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Barcelo Maya Beach  

Ctra Federal Chetumal, Km 266,3, Puerto Aventuras 77750, Mexico

"one of the best"
Posted by: sam on Oct 31, 2014
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Barcelo Maya Beach Reviews
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Barcelo Maya Beach Mayan Riviera Mexico

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User rating 3.6

Based on 25 reviews

Barcelo Maya Beach Information

Tropical and Colonial are under the Barcel Premium banner. The Barceló Maya resort complex is located right on the best beach in the Mayan Riviera, on the Mexican Caribbean coast.

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Barcelo Maya Beach Reviews

Barcelo Maya Beach Review: 3.6 of 5 25 reviews
Very good
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"one of the best"

Barcelo Maya Beach
User Rating:  Barcelo Maya Beach Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  sam  on Oct 31, 2014  >  1 contribution(s) United Kingdom
Visited on: Sep, 2014 | Leisure | Solo
442 people found this review helpful

One of the best of the bests in Mexico, I heard of this hotel from friends who have visited and when they told me their experience here, I had to be a part of it and to my greatest surprise, I wasn’t disappointed, it was exactly as they have described it so I was happy right from the start. The hotel was clean and you could even see them cleaning up all the time, that gave me a different kind of joy. The beach is one of the best in the area but from what I saw, I think they did some upgrades there but it’s cool. The staff here as helpful as the next person you meet on the streets, I love Mexico, so many warm people except those who try to extort you. The gym at this resort keeps me waking up every morning because it is well equipped and you will need the right set of equipments before you are allowed in such as your sneakers. The resort food is out of this world, the cooking staffs at the restaurants are quite hardworking and talented in my opinion. It’s a beautiful resort that makes it hard for you to have any negative feedback once you have been here but I noticed one negative thing though. The staff sometimes seemed withdrawn and unpleasant and they may not be doing it intentionally but it affects customers as they feel like you don’t want them there but asides that, every other thing was great.

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"Bad wedding services for our nephew and his bride"

Barcelo Maya Beach
User Rating:  Barcelo Maya Beach Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Dana  on May 28, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: May, 2012 | Wedding | Family and Kids
638 people found this review helpful

We are here for our nephews wedding and the wedding coordinator keeps changing their details daily. The bride was taking it well up until tonight when the decided to cancel her room for tonight and the wedding is tomorrow. She finally broke down. Now all her 40 guests have been watching her coordinator drop these changes on her for days but this was the last straw. So half her guests were at the front desk trying to talk to the manager to get her room back but he would not. Very disappointed for them. The wedding is tomorrow. Maybe they will wake up and start providing the service they paid for.

May 24

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"Great holidays with exeptions"

Barcelo Maya Beach
User Rating:  Barcelo Maya Beach Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Dave Guy  on Jan 13, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2011 | Wedding | With Group
741 people found this review helpful

We where there for my daughters wedding , 56 people in all . The wedding was great , the rooms , the food and drink where great, beach great. Here are the exceptions. We felt like the hotel was gouging us for everything extra. Eg. - - my wife had to pay $90 us to get her hair fluffed ( took them 10 minutes ). They charged $750.00 for a 12ft by 12 ft. Dance floor on the beach. They charged friends $150.00 to come into hotel for wedding ( which we had already paid for ) and they where late leaving so they charged them $260.00 before they would let them leave. My daughter had $700.00 stolen from her safe . The hotel investigated . There computer showed that the safe was opened while we where at the new years eve show . When we questioned that time the hotel just dismissed that by saying the safe timer was wrong, which let them off the hook . Friends daughter where getting married the same week there . They where quoted a price for a photographer. When they got there the hotel wanted another $200.00. All that left us with a sour taste, so we will not be returning the any time soon

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"Could of been worse"

Barcelo Maya Beach
User Rating:  Barcelo Maya Beach Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Barb  on Oct 19, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Oct, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
670 people found this review helpful

