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Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina)  

Autopista Sur Km 19, Punta Hicacos, Varadero, Mtzas, Cuba

"best destination"
Posted by: roman on Jul 12, 2014
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Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Reviews
Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Pictures and Information
Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Varadero Cuba

of 50 Hotels in Varadero

User rating 3.4

Based on 51 reviews

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Information

The new Memories Varadero Beach Resort offers you the value of a 5-star resort for the price of a four-star. Features like the longest water slide of Varadero and its closeness to La Habana make this the perfect place for those seeking action and adventure.

We invite you to create and share unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime with us!

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Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Reviews

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Review: 3.4 of 5 51 reviews
Very good
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"Excellent time."

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina)
User Rating:  Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  mark & sue  on Feb 5, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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A beautiful place to stay.. friendly, lots of food,drinks, and fun...lots of walking...(but thats ok) nice beach too...

Returning next year !! Cheers

Room Number:

Room Block:


Restaurants and Bars:

clean....but...the carts that take people to and from are making the grass and stone roads a **mess**

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
jeep safari...
visit havana...

Other Comments:
needs more stores..for gifts...

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"Fantastic Time. El Perfecto!!"

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina)
User Rating:  Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Martin  on Jan 23, 2011  >  3 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
171 people found this review helpful

Where to begin? Right from the moment we arrived we were treated to service unlike any other we have experienced in Cuba. This was my 3rd visit and my girlfriends 5th to this wonderful country but my first and her second to this hotel.

Hotel- We were in Building #35 which is very close to the beach but one of the farthest from the Main Lobby/Main Buffet/Quiet Pool. Most days we walked, about 10 minutes, and some others we took one of the golf carts. The distance was not an issue for us but I can see if your a little older or handicapped that it might be an issue. Our room was clean and mostly in good working order when we checked in. We discovered that we had no cold water in the shower and our hair dryer wasn't working. A maintenance person arrived in 15 minutes and fixed the water and replaced the dryer. Also, the front desk called back to make sure we had been looked after!! Great service.

Food/Drink - We ate at the Japanese and Italian a la carte restaurants and thoroughly enjoyed both. The tepanyaki at the Japanese restaurant was very good, not Benihana but very good none the less.

Most meals were eaten at the buffet. We were very happy with the selection. If you read any complaints about quality, variety or quantity of food in any other reviews they should be disregarded. There is something for everyone here. Chicken, beef, pork, turkey, pasta, even crepes!

A nice touch was the pizza delivered to our chairs on the beach!! Awesome.

The drinks were plentiful but if you're after tomato juice you might have a hard time finding it. I've noticed this at the other hotels I've stayed at as well so I can't consider that a negative of this hotel.

Entertainment - We went to the shows every night and even participated in the Couples Show! They were entertaining for hotel shows.

Once again the Cuban people demonstrated their kindness and warmth throughout our stay. We would definitely return time and time again to Sirenis La Salina.

Room Number:

Room Block:

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"Cuban culture"

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina)
User Rating:  Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  Florence  on Jan 6, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2011 | Leisure | Family and Kids
176 people found this review helpful

I have never stayed at a resort in Cuba , but have only stayed in Havana.
Judging by the pictures of the buffets, I would say that you were very fortunate to have such a nice variety of food . The Cuban people do not have the same opportunity to have such variety.
So be gtateful for what you did get and be more generous in your tips etc.
They depend on the generosity of tourists to improve their living situations.
All the Cuban people that we have met have been very friendly, helpful , and grateful.

From Canada

Room Number:


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"I absolutely loved it!!"

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina)
User Rating:  Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Francine  on Dec 27, 2010  >  3 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2010 | Leisure | Solo
186 people found this review helpful

The resort is huge. One lady clocked her steps & averaged 7 kilometres a day. The buffet is really far from the beach. There is a restaurant down by the beach that serves lunch but if you want to go to the buffet, it`s a long walk. The theatre is located right in the center of the resort. There are shuttles to get you around but most people walk instead of waiting for a shuttle. Also, since the resort has 1000 rooms, the shuttles are usually full - the drivers of the shuttles also expect a tip, for the most part. I really enjoyed my 2 week stay here & would go back in a flash. I met one couple who had been there 5 times - many visitors were repeat customers.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Arrival was not the best. They took us to this large room - you had to line up to get your room key, line-up was slow -there were a lot of people- no drinks or food offered to us - the buffet was closing for supper in 15 min.- we had to go back to the bus to get our luggage & then bring it to the buffet with us, then get the shuttle to the rooms. it was late, we were tired. The resort is huge.

