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Gaviota Playa Costa Verde  

Playa Pesquero, Rafael Freyre, Holguin, Cuba.
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"my first visit!! amazing.."
Posted by: hart on Aug 19, 2014
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Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Reviews
Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Pictures and Information
Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Playa Pesquero Cuba

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User rating 4.4

Based on 28 reviews

Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Information

A Paradise Resort between mountain and sea, located on Pesquero beach.

This hotel has recently been awarded for conservation and environmental protection.

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Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Reviews

Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Review: 4.4 of 5 28 reviews
Very good
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"my first visit!! amazing.."

Gaviota Playa Costa Verde
User Rating:  Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  hart  on Aug 19, 2014  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jul, 2014 | Leisure | Solo
473 people found this review helpful

This is my first visit to Playa Costa Verde and it was an amazing experience for me, I sure enjoyed my stay here and will be back for another wonderful holiday here. The a la Carte restaurants were nice and I especially enjoyed the Japanese, I have been wanting to eat Japanese cuisine for a long time in Cuba and this was the perfect opportunity and it was nice. Now there is something that got me tripping which was the fact that throughout the 7 days I stayed here, I never for one day complained about the food because I am a very picky eater. I really enjoyed every meal choice I had and they didn’t make me feel sick at all. I think there was a couple having a wedding during the time I was here so everywhere was bubbling. They have themed restaurants that and the Japanese chef called Leo really made it even more attractive and admiring. The main buffet had a lot of choices of good meals and sometimes they had odd ones which I am not complaining about because I had everything I wanted. Just like most hotels in Cuba, you will find out while you queue up at a bar to get drinks or whatever, the locals usually just jumped line and go in front of you and they get served before you that has been standing there for a long time. That was the only major problem I had asides that, everything went well.

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"Playa Costa Verde is fablous"

Gaviota Playa Costa Verde
User Rating:  Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Doon  on Aug 13, 2014  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jul, 2014 | Leisure | With friend
512 people found this review helpful

I recommend this hotel to any one who wants to have a good time. The staff, both management and fromt line, are just super. They are friendly, curteous and helpful. They go all out to make your stay an excellent one. Since they cater for international, the food may not be necessarily as you are accostomed to. However there is no shortage.

Playa Costa Verde is the first hotel I went to in Cuba several years ago and since then I have always been at the same hotel for the past 25 times. I understand that there are more upscale hotels, but I am so comfortable with this hotel I do not plan to stay at any others.

Room Number:
Next to Cuban resturant

Just great. Like a dream land.

Well kept

Restaurants and Bars:
I love the bars, expecially the beach bar. The lobby bar is also excellent. There is plenty of food and drink 24/7 but you have to take some time to rest.

Well kept

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
I do not participate too much in the activities but I am always asked to. This will just take up my drinking time.

Other Comments:
I will keep going to Palya Costa Verde.

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Gaviota Playa Costa Verde
User Rating:  Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  KELLY  on Jul 2, 2013  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jun, 2013 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
601 people found this review helpful


Room Number:

Room Block:

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"Not a 4 star resort - the 3.5 star Sol Cayo Santa Maria is way better!"

Gaviota Playa Costa Verde
User Rating:  Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Steve  on Nov 12, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2012 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
583 people found this review helpful

Our 6th. trip to Cuba. For our last 3 trips we've stayed at the resort next-door, Playa Pesquero, and I can say for certain that Costa Verde is not really a 4 star. There are many, although some subtle, differences & short comings. This resort is a 3 as far as I can see from 6 trips to Cuba.
In no particular order:
No face cloths.
Lower quality : beds,linens,towels.
Smaller TV with fewer channels.
Smaller room with less furniture.
A walk of OVER 300 feet on a 5 foot wide boardwalk to cross a VERY foul smelling lagoon to get to the beach.
The staff were some of the noisiest we've ever experienced at any resort ... Cuba or the D.R. Yelling at each other from building to building while going about the cleaning & repairs. When trying to rest this is not helpful.

We were with our son and his fiance who with nothing else to go by - their first trip South - thought the resort was perfect ... This proves that if you're going to write a review it does help to have other experiences in the same country, and even other countries, so as to have something to base your remarks on.

