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Riu Palace Punta Cana  

Playa de Arena Gorda, Punta Cana. Dominican Republic

"nice vacation spot"
Posted by: ryuicho on Jun 23, 2014
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Riu Palace Punta Cana Reviews
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Riu Palace Punta Cana Punta Cana-Bavaro Dominican Republic

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User rating 3.4

Based on 20 reviews

Riu Palace Punta Cana Information

Standing on the beach of Arena Gorda, the Hotel Riu Palace Punta Cana(all inclusive 24 hours) is surrounded by a garden of palm trees, where you can enjoy the very best in quality, service and luxury.

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Riu Palace Punta Cana Reviews

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"Rip off!!!"

Riu Palace Punta Cana
User Rating:  Riu Palace Punta Cana Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  MIRANDA  on Nov 25, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Nov, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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My husband and I went to riu palace punta cana for our anniversary. The resort looks beautiful but the rooms smell like mildew.... The bed was uncomfortable and we found little bugs on the floor. The food was horrible. When i purchased my package all domestic and international drinks were included except there was no international drinks there. When i got there i told them what the website said, he told me that they forgot to update their website.... I do not recommend this place!!!!

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"Absolute Nightmare - don't waste your money"

Riu Palace Punta Cana
User Rating:  Riu Palace Punta Cana Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Nick  on May 31, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Apr, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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My wife and I stayed at the Punta Cana Palace from April 24 to May 1, 2010. We have visited all-inclusive resorts in the past, but this was our first visit to one of the Riu properties. Prior to arrival, we anxiously awaited a truly memorable holiday; when all was said and done, it was definitely memorable, but not for the right reasons.

Do you remember being a child and really wanting the latest new toy for Christmas? You told your parents how much you wanted it; you dropped hints about how much it would enhance your quality of life. Maybe you even ripped pictures out of the catalogs and left them out where your parents had to see them. When Christmas morning rolled around, you were convinced that all of your hard work would pay off. Once your presents were opened, however, you found you got nothing but socks and underwear.

Our trip to the RIU was like getting socks and underwear.

Before I get bogged down by our concerns, I’d like to touch upon what we really enjoyed during our stay. Visually, the property looks amazing – very palatial. Upon arrival, we both felt a sense of satisfaction hearing the other guest on our transfer bus speak about how jealous they were that we got to stay there. The designers have definitely mastered the art of creating a great first impression. The lobby is literally breathtaking, from the replicas of paintings and sculptures to the stained glass ceiling.

However, much like a Hollywood movie set, this was merely a façade – once you got past that first impression, there was nothing left to see. By the end of our trip, we were the ones jealous of those staying at the other resorts because, surely, they had a better stay than we did.

As I mentioned previously, we had never stayed at one of these properties, but our travel agent raved about what a phenomenal trip she had there. We had seen their properties on other vacations and decided that we deserved to be pampered, so we booked our holiday at the Palace.

We are both savvy travelers and immediately jumped online to check out some of the reviews from recent travelers. My heart sank as I read time and again how miserable people had been while staying there. People complained about the food, about how rude the employees were and about the conditions in the rooms. Surely, this could not be the same resort we had heard about. After digging further, we realized that some were confusing the two Palace resorts with each other. For the next 4 months, every time we read a bad review, we attributed it to the Palace Macao and all good reviews were about the new Palace. We were ready to be blown away.

Apparently, they were talking about the proper Palace all along…

Your Arrival:
Traveled with Apple Vacations - flight was fine, but when once we arrived at the airport and took our luggage to the parking lot, they had no idea where our van was. Our attendant had us walk through the sweltering heat for almost 30 minutes before he finally just stopped and told us to wait, so he could figure out what was going on. Ten minutes later, he came back and escorted us to a tiny minivan where we were crammed in with 5 other people. How luxurious was it? There wasn't even enough room for the luggage; I had to keep my bag in my lap for the 30 minute ride to the hotel. How much money did we spend for this?!?

For starters, the A/C only worked occasionally. I realize that because of the local climate, you can expect some humidity, but you should have some control over the rooms themselves. I hung some clothes up on our first day and by the time I put them on towards the end of the week, they were damp – how is that luxury? And having to huddle directly under the ceiling fan to get any relief in the room was ridiculous. The A/C did work sometimes, so we knew it was functioning, just not very well…

The overall appearance of the room left much to be desired as well. For starters, the moisture was creating rust on the appliances (light fixtures, wall sconces, drawer handles, etc) which just took away from any feeling of “luxury”. The bed was hard as a rock and the bathtub leaked all over the bathroom floor. We were finally able to figure out how to control the bathtub, but it meant we had to sacrifice one of our towels to control where the water was leaking from every day.

