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Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa  

Riviera Maya Km 234, Quintana Roo | (formerly Sunscape Tulum), Tulum 77780, Mexico

"Animal cruelty at Dreams Tulum"
Posted by: Jennifer  on Apr 10, 2016
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Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Reviews
Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Pictures and Information
Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Mayan Riviera Mexico

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User rating 3.1

Based on 8 reviews

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Information

All-Inclusive Dreams Resort & Spa Tulum is an outstanding 24-hour all-inclusive located on one of the most unique beaches in the Riviera Maya. Just five minutes from Tulum and 30 minutes from Playa del Carmen, Dreams Tulum provides upscale surroundings and combines fun and relaxation with the ancient world of the Maya.

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Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Reviews

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Review: 3.1 of 5 8 reviews
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"Animal cruelty at Dreams Tulum"

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
User Rating:  Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Jennifer  on Apr 10, 2016  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2016 | Leisure | Family and Kids
392 people found this review helpful

I recently returned from a vacation at Dreams Puerto Aventuras and Dreams Tulum. I was horrified by the inhumane treatment of cats at the Tulum resort. There were a couple cats at the resort that were entertaining children and other guests on a daily basis. I have previously been to other resorts in Mexico and have seen cat cafés (Sandos Resort) set up that guests frequently visit because it often reminds them of their pets at home. On the third day of our trip, I was shocked to witness Dreams Resort security staff wearing rubber gloves rounding up the cats. The cats were removed and taken out of sight from the guests.

I and other guests immediately approached the Dreams security staff to ask what was happening to the cats and she pretended not to understand English or did not care to address our concerns. Ten minutes later staff returned with a Dreams Resort maintenance staff member who was carrying a javelin-like spear and the cats were never again seen for the remainder of our stay. I went to the front desk to speak to management to get answers to the animal cruelty and was told by staff (who allegedly claimed she was a veterinary) and would investigate the matter. When I returned to the front desk to inquire, not further explanation was provided.

This is my fourth visit to an AMResort (Secrets Maroma, Secrets Capri, and Secrets Aura) and I am extremely appalled with the animal cruelty I observed at AMResorts. Dolphins in captivity at Dreams Puerto Aventuras, Dream Resort staff using captive exotic animals as props for photos for profit, and especially the horrible treatment of the cats at Dreams Tulum. This ruined our entire vacation and most certainly tainted our view of AMResorts.

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"dream come true"

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
User Rating:  Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  deitrick  on Oct 12, 2014  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Sep, 2014 | Leisure | With Group
475 people found this review helpful

Yes! it was a dream come true for me and my friends, it was our first time here and it was a suggestion from one of our friends who had been here before so we took his word and visited, lo and behold, it was a trip well worth it. They just know how to make you feel special, we felt like there was no hotel that would ever be better than here based on the first impression dished by the reception staff, the way we were greeted. The staff looked like they were ready to help you once you ask them for help, it was really cool and without much delay, we were shown to our rooms. Now t the room part, we have not regretted even while we were there and now that we are out of the place why we chose the hotel and the rooms we did, we were very much impressed. The rooms we had were very spacious and looked spotless. The rooms had slippers, bathrobes, all the toiletries were available and enough fresh towels to last you, that it what I call high standard service and deserves the rate. The rooms have mini bars that are well stocked and restocked daily. They offer room service and it is very efficient, it doesn’t take them time to prepare your order and get them to you without much fuss. The beach is amazing and happens to be one of the best things we loved about the hotel, it was fun for us.

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"A must read if you are planning on leaving your kids at the Explorers Club at Dreams Tulum"

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
User Rating:  Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Camille  on Oct 29, 2013  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Oct, 2013 | Leisure | Family and Kids
479 people found this review helpful

The third night of our holidays we fed our kids (girl 5 and boy 4 years old) and then put them into the kids club for 2 hours while my husband and I went for a relaxing dinner. After dinner we returned to the kids club at 9:30PM as we neared the Club we could hear a kid screaming.