Room Number:

Front desk was PAINFULLY slow and under staffed to receive a scheduled bus full.
2 women working from the light of a 60 watt bulb on the wall behind their desk at 10:00 PM is sad. This in not a large resort and I'm lazy when it comes to walking with luggage, but sensing how long it was going to take, and wanting to get settled in before midnight, we opted to walk to the rooms instead of waiting for a golf cart ... the bell hop & the manger I asked for directions thought we were crazy ... I asked if this resort was even close to the size of the giant one next door that I've been at 3 times ... no he said, so off we went on our 2 MINUTE walk!

The room was tired to say the least ... wall lights that didn't work or just flickered non stop. Night table light shade that was repaired with duct tape and had a large chunk of the ceramic missing. The 110 volt bathroom outlet didn't work. Toilet often stayed running when flushed - a power flush toilet that makes a lot of noise when running. TV was about 19" - my computer monitors are all bigger than that - and didn't get many channel, with most being in Spanish. No matter how I set the air conditioning the room stayed cold - unless I turned it off, then it was too HOT! All the sliding doors near us, and ours, were very loud when being opened or closed - scrapping and squealing. Many visible / poorly done repairs. Box spring & mattress were 3 inches off the floor ? No face cloths, low quality linens & towels. This room was only slightly better than the 2 - 3 star resort we stayed at more than 15 years ago on our first trip to Cuba, which was smaller & dark, but yet had no real problems.

Restaurants and Bars:
Not bad - not 4 star though.
Only ate at the buffet & snack bar - would have liked to try the Beer garden & Ice-cream bar but neither ever opened for the entire week!
The buffet started great but by the 4th day things began to stop showing up ... hash browns and home fries in the morning to name 2. I strongly doubt that we ever sat at a table that had complete place settings ... something was always missing, spoon, salt, pepper, napkin, glasses ... To get ketchup you had to ask and then you would be given some on a saucer. The snack bar was great, but they had issues with their oven so we were left with getting a burger every time - they were quite good mind you! There was a HUGE difference in the way drinks were made depending on the person you got ... some were just terrible at mixing, it was like "college kid thinking" - if some alcohol was good, then way too much was way better.

Beach was great - once you crossed more than 300 feet of a 5 foot wide boardwalk over a VERY foul smelling lagoon, I'd bet it could make some people gag. The pool was great as well. The grounds were untidy as hurricane Sandy had stopped by the week before. Having said that, there was garbage - a broom head for example - laying in plain sight and easy reach, in the flower bed outside our our room block, that was there for the whole week even though the grounds crew had been by daily. Most of the guys on the grounds crew looked like Canadian unionized workers, standing for half an hour in a group just talking. We saw one guy who was diligent and making a difference so we gave him a tip! Lighting of walkways & signage for room blocks needs to be better.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The animation team seamed to always be doing something, by the pool, in the buffet, in the lobby or on their stage. Some very talented people! This is not racist, but it was ironic ... The brown man, in "white face", impersonating a black man, was very talented with his Michael Jackson routine.