While in the “comfort” of our own room, we assumed we might be able to watch some television to relax. Yet another wrong assumption. Out of the 100+ stations the satellite service offered, only about 10 were in English. And the reception was so poor, you could only watch it for about an hour before you started to get dizzy and couldn’t watch anymore. Initially, I thought it might just be our television, but when I checked the bar, I could see that the reception was just as distorted. I understand that the resort is trying to cater to an international clientele, but the fact that they can’t provide quality reception is totally unacceptable.

During those moments we decided to relax in our hot, damp rooms watching television programs we couldn’t understand, we were constantly interrupted by various employees of the hotel. Maid service is totally unreliable. Our sheets weren’t changed once during the entire week (we saw the same stain every time we pulled the blanket back). We had a couple of days that they never came by at all. And you could never count on any regular time. With most hotels, if you leave for the day, you know that by the time you come back, the room will have been handled; that was not the case here. A few times, we came back to the room around 4:30 or 5 and it hadn’t been completed yet. (And yes, we were tipping them every day, so that shouldn’t have been an issue…)

I’m sure you may be saying by now “if the ‘do not disturb’ sign was out, they would have stayed away.” However, we never got a ‘Do Not Disturb” sign. We asked for one 4 times (2x with the front desk and 2x from housekeeping) and one was never brought to us. I can’t speak for all of the guests, but some of like a little privacy. Having the maids knock while they’re unlocking the door doesn’t really allow you a chance to get dressed or anything. The last night we were there, I had to put out a handwritten “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob… and they still walked in!

Restaurants and Bars:
My wife and I are both huge foodies. We love trying new dishes and exploring what local cuisines have to offer. The chefs at the RIU, however, seemed so focused on pleasing everyone, that they let all of us down in the process. I understand that with such an international clientele, it must be difficult to make everyone happy, but the food was so bland and unappealing that it just turned us away time and again.

At the buffet, most of the items were not labeled, so it was difficult to determine what was what. It was like a culinary Russian Roulette. Even the salad bar was beyond basic – the dressings had no flavor and what few vegetables they had were all soggy. I realize that the humidity adds to the overall sogginess, but there are dozens of other resorts in the Caribbean that can counter it – why can’t RIU?

Flavors aside, the “variety” was a let-down as well. Every breakfast and lunch, the same dishes were rolled out – watery eggs, overcooked pancakes and undercooked bacon. After a while, every dish seemed to look alike.
And the problems weren’t limited just to the main Dining Room. Even when we tried the ala carte restaurants, the results were underwhelming. One night we visited the Italian Restaurant – Italian food is a personal favorite – and it was horrible. I ordered a sea bass in some type of cream sauce and what I received was 2 fish sticks in a bowl of melted butter. That’s high class dining?

We also visited the Japanese restaurant one night. At first we had high hopes, because it looked nice (again, appearance is the only high point) and the sashimi appetizer was pretty tasty. However, before the end of the meal, 3 tables in the dining room (mine included) had to leave because we all felt sick. I guess we shouldn’t have had the shrimp…

By the way, the fact that the “24-hour room service” only provides salad, a club sandwich and nachos, doesn’t really count as an alternative dining option.

Another issue with the common areas was the fact that so many visitors were allowed to just walk onsite. We were constantly harassed by tour operators at the pool and on the beach. People kept trying to sell us everything under the sun and if you turned them down, you risked having an unfortunate argument on your hands. My wife and I witnessed a tour operator dealing with a couple by the pool area. When they said they weren’t interested, he kept nagging them. Eventually, it got to the point where he was accusing them of taking money from his kids by not purchasing his tours. He even used this line: “You’re obviously rich, you can afford to stay here! Shouldn’t I have the chance to get rich? You have to give me money so I can take care of my kids!”

Then, on the way to dinner, we had to run the gauntlet of vendors and various people trying to sell more junk to us. I heard a few guests express similar frustrations as ours. Isn’t that why the shops are located nearby? If we want something, we can go there. Don’t the guests deserve some level of respect? We are, after all, the ones paying to stay there.

