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Ocean Blue and Sand  

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

"Ocean Blue Punta Cana"
Posted by: kevin  on Sep 21, 2016
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Ocean Blue and Sand Reviews
Ocean Blue and Sand Pictures and Information
Ocean Blue and Sand Punta Cana-Bavaro Dominican Republic

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User rating 4.1

Based on 47 reviews

Ocean Blue and Sand Information

Right on the sea front at the wonderful beaches of Bávaro, immersed in the luscious tropical green of palm trees and close to the White Sands golf course, the H10 Ocean Blue and H10 Ocean Sand hotels dispose of complete suites, all-inclusive services*, and an extensive activity program to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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Ocean Blue and Sand Reviews

Ocean Blue and Sand Review: 4.1 of 5 47 reviews
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"An OK resort... not disappointed, not wowed."

Ocean Blue and Sand
User Rating:  Ocean Blue and Sand Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Nova Scotia  on May 5, 2011  >  4 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: May, 2011 | Leisure | Family and Kids
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We've traveled to AI's seven times now and this resort would fall in the top 4 of those. It seemed to have everything you would look for, but it was just missing that little something. Dunno, can't quite put my finger on it. It certainly wasn't the staff, they rocked, I mean they would do anything for you and they worked really hard and quickly. I'll keep writing to see if I can uncover what it is.

Room Block:
Villa 4

Arrived at the resort around midnight on a full bus. Two people on the desk, took about a half hour to check in. Pick up your towel cards and room key. Trolley took bags to room.

We were on the third floor, we had requested second floor but when everything works in the room we don't push our luck. ;) The rooms use key cards which oftentimes fail, forcing you to go to the front desk for a fix. Gets annoying after 3 or 4 times. Good sized rooms with a pull out couch. Sliding doors to a balcony with a couple of chairs and a table. Fridge was stocked with water, pop(pepsi, diet pepsi and seven-up) and a couple of Presidente. The maid (who was a real sweetheart, by the way) stocks the pop and water, a beer guy delivers beer (appropriately enough)... if you aren't there, or the maid is not there, you get no beer restock. I left maid a note one day asking about beer, she took it but left no answer... with my spanish knowledge though, for all I know I may have asked her if her cat liked cervesa.

There is a safe with a number lock system, an iron and board. Hidden behind the ironing board is an umbrella (good to know!)... the only thing we used was the safe - it didn't rain and our clothes stayed wrinkled (we're on vacation!!).

The washroom is well equipped with two sinks, dental kit, soaps, shampoos, mouthwash, bath gels, sewing kits and shoeshine stuff (kept my toenails nice and shiny ;) ). The hair dryer is modern and functions well. The little toothpaste things were so cute we just had to take one home.

There is a large jacuzzi type tub. On the one night we tried it out, only one of the jets worked and the wife hogged it. The tub has a half glass door which if you aren't careful can result in a raft of water on the floor while showering. Water pressure and temperature was sometimes an issue but of course is related to the time of day and the number of users at that time.

The beds were comfortable but the pillows were like slate... thin and hard.

Noise from next rooms was not really an issue but the racket that can come from the halls can be quite loud at times.

Overall, the rooms were quite acceptable.

Restaurants and Bars:
Bar service was outstanding at all locations as was the service at the restaurants, in fact maybe the best we've experienced in our 7 AI trips.

Drinks were premium brands and mixed relatively weak unless you ask for stronger. Lobby bar made the best drinks and was a nice relaxing atmosphere... until they started with the music. Why must it be so loud? Can't it just be background music? And for gawds sake, there is only one Celine Dion out there, do not try to sing her stuff!! ;)

We ate at the buffet, the Italian restaurant(twice), the Mexican restaurant, the steak joint and Route 66 (twice). Not much to say here really, food was quite edible at all locations and there was enough selection for the pickiest eaters. Well, maybe a couple of things... 1) folks raved about the steak joint... er, I didn't get it, grilled meat and baked potatoes, no big whoop. 2)I loved the atmosphere and the light fare at Rte 66, but really they need to investigate the smell in there, kinda moldy. 3) Dress codes were either not in effect or not enforced and 4) No reservations needed (except for the steak joint) and walk up waits were quite short.

