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Dominican Republic Restaurants

Deciding on where to go in the Dominican Republic is just half the fun!
On this page you find Debbie¹s Review index of all restaurants in the Dominican Republic.
I hope you enjoy reading the opinions of fellow travelers as much as I do and look forward to read a review about your experience soon!

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Restaurant Name Destination User Rating Popularity

Acuarela Garden Cafe Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Adrian Tropical Santo Domingo 1 reviews

Aguas Blancas Constanza 0 reviews

Akai Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Al Fresco Playa Dorada 0 reviews

Aleph Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Alisei Restaurante Baraonda Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Angelo Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Aquaceros Bar and Grill Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Atlantic Blue Sosua 0 reviews

Atlantico Cafe Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Aventure Café Las Galeras 0 reviews

Balicana Punta Cana-Bavaro 3 reviews

Barco Bar Bayahibe 0 reviews

Bistro Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Bliss Restaurant Lounge Bar Pool Cabarete 0 reviews

Blu Cabarete 0 reviews

Blue Moon Cabarete 0 reviews

Boca Marina Boca Chica 2 reviews

Bodega Caribe Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Bologna Ristorante Pizzeria Sosua 1 reviews

Cabarete Coffee Company Cabarete 0 reviews

Cafe Ancla Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Cafe Barrio Latino Cabarete 0 reviews

Cafe Cubano / Cuban Cafe Sosua 0 reviews

Cafe del Tapao Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Café Pitu Cabarete 0 reviews

Cafeteria Las Lenas II Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Capitan Kidd Bayahibe 0 reviews

Cappuccino Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Captain Cook El Cortecito Beach 3 reviews

Cariatides Restaurant Playa Dorada 0 reviews

Casa Colonial La Verandah / Lucia Playa Dorada 1 reviews

Casa del Pescador Cabarete 0 reviews

Casa Grande Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Casa Valeria Sosua 1 reviews

Casanova Cabarete 0 reviews

Castle Club Cabarete 0 reviews

Cathay Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Chez Denise Las Galeras 0 reviews

Chez Mon Ami Punta Cana-Bavaro 1 reviews

Chez Palace Bavaro Beach 0 reviews

Chez Rubbi Las Galeras 0 reviews

Chez Sandro Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Chili Thai Sosua 0 reviews

Chinese Chicken Boca Chica 0 reviews

Chris & Mady's Playa Cofresi 4 reviews

Cinimon Cabarete 0 reviews

Citron Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Claro Cabarete 1 reviews

Coconut Roy's Paradise Restaurant Las Galeras 0 reviews

Coconut's El Cortecito Beach 0 reviews

Cuca Marina Las Terrenas 0 reviews

DaNancy Boca Chica 1 reviews

David Crocket Santo Domingo 0 reviews

De La Plage Las Galeras 0 reviews

Dick's Bakery Cabarete 0 reviews

Don Nacho Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Don Papo Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Eden Beach Las Terrenas 0 reviews

El Agave Santo Domingo 0 reviews

El Batay Puerto Plata 0 reviews

El Cabito Las Galeras 0 reviews

El Cafecito de la Cubana Bayahibe 0 reviews

El Cayuco Las Terrenas 0 reviews

El Conuco Santo Domingo 0 reviews

El Guano Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

El Jardin de Jade Playa Dorada 0 reviews

El Laurel Las Terrenas 0 reviews

El Mambo Las Terrenas 2 reviews

El Meson de la Cava Santo Domingo 0 reviews

El Mosquito Las Terrenas 0 reviews

El Pescador Las Galeras 0 reviews

El Samurai Santo Domingo 0 reviews

El Sombrero La Romana 0 reviews

El Tigre Cabarete 0 reviews

Embocca Cabarete 0 reviews

Fat Tony's Bavaro Beach 4 reviews

Fellini Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Friends Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Gabi Beach Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Gabi Club Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Gabi Club The Reserve Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Gautreaux's Restaurant Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Giacosa La Romana 0 reviews

Gran Ventana Beach Resort Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Green & Grill Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Grigri Las Galeras 0 reviews

Grillo Bravo Restobar Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Hard Rock Cafe Punta Cana-Bavaro 1 reviews

Hemingway's Café Playa Dorada 0 reviews

High Wave Bavaro Beach 0 reviews

Hot Spot Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Hotel Conde de Penalba Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Huracan Cafe Bavaro Beach 0 reviews

Indiana Cafe Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Italy & Italy Boca Chica 0 reviews

Jardin Suizo Malecon Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Jellyfish Restaurant Bavaro Beach 12 reviews

Jolly Roger Bar & Grill Sosua 0 reviews

Jose O'Shay's Cabarete 0 reviews

Kahuna's Restaurant & Bar Cabarete 1 reviews

Kari Beach Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Kiko Casals Restaurante Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Kite Club Cafe Cabarete 1 reviews

