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Playa Caleta  

Avenida Kawama y Final, Varadero, Matanzas, CUBA

"Great Hotel and staff"
Posted by: Al on Dec 17, 2014
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Playa Caleta Reviews
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Playa Caleta Varadero Cuba

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User rating 3.6

Based on 18 reviews

Playa Caleta Information

Playa Caleta was renewed in its totality in 2005, in the neighborhoods you will be able to discover exotic corners of the most genuine Cuban flavor and it
is surrounded by exuberates tropical gardens of palms, coconut palms and grapes creek, also it counts on a spectacular swimming pool to relax.

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Playa Caleta Reviews

Playa Caleta Review: 3.6 of 5 18 reviews
Very good
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"it was great"

Playa Caleta
User Rating:  Playa Caleta Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  cameron jones  on Oct 24, 2007  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Oct, 2007
2269 people found this review helpful

Hello I went to this hotel in December of 06 it was great it is very real.
Original Review

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"I recommend it"

Playa Caleta
User Rating:  Playa Caleta Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Michael Pölzing  on Nov 21, 2007  >  1 contribution(s) GERMANY
Visited on: Nov, 2007
810 people found this review helpful

I stayed at this hotel from October 17 to November 7, 2007. The entire property has a very nice look. It has very comfortable rooms which are regularly and lovingly cleaned. The staff is very friendly and always makes an effort to communicate, in spite of language barriers. Though the quality of the food didn’t meet my expectations, I recommend this hotel.

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"Playa Caleta"

Playa Caleta
User Rating:  Playa Caleta Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Mikael  on Jul 12, 2008  >  1 contribution(s) SWEDEN
Visited on: Jul, 2008
1802 people found this review helpful

The Hotel was nice, beach was nice and the activities were also great. It was just boring that the Rifleshooting and Archery wasn't open.
BTW i saw a beautiful girl in the Hotel, i greatly regret that i didn't speak to her. I was there in the days between July 24 - July 1. I just want to meet her again.
Mikael 16

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"playa caleta"

Playa Caleta
User Rating:  Playa Caleta Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Matt  on Dec 31, 2008  >  5 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2008
1064 people found this review helpful

The Playa Caleta hotel and resort id very nice, has everything u need to keep yourself having fun, pool is good and the beach is nice. at the hotel you can book everything you want to do witch is nice then whenever u have this trip booked the time u leave a bus will be waiting right outside the hotel for u. the only downside to this hotel is the food the only 2 things that are good is the pasta and fries, i got chicken that was cold and that stuff so if u can make sure u reserve the restrount on the other side ware it is excelent food and u cant go wrong there. other than that The Playa Caleta is the right hotel, and its not that pricy for everything u get (make sure u go all ensclusive)..

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"Amora Cuba"

Playa Caleta
User Rating:  Playa Caleta Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Pat  on Jan 17, 2009  >  4 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2009
1388 people found this review helpful

playa Caleta was a great experience. It was my first time in Cuba, ans it couldn't have been better. the first few days were awsome..sunny and warm. The rooms were very clean, complete with a complimentary bottle of rum! of course the food was not the best part of the trip, but what can I say, we werent there for the food. If you go, say hello to Tamar on the 2nd floor bar, and keep an out out for Omar, these people made the trip one to remember! Tip well and you will be treated like gold! I'll miss you Cuba, ¡hasta luego!

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"Economy vacation"

Playa Caleta
User Rating:  Playa Caleta Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Doris Bauermann  on Feb 1, 2009  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2009
1093 people found this review helpful

We have spent 14 days at the Playa Caleta in Jan 09 and rate this as a good economy vacation, having visited 6 areas in Cuba over the past years.The service was excellent, the room with top floor ocean view was clean,very comfortable with a great balcony view.The food ,as usual in Cuba, was bland and despite good ingredients lacked taste, spice and presentation, but offered sufficient choice to adequately enjoy the meals with friendly waiter staff.The coffee ,usually so good in Cuba was a disappointment however. The two restaurant machines were always broken in the morning and mixed the wrong concoction. Best to get your coffee at the 24 hour bar. We did not enjoy the beach stairs, which were uncomfortable, half of them broken and useless. By early morning these were taken and reserved, some clients reserving as many as 10 usable chairs by 8 am for friends and family.Same problem at the pool, where at least the chairs were webbed and more comfortable if you could manage to procure one. The grounds were well kept.The northern shore is exposed to high surf and not always good for swimming or non- motorized watersports.The free shuttle service to town was appreciated, reliable and on schedule.Suggestions if you go: bring washcloths, an air matress and mugs for drinks. The small 4 oz. plastic cups for beer and pop are too small and not eco-friendly.Bring kids clothing, sheets,toys and cosmetics for the staff, although now a generous tip seems to be more appreciated as Cubans get better chances to buy things. Although the beach stretches on for miles, it is difficult to walk it. The coarse shell pieces are rough on shoes and feet. It was not the white sugary sandy beach we had expected. We took a side trip to Havana for the day- definitely worth it to see the architecture which is gradually being restored, but still needs so much more work!!! As always, we enjoyed the friendliness of the people at the hotel and recommend staying there for R and R during the cold Canadian winter months.

