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Majestic Colonial Punta Cana  

Punta Cana, República Dominicana

"Majestic Colonial Jan 16-30th – A Nice Bonus Experience"
Posted by: Allan on Feb 17, 2015
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Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Reviews
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Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Punta Cana-Bavaro Dominican Republic

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User rating 4.1

Based on 49 reviews

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Information

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Beach Resort, Golf, Casino and Spa is a brand new spectacular 5 star resort that will mark the beginning of a new era by combining luxury rooms with the all-inclusive formula at the highest level.

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Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Reviews

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review: 4.1 of 5 49 reviews
Very good
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"Worst Vacation Ever - broken promises and a waste of money"

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana
User Rating:  Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Emily  on Dec 28, 2013  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2013 | Wedding | With Group
871 people found this review helpful

I got food poisoning while staying here in November from red snapper at the French restaurant. My husband was also served raw chicken (thankfully he realized before he ate it.)

My food poisoning was so bad that I passed out while puking, and severely chipped my tooth off the toilet. Initially, the resort tried to get us to sign a waiver relieving them from liability and that we would have to agree not to post anything about this online! We of course refused to sign.

They then promised that they would stay in contact until the matter has been resolved - and they have not kept that promise. I am now looking at over $2000 repair to my tooth.

This is TERRIBLE customer service. Think twice before coming here, because it could happen to you too!

The rest of the food was ok, the drinks for the most part were nothing special, and the room was nice... but because of the way they have handled my injury I will never go back.

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"Beautiful but BEWARE !"

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana
User Rating:  Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  cheryl  on Oct 28, 2013  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Oct, 2013 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
902 people found this review helpful

While the resort is beautifully maintained and probably one of the cleanest places I have ever been, the food and beverage quality standards are quite different. Granted, the given fact that one should not drink the tap water is obvious, however, the ice and blended drinks are all made from water, but no one could verify if the water was purified or not. Hence, I became quite ill, and have to attribute my acute parasite infection to the ice. Consequently, all fruit and vegetables on the salad bar are all "washed" in untreated water. Food sanitation standards are quite different here, BEWARE ! Food sits on a buffet or serving table for hours on end without proper temps maintained.....

Other Comments:
Overall, the staff was great. They all spoke wonderful English and were helpful and appreciative of the tips. Fermin was our butler and was most accommodating. If it wasn't for the fact that I became super ill, I would certainly return for another vacation.

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"Very Bad experience!"

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana
User Rating:  Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Cristina  on Aug 23, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Aug, 2012 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
1115 people found this review helpful

SInce our retirement we travel a few times a year; we love Dominican Republic and have visited different areas and different resorts; this 2 weeks were the worse. We had troubles from day 1.

We will not recommend this resort to anyone and for sure we will not go back!

It should not be rated 5 stars.

Room Number:

Room Block:

We had to wait a too long to check in and immediately we noticed the difference in the staff attitude, compared to previous visits to Punta Cana, Samana, Puerto Plata and La Romana.

There was no music or a holiday atmosphere, nobody offered us a drink; we were told that because it was almost 3 pm, we had to walk all the way to the beach buffet (long walk) to get something to eat, every other place was closed.

Once we got to the room : many things did not work, like the lights, the safe, the shower, the sliding door to the balcony did not lock. We wasted the whole afternoon calling and calling for service. The mattress was very uncomfortable, but we did not find that out until that evening.
Spoke with manager Anger Olgado and Teresa (rooms manager) they apologized but did not show concern or suggested to changes us to another room.

The rest of the time, as other problems arise, they ignored our calls and we got tired of complaining.

Very Bad customer service.

Restaurants and Bars:
The service in general was not what you expected; the staff was not happy; like never before we felt pressured to show $ to get better service and not even then. The exception was Jose, he works in the restaurants and he went out of his way to make us feel happy and to enjoy our stay. It was not his job, but he did teach a lesson to management.
The food was average, the a la carte restaurants were OK, but if you wanted a good table like overlooking the pool you have to pay extra.