I found the rooms nice. The other reviews described them very accurately. They were clean, good water pressure - everything worked - no complaints. If you like quiet,it would be wise to ask for a room on the outside perimeter of the hotel. If you`re close to the activity pool, it is very noisy , especially on Fri. nights when they have the kareoke,

Restaurants and Bars:
The Gourmet a la carte restaurant wasn't good at all - air conditoning was on too strong, freezing in there, very small portions of food, slow service. I liked the other a la carte restaurants. I didn't try the Steakhouse or the Mexican. The Italian & the Cuban were very good.
The buffet was great. I ate for 2 weeks & didn`t get tired of it. I have been to several resorts & this was by far the best. Didn`t have any indigestion or intestinal problems at all.
I didn`t have any alcoholic drinks - only wine with meals which was great.
The bartenders were all friendly, especially done at the beach bar.

The beach is amazing. I read one of the reviews where it said the beach was small - don`t know what they were talking about. You could walk to your right ( facing the water) for 45 minutes, up to Barcelo Marina Palace. You could also walk far to the left, once you went around the point, although the sand was a little sharp around the point. Sometimes it is too windy for the hobie cats to go out. But the water sports staff are all very friendly & accomodating. I went out to snorkel with them - they charge a fee but it was worth it - saw some amazing fish.,Just a ride on the hobie cat is free & you can go each day, as long as there is an opening for a booking - you book in the a.m.
There is the activity pool & the quiet pool. I never swam in the pools,
The grounds are beautiful - well-kept.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Lots to do at the resort - the night entertainment is amazing. There is aqua aerobics at the beach every a.m. around 11:30 a.m., followed by dance lessons on the beach. The activity team is great!! They work hard.
I went in to Varadero one day - it was o.k. but mostly just shops. People who did the Havana trip really liked it but it`s a long day to be gone from the resort.

Other Comments:
Be prepared to walk a lot. It wasn`t until my 5th day there that I really felt I knew my way around - sometimes you end up walking around in circles. They have a beautiful lobby. Food is served somewhere basically 24 hours a day.
If you get a good price, take it. I really don`t think you would be disappointed.
They also had a good program for children`s activites.

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"Great one week getaway!"

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina)
User Rating:  Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Jenn  on Dec 24, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
183 people found this review helpful

We decided last minute that we needed a holiday. We took our two daughters ages 11 and 13. It was about a 35 to 40 minute bus ride direct from the airport to La Salina. The grounds leading up to the lobby were beautiful. Compared to other resorts we drove by, this one looked fantastic! Check in was super fast! Maybe 5 minutes. We grabbed a shuttle cart to take us and our luggage to our room. We were in building 38, quite close to the beach, but quite far from the lobby/buffet. We had a room on the main floor, which was great since we just opened the door, and were on our way.. no stairs. Room was clean and large, as well as the bathroom. We were expecting 2 double beds, but instead their doubles were pretty small.. we walked into our room to find 4 beds. One for each of us. Wasn't a big deal to us. Heard others very upset about bedding arrangements. Mini bar was restocked daily, as long as you took everything out, it would be all replaced. This resort is huge. Largest in Varadero at the time. Walking wasn't a big deal, about a 67 or 8 minute walk from the lobby to the beach. After a while it became a bit much. Take your own mugs; the glasses they give u for drinks hold maybe 3/4 of a cup of beer etc. Food was actually not bad. Was expecting bad food. Seafood was great. It took a day to realize what was great, and what wasn't. Desserts were horrific. Ice cream good though! Service was a hit and miss. Some were amazing, others didn't look like they wanted to be there. Quiet pool bar has amazing service! Souvinirs at hotel were same price as airport, some even cheaper at hotel! Bank.. there are two banks to exchange your money, one in lobby, and one next to gym. Exchange was 84 cuc for 100 cdn dollars. If you want to convert it back to canadian, they give it back to u at par. Big rip off! We made sure we exchanged a bit at a time so we left with $0. Drinks were, I would hate to say it, nasty. I didn't drink beer, but did the whole time I was there! Beach was beautiful! Very clean! Beach buffet was great. Too many rude french people there. The people working there should be treated with respect, and u will get good service! Don't buy souvinirs from the guy at the theatre at night, or on the beach. Take the bus to Varadero for 5 cuc, and the markets there are very cheap. Way less than half the price! Took tour to Cayo Blanco, worth the money. 75 cuc adults, 35 cuc kids. One week was just enough! If we would have went for 2 weeks, we would definitaly split the weeks up with 2 resorts. We met some great people that we met up with when we got home. Kids made lots of friends and had fun in loud pool on the waterslide! All in all, good resort, worth it!

