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Superfun Runaway Bay (formerly Hedonism III)  

Main Street, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

"What a super deal"
Posted by: Peggy  on Apr 2, 2012
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Superfun Runaway Bay (formerly Hedonism III) Reviews
Superfun Runaway Bay (formerly Hedonism III) Pictures and Information
Superfun Runaway Bay (formerly Hedonism III) Runaway Bay Jamaica

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User rating 2.5

Based on 2 reviews

Superfun Runaway Bay (formerly Hedonism III) Information

Stop the world step off into serendipity. Life moves at a faster tempo here. Music seems more tuneful, laughter more joyous. New friendships sparkle to life in a moment. There is excitement in the air.

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Superfun Runaway Bay (formerly Hedonism III) Reviews

Superfun Runaway Bay (formerly Hedonism III) Review: 2.5 of 5 2 reviews
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"What a super deal"

Superfun Runaway Bay (formerly Hedonism III)
User Rating:  Superfun Runaway Bay (formerly Hedonism III) Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Peggy  on Apr 2, 2012  >  3 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2012 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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Had no intention of going to Jamaica until this super deal came up for this place. Don't believe previous reviews about this place. The Royal Decameron just re-opened this resort January of 2012 and although still a few things to work out we found this resort to be well worth what we paid. Granted we got in on a promo deal but food was good and although they indicate on the site that you only have two al a carte dinners, thats not true - you can also go to the two al a carts over at the Royal Decameron Club resort so you actually can access 4 al a carte dinners as well as everything else available at the other resort. FYI: the Zao (Japanese) restaurant was the best as far as we were concerned and the Tia restaurant over at the Club Resort was next. The Cafe Med has a really good tenderloin dinner as well - just make sure if you like it well done, make sure they know. The basic rooms are not really big but they were in good condition (if you can get past some of the rooms still having mirrors on the ceiling from the old Hedonism resort). The ocean view rooms are the best as well as a good size and are close to all the amenities but everything throughout the resort is fairly close. Note if you have trouble with stairs make sure you get the lower level of one of the buildings. Staff was really friendly as well as the drinks were really great. Would suggest for the English speaking crowd to attend the pool bar over by the 111 to 439 block of rooms. We had a great time there especially if Nurine is fixing your drinks. Just tell her you're a Newbie and she'll fix you up with the Bob Marlie shooter and maybe even a Prairie Fire (better watch for that one). We found the Snack bar for lunch was our favourite. They have a great Jerk chicken on a bun but if you want just a burger they do that too and it was pretty good. Final fact: there is no where to really get change for larger bills so if you feel the need to tip take plenty of smaller bills ($1, $5 and $10's)

Room Number:

Room Block:

We got there out of Toronto around 10pm so there weren't a lot of us coming in so it was quick. Jewell at the front desk was really good and and very helpful.

We were in an ocean view room and have absolutely no complaints about it. The girl who cleaned our room was very efficient and left us a towel animal everyday that were very well done. Only thing I would suggest is a better step into the tub as it is a jacuzzi tub and is a little awkward to get in and out of for the shower. Also if you have a mirror above your tub - make sure you close your blind (unless of course you don't mind everyone watching). Again these are left over items from the old Hedonism resort.

Restaurants and Bars:
See review.

Beach isn't top notch but there are lots of chairs and never had a problem finding anywhere to park ourselves.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
They have a shuttle that runs between the two resorts but if you don't want to wait around you can get a cab for $6US, regardless of how many get into the cab, so you could get 6 people in for a $1 each. We did one of the Dunn River Falls trips and what a blast. Note: you need to have water shoes or you will have to rent them (no choice here - and you will need them). This is a very physically intensive trip so if you have problems with your hips, knees or just walking at least a good distance, you will have difficulty with this. You climb on the rocks through the falls up 980 ft and it can be difficult at times. If you can do it though, don't miss it. We did the shopping/Dunn River trip and it was only $50 each. Well worth it. Also if you like to snorkel, you can take a boat from the activity/towel area by the beach (part of the resort) for only $25 ea they will take you for 1 hr to the reef. Unfortunately if the water is too rough they don't run it. We never got a chance but heard it was good. Also massage on the resort are really reasonable and very worth it.