The drinks were all sugar water and the alcohol drinks were not good; if you were lucky enough to get the right drinks, which they took more than 20 minutes to bring. And on the beach the waiter ignored you totally if you did not tipped him every time and every day. We even tried to talk spanish, but he was rude and unfriendly.

Beaches in Punta Cana are very nice; lots of palapas, but they did not clean the beach, it was full of see weed.
They did not take good care of the beach area, for example: in the morning you will find food plates from the day before; glasses and garbage left behind.
They closed the pools at 6pm. Bad idea, specially after a rainy morning. They put chemicals even when tourist were in the water. The towel place closed whenever they feel like it; so we had to carry wet towel to our room.
The grounds were nice, fortunately the construction started when we were leaving.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The entertainment was very poor; in 2 weeks they had only 3 shows and they were not good or up to standard to a 5 star resort. I would not compare this resort to any other 5 stars we have visited. The rest of the nights they had games or karaoke in the outdoor patio, that could not accommodate many people.

Water sport equipment was supposed to be included; but, we had to pay to use the catamaran, and on top of that, nobody helped us to push it to the ocean or bring it back; and forgot to mention..the catamaran did not work and my husband still has a sore hand for holding the sail in place.

Other Comments:
We will not recommend this resort to anyone and for sure we will not go back!

We met people that were there before and were very disappointed this time.

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Majestic Colonial Punta Cana
User Rating:  Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  gary  on Sep 2, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Sep, 2010 | Leisure | With Group
682 people found this review helpful

walking back to my room in the resort from the lobby bar fri nite was jumped from behind knocked to the ground had my blackberry taken injured my hip & thigh digital cameera was broken. the robber was wearing the uniform the employees at the resort wore. had things taken from the room. security did nothing, the resort did nothing. DONT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. WALK IN GRUPS IF YOU CAN. DIDNT FEEL SAFE THERE.

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"HORRIBLE Customer Service! Nothing worked & No one cared!"

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana
User Rating:  Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Joshua  on Jun 18, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jun, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
624 people found this review helpful

Ok, so we got a great deal on what we thought was a 5-star resort for our honeymoon. Elevator didn't work, and the bellhop told us it hadn't worked for a long time. We were on the 4th floor. Batteries in my TV remote died (when does THAT happen??). AC would barely keep the room at 80 degree Farenheit. Had to call TWICE to get a repairman out there on the third day of our stay to fix our AC. Resort website said this was for COUPLES ONLY. Bull! I've never seen more screaming kids than at Disney World! Including next door and right outside our room running around screaming all the time.

Then we get locked out of our room. Key card wouldn't work. So I called using the elevator phone. They told us we had to walk down to the front desk to deal with this (10 minute walk to the other side of the resort), that they wouldn't just send someone to help us or anything. So we get there and they tell us to go BACK, that a technician will change our batteries out in the door mechanism. So we waited for 15 minutes after we got back for him to get there and fix it. The next morning, it happened the SAME way AGAIN! I was a bit upset at this point, and asked them how I knew it wouldn't happen again - they just shushed me up and sent me back to my room. That guessed it! LOCKED OUT AGAIN! This time they had to literally BREAK THROUGH THE WALL to get in (I have pictures).

I raised hell. No manager was ever on duty to do anything, however. Finally, on our way out of the resort after our honeymoon week was over, I found a manager, related all our stories to him, and demanded some sort of refund. NOTHING. He said all he could do was give us some sort of a discount on our next stay there as if we would come back!!! Told me I should have complained sooner, to which I replied that I tried, but there were no managers! He shrugged his shoulders. Nothing I could do. Maybe not as much will go wrong on your trip, but if it does, you're screwed, because they won't do a thing about it.

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"Colonial Club section at the Majestic Colonial"

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana
User Rating:  Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Cindy  on Jan 9, 2013  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2013 | Leisure | Family and Kids
1035 people found this review helpful

I will give you the good and the bad

Check in was the worst I have ever experienced we arrived late and there were only two people checking in guest. We were the very last guests to be checked in and considering we had paid for a club section room and were suppose to get priority check in!