Other Comments:
Went with Sunwing and will probably never use them again.
Ear buds were useless as the jack in the seat's arm was damaged on the flight down, on the way home the sound was crappy because one push louder on the volume button made them distort and one quieter & I could hardly hear it.
The reps at the resort were hard to find, often deserting their lobby desk and on one occasion, leaving more than 40 min. before the end of their shift. The "welcome bottle of rum" was requested twice before finally showing up the NIGHT BEFORE WE LEFT! ... if it takes you a week to find a bottle of rum in Cuba you are in the wrong business! Bus to the airport was late by about 25 min. leaving the hotel. We stopped 15 min. from the airport so the rear wheel that was about to FALL OFF could have the nuts tightened - a motorcycle passed and was pointing at the wheel, that's how noticeable it had become! 15 more min. late. We paid for Elite Plus ... what a joke! no priority check in - the CLOWN working the Elite Plus counter didn't even know about the increased baggage allowance - tried to get 6 people ahead of us to pay EXTRA. Our son & his fiance cleared regular check in, paid departure tax and were going through customs BEFORE our line even moved - we got in line before them! Time to board passed, one of the air crew from the plane came into the terminal for a few min. and on his way back out said
" Do you guys know what's going on? ... you guys don't know what's going on. Didn't they give you a PA?"
No, we all said, what's going on?
"We're waiting for 25 passengers" he said, since anyone could understand 1 or 2 I asked how that could be?
"well their travel agent gave them the wrong time by an hour" and that the 1 hour time change was also some how to blame - The clocks went back on Sunday, this was TUESDAY night! I'm pretty sure their times would have been on their E-tickets from Sunwing like the rest of us.
I pointed out that since we are all to be there 3 hours early I didn't see how being an hour late could make them almost FOUR hours late, and that Sunwing has reps and notices at all the hotels so this doesn't happen ... he then sought cover from further questions by going into a restricted area. No priority boarding. The plane had NO blankets on board at all ... late night flight and NO blankets. The crew people making the announcements made errors, stammered and had trouble keeping the mike button pressed so they often broke up. One has to wonder why the standard announcements that are on tape in French aren't on tape in English - this would make them clearer and eliminate errors such as telling people on flight 643 that they were on flight 641 ... you need to fill this in on your tourist card for customs! I don't know about you but at midnight I don't need to give a Can. customs guy any excuse to delay me.
So, in conclusion - save more and go to a labeled 3 star or spend more and get a real 4 star. Please feel free to contact me -

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"Playa Costa Verte - Holguin Cuba"

Gaviota Playa Costa Verde
User Rating:  Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Canuks  on Jun 28, 2012  >  3 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jun, 2012 | Leisure | Family and Kids
603 people found this review helpful

Nice resort
Trip was very good value for the money.

Room Number:

Room Block:

other than horrific delays with Sunwing all went well


I think the area south & west of the pool is nicer than the other side. The beds were a bit soft for us but comfortable. One of the rooms had had a smoker I think but a bit of incense cleared that out, plus a spray of Lysol in the intake for the A/C.

Take face cloths if you want them as they are not supplied at this resort. We also took a universal sink plug and it worked out well. There is an area to dry a wet suit in the tub area... but remember the clothespins. Often the clocks are off so we were happy that we had our travel clock with us. The A/C worked well ‘yea’.
The rooms were clean and for their age very well maintained.
They do not stock the room fridges with pop or beer but they do supply bottled water daily. We got a few bottles of tonic water from the bar and put it in our fridge.

Restaurants and Bars:

The buffet is really quite good ...try the pancakes for breakfast and ask for a bit of sugar & Cinnamon on them while they cook – oh so good ! Most tourists we spoke to enjoyed the Japanese. The mosquitoes were a bit challenge @ the Cuban restaurant. I would suggest long pants and socks – food was good ....bug were bad. Do not bother booking with the ‘Venecia Italian’ a la carte restaurant. We had a horrible meal, as did many others we spoke with over the week. They (Cuba/resort) are having a bit of a challenge getting good beef right now so what we got was remarkably tough. If it was stewed for a while it was chewable ....but while the flavour was good the quality of the meat was not. There is a beer corner we did not seek out but looks nice, the ice cream outdoor parlor is quite good. The hotdogs at the beach are nice also. The chicken at the Snack bar west of the pool (Los Caneyes) is remarkably good. We do not mind birds so this is only a recommendation from experience. Sit on your towel or be sure the seats are clean.

The lobby bar and buffet have some amazing staff that are well trained. Worth noting is one bartender from the lobby bar Patricia (Yami). She is remarkable. Also impressive is Annie from the buffet.

There were 2 pool tables in the lobby area and a ping pong table. As with most resorts, the table was a bit off, the Q sticks were a bit rough, no chalk and one table is a few balls were missing

There is a wonderful beach...lots of chairs and a nice bar/snack bar available. I would suggest taking a bottle of water with you or your thermal mug as they only have the wee plastic glasses there for drinks. We also refilled a water bottle from the room to wash our face after a swim as there is only a foot bath area at the beach – no shower.

There are some small coral areas very close to the shore that has a few wee fish and a few soft corals.
Small rant here ...Be careful so many people just walked over them as if they were, they are someone’s home. please do not feed the fish bread. Saw that far too many times.

