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Villa Cuba  

Ave. Las Américas, Rpto. La Torre, Km 3, Varadero
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"Wost Vacation Ever!!!!!"
Posted by: maggie on Sep 28, 2015
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Villa Cuba Reviews
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Villa Cuba Varadero Cuba

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User rating 3.8

Based on 45 reviews

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A favourite place for families, this all inclusive hotel offers a wide range of entertainment and activities.

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Villa Cuba Reviews

Villa Cuba Review: 3.8 of 5 45 reviews
Very good
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"Keep in mind this family vacation cost us 15,000.00 plus"

Villa Cuba
User Rating:  Villa Cuba Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Adell and Gord  on Jan 10, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2009 | Leisure | Family and Kids
370 people found this review helpful

My husband and I booked and paid in full this Christmas gift to our children and grandchildren from Dec. 19,2009-Dec. 26, 2009 all inclusive 4 bedroom Villa at Villa Cuba. Paid in full June 30, 2009. We received a confirmation number for the villa stating when we arrived on Dec. 19, we had this. Keep in mind this family vacation cost us 15,000.00 plus. We had to board the limo at 2:30 am Sat. morning for our fight to leave Toronto at 7:15 am we also arranged for the family to and from the Person airport. 10 people total,6 adults,children and spouses, 1 18 year old, 1 14 year old, and 1 5 year old grandchildren. Tired, we arrived at the Villa Cuba resort to only find out there is NO villa for us, this is the ONLY reason we booked here for the Villa which my husband and I knew they had because we and another couple were there 4 years before in a 2 bedroom.Now 10 people each 2 pc. of luggage and carry-ons standing in the lobby with nowhere to go. I asked the staff to check here is the confirmation number, they would not, I argued that we paid for a 4 bedroom villa and it was confirmed by them months ago, they didn't care. I was told their responsility was to give us 4 rooms when clearly on my confirmation invoice which I showed them STATED complete 4 bedroom villa. We asked for the manager, they refused to let us speak to him/her, we were approached by the Hola Sun rep. only for them to side with the hotel.Now my first and wanting to be just perfect family vacation turned into a nightmare, I was tired of talking, my family was upset, hungry, and tired this went on for 4 hours in the lobby from our arrival at 11:30am till 4:20pm. Finally they said we can show you a villa but it only has 3 bedrooms right now because another couple is in the 4th room, and we have 1 other bedroom in the villa accross the way with 1 bedroom also occupied by other people. Take it or leave it. Come Monday the couple in the 3 bedroom villa will be leaving and the other family member can move in with you. Now this is a family vacation,living with other people, your family split up etc. etc. So 1 of my children and 1 of my grandsons spent 2 nights away from us with strangers.I am apolled at the customer service and I will not ever be returning to this resort again, no compensation for inconvienence they just did not care. So I will not be stopping here as I write to you, I will be writing to the head office of Hola Sun they were fast at demanding the money up front which they got, I will be writing the Travel boards all I can find, I will be writing the leader of the country to let him know how Canadians have been treated and I will be in touch with my travel agent so she is aware and sends no one else there. If you have any other suggestions please let me know they have not heard the end of this.This caused hard feelings where tempers and long waits got the better of us among my family upon arrival, mixed emotions and my family never wanting to return to Villa Cuba again.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
Booked a day trip with the Hola Sun rep. Leighe (I think is spelt)another $727.32 over an above to go to Havana for the day tour. I paid for it on Monday for a Wednesday tour all was fine till I returned to her desk on Tuesday to see about another tour, I approached her desked and the first thing she said to me was your tour is tommorrow you leave at 8:00am, I looked at her and replied that is not why I am here. She didn't know why I was their and after that rude comment I was not booking anything else with her. She was part of the problem on Saturday and I guess she felt I was a trouble maker why? I wanted what we paid for nothing more then what they confirmed months ago.

Other Comments::
I have been a few place, never before have I been insulted,or have I been disrespected the way I was at this Villa Cuba Resort customer service counter.

