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VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana)  

White Sand, Carretera Arena Gorda , Bavaro, Punta Cana

"Loved all of it"
Posted by: mariam on May 28, 2014
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VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Reviews
VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Pictures and Information
VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Bavaro Beach Dominican Republic

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User rating 3.4

Based on 29 reviews

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Information

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VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Reviews

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Review: 3.4 of 5 29 reviews
Very good
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"VIK Arena Blanca - April 4th to April 8th 2011 review"

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana)
User Rating:  VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Fario  on May 5, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: May, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
1303 people found this review helpful

Hi everyone,
Getting down straight to business (I will make some comparisons with Cuba, for those who are first timers):
* Flight/vacation arrangement: AirTransat Holidays. Good flight, no problems.
* Airport: Fun and welcoming but some disorganized lines as passengers rushed to immigration. No problems with our suitcases.
* Hotel: Compared to our 3.5 start hotel in Holgin, Cuba (Sol Rio de Luna Y Mares) which had a great appearance and lobby and fantastic gardening and vegetation, this hotel looked pale in comparison, even though it is labeled as a 4 star. We also had to wait about 2-3 hrs to get our room, because the check-in time was around 2:30/3 and we had arrived at the hotel around 12. We spent part of the wait having drinks at the lobby and lunch at the restaurant.
* Room: very Decent and very clean, much better than our room in Cuba and had a better build overall.
* Restaurants: Great, no complaints, food was much better in comparison with Cuba BUT Cuba is poorer compared with DR.
* Employees: Not as friendly as in Cuba but no complaint either except that the staff selling excursions were WAY TOO PUSHY ! I swear they make excellent sales people in canada and can have great careers in here! They would NOT leave you alone.
***** WARNING !!! There is an excursion guide named MIGUEL ! Avoid this creature at ALL COSTS !!! He is very rude, aggressive, and even threatening !!! When my wife and I were ready early in the morning for one of the excursions, he showed up with a van, with another person and when we asked for his name (because we were going to make sure we are not going with the wrong team with other tourists), he said: Don't worry, we are not going to kidnap you, you tourists do not have enough money for us !!!!! We were flabergasted at his audacity !!! We were extremly lucky that an hour into our excursion, when the number of tourists got mixed up with the number of vans they had reserved (!) we had to wait to go with another VAN but this time our guide, Andre, was great.
Beach: Sand was great, soft, baige/pinkish sand BUT the ocean was NOT comparable to the one in Cuba: First of all, the ocean in Cuba was much more clear, I could swim under sea and see 60 feet away clearly, this was NOT the case in here. Next, there were a lot of dead green leafs sticking to our feet left and right, so, I did not enjoy the ocean nearly as much as I did in Cuba. No problems with towels, seats, etc.
Swimming pools: Great ! No complaints at all.
Drinks: Do NOT forget local MAMAJUANA ! It will make your nights PLEASUREABLE, if you know what I mean !
Overall I score my experience 3 out of 5./ Enjoy

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"Loving Cayena Beach Club!"

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana)
User Rating:  VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Skye  on Jul 24, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jul, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
1294 people found this review helpful

Very quick through the airport since they are looking for tips. Check-in at Cayena Beach was very smooth and bags were delivered to our room in a timely manner.

The rooms were in good condition and we had no problem with them. Staff was very helpful if we had issues. The cleaning people decorated our room with flowers one day and put our bedspread into neatly decorated ways each day as well. There were small fruitflies that are all over the Caribbean that were sprayed for at least once during the week, but they didn't bother us.

Restaurants and Bars:
Buffet was okay. The food at all restaurants doesn't have a lot of flavor, but it was still good. El Cano lunch specials were really good, especially the crab stuffed chicken. Look for Pazqual when you go there. He's a character and will make sure your meal is good. He's the restaurant manager, I believe.

Beach was cleaned daily by a cleaning crew who cleaned up the seaweed early each morning. The beaches were beautiful white sand with palm trees. There were plenty of watersports and activities daily. The pools were very clean and I saw a man putting chemicals in at least twice that week. The grounds were taken care of well and were always clean. We saw a guy with a machete knife trimmming the bushes. That was kind of fun.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We went to visit the kids at an orphanage with Melanie from the office. She was a great guide. We learned more about the island and saw things that many tourists do not see. Definitely worth learning about.

Other Comments:
If DR was closer, we would make this an every 2 year event, but we're on the west coast and it's much too long to make this trip too often.

