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Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas  

Km. 20 Carretera Trujillo | (formerly Barcelo Palma Real Resort), La Ceiba 9999, Honduras

"I would recommend this hotel to friends and family"
Posted by: Gail on Apr 1, 2009
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Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas Reviews
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Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas La Ceiba Honduras

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User rating 4.1

Based on 4 reviews

Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas Information

Located within the Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas, WATER JUNGLE PARK is the best water park in Honduras, not mentioning its huge size.

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Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas Reviews

Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas Review: 4.1 of 5 4 reviews
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"I would recommend this hotel to friends and family"

Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas
User Rating:  Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Gail  on Apr 1, 2009  >  6 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2009
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Arrival: March 20 - 27
We flew Canjet direct from Calgary. The flight crew were fantastic, young, energetic. Seats were OK, not jammed in like most planes. We were served a cold breakfast which was good, filled the hole ! Headsets were $3 and they showed 2 movies.

Arrived in La Ceiba, off the plane onto the steaming hot tarmac, walked into the terminal. Thru customs no problem, all done by hand, no computers ! Luggage arrived within 10 minutes, they put thru X ray before you leave the building. Busses to the resort were all waiting, everyone had a "check in package" which for some included TV remotes and keys to their rooms. Ours didn't as we stayed in a villa. Busses were escorted by Police to the hotel (about a 30 minute trip) we saw it as a goodwill gesture instead of "security".

Check in for the villa folks .. quick and easy, they give you your key and they help you with your luggage.

I found out later that the villas are privately owned, some by local Hondurans, some by Canadians. We had a Honduran owned villa, very sparce, needed a lot of work but it worked for us, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Kept very clean, had a small kitchen, stove, fridge and microwave, dining area with glass table, living room with TV and 2 couches. Also came with an apartment sized washer/dryer which sure came in handy! Every room had a ceiling fan and also central A/C which we needed!

Restaurants and Bars
Buffet restaurant was quite large, however we noticed when the new planeloads of tourists arrived, there was quite the line up in the Buffet. Solution: Keep the a la cartes open every night to accommodate everyone.
The food in the Buffet was just fine. Breakfast: fruit, made to order omelettes, always had scrambled eggs, always had spicy sausage, never saw bacon once but we didn't miss it really ! Make your own toast, always had 2 or 3 types of breakfast juice, however we found most were made from crystals (when there's abundant pineapple, watermelon, etc).
Lunch: Always had salads, chicken, beef, fish, fruit, breads.
Dinner: Always had soup, breads, salads, a chicken, beef and fish, carbs (like rice or potato). We never went hungry and didn't tire of the variety.
A la Cartes: IMHO should be open every night instead of Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, the Italian was very good, lots to choose from. Atmosphere was very relaxing.
Chinese: which is really Thai food, was very good, scrimped on the soup - could have used another scoop there guys ! Food was OK, I guess it was their version of Thai :) Only one bar to service the whole resort, got very busy at times but we didn't mind, we're not big drinkers. We brought our Bubba mugs which really helped, one visit for the whole afternoon (good for the environment too) and one visit for the evening. Had lots to choose from, the local Cervesa was really good !

The Nacho bar in the afternoons was a godsend, they were really good, fresh ! Make your own. Sometimes they had burgers, other times they had hot dogs. Always had fresh fruit.


The grounds were immaculate, very well kept, beautiful, clean.
The pools were kept well too, the water was warm, 2 private pools at the Villas which was very nice and convenient. Beach was heaven. Water was surprisingly warm, some days it was wavy which stirred up the sand so it wasn't crystal blue and clear but no worries from us ! It was very clean, well kept and lots of beautiful shells.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
We took a private taxi into La Ceiba to shop and sight see. Very nice trip, relaxing and safe. Did the Pico Bonito tour and that was absolutely amazing. Day was extra hot, tour was fabulous, the lunch that was included was fabulous. Kudos to everyone who runs the Lodge, very well kept, lush, green, beautiful. The guide knew his stuff, very safe, the river was sooooo cold but refreshing ! Saw lots of plants, trees, flowers, saw a Toucan and some lizards Cayos Cochinos: Hubby wanted to dive daughter and I did the snorkeling. We were lucky because there was only 1 diver so we all went to the same spot, we to snorkle, he to dive with the divemaster, Exson. He was very good. We were lucky enough to see a Leatherback turtle and thousands of beautiful tropical fish, hubby saw tons of corals, fish, etc.

Did the dinner at Sambo Creek as well, bus took us right to the restaurant, dancers greeted us, were handed a cocktail. Seafood dinner was incredible, started with a very spicy seafood soup, dinner was lobster, shrimp, crab, beans & Rice, was very good. Entertainment was local folks dancing and singing, it was good. Not sure if it was with the $30 US (perhaps $25 would have been better) but we enjoyed ourselves.

