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Memories Flamenco Beach Resort  

Cayo Coco, Jardines del Rey, Ciego de Avila, Cuba

"Wonderful Location and Staff- they should be proud "
Posted by: Danny on Mar 6, 2016
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Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Reviews
Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Pictures and Information
Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Cayo Coco Cuba

of 11 Hotels in Cayo Coco

User rating 3.4

Based on 16 reviews

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Information

Whether you are looking for a relaxing family vacation, an action packed adventure, or a romantic getaway, the all inclusive Memories Flamenco Beach Resort will enchant you in more ways than one and is sure to become a favorite.

This remarkable 5 star Cayo Coco Hotel rests on a stunning white sand beach that is gently lapped by crystal clear, warm waters.

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Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Reviews

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Review: 3.4 of 5 16 reviews
Very good
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"Wonderful Location and Staff- they should be proud "

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
User Rating:  Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Danny  on Mar 6, 2016  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2016 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
89 people found this review helpful

Room Number:

Room Block:
Block 4

GREETINGS: Traveled to Cayo Coco Hotel Memories Flamenco via Sunwing. Late both ways, leaving and arrivals- out of the last 20 times I've used SunWing - been on time twice. Near froze leaving as a Jetway was not used even though clearly available, I really pitied those waiting in wheel chairs. Yay SunWing- keep up the good work. We- the saps, pay for service and get a 300 yard walk in the Maritime weather to the plane to start and finish a Vacation. Nice,. Flights themselves- smooth and uneventful. Used Elite services for leg room, typical cardboard meal served. Check in at Airport, upon arrival was reasonably smooth and luggage collected quickly- likely due late arrival and it being near midnight. A rather quick 25 minute drive to Hotel and an informative narration from the Bus Guide and 1 stop prior at another Hotel. Check in painless- no arm bands needed though I did see some with colors being applied, likely those using VIP or return Guests.

HOTEL OVERVIEW: I had booked this trip 6 Months in advance, followed TripAdvisor prior to this and almost daily after booking. I have been to Cuba many times, my first to Cayo Coco other than a stop off to drop and pick up passengers. I have to say- I have never read write ups with so much diversity- either the best or worst trip ever. No middle ground. Concerning the negative- I experienced none of this, made me wonder if I had indeed been staying at the same location. There is a small money exchange on location open daily- Sign says passport needed- it is not asked for. Maybe in greater denominations or something. The following, I surely hope- will help in understanding what was just said.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotel is only 4 years old, in places showing need of fatigued Caribbean weathered attention, nothing drastic, but small items that are in need of attention. Difficult task in a 365 full capacity operation I am aware. Buildings 1 through 5 are basically on the beach. I had building 4 ground floor facing the water. I would call this a Family location, loads of kids and Families. Hotel consists of 624 rooms and 10 main buildings for Guests and centrally laid out for ease of travel to and from the needed spots.
Electric golf carts available for ease of those in need of assistance such as the Obese, Invalid and just plain lazy. So far, luckily, I do not fall in those categories, thought here were those there that surely did. I had emailed about a Month prior requesting certain things and a follow up email a couple of days prior to leaving. My wishes were granted- thought I was forewarned that this would be due or not, capacity of the Hotel's capacity at the time. Had a king bed, mini fridge, even umbrellas if needed, ironing board- full bath, outer deck and chairs. Maria- our Maid tended or room daily. There was no mini coffee maker - that I did miss. Location of our building from most everything - was superb. Weather was I would guess between 24/26 daily and quite windy, 2 last days I would guess closer to 30 and little wind.

There are several things on location that I was nowhere near. Towel exchange, Gym, Spa, 24 hour Nurses station, lots of extras.

Restaurants and Bars:
FOOD: This one is a bit.....personal. I am a bit of a food critic- I love to cook and can be a bit critical due this. I am quite pleased to say the food here is fantastic. I have no idea- where the negative reports on the food at this location come from. There are I believe 3 a la Cartes, 1 Main Buffet restaurant, another by the 24 hour snack bar, a BBQ station at the Beach near the dock deck (easily my favorite), and the 24 hours snack bar. If you've a problem finding good food at these locations- see your Doctor, there is something wrong with you. Generally daily we would eat at the Main Buffet for Breakfast the Dinner. Breakfast included loads of crepes, sausages, cheeses, bacon, juices, 2 omelet stations, fresh breads etc. Dinner would often have a pasta station, 2 grilling stations for local fish, pork, beef and chicken- yum.
I chose either the 24 hour snack bar or the Beach grille for lunches. I had the best pork I have ever eaten- anywhere- at the beach grille 2 days in a row. The Cook there is outstanding. 180 degree 4 hour roast. The pork crackling or skin "chicheron" locally- is candy for the palette. Served with a kind of Cuban creole. Fresh fish or Chicken- be early- when it's gone it's gone. Small location.
24 hour snack bar- I heard many complaints about this location being "out of food and hit and miss". This is an Island- supplied fresh daily, looking for shrimp at 3 a/m would be a challenge anywhere, I found these complaints- completely unfounded. I had great meals there from this location, fries chicken, burgers, hot dogs. and a superb fish and chips. Again- you may need to see your Doctor. Not all realize at these Tourist destinations, all eggs, Chicken and most Pork- are from Canada. The way they are prepared makes them different and in my opinion, superior. The Cheeses done locally are unprocessed cheeses unlike Canada- Quebec excluded- which gives that wicked ham and cheese sandwich, made from Cows and Goats. Their bread is far superior and so I am told their potatoes, though I am not a great fan. The Ice Cream also puts ours to shame.