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"First trip was amazing!"

Playa Caleta
User Rating:  Playa Caleta Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Jane  on Mar 22, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
365 people found this review helpful

For the first time ever I ventured outside of my safe haven of Canada and I am so glad I did. We stayed at the Playa Caleta which was just right for a first timer like me. Not too overwhelming and the food was actually pretty good. all the staff were very helpful with any questions we had and helped us choose a school for the mentally handicapped to give a donation of school supplies to. The lady at the front desk helped me with this and we has since been emailing each other and have a close friendship. It is so safe there you could take a 3 am stroll and not worry about anyone bothering you except to make sure you were not lost and were ok. I am going back again and taking my sister with me this time. I am sure she will love it. Little note about cuba! the temperature goes down to almost freezing during winter and those thin roll neck tops that fit under other cloths won't go a stray. Nor will the childrens hoodies or warm stockings or tights. Hard for them to get there. Don't forget the gardener that takes such lovely care of the gardens you will admire so much for their beauty and cleanliness. a little gift to the behind the scenes people says a lot and they say a lot just with their eyes! Makes for a happier day for some folks. For you too when you remember them. Have fun. I did!

Your Arrival:
We arrived at about 2pm and were in our rooms within 30 minutes after being given a welcoming drink at the reception area. The flight with sunwing was perfect! did not want to leave that out! within an hour my cousins and I were on the Doubledecker bus for our first look around the city that would be our host for the next week.

I couldn't believe our good fortune to find that they upgraded us to the ocean view rooms. I had a room to myself which had 2 double beds and a working fridge and hairdryer. Thought I would say that because some places dont have them. And the view from my balcony was beautiful.

Restaurants and Bars:
Deep fried turkey on night one, beautiful ham on night 2 and so on and so forth! I ate so much for breakfast that I only ate a little for lunch. The homemade french bread is to die for and the icecream and fresh fruit and fresh squeezed juice and omelets and french toast with vanilla sauce and and and everything was great!You get the message. Oh! a little advice! If something is not cooked enough for your liking for goodness sake, just take it back and ask them to cook it a little longer for you and dont go and write a review about undercooked food making you sick! They don't mind! Honestly!

We watched the grounds keeper clean the pool in the early mornings and then saw him though out the day weeding and cleaning. Beautiful place that always has some minor renovations on the go. since they are always open they have to do it while we are there. But they are not in your way at all.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Being one of the smaller resorts the activities were lesser then at the larger ones and given the fact that it was too windy for water activities like snorkling and such. But, the evening entertainment was great. the dancers sure knew their stuff. They sang and danced in amazing costumes. Learned a little dance myself at poolside and played a little bingo( for a bottle of rum) and excersized in the pool with the staff. Loads of fun in the sun. We visited the americania place that is in Varedaro and bought pop and a few things. I bought their honey which was the best ever! 4 jars to bring home! the flea markets are wonderful. Look at everything before you buy and check the prices at each stall as the same item may be cheaper somewhere else. they will trade with you if you bring something they can use. forget the tooth paste!

Other Comments:
I am going again in 6 weeks time. taking my sister with me this time. I can't wait to go back. Made it a point of asking what they would like for me to bring as returning gifts and after some arm twisting got an answer. warm cotton undies ( for the cool season ) and sweaters or sweat shirts for children ( again for the cool season). temperature got down to 9 celcius in december and Janurary this past year. Can understand why they wanted something warmer. I am only bringing things that I know they can not get much of like tampons ( ours is a better quality ). Also, if you bring sweets for children please ask permission of an adult before you going giving it too them. You would not want strangers giving your kids candy now would you? Think about it! respect them and smile as they will do the same to you. Tip if you like but dont forget the girls that clean the public washroom in the lobby and the bath houses! What they have to deal with is sometimes pretty nasty and they deserve something too. Have fun and remember that not everything is perfect. this 3 star hotel gave me 5 star treatment and I did not tip like crazy like some. Be nice and they are nice back.

