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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort  

Carretera Federal 307 Km 340, Cancun 77500, Mexico

"an amazing resort"
Posted by: henry on Oct 18, 2014
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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Reviews
Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Pictures and Information
Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Cancun Mexico

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User rating 4.8

Based on 16 reviews

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Information

The minute you enter your guest room you'll be primed for luxury. A refreshing breeze sails over your private balcony and a Jacuzzi built for two entices you to stay indoors.

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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Reviews

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 4.8 of 5 16 reviews
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"A good vacation but I am in no hurry to go back"

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Karen_UK  on Jul 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jul, 2005 | Leisure | With Group
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Resort - Moon Palace, Cancun, Mexico
Date of Arrival - 10th July 2005
Departed - 24th July 2005

I have just returned from a 2 week vacation in above resort. I travelled with my partner and my sister and her partner.

Arrival and Room:
When we arrived at the hotel, I was slightly disappointed as we were checked into the Nizuc side, not the newer Sunrise. I have had a few friends stay at Sunrise who said it was nice (they also have a hammock on the balacony whereas Nizuc don't)

The check in staff were very helpful as we wanted to be in the same block and they did meet our requirement whilst we were served with a glass of sparking wine. We were given rooms on the ground floor - again disappointing, as people could see you in the jacuzzi unless you drew the curtains when surely the whole idea is to sit in your jacuzzi looking out at the ocean.

The room was OK although could do with some fresh paint. The optics in the room were of no good to us unless you drink tequilia, whiskey, bacardi or rum. Where's the Vodka??

The sheets didn't smell that particurly fresh - had a very slight hint of urine. The floor didn't appear to be swept everyday either.

The pool at Nizuc is not nice as the one at Sunrise. The pool at Sunrise is like a long, wide river with jacuzzi tubs set in the pool. The pool at Nizuc is a lot smaller. One of my biggest complaints is that there are way too many sunbeds for such a small area - there are literally sunbeds around every space of the swimming pool - how are you expected to get in it? In fact, there was once instance, where a lady was lying in the pool on a sunbed and complained when you had to walk past her to get out of the pool. She tried to block herself in by positioning other sunbeds around her but how does she expect people to get in and out.

There was not enough shade and needless to say those sunbeds were the first to go in the early morning. Because there were so many sunbeds, you had no space away from other holidaymakers and you couldn't move your sunbeds as they were so close.

The pool area was dirty. It needed a good jet clean. What with so many people drinking alchohol and eating food which quite often got left around for the birds to fight over and there were a few of those around. It was also very dangerous when the floor was wet as it was so slippy - I saw several people hobbling around on crutches, wheelchairs, arms in plaster.

I was quite surprised at the "type" of people who were staying at the Moon Palace. For a 5 star establishment, I would have expected a better class of people. It was very mixed, families with young children, couples of all ages, honeymooners. We witnessed a man, probably in his late forties, downing tequilas who later passed out on a sunbed and then awoke to be sick all over himself and the sunbed. Very classy!. We also witnessed a fight. Do you get where I am coming from?

I have to say, if I went to Moon Palace for my honeymoon, I would be very disappointed. It is not romantic at all and if you are getting married there, it is a like a wedding factory, holding about 5 a day, everyday. If you are unfortunate to be there when the weather is poor, you have to get married at an altar above the lobby bar with the sound of people chatting below you!! I personally cannot think of anything worse on your special day to be sitting round with people in their bikinis whilst you and your partner are dressed up in your wedding attire.

I was unfortunate to be there when Hurricane Emily hit on the 17th July. We were very lucky in that we did not need to evacuate the hotel but many people were evacuated to the Moon Palace. It was very busy for a fews days which did compromise their normal level of service. I think those were the only days when nearly every sunbed was occupied, and there are a lot of sunbeds! We had to stay in our room from 5:00 pm on the Sunday evening but when we went for lunch that day, it felt like people were starting to panic and stocking up on food as obviously no dinner would be served that evening. The hotel didn't communicate that they would be providing plenty of sandwiches for people to take to their rooms.

There was limited entertainment especially when the weather was poor which it was after the hurricane. I would like to have seen more casino nights, bingo etc which they did but they finished by 09:30/10:00. After 10:00, the only entertainment in Nicuz, is a very small room with a band, who stuck to their play list every night. There is a disco at Sunrise which is OK if you like R&B music.

Food and drinks:
We had heard that the Oriental restaurant at Sunrise was very good - but good luck if you can get in. We tried to eat at Sunrise but the queues were too long. The longest we had to wait for tables in Nicuz was 30 minutes for the a la carte restaurants. Generally, the food and bar service was good. You can eat 24 hours a day. Also, there is only one bar in Nizuc which is the lobby bar (can get very busy). It would be nice if there was an outside bar - they have one like that at Sunrise.

Overall, we had a good vacation but I am in no hurry to go back

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"We are considering on a return visit."

