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Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena)  

Avenida Alemania S/N, EL Cortecito, Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana Dominican Republic

"very energetic animation team"
Posted by: mason on Sep 8, 2014
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Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Reviews
Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Pictures and Information
Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Bavaro Beach Dominican Republic

of 29 Hotels in Bavaro Beach

User rating 4.3

Based on 69 reviews

Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Information

Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) is a five star luxury resort that distinguishes itself by offering deluxe spacious rooms, fine dining and personalized service.

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Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Reviews

Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Review: 4.3 of 5 69 reviews
Very good
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Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena)
User Rating:  Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  K & J  on Mar 25, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
820 people found this review helpful

HORRIBLE TERRIFYING HOTEL EXPERIENCE BLATANT MISREPRESENTATION BY TRANSAT HOLIDAYS! From time we boarded plane sat in our pre-paid seats including entire week stay at this hotel-hell to when plane left runway to come home it was like very bad nightmare!You know the stories you hear that happened to other people & you find them a little hard to believe? Believe them because they happened to us. To start: pre-booked/paid for seats with transat rep guaranteeing quick access/use of washrooms in front of plane(medical reasons)-was forced to use rear plane bathrooms. 5 pieces of wilted, stale fruit on plate and pee-warm bottle of rot-gut champagne was our 25th anniversary welcome gift. On first day was served one drink from private pool bar and was totally incapacitated within 30 minutes displaying ALL symptoms which indicated having been roofied-this was at 4 in the afternoon and was the first drink at this bar! After becoming violently ill,losing bodily control & collapsing in room someone attempted to enter our room while I was propped over a wastebasket on the bed and husband was in shower washing off my vomit from his body. Trip continued downhill from there! Being charged extra $ for already paid for "upgraded inclusions", bars running out of glasses, straws, ice, mix, alcohol and all but two closing by 10 pm! No water in our mini-bar even when we replaced it ourselves-it would vanish! So-called staff coming into our room numerous times per day.We were walked in on at least 4-5 times! Arranged tour from hotel concierge-after waiting two hours to be picked up we were then dropped off and left with no ride back and no info as to when driver would be back! Took a cab back with 3 other couples. Had dope smokers on either side of our balcony so unable to use our jacuzzi-told to call security and they would be taken to jail! We were not there to send anyone to jail! Told we could move to another room-with no guarantee where it would be located. Once neighbors checked out discovered our jacuzzi drain wouldnt keep water in! Refused use of kayaks because I was carrying snorkel gear and underwater camera! Numerous phone calls and room visits in middle of night. Hotel tried to charge us for our complimentary late check out which was arranged by transat reps due to the horrible experiences we had there-verbal battle ensued with concierge-key card was disabled. On way home, Transat airport personnel first tried to confiscate our souvenirs stating we weren't allowed to take wood products-all painted/finished pieces, then charged us for extra weight-had our own scale and we WERE NOT over limit, they mixed up our bag tags and interrogated a poor young woman while ripping bags open and cutting open all our packages of coffee. Then security came on board the plane wanting our passports for no reason other than we had coffee in our bags!

Your Arrival:
Were made to feel as though we were inconveniencing the concierge with our check in! He was not friendly or welcoming at all in fact quite cool and abrupt.

Room was OK-Not able to use the balcony due to "neighbors" on their balcony smoking dope at all hours(morning, noon, evening, middle of night). Waste of money for an upgraded package as most of the "extra perks" were never received or they tried to charge us extra for them!

Restaurants and Bars:
A la Cartes were nothing special. Serving staff seldom would speak to you or even make an attempt to talk to you. Sit-eat-leave was the atmosphere.

Beach was beautiful as was the weather. Witnessed a child vomiting profusely in the children's pool while the mother watched and other children splashed about! She then patted him on the back and they walked away-she didn't notify any staff to clean it up. It was disgusting!!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE MARINARIUM! If you do go, take a big knife to cut through the rope cages and free these poor creatures! We really weren't prepared for the conditions these poor creatures are subjected to!
DO NOT BOOK SHOPPING TRIP TO MUNDE AUTENTICO through concierge--they promise to take you there and bring you back...they do not tell you that you are dropped off and left there for more than two++ hours-for a shopping trip that is done in 15-20 minutes!

Other Comments:
The few incidents described are only a few highlights from our hotel-hell NH Real Arena experience! We also heard experiences of ER visits from families with children who became very ill at this hotel. In fact we heard several very negative experiences from those staying at this hotel--tourists FROM CANADA, USA, BRAZIL, etc!



IF YOU ARE FROM THE CANADIAN PRAIRIES P-L-E-A-S-E DO NOT BOOK/FLY with TRANSAT HOLIDAYS- they have proved to us they do not take care of their customers during or after their vacation!

