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Enjoy Derrick's drunken chicken at the beach

Derrick is famous at the Sosua beach for its delecious BBQ ribs and his drunken chicken more...


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On a warm day and after a massage at the Piergiorgio Palace Hotel, I decide to take a stroll to the delightful Playa Sosua Bay with all her small, cozy terraces in the sand and her abundance of souvenir shops at the edge of the beach underneath the shade of the trees. Since it is low season (April) and there is not much money to be made by the local “hombres”, they have more time to joke around with the passing ladies, such as myself. One of them really attracts my attention…. Derrick.

Derrick, aka “Big D” is having fun flipping over his bbq spareribs that are being “slow cooked” to perfection above the glowing coals inside his barbeque. His other specialty is the so-called “Drunken Chicken”.
Derrick: “The trick to prepare drunken chicken is as follows: you open a can of beer, put it on the grill put the chicken on it, close the lid of your barbecue for about 40 minutes and voila…. here you have a real succulent chicken that just jumps of it’s bones”. A real mouthwatering story I must say and by the looks of Derrick, he had quite a few Beer Can Chickens himself.

“I am fortunate that I am located smack in the middle of this beach where the whole world passes by”, says Derrick. “Germans, Norwegians, Swiss, Jamaicans, you name it! I find it fantastic to meet all of these different nationalities and always enjoy striking up a conversation with them”. “I was born in the USA where I was a chef in a restaurant until I met my Dominican wife. From that moment on everything changed rapidly to the point where I work in paradise!”. Derrick points to the incredibly blue sea. “On an average day I am sold out around 4 o’clock in the afternoon”.

Derrick calls the beach of Sosua paradise and that is exactly what it is. On the days he is not working the grill, he spends time on his other hobbies such as fishing. How bad can the life of an American on the laid-back Sosua Beach get?

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