The nautical team is not part of the resort and you will find them a bit tip hungry in the low season. Not aggressive but still a bit suggestive at any opportunity.

There is unfortunately a bit of noise at the beach as Blau the resort just north of Playa Costa Verde is under construction and you can hear a lot of sounds like jack hammers.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

I had massage treatments with Tony (Anthony) Very Good Massage therapist and remarkably priced! You can find him in the gym .. The same area also has the medical team if you need them.
There are 5 or 6 craft people every day just west of the pool/south of the snack bar. There is a nice selection of items.

The store in the lobby is very basic and has a few things but nothing remarkable. We did not use the beauty salon but it looked clean and the prices were very reasonable.

Other Comments:
We were pleasantly surprised with the resort’s after dinner / lobby entertainment. The night entertainment was also quite good.

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"Excellent staff, food, accommodation"

Gaviota Playa Costa Verde
User Rating:  Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  june  on Apr 29, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) United Kingdom
Visited on: Apr, 2012 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
629 people found this review helpful

My husband and I have just returned following our sixth visit to this glorious hotel. We stayed for three weeks and could find no fault, as always, with any of the services provided.

The staff are courteous, hardworking and happy. The accommodation is cleaned to the highest standard, the food provided is prepared, cooked and presented to a very high standard at all times.

The evening entertainment is varied and the performers very professional and entertaining.

The management continue to strive to improve all services and are willing to take on board any suggestions.

Cant wait to visit next year. Well done Playa Costa Verde

Room Number:

6th April 2012

Cleaned to a high standard with excellent facilities. The maids are pleasant and accommodating, willing to help where they can.

Restaurants and Bars:
Food excellent and with a wide variety of choices. Freshly prepared food stations are a bonus, particularly Ludmilla's past and the freshly cooked chicken. The Japanese and Cuban were our most popular a la carte restautants, but the buffet also provided excellent choices.

The bars were busy during our stay, with some very demanding customers, however the the bar staff remained friendly and patient.

Very well maintained

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"Great beach, nice pool, mediocre everything else..."

Gaviota Playa Costa Verde
User Rating:  Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Alex  on Apr 11, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2012 | Leisure | Family and Kids
588 people found this review helpful

Third visit to the Holguin area. Travelers included two families in their 30s with small kids (4-7). Previously stayed at Playa Pasquera and liked it a lot.

Great weather, beautiful beach. Nice pool. Decent rooms, although bathrooms were a little below my standard. Main drawback was the food - very bland, boring, at times not fresh. Poor communication of event, etc., we were not told about the kids zoo nearby, didn't find out about the kids club until a few days later...,

Currency exchange teller tried to rip us off until we asked for the receipt and only then did she give the rest of the CUC owed.

Our maid wasn't very good; very poor job cleaning, usually left her 3 CUC in the mornings, but on the few days we didn't have change to leave, she barely did anything. Definitely didn't clean our bathroom.

Front desk not very helpful, staff was pretty arrogant.

Went to Guardalavaca market via taxi - lots of nice, unique stands with hand-made items. Drive cost 25 CUC for our whole group.

Room Number:

Arrival was very smooth, quick and easy check-in. Nice, inviting lobby. Unfortunately had to drag our luggage to our room ourselves as no one was available to offer a ride or assist.

Room was on the second floor, nice and spacious, king bed (a little hard for most people's preference but didn't bother me). Good AC, nice balcony, TV, spcious closet with dresser. Bathroom was fairly aged, didn't appear very clean, loved the bidet though! Shower pressure and temp was good. Everything in the room worked well.

Restaurants and Bars:
Buffet - large selection of dishes, several stands preparing fresh creations; ie. fajita stand, stir-fry, pizza stand, pasta stand, omlet & pancake stands, breakfast fresh doughnut stand (very good). Although the selection appeared quite large, I found the food very bland, heavy on oil. Disappointed in the fruit; wasn't as fresh or tasty as I had expected. Great variety of desserts and ice cream. Fresh juice was also disappointing; only served fresh orange juice one morning, the rest were frozen or boxed juice. By day four, all the food seemed to blend in together for me, the smells were unappetizing, lacked flavour. Definitely quantity over quality.