Due a short 6 full day visit we on did 1 a la carte. The Cuban themed restaurant. I had a prior tip that this was the best, I cannot speak for the other a la cartes, however this was excellent. I had a shrimp cocktail and a filleted chicken breast with honey and pineapple sauces. Fantastic. Wife chose a simple salad and a shredded beef (marinated) over a whipped potato- very good. I purposely asked for an 8:30 reservation as I wanted to avoid a crowd. We were immediately served in a 1/2 full location. Good choice. Staff was very attentive and quite polite. They only honor a booking (done daily in lobby) for 15 minutes, to avoid the consistently late guests. Tip here- they require long pants for the Men at this or any a la carte, this is not enforced, please don't be the idiot showing up wearing swim trunks or shorts, making all of Canada look like disrespectful idiots.

Beaches are good- crystal clear water- water shoes suggested, about the first 50 feet is rocky. Cannot speak for the Pools, who in their right mind visits Cuba and uses a chlorinated pool?.

Would not allow post in correct spot- to "long"

ANIMATION: From a morning stretch on the beach to Cuban Music, to things for the kids to do- loads going on. Nightly at 20:00 there is a kids show. Cute watch. At 21:00 the Adults show. I must mention the buzz was not to miss the Michael Jackson show. I will admit I am not a fan and never really was, however -this tip was quite true. The choreography, dress and overall show is outstanding. DO NOT, miss this. Be there early- the days change- ask. It was Wednesday night during our visit. The seating holds about 250 and you would want a good spot for this show. Be well early. A couple of nights a Kerroce followed the Night show- it is amazing how liquid courage can effect those with zero talent. There was a Woman that sang a few tunes that vocally reminded me of what a Tasmanian devil in heat must sound like. There were 2 individuals however- that were outstandingly talented. Bravo.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
PETTY ANNOYANCES: I have seen these things, most unfortunately before, and they are most unnecessary. I did see some general rudeness from butting in lines to taunting Staff from our Quebec counterparts, please- do not be one of these idiots. General manners er needed here. The Staff is first rate, there to help in every need- not to be as slave for your personal abuse. I saw a couple on the Beach, laying on a lounger, another bare lounger beside them, yet another lounger on top of the bare one laying sideways to block the wind. Translation - 2 morons tying up 6 loungers for 2 people. Unreal. People and families strolling up and down the Beach looking for a seat. If you claim a chair or lounger by placing your towel on it- use the chair or lounger. I saw loungers on the Beach, claimed, and not used all day. Again, you cannot fix stupid.

Other Comments:
OVERVIEW: Great location, Hotel and Staff. Would I visit again?- Surely. Hotel is rated (Cuban Rating) at a 5 Starr- is it?. No. I would give this location a solid 4 plus rating. The plus going to the Staff. I was presently surprised by the knowledge of English based on other locations that In have visited, for the most part it is quite good, going well past the general ordering for example.
Prior to our visit in email conversations "Lucia" - Hotel Manager, she had mentioned for me to look her up upon arrival. I did this and was quite impressed at her hands on approach. She could be seen daily doing her rounds weather it be on the Beach, Lobby bar or at a Restaurant. The local Maids tending to our general filth, be it at the washroom locations or sweeping the floors- is vastly underrated by us. They are pleasant and deserve our respect. I had heard of the necessity of bug dope, I did bring some and it was not needed. I did see a couple of people with peppered legs bite. Strange. Perhaps some just attract them. I saw maybe a few mosquitoes around dusk in 6 days. I saw at least 3 Beach wedding on our stay.

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"Little of or no help from Sunwing Rep"

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
User Rating:  Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Review: 1.0 of 5

Posted by:  Brian  on Jan 19, 2016  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2015 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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Travelled to Cayo Coco Cuba to Memories Flamenco resort and had problems from day one with no water in room or locking patio door ,with no locking mechanism to lock. Went to Sunwing rep and said I must not know how to lock door and they would fix water problem. No help received or even come to look at. Talked to manager and said we were leaving and new room would be available. Staff were calling us to leave room ,but our room not available yet ,but they needed our room for new guests arriving to put them into our room. Heard about new guests in our room old room with no water and talked to them that we just moved out from there and nothing fixed or no help from Sunwing rep. Upon returning home filed complaint with Sunwing and they looked into problems we had and hotel said they heard of no such problems with water or anything else ! Didn't want to see any pictures, we had of room problems Other guests had problems and ran into the same wall of no help from Sunwing . We will never travel with Sunwing or stay at any associate hotel operated by them again. They got our money and we received a poor holiday trip. With all the problems being reported on tv with Sunwing , I hope customers will read of our problems and others with Sunwing and look else where for a trouble free holiday. They will only be hurt in the pocket if there is no one at their resorts from all the problems they don't correct or help guest with !

Room Block:

short trip to resort

Bad with no water for 3 days or locking patio door !

