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British Virgin Islands

One of the most popular tourist attractions in this part of the world. There is no such a person that haven’t heard some excellent experiences about this location. And of course, most of us would like to visit at least once in our life destination such as the British Virgin Islands. If somebody says that this place doesn’t look like heaven than then that person, it's trying to lie all of us.  more...


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British Virgin Islands or as they call them self’s Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean sea. The prefix British is usually used for recognition or to separate from other Virgin Islands (US Virgin Islands and Spanish Virgin Islands). This country has four bigger islands and fifty cays (smaller islands) and many of them are without population. The capital city Road Town is located in the biggest island called Tortola where most of the population lives. This island has a population of 28.000 citizens and even if they are part of the British overseas territory their currency is the US dollar. No matter in which part of the year you are planning to visit this place there will be no issues about the weather because it has small variations from 32C at summer to 29C at winter. Because of the great location in the Virgins island archipelago the climate there is tropical with some hot wind enough to provide special extra pleasure while you and your family or friends lie on the beach and enjoy the cocktails. Not often, but it happens this island to have another visitor-hurricane. And it visits them from June to November. Have this on your mind, even that this is very rare situation.

You can get to this place using an airplane or beat it depends what do you prefer. If you choose the first option that it is good to know that the main airport is located on the Beef Island and this island is connected to the main island where the capital city is. For the ones that would prefer boat, finding an offer for any of these islands is very easy because this island are in almost every traveling map of the best known boat traveling agencies.

The local dishes are very various because of the history. Some of the recipes were brought by the Europeans, some of the Africans and some of them by the Chinese. But all in all now they have their own dishes which are some kind of mix from the nations mentioned above. You should try the fish soup, which is very popular and they offer it at breakfast, lunch or even for a dinner. Another great thing is saltfish or caloo soup, which is a soup made with daheen plant leaves mixed with some local herbs and it is up to you to decide with which kind of meat would you like to be served to you. Of course the most popular drink is rum, in every possible combination, but for the ones that want to try something else than rum it is a good idea to try the sea-moss which is made from boiled seaweed and after that it is mixed with milk and spices. According to the thousands of people that have tried it-this drink is one of the best drinks in this part of the world. If you don’t like it there is the “secure” option to relax and enjoy with your family or friends with a glass of rum and a nice chat while you hear the sounds of the ocean.

Very popular sport at British Virgin Islands is sailing. There is even a regatta. It is called the Spring Regatta and people from all the world come to enjoy in this spectacle. But if you prefer soccer or golf than you can play that too because that kind of sport is part of everyday life there. Highly trained professionals from the sport that you prefer will help you get new skills or just give you a few advices.

Accommodation in British Virgin Islands is very easy to find and with very affordable price too. Renting a room will cost you $70 per night, but if you prefer luxury then you can rent a villa or even an island! There are plenty of options available to choose in between, it is up to you and your friends to decide the date of the arrive.

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