Snack Bar - great 24 hour option, some good items on the menu, definitely good option for when you can't stomach the daily biffet visits, or miss the scheduled serving. Good burgers, pizzas, chicken and fish dishes.

Cuban - This is the only a la carte we were able to book; had the lobster meal; was ok, not the best, but a good change from the buffet.

Pool Grill - there is a tiny grill hut by the pool; serves meat and shrimp skewers, seafood rice dishes with salsa - very tasty snack option.

Lobby Bar - very good, strong cappucinos!

We heard the Asian was excellent but it was booked up. Heard very bad reviews about the Italian so we didn't bother.

Overall - didn't like being confined to the buffet, the last two days, we all had a hard time eating anything. Very dissappointing that they couldn't accomodate us at the a la cartes we wanted.

Beach - beautiful! White sand, crystal blue water...loved it! Lots of shade. Some areas have roch/coral at the shore, but a few steps further there are beautiful sandy entrances into the water. Went snorkeling - saw some great creatures! Went on a hobby cat ride; great waves, lots of fun. No complaints about the beach at all.

Pool - not huge, but very nice. I didn't like the swim up bar and didn't make much use of it; smelled like rotten milk and urine. The rest of the pool was great though; lots of shade, good balance between deep and shalow areas, non-stop music (mostly dance and carribean beats), nice, fun atmosphere.

Grounds - April is the end of the dry season, so the grass was all yellow and dead, but that it obviously not a resort issue. All other trees, bushed, plants were well taken care or, lots of beautiful flowers. Can tell grounds staff work hard to make it presentable.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Shows - evening shows were a bit cheasy but fun. We saw a music group doing covers of some classic rock songs, a dance presentation of Grease, a black light children's show, a Cuban music group song and dance performance. Overall it was ok.

Disco - only visited the disco one night as we were traveling with kids (4, 4, and 7); like the music and the energy. We did participate in the daily kid's disco events; each day there was a different dance party organized for kids; follow the leader dance, hot potato dance, etc., as well as a magic show, a Disney trivia contest, etc. Kids really enjoyed it.

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"Very good resort."

Gaviota Playa Costa Verde
User Rating:  Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Colin  on Apr 9, 2012  >  3 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2012 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
621 people found this review helpful

This was our first time at PCV but were familiar with the area after three previous trips the BCV next door. This resort met all of our expections.
On arrival we were checked-in and in our room within 15 mins.
The grounds were kept in maticulous condition, the pool was big, clean and not too cool and there were lots of loungers and shade. The staff were very friendly and accomodating. The food was excellent; lots of selection and even though the resort was full there were no line ups at the buffet and seldom any long lineups at the various cooking stations.
We went to the Cuban & Japanese a la cartes and enjoyed both, especially the Japanese. Also liked the Beer Corner.
The beach was nice but if you have tender feet, I'd recommend water shoes.
Our room was on the ground floor near the pool and was perfect for us - close to everything, no stairs and surprising, very little noise.


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"Wedding renewal was wonderful"

Gaviota Playa Costa Verde
User Rating:  Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Joan  on Apr 4, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Mar, 2012 | Wedding | With Group
627 people found this review helpful

We went to Playa Costa Verde with a group of 31 people for a 25th wedding vow renewal.
It's hard to please a large group but there were very few complaints. The food was very good, though there were lineups they moved well. Always could get something freshly grilled for you.
1/2 of our group were pool lovers, while the other 1/2 were at the beach.
You do need water shoes at the beach as it is rocky to get in. Good snorkelling right out on the reef & better snorkelling over towards the Blau side. There is a beach bar that has drinks & a small grill for beachside lunch/snacks of chicken or tuna on a bun.
The vow renewal took place on the beach & a horse drawn carriage was provideds for the 4 of us in the wedding party. There was champagne at the beach afterwards and 12 pics were provided by the hotel though we paid $23. more to get the whole package of 118.
We had a restaurant open just for us that evening and enjoyed lobster or a t-bone, both were excellent. Niurka in guest services made sure that everything was just the way I wanted.

