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Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa  

Playa Bavaro, Punta Cana

"Wonderful time in paradise"
Posted by: Emily09  on Oct 16, 2015
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Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Reviews
Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Pictures and Information
Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Punta Cana-Bavaro Dominican Republic

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User rating 4.1

Based on 34 reviews

Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Information

The Punta Cana Princess offers an exclusive location with a white sandy beach bathed by the Caribbean Sea.

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Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Reviews

Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Review: 4.1 of 5 34 reviews
Very good
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Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa
User Rating:  Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Review: 1.0 of 5

Posted by:  Glenn  on Jun 14, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jun, 2010 | Leisure | With Group
519 people found this review helpful

Nice resort especially for couples. The food made a lot of people sick. The management was not friendly towards reimbursement for tours lost because of being sick from food they served. Also make sure you have copies of your booking with you at all times, and check before you arrive to make sure that your room is available. Also if you are going to the Hospital, be prepared to have to pay $200.00 both ways for a non emergency transport. Alos you will have to pay their doctor, and the doctor at the Hospital outside of the resort.
The beach was great, rooms were good. The waiters and servers were all very friendly. My Hats off to NIKI, LUIS (both of them), and Santa!! They all gave excellent service.

Your Arrival:
Be prepared to pay a $10.00 entrance fee to enter the country immediately after you arrive at the airport.

Great. Beautiful view, well kept. Don't book the honeymoon suite if you like cold air conditioning

Restaurants and Bars:
Service was great. Be careful o fthe food you eat, made a lot of folks sick

Great. Very clean

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"Not luxurious..."

Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa
User Rating:  Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Review: 2.0 of 5

Posted by:  Eric  on Feb 22, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
496 people found this review helpful

Your Arrival:
The reception area was open, peaceful and had a nice relaxed atmosphere.
It didn't take long to check in and I was taken to my room.
I was in big need of sleep so I hit the sack right away.

The first room was quite bad. Rm. 5012.
Near the end of the complex. Little did I know that later that evening I'd be blasted by the party noise going on in the hotel right behind.
Air conditioner and bathroom fan needs servicing big-time.
The biggest problem with the room though was the "febreeze" type smell that was inescapable. I couldn't sleep because of it.

I requested a quieter room and the second night it was on to the 1000 complex. Unfortunately it was located directed across from the reception area.
That's where they party at night, until midnight!
There was also a dripping pipe outside our room that prevented us from falling asleep the whole night.

The third night were moved into a room more towards the back of this complex.
It helped, but still wasn't great.

Restaurants and Bars:
The main buffet was actually quite good. This was our mainstay for our 10 days there. Each day they had a different 'theme' but for the mostpart the food was the same. There was enough variety though to keep you going for that duration.

The a la cartes were a disappointment because of the size of the restaurants (tiny) and the atmosphere inside (noisy).
We only ate at the Swiss Fondue restaurant a few times.
Drinks were OK but often diluted with water (wines in particular), sometimes Baileys too).

Pool area was nice. Always was able to get a chairs.
There was a spa area that we avoided though because of a high-pitched whine that could be heard half-way along the pool area and also along a good patch of the beach area as well.

They must get rid of their "Rock music"!
They have placed speakers in the shape of rocks along the entire resort area that can be heard in most of the rooms. They emit music throughout most of the day (until 11 pm).

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Tennis courts.

Other Comments:
The staff were quite helpful overall. Almost everyone was friendly and smiling most of the time.

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"I will be happy to help you not make the worst mistake ever."

Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa
User Rating:  Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Review: 2.0 of 5

Posted by:  Laura and Steve from RI  on Nov 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2009
492 people found this review helpful

Arrival: Nov 15 2009
I have followed reviews of this resort for a couple of months prior to going there. The only good things about this resort are the pool and beach. Nelson at the pool bar was great and bartenders at lobby bar- that is it. Upon arrival to resort, we wanted something to eat so we went to the beach restaraunt where all there was to eat was chips and cold melted cheese. We were then told to move outside (this happened multiple times to other people in the middle of eating) to order food so they could set up the dinner tables, so we thought ok no big deal. We waited outside at wet tables for 30 minutes with no order taken. There was no where else to go get food so pool bar it was. We thought maybe we just didn't know the system yet, but were a little shocked being new arrivals and not having any service at all. When you go for dinner, 50% of the time you will sit at your table for at least 20 minutes before you are even acknowledged or receive a glass of water. Italian food was ok but the only spice known seems to be salt. Fondue restaraunt seemed really cool but it wasn't. Again service sucked and we only made it thru the appetizer before walking out. Tex Mex- worst service of all. Wait was over an hour at all times and we kept getting asked if we had reservations(there is no reservations) Very rude waitstaff. At Tex Mex I ordered a steak, on the menu it said comes with mixed vegatables. I have a severe allergy to mushrooms so I asked them if there are any on this steak dish (which I heard was supposed to be really good). They said no. When I received my plate, my steak was covered with mushrooms! Again I said I can not eat mushrooms and I need a new cooked steak. He said ok, brought the plate back, and the chef took the plate and wiped the mushrooms off and gave it back!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched him!! At that point I was so disgusted and again walked out.

Don't order room service if you are very hungry. This was only the second night of our stay. Expect a 2 hour wait and half of the room service menu you have to pay for. Room service options: continental breakfast or you can pay for eggs and bacon, before 10 pm- pizza, hot dog, soup and salad, and chicken, flan and fruit. After 10 pm- hot dog, pizza and chicken. Nothing is good-tried it all. Certainly wasn't going to pay for the food- I was at an all inclusive resort! Lunch and dinner are ok and only at the main buffet. This is not about being a picky eater, it is about bad quality and horrible service. Don't go to the Dominican Beach night! We thought it would be a nice time eating on the beach, however before you could even get to the beach, you had to walk thru multiple local vendors that were allowed to set their tables up and try to sell you everything. No is not an option to them, they will keep persisting you buy something!! They would even grab your arm if you tried to walk away after saying no thank you! One poor woman even got her drink spilled all over her dress by them grabbing her arm! With this being said- we didn't even make it by the first table! Who wants to be harrassed on vacation? With all of these problems- our last two days were at another resort because we could not stay at Punta Cana Princess any longer! We called from the other resort to check out and they said we had phone charges worth $12 (which could not be paid over the phone) So my response was "you should owe me money- I left 2 days early!" I told him I left because of the service and food and I was told that it was not their problem we didn't like it and that they didn't force us to go to Punta Cana Princess! I was told I was speaking to the Guest Service Manager. So needless to say, I would not even refer this resort to my worst enemy and wouldn't return for free! The best thing about the trip to this resort was the people we met (which had all the same problems just shared). Please email with any questions- I will be happy to help you not make the worst mistake ever.

nothing fancy

Restaurants and Bars:
horrible restaurants. pool bar and lobby bar are great beach bar not so great


Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
buggy tour

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"This property is 3.5 stars."

Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa
User Rating:  Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Review: 2.0 of 5

Posted by:  Linda, Canada  on Feb 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2009
416 people found this review helpful

Firstly, this property is definitely not a 5 star. Secondly the reviews on this property are clearly deceiving.

Our carrier was Air Canada. Flight and service was excellent.

Well…it was raining heavily…plus you could not get to CUSTOMS because you were obliged to have your photograph taken. Once this was done everything went smoothly. We took a taxi to the resort. It’s about forty five minutes ride. The roads are not great and the rain did not help.