Restaurants and Bars:
ok. drinks appeared to be watered down with little liquor in drinks and no labels on bottles to identify with.

Very poor beach with almost no cover from sun or beach front . The grounds around the resort was lacking of a good watering for the plants and there is very little grass .

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
pool table looked like it was un playable, and chess set missing pieces and broken.

Other Comments:
It was very warm the week we were there and the pools were very cloudy many days with poor filtering . The pool areas are raised up ,so to enter the pool area you are going to walk up a lot of stairs to pool floor or you will have to walk to an area that has no stairs to climb ,which could be had for older or guests with walking problem.

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"Excellent vacation! Great food! Awesome employees Ē 5 Star"

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
User Rating:  Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  Alain  on Dec 14, 2015  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2015 | Leisure | With Group
124 people found this review helpful

Our stay was wonderful. All the staff have excellent people skills and super polite.

Our room was very comfortable. Maid service was excellent and she always made sure the refrigerator was restocked (especially for Jim and Darlene ;). The decorations with towels and blankets were amazing.

The resort was very clean, the service was excellent at all levels and we thought the food was delicious at all times including the buffet which had cooks preparing fresh pasta / pizza/ meat / seafood every night. The a la cartes were amazing too. Highly recommend the Asian and Mediterranean. (chicken cordon bleu Yummy)

Memories Flamenco is an excellent place to stay in Cayo Coco being repeat visitors to Cayo Coco for the 7th time in 15 years, we highly recommend it. This one actually had the best service of all.

We would just like to add that this is one of the only resort that we have stayed where you see the General Manager (Noelia) and her team (Lucy, Marie and David) walk around on a daily basis to say hello to guests to make sure they are comfortable and all is well. We have never seen this at any other resort in Cuba / Mexico/ DR. We are totally impressed with this customer service appreciation

Thank you Memories Flamenco for an awesome holiday. See you in April for Josee and Jamie's wedding

Room Block:

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"Black Mold in Pool"

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
User Rating:  Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Review: 1.0 of 5

Posted by:  Fadi  on Dec 7, 2015  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2015 | Leisure | Family and Kids
120 people found this review helpful

This was the first time we take a 2 week trip south .. The frustration starts with labeling this hotel as a 4.5 star resort, in my opinion it is definitely 3 stars or less.
Some points in our ordeal and my opinion about it:
1. Mold in rooms: they gave us a room in building two, we went to the room and the washroom had mold, the biggest mold part was a huge 30 cm by 25 cm in the middle of the wall.
2. Black Mold in the Pool: Pictures attached. The main pool has black mold floating around, can be easily seen on the pool floor. few parts of the pool are actually slimy. The pool looks really nice from far away but if you look, you can easily see the mold in few places on the floor.
3.Spider in Food: Pictures attached, My wife had a strange looking creature in the rice one day, we asked a waitress and she told us this is a spider. There was nothing we can do and no one to talk to.
4.Cockroaches in rooms: Pictures attached, I saw two cockroaches, not small ones in the room. Saw a third cockroach in the building hallways.
4. Flies everywhere in restaurants: I have never seen this amount of flies in a closed restaurant before, it is as if the flies were breeding inside the restaurant. we go for breakfast and we see around 20- 30 flies on the table on everything, the napkins, fork, spoon, glasses, table and chair, everywhere. Flies were everywhere on the salad bar, the fruits and on everything else that gave the smell of food. We had to stop drinking at the restaurant and limit our food intake.
5. Restaurants cleanliness: sometimes they forget to use soap to clean the plates so you put the plate close to your nose and you smell the most stenching smell in your life. In this situation The plates don't have food scraps but they totally smell like sewage.
We wrote a complaint letter 4 long pages, took me 2 hours to write to sun wing representative and hotel management and nothing was done. Memories and sunwing thank you for taking our money and delivering such a horrible experience.

Room Block:
Buildimng 2

Mold in rooms: they gave us a room in building two, we went to the room and the washroom had mold, the biggest mold part was a huge 30 cm by 25 cm in the middle of the wall.
Cockroaches in rooms: Pictures attached, I saw two cockroaches, not small ones in the room. Saw a third cockroach in the building hallways.

Restaurants and Bars:
Restaurants cleanliness: sometimes they forget to use soap to clean the plates so you put the plate close to your nose and you smell the most stenching smell in your life. In this situation The plates don't have food scraps but they totally smell like sewage.
Spider in Food: Pictures attached, My wife had a strange looking creature in the rice one day, we asked a waitress and she told us this is a spider. There was nothing we can do and no one to talk to.
Flies everywhere in restaurants: I have never seen this amount of flies in a closed restaurant before, it is as if the flies were breeding inside the restaurant. we go for breakfast and we see around 20- 30 flies on the table on everything, the napkins, fork, spoon, glasses, table and chair, everywhere. Flies were everywhere on the salad bar, the fruits and on everything else that gave the smell of food. We had to stop drinking at the restaurant and limit our food intake.

Black Mold in the Pool: Pictures attached. The main pool has black mold floating around, can be easily seen on the pool floor. few parts of the pool are actually slimy. The pool looks really nice from far away but if you look, you can easily see the mold in few places on the floor.