Just got back from our first trip to Mexico. The food was great; everything was very clean. Ate at the Spanish & Mexican Restaurants as well and the service was exceptional.
The maid service wasn't good. No facecloths replaced on one day; next day no face cloths nor hand towels. We tipped $2.US twice with no difference in service; so we left nothing after that. We travelled with another couple and they had excellent maid service. Chocolates on bed, disposable razors, mouthwash. etc.
The biggest problem was getting some sleep. Mattress and pillows were comfortable but other guests were extremely noisy. This would go on all night on & off. Yelling, laughing, whistling, singing, running back and forth and slamming doors. This started on our first night and continued till we left. Our friends went and complained on the first day and nothing was done. They asked to be moved to another building but were told it would be the same over there. We met up with a gentleman on the day before our departure and he told us he had complained about the noise and was immediatley moved to The Palace; which was almost empty. Got Champagne, fruit, etc.
We also had an issue eating at "The Colonial" Buffet. You have to pay an extra 5.00 US per person.We ate there twice. First time was great, second time we showed the paper that indicated our bracelet #'s and we were led to a table. We ate and were about to leave when the Manager came over. At first we thought he was offering to take our picture because we had our camera out and were taking pictures of each other; but then he said we weren't allowed to eat here because we were from "The Maya Beach" and had to pay $50. US.
It got straightened out but made us wonder why a meal upgrade that cost us 20. for 4 suddenly was $50.???
Overall we had an awesome time but next time we plan to go to a different resort.

Room Number:

Room Block:

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"The worst Vacation Ever! Orbitz Scam"

Barcelo Maya Beach
User Rating:  Barcelo Maya Beach Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Obab  on Sep 30, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Aug, 2011 | Leisure | Family and Kids
708 people found this review helpful

This was the worst vacation of my life, terrible booking by ORbitZ scam, Fraudulent falsely advertised package. Orbitz and Barcelo are thieves do not Buy this vacation package! This trip was a nightmare from beginning to end! No customers support what so ever from Orbitz! We bought a complex vacation package and what we received was a crappy room booking. None of the terms in the highlight detail section were met. Straight in your face fraud! Never heard of anything like this in my life!

As for the hotel; it was disgusting! Pillows were mildewed, black spots, toxic! Staff tried to scam us for every penny we had. There were no amenities, our bathroom ceiling flooded dirty water from the room above, disgusting! The room flooded twice! Multiple calls to the front desk with no prevail!

The Staff was a bunch of retards, no service what so ever they just nod their heads and say yes and then do nothing!
The beach had huge rocks could not swim at all; it was dirty filled with cups and glasses littered with cigarette!

The kids water park, first the pictures shown on the site are straight out false advertising! The pictures are from the Palace hotel and you cannot access it contradictory to what the package included "Access to five resort"! My kids were so upset as shown before the trip. Big disappointment! As for the water park that we had access to, let’s just say if you think that a public pool is urine infested, you ain’t seen nothing until you I will keep the rest to your imagination

The lounging pool, sorry I meant the adult pee pool! Let’s just say that it was filled with drunken middle aged divorcés down on their luck drinking and peeing! I honestly never have seen anything like it on any of my previous vacations! Where kids would have usually walked down into the pool and played, it was filled with drunks behaving badly! There was no spot for us to sit and relax! The beach was non-swimmable, the sand was dirty, the water park had floaters, and the pools were filled with drunks. And the worst part of this was that it was a 17 days vacation and we have spent 10,000$ on! Uya yay a eyyy
The place was overbooked, At Lunch time, people were pushing and shoving as if they never seen food in their lives! The buffet was filled once for the lunch at 1pm -and never refilled. By the time we went to eat around 3, everything was disgusting! The bowls were empty, food was all over the floor, counters were dirty, and it looked like a hurricane hit the place! I was never so repulsed in my life! Terrible!