Our first impression was this resort is very dated. The lobby is basic, old and boring. The check-in service was poor. The Manager was arrogant and rude. Regardless, professionalism and common courtesy is expected in the service industry. We travel two/three are year rarely encounter problems at check-in. The room was large and clean and the maid service was excellent. The washroom is very small and old. Even though there were two sinks in the bathroom. The shower is very, very small. The resort is not big. The rooms are laid out in a circle most of them facing the courtyard/pool and restaurants. There is an enclosed area just before you enter the buffet and is used as the A La Carte restaurants. There is the Fondue Restaurant…very, very small, be prepared to smell of the food you cooked. The lobby really needs an upgrade.

Sous Chefs:
Their aprons we truly disgusting. None of the servers were wearing gloves. When they cleared the buffet to set-up for the meals, they would touch the breads and rolls with their bare hands. There were so many flies sitting on fresh fruit and breads/rolls. The milk for the coffee is powdered, mixed with water and poured into stainless pots-“Agh”. The main buffet was okay, not too much variety. The drinks are not top shelf. In the room your water bottle got refilled?? …scary).

The wait staff is very friendly. Front desk staff was just plain rude. This property is 3.5 stars. Needless to say were checked out earlier than the week we booked. We were afraid if we became ill. This resort is more for older people/retirees. Maybe we are fussy. We believe that if you eat/drink and live comfortably at home, you should not have to put up with poor service or food. We would be the first to say that we should try and be considerate to the less unfortunate. However, you are still paying for a service.

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Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa
User Rating:  Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Review: 3.0 of 5

Posted by:  anna  on Apr 26, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
1276 people found this review helpful

My husband and myself stayed at this resort from feb. 7th - 17th. we had a good time! mines the vendor at the resort which are like leaches : when you're on vacation whe like to relax. I think the unbrellas at the beach need to be dug out because it's hard to bend under , and getting out it's even harder! the guest i think get up at 4 am. to reserve a spot for the day , buy 7 am all the chairs have towels or perhaps a magazine: it's not fair for the rest of the guest to see a lot of chairs empty and could not sit.In my opinion the resort should look for this problem . The bathrooms next to marenostrum restaurant are very dury smelly, they need to be cleaned moore often doing the day.We loved to eat at the marenostrum rest. the patio is awsome and best server . Lobby there allmost is none, very small and not much to do in evenings . then there is a wedding at mare nuestro rest. going on every week, it's a fake ! in 10 days whe soo the same man gettin married with two different girls, and whe had to eat dinner at the buffet because the fake wedding was going on soon! the resort is very dark at night ! very danger if you have to do the stairs plus rain was coming in from the roof on the third floor:it's easy to injur yourself! The personal was excellent allways with a smile , especially ( sol ismael, Adrian Rysa: and the chamber maids.Whe had a bad experience when met a gentelman in our resort and convinced us to go with him to visit Bavaro princess , at the end it was all business: trying to have us become members for future vacation ! of course whe said no thankyou! and the manager was kind of rude he spoke spanish with his staff: but i understood anyways, very unprofessional in my opinion. i will not recomand this resort.

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"The Beach and Beach Beds are as good as anywhere"

Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa
User Rating:  Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Review: 3.0 of 5

Posted by:  Dave, US  on Mar 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2009
425 people found this review helpful

Arrival: Feb 21 - Mar 1
For the amount of travelers at the airport, the time at airport was very short. We caught a $38 no stop 32 min shuttle. The front desk person was not friendly, the guy that handed out internet access was the best person at the property.

Stayed in Rm 5010. The Room was nice, LCD Flat screen with a variety of channels. Plenty of hot water, clean well kept. A little smelly if you do not have the A/C on during the day. One strange thing is at 10:30PM on two nights a maid came to the door to swap out beach towels.

Restaurants and Bars
Our favorite resturant was mare Nostrum then Fondue, our least fav was II Bacio. We are not picky eaters and could find something tasty everyday. The Beach party on Tues was very fun, bring a jacket.