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"the worst vacation ever"

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
User Rating:  Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Review: 1.0 of 5

Posted by:  Heidi  on Dec 1, 2015  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jun, 2015 | Leisure | Family and Kids
127 people found this review helpful

We booked our trip for 2 weeks in the Memories Flamenco hotel in Cayo Coco, we are a family of 4 (including a 5 month old infant and a 7 year old child), and this is our experience and my expressed opinions:


6. Sunwing: Sunwing knew the issues with the hotel, including the mold in the pool, and in the rooms, they knew that because we complained and gave a written complaint but they did not act on it at all, looks like they and the memories hotel belong to the same company or something like that, no escalation whatsoever, and no action was taken on their side at all. All what they wanted is us signing papers saying we will not tell anyone or post any reviews.
When we asked if we can go home early ( after 3 days), they answer came back that we have to pay almost as much as the cost of our flights back in order to send us home, this amount being huge for us, we were stuck there for the rest of the 2 weeks.
7. The GM offered us to come back for another 2 weeks , because of our bad experience that we had during our stay and she gave us an offer to come back. And we thought that if they cleaned the places ( which she said it will be clean and under control in 3 month) we can come back, anyway they did not not honor their offer to us.
8. The infestation of mosquitoes that they do nothing about, we traveled a lot, and went to many hotels, and they usually spray, light candles, do something, just anything, but in the memories they did nothing at all. Having a baby with me, i always went to the room early, because i cannot spray the baby with chemicals, and i will not leave her to be eaten by the mosquitoes.
This was the worst vacation that we have ever been to, we are very thankful that no one got sick and that we reached home safely. It was weird for us and our friends the extreme feeling of happiness and relief when we boarded the bus to leave the hotel and go back home. We are always sad leaving our vacations and going back. We do not recommend this hotel to anyone. It is rated as a 4.5 stars but in my opinion it is at best a 2 to 3 stars.

Room Number:

Room Block:

1. The extremely slow check-in : 1 hour and 25 minutes to get the real keys to our rooms, taking into considerations that the rooms were already assigned to us when we were in the bus.

. The Room :
Our biggest concern was the MOLD, mold in the bathroom (Big patches) you cannot miss it, around the toilet, and on the tub walls too, that was room 2216. Also, Mold was around the air conditioning opening. Staying there for 2 weeks and with little kids including an infant, we had to complain, and when we did, they at first ignored us, but they started talking to us and offered us a suite, as long as we sign papers saying that we will not post this on Trip advisor.
We were extremely upset that we had to sign papers to get into a normal clean room, but anyway we had to do so , since we were extremely concerned about the well being of the kids.
The room cleaning : I was staying in the room with the baby for longer times during the day and watched the staff cleaning the room, and it was shocking to see the staff using the same cloth and same small bucket to clean the toilet seat and the counter around the sink as well as the small bar area in the room. They all get wiped with the same cloth, she does not wear gloves, and she does not wash her hand, before she start touching anything in the room including the sheets.
The sheets: we asked for the sheets to be changed, they did not change it. So i pulled the sheets and put it on the floor, sure enough they picked it up and put it back on the bed ( i can still see the same spot on the sheet, which was the reason why i needed the sheets to be changed in the first place) , at the end i pulled the sheets and put it on the floor and i had to throw some shampoo on it ( blue in color) so i can make sure they get us a fresh set of sheets. By the way this process took 5 days. Oh and by the way, leaving tips did not make any difference.
Cockroaches : yes, there are cockroaches in the rooms, in our room and in our friends room and in the hallway, they live mainly behind the refrigerator. And when we were there we heard they closed a whole building because they had to deal with a cockroaches infestation there.

Restaurants and Bars:
The food:
The open buffet restaurant is a closed restaurant (not open air), very hot inside, you will be eating and sweating, as for some reason the air condition is not strong enough/ is not on at all.
The flies was one of our biggest struggles, you come to have a seat and there is at least 15-25 flies all around your plate, your cutlery, and your glass, so we stopped drinking in the restaurant, and we wiped our forks with hand sanitizer before we ate.
I complained several times, and brought the restaurant manager attention to the fact that sometimes the plates are not washed properly, it sometimes smelled really bad, and are not clean, and he seems to be fine with the flies and the dirty plates, saying that everyone is eating, and everyone is happy, i think that just a little bit of soap in the washing process would have made a huge difference in the smell of the plates. And he also said that we cannot do anything about the flies, not sure how can he accept this as a standard.
I found a spider in my rice in one of the a la carte restaurant
The food quality and quantity is in my opinion similar to a 2-3 stars hotel max, no variety & no seafood (for 2 weeks we didnít see any shrimps for example) and fish is being grilled with no spices whatsoever (you can have some spices if you give the chef a tip), toast in the morning was a rare thing ( my 7 year old missed having soft bread), flies all over the fruit counter. It was really a challenge to find something to eat at every meal.
We limited the kinds and amounts of food and drinks that we ate , specially for my 7 year old, we did not eat anything fresh/not cooked, just wanted to make sure that not one gets sick.
Drinks: water is one bottle per room, and it is very hard to get another. Soft drinks all tasted different ( no fizz), juices did not look clean ( the fruits were not washed properly, so we did not try any).. my experience is that i did not have a good drink during my stay of 2 weeks.
The a la carte restaurant, was same as the buffet, i did not enjoy a meal during the 2 weeks stay. And the good side of it that we all lost some weight.