As I got to the club the escalated screaming did not stop and I realized it was my daughter!!! We found both our kids screaming and crying huddled together on a chair holding a bag of candy alone. My daughter kept repeating something about a fox with a striped tail. We took them out into the open air area of the kids club where we saw wild raccoon like animals scampering around with glowing eyes in the dark. I didn’t know exactly what they were at the time but later googled their name and found out that they were called coati. My daughter explained that she came out to the main area to find one of the ladies (Ana) looking after her and came face to face with one of these animals which terrified her.

With all this going on you may ask ‘where are the ladies in charge’? My thought exactly!!! I asked my daughter where Ana was and she said that Ana told her she was going to get them more candy. While waiting for Ana to return my husband and I looked around, there are only a few rooms off the main open air area all with glass windows and the lights were out in all rooms but the movie room which was the toddler room during the day and the kids bathrooms. We decided that we were not going to continue waiting that we were going to go directly to the main lobby and talk to a manager in charge.

At this point it was after 10:00PM and the ladies at the club had returned and realized that they were missing our kids. A lady came running into the lobby in a panic and stopped in her tracks when she saw us sitting there with our kids. A few minutes later Ana and another lady from the club, I think her name was Beyonce, came in. In this conversation we were told by both women that it was policy that they could turn on a movie and leave and came back every 10 minutes to check on the kids. Beyonce then told us that when they were gone our kids jumped the gate and ran away. I couldn’t listen to this anymore so I left back to the room with our kids, just glad that I knew where they were and that they were safe.

My husband met the and General Manager Alex the next day and he assured us that it is not their policy and it would not be okay to leave the kids unattended but in the next breath said that he talked to the ladies in the Club and they assured him that they never left the Club and that they were in the arts and crafts room with the door shut… if this was true…they were sitting in there with the lights off because I looked in that room through the floor to ceiling windows and they didn’t hear any of the commotion because I can assure you that we were not quiet. How stories change and no one is accountable for anything!!!

Room Number:

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"Wonderful wedding"

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
User Rating:  Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Lynda  on Mar 11, 2012  >  3 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2012 | Wedding | With Group
638 people found this review helpful

I should start by saying that I travel alot and never give a resort a 1 star. Unfortunatly this is the first time I will. This is how I see it, I could tell you that the food 5 stars, the beach 2 stars (Ive been to Cuba)
and that the wedding I was at was 10 stars! And truth be told it was!
But, I was robbed in my room in my safe! And that, makes a 1 star! Luckely all that was taken was 90$! But its the way this was handled. I was told I might have forgot to lock the safe! But I could not get in the safe on my return from the beach!
They tried to smooth things over by giving me a free message or diner on the beach. I would not have this. I was told that this never happens but I met a couple that was robbed 300$! In the safe same senario.
I should also say that I wrote to Dreams tullum Company and never got a respons!
My take on it, my room is my domane, I should feel safe and not worrie about being robbed. 5 star resot, I think not!
Lynda Ontario, Canada

Restaurants and Bars:
Great, best I've had in Mexico!

Other Comments:
Air Canada rep...was their one day! Missing in action the rest of our stay!

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"Dreams Tulum far surpassed all expectations!"

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
User Rating:  Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Alana  on Nov 17, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2011 | Wedding | With Group
643 people found this review helpful

My then fiancé and I travelled to Dreams Tulum from Nov 5-12th for our wedding with 20 family & friends. We had a wonderful time – being our 1st stay at an all-inclusive and our 1st time in Mexico, it far surpassed all expectations that we ever had. Here are some of the areas where the resort was amazing, and a couple of helpful recommendations for future travelers (and brides!).

Overall our wedding-cation was incredible and we are so grateful to have found such a quaint and easy going place to become husband and wife. I would highly recommend that you choose Dreams Tulum for your wedding too – you will not be disappointed!