And the list goes on and on. The bottom line is, do not book any vacation package with Orbitz, they will not honour it, even when it was confirmed by their agents, written on their website and explicitly discussed before and during the phone booking process! Unbelievable! As for the hotel, visit a different chain!

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"Nice place to stay"

Barcelo Maya Beach
User Rating:  Barcelo Maya Beach Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  cheryl-marie  on Sep 9, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Aug, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
699 people found this review helpful

I just got back from my vacation it was very good we stayed at maya beach resort it was very nice had no problems the service was good, food was good, different variety every night, you got the choice of three different resturants to eat at if we could have eat at the steak house for the three nights we would have it was the best but you would only aloud to once during your stay.the weather was hot all week with make it very nice, couldnt do any water sport because of the wind and red flag was up all week.the server were all very friendly even if we couldnt speak spanish the only thing i didnt like is that i felt like i was the only english speaking people there and they dont caterer they well to english speaking people(tv in room only 2 channels we could watch) the best day guy(alan) was great you could ask him anything and he would help you i would reamanded this motel because there are 5 motels joined together next time i would stay at the colonial or the tropical.

Room Number:

Room Block:


rooms were very nice, bar fridge filled everyday with beer and pop and water and snacks they were kept very clean for the guests

Restaurants and Bars:
restaurant were good, they had a good variety, different every night. the steak house was the best would have eat there every day if we could have. the buffet restaurants were okay
the bars were good but they couldnt understand english very good so it was sometimes hard to order drinks the best drink i had was called cocunut island

the beach was nice but it was to windy to swim in red flag up all week.
the pools were all very nice but swan mostly at the colanial side
the grounds were kept very clean all the time

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
they had activities every day but didnt use them.we went to cosumel for a day it was all right and we went to xcarpet it was great but a very long day the show at the end of the night was the best

Other Comments:
i would stay at this motel again and would remmonded it

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"We had a great time"

Barcelo Maya Beach
User Rating:  Barcelo Maya Beach Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  dominic  on Aug 24, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Aug, 2011 | Business | Family and Kids
709 people found this review helpful

Ok. So, I read about twenty reviews of the Barcelo before we arrived and now I can confirm or prove wrong what others wrote. Yes. Checking in was a nightmare. I found the people at the desk to be pleasant which is not what a lot of others that wrote review felt. We arrived at 12 noon and were told that our rooms would not be ready until 3 pm. When we came back at 3 after lunch. The rooms were still not ready. It's not the desk staff as much as the people that clean the rooms not being able to get them ready. However, the front desk staff takes all of the complaints. It falls on them.

After telling the front desk staff that we paid $13,000.00 for this trip and we want our rooms (now at 3:30), somehow they found us keys. We did have to yell a bit to make them move. By the way, they will laugh in your face as you yell and this may make your wife a bit mad as it did mine. It's Mexico and the pace is slower... The rooms were clean and perfect.

Do not spend $100.00 for Cenote trips. There is a place across from the highway entrance from the hotel that has Cenotes. They charge $10.00 per person and it's as good as the excursion you would pay $100.00 for. Also, the Palace Hotel has a coral reef right outside the hotel. The fish and turtles are everywhere. No need for an expensive excursion once again. We have been on these excursions before so I say this from experience in Mexico.

The restaurants... The Asian was our favorite out of all of them. If you know French food, don't go to the French restaurant. You will not enjoy it...

The swim up bar is excellent as is the pool. The message jets will provide a free deep muscle massage if you can handle the pressure of the jets. I wish I had these at home.

BTW, don't have a heart attack here because my brother in law got sick (he did not drink) and they informed us that the doctor was 1 - 2 hours from seeing him. Good luck with that.

Overall, we had an awesome time and would go back again.