3. The Pool :
Like any family with kids we depend heavily on the pool as part of our day.
We saw black mold in the bottom of the pool and close to the sides of the pool, and we for sure complained, and I personally complained to the assistant GM. I took her for a walk close to the pool and showed her the mold, and opened a website on my phone and showed her what are the health problems that can rise from having growing black mold in pool. She smiled and did nothing. They do not clean the pool enough, and they do not put enough chlorine in the water in order to keep it clean.
The mold is clear from the outside of the pool, you do not need to jump in to see it. And if you are inside the pool you can feel it under your feet and feel how slimy the floor is. Please check the pictures attached for the mold in the pool.
Scared for the well being of the kids and us after seeing that we all stopped used the pool at all.
4. The beach: tons of rocks and there is a lack of shaded areas, even the small food shack on the beach is not shaded enough.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

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"Family Reunion "

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
User Rating:  Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Fe  on Jul 31, 2015  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jul, 2015 | Leisure | Family and Kids
169 people found this review helpful

We just got back from Family reunion of 25 people and we stayed in this beautiful huge resort. We were all pleased to have experienced an excellent treatment from the Staff who were all very friendly. Everybody enjoyed their holidays in this beautiful resort.

Room Number:

The check in process did not take long as I was expecting, we just got our room keys and proceeded right away to our rooms to freshen up for our first dinner buffet. Very organized!

The rooms wasn't that bad at all. They supplied us all that we needed for the whole week like toilet tissues, soap, towels, bottled water, 2 cans of beer and some pop everyday. Room 1203 is in building 1 so we had a beautiful ocean view. Can't complain, it was good.

Restaurants and Bars:
There were variety of food to select and choose from. The dining hall was huge and not crowded. The food was great.

The pools were huge and not crowded, very clean and well maintained. We had so much fun swimming in the pool.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The entertainments were all great especially the 80's night which my family enjoyed most.
The band was cool and awesome! We enjoyed all their music especially "Guantanamera"

Other Comments:
I just wanted to share the negative of our stay here in this resort. Three of us were hit by what we thought " stomach flue " that happens sometimes when you go from cold weather to hot and humid. So were all vomiting and having severe diarrhea associated with excruciating stomach pain. It was very weird and horrible! I was very very scared because this was the first time we've all experienced such illness. I remember what my son said " I just hope that no one else in the group would be hit by this illness esp the kids, I can not imagine how a little body can handle the severe pain".So anyways, one my us had her pain injection which cost her 42.00 CUC, but for me and my son we survived by the medicines that my cousins brought from home. Two of us were sick for almost 2 days and I was ill for 3 days, thank God it only lasted that long and did not take the whole week of our stay there.
So we all thought that that was just a stomach flu until I read an earlier review with the same experience. Severe vomiting, diarrhea, excruciating stomach pain, fever and chills I believe are the symptoms of " salmonella poisoning ".
Just be aware....If you are planning to visit this resort, take all preventive measures, drink bottled water, be cautious or better yet talk to your Doctor first and see if there's any preventive medications for any stomach or digestive issues.

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"Salmonela 6 guest"

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
User Rating:  Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Review: 1.0 of 5

Posted by:  chad  on May 26, 2015  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2015 | Wedding | Family and Kids
226 people found this review helpful

Well here it goes! We recently got married at the memories flamenco in cayo coco. We had 35 guest join us for this celebration and everything was booked through Sell-Off Vacations. The country is beautiful be beware and I mean truly beware! we stayed for a week and did not leave the resort not even for a day and the last three days 6 people out of our party got deathly ill. My son on the flight home had to receive an IV at 30,000 ft due to the dehydration from Salmonella poising. He was sick for 3 days we took him to see the doctor and the doctor said that it was heat stroke and he will be fine well sunscreen was applied every day and he had no burn but was still sick. When we questioned the doctor at the resort he got mad and said that it wasn't something he ate it was from the sun. We as a parent you have a gut feeling when something is really wrong with your child. When we got back to Canada we got off the plane and rushed him to the children's hospital emergency at which time they admitted him. after a couple days of test ion the hospital it was determined that he had salmonella poising and it had been contract in sometime in the past 5-6 days. We then heard from 5 other members from our party that they also ended up in the hospital. For the next 3 weeks my son was in and out of the hospital. We complained to sell off vacations and despite the fact that they recommended this hotel and package they said they were sorry but nothing they can do. We complained to sunwing also, who actually owns the airline and resort, who after 2 months gave this reply.

"Mr. , I am very pleased to hear that the wedding that took place at this resort went very smoothly and that you were satisfied with the services provided to you. I have passed on your positive feedback with this regard and thank you for the feedback.

However, we are truly saddened to read that you felt that the quality of the food offered at this resort was not up to your standards and do appreciate your concerns. However, regrettably, while we maintain our star rating on this particular property, we do still caution passengers to bear in mind that most Caribbean destinations have very different standards of living than those we are accustomed to in North America. We wish to kindly advise that we contend that it is a well-known fact that opinions about food will differ greatly in each and every destination. Hotels cater to thousands of guests each week and while it is inevitable that some food served may or may not be handled and prepared in ideal conditions itís our goal to follow the local food handling guidelines and procedures"

This is their response to the medical documentation we sent confirming salmonella poising of my son and 5 other guess.

