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Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa)  

Via Blanca km 60, Playa Jibacoa, Santa Cruz Norte, La Habana, Cuba

"All you need."
Posted by: John  on Nov 18, 2015
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Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Reviews
Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Pictures and Information
Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Jibacoa Cuba

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User rating 4.1

Based on 38 reviews

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Information

On the splendid Arroyo Bermejo Beach, nature lovers and divers alike will enjoy the incredible reefs that offer great snorkeling and diving.

Villa Trópico (Cameleon) is a Beachfront property in Jibacoa with proper facilities and good service, offering excellent value for money.

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Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Reviews

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Review: 4.1 of 5 38 reviews
Very good
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"Jibacoa snorkling at its best, laidedback spacious resort"

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa)
User Rating:  Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  mark  on Mar 22, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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march 4th - 12th
2nd trip to cuba(cayo coca 2007)
1st day was was all great after that!

Your Arrival:
fast and smooth,although I was surprised to see all the Cubans wearing mask at the arrival....just useless dust masks
bus to resort was great with a very well informed guide and cold crystal beer 2 for $5...time to are on cuba time

very clean,large shower (hand held shower head or fixed)
very small pillow but the bed was very comfy...air conditioned worked well
extra blankets...nice towel art from Yowanda our maid
we tipped her 10 pesos at first and left her alot of things at the end,she took great care of us.
safe in the room for 2 pesos a day,very quiet rooms,tv even had golbal winnepeg and a vancouver station

Restaurants and Bars:
one ala carte....great leasurily dinner...we had snapper,lobster,squid
the wines are surprisingly good
caferteria style for all other meals....pork,fish,chicken and some beef
always great pasta dishes...the lasagna was excellant
breakfast great omeletts start your toast have to run it through a couple of times to get it right, NO PEANUTBUTTER,my new french friends from moncton were so kind to give me a couple of packets!!!!(they don't like man of wars.....ouch!!
ok the bars....what can i say..they even cut the fruit in the shape of a canadian flag...awesome bar staff

beach is big,you feel like you have your own piece of paradise,never crowded and no lounge chair wars!!
security on the beach because you are next to a cuban camping area and beach
security is mainly there to keep the cubans from begging on the resort..we never experianced any begging,just friendly informative people
we had several red flag days on the beach...jellyfish (man of wars) you could stilll use paddle boats,kyacks,hobbi cat but no snorkling or swimming.
beach is clean and we did get to go snorkling about 4 times....AWESOME REEF & FISH!!
pools....clean and large...they did have scuba classes in the pool and some games
they do not try to force you to play the games or learn to dance....i very laidback resort

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
take the jeep safarie!!! its great,you get to see Mantanza (quite a large town) driving your own jeep,lunch at a coffee plantation,snorkling on the reef,a boat ride on a river (lobster 10 pesos great deal beer 2 pesos)snorkling in a cave,and a tour of the caves (cuban national monument)
cost you 5 pesos if you want to take pic in the caves or buy the cd 25 pesos
it includes your journey through the caves(yes you are in the video) and about 150 mp3s of cuban music and other interesting sights in cuba

every night they would have a show for about an hour or so...dancing girls,music,comedy fashion,traditional music...a differant show every night...a nice show to wind down the day

Other Comments:
a very laided back and relaxing resort...a great place
all guest are canadian
lots of things to do if you so hour from havana
if you are on the beach at the cuban camp ground....find edmond (the artist)
great man to talk to and to learn from
they have a BBQ on thursday which is very nice...traditional dance,music
if they red flag the beach for jellies...obey it ...don't be an idiot
people we know got stung and it can be deadly if not treated.

