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Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao  

Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. 8, Willemstad 8, Curacao

"Not sure how anyone could complain about this resort"
Posted by: Donna  on Mar 24, 2012
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Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Reviews
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Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Curacao Curacao

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User rating 3.7

Based on 12 reviews

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Information

Experience all the excitement of Breezes with a completely different flavor at Breezes Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino.

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Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Reviews

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 3.7 of 5 12 reviews
Very good
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"Not sure how anyone could complain about this resort"

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  Donna  on Mar 24, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2012 | Leisure | Family and Kids
471 people found this review helpful

We went to this resort for March Break with our two kids, age 11 and 9 and it was the best holiday ever! The kids loved the circus school, and all of the other activities... there was always something to keep them occupied. The entertainment crew were fabulous and learned our names quickly, we all liked Bingo! The evening entertainment was fantastic... from a Curacao night with dancers and crafts and music, to the Circus, the Cowboy parade and marching band, movies and popcorn on the beach... there was always something and it was always fun.

Our room was in the Royal Tower and we didn't find it noisy at all... we went to bed at 10 or 10:30 every night and were so exhausted I don't think a fire alarm could have woken us! We liked being so close to everything at the Royal Tower. Our room was huge, our balcony was huge, and our beds were comfortable (and my husband is PICKY!) and the room was clean... what more could you want from a 3 star resort? It exceeded our expectations.

The employees were FANTASTIC! So friendly, so welcoming... they worked hard and you could see the results of their efforts... we had lots of friendly conversations with resort employees... some were shy at first, but who can resist a smile and a hello?

The food was also WONDERFUL! I think the people on Trip Advisor who have complained must have been staying at a different resort or have crazy high expectations. The only thing they ran out of was marmalade at breakfast one morning! There was TONS of food available all the time, it was very flavourful and there was a huge variety. We loved the Japanese restaurant, and the Italian... but our favourite was the Starlight Grill... they flip the beach side bar/grill for dinner and you can eat on the beach, under the stars, by candlelight and our meal was absolutely amazing. We went a second time, for the BBQ night we enjoyed it so much.

The drinks were plentiful... yes, the glasses were small, but there was no limit on getting more... and they never ran out of glasses while we were there and this was March Break. They had a huge selection of quality alcohol... yeah for us! I enjoyed drinks all day, wine with my meals and champagne by the pool at night. Our kids were a little addicted to the strawberry smoothies!

We would highly recommend this resort... it was our best vacation ever!

Room Number:

Room Block:
Royal Tower

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"Not worth the price!"

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 2.0 of 5

Posted by:  Jennifer  on Jan 13, 2012  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2012 | Wedding | Family and Kids
505 people found this review helpful

This resort was a huge disappointment. I was very skeptical after reading the reviews which for the most part were very accurate! When we arrived to the resort I immediately wanted to go home. I was so upset with what we received for what we paid!!!!! The resort itself was extremely dated and not the cleanest (this is coming from a neat freak). It is definitely a 3 star resort & nothing more! With the price of a four star!

Room Number:

Lobby was small therefore very over crowded upon arrival. Checked into our room to find we had been given a room with a King size bed and had requested 2 beds as we were travelling with a child. The Manager was a little difficult to deal with and told us we "owed him one" when he finally switched us to a different room.

The rooms are so dated they are terrible!!!! The view from our room was probably the worst in the resort. We overlooked a staff maintenance area full of broken lounge chairs. Our bathtub did not work and we were travelling with a small child. When you turned the faucet on in the bathroom sink you were welcomed with a blast of water that shot out about 2 feet from the sink. There were chips in the tiles on the floor and grime around the calking in the bathroom, especially near the toilet. I was also disappointed to find there were no fridge's with drinks in the rooms. You had to rent the refrigerator's and drinks were not stocked. This was an inconvenience when travelling with a child. The only bottled water on the resort was in the lobby and cost $2.

