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Melia Cayo Coco  

Cayo Coco, Jardines del Rey,
(Jardines del Rey)

"2nd visit, won't be the last..."
Posted by: Joseph on Mar 13, 2016
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Melia Cayo Coco Reviews
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User rating 4.2

Based on 50 reviews

Melia Cayo Coco Information

Overlooking the clear blue-green waters of the sea and its coral reefs and close to a beach of fine white sand, the All-Inclusive Meliá Cayo Coco hotel complex enjoys a supremely beautiful setting

For adults only (guests aged 18 and over)

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Melia Cayo Coco Reviews

Melia Cayo Coco Review: 4.2 of 5 50 reviews
Very good
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"We rented scooters"

Melia Cayo Coco
User Rating:  Melia Cayo Coco Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  MichaelNovaScotia  on Oct 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Oct, 2005 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
250 people found this review helpful

We just returned from this resort. We stayed in one of the superior rooms that overlook the lagoon.
The flight with Air Canada was fine, no problems. The move through Cayo Coco airport was quick and painless. The resort was approximately 20 minutes by bus. Check in was quick. Champagne was waiting.

Melia Cayo Coco:
The walk to our room was a bit troubling. We had a late arrival so it was very dark out. The lights were out on various sections of the pathways. We didn’t know where we were going. This wouldn’t have posed a problem if we were familiar with the resort, but this was our first visit. We were lost for a while but we made it to our room.

We then met as a group and went to the only place we could eat at that hour, the pool bar. It was after 1 am by this time. There were about a dozen guests there. We couldn’t get served or get a drink. Some of the guests were actually tending the bar. I don’t blame the staff at all. It was obviously a staffing level issue. This was a problem throughout our stay.

The beach was very nice. We had good to excellent weather throughout our stay. It was necessary to get to the beach early to get a lounge chair. It was very quiet on the beach. As others have said, this is a “getaway” resort, not a “fun” resort. The activities group tries hard, but I think they are given limitations by the management. They provide beach volleyball and aqua aerobics at the beach. We walked to the right on the beach a few times and went to the El Senador, which was beautiful. It is well worth the 15 minute walk. The El Senador does not use wristbands so there is no problem entering the complex and looking around.

The food was fine at the Melia. We ate at the Cuban and International a la carte restaurants. Both were nice. The buffet always had fresh food with a good selection. There was a staffing problem here to. It was not uncommon to wait at the grill for 15 minutes for a steak or chicken. The breads were really good.

The pool was relatively small, compared to other resorts we have been to. There is a Jacuzzi, but it is actually just a small area off center in the pool with some jets. There was no swim up bar. There were waiters occasionally patrolling the pool, but it was hard to get a drink. Again, this isn’t a shot at the staff, it’s a problem with the organization. This resort doesn’t have a disco. You must go next door to the Sol. You need to get a ticket at the front desk of the Melia before you go. The disco was really quiet when we went, except for one night. That night it was great.

Melia Cayo Coco part II:
We did one excursion. We went deep sea fishing. The water was rough, but we managed. We ended up landing 5 barracuda and one King Fish. We got lots of nice pictures. It cost $210 CUC for ½ day which allowed 6 people to go. There were drinks onboard. The excursion was arranged through the Cubanacan office in the lobby.

We rented scooters for an hour and went to the other side of Cayo Coco. Again, we got lots of nice pictures. We didn’t take a map and we should have. Get directions before you go. We paid $15 CUC for 1 hour. We found out we could have paid $25 CUC for 8 hours. If we knew before hand we would have got the 8 hour rental and went to the Melia Cayo Guiermo for a visit.

The entertainment was fun. The performers are constantly rehearsing. It was different every night. We were to the entertainment 3 times.

We had no problems with the staff. They were all friendly. They tried their best to help us when we needed them.

We were to the El Dorado Royale A Spa Resort in Mexico last year which was a 4 1/2 – 5 * resort. The Melia is suppose to be a 4 ½ - 5 * also. We were to the Barcelo Solymar in Varadero in December, which is a 4*. In our opinion, the Melia doesn’t compare to either of these properties. The closest resort that we have been to that compares to the Melia is the Barcelo Ocean Village in Punta Cana that is a 3 ½*.

The reasoning we heard from the travel representative was that a 4 ½* in Cuba is different than a 4 ½* in Mexico or anywhere else. This was ridiculous. We were to the 4* in Varadero a few months earlier and it was nicer than this supposed 4 ½* in Cayo Coco.