Room Number:

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"Could have been better"

Barcelo Maya Beach
User Rating:  Barcelo Maya Beach Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  lynn  on Jun 7, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jun, 2011 | Leisure | With Group
756 people found this review helpful

Room Block:

we arrived this past may 27th, 2011. we were at the Boca Building. It is extremely hot and steamy this time of year. lousy check in. took over an hour and a half waiting our turn in line. we got upgraded to the honeymoon suite for our 30th anniversery which was nice.
the service desk (especially night time crew) could use some manners and better english lessons.
the travel service that bought us were very nice.
there were 6 of us traveling together. we rented a taxi to go 45 miles to Playa to shop-cost was $95.00 round trip. everything in playa is expensive. we rented a car after that and went ourselves. its alot cheaper when you visit the side road stands. just be mindful of not speeding and the speed bumps that show up with no warning.

clean, nice linens. wonderful maid service. Please tip at least $2.00 US a day. they only make $5.00 US for an 8 hour shift. they come in all day long and remake beds and take and replace water and dirty towels. they bust thier tails. you have to put the card in the slot for electric and AC. if your smart, close the curtains, keep the card in after you leave (take extra card key with you)leaving the AC running and the fan on ceiling going if you want any relief from the heat and humidity. it worked pretty good. the only complaint we had of the room was the refridgerater. i have insulin that needs to be kept cold. these are not regular fridges, they are like wine fridges. they keep it tepid/cool inside. and i could not get the importance of keeping insulin cold across to them or the fact that i couldnt replace the medicine in mexico. they didnt seem to care (service desk) i had to go get ice twice a day in the bucket and keep the the insulin in the ice bucket. and we were in the Boca building and only 2 of the 9 ice machines worked and all the complaining in the world did not get them fixed either. of course the two that worked were all the way at the other end and on different floors.
there are no vents or fans or windows in the bathrooms. it can get kind of "close" in there. LOL

Restaurants and Bars:
food is so-so, almost boring and its the same stuff every day with little change. they like to put out for breakfast some of the night before food too.
the milk is not real milk either, so don't go taking a big gulp of it till you try it, same with the "butter". its not real butter, its like the old time oleo your mom used to cook with. you might want to pack some butter pats and a ice pack with your lugguge. there is very little american quisine on the menu, so no chicken wings, roast beef, fried chicken, no ice berg lettuce. so not a great salad bar. taste the dressings first. they are not what you would expect.
ala carte restaurants are fantastic with great service(MAKE THE RESERVATION UPON ARRIVAL) or you will not get in. we missed one of the 3 dinners we had already paid for.
the steak house was great
the seafood was good, no crab or lobster or cocktail sauce

absolutely stunning, well kept and clean

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
in the Mayan Beach (where we stayed) there is nothing worth staying up for. it rolls up at 7pm (pool closes) no night time beach activites, no dancing (unless you want to go to one of the other hotels) the only thing open is the lobby bar (24hrs) and thats it. the two shows we caught were awful the only food available after 10 is room service and there is an 8.00 minimum
3 tv stations are in english

off the resort- we went to tulan ruins, mayan village (not quite what we expected) it was two shacks in the middle of damn nowhere, not a like a town or anything. bring plenty of mexican change, they dont make change for american money, just give you an extra bracelet to make up for it. we went to Boca to see the mayan temple (two mile hike in the jungle or pay 10.00 to ride a rickshaw there) we swam in a cenoyte and we had lunch at a restaurant with a lake of alligators next to it. be prepared for thier versions of the bathroom and ask for the tpaper before you go in the stall. it was alot of fun. this was all in one day.

we went to playa twice, once at night (very lively) and once during the day. hit senor Froggs if you can. thats a lot of fun.
they have a bus that runs the whole complex so you dont have to walk everywhere.
and they have a Catholic church with mass on sat and sun at 6pm. that was nice to go to.

Other Comments:
would we go back? probably not. Next time i will spend the extra money for a higher end resort. but for this being our first vacation it was ok. the friends we traveled with made it fun.