Restaurants and Bars:
I am an extremely picky eater and can say the food was pretty good, although the selection was limited at the buffet. The layout was not very good as you were constantly bumping into people. We were also annoyed to find after trying to book the 3 a la cartes less than 24 hours after we arrived at the resort we were only able to get reservations for 2. I find this is a huge annoyance. The food at the italian & japanese was delicious. The cups are extremely small, so don't forget to bring your own!!!!

The pools were very dated and not the cleanest. The water was almost cloudy in areas and there was dirt in the pool. We avoided the pools and spent most of our time at the beach which was wonderful. I read a review before we went & it said to go to the furthest part of the beach which is the best area for children to swim as there is a lot of coral in the water (you will see a wall where the locals sometimes sit on and they swim on the other side). I loved how there was a break in the water. There were 8 children in our group which made swimming in the ocean and using kayaks, etc. nicer. This resort had many activities for children, however with the 8 kids we travelled with we did not use any of the "extras" except the water activities.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The city is beautiful & worth the 10 min drive by bus! I felt very safe and we took out 4 year old with us. The historic buildings are beautiful! One of my favourite parts of the trip! We also went to the Sea Aquarium, which is a 5 min walk from the hotel. This was also wonderful and our son enjoyed every minute of it, as did the adults!

Other Comments:
Curacao is a nice place, however this resort is way past due for an update. I see the Manager has made comments on other posts that the resort is going to undergo renovations. I don't care if it's getting a facelift now that my vacation is over! This will not help my experience at all! Had I known how dated it was and how badly it needed a good cleaning, I don't know if I would have gone. I was very disappointed and would never recommend this resort for the value. There are far nicer options out there! If you do happen to travel to this resort, don't forget your insect repellant!

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"Greatest resort in years of travelling Caribean"

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Marty  on Jan 11, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2012 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
505 people found this review helpful

Staff: very efficient and friendly.

Room Number:

Room Block:

met by rep. from breezes. Lined up for package and bracelets. Short bus trip to hotel. Check in for room efficient.

Large clean and location was great. Meredith our maid was terrific. Bed king size and firm. Terrific view Pool at our door with grill and bar next then beach. Could not ask for more.

Restaurants and Bars:
Bars efficient and friendly. The food was hot and good. Not a large variety but ample.

very clean and nicely landscaped. lots of shade.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Lots to do rock climbing, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, wind surfing, paddle boats, scuba, all in a protected area. Water warm and crystal clear with lots of fish. Public bus cheap and Willemstaat was lovely with lots to see and do while feeling safe and welcome.

Other Comments:
The snorkeling was one of the safest clearest i have seen in the Caribbean. The fireworks and entertainment were spectacular on New Years Eve.

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"Loved Breezes, Curacao"

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  Gail  on Nov 12, 2010  >  3 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Oct, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
650 people found this review helpful

Arrived at the airport, a Breezes rep was there waiting for everyone, filled out the paperwork and onto the bus for the short and interesting ride to the hotel. Once there, check in was quick and efficient, got the two rooms in the Flamingo wing as requested and the folks at the front desk couldn't have been more helpful. Lugged our luggage down to the end of the complex, up the 3 flights of stairs and arrived at our room(s).

They were just like we thought they'd be. Lots of room, lots of storage, very clean, bright, and surprisingly soundproof. Loved the view (pool and ocean) from the balcony! We really liked the Flamingo Wing, a nice walk to the rest of the resort, but far enough away from all the "action" at the main pool in the evenings.