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"Pictorial review of VIK Arena Blanca (formerly LTI)"

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana)
User Rating:  VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Deborah  on Jul 15, 2010  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jun, 2010 | Leisure | Solo
1007 people found this review helpful

I haven't done a formal written review on this resort but was thinking that my pictorial review may suffice. Willing to answer questions regarding this resort.


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"A Great Getaway, Great Beach "

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana)
User Rating:  VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Michael  on Apr 30, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
1011 people found this review helpful

We stayed at the VIK during the Easter Holidays this year -April 4-12. We had been to the resort 4 years ago when it was under LTI ownership and were impressed with it then, so we went back. I have to say that it is now better.
My wife and I stayed in building 3, where we had stayed before, and were pleasantly surprised by the updated look of the renovated room. There were better beds (no more singles pushed together) good pillows ( a common complaint in other reviews of this resort, and one that I would definitely complain about if necessary), air conditioning that we actually had to turn DOWN, and more than adequate towels etc. Another plus was the variety of lighting options they have installed in the rooms, and the large screen satelite TV's which have a variety of English channels. Our daughter and two friends were staying in Building 4 which was also renovated and had no cpomplaints about their room. Our maid sevice was excellent and the room was extremely clean.(thanks Confessora)

The food has also improved. The buffet does not have the cooking oil smell that I remembered from the past visit and all food was prepared well and was varied. The Italian a-la-carte has improved imeasurably. There is a good selection of items on the menu. The bars were adequate and the servers fiendly. give Johnny at the Buchannero Bar at the beach good tips and you will be "my friend" and get great service for the duration of your stay.

As far as the beach, what can I say? beautiful sand, water, waves, etc. The only downside is having to get up very early to claim your spot on the beach. I'd recommend by six o'clock. We left it until seven the first morning and prime spaces were limited.The towel system is very efficient - give them your cards at the beginning of your stay and turn in towels at the end to get your cards back. - SIMPLE - You can get your towels changed at any ppoint during your stay and the couple who run the towel business are very friendly and accommodating.

Overall, the service at this resoprt is great. All people we dealt with were friendly, accommodating and eager to please. One side note - avoid the pushy salespeople from the adjoing Cayenna Beach time share - REALLY ANNOYING - Don't agree to one of their information sessions- this time we made the mistake of doing it. You learn from experience

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"best vacation ever"

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana)
User Rating:  VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  tammy  on Apr 15, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2009 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
970 people found this review helpful

my husband and i stayed there for a second honeymoon. i am handicaped and they all just rolled out the red carpet for me rented me a wheelchair for 10 dolloars a day. i wanted another room so the manager there for no extra cost put us in a beautiful room right on the ocean in building 5 this is the best rooms and beautiful. in short they where the nicest people you can meet. now its april 2010 and we are booked to go back with six of my family. i think all of these bad reviews are from very hard to please people, i have been to sandles this is a six star and i will tell you we had just as good as a time and the entertainment was even better. i am a very fussy person and i couldnt ask for better.

Your Arrival:
book building 5 and bring proper clothing for the ala carte-no open toe sandles and no shorts of any kind for men they have to wear pants and women can wear skirts or anything aslong as it is not beach wear.

like i mentioned building 5 oceanfront rooms, this is beside the pool and infront of the beach and best rooms.

Restaurants and Bars:
give a one dollor tip and they will do anything for you they appreciate it so much. make sure you book your ala carte soon as you check in.

be aware that some vacationers come from different cultures and only a few will go topless. best beach i have ever seen.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
there is a fleamarket every thursday evening stay away from it. they just hound you to buy buy buy. they say "something is better than nothing ", they drive you nuts so beware of shopping anywhere.

Other Comments:
what a beautiful experience and like i said i am comming back with my family a 93 year old and my 12 yr old my mother and farther and my husband, i cant wait to see all of them again at the vic blanca hotel i love it.