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"SuperFun - WORST resort I have ever stayed at"

Superfun Runaway Bay (formerly Hedonism III)
User Rating:  Superfun Runaway Bay (formerly Hedonism III) Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Lucy  on Jul 13, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: May, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
773 people found this review helpful

I have been fortunate to travel to over 30 different resorts through the Caribbean, so my experience with all-inclusive resorts and their level of quality is fairly substantial. So, I ask that you consider this review carefully before you waste your money and more importantly your time on this resort.

SuperFun is by far the worst resort I have ever stayed at and I would not recommend it to anyone.

Here are my reasons why:

Room Number:

Room Block:

We stayed in an upgraded room on the ocean that was in a terrible condition. The minute we walk into the room for the first time, my husband had to kill a huge cockroach. There is very little furniture in the room, most of the walls were peeling off and there were chunks of tiling missing all around the room (especially in the bathroom). Generally, there was absolutely nothing inviting about the room at alI. I wish I had just taken my chances and not upgraded.

Restaurants and Bars:
1. Italian: When we visited in May 2011 most of the restaurants were closed for dinner. To some extent this is understandable as it is low season, however, you would then expect a little more from the two restaurants that are open. Unfortunately, we were sadly disappointed every night. On one of the nights that we got a reservation at the Italian restaurant, they ran out of wine by 6:30. About 5 mins after the waitress told us this, I look over and see 3-4 staff members carrying armfuls of bottles of red wine out to the main beer,as one of the manager orders them that "the main bar is more important". That combined with the fact that they only had a couple of the dish on the menu that they were out of everything else……

2. Main Buffet: I wish I could say the Main Buffet wasn't as bad as the Italian Restaurant, but it was worse…so much more worse. Both Dinner and Breakfast were horrible. It is unfortunate because these are the two meals that people most look forward to when they are on vacation. Breakfast: most of the fruit was canned (including the Pineapple), they only had one type of juice, you were on the hook to go and refill your own coffee (no service), your choices: boiled eggs, potatoes, 2 local vegetable dishes, french toast, toast and if you was your lucky day, omelettes….but don't hold your breath.

3. Beach Bar: jerk chicken was amazing, nothing bad to say here whatsoever. I never had to eat at the Main Buffet for lunch because I had this option.

4. Japanese: For the one time that we visited, it was entertaining more than anything else. I think if you had never tasted or seen sushi ever before you might think that they are on to some here…

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

There was no organization in the shows and the entertainment left you wanting to go back to your room.


Funny…the staff actually complained frequently about their concern with how the resort was bring run.  There were only a few genuine employees that really seemed to try to befriend guests but the rest of them just seemed bewildered to be there. Odd. I was like they had no idea what they were doing there and for the most part they didn't care.

Other Comments:
Hedonism Influence:

As it hasn't quite a year yet that SuperFun was a Hedoism Resort, many of the guests are expecting the Hedonism experience. If you are a woman, my suggestion to you is, "watch you back". I was taking a nap on one of the seaside bed swings, only to wake up to a man fondling my breast! He asked where is invitation was to go back to my room. Stumbling to my feet, I ran back to my room to tell my husband.
One afternoon at the quad pool, another man tried to drag me out of the pool! When my husband jumped in after him, he hit him! The staff did nothing. Just sat there.

Tour Representative:

Useless. Completely useless. When I call her in tears regard the above events, she really didn't seem to care at all. When the police we called in and I asked her what the local laws were, she had no clue and offered not help whatsoever. She said that she was stay at a different resort and when I asked if she could come over a help, she said no.....If I hadn't called the Consulate and stop to ask a cap driver for help, we would probably still be in Jamaica.

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