Restaurants and Bars:
Didn't have any issues with the food at all, oh maybe one..... too much and too good ! Jimmy's Buffet's were great - there was always something different to try both for lunches and dinner. Breakfast was great, they had pancakes every day (banana, pumpkin, strawberry), french toast, bacon, sausage, Johnny Cakes, made to order omelettes, cold cereal, yoghurt, fresh fruit, make your own toast or toasted bagles, and on and on. Excellent orange juice and endless coffee, latte's, and cappachino's. Oh and Jimmy's caters to those who get hungry after hours, they serve food up until 1:00 am and my girls said the burgers were great !
Pastafari: Because we were there two weeks we got to visit twice and enjoyed ourselves and the food both times. Excellent service (with smiles!) excellent food and chose to sit inside in the A/C - but only twice !
Munasan: Only visited twice, but the food was excellent, they do a good job cooking Japanese food. We all had plenty to eat, the atmosphere was great and the service was too.
Carousel Beach Bar: Had great cheeseburgers and fries, they also serve grilled chicken and fish, hot dots, nachos and popcorn. Service with a smile and had some great conversations with the lady there.
Beach Side Restaurant: Went twice and both times had incredible meals, the grilled fish and chicken were excellent, right on the beach, waves crashing, moon dancing on the water....aaahhhhhh ~!
Bar Service was great as well, loved the frozen Pina Colada's and the Strawberry Daquiri's, with and/or without alcohol. Tried most of the "drinks of the day", didn't care for the beer but we didn't go for the beer now, did we?

The beach was incredible. We were right at the end of the beach, opposite to the Dive Shop, the sand was soft, no rocks, water was shallow for a bit and then it got deeper. Just right ! No need for water shoes if you're at this end of the complex! The water was warm, the odd time we'd find a cool spot but not for long ! The snorkeling was absolutely amazing, on the beach side of the barrier we saw a Moray eel, tons of Tangs, and fish I have no idea what they were. Friendly little things too, they weren't afraid of the big human fish with fake fins ! On a calm day make sure you go around the barrier and snorkle - man what a different world that was.... the coral and the fish, it was like swimming in your fish tank !
The pool at the Flamingo wing was excellent, water was always clean and warm. Grounds were kept in immaculate condition. Beautiful.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Ostrich Farm and Hato Caves: Paid quite a bit for this excursion, then to find out when we arrived at each location that we still had to pay an entrance fee, didn't know about that one so watch out ! Ostrich Farm was OK, lots of ostriches (really!) loved the crocs and the turtles in the pond. Didn't get any time to try any of the delicacies at the restaurant, checked out the African gift shop but we found it was very overpriced. Hato Caves was OK as well, extremely hot in the caves (as expected) we were told we could not take pictures in certain areas which was unfortunate. Saw plenty of cute fruit bats and staligmites and stalactities ! Don't get me wrong, they were each unique in their own way but I wouldn't go back again.

Klein Curacao Catamaran with Bounty Adventures: This excursion was amazing but too long for us. A very long day if you have kids with you, even though they were older, it was soooooo hot. Bus arrived and took us to the Catamaran, an interesting drive through the local areas of Curacao. They served "breakfast" which was a bun with a very thin slice of very salty ham and that was breakfast. They had plenty of beverages - coffee, pop, juice and after lunch the alcohol came out. Klein Curacao is beautiful, the beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, miles of powder white sand, the water is clear and warm..... I thought I'd died and gone to heaven :). Snorkeling was amazing, we swam with a family of turtles and they didn't care one bit about us, we shared our adventure with them and felt blessed to have been able to do so.

Dolphin Swim: At Seaquarium, a short but very hot walk from Breezes. Very neat place except one of the reasons we decided to go to Curacao was the Animal Adventure where you feed the sharks, turtles and mantas, and it was Closed. Yes, imagine how disappointed the four of us were after hyping ourselves out to feed these incredible creatures to find out they were closed, and expanding. Waaaaaaa. But, the two girls had the Dolphin Swim of a lifetime, the adventure was about 45 minutes long and the smiles on the girls faces told the whole story. One of the girls said it was better than the adventure we had in Orlando..... and that one was amazing.

Other Comments:
We can't say enough about the customer service at Breezes. Customer Service is #1. We got to experience that first hand, every day. It's nice to see and experience genuine concern for their customers. From the folks at the Front Desk to the Gardeners, customer service is what Breezes personnel live and breathe.

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"Not too bad, but not as good as most other resorts."

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 3.0 of 5

Posted by:  Steve  on Mar 31, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
667 people found this review helpful

Your Arrival:
No real organization. Almost a figure it out for yourself setup.