Not the best food we have had on vacations south, but very passable.

I cannot say enough about the brilliance behind having a person apply hand sanitizer at the doors of the buffets. There are a lot of travelers out there who simply do not wash their hands and rub their grime on utensils in the buffet. Thanks you Ocean Blue for keeping my tummy free of any troubles.

Beach is Bavaro Beach... what else can you say? Um... while quite functional, the four poster huts with the canvas tops are kind of trashy looking, let alone the fact that there is just way too much wood to bang your head on... again and again. Just a personal preference, but I like the tropical look of the traditional palm branch palapas.

There are two pools each with it's own bar. Water is cooler in the morning and really heats up in the afternoon... wonder why? The sun of course.

There is a daily handout at the breakfast buffet. The paper outlines the days activities and includes a note that basically says that saving chairs and spots at the pools and beach is prohibited. Er... a lot of people must not be able to read because chair and spot saving is the worst I have ever seen. Nuff said.

Grounds are quite well kept but some areas in the courtyards are showing wear, nothing to really detract from your stay, but if left in a state of disrepair eventually will look dumpy.

There is a trolley that makes it's way around the resort to pick up weary walkers... sometimes I wished there were two trolleys running.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Kids did some tubing. They also tried to get on the rock wall, but alas it wasn't manned the entire week we were there, despite being listed on the daily time schedule.

We took in a couple of shows. The circus show which while sometimes cheesy, still managed to wow me at the end. We also took in a dance show but it got repetitive and dull really quickly, and we usually enjoy these things. Again with the really loud music! Now, just as an aside and to demonstrate that it was not just me who thought that way, my 19 yr old son found it way too loud as well.

There are lots of opportunities for excursions or rides offered on the beach by vendors, who by the way are not aggressive, we didn't partake in any of them however.

We checked out the shops a few times down the beach a little. Want to avoid the aggressive guys on the beach? Enter the first shop and walk along the backside of the shops. The workers back there are much less aggressive and have been known to be asleep. There are a couple of shop owners who are really nice and fair guys, I was actually quite impressed.

There was lots to do on the resort - movies, kids discos, adult discos, bowling, but really by the time we did the beach, the pool, dinner and an hour or so at the lobby bar, we were pretty much wiped.

Other Comments:
Well, that barely touches on our experience and I can't explain it but I just don't have that "I wanna go back" feeling that I have had at other resorts. I'm a beach person and those huts were tacky, and the whole mini-mall feel of the main court was kind of trashy. Don't we go to the Caribbean to get away from that? There's an old Trooper song that plays in my head when I think back on it... a three dressed up as a nine. Don't get me wrong, for the right price you will be definitely be pleased. There's really nothing of any significance to complain about here, I had a good vacation, it just didn't do it for me.

I hate to end on a negative note, it's an OK spot, I doubt you'll be disappointed... but maybe not wowed.

Feel free to email me (tomaz61@yahoo.ca) for questions, or to tear a strip off of me if you're a huge fan of this resort. ;)

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"Some issues with the room, But otherwise, not too shabby - for a wedding!"

Ocean Blue and Sand
User Rating:  Ocean Blue and Sand Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Donna  on Jan 21, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2011 | Business | Family and Kids
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First off, I picked this resort since they DID not require a downpayment to hold your wedding date. I liked that. Our wedding planners were very helpful and they made their jobs look effortless. I initially emailed with Ada and then Yinette was the once I spoke to a month before the wedding and as well as our stay there. she was very reliable. Mind you, it was not a big wedding, but it was still special to everyone...I also especially liked the trio band who serenaded us as I walked down the aisle down to when the Pastor finshed the ceremony.