Other Comments:
Taken individually, these events would have been easy for us to accept. We know sometimes that “things just happen”. When they all happen at once, though, it’s no longer just a minor inconvenience. It was a 7-day nightmare and a tremendous waste of money as well as our valuable time. What was supposed to be a stress-free vacation was one of the most agonizing weeks of my life.

Visit the Grand Palace at your own risk.

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"Great beach, 2 star resort"

Riu Palace Punta Cana
User Rating:  Riu Palace Punta Cana Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Jim  on Nov 22, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Nov, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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We stayed at the Riu Palace from 11/18/11 - 11/25/11. The only positive thing I can say was the beach was the best of any place we've stayed. The rooms were OK but air conditioning was non existant. The ceiling fan was all of the air we had. Our best friends were traveling with us. They stowed their luggage in their room and came across the hall to check our room out. When they got back to their room they were greeted by a cockroach on top of the suitcase. When they called the front desk an employee brought up a can of bug spray. CLASSY, NOT! We tried five of the speciality restaurants and were not impressed with any of their food. The breakfast buffet was terrible and did not change.
The nightly buffet was the same as the lunch buffet and the only thing that changed was the meats. They really like to overcook most of their meats except the hamburgers which are very rare and ground to a pulp. The nightly entertainment consists of ten young dancers that have different outfits for some poor quality shows. Most of the video leadin look like a utube download of inferior quality.The employees tend to run you down if you are in their way.
The main reason we picked the Riu Palace over other resorts was the Jr suites had jacuzzis and bidets listed in their online ad. The jacuzzi was built in the tub and didn't work. When we went to the front desk to ask where our bidet was, they laughed and told us a bidet is Spanish for a face cloth. What a load of BS. Face cloths were hard to come by also. We have stayed at the Riu in Cancun and Ocho Rios and this Riu is two and a half stars below either resort. We were totally disappointed to call this a vacation. If I was going to give the Domicanian Republic an enema I would insert the nozzle thru the Riu Palace.

Room Number:

Room Block:
No airconditioning

Met with fruit rum drinks and greetings. Seemed right.

Your first indication that something is wrong is when the front desk hands you your room key attached to a block of plastic that reminds you of the old rest room keys attached to a 2X4 so they won't run off. What kind of modern resort doesn't use keycard locks? I took mine off and used a rubber band.

Restaurants and Bars:
Don't ask for any odd mixed drinks, they will not understand. We arrived after three in the afternoon and you can not find food until six thirty. It didn't really matter because the food was not that good.

Great! The only place on the grounds where you could be cool. I spent more time on the beach than any other vacation. Be prepared to have the peddlers try and sell their wares while you lounge. Lots of bare boobs, some 38 longs.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Went on the segway tour and was very glad we did. Best part of the trip.

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Riu Palace Punta Cana
User Rating:  Riu Palace Punta Cana Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  John Kenneth  on Feb 8, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
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Smelly.Room had an odor but clean.After one week you got use to the smell whatever it was.When we got home that odor was in our clothes(clean ones never worn and dirty ones),my luggage may need to be thrown out along with some clothes.We will never recomend the riu palace punta cana to anyone and if your thinking on going there DONT.

Your Arrival:

Smelly but looked clean

Restaurants and Bars:
restaurants O.K. bars only saw 2.One at the pool and the little lobby bar.

Beach beautifull,pool nice,grounds neat.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
did not see much

Other Comments:
Highly overated.I give it a 2 or 3 star tops

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"Will not return"

Riu Palace Punta Cana
User Rating:  Riu Palace Punta Cana Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  K312  on Mar 1, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2012 | Leisure | Family and Kids
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Two women from Chicago 5-day stay.

+ positive
Most employees at resort were friendly (Nestor by pool) (Juan1 at All day buffet)

- negative
Musty room
Apple vacation reps not helpful
Drinks - beer
Room service
Door locks /security
Resort - male workers that kept hitting on us, hand gestures
Shops expensive
Two women from Chicago 5 day stay

Room Number:

We flew in from Chicago. Thought apple representatived would be somewhere to help- not on arrival at DR airport. Our plane was late and as it unloaded onto the tarmack so did 5or 6 other planes. Disorganized and we were herded like cattle to pay $10 to get into the country. We waited in this line for 2hrs. While others paid the airport staff to get ahead of us. Once through what they consided customs we werent sure where to go. One of the guys who grab your suitcases for tips asked us what hotel and said apple and whisked us up to the little hut that was apple vacations and then out through a long long line of parked vehicles. He knew right where to go, with the apple vacation guy no where in site until he put our suitcases in the bus for us. So worth tipping the airport kid $5.
At hotel we had a few people checking in so a bit slow. Then they pull out this key with a large plastic keychain. One key, this I found very old fashioned until he gave us the key for the safe, along with the lock!!