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"Honeymoon disaster"

Villa Cuba
User Rating:  Villa Cuba Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  adrienne  on Feb 11, 2015  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2015 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
345 people found this review helpful

I have never had such a horrible trip in my life. Upon arriving to our room, we find live wires behind the bed touching the sheets with lamp still working plugged into it, our fridge was smoking when turned on, and our safe did not work as well as no hot water. We complained and moved rooms to the seventh floor. We were happy in this room until 3 days later I got food poisoning and had to see the doctor for an injection and antibiotics. I was sick for 3 days and the second day when it was the worst, the front desk called us at 9pm told us to pack up our stuff and come to the lobby. My husband called back down to ask why and they said we need to move urgently because the roof needs to be fixed. So sick as all hell, I pack up my things in between vomiting and move 2 floors down into a room with two beds ( not the honeymoon suite we were promised). We pushed the beds together and made the best of it. Things were going ok for the rest of the week so we bought some excursions. We did the Trinidad excursion overnight tour. We come back to the room to find our keys changed out and we cant get in. Maintenance had to fix the door, once we got into the room we found large clumps of thick black hair in our shower and my shower gel open and used. Some one had showered in our room while we were gone thank god we had our valuables with us. On top of all this the elevator broke at least 10 times and we had to heat or hot water the entire trip. The hotel was over capacity due to another hotel beside ours being shutdown while it was full so we had no clean towels. There were at least 20 cats outside the buffet and inside the lobby which gave me ring worm on my back which i noticed when i got home. I spoke with the consierge of the hotel and told her "it is not right to claim to be a 4 star hotel and not have even the basic ammenities of a 2 star, like heat hot water, towel, bottled water for guests" she replied saying "it is owned by cubans and there is nothing you can do about it". After being so ill at the hotel, two weeks after we got home I started having stomach spasms and severe heart burn with chest pain. My doctor said I have a damaged stomach lining and now have acid reflux, he is not sure if this will ever go away. so thank you villa cuba for ruining my honey moon and my health!

never would I ever recommend this place to anyone who wants to live a normal life afterwards. It is filthy, dangerous, and a waste of money. We ended up spending an extra 3000$ to stay away from this hotel during our trip. I hope no one goes through what I have gone through.


dirty, full of ants, live wires, broken heaters, black stained tubs, no clean sheets or towels.

Restaurants and Bars:
claims to have filtered water but not sure, staff were great though and drinks were good.

pools were clean, grounds were clean but worn out, needing renos and updates some dangerous areas.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
excursions were amazing!!

Other Comments:

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Villa Cuba
User Rating:  Villa Cuba Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Jarod  on Sep 16, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Sep, 2012 | Party | Family and Kids
566 people found this review helpful

2 heures d'attente pour le chek-in, attente de midi à 5h pour avoir notre chambre, air climatisé brisé, forte odeur de moisissure dans la chambre, douche mal concu qui cause une inondation dans la chambre a chaque douche, plein de fourmis dans la chambre et attente de 1h a 3h du matin a attendre que la concierge vienne vaporisé produit a fourmis (due aller 4 fois a la reception), infesté de mouche (buffet, terrasse, lobby, chambre), eau de la picine chaude et brouiller, pas de bar dans la picine, pas de fillet de volleyball dans la picine, les drinks était de tres basse qualité (aucun malaxeur donc un pina colada fait de jus et 3 glacons???), tout était froid dans le buffet, choix tres peu varier dans le buffet, toujours toujours la meme chose dans le buffets, supposé avoir de la nourriture 24h mais rien d'ouvert entre 2 p.m. et 6h30 p.m., seulement 3 choix au snack bar (hot dog, hamburger et sanwich au fromage) et les 3 ne son pas toujours disponible, pas de moutarde, pas de confiture, pas de beurre d'arachide... j'ai beau être imaginatif pour me faire a grignotté mais quand même, animation inexistante avant 4 p.m., aucun horaire pour les activités, personnel à l'air bête et non-souriant... aucun bonjours... très froid comme ambiance. J'ai été a d'autre hotel de varadero et j'estime que cette hotel est au mieux un 2 étoiles et demi... très très loin d'un 4.