THE SNORKLING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
take a drink or a sandwich to the security guys on the beach,they work hard with little rewards

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"will not return"

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa)
User Rating:  Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  shawn  on Feb 28, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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just got back from this resort the weather was chilly but at least it did not snow

Your Arrival:
the flight was good got through customs pretty fast and when we got outside the bus was all ready for everyone got to the resort check-in was nice and easy where is was late there was no one to show us where the room was but we found it ok

they had us checked in to room #83 when we went in there was a bottle of water and some sandwiches with fruit also a gift of a bottle of rum then we turned on lights in washroom the whole floor was covered in ants and some kind of worms so we went back to front desk to get a new room but we had to wait until morning to see the cleaning lady to find another room the next day they put us in room #67 which was great

Restaurants and Bars:
the restaurant was terrible the only good food is what you watched them cook in front of you, another thing was as soon has you would get in the door one of the waiters was trying to sell illegal cigars to me and trying to get me to hire him for a driver anyway after the second day we both got food poisoing and spent the next 4 day in bed the bars were excellent when we got there .Did not eat again until we were on the plane.

not to much to say about this area the beach was good,the pool was really nice when you could get in there,the grounds were kept nice and clean

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
did not do or see much was in room sick

Other Comments:
i will not go back to this resort ever again and this was my 5ft time in cuba and this was the worst , they should really check the buffet staff i think they are stealing the good food and serving the crap food just wal around the restaurant and you will see things

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"Everything was wonderful except the food"

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa)
User Rating:  Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Violet  on Feb 26, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
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This was our 9th trip to Cuba over the past 20 years. We speak from some experience. We have stayed in every mannner of accomodation, from a 5 star hotel in Havana to bed and breakfasts and very basic Cuban hotels where few tourists dare to tread, and everything in between.

Your Arrival:
very smooth

Better than expected. Very clean, well-maintained. Better than most 3-stars.

Restaurants and Bars:
The bars were great. The restaurants: The only black mark against this place, and unfortunately it is serious enough that until it is fixed, we will not be returning. The guests are not getting the food they are paying for here, specifically, the meat. We have been to Cuba enough to know the signs of theft and corruption, and that is what is happening. The past 2 years we stayed in a 2 star with much better meat. There should have been much more of it and it should have been better quality. Empty chicken boxes out by the road behind the buffet are some of the evidence! That the chef is confident enough to be selling illegal lobster in the a la carte every night speaks to the level of corruption here, similarly with the head waiter in the buffet who openly peddles illegal cigars to the guests. We have never seen anything like that in all of our travels to Cuba. They are not in the least discreet. People who have not travelled extensively in Cuba have no idea that they are not receiving the food they are paying for here, and are actually tipping those chefs. They think it is the best Cuba has to offer. That is so wrong. We should not have been given the tough meat and bony fish we were. It was being substituted for what we should have received. And we should not have had to beg for second measely portions of the more tender meat and turkey from the meat carvers. I have no doubt that our food was going somewhere else.

lovely- again, well-maintained and clean.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
very good. Enjoyed the hikes, the animation team tried their best to get people involved. The entertainment programs are excellent and better than we expected in a 3 star.

Other Comments:
Except for the food, this resort is excellant value. What is happening with the food and the corruption in the restaurants is a shame and an embarrassment to Cuba. For the sake of the many honest, hard-working staff at this hotel, it needs to be stopped.

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"Great resort in cuba"

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa)
User Rating:  Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Penni  on Feb 19, 2010  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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We just back from Cuba yesterday and we have been going to the same resort for 4 years and will go got again.Altho this year the weather was chilly we still had a great time, we .went into town on the cloudy days..if you go please say hi to Maddy for us she is the entertainer she is a special girl.

Your Arrival:
The flight was fine nothing special...the bus was ready for us when we landed and the driver was very nice and funy he pointed out things on the trip...the resort staff we good, we had emailed and asked for 4 rooms together and we got them. The staff were friendly and got us all checked in quickly.

We had emailed them and asked for 4 rooms together and we got great ones ..altho no room is a bad room they are all great...but we got rooms 101 102 103 and 104 they are hugh rooms with three beds they would be great for familys but you have to ask for them...the rooms were great,roomy extra dresser and fridge and l would ask for them again.

Restaurants and Bars:
The lobby bar is always open by 6.30am for coffee and serve drinks untill 11pm they make the best spanish coffees our group had one every night, the bar staff are great and like to put on a little show with new comers they are a great bunch..if you go say hi to Rudy for us,,hes the head bar tender.
The dinning room is open from 7am to 9am for breakfast then reopens for 1pm to 3pm for lunch then 7pm to 9pm for dinner you have to also reolize the resort is a three star and they have good food but not a hugh veriry but we had no problem finding some thing we liked..they only have ice cream at lunch time, their soups are wonderfull and fresh bread every meal...
The pool bar staff are wonderfull they always make our day...they stay open untill all the guests go in ...