The rooms were the one pleasant surprise. They were larger than some resorts I stayed at and very clean. The only downside to the rooms was the lack of a refrigerator.

Restaurants and Bars:
This is where breezes really needs to improve. Jimmys buffet had a very poor and limited selection of food at every meal. Most times the food was luke warm at best, cold at worst. The wait staff didn't look well organized and just a half hour into service they were short on cutlery, plates, glasses etc.
The bar staff most often than not didn't know how to make simple drinks without instructions and the bars should have a master list of specialty drinks they serve.
The Italian restaurant was pretty good but again service was slow. The Japanese was much better.

The beaches were not bad but people should definitely bring surf shoes due to the rocks and coral. The pools were good but small. More umbrellas both pool side and beachside would be a huge improvement. Most afternoons the poolside was barren of people, possibly due to the fact that there were only 3 umbrellas for shade. With temperatures approaching 30+ celsius, more shade would have been appreciated. Overall the grounds were fairly clean.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Willemstaad is a beautiful little city and we ventured there a few times for shopping and sightseeing and enjoyed it tremendously.

Other Comments:
The biggest disappointment was the construction just east of the resort that started every morning at 7:00am when the manager assured us the first day that it wouldn't start before 9:00. Rather than lie to us it would have been nicer if he said he had no control over it.
Overall, not a bad resort, just little things that need improving to make it a great resort.

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"Disappointment in Curacao"

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 1.0 of 5

Posted by:  maren  on Mar 28, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Business | With Group
633 people found this review helpful

Great location, poor service at resort, poor communication, no anticipation of vacationer's need. It felt as though they did not have enough wait staff, meals were OK and it could use better direction and orientation to new vacationer's. I did not feel the customers were their first priority,

Your Arrival:
confusing at check-in, no well defined "what do you do next', no property tour to welcome the guests. No general manager welcoming the bus load of people of vacationers to the property

Always clean, no complaints

Restaurants and Bars:
food OK, service dismal - had to continuously ask for glasses of water..or help yourself to the waitress' trays

Beaches fine...including the call out of the water for the Portuguese Man of War finding.....had to share part of the beach with 'locals and others' who swam in from neighboring beaches. Security could have been a bit more vigilant to control that

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Great sailboat ride, good walk through town

Other Comments:
Nice to see the island, but I feel once is enough,,especially after the lines experienced at the airport...they are not set up for 100 people shuttled from a hotel..YIPES!!

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"Loved Curacao and the snorkelling was amazing!!"

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  Wendy Nember  on Jan 12, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2009 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
760 people found this review helpful

We loved this resort. Lots to do, on a long stretch of beach, snorkelling off shore in about 12 feet of clear torquoise water, like being in an aquarium.

Your Arrival:
No problem, got the room we asked for on first floor in the Flamingo wing, away from the main bar area.

Modern bathroom with shower, 2 queen very comfortable beds with sqooshy pillows, tipped the maid daily $1, but no pressure to do so. We had an ocean view but did no request it, and a pool was right in front of our room, and overlooked the ocean. Always a hot shower and lots of towels.

Restaurants and Bars:
You can book ahead and eat only in the a la cartes, all are very good. The Grill is right on the beach, so your bare toes are in the sand as you eat!
All bar service was great, international liquor, ie Grand Marnier, and they use acrylic glasses, not disposable plastic. Please do not ask for straws, they wind up on the gorgeous beach.
Eat with the chef at the Oriental, it's so much fun, we did it 4 times over our two weeks.
The Italian is the only one air conditioned, but you can eat inside or outside. Delicious.
Unfortunately the red and white wine were NOT good, from Argentina, but the Italian champagne was a wonderful substitute. When in Rome . . . .
The cafe laite machine at Jimmys Buffet made delicious coffee, and we got some each night and added liqueur to it for our special coffees, as we watched the spectacular sunsets. We brought our own plastic glasses, and covered cups for the bar. Note that they sell day passes to locals, and have weekend packages for guests from nearby islands and South America who travel with their families, so get to the Buffet on time to get a seat. On weekends we booked the a la cartes to avoid lineups. There was lots of selection at Jimmy's Buffet, so it was never boring, an omelette station, delicious pancakes, and at lunch, a pasta bar. We only ate supper once at Jimmy's on our arrival.