This is our opinion. If staffing levels were better we might have a different opinion. There are several things thought that makes up a star rating, and that is restaurants and pools. Neither of these were to a 4 ½* level.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

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"We were offered a private dinner for two!!"

Melia Cayo Coco
User Rating:  Melia Cayo Coco Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Karen05  on Sep 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: Sep, 2005 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
245 people found this review helpful

hi, we are writing about our honeymoon trip taken from sept 25th to oct 2nd from toronto to the melia cayo coco cuba. well, upon doing tons of research on sites like this one which was a great help, we decided that for the money , this was definately the better one. i had been to cayo coco, 8 years ago, and remembered it was nice. ok, so , considering that my husband and i's last trp was to the GRAND ST LUCIAN in st lucia ( amazing!!!!!!!!!!, but very very expensive...) , we were only set up for disappointment. our flight on Cubana, was surprisingly pleasant! when we arrived, customs was a breeze, and the ride to the resort is very short. upon check in, ( no champagne ) we were told we DID get our lagoon room, but on the second floor. we weren't happy because we wanted a ground level one. oh well, so the porter escorts us to our room, and we ask him if there are any gorund levels availible, and he then stops a maid and asks her, and she points to one, and he sets us up in there! easy as that! this was not the last time we would be proven that the reception desk is a little slack and actually very non chalant to say the least. so we were pretty impressed with the room, as the lagoon view makes you feel as if you were by a lake, with a perfect view of the sunsetting.( rm 2212) once you get passed the swampy smell of the water, it is quite pleasant. tons of jellyfish, oh, and mosquitos! BRING REPELLANT!! We received a bottle of sparkling wine and some fruit as a honeymoon gift, but only realized on our last day that we were offered a private dinner for two!!! so remember, read all your info !!! we missed out on that one...!

we were expecting a FABULOUS beach... well, it was great i guess, but tons of seaweed, etc was in the water and washed ashore because we had arrived basically after a storm. there was only one or two days when the ocean was clear and calm. the other days, there was a lot of sea debris floating around. it rained like clockwork around noon, after watching the black clouds rolling in for about an hour, and continued to rain or drizzle for a little while. at night it rained all the time. some nghts there were fabulous lightning storms, which were great to watch from our deck.

now the food...... the buffet was soooo disappointing, but we were prepared for it as we had read many reviews stating this. about half way through the week you learn HOW to eat at the buffet. like, for breakfast, go immediatly to the guys making crepes , and eggs, any style. get some cheese and toast from the buffet and make an egg sandwich with some crepes on the side! the other 3 restaurants were actually good. the service was great, and the food was pretty good considering...! the pool tapas bar was our savior for the first few days, as we went for pizzas every lunch because the buffet was quite bad. i did have fun stealing sardines every lunch to bring to the little resident kittens just up from the buffet under their bush. they were soooo cute!

we hung out at the beach all the time and loved that it was quiet, and topless bathing is abundant, which suits me fine, as i hate tan lines!! hee hee. it was mostly british people there, and only a few canadians. we are anitisocial so we didint participate in any activities or even watch any entertainment. as it was cancelled often due to rain.

we brought a lot of candies and crayons and hair ties to give out to the staff, and would take our mini bar sof drinks and distribute them to the gardeners on our way to the beach every day. they really appreciated it. our maid made our bed up quite amusingly making swans out of our sheets and one time putting my sunglasses on the "eyes" of the swan. sometimes we tipped , and at the buffet we realized ( or coincidence??) that because we didnt tip often with money we wouldnt get any coffee, or drink service at our table!!!! (can you tell we werent happy with the buffet restaurant...?) But the staff were quite happy to recieve candies and stuff every day , and we realized that most people tip all the time, and that they must do pretty well, considering.... I just dont usually go to places where tipping is allowed or encouraged and i like that better, as the serice is more consistant that way, and you dont feel cheap because you dont have any change on you!!

Water sports:
the water sports were dissappointing. we werent aloud to take a hoby cat out on our own, and they were actually quite rude there we found. we took out a kayak for a few minutes.

lastly, DONT BUY SOUVENIRS AT THE RESORT!! we didnt know, and didnt want to risk it, so we bought all our cigars and booze and coffee at the shop, only to get to the airport to find the cigars and coffee much cheaper!!!!!

so, overall i know this sounds like a negative review, and i guess it isnt one of the best places i have been, and actually quite forgettable. but here are the things we did like: small resort, quiet, clean ( unlike the club med in turks and caicos where there were cocaroaches in our room!! but, the beach was AMAZING, so....), lagoon room worth it, the lagoon bar(pool tables) great service and the best pina coladas.., and the overall resort is nice, no luxury, but is well kept and romanitcally lit at night.

hope this helps, .. for the money, it is fine. i guess i am a bit of a vacation snob! happy vacationing!

