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Las Galeras, Dominican Republic

Las Galeras
Las Galeras, a small fishing village, situated on the Bahiá de Rincón, is one of my favorite pieces of paradise on the Samaná Peninsula. I decided to visit Las Galeras to get back in pace with the laid back rhythm of the Dominican lifestyle and to relax on the immaculate nearby beach, Playa Rincón. The palm covered hills, fantastic cliffs and amazing views represent the splendor of the unspoiled Caribbean. In other words: Las Galeras is a great choice if you look for an authentic Dominican Republic experience. more...

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Las Galeras Information

Las Galeras, which is located 28 km northeast of Samaná is relatively hard to reach since Samaná airport only receives a limited number of international flights and the other Dominican international airports are distant. Not a big problem for me because I love the drive from Sanchez via Samana to Las Galeras along the exciting, often-elevated road that frequently offers excellent views of the Dominican coast. Las Galeras is blessed with at least eight beaches, each with their characteristic charms and offers various options for nature-oriented activities. The extensive flora and fauna that include tropical forest, mountainous coconut groves and various endemic species display an intense natural beauty that never ceases to amaze me.

The charming village of Las Galeras has a small Internet “café “, a supermarket, various restaurants and a few great nightspots. I stayed in a wonderful and very romantic Victorian style hotel with rooms that all overlook the picturesque Bahiá de Rincón and forgot about the rest of the world. Outside the village you will find an oasis of calm no matter where you go. I regularly joined the locals who gather on the beach to see what the fisherman brought back from the sea.

Now would be a great time to plan a trip to the Las Galeras because it won’t take long before Samana Airport becomes fully functional and starts to receive intercontinental flights. The overall Las Galeras / Playa Rincón experience certainly won’t remain the same.

How to get there
From Santo Domingo, Santiago or Puerto Plata Airports:
Only a limited number of airlines are flying directly to Samana International Airport at El Catey. It is more likely that you will arrive at Santo Domingo, Santiago or Puerto Plata airports. From here there are various domestic commuter flights available to Samaná. Otherwise you have the choice between taking a bus, taxi or to rent a car.

- Dominican Republic International and Domestic Flights

Depending the city of arrival you have the choice of bus services by Metro Bus (tel: (809) 544-4580) or Caribe Tours

From Samaná:
Gua-guas (local busses) frequently run between Samaná and Las Galeras. Trips take about 45 minutes. Once you are in Las Galeras you can reach everything on foot. Motoconcho’s are also available.

Tours and excursions
Las Galeras is also an adventure-travel destination. Rock climbing, bird watching, fishing, caving, mountain biking, surfing, diving and hang-gliding are just some examples of activities you can partake in. Boca del Diablo is an impressive went or blow hole best visited when the rough sea causes waves to rush up the cliff and spurt out of an opening in the rocks. Playa Rincón is considered one of the world’s best beaches.
Most excursions are organized from Samaná city and the hotels or resorts.
Whales can be seen along the coast of the Samaná Penisula between approximately Jan.15th - March 15th. Personally I believe that disturbing these mammals by boat tours during their mating season should be avoided.


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