The Pool Bar was full of children and people who never left the pool, so we did it once, but there are lots of other pools and the wonderful ocean to swim in. Bring your Tevas or beach shoes, there are some rocky areas. Near the far wall to the right, it is deep and free of stones, it was our favourite spot. There is a huge turtle residing in the hibiscus garden, and some Scarlet Macaws in cages, wanted to let them out . . . Also, a huge area with hammocks for afternoon naps, and the trapeze area was busy. Our Canadians did us proud on New Years Eve, they were part of the trapeze show - amazing. We were so proud of their skills. There is a double hot tub, that is really hot, not that you need heat here. It topped 40 degrees most days, and the wind is constant, but the sand does not blow in your face. If you bring a hat, good luck. Try one with draw strings, as the wind is strong most days. Snorkel when it is calm. We went outside the rocks to see the coral, but most of the fish are inside, where it is calmer. There was no shortage of comfortable canvas chairs.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
You can learn the trapeze, and there is a climbing wall. We declined these activities. And volleyball on the beach.
There was an amazing amount of children, and an active Kids club. Good place for children and families, but I wondered who was looking after some of the wild ones!
If you book ahead a day, you can take the free mini bus shuttle into Wilmenstead, don't miss this. There is a swinging bridge, and lots of shopping. Effy is where I bought myself some fabulous bling, they are world renowned. I did barter a little.
No beggars here. We rented a car and went to the highest point in Cristobal Park. Very much fun. Take your drivers license or you are out of luck. Cost about $60.00 US, and the speed limit for the whole island is 50 mi/hr.
We left at 9ish, and were back at 5ish and had lunch along the way. Pay a visit to the Aquarium, a 15 minute walk to the right of the resort. Seniors get 50% off. There is a sea lion and dolphin show. Go downstairs in the boat, there are windows to look at the sea life. A giant sea turtle is a sight to see. Others told us about this later, so we missed it! You can get PADI certified here, and a daily shore dive is included, if you have your PADI already. A small catamaran will take you for a ride into open ocean. We did not go, but knew others who went daily.

Other Comments:
As we left at 6:30pm, on the latest of 4 buses, they gave us late checkout at 4pm. What a great perk!! Nice that they stagger the buses, so all are not in one long lineup at the airport.

I found all staff to be friendly and helpful, and full of life and laughter. Treat them nicely and get it back.

We saw osprey, frigates, pelicans, hawks and eagles over our two weeks, and the national bird, an oriole.

Watch out for overweight luggage charges. The humidity added KG to our luggage, as we did not buy anything, and they wanted to charge us $120US for overweight luggage. They allowed us to transfer some to our fairly empty hand luggage. Others were not so lucky and had to pay it.

We reserved our seats on the way back, 15.00 each. No telling which bus you get on to the airport, others did not sit together.
We got home at 3:00am, waited for luggage for an hour, plane door was frozen, so a little grueling return, but all in all a great time.

I have a map of the resort, will email if you tell me how and where.

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"Certainly been one of the best times we've ever had"

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 4.5 of 5

Posted by:  mvl  on Nov 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2009
623 people found this review helpful

December 4 2009

Arrival: Nov 21-29,2009
Just returned Nov 29 from Breezes and had another great vacation snorkeling, diving, golfing, celebrating, shopping and relaxing. We have been to this hotel several times but in the past 2 years have seen improvements to the quality of food, more sand added to the beach and a more helpful attitude from buffet and bar staff.

The weather was hot and sunny, shady areas on the beach, lounges and towels always available and the hotel rooms were cool and clean. Overall this place is absolutely fantastic and is a great value for us out of Toronto.