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"The laid back Caribbean lifestyle..."

Melia Cayo Coco
User Rating:  Melia Cayo Coco Review: 3.50 of 5

Posted by:  PatrickUK  on Jul 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) United Kingdom
Visited on: Jul, 2005 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
259 people found this review helpful

My girlfriend and I have just returned from two weeks at this hotel in Cayo Coco, Cuba and have mixed feelings about the resort. I'll give you a little breakdown of the aspects we feel were important to our holiday:

We booked a standard room and was relatively pleased when we walked in - all looked very nice and comfortable. However, it soon came to our attention that the shower didn't work and the balcony hadn't been cleaned (allot of cigarette ash and what appeared to be nail clippings all over the floor!). Coupled with some problems we had on our flight, we felt justified in complaining to our Thomas Cook Rep. We were upgraded to a 'lagoon' room almost straight away (although I suspect this was only because they had no-where else to put us!). The rep made us aware that the difference in price between the standard and lagoon rooms was over £200 - this was not really justified at all. The only difference was obviously that the room over-looked the lagoon (which was very nice) and that you got a sun lounger on your balcony as opposed to just chairs. Was better, but difference in price not justified in our opinion. Room was cleaned daily to a good standard, but sometimes done a bit late in the day for our liking. Overall, we were quite pleased with our room.

This was a disappointment to be honest. We had read some reviews about the food before and therefore didn't expect too much. The buffet was ok at breakfast, plenty of choice and delicious fresh fruit juices available, panacakes also nice. Lunch was ok but was the same everyday. Dinner wasn't very nice at all, both in terms of quality and selection. The grill was the saving grace for the buffet where you could your meats freshly cooked. Overall the buffet was average. The 3 a la carte restaurants were quite nice but not fantastic: 1) International - Very nice, picture-esque setting and food nice, not great but nice enough. Open setting and we got bitten by mosquitoes non-stop in there. 2) Cuban - Nice, barbecued meats although choice very limited - a choice of two evening meals everynight! Lunch better than dinner. 3) Italian - Our favourite of the three. Romantic little restaurant and food quite nice. Indoors and air conditioned which made it even more appealing.

If you had these meals at a restaurant at home you would probably think it was average, but for the resort, the food was nicer in the a la carte restaurants. You eventually discover what you like and stick to it. Service good, waiters friendly. Very slow in buffet and in Cuban at times.

Not many and quite small - ok though.

Absolutely beautiful, stunning. Pool area is very pleasing on the eye aswell.

Pretty and well laid out, gardens very nice but a little bare (this may just be the time of year though). Gardeners very nice and friendly, they always acknowledge you and say hello.

Room Service:
Very poor. A charge for the service of 10 pesos, food took over an hour to come and was stone cold when it arrived - looked horrible aswell to be perfectly honest. May have been an isolated incident... who knows.

Overall, we had a very nice holiday and were generally pleased, but there is definitely room for improvement in this hotel. Cuba is under-developed and a communist state so they are still catching up so you have to be prepared for that. If you want something done in 10 mins it will get done in 30. The laid back Caribbean lifestyle...

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"The food was lovely, wide selection every day in the buffet"

Melia Cayo Coco
User Rating:  Melia Cayo Coco Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  HelenUK  on Jun 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) United Kingdom
Visited on: Jun, 2005 | Leisure
262 people found this review helpful

We stayed at the melia cayo coco at the end of may for our honeymoon and were there two weeks.
The resort was beautiful, clean and well presented. We were lucky enough to stay in a suite on the lagoon which was amazing especially watching the sunset over the lagoon. we had two maids, one who came in every day to cleanetc and we also had a night maid who came and tidied up and did amazing things with our towels etc as well as putting flowers/petals on the bed. However we seemed to be one of only a few who recieved this service.
HAving read the reviews before going we armed ourselves with pens pencils, notepads and soaps to give as tips, only to be told by the rep that the staff do not appreciate/ need such things. However, all the staff we gave things to were more than grateful.
The food was lovely, wide selection every day in the buffet including a grill where meat and fish was cooked in front of you. Also the pancakes and french toast at breakfast were fab. There are also several speciality restaurants which are ok but be warned if you go to the international or cuban restaurant after 7.30pm wear lots of insect repellent and prepare to be joined by lots of mosquitos.
The entertainment was also good, evening shows were very impressive and staff obviously work hard to produce them.
The only down side for us was the lack of anything els to do on the island. No one lives there so there are no little villages etc to explore just hotels and more hotels.
Howver all in all we really enjoyed our stay at the melia and would recommend it to others