Room Number:

Room Block:
Junior Suite - Oceanview

Wedding – 10 out of 10.
The resort planners that I worked with (primarily Aurora via email, and then Anabel when we got there) were nothing short of incredible. We decided to do a customized wedding and they were able to cater to our every request. I always receive responses to emails within 2-3 days; and often times they sent photos and detailed explanations of our options. I think that I explored every option that Dreams offered for weddings – and ultimately we picked the ones that reflect us best.

We chose this resort because of the gorgeous chapel; which is where we had our ceremony. This was the timeline for our wedding day:
4 – Ceremony in the chapel
4:30-5:15 – photos w/ professional photographer
5:30-6:15 – champagne toast, first dances, dances in the courtyard (this was an awesome location b/c the bar was right next to the courtyard!)
6:30-9:30 – reception at Seaside Grille
10-midnightish – dancing and drinks at the Disco Desire!

We did a custom wedding since there were certain things that we didn’t need in all of the wedding packages – so we opted to pay for just what we needed and it worked out to $2100. Our planner also comp’d us a groom’s room for the night before the wedding since it was included in all of the wedding packages.

We met with Anabel (our wedding planner) just before lunch on Monday (we arrived Saturday night and the wedding was Wed) to review all of our selections and finalized payment on the Tuesday. We were also able to give Anabel all of the décor items that we brought for the reception along with a drawing (yes, I’m a little Type A!) of where things were to go. We paid to have the reception set up since it only ended up being only $65 and we had brought lots of decorations.

They allowed my moh and me to set up our own ceremony décor which included candles, pew decos and flowers. I only bought real flower bouquets for my moh and I, and I brought silk flowers from home since they were a lot less expensive. The bouquets that we did buy were exactly as expected and Anabel even arranged for us to use ribbon that I’d brought from home.

The minister, Kiko was easy going, and we pretty much wrote our own ceremony. This was great b/c we really wanted to include 3 guest readings. I was actually able to email our ceremony to the minister in advance too – to get his feedback. We didn’t meet the minister though until we were at the wedding – come to think of it, I really didn’t even talk to him other than saying “thanks” afterwards! We also rented the sound system for the church so that we had a mic for the service and good music for our processional and recessional – definitely worth it.

We used the onsite photographers (Ficello Patroni from Il Gruppo Digitale) and he was great. We only bought 50 photos since we actually had 2 guests that were photographers too; but he took 300 in 2 hours and they were all great. He knew where the best places for photos were at the resort, and wasn’t on taking only traditional wedding pose pics. I would definitely recommend that brides assign someone (a bossy bm maybe?) to be responsible for organization people in and out of photos (especially if you want specific shots w/ family etc) – the photographer doesn’t know who’s who, so be sure to give a list of the kind of photos that you want to an assertive guest to organize.
Other services that we used were steaming (for my dress, moh dress, my veil, and 2 guy’s suits) and they did an awesome job! Definitely not costly at all – we paid $70 for everything to be steamed – well worth it! My moh also ordered my husband and I wedding night treats – champagne and chocolate covered strawberries; both delicious and were easy to request through our planner.

Restaurants and Bars:
Rooms – 9 out of 10.
The rooms were really nice and well maintained. I would definitely encourage anyone staying at the resort to choose at least the junior suite w/ gardenview. Some of our guests chose the hacienda (regular rooms) and said that the beds weren’t very comfy; and their walk to the beach/pools/restaurants was a good 5 minutes. We stayed in a preferred suite w/ oceanview – it was on the 3rd floor (#6315) and it was incredible – we slept with the patio door open and woke up hearing the waves every morning.

The only recommendations that I have is to bring socks! The marble floors get cold at night  and to turn the A/C unit off in the evening or it gets quite cool in the room at night. Otherwise, our fridge wasn’t super cold – which we reported, but no one ever came to fix it. That being said, we never really followed up – since we weren’t really in our room at all anyways!

Food & Drinks –9.5 out of 10.
The resorts restaurants were diverse and all of our guests absolutely loved the options, portions, and presentation. The quality was excellent and again exceeded expectations. I especially liked that you could order off the menu too – if there wasn’t something that you wanted, you could essentially customize your order. We tried all of the restaurants and at each one the service was prompt, polite, and pleasurable. There were lots of options, and you could plan ahead since the entertainment team sends out a “what’s happening tomorrow” newsletter every night.

