to get it fixed. Honestly, no big deal to me, out hair was a little crazy for the first couple of days - but who cares?!
Entertainment! There was a show every evening - although I must admit we only watched a bit of two as we were busy getting ready for our night :) THe entertainers do their job well. One night they had an animal show which was pretty cool. THe other night we watched they put on a magic show which was also quite entertaining. The disco is definitely a good time if you are young and want to party. I was surprised with how good the music was. I thought it would all be Cuban music - but they played some hip hop and pop music as well (top 40 mostly). We had a great time there every night. The disco does close at 2am - but not to worry! Just walk back to the 24hr bar :)
All in all - I would definitely recommend this resort if you're looking for fun in the sun

Your Arrival:
Feb 26 2010 - Mar 5 2010

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"Not impressed. Would not recommend this resort or return to it."

Allegro Varadero
User Rating:  Allegro Varadero Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Lisa  on Feb 12, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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This is not a 4 star resort. Choose another resort altogether, reguardless of its rating. You would pay less somewhere else, say a 2 or 3 star for what you get here. I've only stayed at 4 stars...Florida, California, Dominican Rep., and this one doesn't come close.

Your Arrival:
We arrived on Feb. 4, 2010 about noon. Girls at the front desk told us our room would not be ready for about three hours. Had to put luggage in room which was supposed to be locked for security reasons, but wasn't. Changed in there to go to the beach and had lunch at the buffet rest. We found most of the staff could speak & understand english well enough to communicate, but smiles were few and far between. Overheard another guests conversation with a staff member a few days later. She was very upset that that her room wasn't ready when they arrived at 6am, this was about 4:30pm and she didn't have a room yet!

Our room was in the main building, 5405 just around the corner from the elevator. Large room with lg. bathroom and walk-in closet. You could feel the springs in the mattress. @27" tv mounted on the wall across from the bed, with a remote that was not the same brand, hence didn't work. Ants in the bathroom,along with the same piece cardboard box behind the bathroom door ment for the garbage pail that never was removed. Poor complimentary soap/shampoo supplies. Take some of your own "Cottonelle" toilet paper, just in case you get "the runs", theirs is awfull. No facecloths ever, 3 towels daily, sometimes you got a bath mat, depended on the mood of the maid I guess, even though gifts were left daily for her. Coffee maker didn't work, was replaced with another one that also didn't work. Didn't matter I guess cause they never left coffee, mugs or supplies to make it anyway. You can catch the beautiful sunrise though from the balcony...cause more than likely you'll be awake by the slamming of doors, chatter/hollering of other guests on the main floor cause the noise just echoes up the centre of hotel, along with the noise from the elevator. Oh, and because the room is at the front of the building, you also hear every single bus at all hours of the day dropping off/picking up guests. Other guests I spoke with stayed in the villas east of the main building and said they were ok.

Restaurants and Bars:
The main buffet is very repeditive, boring, unappitising. Bacon is practically raw, scrambled eggs wattery. Roast beef over done. Lots of fresh fruit though. The food is located at the entrance with open doors...flies. Poor set-up for the food, had trouble getting to the seating area sometimes. There is no signs on any of the food as to what it is, take your chance to try and guess. Coffee-don't take the last mouthfull! You'll get more enjoyment trying to get the grit out of your mouth as you ammuse yourself with the 1/4" "mud" at the bottom of your cup! The Steakhouse alacarte rest. was a complete joke. Very unorganized. Arrived 10 mins. early for our reservation, was not permitted in. The "steak" resembled a piece of peameal bacon in size and thickness...chewy. International rest. better. Didn't get to the Italian rest. as we were "too indisposed" with diareaha by our last day.