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"We tipped frequently; especially to people we got to know"

Melia Cayo Coco
User Rating:  Melia Cayo Coco Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  SusanneBradHalifaxNovaScotia  on May 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) 
Visited on: May, 2005 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
260 people found this review helpful

We have found this site to be especially helpfully when preparing for our vacations south. Most people have highlighted the key aspects regarding this resort already but let us offer our views. We went near the end of march and returned April 2. We had fabulous weather each day.

Well maintained and very clean. This is a small resort and is easy to find ones way around. We enjoyed the smallness of the resort as it enabled us to really get to know the workers.

Pool & Beach:
Both are beautiful! We tended to favor the beach as you get the ocean breeze to cool off. The beach was nicer than El Senador; which is about a 15 minute walk from Melia. As in all resorts people tend to "reserve" a hut. My husband and I would take turns doing so to ensure we had a hut. One of us would head down around 7 and throw a beach bag on the chair and a towel. There is a man on the beach who will do this for you if you tip him. Although I enjoyed my days on the beach, I did think the beach in Punta Cana was much nicer!

Much to my disappointment I did not have the opportunity to attend the show each night. The shows I did take in were, in my opinion, professionally orchestrated. The dancers and performers would be practice early morning for hours and perform late evening. Their hard work and talent definitely shined through and I really enjoyed attending. There is no disco here but you can go next door to Sol (2 min walk). I would recommend going on Thursday as it is salsa night. Our group had a blast! Melia is definitely a quiet resort so if you are looking for a place to party this is not it.

You could have the choice of two options. One being the laguna; which is on the water and the other being the standard rooms. We stayed in the standard rooms and found them to be suffice. They were kept clean daily and had a well stocked mini fridge. My only suggestion would be to bring face clothes as there are none to be found.

I really believe that tipping makes your time more rewarding. We tipped frequently; especially to people we got to know. Also, if you have items that you want to give away the people really do appreciate it. Some suggestions are old sneakers, shoes, shirts, jackets, etc... It is NOT true that Cubans are not allowed to receive gifts. We were a bit concerned about this as we warned that they can get in trouble for accepting gifts. This is merely a rumor.

There are a few gift shops at the resort that offer the usual souveniers. A few days a week there are a few people who set up and sell their merchandise. Their products is slightly cheaper and a bit different. Also, Sol Resort has a market daily to buy from the vendors.

As expected for being in a different country the food is not exciting. Having mentioned that, there is always something you can find to eat. We liked the Italian restaruant and heard good things about the Cuban restaurant. The main buffet also offered a choice of freshly cooked meats, salads and pastas daily.

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"We left the maid a gift bag each day"

Melia Cayo Coco
User Rating:  Melia Cayo Coco Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  TerryMaryLouNewBrunswickCanada  on May 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: May, 2005 | Leisure | With Group
259 people found this review helpful

Great stay, loved the resort. This is a lengthy review but I know how I valued reading others. It’s nice to be prepared and know what to expect.
We’ve been traveling to the Caribbean for the past nine years to 4-5 star resorts. We have used Air Canada Vacations for the past four years and flights are always close to being on time, in fact this year they were a few minutes early both ways.

Check in:
Was fairly smooth; we (three couples) arrived around noon and had to wait approximately an hour for our rooms but they were worth waiting for. We had all booked the superior lagoon rooms but we wanted to ensure that we were on the top floor with king-sized beds. They were able to accommodate us after a bit of sweet talking. I had applied for the MAS card (a preferred customer / points for stays type deal, something like Delta privilege in Canada) on-line but I don’t think it helped at all. While we waited for our rooms, there was champagne and orange juice available (it was available 24/7 by the way) and we also booked our specialty restaurants (more to follow on these). The restaurant reservation desk is set up next to the check-in desk. Not sure what the hours are as we only did this once.