The beach is cleaned every day by 7am and and chairs are always there and plenty of them with little huts for shade..there are two pools side by side normal one and a shallow one for kids and non swimmers..always clean.They are constantly cleaning the grounds and painting the rooms to keep them nice, they rake the grounds every day and we were there in a storm and the minute it stopped raining the grounds keepers were out picking up leaves ect

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
They have bingo evry day at 12 noon they have games and singalongs, they have their resort dance every can go on a hike every day with them or go into town the taxies are very comfortable and clean...they like to play soccer and boco ball they also have tennis courts all free. The trips into town were great but the best is to hire a taxie and guide dont pay any more then 6 paysos for four people.

Other Comments:
We have been to this resort for four years straight and we love it the snorkling is amazing and the staff go beyond to please you..if youare going please take tooth brushes...pencils.. sucker and crayons they cant get this stuff.... last thing my husband got sick from nat bites and had to see the doctor he was WONDERFULL he gave Ted a needle to help him the rest of us were fine,,,so if you need to go to the doctors be assured he is great and speaks english..take benadril and bug spray.

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"Summer camp for grownups"

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa)
User Rating:  Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Marie-Eve  on Jan 17, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2010 | Leisure | With friend
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Your Arrival:
Arrived late at nigth (with two hours of delay cause of some flight problems), the front desk staff was efficient though noone cared to show us out room. We had to figure out for ourself where it was, which was relatively easy with the directions around the site. There was a lite lunch waiting for us in the minibar - cheese and ham sandwich with cut fruits. There was also a full bottle of water as well as a silver rum bottle as a welcome gift.

The room was nice and very well located. We were in room 40, the closest to the beach and the pool bar. We had a large porch area, a queen bed, large bathroom with towels, TV with satellite (which proved VERY useful given the AWFUL weather we had all week long lol), a mini bar... the usual.

The AC seems to work fine, though it was so cold during the week that we wished for heating instead of AC... which the room didnt offer. We piled up the blankets and eventually even put towels at the bottom of the door to block the wind from coming in (our room facing the sea, it was even more windy than elsewhere on the site). The maid came everyday and did a nice job, with the daily towel art and a very respectful all around cleaning. . Our friends had twin beds instead of a queen, with separate linens. They asked for queen sheets with a written note to their maid and got them the same day. All in all, a good service.

The reviews about bugs are true, though : there was ants in our room as soon as we left any food around, even for a short time, and that included the glasses emptied from their drinks and even the plastic straw. Just dont let anything stand without washing them carefully and you should be ok.

Restaurants and Bars:
The bar were very nice, especially the bra staff. My favorites definitely were the night guys from the pool bar, but being a Québécoise, I am definitely biased by their very cute French ;-) The drinks were allright, mostly rum based, and the one sort of beer offered (the Cristal) was very nice too. I would have liked a little more variety, but we knew that a 3stars in Cuba couldnt offer the moon...

The restaurant definitely was the point that I wish would have been better. I am a foodie, and though I was prepared for a very humble sort of food, the lack of variety eventually was sort of sad. Everyday the buffet offered pastas with two sort of sauce, a grilled meat (pork 80% of the time, burgers the rest of the time), salad made of cucumbers and cabbage and tomatoes, some bread and that was about it. We found something at each meal, and everything was very honest adn not as bland as some people have put it, but I would have taken some variety.

The "À la carte" dinner was nice : a nice, classier ambiance, table service, four services including a nice shrimp apperizer and a choice of beef, pork, poultry or fish as main dish. The pool "collation" kitchen offered ham and cheese "paninis" everyday beetween meal time and though very simple, those were something my friends and I liked very much!

The week we were there was especially cold and we were able to swim in the sea only two of the seven days because of wave conditions and jellyfishs. Given that state of thing, we would have wished to use the pool more, but it was so damn cold we only dared once. I understand we were in a very bad week and that it would been very surprising for a cuban resort to have heated outdoor pool, but it would have been really appreciated.