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"Would not go back to Playa Caleta "

Playa Caleta
User Rating:  Playa Caleta Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Pat  on Mar 29, 2010  >  4 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
361 people found this review helpful

We were there for a one week stay from March 7th 2010 to March 14th 2010.
This was my sixth visit to Cuba and second to Varadero; as usual we booked a'Last Minute' Selloff (one week before we left) so we got an excellent rate. We booked with Signature Tours and were afforded the same package offered by Sunwing (see Sunwing Club bookings). We got to Pierson Airport at the mandated time, and everything went like clock work. We were traveling in a group of six, two of whom were young children so we got to board the aircraft first.
I would ask that travelers observe the request to arrive three hours before departure as our flight was held up for an additional twenty minutes as we waited for five people who were held up in ‘Security’….they were lucky the pilot waited for them.

Your Arrival:
It was an early flight out of Toronto which we specifically chose so that we arrived in Cuba by mid-morning. As usual there were no problems getting our baggage, doing our money exchange at the airport or getting to the hotel; the shuttle was as usual efficient and our Cuban tour rep. as usual, very friendly and funny. Upon arrival at the hotel we were not surprised that they did not have our booking, this is normally the case when you book ‘last minute’; this was not a problem as the front desk just needed a few minutes to get us our rooms; while we enjoyed our ‘welcome cocktail’ the staff quickly got us two rooms next to each other as requested, we were in rooms 734 and 736

The rooms were clean, one was equipped with a king size bed, the other two three quarter beds (larger than a twin but smaller than a double); we were able to get an additional cot put into our room for our eight year old grand-daughter; the a/c worked and there was lots of hot water; the only time we ever had a problem is one evening when we tried showering at around nine, guessing it was because most people were getting ready to go out at that time, we just avoided that time slot for showering; we also got a ‘complementary’ bottle of rum in our room, and the exchange of beach towels was done by house keeping daily as part of our package.
The one caution I will add is.... in selecting rooms, try to request one on the ocean side of the building, ours were on the opposite side, and because there is a local oil refinery in the area, very early in the morning (between two and five), even with the air conditioning on, you will be awakened by a nauseating scent from the oil is gone by breakfast time. After complaining about the scent the second day, the front desk was willing to relocate us to the other side of the building (Ocean view) but because we couldn’t get two rooms together, we decided to stick it out… we then learned that whatever it is they do at the oil field to generate that scent…isn’t done everyday, some days we were fine.

Restaurants and Bars:
Now this is where the hotel failed my ‘return test’. The main buffet was a little unsettling, apart from the quality of the food being the lowest I have had in Cuba, this eating area had opened windows which allowed birds to come swooping by while you ate, some of them even nested in the section dividers and would fly by from time to time or could be seen sitting on some tables eating the crumbs after the patrons had left.... this whole thing seemed very unhealthy to me as the staff would simply brush off the table then re-set it for the next guests. While the two ah la carts we patroned both had a very nice ambiance, the quality of the food was quite poor; there was also a shortage of wine (we were told wine is in short supply all over Cuba right now...that's thier story anyway)as a result, the only place we could get wine with our dinners was at the À la carte …. Or if you dined out of the hotel which some guests elected to do.

Bars: All of the bars had a good supply of alcohol; both foreign and local....except for wine; I simply substituted liqueurs when I couldn’t get wine.

The week we were there, the beaches at that end of Varadero left something to be desired; out front of the hotel the water’s edge was quite a hike away from where the Palapas (shade) is located; as matter of fact, the beach itself formed a small dune so that the waters edge was not visible from the shade making it difficult to keep an eye on children (the life guard also sat on a regular bach chair in the shade, so we knew he couldn't see if anyone was in trouble either).
The ocean was also not suitable for swimming most of the week because of the rough waters and swift undertow, we were only able to go into the ocean twice that week; and being very windy on the beach most of the week made it less than desirable to sit in the ‘sand storm’. The beach area in front of the hotel was also not very well maintained, garbage from the day before (disposable drink cups, plates and straws) could be seen all over the beach; again the garbage pile up could have been due in part to the wind, and also, it was quite a hike back from the waters edge to the 'few' garbage receptacles I guess. The pools (kids and adult)The week we were there the ‘Animation Team (who lead the activities) were almost no existent. There was very little music around the pool, and nothing at all on the beach. I compare this to other hotels I have stayed at in Cuba where they set the atmosphere every day by having Cuban music playing for most of the day, and always have something scheduled to keep the guests engaged and entertained. At about ten o’clock at night, there was some entertainment, but by then, most people had either gone to bed or off the resort in search of a good time.