Other Comments
I would recommend this hotel to friends and family. I would caution that it really is not a 4*, but perhaps a 3+*, go now before the hoards of vacationers discover this gem out in the middle of nowhere. The weather was hot, hot, hot every day, not a spec of rain (which would have been a blessing some days).
No negative comments about this hotel really, a few suggestions about the a la cartes and maybe another bar but I`d go back again (and plan to next year) and would recommend to friends !

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"This was one of the best holidays I have ever been on"

Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas
User Rating:  Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  Cindy, Calgary  on Feb 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2009
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Arrival: Feb 14 - 20th
The Flight and crew were great, very helpful, friendly they made a effort to get to know us at the resort . The staff from hotel was very organized for our arrival and fantastic, everything went very smoothly. I got to know alot of them and fell in love with them and their country

We were in 263 and 262, the rooms were always cleaned everyday and were perfect for our stay. I felt very safe at the hotel

Restaurants and Bars
The restaurant was what a 3-star would be and the food was fine if you want 5 star than go to one this place was great. No one got sick

The beach pools and grounds were fantastic, they were alway clean and beautiful, the beach was unbelievable. You always could get a chair or if you wanted private you could find your own space.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
We went Whitewater Rafting, Tour of the Cloud Forest, Snorkeling, Canopy Tour and City tour. The tours were better than any other places I have been. they were very professional, they were cheep, They were worth every penny and more.

Other Comments
This was one of the best holidays I have ever been on. The people are so friendly, helpful , The country takes your breath away.

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"We met some awesome people who went for fun and got it"

Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas
User Rating:  Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Pat & Diane, Ontario  on Feb 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2009
524 people found this review helpful

Well our trip to the Palma Real in Honduras has come to an end and it's my turn to help people make an informed decision as to whether or not this would be the place for them to vacation. I liked how one reviewer described themselves as "we are folks that like a different flavor when it comes to holidays" and my husband and myself fit that description also. We are experienced travellers, mostly sticking to 3/4 star resorts so we travel with little expectations as long as the beach is lovely and the weather is hot and sunny - which we definitely got.

We were extremely happy to get off that Skyservice plane - I will avoid using that charter if possible in the future. The flight was uneventful but the leg room is intolerable - they need to check out Air Transat planes and perhaps take some lessons from them (not that they're that much better, but a step up).

The resort is quite stunning with beautiful shrubbery and flowers everywhere. Very well maintained and workers were cleaning up and raking daily. It has quite a nice layout with the pool, bar and the ocean just steps away from the main building. Did we have problems? Ohhhh we sure did - daily and several issues we had to deal with. I dont know who is responsible, Conquest or the resort itself? Everyday we had to request repeatedly toilet paper and towels. Our room was musty and we were the unlucky ones whose bathroom ceiling fell in. We did have the opinion that these were minor inconveniences, not going to ruin our vacation - and we made sure these inconveniences didn't.. Figure service here in Canada sometimes suck at high end places, so why should it be different in another country. Things did mount and come to a head when showering became impossible because the light was going to fall down, so they relocated us into a gorgeous room - full of t paper and towels, I might add. Nothing like swinging in the hammocks and listening to the sounds of the ocean.

We didn't find alot of employees that spoke English but with what little we know of Spanish and alot of hand motions, we got along just fine. I really think that their lack of English makes them a bit on the shy side, not cold like some people think. Then again, there were alot of miserable tourists this past week. Then came the sickness. Yep, unfortunately I was hit (as well as one other in our group of 4) also for a full day. For some people, their total vacation was ruined by this and people fueled into each other's anger - attitudes grew and grew. For the most part, the people we encountered were fun, fully enjoying themselves and someone wrote the "atmosphere was one of fright and depression for some"........what?????

We didn't encounter one person who was frightened or depressed - just a great party atmosphere at the bar was what we saw and took part in. Once we felt better, we had a blast and even though not 100% healthy, we managed to have fun. It's all what you make of it. The beaches were wonderful - golden brown sand (yes, some ocean debris was washed up) and you could walk far either way and enjoy the scenery. The resort beach was not littered with garbage and if there was garbage, the tourists are the ones littering...expecting that someone will pick it up for them i guess. It was quite wavey most days, but that made for great playing in the waves - no jellyfish at all.

The food, we found for the most part was ok, didn't like everything but there is no way someone could walk away hungry. My husband enjoyed most meat dishes, I enjoyed the pasta and other dishes that were served - some more saltier than others, but not bad at all. Desserts looked pretty good, but too rich for me. Fruit galore and wonderful. Like any buffet, some food is good - some crap. We had the good fortune to wander down the beach and found a delightful B&B, Run by a retired cop from Boston named Richard who welcomed us and invited us to visit. What a nice fellow, who serves the most amazing food dishes (very reasonable). Definitely if you are not afraid to walk off the resort, do go visit with him, he loves drop in visitors and it's a nice change off the resort.

