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Caribe Club Princess  

Playa Bavaro, Dominican Republic

"i had a good time"
Posted by: frosh on Jun 27, 2014
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Caribe Club Princess Reviews
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Caribe Club Princess Reviews

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"We have nothing but positive things to say about the resort staff."

Caribe Club Princess
User Rating:  Caribe Club Princess Review: 4.5 of 5

Posted by:  I and B  on Feb 1, 2009  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2009
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Arrival: Jan 23-30
Trip from Punta Cana airport took about an hour as if you stay at the Caribe Club Princess you are the last off the bus, stopped at 3 other resorts that Sunwing uses.

We stayed in the Eldorado building #1 room 1371, rooms on the third floor have the cathedral style vaulted ceiling that makes the room feel larger. This room is also a corner room and is very large, the balcony overlooks the main pool right at the swim up bar, which on occasion was somewhat noisy.

Restaurants and Bars:
Food was edible , nothing special, a la cartes were less than inspiring, Chinese seemed the best to us, buffet ranged from ok to very mediocre, food was much better at the RIU Bachata in Puerto Plata where we stayed last year.

Beach was awesome , best beach we have seen yet in the Dominican Republic, we have been to Puerto Plata 3 times and the beach there is ok but Punta Cana is a superb shade of blue and lovely white sand that stretches forever, you can walk for about 20 minutes and see the wreck Astrom in front of the RIU resorts and pass by the beach vendors where you can barter for cheapy cheapy DR stuff if you like.A word of caution for those sqeamish about topless/scantily clad beachgoers Punta Cana is a very cosmopolitan tourist region with many European travellers who enjoy the sun so expect lots of the aforementioned both at the beach and around the pool area.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We were in Fly and Flop mode so we just relaxed on the beach, but we heard many positive comments on the Saona Island catamaran trip.

Other Comments:
Overall we we were happy with our trip to Punta cana and the Caribe Club Princess, our trip was enhanced by those fellow travellers that we enjoyed the week with from the UK, Canada, and our Austrian friends. The Dominican workers are so fun to be around and work very hard to make your trip memorable. We have nothing but positive things to say about the resort staff and our dealings with the hotel front desk managers. Go to Punta Cana and enjoy yourself.

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"I spent a lot of my vacation in tears."

Caribe Club Princess
User Rating:  Caribe Club Princess Review: 2.0 of 5

Posted by:  Deborah from Decatur, IL  on Mar 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2009
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First of all when we got to Punta Cana and drove through the gates of this hotel we were excited about how pretty it was. Well, beauty is only skin deep. When we checked in, they did not have the information about the $400 upgrade for VIP, so we were put into a regular room. The rep from our tour group was to talk to us the next morning. When we reached our room, a good half mile from the front desk, it was ice cold. Two lamps did not work, the remote control did not work, nor were there any alarm clocks. We had virtually no idea what time it was the whole time we were there unless we used our cell phones. The only light source we had was from a ceiling fan, but in order to use it, we had no way of turning off the fan, because the pull cord was missing. We could not adjust the air conditioner, or turn on the heat, for some reason, they must not allow people to do this, because the thermostat had no response to our adjustments. The water in the shower was ICE cold and there was NO WATER PRESSURE whatsoever. The reason we purchased the VIP package was because I had called the hotel and said I wanted a jacuzzi room, and whoever I talked to, told me the VIP rooms had jacuzzis. Well, with the water pressure as it was, it would have been absurd to fill a jacuzzi anyway. The hairdryer had only one setting, low. We talked to the concierge about the remote control, he told us. "You are VIP, you just call... we come take care of you" Two days later we received our working remote.

The next morning, we voiced our concerns with our rep, had to sit for almost two hours while he sorted it out, even though we had all of our papers which stated "VIP" quite plainly, the hotel was denying it. We were handed the correct tags, internet, meal, massage and watersports coupons, but did not receive the rum or cigars.

There were never any watersports available, never any snorkles or parasailers. Who wants to use the internet on vacation anyway? The first full day we spent there, we were locked out of our room for nearly an hour, because our key did not work. We lost electricity and the ceiling in our bathroom was dripping on us. It took four phone calls to various people there before anyone came out to fix it. We had to get ready for our dinner with water dripping on our heads. My boyfriends eye was nearly swollen shut from a bug bite he received while sleeping on the first night. I had a bite above my eye, and two on my arm. He had three on his. Our room was full of mosquitos and ants. If you sat down a soda for five minutes, you had to look in it to make sure it wasn't ant infested. The buffet food is absolutely horrible. I never once saw chicken, and the only time I ever saw beef was "head". You could order a cheeseburger from room service, but it took two hours to get there and was cold and disgusting.

We continued to ask about the rum, the cigars, and oh, don't forget the bathrobes we were to have received in our room, which would have been nice coming out of a freezing cold shower and into a freezing cold room. In all, we probably made six phone calls, and stopped at the front desk four times, asked the concierge twice about the rum and cigars, everyone just wrote it down on a piece of paper. Nobody ever did anything about it.

You couldn't swim at night if you wanted to, they turn off all the lights surrrounding the pool and on the beach. Which was actually fine, because this hotel boasts that they have several jacuzzis, but we never did find one that was heated. All the water in the jacuzzis was as cold as the pool, which was too cold to enter.

Nobody seemed to know anything about anything. I think that sometimes they just pretend to not understand so they don't have to deal with you.