Every vacation will have some glitches but who wants to spend their vacation time focused on what to complain about? We think that at this Breezes there is nothing major that would hold anyone back from having a great time. You'll have a fantastic time if you enjoy snorkeling off the beach, seeing thousands of fish and can relax in a casual setting. Go really wild and bring some friends and have an unforgettable vacation you'll be talking about for years. It has certainly been one of the best times we've ever had.

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"Snorkeling was awesome"

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Brenda  on May 1, 2009  >  8 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: May, 2009
597 people found this review helpful

I had been to Curacao once before and stayed at Sunset Waters. We enjoyed Sunset Waters at the time, but in recent years the price had gone up there out of range and we'd heard it wasn't as good as when we were there. The Sunquest package for Breezes was affordable so we decided to go there this trip.

To sum up before I start giving details, the resort was much better than I'd anticipated. Better food, nicer rooms, nicer beach and better snorkeling than I'd expected. Now for the details.

Rooms - we had a room in Flamingo wing. It's the building furthest from the main pool. It was very quiet, not crowded (tons of empty loungers on the beach even when it was busy), nicest pool. Drawbacks to Flamingo wing were longer walk to restaurants and lobby and no pool bar for refreshments. However, closest bar was in Pelican wing, right next door. The rooms themselves were reasonably spacious, much better than other rooms I've been in. The room had just been updated with new paint. Bathroom, while not spacious, was beautiful, marble countertops with bowl basin on top of counter. Glass walk-in shower. Our room had a large flat screen tv on the wall, but can't say channel selection was great. Not a biggie after all, you have the Caribbean and beach right out your doorstep!

Beach and pools - Pools were immaculate. Main pool is more like a river - very narrow and broken up by various "things" - islands, pool table, fountains, tables, stools etc. Pool at Pelican wing also broken up into smaller sections. Pool at Flamingo wing is the most open and quiet. Beach had reportedly just gotten new sand and it was very nice. Beach was clean - never saw any litter at the Flamingo end. Beach was a bit crowded near the main pool and the snack bar.

Buffet - well, let me just say anyone who complains about the food at the buffet restaurant is out of their cotton picking mind!! The food was great. My only complaint - and its minor - is not a lot of vegetables. Lots of meat dishes - almost every meal had selections of chicken, beef, fish and pork. Sometimes lamb, sometimes goat stew (which is the national dish by the way). Often prawns and calamari. Always rice, pasta and potatoes of some sort. Desserts were plentiful - cheesecake, layer cakes, cookies, and ice cream (best I've ever had to be truthful!). Cappuccino machine was always on at breakfast and dinner and I used it a lot. Service was almost always fantastic. There were a few nights where there were glitches in the service - one night when a large group of women came in for a conference, and then just a couple of nights when the wait staff couldn't get their act together. However, that being said, the service was much, much better than most other buffets I'd been to and it was always pleasant with genuine smiles and greetings.

Ala carte - we did the Munasan Japanese restaurant. The food was good, however the night we went the service was very slow. No desserts there and we were still a bit hungry when we were finished, so we went to the buffet afterwards for coffee and dessert. Pastafari - food was very good, service a bit slow, but nothing to complain about. Only problem there was huge line-up at the salad bar - too many people trying to go through it all at once. We didn't bother with the BBQ ala carte because by then we were just pleased with the buffet food.

Entertainment - for the most part was good, albeit spotty, time-wise. The three sax players (on different nights) were all good. The second sax player was the best musician, but all were good entertainers. The steel pan player was barely audible over the congo drums, but was also good. Nothing ever seemed to happen with guest/staff talent night. There was one night, I think Wednesdays, that all the ala cartes are open and the pool deck is loaded with people. The entertainment on that night was great and it was like a big party atmosphere.

Snorkeling - was awesome. There is no reef as some people had said - unless you go outside the breakwaters. The days that we were there were a little too rough for our comfort to go outside the lagoon. If you do want to venture out, it's advised to check with the dive shop as to currents for that day as there can be rip currents in the area. The breakwater has an abundance of sea life to view. We saw thousands of tangs, grunts, goatfish, yellow-tailed snappers and tetras. We also saw at least 3 puffer fish, 4 morays, an octopus, a barracuda, schools of halfbeaks (some people call them needlefish) and zillions of red-lipped blennies.