Mildew smell was quite overpowering, but figured we are on the ocean, some other places Ive stayed have smelled but much less so.
(We didnt complain while we were there)
Safe didnt work and had to call the front desk to get it open after locking it. He had to fix the lock and proceeded to flirt with me while my mom kept trying to work the lock, it went on for awhile as he kept telling her to try again as he was blowing kisses at me and saying stuff I couldnt understand-making me feel more anf more uncomfortable.

No peephole on doors and no deadbolts, not even a slide lock. Woke up one night when sounded like someone trying to get in with a key.

Air conditioned worked well, but only a thin sheet and thin coverlet on the bed.
Beds were very hard and lousy pillows.
Patio door could hardly use the metal latch to open or close it it was not on the handle, had to pound it with something to get it to move.

Maid service was good, always clean and drinks restocked.
Read reviews that said they went through there stuff, yet could tell with mine, nothing was missing, although locked everything mostly in the safe.

Towels kind of scratchy, water pressure slow, floors slippery even with gym shoes.

Restaurants and Bars:
First off we are vegetarians that dont even eat fish, so we knew we would have a limited selection. We do eat Dairy. Although we picked a hotel with lots of restaurants with more of a choice. The food was mostly unlabeled and very bland. I guess as Americans we are spoiled, esp being from Chicago where we can get great pizza, Italian, Mexican and Chinese in just a short drive. The buffet by the pool was awful and had about the same food as everywhere else. Stuff that had been sitting out quite awhile. All I wanted was a salad with veggies!
Talked to a few others at the resort - they did not like the food and they ate meat or liquor either
Fruit was quite limited no berries, apples. Desserts were not tasty.
We made reservations- which you have to do days ahead of time waiting in a line- at Luigis. The Italian food was ok, we had vegetable lasagna (no noodles!) they also had a few other dishes to choose from such as roasted peppers, caprese, and meat or seafood noodle dishes. The food was pretty good. The wine was horrible, and I am an occasional wine drinker, I couldnt swallow it down.
There were no snacks at the pool bar, would have liked a bag of chips!!
The ala carte one Don emanuel (?) restaurant had a lot to choose from, then again not very tasty. Juan 1 greeted us everytime and was wonderful! He helped us find a table and got us drinks, he spoke a bit of English so that was helpful!
Room Service was awful, I wouldnt even call it that.

All in all for all inclusive came back dying for food!!

Beautiful beach/ocean. Great pool area. Clean. Too crowded at swim up bar. People put towels out to hold chairs, 9am there wasnt many spots to choose from. Then you never see them return to those chairs, such a waste for others who enjoy sitting and reading. Grounds were nice. Servers at pool area - a select were very nice and polite(Nestor) -most others were overbearing and annoying; hitting on us as we were two women alone. Felt a bit uncomfortable by that. We are beer drinkers, or vodka and tonic or club soda, once in awhile wine. Yet the only thing after trying multiple different drinks at the bar we drank pina coladas. Beer was awful and warm. Heard even the locals dont drink this type that was offered here.
Shops would not barter with us - expensive!! Not a deal like Mexico

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Pool aerobics were fun, although a few women were getting out and saying no when the instuctor was giving people hugs, we got out of the pool quickly after that.
Dancers at the entertainment stage were great and they had american music. Not many people in the audience were clapping and that bothered me, i ended up cheering and clapping loudly while getting dirty looks from the others around me. At least clap for the performers, some people are just rude I guess.
The band and singer was pretty good yet again we were approached by the employees to dance multiple times, whereas we just wanted to relax.
After incidents around the resort did not want to go on excursions as didnt feel safe with just the two of us (women)

Other Comments:
A lot of Europeans probably 80%. Not many people speaking English. Onlya few waiters knew a bit of English. Not that I expect them too, we are in their country. So if you are wary of that go to another spot! Overall the people who worked at the resort were pleasant, the male workers more so than the women. Although if I had to work there at least 14 hrs. A day for 11 days straight I wouldnt be able to smile as much as them.
Apple vacation rep didnt explain how to get to the other RIUs we justkind of wandered around.
Beach/ocean- beautiful
Bothered by staff and vendors on the resort property- maybe it wouldnt be as bad if our men came, but wont be back to find out!
Food bland
Beer bad and liquor not 'top shelf'

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"As much as I'd like to say otherwise, but most of the reviews about the food are correct... It's terrible. As in REALLY bad- read below"

Riu Palace Punta Cana
User Rating:  Riu Palace Punta Cana Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Adam  on Mar 29, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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Your Arrival:
Un eventful. We took a taxi as the bus from our booking service (Apple Vacations) was slow and packed. Got to the resort VERY quick thanks to the Dominican version of Mario Andretti. Ended up paying $35 and well work the $$$ for the fast service and adrenaline rush of a white knuckled ride.