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"Best beach on the Mayan Riviera. Fantastic resort with everything we needed."

Barcelo Maya Beach
User Rating:  Barcelo Maya Beach Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Jan  on Mar 8, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
822 people found this review helpful

Please don't believe any of the negative reviews that may have been written a few years ago. We just arrived home on March 6, 2011 and have nothing negative to say about this resort. It was fabulous and the beach is the best on the Mayan Riviera. Please keep reading this entire review.

Room Number:

Room Block:
Maya Beach, Tulum Building

Quick, easy, efficient, friendly and welcoming check-in. Each guest is given a package that contains room number stickers for your luggage, room keys, towel cards, restaurant reservation cards and pocket maps. This is a large resort, but directions to the rooms was easy. Covered walkways to each building are well lit. Staff delivers your stickered luggage to your room within minutes. Large map boards posted everywhere to make it easy to get around. We arrived late, after the restaurants were closed, but food was available at the 24 hour lobby bar. All staff was very friendly and welcoming. Even the service staff eagerly says 'Ola!' as you pass them.

Airconditioned plus a large ceiling fan. Clean, fresh and well maintained. Insert your room card in the light switch box on entering. When you leave, take your card with you. The lights go off to save power. It was nice to see an 'eco option' if you didn't need your bedding changed every day. More than ample towels every day. Shampoo and body wash dispensers on the wall in the large tub/shower. Mini bar is free and stocked daily. Plenty of bottled water. Room safes in large closets. Coffee maker in room has stir sticks, sugar, creamer etc. packed in with the coffee filter pouch. Balcony has a table and chairs as well as a pull out drying rack to hang wet bathing suits etc. These rooms may have been recently renovated. We were asked to fill out a survey about the 'new' rooms. Barcelo wants to keep improving their tourists experiences.

Restaurants and Bars:
Buffets: Fabulous buffets with an unbelievable assortment. Something for everyone. Childrens' buffet section is lower so kids can choose their own food from many choices. There is even a diet section on the morning buffet. The dinner theme changes daily...Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Seafood, but there is still ample choice. Always available are assorted pastas, salads, vegetables, fruit. The staff is very friendly and hardworking. Tables are cleared very quickly. It never seems crowded at the buffets.

A La Carte: We only tried two of the many a la carte restaurants available. The menus had several selections in each category (appetizer, soup/salad, entrees, desserts). Great atmosphere, great presentation, great flavour, great service.

Bars: Excellent service whether you tipped regularly or not. Friendly cheerful staff.

All food areas were immaculate, foods properly handled from a sanitation perspective. Staff were clearly well trained in food safety and sanitation as well as presentation and service. Very impressive!

Beach: The beach in front of the Maya Beach and Maya Caribe (at this resort) is a five star beach and the best on the Mayan Riviera. You can walk for 2 kms along this very wide, fine sand beach. The water is very shallow and easy to walk into. Palm trees dot the beach, so you can find a place to sit in sun or shade. Thousands of loungers available. Card system for beach towels. Beaches are raked in the early morning and pathways swept. Ongoing discreet cleanup of beach, gardens and walkways.

Pools: Immaculately clean. Lots of fountains and sprays and bridges. Plenty of covered areas if you want shade. Loungers and hammocks. Water activities and dance lessons poolside daily. Swim up bars and music playing.

Grounds: WOW! Stunning landscaping with many, many pathways and a lot of Mayan statues and fountains throughout this resort. Flowering shrubs and trees, singing colourful birds, lots of location maps, landscape lighting. We felt safe walking anywhere on this resort even late at night.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Entertainment: Don't miss the nightly entertainment at the two theaters in this resort. Different shows nightly, so you can choose between the two theaters. Singers and dancers and musicians were very, very good! Shows were very colourful and lively. Excellent. Take your camera!

Poolside: Large boards list daily activities and the times.