On our last day, I went again to Guest Services, which had a very surprisingly long line, each and every time we were there. (obviously there were LOTS of complaints). I told the gal at the desk that we were leaving and would like to get the rum and cigars, she told me that her supervisor had taken it to our room the day before. I informed them that we had not received it, I wanted someone to come to our room, and show me that it was there. She said it was "Impossible. My Supervisor is very very busy right now, and she is very good about doing what she says" She ended up getting the supervisor on the phone, but the "good supervisor" would not talk to me. I was basically called a liar. I never did receive the rum or the cigars. We don't smoke, and we don't drink, but I feel like I paid $400 for the rum and cigars, because that was the price of the room upgrade for what I believed would have a jacuzzi and did not. We did not use the other coupons, with the exception of the meal ticket. Which, when we showed up at the steak restaurant, we only had our ticket, not the paper it was stapled to, and my boyfriend had to walk all the way back to the room to get it. I watched this happen to two other people while I was waiting on him. The steak was edible, but a dollar menu cheeseburger from McDonalds is better, especially since we had to wait two hours to get it.

The day we were to leave, the bellboy put us on the wrong bus, and we ended up having to pay another 30 for the ride while we were on it, even though we had already paid. If we hadn't had the money, I imagine we would have been dropped off in the middle of one of the scary neighborhoods we drove through.

At the airport back in the states, my boyfriend and I both noticed a bunch of itchy bumps on our genital areas. Apparently whatever bugs bit our faces and our arms were crawling all over our most private parts while we were sleeping. I feel absolutely violated and disgusted by this fact. I am so disturbed, I can't even sleep at night due to the itch and the emotional aspects of this. Just imagine yourself. We don't even know if it was ants crawling on us, or some other type of bug.

This hotel was supposed to be all inclusive, but unless you flashed cash, nobody could understand a word you say. But once they see the money, they are all fluent in french and english.

The only nice thing I have to say about this trip was our dune buggy excursion. We booked it by the hotel, it was only $130 for both of us, and took us away from the hotel for about four hours. We rode dune buggies in town, on the beach, on on muddy paths, (you could avoid the muddy puddles if you wanted) we swam in a cave, on the beach, and visited a banana plantation. It was absolutely awesome. Only downfall were the kids begging. Of course, they had their little shops and jewelry stands set up at each pit stop, but the guy who booked our trip had already warned us of this. They went out of their way to get us coffee when we got there, all they had were sodas and beers, which they offered at no charge to all of us. They also offered us ice cold bottled waters during the excursion as well. This was a lot of fun and I recommend it to anyone. It was called Rancho Xtreme.

All in All, I spent a lot of my vacation in tears, even when we got back to the states, since that is when we discovered that we weren't only bringing back souveniers, but also some creepy crawly bites as well. Disgusting.

I am so glad to be home and I really ask that anyone think twice before booking at this hotel!! The bad thing about all this, is that I probably forgot to even mention everything bad here.... In the states, this hotel would have been shut down from lawsuits.

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"The resort was gorgeous!"

Caribe Club Princess
User Rating:  Caribe Club Princess Review: 4.5 of 5

Posted by:  Shawnee from Ontario  on Apr 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2009
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Overwhelming..Our first vacation.
Sunwing Representative was very friendly and helpful. Check in was not until 3pm and we arrived at 12pm. The resort made sure we had everything we needed to start enjoying our vacation right away.

We had a suite with a king size bed. The bed was very comfortable and the pillows were also comfy. We had no complaints. The water pressure was low around dinner hour due to so many showering at once. We just waited a half hour to shower. Maids were in every day cleaning up the room and making the bed and replacing towels. Reminder...they do not have face clothes, if you use one be sure to bring your own.

Restaurants and Bars
The buffet was delicious! It had a wide variety of food. My husband is a picky eater and he had no problem finding things he liked. Each day the buffet had a different theme. This made it a little more interesting. We did not attend the disco. The pool bar was lots of fun though!

The Beach was beautiful!!! The grounds keepers were out every morning cleaning the beach area. Lots of cabanas on the beach but you had to up early to get one. There were tons of lounge chairs on the beach also. There was 3 pools and they had lots of sun and shaded areas for all to enjoy. The resort was kept up very nicely. You hardly ever seen garbage laying around. The vegetation and wild life was breath taking.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
There were activities on and off the beach for everyone to enjoy. Our Sunwing Representative was there every day to help book excursions. We went on 3 excursions: Rancho Ilanos was a dune buggy adventure. We went horseback riding, drove your own dune buggy and toured the area. We visited the public beach in Punta Cana where we swam in the ocean and visited with the residents. They were selling beautiful hand made crafts that you could buy. We also went to a cave that was a fresh water spring. We dove off into the crystal blue fresh water. It was a sight to see! Then they took us to a coffee, cocoa and sugar cane plantation. The gentleman who owned the plantation gave us a demonstration on how he processes coffee beans, cocoa and real vanilla. We also got to taste samples of them.
The other tour we did was called the Marinarium. We went out on a catamaran out into the ocean. We went snorkeling, swam with nurse sharks and stingrays and had lots of drinks and danced. I got a picture of me holding a stingray. WOW!!!
The spa is absolutely breath must see visit it!

Other Comments:
This was a wonderful experience! The resort was gorgeous! I would definitely recommend it!! It also has another sister resort attached to it called the Tropical Princess. Our resort was a 4+ and the Tropical was a 4. The only difference between the two........rooms and ala carte privileges. We ate the same food at the buffet, swam in all the same pools and had just as much fun as are new friends from Markham, Ontario did.

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"Our wedding day could not have been more perfect."