We were taken to our rooms with our luggage on a golf cart (nice not to have to wait for your belongings). The lagoon rooms were very nice and spacious. We had a king-sized bed with two night tables and reading lamps on each side. There was a desk and chair; mini fridge stocked with water, soft drinks and beer; a rocking chair and one other chair with a small cocktail table in between. The sliding glass doors opened to a tiled patio with two lounge chairs and a small cocktail table. The air-conditioning worked great. The bathroom had a toilet, bidet and tub/shower. Water pressure was fine and we always had hot water. The sink and a double closet were just outside the bathroom. An amenity kit containing shampoo/conditioner, shower gel, shower cap and hand soap was provided. The closet had a safe and shelves on one side and the other side was for hanging clothes. A few (maybe six) hangers were supplied but it might be a good idea to bring a few extra from home. The beds were fairly comfortable and extra pillows were available. An iron and ironing board were in the room but I don’t think they are in the standard rooms. An adaptor was required for curling irons, charging camera batteries, etc. I purchased a kit at Wal-Mart containing four different types of adaptors for about $12. They are all labeled so you know which one to use in the Caribbean. Maid service was great; our room was always cleaned before 10:00 AM. We left the maid a gift bag each day and she left us a nice note and a wood carving at the end of the week. She was very appreciative.

The beach is absolutely beautiful! You can walk east for at least 40 minutes on a deserted beach. There is a little 24-hour bar/restaurant mid way and it’s a nice spot for a refreshment ($1 for a beer) and some photos. There is a little dog living there with the workers so bring her some chicken or fish if you visit. You can also walk west passing all of the resorts. You have to go around a rocky point but it is beautiful on the other side. The water is warmer on that side also. No problem getting lounge chairs and a palapa by 8:00 AM even though the resort was close to full.

The pool looked beautiful but we didn’t use it as we are all beach lovers. We were told that it is quite shallow. There were plenty of lounge chairs and some shaded areas.

Breakfast – buffet with lots of fresh fruit and juices, smoothies, cereals, breads, an omelet station and they also do fried eggs, pancakes and french toast.

Lunch – buffet (didn’t try it)
Beach grill – soup and salad, paella, fish, chicken, beef, pork (very good)
Pool grill – hot dogs, burgers, steak/pork sandwiches, pizza (very good)

Dinner – Buffet was great! Salad bar, pasta bar and grill with anything you like (beef, chicken, pork, fish, prawns, calamari).
Italian – above pool grill, just OK in my opinion although our reservation was for 9:00 PM and they were winding down to close. Lasagna, cannelloni, minestrone soup (tasted like canned), great antipasto and breads.
Cuban - beach grill at lunch time becomes Cuban for dinner - my favorite – lobster, chicken, rice with black beans - all very good.
International – on lagoon – nicest atmosphere, very romantic with violin player. Stuffed chicken was good. Again, we had a 9:00 reservation which is too late for me.

We could not get dinner reservations earlier than 9:00 PM but we checked a few times and they were less than half full earlier in the evening?? It might be worth a try to show up early and ask if they have any cancellations or no shows.

Wines - Red house wine is very good but the white is tasteless. Rosé is pretty good also.

there are four: lobby, pool, billiard bar on the lagoon, beach with limited choices. They were all very good but I would say the best drinks are at the pool bar. Mojitos are my favorite and Junor makes great Banana Mamas if you tell him to go easy on the rum. There is also sporadic bar service on the beach; I think they start around 11:00 AM.

there are quite a few to chose from. We heard the jungle tour was great. You can shuttle to Cayo Guillermo and eat/drink at the Melia there (pick up a bracelet from the front desk). It is worth visiting. The beach there is even nicer than Cayo Coco. Pilar Beach is a few more minutes away from Cayo Guillermo and it is still more beautiful. You can take a taxi or rent mopeds. If you are a beach person, you shouldn’t miss it. You can also visit the town or Moron to see how the natives live. It is about a 45 minute drive and I was told it is cheaper and more enlightening to hire a taxi to show you around than to go with the group tour. There are snorkeling and scuba diving excursions for reasonable prices also.

caught a few minutes on a few evenings and they were quite good.

there are many – archery, shooting, tennis, yoga, step classes, dance lessons to name a few. They have paddle boats, catamarans, kayaks which are included and banana boat rides $.

finally found it on Day 3 – don’t waste your time looking for it! Massage area is next to the gym but we didn’t try it.

Beauty Salon:
There is not a salon at the Melia but they have one next door at the Sol if you want to use it. The girl that runs it has been there for 9 years and she is a sweetheart! Manicures (basically just filing and changing polish, nothing elaborate) are $5 and pedicures are $10.

Our first couple days there we found the service to be mediocre to poor. Once they realized we tipped they bent over backwards for us. Seriously, they got to know what we drank and we didn’t even have to ask. The waiters would rush to get us a table in their section. Tipping makes a huge difference in your vacation! I can’t stress that enough. They are working for peanuts and they will treat you like royalty if you tip.