We had a ocean room in the Colonial club section. The rooms are large and clean. One of our sinks did not work and there were a few minor repairs that needed to be done. But that is pretty common with a hotel in the carribean.

The Club lounge is nice and well worth the extra $$$

Staff is nice and alway pleasant

Entertainment is pretty good

Food is ok although 3 of the 8 of us got sick which is miserable.

Ocean club room is not worth the extra as they are situated right infront of the wedding gazebo so you really dont have ocean view you have endless wedding. A real turn off for the resort.

Not a bad resort but have some major issues with their most expensive rooms being in wedding after wedding.

Room Number:

Room Block:
colonial club

Dec 27-jan 6 2013

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"The bad"

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana
User Rating:  Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Cindy  on Jan 22, 2013  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2012 | Leisure | Family and Kids
1039 people found this review helpful

This is an addition to my previous review. 4 of the 8 of us ended up getting sick and 3 of us went to the hospital for medication and IV fluids. Upon returning we were still unwell so went here and had tests done. We were diagnosed with food poisoning and Ecoli bacterial infection. This is a beautiful resort but even though we were really careful not to drink tap water we even brushed our teeth with bottled water we still got really sick. Beware

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"What a disappointment!!"

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana
User Rating:  Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Deborah  on Feb 14, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
589 people found this review helpful

The resort looked like a million bucks when we arrived. Because we picked a Nolitours "Camelion Gold" package, the desk clerk immediately took us away from the front desk to a desk tucked out of the way to check us in and present us with a drink. OK so far. Our bags were taken to our room, 3 doors from the beach. OK looking good, the room was nice, but smelled a little damp, but Ok you're at the beach. We had had a 4 hour flight delay, so our first priority was to have a shower and get changed. My husband went to check our the balcony as I was unpacking, and discovered the door had been broken into from outside and wouldn't lock. so we called the front desk and they sent someone who took a hammer to pound in the frame from the outside and the lock mechanism so the door could be locked. Then we discovered that the taps at the sink didn't work, turn them on but no water. The repair man then started to pound on the taps with a hammer and after about 20 minutes of banging around, got some water to come out. So we've been at the resort for about an hour and we aren't too impressed.

damp and a little musty, well worn.

Restaurants and Bars:
We had heard the fish restaurant near the beach was terrific so we headed for for dinner. It was a little smokey because one side is a grill and the other a fish restaurant. We ordered and service was good, and the food was terrific. So we are back on track. After being up for about 36 hours, we headed to bed. The bedding was damp, but what the heck, we are at the beach. In the morning we headed to the Supreme buffet for an early breakfast. Not too bad, but the eggs are swimming in grease cooked in pans that look like they've never been washed (they were black and disgusting looking, oh yeah and they pour the grease onto your plate along with your eggs. If you like your tea hot, make sure you tell the coffee boy, BOILING WATER please or it will be luke warm. Down to the beach we head and most of the seats with shelter are already spoken for, but that's to be expected. We head to the buffet in the Palapa hut for lunch and find a salad bar, Paella with and without shellfish, burgers, sandwiches, the greasiest nacho chips I've ever seen, rice, beans, chicken and vegetables along with a desert bar - ice cream and pastries. This is the menu for the week and it doesn't change. The lunch and dinner buffet in the Supreme restaurant consists of these items, plus pizza and pasta - again the same every day (oh yeah and most evenings with a few additions here and there) The Mexican restaurant was a disappointment - service was slow and the food was mediocre. If you like Dominican food, they had a buffet of that and salad you could supplement your meal with. The fish house was good on the first try but our second visit was awful, the lobster was covered with something greasy and a bit rancid and was almost impossible to get out of the shell, I asked for rice instead of potatoes which arrived after I had finished my fish and was ice cold. My husband asked for white wine, they brought red and arrived with the white after our dinner arrived. We left without finishing our meals, no one even came to see if our dinners were OK. Serving staff on a whole are disinterested. Some appreciate the tips, others expect them, but it doesn't impact your service at all.