All the bars are fine, the bar tender at Mare was rude to alot of people. I would rate grounds and pool areas very high. They have Red/Rose/White wine, all very drinkable.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
The tables setup near the Buffet had VERY AGGRESSIVE sales people. If you are not going to purchase anything DONOT stop and look. Up the beach near the RUI Resort they have many shops selling the usual array of items. My wife an I went in one, looked at a couple of things, a sales person handed us a calculator and asked us how much we wanted to pay? My wife said we were not interested in anything and started to walk out, he grabbed her by the arm and demanded that she tell him want we were willing to pay. It was freakie, if we were in the states I would have called a cop. I had to step between him and my wife as we made our escape. We did get a few things at a shop down the way and the guy was fine. I would recommend to everyone DO NOT GO TO THIS AREA. The sales people here are vicious.

Other Comments
The Beach and Beach Beds are as good as anywhere. Adults only is a BIG plus. I have to agree with comments on the amount of bugs.

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"Not much activity"

Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa
User Rating:  Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Review: 3.0 of 5

Posted by:  Emely  on Jul 4, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jul, 2012 | Leisure | Family and Kids
954 people found this review helpful

If all you want to do is relax by the pool or beach, this is the place to go. There is not much else to do at this resort. The activity staff is a bit lazy as far as getting activities going. There are Four restaurants plus a buffet but don't be fooled only two and the buffet are open per night. Shows are held in the lobby (no a/c but plenty of mosquitos). The tram to the sister resorts nearby takes forever back and forth. Reservations required to use sister resorts restaurants. The people are very friendly and very accomodating as far as personal requests.

Room Number:

Room Block:

June 18th. Small island hopper airport. Land on tarmat and wait for security to escort you to airport hub. Be prepared to pay $ 10USD per person to enter.Check in was quick, luggage delivered quickly.

Good housekeeping staff, met all needs. Rooms cleaned early.

Restaurants and Bars:
Best restuarant was TEX Mex - offered most diversity. Buffet was ok - not much as far as choices, pretty much the same daily. Except for one or two specialty nights. Dominican Night was very good. Sea food restaurant good food, if you don't mind waiting order the Paella.

Very well maintained.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
What activities? Had one of the activity stafff actually say "they were tired" one day, and on another day that was over cast, they did not want to start anything because of the "weather".

Other Comments:
I know that this is an All Adults Resort, but that does not mean Adults do not want to get involved during their vacations. The idea of having to wait forever to go to the sister resorts for shows and activities is annoying, since the trams favor those resorts. We actually had to sit in the tram for over half and hour while he circled the other resort three times before finally coming back to our resort.

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"Wonderful time in paradise"

Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa
User Rating:  Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Emily09  on Oct 16, 2015  >  9 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Oct, 2015 | Business | With Spouse/Partner
367 people found this review helpful

Room Number:

Room Block:

Went with a group of 6. About 20 minutes from the airport. Sent an email a day before asking for building 5 and top floor and first and second floor. Checking in was very quick and painless. Received welcome drink and a cool scented towel! Ranoldo checked us in. He only could accommodate one couple with the request of building 5 top floor. The other 2 couples had to wait til the next morning to move rooms. Not a problem, great service and all done with a smile. Ranoldo was very good, greeted us every time he seen us in the lobby!

Our room (my self and husband), was located on the top floor of building 5. View of ocean and pool. Very nice room. King bed, Jacuzzi tub and a seating area. Bed was very comfy, slept very well. It was two doubles pushed together, but it didn't bother us, we both slept good. AC worked great, always stayed chilly. Nice size shower with lots of hot water. Toilet area was a little cramped and lack of privacy if traveling with someone other than your spouse. Nice size balcony with 2 chairs and a table. Stocked fridge everyday with coke, sprite, water and Budweiser. Room was always stocked with towels, hand towels and always cleaned very well. Never did order room service so cant comment on that.