You can exchange your Canadian $$ (US$$ are no longer accepted) to convertible pesos at the airport or your hotel. You save a bit at the airport if the line up isn’t too long. Also, the bank is a few kilometers away and the ride by taxi is $10 return. Please, don’t tip with loonies or toonies as they are not able to exchange them. We had several staff ask us to exchange them as they could not exchange them in Cuba.

we weren’t bothered at all by mosquitoes but we did get some sand flee bites?? You can get a bracelet from the front desk and eat/drink at the Sol or Tryp (neighbor resorts). We tried lunch at the Sol one day but it wasn't as good as the Melia. We didn't try the Tryp.

Things you shouldn’t forget to pack:
- plenty of sunscreen and after sun moisturizer
- insulated mugs
- a light sweater for evenings
- extra hangers
- adaptor
- medications
- candle for your room
- a few words in Spanish
- positive attitude

We all agreed that this is a lovely resort and the lagoon rooms are worth the extra cost. The adults only concept is very relaxing and makes for a much more romantic atmosphere. We would not hesitate to recommend the Melia Cayo Coco to others. However, we really missed having an oceanfront room and there did not appear to be any at all on this resort.

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"We enjoyed eating at the various restaurants"

Melia Cayo Coco
User Rating:  Melia Cayo Coco Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  BillSueBellevilleOntarioCanada  on Apr 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2005 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
254 people found this review helpful

My husband and I have just returned from a wonderful week at this resort. This is our 4th trip to Cuba and we hope to visit many more times.

Much has been written about this resort,so I won't repeat everything that others have said. It is a beautiful, small quiet resort, don't pick it if you want a wild and noisy time. We went for peace and quiet and found it here. The weather was lovely, the beach is gorgeous, white sand, cleaned frequently and you can walk for miles. We are beach people and were always able to find loungers without putting towels out in the early hours of the morning.The turquoise of the sea is spectacular!

The grounds are very well maintained and watered daily. The flowers are so lovely especially arriving there from a Canadian winter! The gardeners work so hard coaxing flowers and tropical foliage out of what looks like unforgiving soil and I was very happy to accept little birds and grasshoppers the gardeners made for us.

So many visitors complain about various things, it makes me think some people are never satisfied. The food is perfectly fine, not grand. This is Cuba, you could not go hungry, the drinks are great and we felt well cared for during our stay. We love the Cubans, such happy, generous, warm, proud people, and they works so hard to keep us tourists happy. Contrary to what we heard before going to Cuba, there has been no ruling from Castro that the Cubans cannot receive gifts and tips from tourists and they are so grateful for gifts we take and tips given. This time I took baby clothes with me and the 2 mums-to-be that I found were delighted! There was no difficulty changing Canadian money at the front desk to obtain change for tips.Please DO NOT give Cubans our loonies and toonies as they cannot change them themselves.We helped out a couple of times changing their tips back into pesos.

Our room was a standard room, nice and clean, and our sheets were changed daily, mini bar restocked daily too. We enjoyed eating at the various restaurants, particularly liking the International Restaurant in a tent like setting over the lagoon, very lovely and do go for a leisurly breakfast there too.

All in all we had a lovely time and wish we could have stayed longer. If anyone is going in the next couple of weeks and could take some photos over for me I would be appreciative, please email me at and maybe I can get them to you.

Do go and enjoy Cuba, they are wonderful people and they need our tourist dollars. We would recommend this resort to anyone wanting a rest and change from our pace of life here. Keep an open mind and have fun. The total best part of the resort is that it is adult only, and as much as we like kids, it was so nice NOT to have them around!

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"Melia Cayo Coco is an absolutely pristine resort."

Melia Cayo Coco
User Rating:  Melia Cayo Coco Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  JLCanada  on Apr 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2005 | Leisure | Solo
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I had a single standard room- they have a hairdryerin each room there- mine worked great- but my sister's hairdryer in her room had very little power- not a problem for me as I do not use a hairdryer.I had a digital battery charger- and in my room all I needed was an adapter- but some rooms needed power converter and adapter. Rooms were clean - single room had 2 beds- a safe that you set up with your own code- lots of closet space and shelves- bring some extra hangers. The way it is set up- there are groups of units with upper and lower - balcony on upper- deck on lower- I had a balcony - it was tough some days climbing the stairs in the heat but it was worth the climb. They do not have facecloths in Melia so bring your own- not an inconvience for me.