Caribe Club Princess
User Rating:  Caribe Club Princess Review: 5.0 of 5

Posted by:  Cat from Barrie, ON  on Sep 8, 2009  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Sep, 2009
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Arrival: May 8-16/2009
Upon our arrival at the hotel we were eagerly met at the reception. Because I was already in the Domincan to meet up with the boyfriend we had not reserved the hotel yet. We had booked the wedding package online 3 months earlier, so the reception was expecting my relatives who were flying in the next day from Canada. The people at reception worked with us to get us the 'Penthouse' honeymoon suite and they made all the room reservations for my husband-to-be's dominican family that would be coming for three days. We had no problems getting everything all set up. We were also told when we would be meeting with the wedding coordinator the next day.

We were very happy with our two floor honeymoon suite. Granted we were in the older building but the room was still immaculate.We had a huge canopy bed, sunken lounge/TV area and the second floor had another lounge area with a hot tub. We overlooked the pool and the ocean. What a great view! We had balconies on both floors. There were fruit baskets and bottles of rum delivered daily.
My family and my husbands family's rooms were across the pool from us in the newer building. The locks were broken on the sliding doors in two of the rooms, but as the rooms were on the second floor no one was to worried. Though my father did mention that their room faced another resort and below their balcony was a cart path for the motorized carts that delivered food and drinks to the beach bars and he could here these carts running all night along with the staff standing not too far away drinking and smoking while on their breaks at the beach bar. Though all around we didn't really have much to complain about. Everything was very clean!

Restaurants and Bars:
This resort is not as big as others, so there are not as many a la cart restaurants and the buffet gets old really quickly. We definitely liked the chinese restaurant (which served sushi!) and the portuguese grill. The crepe cafe is NOT good. The bars served the typical domestic drinks and most of us drank their version of champagne for most of the trip. Their champagne is very light tasting and we managed to get pink champagne a few times as well.

Beach was GORGEOUS! I love Punta Cana for this very reason and we all loved the beach. Lots of beach chairs, lots of space (read-no crowding,) not too many vendors and sun sun sun. The beach is soft white clean sand and the water is turquoise. We spent a lot of time playing in the pool while my husband's family was there, we even taught my new nephew how to swim. The water wasn't the cleanest in the pool, but oh well.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
We went on one of the go-cart tours. I would not recommend these tours as we didn't really think we got our money's worth and these so-called go-carts weren't what I would call safe. We drove on a lot of the main roads and with the way the locals drive around, it can be really scary, especially as there are not traffic laws and no 'left' and 'right' sides of the road, just you and other drivers trying to pass everyone. We did get to see Macao beach which is a beautiful undeveloped beach. It was too bad they only take you there to try and hawk you cheap jewelry and you don't really get to enjoy the beach. It would have been more fun driving around the beaches.
My dad and husband went deep sea fishing but it was really rough and everyone got sea-sick. My husband said 'first and last time for that!"

Other Comments:
Our whole purpose for this trip was to get married and our wedding day could not have been more perfect. Francelia is the wedding coordinator for all the princess resorts and she is FANTASTIC! She took care of absolutely everything. We met with her once and she went over how the ceremony would come together. She went over the package we picked, flower we wanted (i told her to pick them for me) where we wanted the reception, ceremony on the beach, etc. We didn't have to do anything!
The day of the wedding my friend and I went to the salon to get my hair done. The stylist did a great job. I headed back to my room to get ready. My mom and sister and friend came up and we all got ready together. My bouquet arrived and then the photographer came up about 20 minutes before the 2pm ceremony and got some great pictures in room. Then at 2pm, fashionably late we all went downstairs to the waiting golf cart to take us to the beach. They had decorated the golf cart with tropical flowers. They droves us around the pool to the edge of the beach. Francelia met me there with a bunch of tissues as we pulled up, as I welled up, just before I walked down the aisle with my dad. They set up chairs on the beach and made a trellis out of palm leaves, where my fiancee was waiting with the ocean in the background and the sun shining down on us. The ceremony was quick (10 minutes) in spanish for my husband's family and in english for mine. We had no official wedding party as our wedding was small. I did not realize at the time, but during the ceremony a large crowd had gathered to watch our wedding take place. When I look back now at the pictures taken it seems that everyone staying at the resort was standing there in their bathing suits watching us. The wedding photographers and hotel security did a great job to make they kept everyone out of the wedding photos. After the ceremony we had champagne toast and we took some pictures with the cake, (how that cake did not melt in the Dominican sun is beyond me!) then we walked down the beach and took some more pictures. My sister ran back to the beach bar and got the photographer a bunch of beers so he took way more pictures than we was supposed to. We even got some pictures taken around the pool and in the gardens. The reception was held at the portuguese grill restaurant. They walk around with huge skewers of meat and slice it off the skewer onto your plate. Because there was only 17 of us, we didn't have a private party, but dinner was excellent though we were kicked out of the restaurant at 8:30 after we had cake because there had another dinner seating. My husband was very annoyed by this and we ended getting more rum to our room and reservations at the a la carte for the rest of the week and some free massages. I was actually happy to take my wedding dress off after that dinner, we were all stuffed! All in all a great day! The wedding pictures were fantastic when we got them back. Any people that had somehow snuck into the pics were magically airbrushed out and we got the Photo Shop photo album as a wedding gift from my dad and it's one of the best wedding albums I have ever seen. When most people see it, they can't believe how well it turned out. All in all, GREAT vacation and magical wedding. Definitely the way to go if you don't want to plan a wedding! Thanks for reading:)

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Caribe Club Princess
User Rating:  Caribe Club Princess Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Linda  on Jan 16, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2010 | Business | Family and Kids
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I travelled with my 12 year old son and it was our first trip to a resort so we did not know what to expect at all. The Caribe Club Princess surpassed all our expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by everything.