Room Number:

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"Wost Vacation Ever!!!!!"

Villa Cuba
User Rating:  Villa Cuba Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  maggie  on Sep 28, 2015  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Sep, 2015 | Party | With friend
318 people found this review helpful

Me and my friend came to villa Cuba on Sept 20, 2015. Flight was good and check in was easy. We were then taken to our villa where we found multiple daddy long leg spiders in the bedroom of our villa, 17 in 1 spot alone, we counted! Not only were they in the bedroom they were all over the room! It had looked like the room had not been cleaned in years!!!! The shower curtain in the washroom looked like a washed up rag with stains all over it, the room was full of ants there was no way to stop them from coming in. We called and asked to be changed to a different room and were told that we would have to pay 10 pesos a night, now with the currency exchange being so low, that is very expensive. We decided to look past that and stay. Later that night we went to the front desk to exchange some currency and make some phone calls to home. Being told a phone call is 2 pesos a minute, we made our calls short and sweet. My phone call was 3 minutes long and same with my friend. She was charged 4 pesos for her phone call and i was charged 20 pesos!!!!!! I was ripped off by the lady at the front desk! what kind of service is that??!!! This is only the first night! We had to move our mattresses off our beds and into the "living room" of our villa to escape all the spiders, just to be woken up with ants crawling on us and our bed, every night! The shutters on the windows were broken so lizards, misquietos, and other bugs came right in! Every night was a battle with the bugs! The male staff would not stop harassing my friend therefore we did not feel comfortable what so ever swimming in the main pool, one staff member even pretended to lick her which is absolutely disgusting! On our second last day there our toilet broke and no longer flushed, our bed sheets were changed the last night we were there in a whole week, our towels were never clean, one of them had gross yellow and orange stains on it. I do not call any of this good service what so ever and needless to say I will never ever stay at Villa Cuba again and I don't even know if i want to go back to Cuba after experiencing all of this. This was my friends first vacation ever and it was an absolute disappointing nightmare!

Room Number:

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"Not a place for young people!"

Villa Cuba
User Rating:  Villa Cuba Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  sange  on Feb 24, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2006
3499 people found this review helpful

Me and my friend stayed at Villa Cuba in may 2005. We are two 21 year old girls. We will not go back to villa cuba unless we are 60 years old and retired! Need i say more. If you are young do not stay at this resort. Staff was helpful and friednly. The food was horrible. The breakfast was the only meal that i looked forward to. I also liked the ice cream. Our hotel room was grose. The resort was too quiet and boring. No young people. Also you had to walk a bit to get to the beach. I recommend that if you go to Veradero stay at Barcelo Solymar!!

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Villa Cuba
User Rating:  Villa Cuba Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Stefan Meijers  on Mar 17, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) The Netherlands
Visited on: Mar, 2012 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
603 people found this review helpful

I have stayed 3 nights in this horrible hotel. Never again!
Bad food and service, even bugs in bathroom.

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" important"

Villa Cuba
User Rating:  Villa Cuba Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Cindy  on Jan 2, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) Colombia
Visited on: Dec, 2011 | Leisure | Family and Kids
387 people found this review helpful

Llegamos el dia 24 d dic 2011 el personal del hotel fue muy amable pero las conditions y Los services del hotel fueron pesimos, para la cena cobraron un exedente de 14 cuc x persona y a las 9 de la Noche no habia ni la mitad de lo q debia haber, en Los bares no habia Ron, cerveza, mojitos cuando nosotros pagamos todo incluido, en toads las tiendas del hotel las vendedoras sobrecargan Los precios A Los extranjeros en general de 4 estellas no tiene nada.