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Chuck_Minnesota  on Mar 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2006 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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We just got back from the Moon Palace on Sat. the 17th after a great week at the Moon Palace (Nizuc side). The check-in was terrible. We were using a gift certificate from a friend who has a RCI timeshare. Before we left, we were told that we had a 2 bed (double) room. When we checked in they asked for the all-inclusive fee, and gave us the wrist bands. We then had to come back at 3 to get our room. This is were the problems started. They advised us that they had a room with a king size bed. This is not a good thing for 3 adults. After telling them to give us something different, they said that is all that they had. I asked them to send us to the PlayaCar or Aventrua Palace. They came bask and said that they had a room at the Aventrua, but we would need to pay for the transportation. They soon came up with a solution. They showed us a King size room, and a one with the double beds. They would but a rollaway bed in their, but with the Jacuzzi you could barely move. This room was far away from everything, so we looked at the room with 2 double beds. This room did not have the Jacuzzi, but that was ok with us. It had a ocean view, and close to lobby. We took this one. (I think it helped that I let them know that I was calling the RCI home office.) So if you are using a exchange from RCI get everything in writing.

The rest of the week was awesome. I have stayed at a few all-inclusive, but this place was above my expectations. The Sunrise side is huge compared to the Nizuc side. We spent most of our time during the day at the sunrise pool side.

Food was great, after spending most of our vacations in Punta Cana, this was a treat. Never a worry about getting sick. Very good selection of top shelf liquor, but only Dos Equies (XX) beer.

The beach was getting back to shape, and the Nizuc side it was all cleaned up. The ocean floor was very rough on the feet, would suggest water shoes. I knew before going down not to expect a great beach.

We are considering on a return visit next Feb.

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"Near perfect."

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Joel_NB  on Mar 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2009 | Leisure
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Rooms Very clean with whirlpool bath and complimentary bar. Restaurants and Bars
Fairly typical and probably better than most.

Beach was okay although ocean was not for swimmers.Rap music blaired at the pool area most days.Grounds well taken care of and manicured to near perfection.

Other Comments
If you like big resorts that make you feel like you could be almost anywhere then this is the place for you. Little to no character.

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"We thought Moon Palace was an excellent winter vacation"

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Stephen_ Saskatoon  on Apr 1, 2008  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2008 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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Booked this resort on a lark from and a bit of help from your website. Have never been on an AI before; similar experience to a cruise I presume, only alchohol included at the AI.

My wife has been to Cancun-Mayan Riviera several times in the past with AI's at other resorts & was quite enthusiastic about going again. I must admit I am not much of a resort person, but was looking forward to getting away from the not particularly cold, but long winter this year in Canada.

Read reviews of this resort & felt good about it, unlike some other newer 4 to 5 star resorts that other reviewers & some acquaintances had experienced in Mexico recently (eg. Grand Riviera Princess, H10). Took awhile to pick up our luggage at the airport, but once we did, the Air Canada Vacations people had us on the bus & leaving the airport less than 15 minutes later. Due to the proximity of the resort to the airport(one of the main reasons I booked the resort so as to avoid a lengthy bus ride further down the coastline), we arrived at the resort in 15 minutes. We first pulled up to the newer, larger Sunrise area of the resort, only to find out most of us were booked in the older, smaller Nizuc area of the resort. Initially disappointing, however after touring the resort complex over the next couple of days, we were quite happy to be in a quieter part of the resort away from the partying younger people and the noise.

Check-in, like most resorts, I believe in the middle of the afternoon, was a zoo. After waiting in line a few minutes at the unusually small reception area, a resort rep asked us to follow him to a larger, secondary reception area towards the back of the building to register; it was located in one of the meeting rooms where a larger number of resort reps were set up to handle the influx of bus & van loads of guests. Not a great first impression of the resort, but to its credit, the resort provided extra staff, seating, food & drink to the long lines of waiting guests to alleviate to stress & tedium of checking in. Once we reached the desk, we found our original room #6809(Deluxe Room, Ocean View) was not ready, so we were asked to take a seat, have something to eat & drink while another room was arranged. During the wait, another rep sat down with us & explained the details of our package & gently tried to book us on their 90 minute resort "tour", with no obligation & the offer of a free spa session for my wife and a free round of golf at the renowned Jack Nicklaus course located onsite for me. As tempting as the offer was, having been up at 3am to catch the 5:30am flight with connections in Calgary, we were extremely tired and just wanted to get to our room! We politely declined the offer & he was not pushy in the least, just reminding us to give him a call should we change our mind. During the 15 minute wait until we received our room keys to 7027, another guest was loudly complaining that for the $11,000 she was spending on rooms for their group, they should be getting the rooms they booked & paid for, not some alternatives further away from the main buildings, pool area, etc. She was so loud, demanding & annoying that even her companion left the desk in embarrassment; I have no doubt that alcohol was involved in the incident.