Beach: Non-motorized sports are free. Large water trikes, kayaks, Hobey small sail boats, beach volleyball etc. etc.

Shopping: There are shops in the lobby area, but also a small shopping center with better jewelry, t-shirts, accessories etc. In the center plaza is a Mexican market with small kiosks with all the touristy stuff.

Dancing: There is a disco on the resort.

Children: Plenty to keep little ones occupied. Water slides on the splash deck, kid activites under the palapa if it rains,

Other Comments:
This was a very wonderful holiday. This resort had everything we needed. The Mexican people are very friendly and welcoming. We have nothing negative to say about this resort. The beach was five star. (A friend stayed at another resort closer to town and the beach sand was only two feet wide, and you couldn't swim because it was rocky.) I was very glad our vacation at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort (Maya Beach wing) was perfect.

The Barcelo chain is doing it right. Give the tourists everything they could want in an all-inclusive resort and they will tell their friends and have repeat business. I know my next trip to Mexico will be to the best beach on the Mayan Riviera and to a resort that had everything...The Barcelo Maya Beach Resort!

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"A Supurb Getaway"

Barcelo Maya Beach
User Rating:  Barcelo Maya Beach Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Debbie Gerber  on Jan 24, 2011  >  2 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jan, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
794 people found this review helpful

This was my 5th trip to Cancun area. The last 3 including this one were Riviera Maya. Our travel agent highly recommended this resort. I have stayed at many all inclusive resorts and this was one of the top 2 we have stayed at. The food was by far the best of any of them. I would encourage you to make sure your package is the premium package. It included wireless internet as well as access to the club premium room. The appetizer were awesome for snacking on while watching the big screen TV or using their computers to get online.
I would highly recommend this resort.

Room Number:

Be sure to have the welcome drinks a slushy mango or strawberry drink. They have these in the lobby as well as bottled water available to guests 24/7. Be sure to reserve your specialty restauants as soon as you check in as they fill up quickly. Over all I would say that this is one of the nicest mexico all-inclusive resorts I have stayed at.

Our room faced the ocean. It had a balcony that overlooked the pool, palm trees and a glimpse of the ocean. The room was large with a flat screen TV, couch, safety deposit box and fine linens on the beds.

Restaurants and Bars:
The buffet was large with a huge variety of tasty food. I loved the fresh made juice smoothies, custom made omelets, mouth watering breads, smooth ice cream, flank steak, stone fire pizza, fresh friut, chicken nuggets, variety of cheeses, baked tortilla chips, and so much more. The specialty restaurants were really fun. Each one had it's own ambiance and theme. My favorites were the Koyo the Japanese restaurant and Santa Fe the Steak House.

The pool was large with bridges that crossed over it. The landscaping was well done and kept up continually. The beach had superb sand with plenty of beach loungers. Their sound system on the beach was good. If you walk out to the pier you can see fish right from there. We saw several varieties of fish as well as a momma eel.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
They had arobics on the beach and in the pool, bingo, crazy games, mini golf, pitch and putt, bocce ball, along with a schedule full of activites from 7 - 5 then at night they had shows. They did a Micheal Jackson show that made you forget that you weren't at one of his real shows. The show were first class with great music and costuming. Waitresses waited on the guests bringing them the drinks of their choice for free.
They have sail boats, water tricycles, snorkeling equipement,and canoes that are free for guests use as well as jet skis and snorkling trips at an extra charge.
They have people selling tours and renting cars in the lobby. There are some really fun tours and sightseeing trips if you stay long enough to get bored and want to leave all the fun at the resort. We did go on one tour as we had other people with us that had not been to that area of Mexico before and wanted to do some sightseeing. I arranged for us to go with a tour company that I have used before. One of my favorite sightseeing tours is from Alltournative Tours called Mayan Experience. It takes you to the jungle, zip lining, swimming in an underground cenote, repelling, and to the Coba ruins.

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