Other than that, the beach is relatively nice and especially quiet : no need to run every morning to "reserve" your chair. The highlight of the resort isnt its beach, though, it definitely is its coral reef and snorkeling opportunities. We only got to swim twice, but those two days are the best memories ill keep of my trip: with basic snorkeling equipment (that you can also borrow at the hotel), youll get to swim to the reef that is about 250 meters from the shore, and there youll witness the wonderful variety the cuban seas as to offer in terms of fishs and corrals and anemones, in a setting that dazzled me. Honestly, all the time you can spend in the water, do so : just be careful as some of the reef are covered in corrals that can scratch you and the waves can be traitorous.

The grounds were very nice, well kept and relatively clean. Every morning, we would walk into one of the gardener that would offer us girls a few flowers for our room or to put in our hair. There were also a few cute stray dogs around, all very friendly. If I ever go back to that resort, I will be sure to pack dog treats in, for the dogs, though everyone was rather nice to them and, therefore, was probably giving them bits of this or that, all looks relatively underfed...

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We took the Jeep Nature Safari on one of the days we couldnt use the beach and we were really happy we did. The guide was lovely and we had the best of time driving like crazy on the small muddy roads, trying to get the jeep as dirty as possible!! The stops during the day were OK but all in all, it was a great opportunity to get out of the resort and see the area (the Matanzas region especially).

Instead of taking the organized tour of La Habana, we dealt a "taxi" with someone from the hotel. The car picked us up out of the hotel and drove us to the capital and back for 70 pesos - a real deal! Our driver didnt speak english but we managed to communicate with him anyway and he dropped us where we wanted and waited for us all day. He offered to take us around town, but we prefered to do it by foot - and boy are we glad we did! Our daytrip to La Habana is definitely one of my favorite part of the trip. It is a wonderful city, vibrant, colorful... an happy sort of mess, too!! Everything looks and feels like it was stuck in time, and we had a very good time walking aorund the old part of the city and through 'real streets' to the Capitolio. I highly recommend taking a day of your stay at Jibacoa for exploring the capital : it will add a lot to your comprehension of Cuba and its people.

We also went and have a dinner at a local fisherman's house. It was also organised with someone from the hotel. We were offered langoustines, rice, manioc, banana chips, salad, all this for 15 pesos per person. It was a very unique experience, getting into those people's house, eating at their table, getting to see how they live. Its illegal but a lot of people do it anyway, just listen or ask around at the hotel : youll find what you need!

Other Comments:
What really made our stay special definitely was the staff. They were all genuinely fun and welcoming and we felt at home in a matter of no time at all. Given the horrible weather, we would have liked a little bit more daytime activities (baseball, sand castle contests, anything!!), but it gave us plenty of time to relax and get rested! The animation team, the bar staff, the waitresses, everyone was awesome!

We were told to bring things to offer our maid, little gifts from the dollar store. After talking very openly about life and money with a few people there, we understood what was really needed was clothes. Should we go back, I would take the 20 bucks we put in stupid dollar stores things and use it to buy secondhand, clean, useful clothes. Shoes, jeans, skirts, dress shirts... everything is needed and could make a HUGE difference to those people. And think of offering your present to people that dont usually receive anything from tourists : maids will get a lot of gifts, as well as the waitress, and bar staff are receiving lots of tips compared to others. The gardeners, lifeguards and security guards from the beach dont get anything at all : to them, your two-dollars shirt will be a true gift.

All in all, I really liked my stay at the Jibacoa Villa. We knew all along it wasnt going to be a luxury stay, and it wasnt. But otherwise, it kept all its promises : very relax, laid-back atmosphere, friendly staff, great snorkeling, quiet setting. I would definitely go back and I recommand it to anyone looking for a different sort of stat in Cuba, something more like a summer camp for adults than a big international hotel.

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"For the money you can't go wrong with this resort"

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa)
User Rating:  Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Dean from Dunchurch  on Jan 8, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Dec, 2009 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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Arrival: We drove from Parry Sound on Fri. morning. The day of the big blizzard. Long story short, we got stuck twice but made our flight. We flew down with skyservice but flew back on Air Transat A310. No comparison. AT is way better. We bought 2 bottles of whiskey at the duty free shop in Toronto. Found out it was 7 dollars cheaper from skyservice. Will know for the next time.

110 rooms. We were in room 75 facing the road. Very big room. The fridge was not working when we got there so I went to the front desk and they had a new one in the room in just under 2 hours. Excellent service.