Restaurants and Bars:
We tried all the restaurants. Fondue was wonderful, slower pace, very romantic atmosphere, we were given a bottle of wine to take back to our room, which was very good. The Italian was very very good, lasagna was delicious! And the Steak house, the steaks very good and very tender. We the most friendlies waitress in the steak house and Italian, Gissell, she was absolutely hands down the best waitress and the most friendliest!!! Since the restaurants alternate nights, when the steak house was closed the Italian was open and vice versa, there fore we had the same host and waitress every time, which new us by name. We only had the buffet once for dinner, was good and plenty of choices. We ate the main buffet for breakfast everyday, delicious and very good with plenty of variety. One morning they didn't have bacon, I asked for bacon and they told us every 2 days they do, but will make me a special plate. Just ask for anything, they will accommodate. The beach bar was very good too, especially at night for snacks and drinks, the atmosphere is laid back, met a lot of people there. Its open 24hrs!

The pool was a party place to be after 3 since that's when the entertainment starts. Before that its slow pace and relaxing. Need more bar tenders around the pool bar, you can wait a while for a refill. But no worries, your on vacation! Never had a problem finding a chair under shade. We went to the pool, early or late and no issues. Beautiful landscaping around the pool, very nice and well kept. The beach beautiful. No seaweed, no more than an average beach. Ocean perfect blue/green gorgeous! White powder sand. We had VIP and never had issues finding a sun bed! Drink service on the beach and pool! You could walk for miles on the beach. Go left about 5 minutes and you will find local shops on the beach!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Did 3 excursions with our Blue travel rep in the lobby. Went to Catalina Island, which was a 12 hour day trip, was horrible! Dont recommend, especally if you only speak English, as you will be singled out. We tried to get involved but was brushed away. We made the best of it. The other two was with Marinarium, one was snorkling with sharks and sting rays and the other was a after sail happy hour! Those were worth the money and a lot of fun!!

Other Comments:
Took the free shuttle to the casino, it was OK, fun evening, but its very small inside. Nothing to hurry to go do, but it was nice to do during the storm one evening. Shopping on site isn't good, go off the resort to get better deals. Everyone at this resort is very friendly and will go out of their way to help you. Ranoldo in the lobby, reserved for us 6 to eat at the Italian restaurant to celebrate my hubby's b-day, it was awesome! Tip the staff, they all deserve it!!! Never seen the evening entertainment or used the spa services.

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"A trip 2 put in my bucket list."

Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa
User Rating:  Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  Sherry  on Apr 9, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2011 | Leisure | With friend
1266 people found this review helpful

This winter my cousin & I being in our mid to late 60ties decided it was time to get away and add something to our "bucket lists" her bucket has much more in it then mine...this trip I know in my heart she did just for me "thank you Betty (hugs)...so back home here in the Canadian cold & snowy weather she got busy & did all the internet research for this trip to D.R. All I had to do was pay my share & meet her at the airport

Room Number:

Room Block:
building # 1

having no sleep the night B4 & tired from the 4am. flight we arrived around 12 noon, we did have to wait a little longer for our room then I expected... but at least we were there. Sitting in the beautiful spotless lobby l could smell the ocean & as hot as it was in the the open concept of the lobby we felt the cool breeze which made the wait a bit easier

spacious enough for 2, had 2 double beds & a pull out, always kept clean by hotel staff..the room they put us in was very cold & damp the whole time we were there, both of us dreading the evenings & putting on the provided house coats which were very cold & damp, almost wet like ..all our clothes the whole time we were there was the same.. worst thing was getting into our cold, damp, wet beds @ bedtime!
Needless to say all our old age aches & pains(arthritis etc.) brought on from the never ending cold/dampness.. all I can say is we spent more then our share of money walking back & forth to the on site massage centre($)and hoping the massages would make our aches & pains tolerable.Im so glad we packed our pain meds .we should have asked to be moved to another building & off the first floor ..Im sure if we had of spoke up they would have moved us.. so the suffering we went through that week was us deciding not to stir up any problems for the staff!! we stuck it out ..