Not only this, Yinnete was very helpful assisting me with an overcharge. When I came back from the wedding/vacation and started to review the cost, I realized that we were overcharged for our room. I emailed here and within a week I got my refund back.

Room Number:
202 and 110

Room Block:
Villa 10

Would be nice if the resort had their own transportation from the Airport. The taxi ride is still not too bad at $38 (flat rate) one-way.

I had no issues with it - but my fiance (now husband) did. our guests also did not have issues with their rooms.

I booked a couple of rooms (Junior) in the Privilege Villa - for me and my fiance and the other for his mom. Our room was in the 2nd floor facing the pool, while my mom-in-law's was facing the service road on the ground floor. She did not like that and we had requested for her to be moved up near us. Unfortunately, they were also doing some renovations (they were "modernizing" their rooms) on rooms that were not occupied or had been vacated , so our request (which we followed up on a daily basis) went nowhere. Aside from this, my mom-in-law encountered what I considered were "minor" issues. Although, my husband thinks they were a big deal since we we're paying top $$$ for privilege service. And my husband also said that their excuse about not transferring my mom-in-law didn't fly since

Had some musty smell - especially the 1st floor room. But I think that is to be expected for a humid country? I didn't think the room decor was that bad as how other people described it. We had the four poster bed, a flat screen TV, bar area with lots of booze, sitting area, balcony with wicker furnitures, clean bed sheets, clean room, nice bathroom (although the glass in the shower area could use a bit more scrubbing to make it streak free),nice cool room. But it's definitely not a boutique hotel. They had started to upgrade the other rooms in our Villa while we were there and I got to see one of them coz our butler showed us. Not too bad.

Day 1 - my mom-in-law was nervous since there was "a man" hanging out of her room porch. it was one of the workers doing the renovation. reported it to our butler and didn't have the same problem since.

Day 3 - It rained hard - i think that was a typhoon!!! the resort was flooded and water went inside my mom-in-law's room (halfway from the balcony doors). they were pretty good at cleaning it up though (got cleaned within a couple of hours since we reported it). However, a couple of millipedes started appearing on the floor. Maybe about 1-2 found in 2 days. my mom-in-law was squirmish, tried to step on it and twisted her ankle - she was ok though but this really disturbed her. Reported it to the butler. They did look at it, but didn't stop the bugs from showing. I guess the lesson of the story is try as much as you can not to get a ground floor room.

Restaurants and Bars:
They had a big buffet area, then the ala-carte restaurants.

we had some of our breakfast at the privilege area near the beach. Food was, i think , 4/5. i loved the mango yoghurt with corn flakes. the omelletes were sometimes overcooked. they do serve you unlike in the buffet where you serve yourself. Some breakfasts and lunch we went to the buffet. Food was not that bad, but it wasn't great either.

ala-cartes we tried: the sports bar - free (it was ok), dominican food (Casa de mi Abuela)- free (some of us loved it, some in the family weren't a fan), Bucanero ($40 a pop - 3 course meal, I thought was worth it, we did havea couple of vouchers for being in a "privilege"), Mexican - free (not a fan). We wanted to try the Italian one night - but didn't realize till last minute that they do close out one restaurant a night.

Mike's Coffee Shop - the highlight of them all. they have all types of coffee drink with or without liquor, and desserts. it was YUM!

Bars -they are everywhere, by the pool (swim up), near the privilege beach, front lobby. the drinks we're pretty strong (in smell and taste), but wondering why it couldn't get me drunk.

clean and well-maintained. it did flood on one rainy night. but the flooding subsided that same night.

It's a sprawling property, good thing there was a roving transportation that you can ride on. the walk from our villa to the buffet/restaurant area is substantial. it's always nice to walk after a big meal though.

The pool was big. there is a quiet part and there's a part where all the activities were held.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
we did some pool exercises a couple of mornings. their "animation team" (that's what they call themselves) we're very dedicated to entertain the guests.

