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Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao  

Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. 8, Willemstad 8, Curacao

"Not sure how anyone could complain about this resort"
Posted by: Donna  on Mar 24, 2012
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Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Reviews
Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Pictures and Information
Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Curacao Curacao

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User rating 3.7

Based on 12 reviews

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Information

Experience all the excitement of Breezes with a completely different flavor at Breezes Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino.

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Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Reviews

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 3.7 of 5 12 reviews
Very good
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"I am still totally shoked about this honestly!!!!"

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Cory  on Apr 1, 2009  >  2 contribution(s) Trinidad and Tobago
Visited on: Apr, 2009
223 people found this review helpful

Arrival: June 17 - June 24
I didnt feel that welcomed at all when I got there, the staff need to work on that.

I stayed in room 2122, it was a very clean and nice room, king size bed, air condition, fan, tv etc, was cleaned everyday by maid service...

Restaurants and Bars:
The bar Seemed to be well stocked, I only drank Baileys, that they had and was quite pleased, The food was not exceptional, but on a scale of 1 = 10, i give it a 6.

Very clean and well kept...

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Lots of activities, pool, table tennis, beach side competitions everyday, scuba diving, aerobics ets.

Other Comments:
I was really really surprised as to the unfriendless of some people in Curacao, downright rude and very obnoxious. I spoke to a lot of visitors in met in Curacao and they all agreed...I am still totally shoked about this honestly!!!! I must however mention that the people who were pleasant were the staff at the Breezes Hotel...

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"Next year - Aruba baby!!"

Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao
User Rating:  Breezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao Review: 2.5 of 5

Posted by:  Mark  on Mar 1, 2009  >  7 contribution(s) United Kingdom
Visited on: Mar, 2009
218 people found this review helpful

Fairly quick to pick up everyone at the airport..lines were long but moved at a decent pace..However, airport staff was very disorganized, about 50 people got so frustrated thye butted in ahead of the rest of us..there were no clear lines to get thru their customs..ah well, 'tis island

Rooms were ok, the tile floors were VERY slippery due to moisture..we adusted the ac/fan and got it under control. bathroom had been renovated..unfortunately, the tub installed crooked so that you would have huge puddles on the floor whenever tou showered..we jerry-rigged the shower curtain to the actual showerhead to help stop the water from running down the wall and onto the floor. there was also an exhaust fan in the bathroom but it was not hooked up to anything.. it would have been nice to vent the damp air from the showers. One funny thing..the safe smelled like was gross!! lol

Restaurants and Bars
The bar service was awesome..very polite and always seemed to know who was next to be served without asking.The food at the buffet was disgusting. and if you wanted an omelete, the girl working there would only cook one at a time even though she had four burners..always a line of 4-6 people..if you wanted an omelete, be prepared to wait 15 minutes!! The food at the Italian restaurant was awesome. The food at Munason was gross- overheated oil drenched vegetables..It tasted like something a stoned teenager had cooked at 3am cuz he had the munchies..It didn't help that their sewage treatment plant is right by this restaurant, the stench is disgusting..not sure why they put a restaurant there! We were forewarned by a lot of other guests not to order the beef or ribs at the beach grill as they were overcooked and tough, so we ordered the grilled fish, and boy, was that awesome..All in all the food was decent but you need to know what and WHERE to eat.

The beach was fine..pools were great, I only used the volleyball pool and had a great time playing with other vacationers. We spent hours swimming along the reef, it was gorgeous, lots of colourful fish. We also hung out at the Lion's Dive resort next door..It's well maintained in comparison to the Breezes and they have tourist information at the front desk..just cover your bracelet, and walk in like you belong there and get all the pamphlets/maps that you want..Breezes has nothing except a few tour pamphets and I think that's because they get a cut of the action...good business but how about giving out some free maps..tons of info available but not at the Breezes. One night we were on the elevator, and somebody opened the phone box to look inside..and the phone had no handset part..not nice if you get stuck in there!!! The artificial ice has big gaps in it and is used as a basketball court. The tennis courts are in very bad shape. huge holes in the fencing, the one court is unusable, there is no tennis pro as advertised. the courts slope to the one side about 15-20 degrees towards a ditch or stream that smells like sewage..We took our racquets down to play. We went out to play tennis just bfore dusk, as soon as we walked across the street a guard came out and hung his jacket on the fence and stayed withn 200 feet of us. After about 20 minutes we gave up and went back to the hotel because we felt sorry for the guard having to be out there and we weren't having fun anyway..We walked around on our own and generally felt safe, but after that we felt a little less so.. Walking down to the aquarium is nice..Look at all the flowers on the wall across the road..look closer at the thinner spots, you will see that the flowers hide razor wire..we did see a lot of razor wire..they must have a lot of problems at night. The best way to get into the Lion's Den resort is to go through down at the Aquarium, nobody stops you. If you try to go in at the other end you will have to pay. They have a few decent gift shops as well.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
Went on the BOUNTY sailboat tour..I would do that again in a second!! awesome staff and the highlight of my trip to Curacao..Downtown Wilemstad is nice for pictures but somewhat tacky and VERY touristy..If you are seen with the Breezes bracelet the cost of items seems to you go into town wear something like a sweat band over the bracelet. do not travel too far out of the core areas, there are a lot of abandoned homes with vagrants/crackheads living in them..We took the buses around the island, very cheap and safe and fun!!I would go back to Curacao to explore the island, but I would not go back into town, you just feel like a "target" especially with the Breezes bracelet to identify you. We wandered around on our own quite a hindsight we were probably lucky that we did not get ourselves in trouble..not the kind of island to wander too far off the beaten path not so much during the day but moreso at night.

Other Comments
Loved the water/coral..Breezes while decent needs to clean up a few things..spend a couple hundred bucks to fix the fencing around the courts. clean up the courts, get rid of all the loose exposed hydro wires at the courts! Put someone else on the omelete station, so many people stood in line for 5 minutes and then walked away in disgust. It's the small things that make a year - Aruba baby!! I loved the area but not Breezes! Breezes seemed preoccupied with "guiding" their guests to tours that Breezes seemed to have a hand in in order to squeeze more money out of the guests rather than assisting their guests by providing readily available information to ensure they got the most out of their stay on Curacao. I would likely go back to Curacao at some point but I am sure there are better spots to spend my money. Pretty sad when you have to walk down the street and sneak into the lobby of another resort to get FREE chamber of Commerce info..Hey Breezes.. Do you want the phone number of the Curacao Chamber of Commerce, so you too, can offer FREE information?

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