The beach was not as clean as I expected. Cigarette buts, straws and bottle caps were littered everywhere and they staff didn't have the tools to properly take care of it. You can't clean up small items by walking around and picking them up by hand. The lawn chairs were grubby and the few small side tables were filthy. The water was rough and for a non swimmer, could be dangerous.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
My husband and 9 other guys went deep sea fishing, the tour rep recommended a charter, it was about $50 US cheaper than the tour per person, but the boat was well used and the entire event was less than impressive. The guys running the charter were selling beer for $2.50 US per bottle, but pushed the guys to buy a case, 24 for $72 US, elevating the price from $2.50 US per bottle to $3 US. There weren't any snacks or anything provided. If you travel Nolitours, be warned that the Cameleon Gold package DOES NOT INCLUDE GOLF even thought the brochure advertises it and the Nolitours rep will not intervene to sort it out for you. The Nolitours rep, Isabella won't help and sent us to the desk, but the hotel said we didn't have a jr suite and weren't entitled. PS they only have jr suites and majestic jr suites, so beware of their advertising.

Other Comments:
If you are travelling to the Domican, be aware that many of the hotel staff are Hatian and they do not speak sufficient english to communicate well. They are also looking for items to sent to Haiti for the earthquake victims, tylenol, advil, antibiotics, clothing, toiletries, etc. Take what you can and leave behind what you can. Every little bit helps.

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"Great time! Till we got back....."

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana
User Rating:  Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Mark  on Apr 13, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2011 | Leisure | Family and Kids
1190 people found this review helpful

This is going to be a mixed review, and you'll see why further down. Overall had a great time there, until we got back.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Arrival was ahead of schedule via Transat from Fredericton, which was good. Typical racing through the Punta Cana airport filling out papers and going through security gates. Nothing unexpected.

Rooms were nice, a little dated but very clean. No signs of dampness or musty small like some people report. And we changed rooms after the first day because we have a 21 month old. We switched (after paying a bit extra) to get a first floor room that you can walk out to the pool. Well worth it.

Restaurants and Bars:
This is the one part of the review that I really hate to write, but it must be said. I have no major complaints about any of the food I had at any restaurants (while I was there). The Italian and steakhouse were probably the best. That said, the day after I returned home, I became very sick. Yes...tests confirmed to be salmonella poisoning. Still unsure where exactly it came from, but doesn't really matter. To top things off, a few days later, my son ended up getting it as well...from me. All I can suggest is be very cautious what you are eating, and try to stick to foods that you feel confident wouldn't present this type of problem. Not sure what else to say...

Been to the DR before, so not surprised by how beautiful the beach and water were. Lots of chairs and huts to go around, and of course sometimes you have to play the towel game early in the morning. Grounds well maintained, and unique pool design stretched the entire length of the resort, from lobby to beach.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Didn't participate in any activities

Other Comments:
Overall, part of me recommends this resort highly based on my experience, and my opinions as we were checking out. The other part of me is extremely disappointed with what happened when we got back, and very angry with the apparent lack of care shown when handling food on this resort.

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"The room definitely had the musty smell everyone talks about."

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana
User Rating:  Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review: 3.50 of 5

Posted by:  Sherry from Vastal, NY  on May 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: May, 2009
493 people found this review helpful

Arrival: May 15-21:
We arrived at the airport and went through a long, but realtively quick line to purchase our tourist cards for $10, just to hand them back at the next desk- the DR's way to pick up some extra money I guess. We booked our trip through CheapCaribbean and purchased the transport service. So after we got our luggage, we found the representative for Turinter transport and were quickly loaded onto a van. We were disappointed with the scenic drive to the resort due to garabage all along the road side. Check in was quick and simple and they accomodated the room requests we had asked for when booking. We also sent Annemarie an email with our requests. We went straight to our rooms (we arrived around 2:30 PM). No Majestic drink at check in, no biggie. There was a little confusion with Turinter transports- we were told to meet with their rep the following morning at 9:30, after waiting for 30 minutes, we finally discovered that there rep was in an area in the lobby where there are reps booking tours to various places. We were given our pick up time for departure and were on our way after that- they are trying to sell tours along with the transportation back to the airport.

