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Club Bucanero  

Carretera de Baconao, Km 4, Arroyo de la Costa. Santiago de Cuba

"4th times going to this little paradise & we just love it !"
Posted by: Lucien on Mar 5, 2012
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Club Bucanero Reviews
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Club Bucanero Santiago de Cuba Cuba

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User rating 3.4

Based on 25 reviews

Club Bucanero Information

The hotel will be closed due to maintenance and renovation until further notice.

A beach resort located about 25 minutes from Santiago. Near the Sierra Maestra mountain range.

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Club Bucanero Reviews

Club Bucanero Review: 3.4 of 5 25 reviews
Very good
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"Lovely place to stay"

Club Bucanero
User Rating:  Club Bucanero Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  Linda  on Feb 6, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2011 | Leisure | With Group
199 people found this review helpful

Beautiful views, great staff. nice pool. and wonderful fish to see while snorkling in the ocean.

Loved it

Room Number:

January 20. Good and friendlyservice with luggage.

Very nice. Love the stone walls. The room was really clean and anything we needed was supplied with a friendly smile and a chat.

Restaurants and Bars:
Healthy organic food. Good service

Beautiful flowers and birds everywhere. Pool well kept up and quite large.

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"Five star location, three star amenities, good value."

Club Bucanero
User Rating:  Club Bucanero Review: 3.0 of 5

Posted by:  eeee  on Jan 26, 2011  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2011 | Leisure | With friend
207 people found this review helpful

Room Number:

Room Block:

Santiago Airport is very small. Arrival and transfer was a bit chaotic due to several bicycle containers that didn't fit under the bus and ended up being transported in the aisle. Once at the resort we received our room cards quickly and a bell boy delivered the bags promptly to the room.

My room was on the second floor and had a nice ocean view, as all the rooms do at Bucanero. It was kept clean, although I did notice a few small ants around the sink, but I don't find this unusual in a tropical country and it wasn't a problem. The hotel is spread out between the rock cliffs behind and the ocean in front. Block three is handy to everything, with the beach to the west and the lobby to the east. The room had adequate storage for clothing and a large safe which easily held my netbook and other items. The twin beds were comfortable, not as hard as the beds usually are in Cuba, and I slept well. The bathroom has a walk in shower, no tub. Water pressure was good with plentiful hot water. I had no complaints about the room at all.

Restaurants and Bars:
There is one buffet restaurant and one a la carte. The buffet has an open air section very close to the sea, and it is pleasant to sit there in the morning with a cup of coffee while you are waiting for the restaurant to open. The buffet featured the usual breakfast, with eggs cooked to order, pancakes and french toast, not a lot of variety of cereals, but really nice bread for toast, and fresh grapefruit and pineapple most mornings. Orange juice was unavailable and the "juice" appeared to be something akin to "Tang".

Lunch could be taken at the buffet or the beach restaurant. I stuck to the buffet. There was more variety of vegetables at lunch than at supper, and as I am vegetarian I didn't want to miss out. Salads were available, and usually squash, rice, cooked cabbage. Really good bread. More variety if you are a meat eater. Supper also featured ice cream every day.

Most evenings there was entertainment at the buffet and the musicians were very good.

There are two bars, one by the pool, the other at the beach. I drank mostly cerveza, so I can't comment on the mixed drinks. The red wine at the buffet was, however, the worst I have had in Cuba, and by the end of the week I had switched to white, which was marginally less objectionable.

The a la carte restaurant was available by reservation, made a day ahead. When you reserve you indicate your choice of meal. The fish was quite good, and my friend enjoyed the chicken. (yes, I know fish is not a vegetable).

Twice during the week there was a pig roast, served in the late afternoon. My friend described the pork as "delicious".

I didn't use the pool, (there are two) but it was popular for water games most days. I did stick my hand in and the water seemed fairly warm.

The beach is a small cove beach with a rocky entry to the water. I never swam, only snorkelled, and it was a bit tricky getting into the water with fins on. Water shoes are a must if you are wading. Snorkelling was quite good right in the cove, although the fish are habituated and you tend to attract a swarm of the more common varieties. With patience you will find squid, flounder, cow fish, and other more interesting varietals. We also snorkelled outside the cove, but this should be done with caution (and with fins!) We encountered a strong current on an outgoing tide one day, and had to detour to get out of it and back to the cove. Someone snorkelling without fins had difficulty at the same spot, and the nautical staff swiftly responded with sea kayaks to rescue him.

The grounds are quite attractive, particularly around buildings one, two, and three. The cliff behind and ocean in front make for a spectacular setting, although there has been extensive hurricane damage to the infrastructure near the ocean.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We went on one excursion, the boat trip to Santiago. This was very enjoyable, and featured a stop for snorkelling along the way. Lunch at a restaurant in Santiago harbour was excellent, and the free time in the city afforded a chance to look around and also to shop.

On the resort, there are daily "mountain" hikes, and they are not kidding about the mountain part. You scale the cliff behind the hotel, then trek through some tricky trails and descend into the canyon behind the beach. The climb down over the rocks looks intimidating, but the staff are very good and make sure you descend safely. We also took a longer......and much less demanding.....hike one day, walking back through a farm and returning via the road, past the public beach which is about a ten minute walk from the hotel.

Sailing is another enjoyable activity at this resort, and we went out several times. Twice we had fast, wild rides that were a lot of fun.

Other Comments:
I would be remiss if I didn't mention the sex tourism that is one blemish on this resort. "Working girls" are definitely present, both with and without partners. This seems to be a problem at many of the lower starred resorts in the poorer areas of Cuba, and I have encountered it before. If you venture to the public beach, you will definitely be approached with offers of "cigars, rum, Chicas". It was not a problem for me and my friends, but could make some people uncomfortable, which is why I mention it.