Restaurants and Bars:
there were several specialty restraunts & 1 buffet and at all of them the food & service was gr8 no complaints about the food at all.. the staff very obliging and a wonderful atmosphere .. the buffet was also open concept .. so on some nights because of the cool breeze I had to cover up my hot dinner with my napkin to keep it hot enough to finish eating .. as for bars on the property they were never hard to find & for us old ladies virgin drinks were made just right..

the beach was amazing ... I walked the beaches I should say the "strip of beach resorts" for miles & miles almost every day . a little too crowded for my liking.. will have to search harder next time for those hard to find "secluded resorts" .. the pool was wonderful & sitting in the water on a stool at the bar was my favorite place 2B..the only thing was if you weren`t up at the crack of dawn to run to the pool and save a lounge chair with your towel then U were outta luck... problem was most of the time you would see 6 or 7 lounges pulled up together with towels reserving them & then the people didnt use them all day long, they were busy off doing excursions or laying at the beach until they had their fill of the beach, only to waddle back to their reserved chairs.. My opinion is I think that is pretty selfish & rude on their parts.I was told that the hotels frown on this selfish & rude routine.I know I was very annoyed on the way some of them behaved. and only thinking of themselves

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
the day U arrive or morning after they always call a big meeting & say its very important to be there .. reason being so they can show & tell what excursions were available & the prices.. some were very pricey, but something for every ones liking, lots of choices so pick wisely.. we took 1 excursion on the Dr.Fish boat just for the relaxing massages,including little tiny fishies swimming around our feet & toes the fishies come to your feet & pick off the left over dead skin our pedicures missed. it felt wonderful..at the age of 63 I had my very first go at para sailing .. what a thrilling experience...

Other Comments:
here I am repeating myself again and giving you all another big heads and warning... first about the everyday situation of towel reserving the lounges around the pool & beach(think of others).. And then try to be sure your not stuck in a 1st. floor room only to find out how uncomforatable you will be in the cold, damp, room & in order to exsist having to jump into a hot shower just to get the dampness out of your body.. I can only speak of this resort after our experience!!If that should happen to you go to the Lobby & express your feelings
All our aches & pains(arthritis etc.etc)brought on from the never ending cold/damp.. I`m so glad I packed heavy duty pain meds .. I know its our own fault for not speaking up we should have asked to be moved to another building & off the first floor... so the suffering we went through that week was us deciding not to make any problems or stir up waves.. take the experience & advice of 2 old ladies(in their mid to late 60ties) lol... On this resort they have 5 buildings marked from #1 to #5... try for rooms in buildings 3,4 & #5 being the best

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"decent trip"

Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa
User Rating:  Punta Cana Princess All-Suites & Spa Review: 4.0 of 5

Posted by:  teddy  on Jul 1, 2014  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jul, 2014 | Leisure | Solo
512 people found this review helpful

I was here in March 2014 and it was a decent trip for me, I was on a business trip so I didn’t really have time to tour the area but the hotel was nice. The hotel is budget friendly I would say for the quality of services offered to its guests. I was ushered into a very clean and beautiful room where everything was working fine, the rooms as I gathered were all nice. The bathroom in my room was nice and had hot water supply. The beach is clean and nice with little huts to provide shades for when you need them. The food was okay but not better than most places I have been to, just okay. The a la carte restaurants were nice, I enjoyed the meals. The beach bar staff was great and always fun to be around but he was usually absent for the most part. For the most part, I can honestly say the staff at this hotel happens to be one of the best features of this hotel because they are very professional, nice, helpful, and pleasant and I have only good things to say about them. From the front desk staff to the restaurant staff was all smiles and pleasant. The breakfast buffet was amazing and served with so much love so I love forward to it every morning during my stay. Shout out to the animation team, they are hard working and made my trip special. I will come back here again soon.

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