I had a single standard room- they have a hairdryerin each room there- mine worked great- but my sister's hairdryer in her room had very little power- not a problem for me as I do not use a hairdryer.I had a digital battery charger- and in my room all I needed was an adapter- but some rooms needed power converter and adapter. Rooms were clean - single room had 2 beds- a safe that you set up with your own code- lots of closet space and shelves- bring some extra hangers. The way it is set up- there are groups of units with upper and lower - balcony on upper- deck on lower- I had a balcony - it was tough some days climbing the stairs in the heat but it was worth the climb. They do not have facecloths in Melia so bring your own- not an inconvience for me.

Kept very clean-food was varied so you had a choice- book restaurants for supper meals early- other than that you can eat at the buffet restaurant, but for a better variety go with the speciality resaturants. The staff were very friendly and do appreciate tips- only problem I had - was that alot of the staff do not speak or understand English- I would suggest a Spanish English dictionary or get common phrases in Spanish from the web and print them up. There are no children allowed on the resort so that was good- love kids but not on vacation-

The beach was absolutely beautiful and to my surprise the water was comfortable yet refreshing- I expected warm water like in places in Jamaica- and was delighted that the water was not like bath water- as for the beach chairs- we had problem getting chairs under the straw huts, but that was solved by a delightful Cuban worker, who made sure he put bottles- shirts etc on chairs for us - we tipped him- look for Serquey- he has very little English, but was a sweetheart- you will find him down by the life guards. There was a nice breeze everyday- which we welcomed- read reviews that people did not like the wind- I was there March 28- Apr 2 and it was great to have a breeze- otherwise I could not have standed the heat. No need to put a towel on when you come out of the water- it was perfect.

Airplane Ride:
an announcement came over the PA system- that it is Cuban Law - that the plane be sprayed one hour before landing- if I went again- I would certainly take a mask- because that spray was awful- I had a cough all week- I am still waiting to hear back from the airline as to what and why that spray is used.

Food and Drink:
Lots of varietyin the food category to choose from- I like Corona beer- it was available at the bar where the pool table is- it cost 70 cents- which is charged to your room- Corona is not in the all inclusive pkg but I didn't mind paying for it, for a change from Crystal beer. Bring an insulated mug- the bigger the better- they have bottled water at the lobby bar in big bottles - and as well they are stocked in your fridge along woth beer and pop.

there are a few small shops on the resort- prices are reasonable- or you can go into Moron - but we chilled out on the beach all week.

There were awesome shows at night on stage in pool area- the dancers and singers were amazing.

There is a doctor right on the resort - thankfully we did not have to visit him- but a couple, we met had to get something for a heat rash and they were happy with the service.


don't forget them - they work in all that heat all day- and I am sure they are overlooked at times- I gave them pop and juice from the room fridge as well as tipped them- they are very adept at creating grassshoppers out of plant material.

there is alot of walking- the resort is big and we were in the complexes that were the farthest away- I always took water with me- I took a small water bottle with me - as the bottles in the fridge are huge. As for - coming back from the beach- I took a dip before heading back to my room.

My son was married while we were there- it was totally organized- the wedding co-ordinated took care of everything- it was a beautiful wedding. Way to get married for sure !

Air conditioning:
Worked great - I left it on high the first night and I woke cold- I found low at 15 was perfect for sleeping.

Salsa dance lessons on the beach; yoga; horse back riding; parasailing( I missed out on that - was going to go the last day- but they do not allow it if the wind is too high or in a certain direction) They are very safety conscious so that is a good thing.

If you have any questions you can email me at

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"By far the nicest one in Cayo Coco"

Melia Cayo Coco
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Posted by:  PaulErinNovaScotiaCanada  on Apr 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
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We just returned last week from a beautiful week at the Melia Cayo Coco in Cuba. What a great time we had. I used this site to get information on the resort before we left to get an idea of what to expect down there and the postings we pretty accurate of this resort. The resort was very nice overall and I though by far the nicest one in Cayo Coco. This was my first trip down south and I was very pleased. My girlfriend has been to Mexico once before and thought the resorts there were nicer and found the food in Mexico a lot better as well but overall she had a great time in Cuba.

The staff at the resort were great. They were always so happy and willing to help you out with anything you needed and very friendly warm people. We had brought down lots of stuff with us to give to the staff (crayons, pencils, soap, hats, key chains, etc.) they were very grateful for anything you give them. They work so hard for so little but always with a smile on their face.