Anyway I am not writing this out of anger just out of concern so be careful if you go to this resort as we spent a month after this holiday dealing with a very sick child! If you have any q

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"No Water,no security no little help"

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
User Rating:  Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Review: 3.0 of 5

Posted by:  Brian  on May 2, 2015  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
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Arrived at Resort Thurs. morning asked for room change because of wifes walking and given room that was farther away and NOT of Diamond Class upgrade expectations . Room was handicap room with NO hot water ,no water from bathroom sink to wash and the patio door had no locking ability . Contacted Sunwing Rep and thy said resort full but would get repair man to fix problem. Nothing happened after 3 days and many calls . Did talk to Hotel Manager and Lucy said that we payed for much better conditions and would leave resort if not changed rooms. Late on 3rd day we we being moved to another room much closer,but after being told this hotel calls many times saying they need original room for other guests,but we haven't moved to our new room . 2 hours of them calling us and saying bell hop was coming to help move our luggage . Finally moved to new room ,which was totally different than first room ,but they still gave this bad room to new guests arriving and found out they also were in the same room for 3 days. The patio door on many ground floor rooms also had locking issues and the ironing board was jammed between doors to keep door from opening . The 2 main pools also have issues with no hand rails to help climbing the raised pool areas,but does have a walk up area on the far side of the pools. Not much help for older guests or people not wanting to walk far or need help to enjoy the pools. The beach area was really not what we would say good because of the coral and far walking distance to get to better beach area. Had a chance to look at other guests rooms and all rooms seemed to be the same and since we upgraded to a Diamond Class Room there was NO benefit to paying the extra money ,when others got the same room and got the same usage reserved for Diamond Class guests only. Everyone got the same service without paying more for. Only nice part of resort and time away was the weather and the buffet ,which was above par for Cuba. Many guests we talked to said they would not return because of some of their own issues with the resort ,mainly rooms,pool areas with very little shaded areas, and the lack of help in a timely matter to fix a real problem for the guests to enjoy their holiday . They have our money and this resort doesn't provide the service they advertise to give the guests. We lost our first 3 days of our holiday and will return to other resorts visited prior and let this one die a slow death from it's own problems. Many restaurant staff and resort workers were much more help in making our holiday better, than the resort management that are their to help the guests. some guests had a good holiday ,but I'm sure they heard about problems other guests were having and thought that they were the lucky ones. Good reviews are our only avenue to let future guests the info to choosing a good resort and this review shows this resort is not worth thinking about !

Waterloo,Ontario. Canada

Room Number:

Room Block:

April 23 to 30/2015

9102- VERY BAD !
4206 - NICE ROOM !

Restaurants and Bars:
Buffet with good variety of food
La cart - not used because of late times

Beach was poor because of coral and far walking distance to enjoy a nicer beach area and little shaded areas
Pool areas were much the same as the beach with very little shaded areas to stay out of the sun .
Stairs with no handrails to help climb the stairs would help many because of the wet ,slippery areas and for guests needing assistance to enjoy the pool area.
Grounds are maintained as well as they could because of the lack of rain or watering . No grass cover ,but dry cover with lack of dirt for grass to grow. There was some landscaping done and looked much better ,but a lot of landscaping is needed to make this resort not hard on the eyes to look at .

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Chess game for use was missing parts and was not used and had broken parts ,not repaired.
There were many off resort events and many enjoyed them .

Other Comments:
This resort maybe like many other resorts that juggle guest around from poor room conditions ,just until they can find better rooms vacant. Our first room was like this and the management at the resort had no problem putting new guests into a poorly maintained room or a room that has issues that they can't repair ,but are willing to guests into them and take our money with little thought about what they are going to us or to the resorts name in returning guests. This resort is a poorly maintained resort ,which needs management that cares for guests ,putting out good money for a holiday and not receiving the advertised sales pitch and pictures .

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"Star 5- Definitely Not"

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
User Rating:  Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Review: 2.0 of 5

Posted by:  Garson  on Mar 27, 2015  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2015 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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The general upkeep of Memories Flamenco in Cayo Coco is not good. Many ornamental trees are dead or dying. The beach volleyball net is tied to a couple of small trees and droops a foot or two. It is unusable for off-the-net shots. The pool volleyball net is also an eyesore. The lawns are burnt from lack of water and the landscape has large holes and humps throughout the resort, consequently it is mowed with whipper snippers.

Their pool table was missing a pool ball and the cues had no cue tips. Building 4 needs an exterior paint job.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Memories Flamenco Resort, Cayo Coco, Cuba Review
March 5-19, 2015

Arrival at the hotel was excellent. Our suitcases were delivered to our room while we checked in.


On our first morning we attended the hotel orientation. Mr. Murphy is knowledgeable but speaks double speed with an accent so we understood almost nothing. It's a pity, because this information is critical to begin enjoying your week.

You are well advised to learn at least a dozen common Spanish words because the Memories Flamenco staff understand very little English. Ola, ...