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"3 time back"

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana)
User Rating:  VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Denise  on Mar 20, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
1075 people found this review helpful

This is our 3 year and every year we have stay at the Vic Arena Blanca and we love it the staff is wonderful and friendly when we got there we were on the 2 floor my husband just had knee surgery so this was not good i went to the front and with no problems they moved us to the first floor. People say why do you go to the same resort well first the resort is so clean and the staff are so friendly and we love the food breakfast is awesome and at lunch the burgers and fries and hot dogs are so good and there-always fresh fruit and cookies and cakes and dinner is fantastic especial our pasta maker i had garlic and butter with there amazing meat sauce also a red with no meat and Alfredo our rooms were cleaned every day and we came back to swans made from towels and always fresh flowers,I go to the Vic because of the food,staff,and how clean it is the T.v works the ceiling fan is great the AC works the rooms are wonderful remember if you want all the leisureliness of home then stay home also i feel so safe I work for Tim Horton and i start at 5 so i am always up at 3 so i would get the towels and go to the beach to get our spot the security guy Gabriel always walk with me to the beach watch me place my towels as we walk back we have a smoke he saw me back to my room.

Your Arrival:
When you get off the plain they move you threw quick and on to your bus and on your way check in is a snap and the bell boys are quick your not waiting a hour for your bag

We had 2 rooms that were always cleaned and the cleaning staff went out of there way to see that we had everything we need it

Restaurants and Bars:
Fantastic and wonderful food night after night

always clean the guys every day raked the beach and cleaned up what ever the ocean sent in. also threw out the day staff pick up all cups and garbage you had they always ask do u mined we had games threw out the day and fun beach exerciser at night the had show for the little one and at 10 for the grown up the show witch usually are musicals are so good the staff puts on the show and they do a dam good job

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We have swam with the dolphin at Maniti Park which is beautiful they put on water show with sea lions and dolphin's we did the Eco tour which is done on Segways and the one I recommend if your only going to do one is the boat they take you to coral ref's and you swim with the sharks and sting rays we dance on the boat they had a wonderful lunch and drinks we had a blast they have a gym,spa night club a little every thing for everyone.

Other Comments:
Well when we return next year it will be at the Vic we had a wonderful week as always it a lay back quiet resorted and that is what i look for because I am there to relax and the Vic lets you do that You have to remember it's not home and if that is what your looking for then stay home

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"This hotel has HUGE plumbing issues"

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana)
User Rating:  VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Karen from Boston  on Jan 10, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Nov, 2009 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
945 people found this review helpful

First thing I want to say is "DON'T DO IT!!!" If you haven't booked yet, don't, if you have, see if your agent can get you switched!

We arrived on time via Miami Air with a direct flight from Boston. The transfers were efficient and there was help available to anyone who was unsure of the next steps at the airport. Our rooms (we were two couples) were not available when we first arrived (understandably as it was only noon.) We were directed to the buffet for lunch and told to come back in an hour or so. It was closer to two hours before the room was available, however, this was still acceptable. Check-in time is posted to be 3:00PM. Make sure you ask for the remote and safe mechanism ($2 per day).

There are renovated and non-renovated rooms. The non-renovated rooms are in definite need of a facelift as this is where both couples were placed. The bathroom had mold in the corners of the tub, a faulty on/off switch (you had to play with it so that the connection would be made to turn the lights/fan on) and a fan that was so loud that it would scare a small child. The pillows seemed to be made of little pieces of foam not a solid piece. I found it to be very strange. Our bed was fine but our friend's bed was very uncomfortable. While we did not experience rust on the mirrors, we did hear this complaint from several guests. We did have several openings in the ceiling in the bathroom and mold around most of them. The furniture is on its last leg and is in need of replacement. No shampoo or lotions were furnished by the resort so be sure to bring your own. A hand gel soap was furnished although the dispenser in our room was broken. A bar of soap in the lobby store is $4.
The key to our room did not unlock the door when issued. We had to go back to the lobby and wait a long time for someone to make a new copy. When you are arriving, this was not a good first impression. You just want to get unpacked and hit the beach.

The worst: This hotel has HUGE plumbing issues. The public toilets (at the beach, lobby and restaurants) were frequently overflowing or non-flushing. It was disgusting. The toilets in both of our rooms had issues as well. Our friend's leaked the whole time and ours was on the verge of overflowing each time we flushed. We reported the issues but received no resolution. They sent a maintenance man but he did little to solve the issues. Our TNT rep (our tour operator)told us that it happens frequently and the hotel does little to solve this and other electronic issues.

The resort should not be receiving a four star rating from TNT.