The room definitely had the musty smell everyone talks about. We were on the second floor. I would not rate this hotel a 5 star, more like 3- 3 1/2. The bedding, curtains and pull out coach all need to be replaced. The room was clean and we had brought some candles to help with the smell. It is a very open floor plan, so being very comfortable with your roommate is important! We never had towel problems and the fridge was stocked everyday. We did leave a $2 tip for the maid everyday. Our room was always made up by the time we returned to the room around 3 pm. Our room was at the end of the hall, closest to the lobby and there is a large theater directly across from the rooms. There is a show every night from 10-11pm and it was very loud, so if you like to go to bed early, ask for a room towards the middle or the beach end.

Restaurants and Bars::
We went to the main buffet everyday for breakfast. The staff throughout the resort were all wonderful, friendly people. Many tried to help us with our spanish. The buffet had many choices for breakfast and the coffee is wonderful! We ate at all of the resturants... the main buffet was best for breakfast and lunch. There is a smaller buffet at the Steak restuarant by the beach for breakfast and lunch. This is where we typically had lunch. The food consisted of chicken, burgers, pasta, fruits and salads, and was ok. The French Restaurant was wonderful, though stay away from the lobster bisque- it was awful. The Japanese restaurant was wonderful and the Steak Restaurant was very good. It is not gourmet food by any stretch of the imagination, but good. I am a big white wine drinker and I have to say the house wine was barely ok, the red was awful( that is all that is included in the all inclusive- otherwise there are other options for a price). Presidente beer is the only choice included in the all inclusive. They frequently ask if you want rum in your drinks- well yeah! There is not a lot of consistancy in how a drink is made or how much alcohol there is in a drink. We had Dirty Monkeys and if you give them bananas(just make sure there is a blender- not all of the bars have blenders) they will use the banana for your drink. You should try Mamajuana- it is the Dominican Drink. We did bring our bubba kegs with us and they were fine with filling them up for us.

The grounds, beach and pool are beautiful. We walked up and down the beach and it is the best stretch of beach compared to the Moon, Rui, and Bahia Principe. There are palapas everywhere- we did do the towel game and put towels on our chairs early, but there were always plenty of chairs throughout the day. Topless is ok at the beach and we saw some people at the pool- many who should rethink their decision! The water is fairly rough for snorkeling, so we never even tried it. The pool is nice and there were typically chairs there as well. It does tend to be littered with empty cups along the sides, by the end of the day, but that's thanks to the guests. You can exchange your wet towels as often as needed- just remember to collect your towel card prior to check out.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
We didn't do any tours, but we did take the 5 minute walk to Playa Blanca- the small shopping plaza by the hotel- go out the main lobby and head down the road to the right, once through the gaits, it's straight ahead on the right. Be ready for 20 or so shops, side by side, and being hearded in by the workers for high pressure sales/bartering. All of the shops for the most part, have the same stuff.

Other Comments::
We brought plenty of 1 dollar bills and tipped everybody, but we too were amazed at how few people we saw tipping. We would see some of the waiters we had at breakfast later at dinner. A lot of these people are bussed in from various parts of the island, work long days and make very little and yet they were always cheerful. A word to those traveling from the US- you cannot take the mamajuana bottles of just the herbs back into the US- you have to add rum to it or it won't get through security at the DR airport. Our friends we were traveling with had to throw their bottle away at security. We have traveled to a number of other destinations and would say that St John, St Thomas and Bermuda are nicer islands. We would not return to the DR.

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