The lobby is also bustling with activities every night. they had a band - which i thought was pretty top notch playing bachata music and other dance-able tunes. i think they had a karaoke night once too.

My husband and I visited the casino. not much - they have a blackjack table though and a roullette. we won $100 in blackjack the first night we went in, and lost about the same amount on the 2nd day.

there were a couple of outside tour people who tried to convince us to go out. Aside from going to the Palma Real village mall, we really didn't explore outside the resort too much. Maybe when we go back.

There were occasional vendors inside the resort and by the beach outside the resort. but you really have to haggle, haggle more, and haggle some more. or else they overcharge you way too much. they are also relentless - very effective marketing strategy (they just annoy the heck out of you). don't even bother stopping to look, coz they start to hook you right there. and of course, no one really talks about prices, they just tap it on their calculators. then you type back your counter offer onto their calculator.

There are nightly shows in the "theatre". they had a michael jackson impersonation once. We didn't really bother going there. there's also a disco - but didn't bother going in.

They also had a bowling alley. we got vouchers for free game but we did not do it.

WE really didn't do much except laze around by the pool and beach area. since we didn't wanna take a vacation from our vacation. :)

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/doioutsidethebox/sets/72157625640801080/

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"Fantastic Girls Trip"

Ocean Blue and Sand
User Rating:  Ocean Blue and Sand Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  debbie  on Jan 16, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jan, 2011 | Leisure | With Group
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Wow... What a trip. 5 girls getaway for a week. We had the most amazing time there. We booked our trip thru Apple Vacations and everything was perfect. Ocean Blue staff treated us like we were the only ones there. The Hotel was clean and very well maintained, the food was great, the drinks were great. Something for everyone there. The Dominican people are very friendly. Although it is an all-inclusive resort we still tipped and that goes a long way. Believe me.... They Deserve It! We are all in the 45-55 range and never had so much fun. Parasailing, snorkling.... and even Tattoo's.....okay..maybe they were just henna ones but still was fun. Im not sure that I want that Lizard Crawling up my leg forever when I come down from this Vacation High!.....lol. If you are looking for a Great Time check out the Ocean Blue in Punta Cana.....worth every penny.

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"If I was to marry I would choose another spot...not here."

Ocean Blue and Sand
User Rating:  Ocean Blue and Sand Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Sherry  on Nov 25, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2010 | Wedding | With friend
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I expected alot more. the grounds where kept lovely and the people where very friendly. The food was just ok ! You won't starve tho. The rooms are outdated . The weather wasn't the best in Nov. I guess we hit a bad week, not there fault tho... hehe The best was the horse back riding and enjoyed it the most! The first day I was there I fell going down the stairs a little bruised ..really slippery when wet so beware..dont let it happen to you.They changed our room to the first floor which was nice. I paid 916.00 with air fare all inclusive ,which was good I would not pay anymore than that, some people did....I would have been very upset! November month was alot of rain.

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"Winter get away"

Ocean Blue and Sand
User Rating:  Ocean Blue and Sand Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Herb  on Jul 26, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jul, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
996 people found this review helpful

Just found this great website and read some reviews.

I have to say that my Dominican holiday was fantastic. My girl friend wanted to go and I was more than willing to try something new. My previous winter get away was nice but this was the best place I can imagine going!

I didn't get to golf because we decided to just see what each day would bring and just enjoy each day as it happened! We had a couple mornings were the weather was not the greatest so my love of golf dragged me out to the golf course just to see what was there. The view was enticing and the white sand and palm trees made the course look like something off one of the travel golf posters. I will definitely take in a round or two the next time I am back and it will be very soon.

The hotel was very nice and the view from our room was great. We spent most of out time outside on the beach doing one thing or another The beach was absolutely fantastic and the staff were very friiendly and interactive. I could have spent another month there just to try everything that was available for activities.