Your Arrival:
We were the third stop from the airport so it took about 45 minutes to get to the hotel. We arrived right after another bus load of people so the wait to check in was very long but I found the people at the reception very friendly and efficient.

I had heard some bad reviews about the hotel rooms but ours was wonderful. Very clean and the bed very comfortable.

Restaurants and Bars:
The food at the buffet restaurant was wonderful. Even my picky son was always raving about something from the buffet. There were choices for every taste. For nights when we wanted something a bit more special and relaxing we ate at the Brazilian Restaurant one night and the Mexican Restaurant another and at both places the food was terrific.

The beach was amazing. We walked the shore line a few times and it was always very clean. The pool was a good temperature with a swim up bar that was quite nice. I was very surprised that there were very few people who took advantage of the pool, most sat around tanning so it seemed like my son and I had the whole pool to ourselves most of the time. The only complaint here is that the pool closed at 7:00 and sometimes it would have been nice to have a little swim after dinner.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
There were all kinds of things to do at the resort. We played tennis, mini putt, fruize ball and shuffleboard. The highlight of my trip was a buggy tour that took us down muddy backroads. They told us to get ready to get dirty but I never imagined how muddy we would get. It was a lot of fun though but if you think you might take this trip, make sure to take some old clothes and shoes that you can just throw out after because it's just not worth trying to clear everything up afterwards. It was a really good tour with stops at a coffee plantation, down into a cave with a swimming hole and a beautiful beach. We also did the Segway tours (motorized scooter-type devices). That was a lot of fun too, these were a lot easier to drive than the buggies and a really good family activity. We went past some amazing houses ($8 million +) and again stopped at a breathtaking beach). Both these tours were quite costly($65.00US each) but well worth the money.

Other Comments:
I had also heard that the people could be really push when trying to sell you something and that is very true but just as long as you keep giving them a firm "NO' they do get the message and move on so it was never a problem for me. A woman travelling alone with a child seemed to be a real novelty and was met with surprise by a lot of the resort employees but there was no time that I did not feel safe. Security was good and there was always tourists or people walking around the resort. Overall, this trip was like a dream come true for us, it more than met our expectation and we are looking forward to a return visit as soon as we've save up our money again. We would definitely stay at the Caribe Club Princess again.

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"The good the bad and the ugly"

Caribe Club Princess
User Rating:  Caribe Club Princess Review: 3.0 of 5

Posted by:  Hlywud  on Jan 31, 2010  >  6 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2010 | Leisure | With Group
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Your Arrival:
Arrival was 50 minutes by bus from the airport, we had only one stop at the Bavaro Princess which delayed us approximately 10 minutes.
Check in was quite quick, room keys, remote control and safe lock given to us and they called to see if our room was ready, we had to wait 15 minutes for room to be finished. Our luggage was tagged and delivered to our room quite promptly.
Our wait in the lobby was short and sweet, we were presented with a cool rum punch and then went for a cold Presidente beer while we waited, when our room was ready they notified us and we were off on the shuttle to our building.

We were in the Cayena Building on the 3rd floor with a view overlooking the interior courtyard. Room was clean, cool and comfortable, they only problem was there was only a shower and NO bathtub. My better half likes to lounge in the tub and hates showers. We did have a couple of issues with the room keys becoming deactivated and it took a 10 minute walk to main lobby to get them reprogrammed. Keys by the way are not a magnetic slot type but a speedpass type that you just pass over the lock and it opens.

Restaurants and Bars:
Lobby Bar was situated on the north side of the lobby and had table service available.
Two beach bars were available, one was attached to the Brazilian restaurant on the North side of the resort and the other on the South side attached to the Seafood Restaurant.
There was a swimup bar at the main pool but no bar at the quiet pool on the Tropical side, here you had to walk to the north beach bar.
There were 2 restaurants that were a pay for use "La Cava" and "El Pescador" which we never bothered to use, we did not upgrade to VIP and were told these has a $25US surcharge. "El Pescador" was on the south side and had the beach bar attached to it and was available for lunch and afternoon snacks.
The main buffet "El Higuero" was opened from 6 am for the early risers, available for lunch around noon and supper at 6:30 pm. It was a typical resort style buffet with a smoking and non smoking area, a decent selection of items and three cooking stations available so there was no reason to go hungry but we found that the food was never very hot. The omellette station was the slowest I have ever seen at any resort.
Service was hit and miss, in the mornings it took quite awhile to get served a coffee but in the evenings your wine glass was never empty.
There were 4 other a la cartes available.....Mexican which we did not go to, "Mamma Mia" (Italian), which had a nice assortment on the menu, very good table service and an excellent meal provided, "Shagan" (Chinese), which also had a nice selection on the menu and a very good meal served that was enjoyed by all of our group. "El Rodizoro" (Brazilian)which is a typical Brazilian rotisserie meat lovers restaurant, in fact it was so good we attended twice.
Service here was excellent.
There is also "La Creperie" available for crepes and ice cream from 1:30 to 6:30 daily, we attended it one afternoon for a quick snack, very nice change.