were not heated, but the gardens were very green, lush and beautiful.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The week we were there the ‘Animation Team (who leads the activities) were almost no existent. There was very little music around the pool, and nothing at all on the beach. I compare this to other hotels I have stayed at in Cuba where they set the atmosphere every day by having Cuban music playing for most of the day, and by mid morning activities abound, they always had something scheduled to keep the guests engaged and entertained. At the Playa....after lunch 'the team did do some 'very lame' games around the pool, but had to go around begging participants to get involved.
Their Kids Club consisted of a few toys kept in a shed which the children could use; fortunately our eight year old grandchild found a family with three children in her age group....they chummed around all week. At around ten o’clock at night, there was some outdoor entertainment, but by then, most people had either gone to bed or off the resort in search of a good time.

Other Comments:
Fortunately this resort is located just minutes away from the small 'touristy' commercial part of town, there are many restaurants, bars and small markets. For five CUC’s (visitor pesos based on the US dollar) you can buy a day pass on a double decker tour bus that runs the whole length of the tourist area; you are free to leave the bus, then grab another later on.
Like I said, this was my sixth visit to Cuba, I chose this hotel because it was at the ‘Last minute price’ and I thought it was a good deal….it was not, we could have done better. I will also, never go to the North Coast of Cuba this early in the year again, it is just too cool; previously the earliest we have been down was April, and the latest November both times the weather was in the thirties, on this last visit, most days we were in the lower to mid twenties…..and windy.

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"Beautiful Beach, Nice Staff, Better than neighbor Resorts "

Playa Caleta
User Rating:  Playa Caleta Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Michael  on Aug 30, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Aug, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
395 people found this review helpful

To give context, this is my first trip to cuba and first stay at an all inclusive. I purchased a package through SunWing.

To start, here are a list of things you should bring that will enhance your stay ( I will give detail later) :

- Cookies
- Power Converter and Adapter (they have 220v euro plugs)
- Cup (like a travel mug or similar)
- A large towel
- Extra toiletries
- Snorkel and Mask
- Photocopy of your passport (Critial)
- Canadian $$, not USD
- Travel Clock

- Cookies

There are several hours between meals, and if you just miss the breakfast there will be no food until lunch at noon. After dinner, there are only toasted ham sandwiches. You can fill in the gaps with cookies and chips from home.

- Power Converter

Some resorts come equipped with american style plugs, but this one does not. You will need a plug adapter and a power converter. A must for charging your camera battery.

- Cup

Drinks are free and unlimited, but the cups are very small and the service is slow (all bars were understaffed). If you bring your own cup they will fill it with anything you would like! This greatly increases the enjoyment of this resort as the bars are not first come first serve, they are "Loudest are served first". Trust me, bring a big cup.

- A Large Towel

One per person. With SunWing you get 1 beach towel per person, but sometimes they forget to bring fresh ones, and if you lose their towel that costs 25 CUC. Bring your own towel and use it when your provided one is wet and waiting to be replaced. If you buy new towels for this trip, wash them first to get rid of the little fuzzies that will stick to your wet skin.

- Extra Toiletries

Like all Cuban resorts, they accept these as tips, as their local supplies are limited in range and qantity.

- Snorkle and Mask

The resort supplies a free snorkle and mask, but it is a bit stained and dirty, better to bring your own.

- Photocopy of your passport

When you check-in they take your passport for the night for processing. If you are unconfortable with this, they will take a photocopy. (if you have one)

- Canadian $$, not USD

USD gets an extra charge of 10% when converted. Canadian can be converted right at the resort into CUC. Keep in mind that the gift shop at the hotel charges an extra 20% (at least) compared to the duty free at the Varadero airport on the way out. (After you pass through security, not the stores in the area where you pick up your tickets). To give an example Havana Club Rum is $11 for the large bottle at the hotel, where it is $6 at the airport.

- Travel Clock

Any little plastic clock from a dollar store will do, there are no clocks in the rooms. <

Arrival was Simple. The airport had a SunWing advisor that directed us to our bus, and the bus offered a tour guide that provided information and trivia about the surrounding area. Checking in was slow as there was only 1 clerk, and we were put off when asked to leave our passports at the front desk.