Highlights from our wining/dining experience at Dreams Tulum include: a custom birthday cake (asked for it on a whim) at El Patio. And the Coco Café’s iced expressos and cappuccinos were delightful! One great thing about all the restaurants was that we never had to make reservations – you just go when you’re ready and they’ll seat you – we often were 22 people, so we opted to split up into a few tables and we never had to wait more than 5 minutes.
At all of the bars, the bartenders were generous with drinks and didn’t mind that we brought our own travel mugs to fill up. I would definitely recommend the mojitos; banana mama’s; and margaritas! The resort even had a tequila tasting event – amazingly put on by the entertainment team.

As for the room service. It was just as great as the restaurants – you could pre-order breakfast for the next morning AND it was open until midnight. Again, the portions were great and the room service menu had a little of everything to meet any taste – I mean who doesn’t need cheesecake just before bed?!?

And I’m not sure if this is in the right category; but the club (Disco Desire) was a disappointing. The music was a little too old school for me and we couldn’t request songs to the DJ. The disco bartender was great though! That being said, we chose this resort because we knew that it wouldn’t have a “spring break” (i.e. wild party) vibe.

Overall Service – 9 out of 10
All of the service that we received from all of the staff at Dreams was above expectation. The servers, check in staff, concierge, Amstar reps, everyone was extremely polite and responded to any request “with pleasure”. And it seemed that the genuinely wanted to ensure that each guest was happy and enjoying their experience. The response time with housekeeping was a little slow a couple of times when we requested towels, but I was just persistent and called back again.

Another great thing was that we never had to wear bracelets or get stamps. We just needed to report your room # every time we went into a restaurant, and if we decided to leave the grounds. Everyone was so courteous; all of my friends and family felt very welcomed and valued during our stay.

Resort Facilities – 9 out of 10 for the resort (3 out of 10 for the spa services)
The 2 pools at the resort were wonderful – the water was kept refreshingly cool and very clean. There were always lots of towels, and plenty of loungers (though they filled up by 10am) and the entertainment team came to where guests were. The only strange thing was that you weren’t allowed to swim late at night – I think it was after 10pm they shut off all the pool lights.

The beach was also really nice – not rocky at all (as some previous posts have indicated). If you stay in front of the resort, it’s well groomed and cleaned every morning. At the beach the entertainment team offered kayak lessons, volleyball, and (my fav) paella cooking lessons! And there were always several waiters walking around the beach and pools taking drink orders throughout the day.

I also went to the gym (ya, I know it’s a vacation, but I like working out!) and it was decent for a resort. There were 3 treadmills, a stationary bike; several pull weights and free weights, 2 pilates machines, and a stairmaster. The equipment was all new except the stairmaster, and in good condition with the exception of a couple of missing barpads on a few of the weight machines. One thing that was a little disappointing was that there was never anyone to help with the pilates machines – but hey, who really goes to the gym while on vacation!?

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
I did use the spa at the resort and was REALLY disappointed. My moh and I went for manicures/pedicures on the day of the wedding and were taken aback at how unorganized everything was. We had to wait 15 minutes, even though we had a confirmed appointment, because there were only 2 mani/pedi chairs. Then the mani/pedis are done in the same area as hairstyling – so it was impossible to hold a conversation b/c of blowdryer noise. And, the spa allowed children - which several other guests did not enjoy since they were throwing tantrums over hairstyles. So, I guess the spa is partially to blame, and partially the parents’ fault for giving their kids ice cream, donuts, and frozen cappuccinos (!) while getting their hair curled! I also found that the prices were really high for the quality of services we got. In the end our nails looked “okay”, but our experience was less than desirable! So, if you’re going for a wedding – bring a moh or guest that knows hair and makeup (which is what I did) and maybe get your nails done before you leave for Mexico!