No bug issues which surprised me that there weren't any (or very little) mosquitoes especially that the previous week had rained. Even on the zipline, which is an absolutely amazing adventure, there weren't any bugs in the forest. We went down loaded with fly dope. With the issue of sickness here, I don't know who you could point a finger at and place blame on - there are so many sources for viruses to come from. People carry in all sorts of bugs starting right on the plane - we heard that staff were ill and brought it in - a couple of people brought down a gastro that they had day before travelling - maybe it was a food product that shouldn't have been put out too often - it happens here in Canada also. Who knows? I felt bad for Sandra the Conquest Rep....that girl really had a tough week putting up with all our complaints, and I won't minimize the complaints - many were legit. She could only do what she could and pass on to folks only what she is told. Many people were quite verbal to her (husband included) but fortunately she has broad shoulders and could take what was dished out and I think, handled things very well. People wanted answers and there were none to be had. All in all I think the resort could really use a few lessons on people management and helping out tourists with their needs - front desk did seem to ignore many peoples' requests but (again playing devil's advocate) many times it's in the presentation of ourselves to the workers and how we speak with regards to our demands. I know squeaky wheel gets the grease, but more often a little kindness goes alot further. Our vacation is all about the sun & beach so we'll just roll off the negatives and go with it. I think Conquest needs to step up to the plate and admit they should have done something to help alleviate our concerns . However, we met some awesome people who went for fun and got it

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"This is more a 3 star hotel"

Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas
User Rating:  Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas Review: 3.5 of 5

Posted by:  Melanie, Edmonton  on Jan 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2009
500 people found this review helpful

Arrival: Dec. 26 to Jan 2/09
The arrival was efficient and fairly quick. Hotel staff were on the outside steps of the airport to give out room keys, t.v. remote, towel cards, and wrist bands.

We stayed in the main section of the resort and I would recommend paying the extra cost for this. It's closer to most of the hotel amenities and buffet. Rooms were clean but in need of upgrading. Lots of marks on the walls, rust on the tub, bugs in the bathroom. No shelves in closet but there was a small 2 drawer dresser as part of the tv armoire. No fridge. Bath towels were small and sometimes thin and worn. Some days you had quite a bit of white fuzz after toweling off. Beds were comfortable. Our room overlooked the pool area. We didn't notice much noise from pool activities as we were up and gone early. There was some noise from the disco at night but we didn't hear it as much as some of our group.

Restaurants and Bars:
Really just the one buffet that we ended up timing our arrival to 7 PM for supper to miss the long line. Breakfast and lunches were less crowded (except for the fresh omelet grill). I wouldn't bother with the a la cartes. The food wasn't that special, everyone was booked at 7 so a huge crowd all trying to get seated. They were overbooked so some people didn't even get in and those that did often waited lengthy periods to get served. This was our experience for both Italian and Asian. The buffet was as good as some others I've been to. Nice selection of salads. The meat was generally overcooked and tough. The fish dishes were generally tasty. There is really just one bar on each side of this resort and the lines could get long as it was small and understaffed. Staff in the restaurants and bars were fine - generally courteous but not overly friendly. We used as much Spanish as we could. The snack bar had the basics in it manned by staff who couldn't care less if you need them to grill you something. The chicken wings were good.

There were two nice small pool just behind the main hotel area. There were few loungers to be had around the pools so not always easy to sit there. The grounds were well kept. The beach was nice - long for walks (be careful as some at the resort had a bad experience walking in the direction of less houses), lots of loungers to sit on, plenty of shade, and washrooms not too far away. The water was rough but many enjoyed the bogey boarding. There was one day when the sand levels in the water were less and you could see to the bottom. It is shallow and sandy for quite a ways out. Marco put the flags out every day. Very nice fellow.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
I would give a high rating to the off resort excursions. I would recommend the city tour for $10.00. It's the same cost as taking the hotel bus into town and back. That one drops you off at Appleby's and you are on your own. The city tour gives a drive around the city to the more famous landmarks and then to a artisans souvenir shop and then to the mall. Lot's of security!! We did the whitewater rafting trip which was excellent - very professional, very safety oriented. You had to do a water rescue practice before you even go in the raft. Excellent guides with an excellent sense of fun and skill. We also did the Canopy Tour with the hot springs. Again, skilled guides, professional, and safety conscious. It was a lot of fun to be in the tops of trees and to experience the natural hot springs pools. The other excursion we did was to Pico Bonito Lodge hiking tour. We were able to see lots of flora and some fauna in the hike to Mermaid Falls. Our guide was very experienced and knowledgeable about the plants and animals. He was able to disturb the ant nest so we could see the soldier ants. Lunch at the Lodge was delicious. I would recommend any of these tours.

Other Comments:
I would agree with some other reviews that this is more a 3 star hotel. A number of our group had intestinal problems and a few of us, myself included also had a rash on arms and legs. I don't know why and antihistamines helped mine but didn't get rid of it. The night life was the useful stuff that I've seen at higher rated hotels and I only bothered to go once. The New Year's Eve night was nice with a live band on the beach. I wouldn't go to this hotel again but I would recommend the experience of this area of Honduras - maybe a combination of Pico Bonito Lodge and Roatan.

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