Not that everyday was perfect but I would say that as far as vactations go this was just about as close to perfect as I will get with out winning the lottery! When I go back I will be checking out some para sailing and probably some fishing but I will definitely be writing a review of the golfing after my next winter get away!


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Ocean Blue and Sand
User Rating:  Ocean Blue and Sand Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  ivelisse  on Jun 19, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jun, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
1053 people found this review helpful

I have traveled many times to Dominican Republic, i was born there ;) This was my first time in Punta Cana. I was very pleased with this resort, mostly with the service. WOW i have never seen so many people smile and look like they enjoy what they do everyday. Most important to me is cleanliness, we were part of the hotel that has privilige attention through their vacation club and I have to tell you my suite was cleaned TWICE a day, just like the cruise ships, they had a turn down service. AWSOME. I had to tell her not to keep replenishing all the alcohol in my room, the outside bars were enough for us. Our bldg was #10 and right next to it we had a separate area for VIP breakfast which turned into the beach restaurant for @ lunchtime for the rest of the guests. We also have a roped off area at the beach. I have to tell you that even the places that were not for VIP guests were also clean, we had some friends in other bldgs yes there is a difference in the liquor in the room, the ammeneties in the bathroom and the outside furniture is wicker not plastic BUT THE SERVICE is the same for everyone regardless your status.

Your Arrival:
Check in was very quick but then again we also have a private check in lounge.

amazing! is the only word to describe it...clean, beautiful,coMfortable...I DIDNT SEE ONE SINGLE BUG!!! BUT then again it may not be the season for them ...i think is more into the july/aug months

Restaurants and Bars:
we had dinner at all the restaurants, the mexican was our favorite because JONATHAN (our waiter) was the best. also the food was very very good and the mamajuana shots are the best. Tequila shots do not compare to this.

The pool is very active with music and dancing & some contests BUT thats only at one end, the other end is a little quieter for those who want to rela & read a book....

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
we did a catamaran excursion with VIVA COLONIA TROPICAL its right at the hotel, ask for valentinno..check them at vivacoloniatropical.com
we also did dune buggy through dirt & beach...great!

Other Comments:
I am very nervous & anxious when i go somewhere unknown to me, even though this is my homeland, punta cana was new to me and this resort was the best pick. We never saw anyone harrasing us for the time share but then again my daughter bought one the last time she was there :) thats why we are now PRIVILIGE GUESTS...so you never now, if you have the time give them a try

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"Holiday Spoilt by Clientel! Not a Thomas Cook STYLE Hotel!"

Ocean Blue and Sand
User Rating:  Ocean Blue and Sand Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Debbie  on Jun 18, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United Kingdom
Visited on: May, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
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Just arrived back from a two weeks stay a the the Ocean Blue Bavaro (26/05 to 09/06), We travelled with Thomas Cook (UK) from Gatwick & booked this Holiday back in Oct 09. TC market this Hotel as a "STYLE" Hotel which although it has the potential to be is most definatly is NOT! It seem that this H10 Hotel is marketed as a cheap option for those travelling from the USA/Canada/Peurto Rico & when the previous reviews state that its good value for the $ then maybe it is at the prices they were paying but we paid £3600 for this trip (2 adults & 2 kids)!
When we booked this trip Thomas Cook gave us a FREE upgrade to a Privilage Package, two months after we booked they dropped the price by £800 so in theory we had Paid for it! Then two weeks before our flight TC downgraded the aircraft to an older plane with 29" seat pitch from 33/34" & No seat back IFE! Not a good start!

Your Arrival:
On arrival at The Ocean Blue we were directed to reception to check-in, I had taken all my booking details with confirmation of the Privilage Upgrade. Thankfully there was another couple with the same Upgrade (Hi Duncan & Jo) who also had all their documentation as proof as the H10/Ocean Blue staff were totally unaware of any offer an so were unaware of our status consiquently they had NO Privilage rooms ready! We finally got our rooms & luggage a few hours later, not ideal when you have had a long flight with kids.