Room Number:
3511 - a suite

Had a private transfer for the group to the resort. Not all rooms were ready as we got there in the morning but our suite was.
Rooms were pre-assigned and check-in was quick & easy. No welcoming cocktails on arrival which did surprise me.

Our suite (upgrade for renewal) consisted of 2 rooms, one the normal room with sink area and separate bath/shower, toilet & bidet. The other room had a seating area with 2nd TV, a tall table to eat at with 4 chairs, a bar with sink area (great for washing out swim suits b/c it had a drainboard) & a second bathroom. (no tub/shower)
The room had recently been refreshed with new linens & curtains but the bed was rock hard. Still after a day in the sun we had no problems sleeping.
The maid was efficient & friendly and we had different towel scupltures on our bed everyday.
As returning guests we had beach towels in our rooms and 2 bottles of rum & the fridge was stocked with pop & water. We also received 4 bottles of champagne during our stay. On our wedding day both the maid and the fridge guy left us a bottle!
We were on the ground floor and the only bugs we saw were small beetles that came out in the bathroom at night.

Restaurants and Bars:
The buffet was busy but with a short wait fresh grilled selections were available. Thursday night is Gala Night at the buffet & the staff all dress up and there is grilled lobster available. The lights were dimmed & a flaming baked Alaska was wheeled in, all the while flaming rum was poured over it until the bottle was empty. Pretty dramatic for Cuba!
The hotel opened the steak house for a private wedding dinner on Friday night & we were served either t-bones or lobster. They had decorated it with white tablecloths & drapings and we had a trio playing during dinner. The food was great & we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
The lobby bar was crowded (the resort was full) but we talked to our fellow guests while waiting & the staff were working hard.
Everyone enjoyed the Japanese restaurant where they cook your meal at the table which is centered around a huge grill. It's an interactive dinner where the chef calls on the guests to 'Help'. lol
We also enjoyed the Cuban restaurant wher we again had the grilled lobster.
We didn't go to the Italian b/c in previous years we didn't like the food or the ambience.

The beach has lots of shaded shelters and lots of beach chairs. In fact this was the frist visit where they actaually ran out of chairs. We were full-up & some people reservechairs & then wander off for hours at a time.
Make sure to reserve your time for a Hobie Cat ride, it can be as thrilling or as mild as you like. Gives a nice perspective on the beach from a ways out at sea.
The pool is huge with a swim-up bar and lot's of lounge chairs and shade. They also have some cute little pagodas for 2. There is an animation crew that anounces various games & activities but they aren't pushy if you'd rather just sit & relax. Maybe a little loud at time, but heh, you're on holidays, chill already!
The grounds are looking dry and the grass is brown b/c Cuba is currently experiencing a drought. The gardeners keep everything nicely trimmed & remove dead leaves etc. promptly.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Our group did the Jeep tour and The Swim with the Dolphins.
The jeep group had a fantastic time touring the countryside by Jeep, then going in the ocean in little speed boats, having a horseback ride, lunch and then visiting a traditional Indian village. All for around $80.
On the Swim with the Dolphin tour by catamaran we hit big waves & unfortunatly a few people got seasick. They were left at the aquarium to recover while the rest of the group tried snorkelling. It was difficult b/c of the waves so most speant a short time only in the water & had to work hard at getting back on the boat!
The dolphin experience was fantastic, they were very well trained & guests who have tried it elsewhere said this place was defintely the best!

Other Comments:
The hotel threw in an extra a-la-carte for us all at the Japanese restaurant on our last night & somehow the staff all seemed to know we were the 'wedding couple'.
One night we were too tired to walk back to our room (which was about as far as you could get form the lobby) so we took one of their carts. Without any directions he took us right back to our room & when asked how he knew where we were staying he replied: "you're the wedding people".

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"It´s was amazing experience."

Gaviota Playa Costa Verde
User Rating:  Gaviota Playa Costa Verde Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  dalvert  on Nov 2, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Cuba
Visited on: Oct, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
674 people found this review helpful

The last friday my wife, a pair of friend and I went to Playa costa verde hotel, the travel was great and a hotel the best that I went on my short life... sincerely I reccomend every body visit this resort...have a nice day people...

Room Number:

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