K's Coffee Shop Cabarete 0 reviews

Kukua Beach Club Bavaro Beach 1 reviews

La Briciola Santo Domingo 0 reviews

La Cantina Las Terrenas 0 reviews

La Casa De Las Paellas Santo Domingo 0 reviews

La Casa Del Pescador Cabarete 0 reviews

La Casita La Romana 0 reviews

La Casita De Don Alfredo Papi Cabarete 1 reviews

La Cueva Puerto Plata 0 reviews

La Fromagerie Santo Domingo 0 reviews

La Hacienda Grill House Samana 0 reviews

La Parrillada Steak House Puerto Plata 0 reviews

La Piazzetta La Romana 0 reviews

La Puntilla de Piergeorgio Sosua 1 reviews

La Résidence Santo Domingo 0 reviews

La Salsa Las Terrenas 0 reviews

La Taberna del Pescador Santo Domingo 0 reviews

La Taberna Vasca Santo Domingo 0 reviews

La Terrasse Las Terrenas 0 reviews

La Vaca Loca Cabarete 1 reviews

La Yola Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Langosta Del Caribe El Cortecito Beach 0 reviews

Las Brisas Cabarete 0 reviews

Lax Cabarete 0 reviews

Le Chopin Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Le Four a Pain Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Le Midi Las Galeras 0 reviews

Le Papillon Playa Cofresi 0 reviews

Le Vivier La Romana 0 reviews

Lina Restaurant Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Lorenzo's Constanza 0 reviews

Los Charros y Los Pinches Chaparros Playa Cofresi 1 reviews

Los Chichas Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Los Locos d'enfrente Cabarete 0 reviews

Los Tres Cocos Playa Cofresi 0 reviews

Lupe Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Manino's Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Maraja Cabarete 0 reviews

Mares Restaurant & Lounge Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Marocha Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Martini's Beach Bar & Grill Cabarete 0 reviews

Mercedes Cabarete 0 reviews

Meson de Luis Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Meson Espanol Rocio Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Mi Corazon Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Michelangelo Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Miro Cabarete 0 reviews

Mitre Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Mix Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Morua Mai Sosua 0 reviews

Mr. Donuts bar, restaurant and lounge Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Natura Cabanas Restaurant Cabarete 0 reviews

Neptuno's Boca Chica 0 reviews

Noah Bavaro Beach 1 reviews

Noir Beach Lounge El Cortecito Beach 1 reviews

Nuevo Simply Red Sosua 0 reviews

Oca Martina Boca Chica 0 reviews

Occidental Grand Playa Dorada 0 reviews

Om Cafe Las Terrenas 0 reviews

On the Waterfront Sosua 1 reviews

Onno's Bar Cabarete 1 reviews

Orchidee Restaurant Sosua 4 reviews

Otra Cosa Cabarete 0 reviews

Paco Cabana Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Pala Pizza Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Palma's Sand Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Pasteleria Del Jardin Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Pat'e Palo Santo Domingo 1 reviews

Peperoni Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Pequena Suiza Boca Chica 0 reviews

Piegari Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Pizza Coco Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Pizza Hut Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Pizza Playa Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Pizzarelli Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Pizzaria Alberto Las Galeras 0 reviews

Pizzeria Pizzarelli Punta Cana-Bavaro 1 reviews

Pizzerio Roma II Puerto Plata 0 reviews

PJ's Pizzeria Sosua 0 reviews

Placito Criolla Playa Dorada 1 reviews

Pomodoro Cabarete 1 reviews

Porter House Grill Restaurant Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Portugal Restaurant Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Quattro Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Red Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Red Grill Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Resto Veintiuno Sosua 0 reviews

Ristorante Fantastiko Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Ristorante Issamar Bayahibe 0 reviews

Riu Bachata Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Riu Mambo Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Roadways Playa Dorada 0 reviews

Sake Sushi Bar Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Saveurs du Monde Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Schnitzel Paradise Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Scotch N Sirloin Sosua 0 reviews

Segafredo Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Serenade Cabarete 0 reviews

Soles Chill Out Bar Punta Cana-Bavaro 1 reviews

Sophias Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Steve's Corner Bar Punta Cana Beach 5 reviews

Sully Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Sushi Ya Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Taqueria El Burrito Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Taste Restaurant & Terrace Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Tequila John's Santo Domingo 1 reviews

The Beach Restaurant Las Terrenas 0 reviews

The Blue Marlin Cap Cana 0 reviews

The Boat House Santo Domingo 0 reviews

The Ponderosa Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Tiki Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Tipico Rubi's Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Toma la Luna Cabarete 0 reviews

Tony Roma's Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Tostacos & Sushito Puerto Plata 0 reviews

Trattoria Mamma Luisa Punta Cana-Bavaro 0 reviews

Tropico Madera Restaurante & Lounge Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Tropicoco Cabarete 0 reviews

Tu Kasita Cabarete 0 reviews

Victorio's Las Galeras 0 reviews

Vigo Santo Domingo 0 reviews

Yokomo Santo Domingo 0 reviews


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