Children and activities - the resort is definitely family friendly. There were tons of kids there. The climbing wall never seemed to be used and the skating rink wasn't really useable (and who wants to go skating anyway?). There were lots of pool activities, a giant chess board, shuttle boards, bikes, a game room (with the arcade type games), ping pong tables, water bikes, kayaks, hobie rides and more. Lots for kids to do. There is a spa and a gym as well. Also a small library to leave/take books in the TV room in the lobby. The gift shop is okay. More expensive than town, which is usual and didn't seem to be restocked very often, but did have a few choices and necessities.

Minor glitches
- our toilet plugged the first night but maintenance people were there within a few minutes to unplug.
- security guards at the flamingo end were often not attentive enough and we frequently had local invaders in the pool that would sneak around the wall
- minor workmanship issues with the room, but nothing that was a problem
- check-in was not very efficient, but not time consuming
Impressive extras - twice had supervisor types knock on our door and check that everything was okay
- a personal letter from the hotel manager asking if our room was satisfactory
- iced tea on request in the buffet restaurant
- servers around the main pool deck after dinner to get drinks
- cappuccino machine was an unexpected bonus

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"The free shuttle into Willemstad was a nice extra"

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 4.5 of 5

Posted by:  Joan from Alberta  on May 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: May, 2009
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I've travelled for 30 years, a lot of stays at all inclusive resorts throughout the Caribbean, so after reading the mixed reviews on this site, thought I had a pretty good idea what to expect. I was very happy to find the resort far outweighed my expectations!

We were there for two weeks from Apr.5, and enjoyed every minute. I had contacted Valerie and requested a ground floor room in a quiet location, which we received in the Flamingo building. It was wonderful to have the pool, never crowded, right outside our patio door, and incredible snorkeling just steps away off the beach! Never had to fight for loungers, and often had the pool to ourselves for long periods throughout the day. Our room was fine - the toilet 'howled" a bit when flushed, and we did have mosquitoes in our room most nights to some degree, but nothing major, and hey, that can happen at home too! I also made the suggestion to the resort that a mirror be provided in the main living area so if the bathroom is occupied, the other person can carry on with doing hair, make-up or whatever - small thing, but would be a nice convenience.

The grounds are lovely, with lots of palms and other vegetation, and were well maintained. Liked the fairy lights along the walkways at night - attractive and provided extra lighting when moving round the resort. We found the property to be kept fairly clean, and it would help if guests had the courtesy to return glasses, etc. to the bars. We also made the suggestion that the resort provide drop-off areas (bins, baskets, whatever) near the pools and along the beach for this purpose - could encourage people to do their share.

Enjoyed the macaws housed along the walkwaysand chatted with them in passing. They appear well cared for. Also enjoyed the local birds - bananaquits, yellow/green finches, troupials, tropical mockingbirds, and the various lizards scooting around.

We were happy with the buffet restaurant, breakfast, dinner and lunch. Typical all-inclusive buffet with a good variety of meats prepared in a variety of ways - chicken, turkey, fish (generally very good!), goat, lamb, steak, roast beef (surprisingly good, and we're from Alberta!). Mashed or roasted potatoes, rice, veggies, variety of salads, fajitas, tacos, cheeses, cold cuts, breads. Desserts ranged from various cakes, cheesecake, flan, cookies, and the most wonderful ice cream you'll ever eat! Breakfasts were typical AI - pancakes, eggs, omelete bar, bacon, sausage (link or patties), fruit bar (pineapple, papaya, watermelon, cantelope), pastries, croissants, toast, cereals.