Restaurants and Bars::
The food was a strong point of the resort. The buffet food was excellent. The food was varied and some of the best that I've eaten in the seven times I've been to Punta Cana. The problem was that the buffet was understaffed. At times, there were no seats available as the hotel had closed one of the three seating areas. We also found that the staff frequently "missed" essential items when setting the tables such as utensils and napkins. We finally resorted to taking the missing items from other tables. The hotel advertises that there are two ala carte restaurants each night. However, during our stay, the ala cartes rotated. One night, one was available and the next, the other.

This is a very mature resort (read old) so the vegetation is very developed. It is well cared for. The pool bottom needs to be painted but I really can't comment too much on it as we were "beach people" and never used it.

The beach was awesome! Plenty of palapas although you had to reserve one early in the morning. This is against the rules but everyone does it and if you don't, you will be out in the sun with little hope of shade.

This is a very intimate resort which I liked. There is only 5 buildings with rooms and then the restaurants/lobby/theatre. It only takes a few minutes to walk anywhere. I have been to larger resorts in Punta Cana where you must ride a tram which can be time consuming.

Other Comments::
In summary, while this resort has some good points, I just couldn't get past the plumbing issues and the fact that the management knows all about it and does nothing to resolve. If not for the plumbing, I could have looked past all the other issues. All and all...I wouldn't recommend this resort. There are many other resorts available, try one of them instead. I think you will be glad you did.

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"The beach in front of the VIK is fantastic."

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana)
User Rating:  VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Mary from Montreal  on Jan 10, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2009 | Leisure | With Group
1169 people found this review helpful

This was my sixth trip to Punta Cana and I have read various reviews on the hotels I stayed at. You should not believe everything you read. The reviews I read on the VIK were mostly negative, we were a group of 10 and we loved the resort. So far, all the staff we encountered in Punta Cana were the friendliest at the VIK. The dining room attendants took the time to talk to you and provide you with what you need. We always tip, and this was the first time in PuntaCana that the staff appreciated the gratitude.

We were in building 4, which is the renovated section. The rooms were adequate, clean and the mattresses new and comfortable. Had lots of hot water. The rooms did smell musty but that is not uncommon in hot climates. Take air freshener with you.

Restaurants and Bars::
We frequented the buffet and the beach restaurant and bar. The food was always fresh and there was always a vast selection of meats,fish, vegetables, salads, cheese, desserts and fresh fruit, as well as ice cream. A pasta bar, grill and stirfry section was also available.
The bars were all ok, served you quickly. International liqour was available at a cost. The bar next to the night entertainment area was open until 05h30 in the morning (how much can you drink??) and they served sandwiches and soup for those who did not have enough to eat at dinner. The sandwiches were prepared and refrigerated, you serve yourself and a grill is at your disposal if you choose to grill your sandwich.
Our friends tried the seafood restaurant (at a cost) and were satisfied with their portions and meal.
The lobby bar was good but closes at midnight. There are different areas that have tables set-up where you can relax with your drink and enjoy your evening.

The beach in front of the VIK is fantastic. Lots of people stop on the beach to take pictures by a plam tree that is curved. You can walk the beach for miles, it is amazing.
Grounds were very well manicured, watered daily and shrubs were blooming. The pool and jacuzzi were clean. Lots of chairs were available at the poolside as well as at the beach. To get chairs under an umbrella you must get up early and reserve by placing something on the chair.
I liked the fact that there were very many garbage cans on the beach, therefore you did not see litter left behind. A bar attendant collected the reusable plastic glasses so this also helped keep the beach clean.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
We did not go on any tours but they are available. Activities; there were dance lessons, games on the beach, volleyball, water polo, ping-pong, and pool.
A gym, spa, disco and casino were available.

Other Comments::
We would return to this resort in a heart beat. We liked everything about it, the people, the overall friendliness amongst staff and guests and the ease of getting around the resort.
The Christmas decorations were put up during our second week and all looked festive and beautiful.
I would also like to say that the bathrooms around the resort were kept clean and stocked.
I am ready to go back.

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"Punta Cana is not my type of place, too commercial not enough DR."

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana)
User Rating:  VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Review: 3.50 of 5

Posted by:  Gerry from Ottawa  on Sep 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Sep, 2009
924 people found this review helpful

Arrival: September 5 - 12 2009
I chose this resort based solely on price and TMR was not charging any single supplement. The price was compareable to air only in some cases.

