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We often ask ourselves about dream vacation. Every year it’s the same old problem, people can’t decide where they should spend their vacation, and they choose places where you spend a lot of money and not get what you deserve. Let’s say that money is not a measure that concerns you, but the comfort you have been promised, it’s not real, it’s just like it doesn’t exist.  more...


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For that reason this question can be a real headache for people who want relaxation, comfort and joy, and for a moment to forget about their ordinary lives. All of this can be solved by choosing a trip to the Caribbean, especially if you choose Colombia.

Taking a trip to Colombia can be priceless, you can take your whole family and enjoy for the rest of your vacation. You don’t want a place that is offering you a retreat from something, you want a place where you can be happy, enjoy, explore, dance, drink and have fun without damaging your brain cells with a question like; What time is it? Am I too loud? Colombia is the place like you haven’t seen it before. There is nothing similar to this place. It’s so ordinary, but so special and full of life that will leave you speechless. There is everything you need and nothing left behind. Monuments, wildlife, Amazonian rainforest, museums, and most important history. This place has a history like no other country in the world.

If you are natural explorer you will appreciate the experience that Colombia has to offer. If you stay at the hotel, there are specially trained tourist guides that will show you everything you want to see. If not, you can find and hire a guiding agent that will show you the things you want to see. It’s sure that you will have to leave something for tomorrow because there is so much to see, you can’t make it in one day. You can visit basilica churches such as Las Lajas Sanctuary settled in Narino or you can visit the Salt Cathedral settled in Zipaquira. It’s called Salt Cathedral because it was built in a salt mine and that’s a real unique beauty to see. Also, there is something special for the coffee lovers, and that’s Colombia National Coffee Park, where you can find extraordinary amusement parks. Being a natural explorer and exploring the country will force you to change hotels, day by day. But do not be worried. You don’t have to stay in the same hotel for the rest of your vacation. Hotels in Colombia offer you an unforgettable experience, and they are so affordable that everyone can afford it.

If you choose to stay at one hotel for the rest of your vacation you can spend a day at the pool getting a sun tan, having a drink and watch your children play and swim at the pool. Every hotel offers 24 hour room service and they can make you feel like you are home. But even if you stay in a hotel, don’t lock yourself there for the rest of your vacation. Go out and have fun. There are long white sand beaches, with beach bars where you can enjoy and have a drink or two, swim in the clear and blue sea or even join one of the beach party’s that Colombians are organizing. Maybe you would like to dine at one of the restaurants around the city you are staying. Feel free to visit them, and order everything you like. There are all kinds menus meant to satisfy every ones taste for food. If you are not tired from the day you had, join the crowd and enjoy yourself at one of the nightclubs settled in the city where you are staying and party till the morning. Don’t forget to buy Colombian coffee and cigarettes, and enjoy in that special and unique taste they are offering you.

Colombia is a perfect place where everyone can enjoy. Spending a time in Colombia can really bring you joy and happiness or even new love could be born. When you leave this place, you will miss it with every second and every breath you take and when you are at back home, you will tell everyone about this journey and about the time you had at this special place. It’s sure that you will be back for more.

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