The room was great. Very clean with good A/C. We were upgraded to an ocean view room at no charge. The view was amazing. Plugs are euro 220v. Bathroom includes a hair dryer. There is no clock so bring a travel one. Room service came everyday at 11am, they are the nicest people you will ever meet.

Restaurants and Bars:
Breakfast Buffet = AMAZING
Lunch Buffet = Average, with good ice cream, very slow drink service at times.
Dinner Buffet = Same as lunch, (service and food selection)

À la carte:

Italian : Good food,good service, amazing cheese.
International : Bad food, Slow Service, no cheese.... Only got 1 drink, they never came to ask about dessert.

Snack Bar : hamburgers and hot dogs by the pool, Good food, bad-slow service. The lady operating it seemed to be always upset, and would often be missing.

Bars: understaffed. Takes 15min+ to get a drink. The loudest get served first. Mini cups. On the tour bus in they told us we should try the national "Mojito" drink, no bar at Playa Caleta makes this drink. If you get a good side with a bartender, he will make you a very rum filled rum and coke. Bring a large cup from home to avoid long waits at the bar.

The beach is better than you could dream. Clean, with some small shells, clear blue water. There are many boats free for use, compared to the neighbor hotels that have none.

Pro-Tip: The beach area left of the boats have no areas of seaweed, where to the right there are some spots here and there. This area is less populated and a great place to swim.

The pool is nice, but does not offer much shade. You must jam yourself near the pool bar if you want to avoid a sunburn, (or avoid making one much worse). There is a volleyball net and basketball net, but you must give your passport if you want to borrow the balls. Better to bring an inflatable ball from home for the kids.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
There are shows and activites every night. The Friday before we left there was a very good beach part with all sorts of games, the prizes always being rum. Dance lessons and related things were offered, but I did not participate (not my cup of tea).

Other Comments:
Pool Bar
Friendly Staff (Very Friendly)

Bars Understaffed
Small Cups
If the wind stops, there is a smell in the hallways
Flavorless boiled chicken in the buffet every lunch and dinner.
Related to the town, you are not allowed to bring a purse or bag into the stores.

I would go here again, Playa Caleta had good food (compared to what I have heard about Cuban food), It has free boats for use, and an amazing staff. Compared with the resorts next to us that had no boats whatsoever. If you bring the items I reccomend, you will have an amazing time. Also, book the catamaran trip, swimming with dolphins was amazing.

After this trip, I love Cuba.

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"A very disappointing experience, save your money and go somewhere else"

Playa Caleta
User Rating:  Playa Caleta Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  bogi  on Mar 15, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2011 | Leisure | Family and Kids
541 people found this review helpful

After reading all reviews we thought why not give it a shot as there is always dissatisfied people. boy were does bad reviews dead on.

#1 Not a 4 star hotel at all (maybe 2 if they are lucky)
#2 Not a family hotel at all (KIDS club that is advertised is a few books + a giant 4 in line game)
#3 FOOD is the worst I have ever had in Cuba and this is my 8th time
#4 24hr grill/cafeteria worked 1 out of 7 days of our trip
#5 Drinks were horrible - mixed alcoholic ones were a disaster and the non-alcoholic ones were just from concentrate and were like pure sugar with some coloration and a hint of the taste of real fruit.
#6 Bars were opened and closed at odd times (Except for the lobby bar)
#7 Beach even though is nice it is very odd as well- no shallow water with a combination of the sand dune that is a few meters before the point of entry into the water make it virtually impossible to keep an eye on the kids or anyone else (in case of the lifeguard that is sitting all the way back trying to sell you cigars instead of doing his job)
#8 Entertainment was horrible - the best thing was the band that played cuban music but they were just showed aside and played as a introduction
#9 Good luck in case of bad weather if you are high up as the elevators loose power and the only way up is emergency stairs outside. yes outside where the bad weather is. And I mean 75+ km winds and rain
I can go on and on the point is save your money and go somewhere else.. even Kawama looks like its a better hotel then this one. Barlovento, Aguas Azulis,... pick one - all better then Playa Caleta.

Will not return or recommend this to anyone. SAVE YOUR CASH!

Room Number:

Horrible . Arrived at 01:00am wiht a group of about 20 ppl in the bus. Got into the room at around 03:00am. Thah's how slow the checkin was!

Average. nice view if ocean side.

Restaurants and Bars:
Horrible. Bad food, bad drinks, half of them were not open most of the time, especially at the same time including the 24hr advertised snack cafeteria.

Not bad. Only decent thing about this place.

Other Comments:

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