The room was large & spacious with huge bathroom! Although it was a privilege room it overlooked the service road to the back of the hotel, not what I had hoped for & emailed ahead & requested on several occassions! We managed to get a room change after 6 days & a heated discussion with the Privilege staff! We did not receive all the promised Privilege extras & had to ask several times before we got half the promised mini bar! The rooms are clean & a bit scruffy but thats to be expected with the constant us I guess!
The second room had plumbing problems, the toilet never flushed properly & we had to take the ciston lid off every time & flush manually! We did report this but it never got fixed! We also had water flowing through the lights from the room above when they used the Shower/Bath, however this did get fixed!

Restaurants and Bars:
Food and Drink
We found the food to be very good with loads & loads of choice & dinning option. We did visit Route 66 (USA) twice which the kids loved, Mexican again very nice & Italian which we didn't like very much. We found the Italian station in the Buffet to be as good.
We did have room service on one evening which was swift & very good. The beach snack bar at lunch was also very good. Drinks overall very good, good choice of Cocktails & top shelf alcohol, Wine Red & White very drinkable, Champagne like Cider & only 4% not so good.

The Pools
Well where do I start? Both pools are Huge & both have swim up bars. Loads of sunbeds available at all times. The Pools are advertised as the Quiet Pool & the Sports Activity Pool, unfortunatly on the first week of our stay the hotel was running a American HipHop Gangster Rap Festival, The whole pool area was overun with foul mouthed hiphop fanatics walking around with 3ltr Bottles of Grey Goose Vodka (beacause the Dominican Alcohol didn't get the drunk!) shouting & screaming & overtaking the whole of the swimup bar (the only one open!) & blaring out thair HipHop Music for 6 days! The second week a huge group of youngsters (about 200) from Peuto Rico arrived again running riot & performing Sex acts in the pool at 2pm in the afternoon! Thankfully I love the beach in Punta Cana so was happier away from all the madness which is unfortunate for our children who we felt were not suited to the sights & sounds of this pool enviroment!
The Beach
Well what can I say? Real paradise! White sand & azure sea....beautiful! We used the Privilage beach area which although isn't very grand has a waitress service which was a nice touch. Also plenty of sunbeds at any time of the day & unlimited beach towels. Only downside was the aftermath of the youngster (condoms & vomit) the next morning!

The Grounds
The grounds are beautiful, Immaculate gardens, all clean & well kept..........well done to the groundstaff!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

Very Poor! My husband plays Volly Ball but often he turned up to play & the activity had been cancelled! My daughter (9) went to Kids Club twice which again was poor.

We found the staff had very little English skills especially the waiters & waitresses which was not a problem really as with a little help we usually got our requests understood. Although there were plenty of staff they never seemed to go out of their way to be overally helpfull or friendly!

Evening Entertainment
There is a large Theatre with loads of seating but unfortunatly the shows run on a weekly basis so if you have seen them in the first week the second week you have nothing to watch! The Michael Jackson, Latin & Circus show are well worth a look.

Other Comments:

Privilage Package
All I can say is if you get it FREE the go for it otherwise don't waste your money! We never had any outstanding service from anywhere in the Hotel, We didn't get all the package advertised, My husband ordered a bottle of Champagne for our Wedding anniversary from the Privilage Customer service desk & it never arrived, when he complained they said they would get one send & it arrived 2 days later, warm with no glasses & no Ice! This Hotel has no finesse about it anywhere which is a great shame.