I never had a problem with the food. I am not a picky eater and found that there was more than enough variety to satisfy me. Obviously the food does taste a little different considering it is another culture and country but overall I though the food was good. Erin did not enjoy the food too much there was a few things that she liked that kept her going but overall she did not like it. Breakfast was her best meal. The eggs were great! She is a fussy eater too so that is mostly why she had trouble. So just keep in mind for those picky eaters, bring some snacks and some stuff from home if you think you may have a problem with the food in Cuba. Book for your restaurants the day you arrive so you will get to them all.

I thought the rooms were nice. They had everything you needed. We stayed in a standard room on the second floor with a balcony. The only problem we had is our toilet broke on a couple occasions but just called the front desk and had it fixed and it worked the rest of our stay. The maids did the room up everyday and the fridge was always stocked on request. If you leave something for the maids they usually left something cool on your bed designed with towels or sheets.

Beach and Pool:
The beach was great. The water was warm but not too warm. It was refreshing to get in and the white sand goes on and on. It was even better then I expected. Some days Pelicans would be flying above and dive down for food, that was pretty neat to see. You can also walk down and check out the other resorts along the beach. The resort next door had venders to shop at each days and we found none came to our resort. So we did our shopping there mostly. The pool was great. Nice and big and always very clean. The best thing to do with either the pool or the beach is too get up early and save some loungers under a hut for when you go down or they will be all gone. Mostly at the pool do this because at the beach you can sit pretty much anywhere. We usually did the pool in the morning and the beach in the afternoon.

We did two excursions when we were down there. We did the half day trip to Moron which includes a farm and mangrove boat tour. This was very interesting to see how the Cuban people really live as apposed to the resort. Was very safe and we had an hour of free time in the city to explore and shop. We also did the Jungle Tour. We drove to a boat shop and each couple had a two seat speed boat to drive. You drive them for about 30 minutes through the open water and mangroves then you get to a snorkeling was awesome. Lots of cool fish and we brought bread and bananas to feed the fish. I recommend this excursion. We were going to do the Catamaran snorkeling one at the big reef but was too windy so this one was a great alternative.

Overall we had a great trip to Cayo Coco and enjoyed our trip to Cuba very much. Whoever is going down I think they will have a great time. I miss it already.

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"Entertainment at night was exallent"

Melia Cayo Coco
User Rating:  Melia Cayo Coco Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  LindyLouScotland  on Mar 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) United Kingdom
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Hi just thought that I would send my thoughts on my holiday to Melia Cayo coco. Horrendous flights out with Thomas Cook, 10 hour 40 min delay and no information, ended up having 3 policemen on the plane before take off deciding whether or not the flight could take off as we had a party of 27 people from Essex rolling drunk, paid to go Premium class but also some of the party in there! we had to sit separate. Worse coming back just the same and had to agree to sit separate again to let a family sit together as they were shouting and the captain wouldn't take off until it was sorted, the guilty two people were arrested at Gatwick after causing 10 hours of misery! to pay £250 each to upgrade THOMAS COOK never again,

The Melia Cayo Coco was fine the staff couldn't do enough for you so friendly and we felt that even if we hadnt tipped all the time the service wouldn't have been any different, it gave us such pleasure to see their gratitude of a peso tip (50p) we also took a load of stuff from pound land for the maid and gardeners and ended up giving a few t shirts away to the waiters that didnt fit us. The hotel is getting a little shabby to say it is only 6 years old but our room was kept really clean during our visit, sheets changed at least three times a week (every day if you wanted but there is a shortage of water) the food was good too with often lobster and fresh prawns cooked in front of you, the Al a Carte restaurants were ok, but not enough food (maybe we are just pigs!) not really into Novelle cuisine. The hotel was three quarters full the first week and completely full the next, so if you wanted a sunbed in the shade on the beach or by the pool you had to get up pretty early!! and quite crowed on the beach as it is so narrow, nice to walk to the right on the beach you can walk for ages and if you dont want shade or a sunbed and can put up with sea weed you can lay on the beach and be in solitude.

Entertainment at night was exallent the dancers there as good as the ones in Havana Tropicana show. We were worried about how windy it was going to be and yes it was very windy but the red flag up only once in two weeks, we got burnt by the wind so be warned its as powerful as the sun!

Did a couple of trips one called the sugar express which was good value and the two day trip to Havana which was great as that is the real Cuba, stayed in the Melia in Havana which was really luxury!

All in all we had a good time and would go back to Cuba but try somewhere else next time. Would rate the Melia 4 star in English standard but more than adequate.

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