Beach, there is nothing bad to say about this stretch of Bavaro Beach, very wide and soft white sand, adequate number of shade palapa's and lots of chairs available. Some chairs were broken so occasionally you had to look for one with a working back.
Grounds were quite nice, the flora and ponds were decently maintained. There is a large mangrove swamp area between the lobby and the resort buildings. This area had an occasional smell of sewage.
One thing that was really lacking was maintenance on the roadways and walkways, there were lots of large cracks and chunks of concrete missing.This is an accident waiting to happen, ladies be careful especially those who wear any type of heels in the evening.
We did not use the quiet pool situated on the north side of the Corallia building but did walk over for a look see.
The pool between the Corallia and the Cayena building was quite large, had a walk in area which was great for kids, small swimup bar and a large activity area closer to the beach, water was very cold, pool was cleaned everyday meticullously by Roberto. Although it was getting very well worn around the edges and could use maintenance and painting of the deck and edging.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Beach activities were held every morning by the Animation team and again in the afternoon at the pool, many seem to enjoy these.
The Animation team performed each evening at the main theater off the lobby, we went 2 nights and were disappointed at the how poor the perfomances were.

Other Comments:
The resort had a mosquito spraying program in effect which obviously was working as our group of 10 had from none to 2 bites all week. The problem with the fogging by the staff (who wore breathing masks)was the time they did it, late afternoon with hundreds of tourists in and around the courtyard and pools that were blanketted with a layer of grey fog containing who knows what chemicals, in my opinion this should have been done late at night or very early morning.

One other program which should be put in place is rodent control if not already being done, as we did see 2 rather large cousins of Mickey Mouse, but did not get an picture, they moved very quickly.


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"Good Time Had By All ... Us and Those We Met"

Caribe Club Princess
User Rating:  Caribe Club Princess Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  WILF  on Feb 1, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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Your Arrival:
We arrived via pre-arranged taxi, so no busride to worry about, and also had 4 icey cold pressies waiting in the taxi for us upon arrival. Checkin at hotel was effortless as all room packages were pre-prepared in envelopes with your keys, remote, etc...

We had requested a 2nd, 3rd floor with pool or ocean view, and were given a ground floor with courtyard view, which was corrected immediately. We were told our room wasnt ready, and this was just a temporary room. The room we wound up with overlooked the edge of the main pool and was in the cayena building, 3rd floor. Room was very clean, and no issues with anything working. Only minor complaint as stated in earlier review was no tub, shower only.

Restaurants and Bars:
The main buffet had a very wide assortment of foods and a different theme each night. Coffee in the mornings was a little harder to get as they didn't put a full staff on it seemed until after 8am. Evenings was entire different story. We were treated better at this resort than at some of the 5 stars we have stayed at in the past. Quick friendly service, especially from Carlos, who always had a smile and 'good evening' for you when he saw you, and your drinks never ever ran dry. Mamma Mia the Italian was good fare and the ambience was quite nice. Shanghay, the Asian was by far the best of the ala cartes and the meals would rival alot of high priced restaurants back here in Canada. The Sombrero, the Mexican was the only disappointing one, as it didnt offer much selection, and we found the meat a little tougher than we normally liked.

Beach - equisite white sand, with no seaweed for the first week at all. Second week we saw a little, but it was always cleaned up. The waves were a treat, as most ppl enjoyed playing in the rolling waves that came into shore some days.
Pools - kept very clean, but too cool for my liking, and besides, I come for the ocean and not pools. Poolbar staff was quick and funny and 'Obama" always made everyone smile and laugh.
Grounds- very well maintained. Natural mangrove area did give off an odour on a couple of days, but nothing you couldn't live with.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Animation staff was always busy with getting people involved. The evening shows though on the most part were a dissappointment as they definitely weren't up to the standard of others we had seen in the DR. The Casino, well lets just say if your rich fine, if not, stay away. Those who liked to play cards, had a $10 minimum, and for those of us like myself who liked to play carribean poker, this meant $30 per hand if you wanted to play. No thanks...
Slot machines were numerous and varied, though most people didnt understand how alot of them paid out.

Excursions - Tropical Storm Lobster Cruise - excellent, excellent, excellent, until we went to the Jellyfish. Lobster was ice cold, and four other couples we met and talked to afterwards all were ill the next day. Those that had the turkey or pasta felt fine, so I think it was just the way the lobster was prepared. Kudos to Olga, Simon and the staff at Tropical Storm for making this an enjoyable day.

PCMike's Adventure - Higuey tour. This was nothing less than probably the best tour I have taken in the DR. Informative, eye-opening and just a delight. From the visit to the 'carwash' to the cigar factory, to the open market, and especially the stop at Magdelena's school. This woman is amazing with what she has done with so little. I only hope our two bags of supplies help her in her very wonderful cause.

Other Comments:
My three criticisms of this resort are as follows:

1. TOO MANY SALESMAN AND VACATION CLUB PITCHMEN. Didnt matter how often you said no, the next time you walked by, you went through it again. Finally I had to tell this one persistent guy if he bothered me again, I would go to front desk. He left me alone after that.

2. Not enough washrooms. As the previous poster stated, there weren't really enough washrooms spread around the resort.

3. Internet. There was no Wi-fi available unless you rented a modem from them for $15 per day with a 1 week minimum. The internet room itself had slow dial up service and the person who ran it was less than cordial. He always tried to force one hour sessions on you even if you only wanted 1/2 hour. He said there weren't any 1/2 hour sessions left. Well when your paying for time is this possible?

Overall this is a decent 4 star resort. Is there room for improvement, definitely, but again, you get what you pay for and in the case of this hotel, this is true.