Holiday Overall
I have rated Ocean Blue as a 3*, I have visited Riu Palace Macao & Superclub Breezes Punta Cana which were both fantastic & I would say that this hotel is the only one I would not return to. I feel that it is being marketed as a bargin Bucket 18/30's venue & H10 are selling it off to anyone without any regard for how this may effect other holidaymakers! It was not a Family friendly hotel for the two weeks we stayed & by reading the previous reviews I believe that this is ongoing problem at the Ocean Blue. We were also aware that the Thomson Clients (UK) that were there at the same time as us were requesting to be moved to other hotels due to the noise & antics of others at night keeping everyone awake till 4am in the morning!
My Husband & I both had tummy upsets, my husbands being quite severe & he is still suffering now we are home. We did see a food inspector one evening in the main Buffet & the next day they introduced a hand sanitizer policy in all food areas. I am asuming that there was an outbreak of sickness/diarrhoea!
I think Thomas Cook are wrong to advertise this hotel as a STYLE HOTEL when it quite clearly isn't, if you are expecting luxury of any kind you will be dissapointed! If you get a good bargin/last minuite getaway & go with no expectation its an OK Hotel otherwise shop elswhere!
Would I go back? No, there are far far better Hotels for the same price! Would I recommend a friend? No!

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"Would stay again in a heart beat"

Ocean Blue and Sand
User Rating:  Ocean Blue and Sand Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Lib  on May 24, 2010  >  4 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2010 | Leisure | With friend
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Your Arrival:
We arrived late in the evening, check-in went very smooth. Luggage brought up to the room in short time. We stopped in the lobby to have a drink after our much awaited flight and start of our vacation.

We had 2 rooms, and each one was great. We stayed in building 4, and faced the back of the resort, which was our doing, we wanted a quiet room. Was very clean, and spacious. Never a problem with A/C or water, or any of the other things I'd read about people complaining about.

Restaurants and Bars:
We ate in the buffet most meals. Went to the Italian ala carte 2x and was very impressed with what we all had. Left with our tummys full with no complaints at all. Bars were all wonderful, all giving good service. Again didn't find there to be such a language problem as stated in other reviews.

Ahh the grounds, now that's how I judge a resort, I'm a flora and fauna person. The grounds at Ocean Blue were just beautiful. Loved the ponds with the natural habitant in and around them. The pools were great, we stayed away from the so called "party poo" We are normally beach gals, but found the winds the week we were there to be abit too much. Hard to have conversations without sanding blowing in your mouth. But thats not the resorts fault, gotta blame mother nature on that one.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Didn't go off the resort at all, was enjoying ourselves too much. We all came for relaxation and chillin.

Other Comments:
I really find it hard to read negative reviews about any of the resorts. Your in paradise people, where else could you go away and not spend another penny and eat and drink all you want. I think in this day and age, people want it to be like home, well it isn't people, your in another country, which English is not their first language. Enjoy your time there and remember you left home for a reason.

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Ocean Blue and Sand
User Rating:  Ocean Blue and Sand Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  MARY  on May 24, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: May, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
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Your Arrival:


Restaurants and Bars:


Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

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"Nice resort"

Ocean Blue and Sand
User Rating:  Ocean Blue and Sand Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Abe and Maria  on May 18, 2010  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: May, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
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We flew West Jet out of Toronto great flight there and back. This is a very nice resort if you can get it for a sale price, we booked through my brother in law because he is an H10 member. There was 30 of us all together for my brother in laws wedding

Your Arrival:
Very fast no problems getting our rooms and off to the pool we went

Rooms are big, like most reviews furniture could really use a update, A/C did not work very well at all, called main. and they said it was fine?? went to some friends rooms and they were much cooler. fridge was not stocked up every day with the two beers like most resorts we have been to. Maids do a great job roomed cleaned every day.

Restaurants and Bars:
Bars are all great, buffet is always good but was closed a few nights do to the resort only being about 20% full, Route 66 is a great place to eat, ate at the Mexican and did not care for it at all and my wife loved mikes coffee shop evry night

Beach is very nice but we are more pool people and spent many hours at the pool bar, all bars have really great service

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Only thing we did was deep sea fishing and was very rough seas that day no fish caught and most of us spent our time sea sick

Other Comments:
This is a great resort if you can get it on sale I would never pay full price again, but we really enjoyed ourselfs very much

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