Never had enough lounge chairs for the pool or beach. If you got to either location after 10am, you were out of luck for the whole day as guests "saved" them while they took off for lunch etc. Very inconciderate. Pool was very large and clean. I think there might have been two ashtrays for the entire pool area. The beach was allright. Nothing to rave about. It was dragged twice I think. Dead jelly fish left on the beach all day on two days. The grounds needed attention, dead leaves/plants everywhere. Sidewalks were swept/mopped regularly though. Two local dogs roamed freely, one must of had pups stashed away somewhere, perhaps under the roped off wooden delapitated deck by the pool area. Red flags posted at the beach on two of our days (no swimming allowed) yellow flags on two days (go in only up to your waist) No good snorkling at the beach :(

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
There were some activities going on that we seen, only by chance if we were walking by. Didn't see any sort of notification to what was happening, where or when. We only attended one evening event. A syncronized swimming event that was really quite good, as we were generally in bed early due to the fact that we were up about 6am each day with a crappy nights sleep. Took the double-decker bus to town twice. You could ride all day for $5.cuc per person, unlimited stops and pickups. The first trip though we were crammed at the door of the bus and windshield. We had to shift our bodies to avoid being hit by the opening door at each stop.

Other Comments:
Service in the main buffet was mediocre, unless you sat in "Annie's" section. Service at the front desk was the same. But you could possibly brush up on your Spanish as you listen to the staff chat as you wait to be served. We did receive excellent sevice by the nurse at the "Nursery" though, as I was inflicted with diareaha, stomach pains on day six of our stay. Housekeeping was poor, had to ask the front desk to send up toilet paper, towels and water on two days. Never had anything other than your one bottle of water per day left in the frige as you were supposed to get. You could use the ONE AND ONLY computer for internet use though to keep in touch with family...once you waited in line for your turn. Cost was $10. cuc per hour. All outdoor music is Spanish, which is ok, but concidering 3/4 of the guests were english, some english would have been nice. Perhaps it would have enlightened your mood more. I assume ALL of the guest villas west of the main building were under repair, it was like a ghost town...not even workers were sighted. I think there was supposed to be a swim-up bar somewhere...perhaps at the construction site. The resort was not full to capacity...rooms should have been available upon arrival. We did speak with other guests that were also sick from the resort, and many other guests that had the same review as ours about the resort. Poor.

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"Book another resort!"

Allegro Varadero
User Rating:  Allegro Varadero Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Betty-Ann  on Feb 1, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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The Allegro has no supplies....
The building is broken down and needs repair.
2/3's of the resort is closed.
Only one bathroom serves for the one buffet, bar, lobby, and beach.
Just book another resort...this one is not a 4 star, not even close to a 3.
Very dissappointed.

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"Great Vacation"

Allegro Varadero
User Rating:  Allegro Varadero Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Michele Brannon-Hamilton  on Nov 27, 2007  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2007
2239 people found this review helpful

Playa Varadero 1920 is a great place to take your whole family. I went with my husband, 2 kids and my sister's family.

We enjoyed the beautiful beach and found plenty to do each day. We played tennis, went for long walks, swam in 2 different pools and ate far too much!

The hotel rooms were spotless and spatious. It was like having a mini apartment.

We can't wait to go back.

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"I loved Playa Varadero 1920!"

Allegro Varadero
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Posted by:  Laura Hatt  on Mar 31, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
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I loved Playa Varadero 1920! It was practically paradise! My apartment was great. My family and I had our own terrace, beds, and washroom! The maid was wonderful. The rooms were spotless! For example, the first day she made up a boat! Next, when you woke up, you could go straight to the buffet, which fed you everything you could desire, then you could relax and listen to the waves if you wished, on Playa Veradero's very extensive beach. Or, later in the afternoon, you could go for an exciting pedal boat ride, in which you could see the reef! Or, you could take a wonderful Cadamaran ride, which is a giant boat with 2 hulls. It had nets that you could stretch out on over the water, or you could enjoy their useful bar. Later, you could swim with some dolphins, or go norkeling! Then, we visited a beautiful beach. Then, you can slowly cruise back to the hotel.

You could go horseback riding, or, every night, view live entertainment. My faily and I went numerous nights, and my personal favourite show was the magic show! Since Playa Veradero is extremely family friendly, there is also a mini-disco most nights, and everyday there is a mini-club, where you can go on expeditions through spooky caves, or pet cute kittens, or just go swimming at the beach!

For the adults, there is also tours, and imformation sheets in your hotel room.

Hotel Playa Veradero 1920 is one of the greatest hotels I have ever visited, and I personally think that it deserved 5 stars, at least!

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