Room Number:

24 d diciembre 2011

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"Nothing but the beach"

Villa Cuba
User Rating:  Villa Cuba Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Marko  on Jan 11, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2010 | Leisure | With Group
376 people found this review helpful

It is supposed to be a 4 start hotel, but for sure one of the stars is a part of the Cuban flag, has nothing to do with the quality of the hotel. The week that we stayed at the resort the weather wasn't great and we couldn't enjoy the beach (which is only good part about the actual resort), so we stayed at the bar most of the time. To be honest there is nothing and I mean nothing to do at this place, so if you don't have a great company with you, don't even think of this place. So where do I start; the games room, with games which are dangerous for you and your kids. The elevators, where 2 out of 4 were broken the whole time, my friends managed to get stuck in the other two twice, and on the last night one of them went down with 5 people inside – I didn't see any ambulances, but even if everybody is ok, this is not away to spend your vacation in the rollercoaster ride down the elevator shaft. The common area washrooms were dirty, no towels, soap or toilet paper, and some of them were so stinky - you could not even enter them.

Rooms, first of all we couldn't get a room, then we spent hours switching rooms looking for something appealing. The one that we settled in was in the main building and actually had warm enough water to take a shower ( after waiting for 5 - 10 mins, letting the cold water run down). But our friends were not so lucky and the only warm water they had was in the actual ocean.
The room was not sound isolated, so if somebody was making noise outside (and lots of people did (all the time)), you will hear the noise very well, from 8 AM till 3 AM.

Restaurants and Bars:
Unfortunately I had worst food than these one, but it gives no credit to this place. The entire menu was %99 the same every day, so if you like same, tasteless food over and over again than you will be fine. The food is OK, but far from being enjoyable. I went to other resorts where after first round in a buffet you will go again wondering what should I take since you not too sure what you like the most, in this place it was the opposite, you would go back, cause you didn't like anything and wonder which food was okay enough so you could actually eat it and get enough energy to function till the next meal...

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The activities and entertainment, hmmm, I'm not sure if bingo is a considerable activity, all other stuff is not even worth mentioning. Considering the fact that the weather was bad I would expect more, or at least something, but whatever they did was very poor and not professional.

Other Comments:
With all due respect the entire thing scores no more that 2 stars, comparing to any other place I've been to and I've seen few dozen hotels around the world.

If you get a deal for a week under 500 bucks, flight and taxes included, you will get your money worth, otherwise don't even think about it!

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"Our assessment of this Hotel"

Villa Cuba
User Rating:  Villa Cuba Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Carl  on Jan 27, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
341 people found this review helpful

We just returned from Cuba and we stayed at this hotel for one week. The wife and I have been going south for 22 years and have never stayed at the same hotel more than once accept for one. This Hotel is not in the best shape and does need some repairs. The staff was curtious and there were some problems, but for the price we paid for the trip we got our moneies worth. We got three good meals a day ( although the food was not as hot as we have liked it). The room was done everyday, accept for the day we had 3 inches of rain and they could not get to the rooms till later in the day and even then they would have done it, but we told the maid it was okay till the next day. The entertainment was good (again for the Price). The beach is always good there and the gounds were clean and they were planting new plants everyday. The condo units look like they have been all painted and in verygood shape. If you go there on a last minute deal for the price we paid (under $500.00 each) you are not going to get much better than this. And there were no empty rooms and we met people who were there for there forth time and loved it.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Jan. 16/2011 at 3am.

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"Nice rooms, a bit worse catering"

Villa Cuba
User Rating:  Villa Cuba Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Ondrej Chaloupecky  on May 12, 2011  >  3 contribution(s) CZECH REPUBLIC
Visited on: May, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
332 people found this review helpful

Room and hotel equipment generally meets 4* hotel expectations, not far from Varadero city, nice and clean beach (from main building some 300metres). A bit unhappy regarding food (one day delicious garden party with load of meat, sides and deserts but other days relatively poor lunches and dinners).

Room Number:

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