The staff at this resort were mainly good and the service adequate if not outstanding. Some people stood out and I expressed my appreciation accordingly.

Bucanero has a fabulous location and the potential to be an outstanding resort. I expect I will return again, since the weather is more predictably warm in this area than further north, and I found the hotel both comfortable and enjoyable. With a little improvement in the food and a little discouragement of the local ladies, this could be a first class place to vacation.


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"Credit cards stolen"

Club Bucanero
User Rating:  Club Bucanero Review: 2.0 of 5

Posted by:  Linda  on Jan 22, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2011 | Leisure | Family and Kids
172 people found this review helpful

Il was our second time in Bucanero first time was in 2008 we liked it a lot it was our first time in a 3 stars hotel. Except for the food that as more or less the same taste and the cabbage that is the vegetable of every meal, we had fun and the location allows you to visit the city of Santiago de Cuba and other nice places.No desagreement on our first visit. Coming back last thursday we both realize (my husband and I) that our credit cards were missing
We did not use them at all in Cuba and they were in the safe all the time, that's why we did not realize that they were missing before returning. Our daughter that had the room next to us was not robbed. We will probably not returned because of that.

Room Number:

Room Block:

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"Violent Room Brake-in and robbery. Hotel Security involved."

Club Bucanero
User Rating:  Club Bucanero Review: 1.0 of 5

Posted by:  Roger  on Jan 17, 2011  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2010 | Wedding | With Spouse/Partner
188 people found this review helpful

I have been visiting the Bucanero for five years. I recently stayed at the Bucanero from 2 - 30 Dec 2010. I went to get married to my Cuban fiance. All went well. Two days after the wedding, our room was violently entered through the (locked) balcony door. Stolen included my laptop with much important information, a portable DVD player, a camera with wedding photos, two cell phones, my new wife's wedding shoes etc..

Room Number:

Room Block:

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Club Bucanero
User Rating:  Club Bucanero Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  rochelle  on Nov 28, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
188 people found this review helpful

we had a very pleasant experience with the staff of this hotel. although we normally stay at 5 star resorts, i liked the reviews of this one and the pictures. it was a very big surprize to us how much we enjoyed this quiet beautiful spot. like any place it had some things that weren't super, but overall it was a really nice spot to stay at. the beach that is a lot bigger is about a 20 minute walk down the road. their beach had a lot of rocks so bring water shoes if you plan to swim ther.
we had a tour guide named andrew who is also a singer. i highly recommend hi.

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"customer service terrible"

Club Bucanero
User Rating:  Club Bucanero Review: 1.0 of 5

Posted by:  mario  on Nov 23, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2010 | Leisure | With friend
177 people found this review helpful

agree 100% with the above rating. have been dozens of times in Cuba in various hotels. such extortion and lazyness havn't seen at any hotel. the ENTIRE bar and waitress personall should be fired, no exceptions and replaced by new staff. The only, probably reception stuff can stay.

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"Don't Go!!"

Club Bucanero
User Rating:  Club Bucanero Review: 1.0 of 5

Posted by:  ted  on Nov 18, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
148 people found this review helpful

I will never go to this resort again,the staff are rude and extortion is common place. No tip no service no drink or beer. The people outside the resort are like pesky begging dogs, you can't even go for a stroll without being harressed to death.

Stay away!!!!

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Club Bucanero
User Rating:  Club Bucanero Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  Tamara  on Apr 14, 2009  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2009
951 people found this review helpful

Cant begin to tell you all the fun we had,there was eight of us....We so enjoyed every aspect of the trip.The staff was awesome!!!Julio the entertainer made us feel like we were part of every show,which we were!!!The fresh orange juice every morning was great.Lunch was the best meal of the day.We took advantage of the free bikes and went to the little village,locals were so happy to see canadiens.They were grateful for gifts.The scooters were a blast!!!cant wait to go back!!!

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"Excellent service at Bucanero"

Club Bucanero
User Rating:  Club Bucanero Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  Francisco Hodelin Mustelier  on May 16, 2008  >  1 contribution(s) Cuba
Visited on: May, 2008
823 people found this review helpful

This is an excellent hotel with a very personalized service. I have stayed here on 4 separate occasions and never tire of coming back. The staff is excellent, the only suggestion I would make is that they should try to restore the club to the state it was in 2001-2002. Greetings to Kike Delis from your brother Frank

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"Enjoying Bucanero"

Club Bucanero
User Rating:  Club Bucanero Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  alma norman  on Mar 8, 2008  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2008
5491 people found this review helpful

My husband and i, both in our 80's, spent a week in February 2008 at Bucanero and were quite happy with the experience. Of course there were plusses and minuses, but the plusses won.
The physicaL location is superb; our room looked on to the Caribbean. The resort is relatively small, but the clientele is wonderfully mixed. The staff were very pleasant, the meals more than plentiful, and the excursions well planned and reasonable with excellent guides. The big minus is the lack of sea swimming: the small beach is rocky, and the water rough. We gave up trying to swim there, though some people did and I'm told that if you can negotiate the rocky footing the snorkelling is excellent. TWe swam in the very well designed pool, which also offered squafit excercises for those so inclined! We also had an ongoing problem with the toilet in our room, which was fixed 3 times, but never permanently. The whole flushing system for that room ( 102) really needs to be replaced. Suggestions for improvement? Do something to the beach to make it less unpleasant and possibly dangerous ; add an outing to a good beach - possibly at Bucaneo, near the Lagoon - say a half day event with a carry out lunch provided.

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