Restaurants and Bars::
Buffet restaurant had a good choice of food to eat. The pasta was good as was the fish. The breads and rolls were out of this world. Fresh as fresh could be. The best I have had in Cuba. All the tables had a pitcher of ice water on the table. That is a great idea. The only thing is they don't serve coffee at supper time. Had to go to the bar to get that. No big deal though. They make a great strawberry daquari. So the wife tells me.

Nice swimming pool. Didn't use it though. I like the ocean. The snorkeling is awesome. Saw a lot of different fish. Also saw a snake. When I saw him I swam hard to the On land I don't mind snakes: but in the water no sir. 6 of the seven days were green flags. We lucked out. We stayed at Breezes next door about 5 years ago and had quite a few red flag days. Breezes is a better resort but for the money you just can't beat CVJ.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
At breezes you can rent the scooters or go on some tours. We didn't do anything but lay at the beach. Gained a little weight. lol

Other Comments::
All I can say is that I would love to go back. I can see why they have a lot of repeaters. For the money you can't go wrong with this resort. I have nothing negative to say about the place. I was just glad to have made it to Cuba after driving into a snowbank on the 400 Highway. Anybody have any questions feel free to e-mail me. There are 2 computers in the lobby with internet. They say you should use it at night time. It is faster then.

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"Both rooms were very clean and spacious"

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa)
User Rating:  Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Antoinette from Laval, Quebec  on Apr 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2009
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Arrival: April 6 - 13
Our arrival was handled efficiently and courteously. We were expected and a valet brought ou bags into the rooms and explained about the T.V., how to use the phone to call reception, safe, air-conditioning and meal times.

Both rooms were very clean and spacious. Extra covers were provided and everything worked well. Maid did a good job of cleaning up every day. If you want to leave something for her, leave it on the pillow. Will not take anything left for her unless its on the pillow.

Restaurants and Bars
Clean tables, friendly and smiling staffers. Food simple but good!

Everything was beautifully kept. Quiet and peaceful. Lots of beach chairs available.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
Went on the hiking tour, it was great. Guide was well informed and gave great information on the culture and helped us distribute some gifts we brought. Animation staff was fun, dancers need new costumes though...D.J. has great music.

Other Comments
The bar staff was just amazing. Oriol, Pedro, Rudy made fantastic drinks and coffees and always had a smile and friendly manner no matter how many times you went. These guys are gems to keep! The best we've seen ever! They kept their area clean and you could tell they love what they do!

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"Cameleon is still a wonderful"

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa)
User Rating:  Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Diane & Pat from North Bay, Ontario  on Apr 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2009
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Arrival: April 1 - April 8
A few years ago I wrote a review on this place and we have returned every year since (5th time). There isn't really much that I can add to what people have already written except that I can say that Cameleon is still a wonderful, quaint spot to visit. I do agree that it's not for everyone - but if you want a simple, basic vacation spot, this is it. The snorkelling and scuba is priority for us and this fits the bill - always amazing to go in the water and find different fish/coral everytime. There were no jellyfish at all and we did have 2 red flag days and the water was still inviting to play in. I found the food this year, much better than the last - more spices being used? or they are cooking it differently? Don't know but quite delicious. The fresh fish, absolutely wonderful every day. Of course the staff are the main reason on why we return. They are so genuinely wonderful and we consider them our family - their warmth amazes us year after year. The dancers and entertainers do try their best and they changed a few of their venues for the evening shows and it was nice to see the dancers had some beautiful costumes which looked new. House band - wonderful. The drinks are still the best we have ever had - the chocolate monkeys, pina coladas and on and on, were terrific. Interestingly enough a few things were bothersome - nothing to do with the resort at all. I couldn't believe the tourists that would throw their garbage/cups anywhere they were walking - gardeners couldn't keep up picking up after them. Several tourists I saw wouldn't hesitate to pick up garbage as they walked along. The other habit that is new is the towel war game. There seemed to be a chair shortage in the morning, but I think if you looked hard several individual chairs could be found. Yet, early in the morning people had their chairs claimed and the worst part......didn't get to them until late in the day. Some took the paddle boats out for a snorkelling adventure, which is nice but they held them up for hours, leaving others the disadvantage of not being able to use them. I guess people don't realize there are time limits and be thoughtful of others who might like to use them. There was a large group of people together, I hope they read this and perhaps work on their etiquette the next time. Again, we met up with the most wonderful people, many repeat guests and I think that in itself speaks volumes for this resort. I hope the resort nevers changes it's ways of operating.....for us, it's the perfect getaway.