The two snack bars at main pool and at Pelican building had hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, cheese sandwiches, grilled chicken on buns, fries, potato fritters . And popcorn or nachos for snack attacks. Top shelf booze - Canadian Club, Seagrams, Johnny Walker, Drambuie, Grand Mariner, Galliano, Bailey's etc. as well as lovely frozen pina colada and strawberry daiquiris (and others) - delightful either virgin or hard. And of course rum, vodka, etc, domestic and imported. Never tried the beer on tap, but seemed to be popular! Soft dirnks (soda) for kids or those who preferred them.

We did the Japanese and Italian a la cartes once - preferred the Italian, but both were good. We passed on the Starlight dinner around the pool (or on the beach).

The entertainment we saw was good - loved both sax players. But found after a day snorkeling and around/in the pool we never made it to the later shows which started at 10 p.m. There was a circus performance one evening, and wanted to hear the reggae band but just couldn't make it that late after a day in the sun! :)

Most staff were friendly, helpful and polite - just remember that they live a slower life style than we do, so practice patience if things don't happen "right NOW!".

The beach was lovely with the new addition of sand, and we managed to find entry into the water at "our" end where we didn't have much dead coral to cross barefoot before putting on fins . It was wonderful to be able to snorkel in calm water whenever we wanted, regardless if the sea was a bit choppy! Snorkeling off the beach is a priority when we're chosing a destination, and Breezes provided that in spades! The variey of fish and sea creatures we saw was wonderful - sergent majors, varieties of parrot fish, surgeon fish, grunts, squirrel fish, schools of tangs, one large fire worm, one small octopus, 3 different moray eels - two swimming freely along the sand! - puffers and various sized trunk fish, schools of tetras, wrasses, blennies, flounders - you name it, it was likely there! Oh, and one barracuda. A few days the water was a bit cloudy, but other days crystal clear. The fish are so habituated to humans they don't even seem to be aware of you! A bit of coral and anemones here and there - good to see!

The free shuttle into Willemstad was a nice extra, and the alloted time was perfect for us. We also took the local bus (van) to the Seaquarium (too hot to walk!) and to a nearby supermarket for $1.00 each way.

We did the Seaquarium snorkel encounter ($49 includes admission to the Seaquarium) , which we'd done 4 years ago and enjoyed. On our previous visit we were given rubber pouches of sardines to feed the fish, sharks, turtles, but they no longer do that since they have dolphins in an adjoining pool and the quality of fish isn't high enough for them. You can still see the sea turtles and lemon and nurse sharks through the chain fence or plexiglass viewing area, swim above rays, encounter large tarpon (?) and other fish, including a large puffer, and watch and interact with the dolphins through a plexiglass area (if they're willing!) . Other than those creatures, not a lot to see - we saw more varieties of colorful fish in the resort lagoon. Were it not for the dolphin and shark "close encounters", this wouldn't be worth the cost, but that just my opinion from this year, and I did enjoy being close-up to these incredible creatures!.

We also took a snorkel trip with the resident dive boat - to Tugboat site about 20 minutes along the coast. ($44 plus tax, plus $15 if you use their equipment). We didn't see a large number of fish there, but swimming along the drop-off to deep water and watching the divers and their bubbles was fun, but again, saw more sea life in our "home" lagoon! There was more coral in that area, but not a large amount, and seeing the tugboat wreck was kinda neat., but not sure it was worth the cost - again, just MY opinion!

Breezes gave us everything and more than we wanted and expected for this vacation. I wouldn't hesitate to return or recommend this resort to anyone. Just be aware and realistic of what your expectations are - don't expect more than what you're paying for.

I would compare Breezes Curacao to Sunscape Casa del Mar in Bayahibe D.R., for anyone who's been there (prior to it becoming a Dreams resort this year). Snorkeling was better at Breezes. Both these resorts are on my "will return some day" list.

Our previous Curacao trip was to Sunset Waters (2005). We were pleased with our stay there, albeit , it wasn't on par with our usual AI experiences, although we did enjoy the food there at the time. But it compares in no way to Breezes, in all aspects, including snorkeling. More corals there, yes, but I enjoyed the larger numbers and variety of species of fish at Breezes more.

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