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Have you ever thought about visiting an exotic island full with wonderful long beaches and watch the ocean for hours? Relax your eyes and mind from all the things that everyday madness brings to you? Well, if the answer is yes, then the perfect destination for you, your friends or family is definitely Bermuda. You will be surrounded by many happy faces of the other tourists that came to visit this paradise.  more...


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Some of them are tourist that just wants to lay on the beach and enjoy, but some of them came here to hear some more interesting details or new stories for the Bermuda triangle. Bermuda Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean and their first neighbor is the United States of America. The island is from the east side of the USA. It is not the biggest island but it has a population of 65,000 citizens and it is still part of the United Kingdom overseas territory. Bermuda’s capital is Hamilton, where most of the population lives. Bermuda it is ranked as the oldest remaining overseas territory of the United Kingdom. The official language is English, so it is easy to communicate with local people. The weather in Bermuda is subtropical and there is a possibility to see hurricane because this island is in the hurricane belt. So be careful with that, before deciding to visit this place see the weather prediction first and then pick the period of the year that you want to travel in. The water temperature is from 18C-22C in February and 28C in July.

Since you are in Bermuda you have to taste the local food which is mostly imported but it is combined with local ingredients that people used it many years ago. One of the first things that you should try is definitely the Bermuda Codfish breakfast which is a meal made of boiled fish with potatoes, hard boiled eggs, tomato and/or onion sauce and there is banana on the side. It is a very popular meal in Bermuda and it tastes good. After the main meal tourist usually are offered with piece of rum cake, which practically normal cake but with some rum flavor relished in it. There are plenty of desserts that you can choose between. If you decide for the fruit salads there are many combinations to choose between but again the rum flavored one is the highest rated. The most popular two drinks in Bermuda are Dark n' Stormy and Rum Swizzle, which is both cocktails with rum included.

When you arrive in Bermuda there a lot of interesting places to visit, but try not to skip these few:
-Fort St. Catherine, one of the at least 15 fortress in the island, but considered as the best one
-Bermuda Railway Trail, visit the old railway stations and feel the history there combined with outstanding ocean views
-Victoria Park, a place where many of the concerts are made on this island and it provides fun for the young and adults too, so the entire family can enjoy in the visit
-The Devil’s Hole aquarium, where you can see many land and water animals and enjoy the time spent there with your friends or family, plus the chance to meet new friends while walking around these magnificent animals.

For the ones that want to practice sport Bermuda has already prepared fields and highly trained professional staff to help you out. As national sports are considered, golf and soccer mostly because of the British influence on the locals. So you can find a lot of terrain and with affordable price too. But if you are not fan of this sport, there are alternatives like horseback riding or playing squash.

Accommodation in Bermuda is very affordable too. There is huge choice between the free rooms and all of them offer nice and clean rooms with high hygiene standards. Most of the places have ocean view and balcony where you can lay and watch the sunrise. This unforgivable pleasure will cost you $79 per night or more, but every dollar spent here it is well spent.

Don’t wait too much for this unique location. Just pack your bags and go on. It is a holiday to remember!

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