My first room was exactly as expected (I have seen more 3* rooms in DR than I can count) Two singles pushed together, barely working A/C, small TV no remote (unless you go and ask for one), poor pillows (as noted in many other reviews). The room was clean. This totally acceptable to me (better A/C would have been nice but there was a ceiling fan). The wall safe used the same type of lock that many older hotels use and I have "acquired" over the years so no paying for safe (bonus). There is an upgrade available at The Cayena part of the hotel and after returning from my trip to Santo Domingo I investigated it and for $35/night/per person (I was alone so seemed cheap) I moved and I feel it was well worth it (not saying the basic room was unacceptable just my curious nature) I moved to a Jr Suite with two rooms two double beds better pillows flat screen TV jetted bath tub beer in the mini fridge (not the case in the base room just soft drinks) A/c no better though. You have full run of the resort but now includes their own smaller pool with more comfy chairs and they have a small restaurant (breakfast and lunch only) really good though. Bigger towels etc etc.

Restaurants and Bars:
There is a couple a la cart restaurants but I never tried them. The main buffet was, again, as per my previous experience the same. Always a "main course" that changed every night. I saw Turkey, roast beef, pork chops, and fish being served in this area. Then of course the standard Pasta bar for those who can't find something they like from the buffet that had an array of choices that I never had trouble finding something that satisfied me. I must note that they have something I had not seen before and that is and stir fry bar where you make choices similar to the breakfast omelet bar and the chef prepares it fresh in front of you in a wok I really enjoyed this option. For those who mention smokers I had no problem in the "no smoking" section. I also wanted to mention that I enjoyed the fact that at breakfast the coffee was brought in carafe as opposed to having to flag down coffee guy to get a second cup.

This is the first time I have stayed in Punta Cana and basically hate the whole concept. I much prefer the north coast for the closer proximity to the "real DR" that being said the beach here is one of the nicest I have ever scene in DR. Pool at the main hotel is quite large free form with lots of shade available more than adequate.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
No tours although I did go on my own into Bavero for some shopping. I must first say again I have been doing this for years (more than 20) and I have never had any problems getting vendors to relax their overly aggressive attitudes, this was not the case in Bavero. The newest catch phrase is " no pressure" but they have no idea what that means even when it is explained to them I have not been overwhelmed buy such agrees ion since my first visit to the colonial city in Santo Domingo in 1986. I actually want to pick up a few more gifts and could not convince myself to return to shop. Be prepared, you may need more that the normally accepted “no gracias

Other Comments:
Punta Cana is not my type of place too commercial not enough DR. That being said this is a review of yet another 3* hotel and as such this hotel more than fulfilled all of my expectations. All of my interaction with any staff member was as always greeted with an enthusiasm second to none always will to help if possible. I also must note that it is my opinion that over the years (23 year I have been visiting) on of the most significant change/downfall in the attitude of hotel staff has been the concept of cash tipping (that is the natural and ingrained attitude of Dominicans to be friendly and helpful has been negatively influenced by the cash) and in fact compared to my last couple of stays there was no indication this "scourge" has come to this hotel yet..

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"This resort DOES NOT deserve 4 or 3 STARS."

VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana)
User Rating:  VIK hotel Arena Blanca (LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana) Review: 2.50 of 5

Posted by:  Eva from Houston, TX  on Jul 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jul, 2009
872 people found this review helpful

Arrival: June 27, 2009
On June 27 2009 my husband, myself, a couple with a child and three young girls got stranded in Punta Cana due to an overbook fly. The airline sent us to this MOTEL 6 looks like resort.
Upon our arrival, checking in was madness. The three receptionist run around as if they did not know what to do and arguing among themselves of misplacing pens. They did not HAVE ENOUGH PENS for us to fill out the check-in forms. I open my purse to get my own pen.

The couple and I got our room first. The girls had to wait because the rooms were not clean. Our room was mouldy, two twin size together, the AC was loud, the pillows were the cheapest one. I was MAD! Later that evening after dinner we run into the girls and they told us that they were given dirty rooms. It was 9PM by then and they were still waiting for a clean room.

Restaurants and Bars:
We were hungry and went to the Buffet. The food was nothing out of this world and I got beaten by mosquitos there. The next day during breakfast, flies were on our table. If smoking bother you, this is not a place for you.

I walked on the beach the next morning and saw lots of seeweed. I did not see this at the Melia Caribe were we stayed for 4 days.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
No, all i wanted was to leave this resort.

Other Comments: I have very good memories of Punta Cana and probably go back, but I do not recommend this resort. This resort DOES NOT deserve 4 or 3 STARS.

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