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"Don't do it"

Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena)
User Rating:  Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  william  on Mar 10, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
804 people found this review helpful

My wife and I just returned from this resort on March 8th. We arrived on March 1st and were scheduled to stay until the 10th. We daparted 2 days early!!!

Your Arrival:
We were greeted, checked in and brought to our room. Originally, we were to have a Deluxe Garden Room view.

I asked about an upgrade to Priemere Room which was given to us at an additionla cost of $25.00 per night. Don't waste your money!

The room smelled of mildew. The mini bar, that was in each room according to the website, consisted of an empty refrigerator.

Phoned down to room service have beverages sent up. a half hour later the so called mini bar was stocked with 4 sodas, 3 beers and 2 bottles of water. If we wanted additional items, there would be an addtional charge. What happened to ALL INCLUSIVE!!

My sister arrived this past Saturday as a surprise. She took a Garden Roon which was much nicer that the one my wife and I were in. The bathroom was actually inclosed.

Restaurants and Bars:
The buffet had plenty of offerings and overall wasn't bad. The grill at pool side was also good.

There so called specialty resturants, if you could even get a reservation because they are alwyas supossidly booked, is a waste of time.

My wife and I had dinner the second night there at the Italian Restaurant. We were given a small porion of anti-paste and a small seansoned strip steak. On to the buffet to completed the meal. If your looking for italian foof in thier italian restaurant, forget it.

Third night we had dinner at their steak house. I had a rib eye that wan't even edible. Tough and had a tail of pure fat on it. Back to the buffet.

My wife had baby back ribs that were under cooked which led to an illness the next day.

The bar service was poor no matter where you went in the resort. We upgraded so we would have access to the private pool and bar. Robert at the private bar had 0 customer service skills and was slow. Service was much better at the regular pool bar.

Ig the only good thing about this resort. Beach, pools and grounds were very well kept.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

Other Comments:
I have traveled throughout the carribean and this resort is far from being a 5 star resort.

I found the staff very rude an uncarring after learning that my wife had fallen ill. It took hour for room service to bring up a simple bowl of steamed rice, for which they were looking to charge me extra for.

The Doctor was very caring and showed a lot of human compassion. Of course she was not an employee of the resort.

Although we wiould probably travel back to the Domincan, it would not be at this resort.

I would strongly reccommend that anyone that is looking to stay here, find another reort, you'll be much happier.

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"Not Good"

Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena)
User Rating:  Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  charles  on Aug 8, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jul, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
1056 people found this review helpful

We arrived on a Friday. Room was ready and we were upgraded to poolside room ground floor as promised if available. Resort and beach were pretty but it seemed to be a weekend resort for local dominicans , puerto ricans and cubans. The resort had very few American tourists. Consequently almost no english was spoken by the guests nor the hotel staff who seemed to cater to spanish speaking guests. The buffet was ok but lots of local spanish or dominican specialties. The ala carte restaurants were terrible with the exception of the Asian restaurant. We walked out of the ala cartes mid meal to eat at the buffet. The ground floor rooms were infested with mosquitos and the hotel had to fumugate the rooms three times during the week we were there. Although the beach was beautiful you were constantly harassed by local peddlers trying to sell you something. All in all the resort lacked a lot of class. It felt like a cheapie weekend retreat for the locals. We would not return again.

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"Now Larimar--Not the greatest experience."

Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena)
User Rating:  Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Donna  on Sep 22, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Sep, 2012 | Leisure | With Group
1688 people found this review helpful

We had previously done an all inclusive trip to Cancun, so decided to try Punta Cana. Beautiful country, but the Now Larimar was not for us. Most of the staff was excellent, but the constant rush of people trying to sell us something or requests to buy wine with dinner or pictures by the pool grated on our nerves. Our safe was broken when we checked in. Our friend's refrigerator never worked during the whole stay. The food was good in places. Menus at the specialty restaurants were very limited.

This hotel was given a 6 Golden Apple rating, but I would consider it a 4 at best.

Room Number:

9-13-12 to 9-16-12

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"Wish I stayed somewhere else."

Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena)
User Rating:  Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Partick  on Jun 11, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jun, 2012 | Leisure | With Group
1871 people found this review helpful

First off, if you don’t know much Spanish good luck getting by in this hotel. About 50% of the staff at the resort spoke broken English at best while the rest spoke strictly Spanish.

I have stayed at 5 all-inclusive resorts throughout the Caribbean and this was by far the worst one I’ve stayed at.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Total mix up. Such a headache. We called ahead a week in advance to make sure our 6 rooms were all on the same floor or close to each other. I understand having 6 rooms next to each other isn't plausible but I expected to be somewhat near each other. They had us split up all over the place and I had to convince them to move us to a common area on the second day. This mess up was not exactly how I wanted to start my vacation.