We met alot of nice people from across Canada on this trip, and met other's at Steve's Bar which we will definitely keep in touch with.

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"Resort is compact but complete..."

Caribe Club Princess
User Rating:  Caribe Club Princess Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  byerbill  on Feb 7, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2010 | Leisure | With Group
673 people found this review helpful

For my wife and I (mid 60s)this was our 14th trip to the Dominican Republic.

Your Arrival:
Although we have been to the Dominican Republic several times before this was our first trip with Sunwing. Service was better than expected: Free pillow and blanket to use on the flight, free Champagne, choice of breakfasts included French toast or scrambled eggs, comfortable seats and good service.

After a pleasant flight we arrived at the resort after a 50 minute (one stop) air conditioned bus trip from the airport. Our room was available (early) after about a 20 minute wait at the lobby bar. We were transferred with our luggage on the shuttle to our room.

We were first given a VIP Club Superior Room on the third floor overlooking the beach and the main pool. It was a good room but we had requested two beds and it had only one. Upon returning to the lobby desk we were offered a VIP Club Caribe Suite (room #2234) on the second floor of the Coralillo building. Although the front desk indicated this room was not as good we found it superior and were very satisfied. Our room featured:

… Large bedroom with step-down to sitting area with couch table and chairs
… Large balcony overlooking the main pool
… Air conditioning was quiet and efficient so we did not use the ceiling fan
… Mini fridge was stocked with pop, water, and canned Presidente each day
… Coffee/tea maker and clock radio were included as was TV which received several English speeking channels.
… Large clothes closet had lots of space and hangers, and included a large umbrella (unneeded this trip)
… The safe was free. (Our first key and lock were almost impossible to open but its replacement worked fine.)
… The substantial size washroom contained a full tub with shower and liquid soap dispenser. Always lotsa HOT water
… Two large marble toped sinks came with the usual collection of small bottles of shampoo, etc Kleenex and a hair dryer.

Restaurants and Bars:
La Carreta Bar (Lobby) (10:00 AM-12:00 AM) All drinks consumed at this bar were served an glass containers rather than plastic used elsewhere.
La Matica Bar (Beach) (open 24hrs) Next to seafood restaurant (El Pescador)
Canoa Bar (Beach) (10:00 AM-10:00PM) Next to Brazilian Restaurant (Rodizzio)
Sunken Pool Bar (10:00 AM-6:00PM)
Higuero Restaurant (Buffet) (7:00AM-10:30AM) / (12:30PM-3:00PM) / (6:30PM-10:30PM) There was always a large selection of good food to choose from in this large buffet. There are both smoking and non smoking sections. Wine is provided with lunch and dinner. I found the red wine quite acceptable but the white was below description. As a suggestion champagne or rose is also available. Each night has a different themed dinner and a special drink is given those at the entrance to the restaurant. As a group of 10 service for coffee, tea or drinks was reasonable but when we ate as a twosome it was often easier to get up and serve yourself or to pick-up missing cutlery from a nearby table.
Shangay Restaurant (Chinese) We had a great seafood dish here and highly recommend it . In our opinion this was the best restaurant in the place both in atmosphere food and service and indeed we returned again.
El Sombrero Restaurant (Mexican) We did not try this.
Mamma Mia Restaurant (Italian) We ate here twice but after a great meal the first time we were disappointed in the meal and service the second time, left early, and completed out meal at the buffet.
Rodizzio Restaurant (Brazilian) This meal was served on large sword like skewers with all patrons being served the same item before the next item was served. If I remember correctly we were served 5 meat and one fish portion. Meal was completed with a salad bar and deserts. Our enjoyment of this meal would have been perfect if the “Hot” potatoes came with the meal rather than with the cold salad bar before dinner. Le Creperie (1:30PM-6:00PM) Serves a choice of sweet or salty crepes along with a selection of ice cream and milk shakes. The Expert in our group said the chocolate milk shakes were to die for and I can confirm that the banana splits were out of this world. Certainly worth trying any afternoon.

La Canoa (Beach) (11:00AM-3:00PM)
La Piragua (Beach) (11:30 AM-3:00PM)
Both the above restaurants serve snacks including pizza, fried chicken (delicious), nachos, hamburgers, hot dogs etc. In the evening they close as snack bars and become more formal restaurants.


The beach is wide soft white sand. The back half of the beach is absolutely jammed with palm covered palapas so much so that in many locations you could not see the ocean. There were lots of beach cots available. We usually hit the beach by 9:00AM and had no trouble finding a seat in either sun or shade. There was lots to see with water taxis and parasailers jogging for space with passing tour boats. We found this great to watch but the overhead buzz of helicopter tours could become annoying. For those too lazy to get up and go to the bar drinks were often delivered to you on the beach. There was a constant parade of salespeople selling tours but they accepted no readily. It was windy during most of our stay but this did not deter many from swimming. There is an Aquatic Sports Centre on site where motorized and sailing boats were available.


There were 3 pools so lots of room for everyone. The swim up bar attracted the most activity. This pool was also great for those with small kids as one end of the pool had a long gentle slope so safe for any non swimmer. The other two pools were much quieter. It was seldom that many people were seen in any of the three pools and it was almost always possible to get a poolside chair.