Entertainment – 10 out of 10 for in-house entertainment (7 out of 10 for the external talent)
The Dreams Tulum entertainment team (as I previously mentioned) was FABULOUS!!! The in-house events by the entertainment team (like American Idol, Perfect Couple etc) were cute and comedic – everybody had fun and didn’t take themselves too seriously. And the special theme nights were great too – we went to Mexican night and the Beach Party – the food was great and the shows and games were lots of fun. Definitely worth closing a couple restaurants for! I thought that the shows put on by “outside talent” in the evening (on the Patio) were either hit or miss - one magician was horrible, but the rest were all good!

The nice thing about being there for 1 week is that we never saw the same shows or entertainment twice  the only thing that we saw everyday was the entertainment team dance to Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro” at 3pm pool side! This was awesome!

Guest Services – 8 out of 10
It was a little difficult at first to figure out how to get around outside of the resort. I was sure that they just didn’t really want people leaving the resort unless it’s was with an Amstar tour! We ended up taking comdi’s (locals’ van service that goes up and down the highway) to and from the 5th Ave markets in Playa to shop one afternoon.
The 1 major downfall of the resort was that the wireless internet in the rooms wasn’t working – we were told that it was b/c Rina (the tropical storm) had passed through 1 week prior, but I got the sense that it was like that always. We were able to get wireless access in the Lobby (from the check in desk) and get a login for the Coco Café computers (from the Perferred Lounge Concierge) at no charge b/c wireless was supposed to be included in our “preferred” accommodations package. That being said, not having internet access wasn’t all that bad!

Other Comments:
Transportation & Excursions – 7 out of 10 (but this is more of a locale issue than a resort issue)
With our vacation provider, we were able to take a big shuttle bus free of charge to/from the airport. But from the airport to the resort, we ended up renting 3 private shuttles through Cancun shuttle - which was AMAZING!! Since we were arriving late at night and it was at least a 1 ¼ hr drive, we wanted to save ourselves from having to stop at every other resort along the way. Dreams Tulum is the LAST resort along that stretch….. that being said the transportation from the resort back to the airport was fine – once we figured out where exactly we had to go to find out what time the bus was coming!

Finally, there were plenty of excursions from the resort (mostly through Amstar) but (as expected) they were way overpriced. We did a day trip to Chichen Itza and both my husband and I wished we had skipped it. It was a LONG bus ride and the tour guide was not helpful at all – there were times when we couldn’t even find him and our group was all separated. That, and lunch was terrible at Mayaland. The only good thing about this trip was swimming in the Cenote – other than that, it was a waste. I would suggest going to the Tulum ruins instead, that way when you’re done sightseeing, you can explore the town too.

Photos: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=30407822#!/media/set/?set=a.951587588985.2341614.30407822&type=3

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"Awful place, go elsewhere."

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
User Rating:  Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Sarah  on May 21, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: May, 2011 | Wedding | With Spouse/Partner
681 people found this review helpful

Where to begin? We stayed at this "all-inclusive" as part of a wedding package for a good friend of ours. From the get-go, it was pretty disappointing. We typically don't travel in the all-inclusive Mexico circuit, but based on this experience, I'd rather spend money elsewhere. Firstly, upon arrival $5000 worth of camera equipment was stolen. The hotel did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Then we were "given" a USD$200 credit to our account as part of the incentive for booking through the wedding party travel agent. Of course, that was not real. We were asked to pay it all back before checking out. We spent more that $500 on activities while at the "all-inclusive". The food was bland and far below 5-star standards, and the supposed 24-hours of service had pretty ridiculous stipulations. Other issues that make for it being a gigantic rip-off - Mexican people hate waiting on dumb Americans, plain and simple. They RARELY smiled, and were hardly genuine. The room was dirty, the phone didn't work, there were tons of mosquitos already in the room, and there was blood stains on the fake marble floors. Unbelievable.