The rooms were nice upgrade to a pool view for sure. It is worth it. The only thing is their is a hole cut into the bathroom area. May get weird if you are with family or friend you are not comfortable around.

Room service comes around 9am and if you miss it don’t plan on seeing them again until around dinner time. If you are locked out of your room, ask any person that works there to let you in. No identification required to get into your room, or anyone else’s for that matter. If you are a thief this is the hotel you want to be at. Luckily nothing was taken from my room but it is extremely easy to do.

Restaurants and Bars:
I went with a group of 11 people total and the hotel was not very welcoming to our large numbers. Every night at dinner was a constant hassle to sit together even when we would make reservations a day in advance. Many nights we were told to split into 2 tables a group of 6 and of 5 sitting directly next to each other. We asked many times to push the tables together but with no reason why the manager sternly said that was not an option. This was an issue every night. The food was relatively good but the service was not.

The bar was very limited. No flavored vodkas, Presidente was the primary beer which wasn’t that good in my opinion, and most of the drinks at premade mixes. You also had to be a very lucky person to get a cold water bottle 2 out of 3 times it was luke warm.

Pools are nice and the resort is kept relatively clean. The only downfall for the beach is their is a lot of seaweed but it is still crystal clear so that makes up for it.

If you plan to go to the shops down the beach get with a guy in a yellow shirt that works with the hotel. They make sure you don't get attacked and he keeps everyone together. If 11 enter the stores he makes sure 11 comes back out of the stores together. Worth checking out but not on your own.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Entertainment staff is very dedicated and work long hours. They were very pleasant and made the experience a little better.

Other Comments:
Avoid going to the main court yard on Wednesday nights. The hotel lets in outside vendors to come harass you into buy things that are absurdly over priced. If you do plan on buying anything haggle them down to 30% of what they originally offered. Be careful on this night they may grab you and take you to their stand or verbally harass you. Don’t be fooled by their “free” gifts. Once you walk away you pay.

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"Will not return"

Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena)
User Rating:  Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  susan  on Mar 27, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2012 | Leisure | Family and Kids
1955 people found this review helpful

positive facts
very clean hotel
nice beach and soft white sand , you can walk for miles
staff pleasent
no reservations required for four of the specialty retaurants
negative points
food is just okay
specialty restaurants food not that great
travelled with family of 4 and two were quite sick (diarreha)
daughter found brown bug in her bed
arriving home 3 of 4 of the family had bed bug bites
the oceanview room had large opening in the wall seperating the bedroom from the bathroom, which made privacy an issue.
husband had to stay on the deck while the girls showered etc.
however there is frosted partial frosted glass on the shower door and bathroon door
it is not worth the money
would not return

march 14 2012


Restaurants and Bars:
food not the greatest

beautiful beach seaweed a problem
pools very nice

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"Stay away too far from beach"

Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena)
User Rating:  Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Mary  on Jan 27, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2012 | Leisure | With Group
1967 people found this review helpful

The weather was great!

The first 3 days no hot water!
No hot food!
The rooms have these sensors lights that go on and off every 30 seconds. during the night if you moved your hand in bed the lights came on.
No ressers to put clothes in so you keep everything in suitcase.
5 minute walk to main lobby then maybe another 10 minutes to beach.
Not enough beach chairs and people would put their towels down on sand to lay on.
We were put into the new buildings at the back of the resort which we did not know about or enjoy.
This resort is not a 4 1/2 by any means.

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"We had a “beautiful” view of a run down resort"

Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena)
User Rating:  Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Review: 3.50 of 5

Posted by:  Bill and Bobbi from Wisconsin  on Feb 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Feb, 2009
739 people found this review helpful

Our anniversary is January 25th and we have been traveling to the Dominican Republic for ten years (nine to Punta Cana). We always book through Apple Vacations and have never had any bad experiences. For the past few years, we have paid for the additional room upgrades, which we have been very happy with. As this would be our 40th wedding anniversary, I contacted the travel agent well in advance to request a pool view or ocean view room as part of our upgrade to the Paradise Club.

Our arrival at the resort gave us an indication of the type of indifference we were to experience throughout our stay. When we arrived at the Paradise Club check in, we were never offered a glass of punch, which we have come to expect. The room was quite crowded so we were patient, but when we finally were able to check in, we were treated as if they were too busy to point out whether we needed towel cards (towels were furnished without cards); that we could make reservations with the Paradise Club for the ala carte restaurants; or that they were there to help us with any of our needs. We actually had to coach them and ask about various amenities we could access. We definitely got the “bum’s rush” from the Paradise Club. Unfortunately, we met several other couples who had upgraded and had experienced the same attitude.