Room Block:

Super quick. Got our free bottle of wine. Had some drinks there, and some cheeses and meats to snack on.

Very large and clean. Television had channels from the states, some canadian ones (even one from Edmonton, where we are from), french, spanish.... bathroom huge. Shower was a learing experience. First few days after our showers, we would have a few inches of water on bathroom floor. Water would run down side of tub and onto floor. Had to hold shower head piece and never had a problem. Always had clean towels.

Restaurants and Bars:
Main buffet was pretty good. Long lineups for bacon, omelettes, smoothies. Great seafood. Seafood doesn't last long at buffet. Usually lasts maybe an hour,and then something else takes its place. Roast beef good. Burger at large pool snack bar yucky. Beach bbq burgers great! Pulled pork sandwich and bbq fish fantastic at beach buffet. Quiet pool bar great service and drinks. This bar and lobby bar make their pina colada with ice in blender. Everywhere else its just poured. Bring your own big mug. Cups they give a super small! Went to 2 Al la carte restaurants: Cuban... fantastic! Great food, service, entertainment! Mediterranian... mediocre. Food alright, service not great, no entertainment. Coffee bar makes good cappiccino. Lobby bar has slushes for the kids! Can get iced coffee there too!

Beach was beautiful. Not much for snorkelling. My husband had to go wayyyyy out. Not too many people bother u. Some trying to sell woven hats, but a no will do, and they leave u alone. Entertainment staff out there in the morning, with music blaring on blown speakers. Very clean. Pools are huge, and very clean. Quiet pool is very quiet. Everytime we went by there, there was maybe a dozen people around the whole pool. Loud pool, well u have music, entertainment staff, volleyball net, waterslide... Was great over there too though. Grounds were beautiful. Always people working on the grounds.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We weren't much into the activities on the resort in regards to the entertainment staff. There was a live band at the main square one night. But not till much later. Not much happening from 3pm to 10pm. By 10pm, we were done for the night. The heat was a killer! We booked a tour to Cayo Blanco thru the tour desk across from the lobby. Was well worth it. Was guarenteed, if the weather was bad or whatever, u get a refund. Was cheap compared to other catamaran tours we have taken thoughout the caribbean. They really load the people onto the catamaran though. Was not enough seats for all the people. The island was gorgeous. Not much for snorkelling there either, but great for tanning! Took the double decker bus to Varadero on a rainy day. Was a nice trip. Got to see other hotels, and check out the town.

Other Comments:
We would go back to this hotel, but for no longer than a week. We would like to try the Iberostar next door next time. Met a wedding party there. Didn't sound like a great place for a wedding. Lots of screw ups etc.

Just remember, this is a third world country! Don't expect a 4 star there to be like a 4 star here! Also, compared to other islands in the Caribbean we have visited, we felt very safe here. No drugs anywhere. Was nice. Great for kids! We didn't even use our safe. We put everything in a pocket in our suitcase, and locked it up with our luggage locks.

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"Nine people, two grand parents, four adults, 1 teenager and 2 children - We had a great time, don't beleive all the bad reviews. "

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina)
User Rating:  Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Rahim  on Sep 22, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Aug, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
196 people found this review helpful

We just returned from the Sirenis la Salina Varadero Beach Resort on Saturday, August 14th after staying there for one week. There were nine people in our group, including two seniors, four adults, one teenager and two kids (age 6 and 4).

I booked this resort on the recommendation of a friend who stayed there recently and had positive things to say about it. I have to say after reading some of the reviews, I was really scared of what I would find. This is our third trip to Cuba. We have stayed in two other big resorts, former El Senador in Cayo Coco and Occidental Grand Playa Turquesa in Hoguin.