There are two main sections to this resort 1) the lobby & stores and 2) rooms, pools and activities... They are joined by the Garden Alley through a large Mangrove swamp. Although it is less than a 10 minute walk there is a regular (usually) shuttle available between both. There is lots to be seen in fish and birds in this swamp and one time I saw an iguana that was over 30cm long. The main resort section had a pond that is filled with tame wild birds. Their antics are fun to watch. There is a group of peacocks often seen in this area and more than one morning they came up to our table looking for food. The gardens are well maintained but the paths are showing their age and sunken sections make them dangerous especially at night. The wild vibrant colours that the newly painted buildings have certainly adds to the atmosphere.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Kid’s Club, Teen’s Club, archery, bocci and shuffleboard were among the activities provided Morning and afternoon activities on the beach were always fun to watch if you didn’t join in. I am not one who cares for evening resort shows and the one that we attended reminded me why. Suffice to say “they really try.” Although we took no organized tours our annual Wednesday trip to Steve’s Bar was as much fun as in the past. Among others Mikefisher and Puntacanamike were there.

Other Comments:
Although Sunwing shows this as a 4.5* resort it is less than this in my opinion. I would rate it a good 3.5*.

I agree with a previous poster that spraying for bugs with a spray that drifts through the public areas would be better done at night. It was interesting that there was a note on our room one night asking for permission (yes or no) to fumigate tour room the next day. We said no as we were leaving the day after and the only bugs seen were tiny ants.

The maintenance of paths and walkways may not seem important to some but I have actual experience of what can happen as my wife tripped in Mexico and spent the rest of her holiday in a wheelchair.

I fully understand that everyone needs to make a living but salespeople outside the only buffet restaurant pushing time share to unsuspecting tourists is a shame. Likewise the constant pushing of trips by salespeople became a pain.

My wife and I both had a great time at this resort. We enjoyed the food, atmosphere and great beach. It represented great value for our travel dollar. As to whether we would go back...Likely no. There are so many other choices to see in the Dominican Republic that we have yet to visit.


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"Carribe Club Princess"

Caribe Club Princess
User Rating:  Caribe Club Princess Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  bert  on Mar 2, 2010  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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We arrived at the Caribe Club Princess on 13/02/10,We had concerns about reviews we had read before we left. But where pleasantly supprised during our stay that the resort had made changes for the better,Check in was quick.Before heading to our room we went to the lobby bar where we had our 1st encounter with Obama(great guy)one of the bartenders of the lobby bar later at night we met Winston and the others.
We got the the room 1312 and our friends at 1306 the rooms where not like we where used to at the Riu bamboo or the Bahia Principe but acceptable.
The Caribe Club Princess is defenitly worth going to.

Your Arrival:
Our arrival was good and the check in fast,After checking in we headed accross the lobby to the bar where we met Obama who made us feel right at home,And somehowe we knew that this was the start of a great vacation

The rooms where comfortible but very basic and not enough drawers for my wife's liking,she didn't like the fact that there was not a iron or coffee machine in the room , you could order them form the lobby but where only allowed 1 hour for each item.
The cleaning staff is also great.

Thanks Reina for cleaning our room every day

Because of the size and shape of the buiding you will hear some of the young people come home at 4 or 5 in the morning, and the odd door slamming, other then that no noise polution at all.

Restaurants and Bars:
The first night we had the buffet simply because we had not had a chance to make reservations but the 2nd night we went to Mama Mia and enjoyed it very much the portions are big, and no one in our group could finish it.
The following night we went to the Mexican and once again great food.
The next night was the Dominican and only 2 out of 4 realy enjoyd their meal.
The night after that was the Chinese and again every one enjoyed their meal.
The next night was the Brazilian and all of us voted that one as the best restaurant in the resort.There are only 2 seatings per night 6.30 and 8.30 and there are 7 courses, Salad bar, chicken,Sausage,ribs,fish,turkey,beef and they are served fast.
Not to forget the breakfast buffet which was also excelent

Our main bar was the beach bar on the princess side and we had a blast with Osvaldo ,Jose DeLa paz, ,Jose,and all the others.
Thanks guys you made us feel special

We have traveled to many different resorts and seen a lot of the Dominican Republic this resort had very few people cleaning arround the pool and on the beach.
But i cannot believe what the guest throw on the ground instead of throwing it in the garbage bins.
I takes very little effort to have a plastic cup where you can put in sigarette butts and when going to the room deposit the cup in the garbage bins together with the straws and paper/styrofoam plates

The few vendors on the beach are friendly and not pushy at all ,Then we met Miguel who gave us a lot of entertainment during our stay.

Thanks Miguel

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Activities are the usual animation team that you find in every resort and they are doing a great job and are also super friendly.
Thank you Dahlia for your wonderfull smile

Other Comments:
I have something to say to our NOT so friendly french speaking Canadians.
I understand that you do not speak english i don't speak french,This does not mean that when some one greets you in the morning with either,"goodmorning" "Gutenmorgen" "Buenos Diaz" "Goede Morgen"or whatever other language that you have to look at them as dirt and not reply.
We greet you like we do every one else, we are not telling you to drop dead
Just reply and maybe on day we might like you again


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"Great value, good time....but we won't be back"

Caribe Club Princess
User Rating:  Caribe Club Princess Review: 3.0 of 5

Posted by:  David & Janet  on Apr 12, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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We had a great week at The Caribe Club Princess in Punta Cana from April 2 to 9, 2010. Janet and I are experienced travelers to resorts throughout the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, and Jamaica

Your Arrival:
We booked our trip and flew from Moncton NB with Sunwing. We were wary of the excess baggage charges of $20 per kilo so we packed light. We were surprised when they weighed our carry on bag as well, so the total allowed weight was 25 kg per person including the carry on.