We were taken to our room, which had a “beautiful” view of a run down resort, next door. My husband went back to the Paradise Club and asked to be moved to a nicer room and was informed that none would be available until that Monday. He was also informed that someone from the Paradise Club would contact us on Monday to discuss the move. Come Monday, we realized that this was not going to happen so we decided not to “uproot” ourselves and stay in the room.

Our experiences during our previous stays at other resorts were very positive. The servers, bartenders, maids, etc., have always gone out of their way to please the visitors, and always with a smile and a friendly “hola”. No so with this resort. Indifference is the best word to describe the attitude of the people working at the resort. In the buffet restaurant the staff seemed very determined to avoid eye contact with the diners. If coffee and juice or water were ordered, you might get just coffee or just water…..never both. And to try to catch the attention of the servers again was difficult, at best. I saw many, many people just get up and grab silverware and napkins from the serving station and grab their own coffee. No smiles. We generally tip the locals very well, but there were only a few times we considered any of the servers worthy of a tip. One morning my husband tried reversing the procedure. He got the attention of one of the servers and asked for water, giving her a tip at that time. She then disappeared and we never received the water.

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Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena)
User Rating:  Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Review: 3.50 of 5

Posted by:  Cory & Paula from Alberta  on Jun 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jun, 2009
752 people found this review helpful

Arrival: Apr 9- Apr 16
We flew Air Transit, arrival went very smooth.

Dirty,Dirty,Dirty. We arrived in hotel room and was greeted by many mosquito's. Dead black flies in the bathroom. We had alot of problems with our room... 2 day's in a row without any towels or face clothes put back in the room, and we had to wait 1 1/2 hrs to get them brought to our room. There was a dead fly that was o the kleenex box when we arrived and was never cleaned and was still there when we left. House keeping was terrible.

Restaurants and Bars:
Restaurants were great, excellent food. Very good service in the Al a Cartes, not so good in the Buffet.

Beach was excellent, pools great. The swim up bar was fun.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Bavaro Runners.... Very nice, travel guide was awesome. Had day snorkel with the sharks... fun afternoon.

Other Comments:
THIS IS NOT A 5 STAR HOTEL....SHOULD BE A 3 1/2. We are not fussy travellers, we had a great time at this hotel but the problems with our hotel room did not make our stay very pleseant. Do not stay on the ground floor, way to many bugs. We paid to upgrade to a second floor before going, but did not receive it when we arrived. They need to fix these room problems, then they would have a 5 star. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone, we will not be back.

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"For a couple hundred dollars extra see what else is out there."

Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena)
User Rating:  Now Larimar Punta Cana (NH Real Arena) Review: 3.50 of 5

Posted by:  Tracy from Sherwood Park  on Mar 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2009
747 people found this review helpful

Arrival was great....flew Air transat....of course your little sardines in a can but were on the way to a great place ok. Once we got to the resort there really was no one else waiting so it was very quick and efficient. Quickly took our luggage and us to our room.

Our room was a regular deluxe room. It was a nice room , great size. Great king size bed( 2 beds together) but nice, plat screen tv....etc .
The down fall is the washroom like many say. The open washroom. The toilet is simply behind a frosted glass can hear everything and really have no privacy that way. Something some would not like....but we dealt with it...I new what the washrooms were going to be like.. Also in the fridges in the rooms you only get coke, sprite and water..and liquors or snacks for people who want that

Restaurants and Bars
Bars...?? ok....really no consistent making of drinks. The main loubge bar really took forever for a drink and many guests felt that way and commented on it. As well, if you asked for a certain drink , some new what it was some didn't...
The restaurants...well buffet was good. Always had a good meal there. As for A la cartes....THIS IS WHERE WE WERE DISSAPOINTED.. WE NEVER HAD ANY A LA CARTES...... We arrived on Thursday and went Sat to book suppers and were told there was nothhing available...check back....well we tried sunday, monday and tuesday....FIRST TIME EVER.....I WAS UNABLE TO HAVE AN A LA CARTE meal at a resort. We were told, well some people book 2 or 3 weeks and they call and book their suppers before they arrive.....I for one have never been told that and well...was not happy As for service....bad service...staff we hardly saw smile...and last 3 supper we never had drinks except for what we went and got because the servers never came around???

The most beautiful beach around.....fantastic water , sun and sand!!!!
This is why we came.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
Didn't do any tours

Other Comments
The resort was ok....we have travelled to the dominican about 11 times and for a cheap cheap price I would go back to this resort.
Other wise...we last year went to the melia caribe...2 resorts down...and would consider that a 5 star compared to this one as a 3 maybe....
As for the others who said the staff was amazing... also 1st time ever we were at at place with workers who didn't fun in their step at all....every place we have gone in Punta cana the service is fantastic....
So all in all if cheap...eally cheap...go here.... other wise, for a couple hundred dollars extra see what else is out there...

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