I have to start off this review by saying the people who have only bad things to say about this resort are either in the minority (had an isolated bad time) or have some alternate reason to say bad things about a relatively good place. We all had a great time, this is a wonderful resort.

Someone in their review made mention about having to stand out in the humid hot weather while they waited to be checked in. It appears the Hotel has read this review as we were ushered into an Air Conditioned convention room where were seated and then one of the staff explained the forms we need to complete for check in. We then lined up and received our room assignments. As requested, we received a room with a King Bed (a real King Bed, not one of those typical Cuban King beds consisting of two double beds pushed together) and a separate twin bed. We were also next to our relatives as requested.

Each room had its own A/C unit that was controllable from a unit on the wall. The electricity in the room was controlled by a slot near the door where you place one of your two key cards. One day, we didn't leave the key card in the slot while we were out, so the maid placed a make shift version in the slot that kept the electricity and AC running 24/7 for us.

The rooms were generally clean. I cannot say I saw any mould on the walls. I check the bed for bed bugs, I didn't see any evidence of them, nor did I get any bites.

The towels were not changed every day, sometimes they were delivered later in the day, sometimes not changed at all. We managed. Sometimes we used the beach towels (if we changed them before returning to the room) or the towels from the day before if they were dry. Can't say it was a major hindrance.

You are supposed to get one bottle of water, 2 cans of beer and two cans of pop in your fridge every day. We received the water every day, we didn't drink the pop, so I don't know if it would have been replaced, and the beers were replaced half the time. The maid replied that they didn't have enough when I asked her about it, said some people drink it and some do not. I just adjusted my tip for her depending on what was in the fridge.

You should be aware they charge 2 peso's for use of the safe. So if you use for the entire stay, expect to pay 14 pesos when you leave.

Restaurants and Bars:

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the food. The buffet had a lot of selections. Most was repeated each night, but who can come up with a 100 new items each night. They always had a fresh pasta bar, great stuff, add the garlic at the end, it tastes great. They also prepared crepes each night. They had a hot table where they would carve that evening's special, one night it was Turkey, chicken, Beef, Fish, pork, etc. Great stuff. They also cook fresh beef, chicken, pork, fish the way you want it. One night they made fajita's, amazing.

We ate at two of the Al-carte restaurants. We had the Mexican restaurant on Tuesday night, amazing Chicken lime soup and rice pudding, the entrees were also acceptable, and the fish was likely the best. On Friday night we ate at the Dragon Japanese, all the food here is cooked in front of you, what a great show. The food was wonderful, try it all.


I don't think we ever ate lunch at the main buffet, I don't even know if it was open. The two pool bars serve a lunch snack menu, the burgers and hot dogs were alright. I really liked the tuna on a baguette, reminded me of my time in London, England. Great stuff

The best place for lunch in the Beach Buffet, here in addition to a small buffet, they have charcoal grill when they grill fresh whole fish. Don't be afraid, if you have not eaten whole fish before, it is cut down one end and comes apart really easy, then just lift the bones out of the middle. Eat it with the fresh garlic sauce. Yum yum, every fisherman's dream. In addition to the fish, they grill boneless and quarter chicken pieces. Great place to eat, we eat fish and chicken every day.


There were two places to eat breakfast, the main buffet, with lots of selection, omelettes, eggs, pan cakes, breads, cereal, meat, milkshakes, etc. Everything you could want was there, but I still got tired of it, I am not much of breakfast eater.

You can also have access to a smaller buffet at the beach if you are so inclined. I never tried it.


I have to say I was very pleased with the drinks. The pours were always generous and I appreciated the use a blender to make daiquiri's and pina colada's, something I have not seen in Cuba before. I do recommend a Bubba mug or something similar as those small plastic cups are not big enough.

There are a number of bars in the resort. The main bar in the lobby makes amazing Mojito's with real Mint!

The quiet pool has a great swim up bar, where Oscar works, he is great with the kids and everyone in general, stop buy and say hello. Tell him you read about him on the internet. The quite pool is huge. It is a great place to just lounge around and relax and is great for kids as it is not that deep.

The other pool, the activity pool or so called loud pool has a great waterslide, always a line up for it, the swim up cave bar and all the activities. Enough said. It is not rowdy, loud drunkfest as others have described it. My little ones actually really liked it.