Room Number:

Room Block:

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"Dreams Come True"

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
User Rating:  Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Cathy & Steve  on Feb 4, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2011 | Wedding | With Group
751 people found this review helpful

We had the pleasure of attending a friend's daughters wedding at Dreams Tulum in January 2011 and I have to say it was absolutely fabulous. The resort was extremely clean, the staff were courteous and very friendly and they could not do enough for you. The size of the resort was perfect, we were fairly close to everything.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Hot towels on arrival and endless champagne. Fantastic chocolate chip shortbread cookies in the lobby daily. ADDICTING!

The rooms were very clean and well maintained. They did try to sell us the upgrade upon check in but we declined and they gave it to us anyway because I think they were fully booked. The great thing about the Deluxe Garden View Rooms was each room had a hammock on the balcony. The Junior Suites did not.

Restaurants and Bars:
The Barefoot Grill at the pool fantastic where ery day the served chicken on a bun, slider hamburgers, fish on a bun and fresh made potato chips which other reviewers have called nachos and cheese. The Italian and the Thai Restaurant were the best. We also had a great steak dinner at the Seaside Grill. Breakfast in the morning was great at the Mexican Grill, El Patio.

The grounds were immaculately groomed and the beaches were freshly raked every morning. There was an endless supply of fresh towels, no room key required. You can buy a Snorkel and a mask and flippers are free at the beach and there is a fabulous coral reef half a mile out. Some of our group went on a snorkelling excursion in Playa Del Carmen and they said the snorkelling out the front of the resort was far better.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Recommend you take a taxi from the hotel to Tulum, pay the 51 peso entrance fee to the Tulum ruins instead of paying 25 US dollars for a tour. Don't forget to go down to the beach at the Ruins and wave surf, it is fabulous.

Other Comments:
We read other reviews before we arrived and were quite concerned. After going there I can't understand at how people could write a poor review on this resort. We cannot complain about ONE single thing. Even the white wine!!!

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"Fabulous Vacation"

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
User Rating:  Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Julia  on Jan 17, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2011 | Leisure | Family and Kids
760 people found this review helpful

We recently visited the Dreams Tulum resort. The trip from and to the airport was long via the shuttle provided by our carrier (3hrs). We arrived at the hotel around nine pm and were greated by Roberto. At checkin we chose to upgrade our room so that we were closer to the amenities. We got a junior suite in the center of things. Roberto provided us with a welcome drink, took care of our luggage and shuttled us to our room. We found the all inclusive features with no limits on where you could eat fantastic. We expecially liked the Portofino restaurant and Carlos was a great waiter. The beach, pools and meals were all wonderful. We took a couple of excursions (Tulum ruins and snorkeling). Both tours took us to places nearby. I especially enjoyed the snorkeling tour as there was only the three of us in the group and our guide BooBoo was great.

Room Number:

Once at the hotel we were treated very well. The bus driver/tour guide on the shuttle from the airport were poor. They informed us that ours was the resort the furthest away 3hrs - and that they recommended that we pay $110 to go there by taxi!

We upgraded to junior suites centrally located in the resort. The rooms were wonderful with balconies, deluxe bathroom and a couch for lounging on.

Restaurants and Bars:
Great selection of restaurants and bars (7 dining options). There were no limits to the number of times we could go to a restaurant. We found our favorite one and our favorite waiter - Carlos.

Everything was exceptional. To get a lounge chair on the beach or by the pool you had to get up early to reserve it however this was not an issue for us - we liked to watch the sun rise.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We took two tours off the resort and they were both conveniently located to our resort. The Tulum ruins tour met our expectations. The snorkeling tour surpassed my expectations. The tour guide was fantastic.

We didn't take in many of the activities at the resort as we were too busy lounging by the pool or beach. We did participate in bingo one night and took in the Fire Show which was good.

The spa was great we had massages on the beach and I was pampered with a manicure and pedicure as well.

Other Comments:
You needed pesos to purchase anything in the gift shop. Exchange was available in the lobby.

I would recommend leaving your shopping to at the airport on the way home. We found that the airport prices were better than what we paid at our resort or in Tulum.

I would recommend confirming your travel time to the resort before your trip so that you know what to expect.

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