Not quite 5 star in my opinion but didn't experience the musty atmosphere as others have. It was adequate and room service staff was OK. No theft, which is nice. We locked everything up in the safe. I would give it a 3+ star rating.

Restaurants and Bars:
Disappointing... We expected the cuisine at a 5 star resort to be a highlight in our vacation. We were ready to leave after 7 days to eat some "people food". Due to the nature of all-inclusive, we were held captive and subjected to some of the worst meals I've had the displeasure of enduring. (Some worse than my time in the Marines)

In speaking with patrons of other resorts, the island has a problem sourcing quality meats and other foods. Combine that with the fact that yesterday's custodian is cooking tonight's main course and you get the picture. Although the buffet looked presentable, I had to stick to about 3-4 things that seemed edible. The breads and desserts must have been professionally prepared and shipped in from off-site as they were good. Not great, but pretty good.
The breakfast was a disappointment. I was hoping to satisfy my hunger with an omelet that looked amazing on the outside, only to be disappointed with raw egg on the inside. Great way to start your day...
No option for other, non-buffet restaurants for Breakfast and Lunch. You're stuck with a buffet. Enjoy…
The dinner restaurants were just OK. Some were more edible than others. Japanese menu seemed to be the most palatable of the 5.
Skip the Crystal room- the chef couldn't burn toast to save his life.
The Brazilian steakhouse was interesting: you get a diverse menu with plenty of options, but it's purely for decoration as they don't take an order. In Fogo-de-chao fashion, they bring a skewer of meats around to each guest; I can only assume its cat, rat, stray dog or other exotic mammals as it didn't taste at all familiar. Even the chicken didn't taste like chicken... The meats were dry, bland, cooked too slowly and weren’t trimmed and cut properly. Skip it.
The other restaurants weren't better or much worse and completely forgettable.

A quick note about the bars: The barkeepers are friendly, but almost uninterested in mixing up a watered down excuse for a drink without a tip. If you slip them a couple bucks early on, the service is quite good. But, the choice of booze is on par with the spring break resorts in Mexico; bad booze with an aftertaste similar to that of rubbing alcohol. I'm sure this does the trick for somebody in thier late teens/early 20's, but if you appreciate a good drink with top-shelf liquour, you're barking up the wrong tree.

If your palate can’t discriminate between Kibbles-N-Bits and a Filet Mignon, please disregard the above rant. You’ll enjoy the cuisine experience.

Great beach! Water was perfect and the sand was white and soft. There is a reef off the coast a bit which really cut the hieght of the waves, which is good for kids and relaxing near the shore.
The pool was great too. Very warm water. But, tile was missing allover as well as some stool-tops on the swim up bar. The pool needed a bit of renovation as well as a filter change but didn't stop us from enjoying the festivities. You'll have to turn a blind eye to the taste of suntan lotion in the water. No resort in the world gets rid of this.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The resort itself didn't have that much of a night life. They had a Dominican band most nights but they stopped around 9. There was a broadway-type show at the theater which was amusing. Only one or 2 bars in the place were open past 10.
The water activities are amazing- Scuba diving is great even with a stronger than average underwater current. I really enjoyed it.
We also did a zip-line canopy tour, I'd highly recommend! It was fantastic and the guys there know how to have a good time. If you choose to do any of the off or on-site activities, do NOT book online as you can negotiage for far less once you're down there.

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"Nice ground but smelly"

Riu Palace Punta Cana
User Rating:  Riu Palace Punta Cana Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  frank  on Jan 16, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jan, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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I was quite dissapointed in this resort. Although it was very nice to look it our room smelled like mold. It looked clean, but something wasn't right. Being that it is winter here I wore a coat, and I have tried everyting and cannot get the smell out.I only wore a third of the things I took but everything had to be washed. The pillows smelled like old shoes, I couldn't even sleep on them. There are no non smoking room, and every morning I could smell smoke coming through the vents. I have stayed at other hotels where they allow smoking and I don't recall having this problem. If you like to gamble this is not the place to stay, my basement is larger than there casino. We went to the Hard Rock $40.00 for taxi, but the place was beautiful. I would stay there if I went back. I was also surprised that they didn't give us any survey to fill out. ( I guess I know why). Anyway it was beautiful to look at, if you can get past the smell.