The beach is nice, not the best in Varadero, but nice. You should note it is not very deep, so if you prefer a deep beach, choose another resort.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We went to Havana on a day trip. We booked a private coach with tour guide for 405 Cuban Peso's. That took all 9 of us. Lunch was not included. It was a great tour and well worth the money.

We also rode the Vardero double decker bus in to town, that was nice, but not much to do. It cost 5 Cuban Peso per person and the kids were free.

Other Comments:

We all got a little sick, but hey that is what Pepto is for.


There were a lot of mosquitos. Bug spray is essential.


Was great.


The Hotel sells a good selection of Cuban cigars, unfortunately, they mark up the price by about 25%.

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"Spend a few extra $ somewhere elseif you want a memorable trip"

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina)
User Rating:  Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Review: 3.0 of 5

Posted by:  Andy  on Sep 18, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jun, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
185 people found this review helpful

The resort looks nice from the outside. Pool is welcoming and beach is very swimmable. Food is always the same and I'm not sure what the rest of Cuba is like but we didn't go for a gourmet experience. Staff are pleasant but expect to tip and that doesnt guarantee service ..except on the beach. Our room had mold in the bathroom and the shower always ran water across the floor. Maid service was less than commenting on. Never got our drinks refilled even after complaining..luck of the draw cuz others did not seem to have a problem...even though we still tipped. Gardeners and buffet staff were always accomodating and fun to talk to. Its a budget resort really so hammer out a best as possible deal.. we paid $1150 for 2 weeks from a connector to Calgary AB with Air Canada...thats a pretty good deal, otherwise I would be really dissapointed. Organized trips are expensive but they do provide! The beach people or staff will get a way better price and a personalized trip...I believe them to be quite earnest and safe to deal with. There are biting flees on the beach so be prepared to get a rash or red marks. Wife got sick for3 days.. I did not. Staff get overwhelmed so go in a slow period when there is 50% occupancy or you will pay for it ...not enough beach spots for a full house.. Watch out for your towell or be prepared to find someone elses.
I did enjoy myself, but if you want a really exotic memory, go for a top rated resort and make sure you go to Havana and buy at least a 14 year old rum

Arrival was easy, we all got bug sprayed and checked for Sars or whatever. Cold beer outside, but it only costs a peso, so don't over tip. Go to bathroom before you get on the bus, its another 45 minutes to Veradero. Nothing much to eat at airport. The price in Cuba is the same everywhere, so you don't need duty free. Bottles are 700 ml..not 750

Rooms are large but you need the AC on which makes it bearable..Lotsa humidity so don't expect anything to dry...Bring Gold Bond powder. If you leave stuff outside (like on ground floor) it will depart overnight.

Restaurants and Bars:
bland bland bland but the ice cream, honey, and pineapple is fantastic. The coffee sucked some form of cappacino I dunno. pretty weak..On the beach restaurant they make excellent pork buns, but there are lots of flies there so you have to put up with it. People raved about the Japanese place...don't waste your time..we watched little prawns (shrimp) get fried for 10 minutes before they serve them..well you don't have to worry about anything undercooked in Cuba
At the bar, they have 5 0r 7 year rum have a cigar and enjoy the lifestyle.
Your kids will probably be happy with the food, its not bad...its just buffet mass produced and I don't think Cubans know any different

Beautiful water, bring a mask and flippers, they have boats to sail and an incredible exercise routine every morning the bartenders are very friendly and enjoy a drink with you

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Take the bus into Veradero, its super cheap and great mode of transportation. There is nothing to buy but trinkets, rum and cigars. The straggglers will always try to sell you shells but they are friendly and will back off if you say NO
Look for a lobster dinner that will be cooked fresh.
The food to the island was way cant do that to lobster

Other Comments:
I would not go back to Sirenis La Salina, only because I would want something more special. Many East coasters go there because it is easy to get to and much cheaper than someone on the west coast.
Learn some Spanish and Quebec French...never heard so much french before
Lots of people smoke so be prepared to see a lot of butts

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"Most amazing pools!"