Room Facilities:

An excellent Combination Lock Safe is provided in the room for your valuables
Coffee Maker & Sometimes coffee in room
Beer in fridge sometimes (catch them if you can)
Bottled Drinking water in room sometimes (Catch them if you can)

Passing Security Guards often talked all through the night keeping us awake. These rooms have poor acoustic design and sound echoes in the hallways for 2 seconds with a clap of the hands. Cuban maids can be heard throughout the day chattering constantly from the other end of these concrete residential buildings.

We opted for no air conditioning with the patio door open instead, but this didn't work the last couple of days because of the poorly fitting, difficult to move screen door. There were quarter inch gaps from poor door design. The mosquitoes were hungry.

The small room fridge was so noisy that we put it out on the balcony for our entire visit. It sounded like a vacuum cleaner switching off and on every 5 minutes so you couldn't hear the TV. The TV programming was above my low expectations. There were several English speaking channels and we sometimes got Canadian news and weather. We had nearly a meter of snow at home in the two weeks we were in Cuba. Did I mention the weather was perfect in Cuba :)

Our balcony view (Building 5) was of bushes and trees with a sliver of Atlantic Ocean at the horizon. Still beautiful when you can walk inside and out without sensing a temperature change. Good beach views are limited in Cayo Coco since the entire island was developed in the last 15 years, after Cuban beachfront environmental laws prohibit removing the beach trees so the shoreline will remain intact.

There are 10 residential buildings, each with 21 rooms per level, or 63 rooms per building. Building 1 sits the highest above sea level and therefore has the best beach view on the ocean side. The resort-side view is also better because of this height advantage but these rooms are near the theater that will produce great noise till late at night. The buildings decrease in height above sea level gradually from building 1 to building 5 and the remaining 5 buildings are located inland.

From Building 5 it is a half kilometer walk gradually uphill to the main lobby and cafeteria but it was a pleasant walk except for reasons mentioned later. Buildings 1-4 are more central, have a better view of the ocean or pools and the ocean side would also be quiet.

The bathroom shower was warm at best (Building 5)if you picked the right time of day. The sink facet barely trickled water at busy times. There was a hair blower (it worked on max only) by the sink and it had a power converter for a 110 Volt razor or cell phone charger. You will need a 220V to 110 Volt power converter for curling irons, etc. Our room had an iron and ironing board (220V).

Restaurants and Bars:

The Snack Bar is your around the clock place to eat if you miss other venues. I ordered a Club Sandwich and got 2 slices of fat on a burger bun. The Snack Bar is home to dozens of birds that fly onto the tables before and after people eat, gathering up leftovers. They perch on the large light fixture suspended over top of the self-serve food table and these birds don't wear diapers. We went there twice and never went back which meant we were hungry several times but waited for the cafeteria food.

The cafeteria food is fair. Best to make a pre-check of each item with a small sample and go back for what is cooked properly that meal. The beef and pork are often severely overcooked, tough and dry. Try the fish and shellfish at your own risk. We live on fish at home but not in Cuba. Sometimes the fruit was good but they seem to pick their fruit before it ripens? The pineapple was always tough, tastless and completely inedible. The breakfast omelets are made while you wait and are worth waiting for (Ringo makes a good omelette. Get your drinks quickly because the glasses do run out. We each lost 6 pounds on our 2 week trip and we are small people.

The acoustics are also poor in the cafeteria. Humming motors, people talking and live entertainment at supper add up to a rumbling environment. Sit on the sides for less noise.

There are 4 A La Carte restaurants. Be sure to book them all. Their food is excellent. You will need to get to the booking desk early (the one that says "Diamond Club Only" but ignore that misnomer). Three of these excellent restaurants are connected to the cafeteria. The fourth is connected to the Snack Bar. This one has no sign so it took us 2 days to find it.

We were booked to the A La Carte by the Snack Bar for 6 PM but they didn't open till the line-up was long at nearly 6:30 PM. The next day we were 15 minutes late (as per Murphy's apparent joke at orientation about relaxed Cuban time) and we were almost refused service. Be on time to those A La Carte's by the Cafeteria.

Bar Service:

Very poor. After 2 pina colada's with no alcohol, I asked for more alcohol. The bartender sprinkled a tablespoon on the top of the drink and pushed it my way. The 4th time I asked to have an ounce of rum in the glass before adding the mix. He poured half a glass of rum and added (now warm) pina colada mix. Every bartender has his own rules for mixing drinks. If you find a good one, hang onto him. Cerveza was our only recourse.


Walking on the walkways to move from place to place was very dangerous here. The service people were constantly zipping by with silent electric vehicles on a walkway that is just a foot or two wider than their vehicles. When one of these electric Honda-Civic-sized vehicles speeds by you unannounced from behind at 15 KMPH it leaves a very unsafe feeling. I spoke to two of the hotel managers about this and many of the vehicles slowed down, but not all.

We walked next door to the Pestana Resort and further over to the Jardines Del Rey Resort and walking on their walkways was wonderful. All their service staff stopped and alerted you that they were going to pass, before proceeding.

Beside Building 5 there is a large gazebo that is hazardous to be around. The boards are rotten and large broken holes are surrounded with rusty protruding nails. There were hundreds of young children that would be at risk if attempting to play on this decayed structure. I suggested to SunWing staff that this should be immediately barricaded and torn down very soon.