Our flight was over an hour late leaving Moncton but we made up some time in the air. As usual, the seats on the flight were uncomfortable but the Sunwing in flight service was very good. We paid for our tourist card on arrival and quickly cleared customs. Although it was Good Friday, the bar at the bus pick up point was open and we grabbed a few ice cold El Presidentes for the bus ride to our resort. It took about 45 minutes to get to the resort which included one stop and check in was quick

We had booked the Caribe Club VIP package and we were assigned room 2207 in the Coralillo Building. We were right down near the beach with a view of the activity pool with the swim up bar. A downside to this was that the activity staff became very loud at the pool around 4:00 in the afternoon and this transmitted directly into our room. The Caribe Club VIP package included a bottle of rum, a 20 minute massage, 1 hour internet access (which we didn’t use), and 3 Dominican cigars. We also got a bottle of rum from the Sunwing rep. The VIP package also gave us access to premium drinks and we were able to get sometimes cold bottles of El Presidente or Miller MGD at the bars.

Our room was large, and had a king sized bed with a separate seating area and pull out couch on a lower level. The bed was firm and we could have used a few more pillows. We had a robes and slippers for use while in our room. Toiletries were provided initially and we brought facecloths with us. We never ran short of towels or hot water while we were there. However, the water was off throughout the whole resort on our last night and that was very inconvenient especially when using the washrooms.

The mini bar fridge in the room was stocked daily with water, soft drinks and beer. We left a tip and a note for the maid each day and got pretty much what we wanted. We initially found the coffee maker didn’t work, and after three tries we quickly got one that would. However, it took about 30 minutes to brew a small pot of coffee. Although coffee and whitener were provided, we brought our own Tim’s coffee and whitener with us. The TV had a good selection of satellite channels in multiple languages and we managed to catch American Idol. The room safe was provided at no additional charge and there was a clock radio in the room. We found our room to be freezing for the first few days until we figured out how to use the AC controls. Just set it on low with the thermostat at 24.

Restaurants and Bars:
We were able to book the a la carte restaurants at concierge desk in our building, but you could only book 2 days in advance which was a pain. We had supper at the Brazilian, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese restaurants and found the food and service to be very good. The Caribe Club VIP package also gave us a meal at the La Cava restaurant which is not part of the all inclusive plan. We had one of our best meals ever at the La Cava – excellent food and great service. There is a dress code requiring long pants for men at the a la carte restaurants but it wasn’t strictly enforced.

We usually had breakfast at the Huguero buffet where they made very good omelets. We had lunch at one of the beach bars where they had small buffets set up with hot dogs, burgers, chicken and pizza which were all very good. They had a BBQ set up along the beach but we found the line ups long so we didn’t try it. We ate supper at the buffet on our last night and found it very disappointing in both quality and variety. We considered ourselves very fortunate that we didn’t have to eat at the buffet all week.

The weather was pretty good during our week although it did rain just about every day at some point. It rained all afternoon on one day so we took a walk down the beach about 20 minutes to the vender’s huts. There we found the usual fare and enjoyed haggling with the locals and bought some tee shirts and smokes. The venders were on the resort a couple of nights, and we found it intimidating as you had to walk through a gauntlet of them to get to the restaurants.

We found the resort to be very crowded the first few days probably due to the Easter holiday weekend. There seemed to be a lot of Dominicans on the resort on Easter Sunday. It was very difficult to find a chair anywhere as a lot of people got up very early and put their towels out on chairs. But this improved after the weekend and by Tuesday things were more manageable.

This resort is on the famous Bavaro Beach and it is truly the best of anywhere that we have been in the Caribbean. The beach is clean with fine white sand. There are plenty of huts on the beach for shade, but you must get down there early to get a place with some shade. The water is very warm and there is a buoyed area for swimming but no lifeguards. Janet figured there was a lot of seaweed in the water, but I didn’t think it was too bad. Venders roam the beach, but are really not much of a bother

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The brochures show two resorts, the Caribe Club Princess and the Tropical Princess. However, they are in fact one and the same. People from both freely mingle throughout all the facilities. We met people who were staying in both “sides” and the only differences we could surmise was maybe the quality of the rooms and access to the a la carte restaurants. The complex is very compact and everything is close. However, it does take about 10 minutes to walk from the beach back to the lobby. The road passes through a mangrove swamp/ garden area where there are all kinds of interesting plant and animal life. There are some shops located near the lobby with the usual high prices. We went to a couple of shows at the theatre near the lobby and it was the usual lip sync stuff by the activities staff.

Other Comments:
The Caribe Club Princess is absolutely NOT a 4.5 star resort. However, with the VIP package upgrade it does make 4 stars in our books. The bars are definitely lacking at this complex and there aren’t a lot of options of things to do in the evening. The lobby bar is a very nice facility and the table service is good. However, the chairs are uncomfortable and there could be a little entertainment offered like a piano or guitar player. A sports bar with pool tables, cards, darts and the like was sorely missed. The bathrooms on this resort are not up to par as they are small and there aren’t enough of them. They also seem to have trouble keeping them clean. But it is very good value for the money if you are paying in the $1,000 range.

Other than that, we had a pretty good time. We got all tanned up, met some great people and had a few laughs. Unfortunately, we both caught a stomach bug while we were there and we needed medical attention when we got home. You need to be VERY CAREFUL in the Dominican Republic since the water is not purified. We thought we were careful and we did not over indulge in the food or drink. But since we still got sick, it is very doubtful that we will return to the Dominican Republic.

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