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina)
User Rating:  Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Lynn  on Aug 31, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2009 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
148 people found this review helpful

This resort had the greatest pools and bars of any resort we've been to. (And we've been to much more expensive 5 star resorts all over) They have this really unique "cave bar" inside the main pool that allows you to get out of the heat for a refreshing cold drink. We were absolutely never hounded for tips and when they were given were appreciated beyond belief. One evening at the lobby bar they ran out of my sister's preferred wine and one of the waiters (although tremendously busy)ran up to the buffet restaurant and replenished the supply even leaving us a freshly opened bottle at our table. We almost had to beg him to accept a tip for this service. The waiters at the pool bars were also very sweet and accomadating as were all the restaurant staff. We found everyone frienly including our maids! One day we went out to the pools for an entire 8 hours accidently leaving a rather large sum of cash on our dresser. Not only was it all still there but I think the maid actually dusted around it! The food at the a la cartes was fabulous and the buffets so-so. Hey - it's Cuba! We found the service and friendliness of the staff made up for it. It is a large resort so be prepared to walk. At least the grounds are beautiful with alot of interesting sculptures to keep you amused. There are constantly shuttles offering yuo a ride anyway. We loved it and for the price we payed ($800 can. per person) we'd go back in a flash!

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"Too much $$ for what you get. Not worth the value"

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina)
User Rating:  Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Review: 1.0 of 5

Posted by:  Eva  on Jul 11, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jul, 2010 | Leisure | With Group
178 people found this review helpful

The service was very poor. Starting from reception right to the bartenders. No variety of food at the buffet. They basically served the same food every day. A La Carte restaurants were only open certain days of the week. Only allowed to book 2 A La Carte. The drinks were awlful. The pool bar always ran out before it's closing time. Entertainment Staff almost non existent. If you just looking to lie on the beach and have the odd drink and meal then this is fine for you but if you are planning to eat, drink and be entertain then look for another resort.

Could use queen beds instead of double beds.

Restaurants and Bars:
Terrible. No varity of food or drinks. Always waiting for clean plates unless you are the first one at the buffet. Once the food or drinks run out they do not replish them. A La carte restaurants are only open certain days of the week.

The beach and grounds was beautifull. As for the pools they were dirty

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Almost non existent.

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"Housekeeping extremely bad - Told what should be and what really happens is called " The cuban way"

Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina)
User Rating:  Memories Varadero Beach Resort (ex Sirenis La Salina) Review: 3.0 of 5

Posted by:  Stephen  on Jun 27, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2010 | Leisure | With friend
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Resort was booked to capacity so very difficult to get a spot on the beach. What was left of the beach due to recent storms. Weather was off and on. 3 hot days the rest cloudy and overcast. Too windy to go to the beach.

Check in was very fast however the room location we requested during purhchase was not what what we actually received. We were given dirty beach towels the 1st day to exchange for clean ones WHEN they were available. We were told laundry was broken and that it was across the cuba. Howwever after speaking with quests from other hotels were found out this was NOT true. We had clean room towels the 1st day and then not the entire week. The shower leaked the entire week so everyday we had to clean up a flood = We used a towel to block the water but housekeeping kept taking it away. We had to beg borrow and pay through the noise if we wanted to get another towel.

The food was terrible so we ate mostly bread and veggies.

Our nolitours rep was a nice yound french guy but frankly he wasn't much help - he pretty much said when in cuba you must except that what is advertised it not exactly what you get. The cuban way is not to believe anything the sign says. If the bank is suppose to be open between a certain hour it really isn't so if you need money make sure you don't wait until the day you need it.

Your Arrival:
Fast check in/out

spacious - bed nice and firm. Fridge always stocked - have to pay for the safe even though we were told it was part of the package.

Restaurants and Bars:
don't cook well - food horrible. The dominican's food is gourmet compared to cuban food. Lots of drinks if your a drinker.

Pools huge - 2 but people have a habit of tieing their towels to the beach cots so if you want to lay out on the pool or beach you have to get up early and reserve a spot. Not enough cots when hotel is booked to capacity.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
very hokey activiites - need more activities that get guests interacting -= part of a holiday is too meet new people. Resort is soooooo huge that its hard to meet new people. People stay in their clicks.

Other Comments:
Staff are absolutely horrible at this resort. They are tip hungry. The first night we were taken to our room and the bell boy or should I say man would not leave without a sizeable tip. we didn't have any convertible pesos yet so he insisted on us giving him canadian $ 10 tip. They are always asking for tips straight out.

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