Several of the wooden walkway boards going down to the beach were also rotten and the rail was quite loose. Part of it is now barricaded and bypassed near the beach.

Most of the walkway lights were either broken off completely and missing with wires sticking out of the foundation or the lights were just not working. It was very dark at night walking between Buildings 6-10.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

Perfect with no rain. Every day was 87 F (30 C) with a nice breeze. Cuban weather is absolutely perfect in mid-March. It can be cool in February and too hot starting late April. Our last 2 days saw mosquitoes coming out in the evening. This resort is surrounded by swamp so April is likely a great time for mosquito eating birds when the rainy season starts.


The beach in front of the resort has sand next to the trees/bushes but all along the beach there is sharp outcropping coral as you go out into the water for a few dozen feet before sand reappears (like most resorts in Cayo Coco). However, going down to the beach and walking to the left (northwest) about half a KM is very rewarding. Here at low tide, just around the cove point, is the most perfect beach we've ever seen. Fifteen acres of pure white fine coral-based sand that you can walk on to your hearts content. We spent hours walking this beach and there's another 15 acres of knee-deep-in-water area to be explored.

The white fish birds and the pelican type birds are courteous to people as the birds soar and dive to capture numerous small fish from minnow size up to 7 inches. They add another great dimension to the most beautiful beach in the world.

And though we never saw it advertised, there are 7 beautiful catamaran sailboats and several kayaks and paddle boats that are included in your all inclusive package in the Memories Flamenco and the Pestana Resort next door. They are located between the two resorts in a beach enclosure. Here is a great opportunity to sail with or without an instructor with perfect daily breezes on the warm south Atlantic.

Money Exchange:

Some people bought Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC's) at the airport for a better rate before coming to the hotel. We had no time as our arrival was near midnight and all was a rush. We were charged 40% on CAD and 20% on USD at the Memories Flamenco bank. Strange because the CUC value is locked to the value of the USD. But you are on the island of Cayo Coco. In Veradero several years earlier we got par exchange for USD because independent exchange facilities were near the town of Veradero.
This shouldn't be a major factor unless you wish to spend CUC for excursions. We took the 5 CUC per person (7 CAD) bus ride to the island market. This market is much like a small garage sale but does allow you to see several gateway entrances to other hotels on the island.

Other Comments:

There are several excursions available from the Memories Flamenco (around 75 CUC) but we didn't partake because of their unreasonable exchange rate. Examples-
~Jeep Safari ride into the Florencia Mountains where you can go on a horseback ride or tour a cigar factory.
~Take a trip into Moron, the nearest town and shop.
~Take a large catamaran cruise with open bar and interact with dolphins
~Go fishing
~There were also free scuba diving courses offered at the hotel and then if you were successful at this, you could go on a coral reef excursion.

One of the best excursions in Cayo Coco is not advertised. If you can get 10 people or so together you can rent a minibus and go into the town of Moron (30 Minutes away). Your driver becomes your personal group guide for the day and he will go where you like. This mini-bus will cost about $160 CUC and you will have to buy food while gone.

I saw a tourist driven minibike when at the market but there were no rentals near the Memories Flamenco. The maps of Cayo Coco are very vague so it would be difficult to navigate their wandering roads and Moron is likely close to an hour away via bike. Veradero is much better suited to this type of excursion. Years ago we traveled the entire Veradero peninsula in one day, stopping at several resorts. Then we took a quick trip into the near town of Veradero.


I played smart phone Sudoku for entertainment. Their night theater entertainment is good but often too loud. Take some books or games to enjoy your leisure time. Internet service is available but only in a 20 foot circle in the main lobby via wifi. They will neglect to tell you that your 4.5 CUC one hour wifi service does not disconnect when you shut down your phone wifi. You need to manually disconnect your wifi account to halt their wifi one hour timer. I've heard other hotels in Cayo (pronounced Ki-oh) Coco have very slow internet service. The speed is good here if you stay in the circle.

I met a tourist who purchased her internet data card in Canada before leaving. She had great internet service through this data plan and it would be much cheaper if you plan on keeping touch with home a great deal.

Disregard any review that rates this resort at Star 4 or 5 (Totally Ridiculous). There is good and bad at this resort. We had a good time and it was difficult to come home even after 2 weeks. Have a good trip south.

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"fantastic resort"

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
User Rating:  Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  nancy  on Mar 20, 2015  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Oct, 2014 | Leisure | Solo
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this resort is one of best resorts Ive satyed in from the moment I got there I was treated like a queen from the management to the gardeners the staff is great, not pushy but very concerned about my stay and welcomed me like I was a queen I met some wonderful people that work there and that is the main reason Im going back

Room Number:

Room Block:

seamless and brought to room upon arrival

buliding2 close to everything this trip Ive asked for a ground floor as stairs are a issue with me

Restaurants and Bars:
good food always well presented, they did run out of some things but-the variety is so good that you don't miss things

pool very clean the beach they were grinding away the coral so its better now but it was still acceptable after all the ocean is nature in its glory

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
all the shows were excellent and well done. The caterman trip is a must do also swimming with dolphins both are 110 cuc but worth every penny

Other Comments:
all in all the resort is fantastic so much so Im returning April 2nd 2015 12 sleeps away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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