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"This is probably the best snorkelling beach in Cuba"

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa)
User Rating:  Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  eeeefarm from Ontario  on Apr 1, 2009  >  9 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2009
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Arrival: April 11 - 18
My third time at this resort. I arrived in the evening. Check in was quick, my bags were brought immediately to my room, and there were sandwiches and a fruit plate in the mini fridge to greet me.

Very clean, lots of storage, comfortable if aging furniture. There is a 2 CUC/day charge for the safe. The air conditioning worked well and is controlled by remote so is convenient to use. There is a mini fridge and T.V. and the electrical outlets are 110 volts. The washroom has a large stall shower, no bath. There is a hair dryer supplied. Outside the sliding patio doors there is a nice patio with 2 chairs and a table . I found the accommodations comfortable, although esthetically there are some details that need attention: e.g. peeling paint. The resort is scheduled to close for renovations, so I'm sure this will be attended to. As far as I am concerned, such superficial flaws have no impact on my enjoyment of my vacation.

Restaurants and Bars:
One buffet restaurant and one a la carte restaurant, plus a snack bar, a pool bar, and a lobby bar. Food at the buffet is quite adequate. I never had a problem finding enough to eat. Breakfast features the usual omelets made to order, pancakes, french toast and many other items. Some mornings there was fresh orange juice, but other times there was a disappointing substitute that tasted like Tang. Pizza is available at lunch and often at dinner. Ice cream seems to only make an appearance at lunch, but is very good. Desserts are a bit lacking in variety, and fresh fruit was good but not an extensive selection. The grapefruit was particularly tasty when available. Lots of salads and fresh breads at every meal. I don't eat meat, so can't comment on that, although those who did seemed happy with their meals. I found the selection of cooked vegetables was a bit limited. A couple of nights the house band entertained at dinner, which was enjoyable. The a la carte restaurant includes choices of beef, chicken and fish. The soup was very nice. I found the snack bar willing to make me a grilled cheese & tomato sandwich, instead of the usual burgers and dogs. The Lobby bar still makes excellent Spanish coffee!

This is probably the best snorkelling beach in Cuba, and the reason I came. I was lucky with the weather and able to snorkel every day. The beach has lots of shade and there was never a problem finding a lounger and a spot to sit. I didn't spend any time at the pools, but they appeared to be very clean. The grounds are like a park.....well kept, with a very spacious feel to them. Wonderful bird life everywhere. The staff work very hard to keep this place looking fabulous!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
Didn't bother with tours or many activities.....too busy snorkelling and sailing on the Hobie Cat. There were many options available for those who wanted them.

Other Comments::
This was my fourth time at Jibacoa, third time to Cameleon with one visit to Breezes. I find quite a different atmosphere between the two hotels. Cameleon has less amenities and is smaller, quieter, and more laid back. Walking the beach between snorkelling sessions, I noted that it was much busier in front of Breezes, and since that resort is adults only, I was surprised to see so many children in the water there. A closer look made me aware these were local kids, probably from the Cuban campgrounds. I was also approached by locals wanting to sell shells and other items, or just for a handout. This didn't happen in front of Cameleon while I was there....

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"We will be back. Loved the place."

Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa)
User Rating:  Villa Trópico (Cameleon Villa Jibacoa) Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Kristen from Ottawa, Ontario  on Apr 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2009
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Arrival: April 2009
Fast and efficient.

Super clean. Cleaning staff were awesome.

Restaurants and Bars:
Food was good. Definately won't starve. Loved the fish.

Very clean. The staff is always cleaning and picking up after visitors who seem to think its ok (it's not by the way) to throw stuff on the beach and on the grounds. All the grounds keepers were awesome and friendly.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
My husband did the walking tour and really liked it. We had our almost 2 year old daughter so no other trips for us but I heard they were great...

Other Comments:
We will be back. Loved the place. It is not for people that want to be dressed up constantly but if you want a place to relax with friendly staff and great drinks and pretty good food then it rocks....

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