Room Number:

no delays came in on time. Everyone is trying to sell you time shares. We had transportation which was there on time. We were told it is $175.00 from the airport to the hotel if we didn't.

Nice to look at they smelled. They need some upgrading.

Restaurants and Bars:
Reminded me of the buffets on a cruise. Other restaurants were ok, nothing to get excited about. Everytime I asked for a drink that they didn't know how to make they put a banana in it. I found this quite amusing.

Very nice to look at, they could use some new covers for their chairs, the towels were always damp, and sometimes they didn't even look clean.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We did not take advantage of these

Other Comments:
If you can handle staying somewhere smelly go for it. The people were very nice, However it's not for me.

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"Beautiful resort, lousy food."

Riu Palace Punta Cana
User Rating:  Riu Palace Punta Cana Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Lauri  on May 10, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: May, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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Have to say that our eight day stay was enjoyable. The weather, beach, water, and resort were all wonderful. We were very disappointed with the food however, neither one of us picky eaters, found it bland and below average.

Victor, our server at the pool was out of this world. Always so kind and always a smile on his face. He made each day that much more special.

The other staff members were equally as friendly and brought many smiles to our days.

There were beach activities such as volley ball, bocci ball, darts, if you wanted some activity. In the evening they gave out certificates and rum to those who did well in the daily events.

Rooms were decent, grounds beautiful, pool was awesome. Overall, a pleasant stay.

Room Number:

April 30, 2011


Restaurants and Bars:
Not very enjoyable past day 3.


Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Activities on the resort were great. Staff is very hard working and always smiling.

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"The buffet food at Don Manuel and La Altagracia"

Riu Palace Punta Cana
User Rating:  Riu Palace Punta Cana Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  lezlie  on Mar 4, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Feb, 2012 | Leisure | Family and Kids
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They tell you that many of the staff speak English which is not quite true. They only know a few words so take an English-Spanish book with you.

Room Block:

Feb. 26 for 5 nights

Rooms were clean although musty on our first day there. They sprayed air spray to freshen it up and with the air condition on, smelled better.
Be careful of the bathroom floor and floors around the resort -- VERY SLIPPERY! If you get hurt, they usually won't take responsibility and it's your problem.

Restaurants and Bars:
The buffet food was definitely nothing to write home about. The food looked appetizing and there was a lot of it,but for the most part, was just bland. The 5 restaurants you have to make reservations for were wonderful. The food was amazing! If you're going, make a reservation for these restaurants for every night: Krystal, Japanese, Luigi's, El Bodega and Steakhouse. The servings aren't very big though.

Servers came out to the beach and around the pool to get drinks for you which was wonderful. Some of the drinks were so-so but the Sunrise drink was really good. We average tipped $5 per day for drinks and $5 per evening meal. Gave the maid $20 for the 5 nights we were there.
You also have to get up very early in the morning to claim your lounge chairs by the pool or you're out of look. Just put the blue pool towel on it and go back to bed.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Did not go on any excursions as I heard they took too long.

The shows were okay. Could not understand the announcer though. They should have a screen beside the stage with something like closed-captioning in different languages. That would have been very helpful.

Other Comments:
Airport was VERY confusing. Staff were few and not very helpful. Confusing especially on departure. We were USairways and used a self-check kiosk which said Delta so we didn't think we were in the right line and no one to tell us what to do. Other travelers were helpful though. Make sure you get your blue and white rectangular form as soon as possible (checking in). They don't give you enough time to fill it out so we did it as we were moving in the line. A majority of the staff there were VERY rude or aloof.

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Riu Palace Punta Cana
User Rating:  Riu Palace Punta Cana Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Tracy  on Mar 14, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2011 | Leisure | Family and Kids
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Recent visit to Riu Palace. (March 6-13) Fabulous staff,nice accommodations,very disappointed with pool(too small), food terrible. Had to constantly track down maid for towels that should have been left in room. Rooms were clean and staff very accommodating. All in all this hotel is about 3.5 star. Would not recommend for families. Kid's program almost non existing.

Room Number:

March 6-13,2011.

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