The Resort:
The resort complex is huge, with the newest Moon Grand area having just opened up & more construction going on; the grounds are beautifully manicured and well kept. Our building was a 2 minute walk from the main building, not beachfront as I had hoped, but quiet & secluded, which turned out to be better for us during the week given the amount of foot traffic in front of our original ground level beachfront room. Our room was on the top/3rd floor at the end/on the corner of the building, affording us the privacy we wanted, yet still with a decent view of the ocean. A nice bonus was our proximity/view of the outdoor wedding chapel/gazebo which was used extensively during the week! The room was clean, all marble, well stocked with quality products, with the exception of the unavailability of Corona beer & a dearth of quality TV channels eg. the Golf Channel, local weather information, TBS, TSN, good ESPN, & movie channels. More impressive was the private jacuzzi located in each & every room/suite, along with how well the buildings were maintained, with staff continually touching up paint around the door frames of the rooms, along the railings, etc. if the slightest hint of wear began to show.

Housekeeping was probably my biggest beef of the week, but it was probably just the particular staff assigned to clean our building, or floor. Even with daily tipping of $2-3 USD, it was crapshoot if your fridge was restocked completely, the proper # & type of towels were provided, soaps, lotions, etc. were replaced. One or more daily phone calls were required to rectify the problems, even after notes were left for housekeeping with the daily tip; by the 4th day, I just gave up calling. Funny thing was, when staff did finally arrive after much delay to correct any problems, we were guaranteed to receive one or more phone calls within minutes asking us if the problem was resolved. A secondary beef was how long it took to get our room made up each day; being on the top floor at the end of the building would make it the last room to be reached, naturally, but some days we left the room by 9am with the PLEASE MAKE UP THE ROOM sign on the door & most days the room wasn't done until well after 4pm, once not until after 5pm with the two of us siitting on the balcony staying out of their way while the two ladies made up the room. Frustrating & unacceptable for a 5-star resort, even for the most relaxed person, wouldn't any of you readers agree?

Of the 13 restaurants, we tried about half of them in both the Nizuc & Sunrise complexes, we never made it to the one restaurant in the newest Moon Grand complex only because we never felt like Caribbean cuisine. If we ever go to the Moon Palace again, I would like to try the Moon Grand rooms because they are the newest & it looks from walking by them that they are more well appointed, if that could possibly be, and the buildings are a more modern design; the only downside would be a further distance from some of the main activities & restaurants, but a good walk to burn off the endless amounts of food one eats at these AI's is good for all of us. Our favorites were the Italian restaurant @Nizuc(buffet), Oriental @Golf Course Clubhouse(a la carte), and Mexican @Sunrise(buffet). The "steakhouse" & "sushi" restaurants by the pools @Nizuc were good, but it was so windy it was uncomfortable to eat & your food cooled off too quickly. We never tried the seafood restaurant @Sunrise because of it being outdoors, cool & too windy for dinner that particular evening.

The beach & pools were beautiful; pool @Nizuc much smaller but quieter, one @Sunrise amazing & would have been more fun it we'd brought our eleven year old daughter along on the trip. More activities at the Sunrise pools, especially for the young US college students on their break, but "been there, done that" decades ago, so now quiet & relaxing is more our speed. We found also that finding chairs poolside or on the beach is very difficult unless you get there early; people are not supposed to save them but that rule is ignored. I am not justifying it, but we as with many others, would rise early in the morning, go & place some of our belongings on the chairs we wanted by 7am each morning, then wash up & have breakfast before heading out to our chairs usually by 9am. When we did not do that in the first couple of days, we were forced to sit on the grass, lay on towels in the sand, etc. and make do. Beach was kept clean with regular daily cleaning, and the sand is definitely nicer than beaches on the Pacific side of Mexico. The weather was cool & windy the first couple of days, but warmed up to the high 20's with lots of sun for the rest of the week. Mini golf was fun, even at night. There are many other activities & amenities one can check out on the resort website, but I will not go into detail here as we did not partake of most of them. In retrospect, I wish I would have tried to play golf on the Nicklaus designed course, even just once. Not having played since September, I thought golf would be a waste of time & not enjoyable for the cost, but once I saw the clubhouse, its amenities & the course, I thought it would have been very challenging & a lot of fun. Next time we'll book a golf holiday in particular at Moon Palace & stay at one of the golf suites.

Words of praise for the staff. Everyone is so polite, each one of them responded with "its a pleasure to serve you" anytime you thanked them, smiles & "Hola" were everywhere and the staff at the restaurants we frequented were so kind to wish us a safe trip home and looked forward to serving us again next time. Their sentiments were genuine, not forced & we have found this to be the way of the Mexican people each & every time we have visited Mexico. Outside of the resorts, we are struck by the poverty that pervades the country & the people, yet they have a genuine optimism, happiness & friendliness to them that we have found in few places in our travels around the world. Considering some of the spoiled, difficult tourists that they have to deal with on a regular basis, my hats go off to the staff at these resorts.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We ventured outside the resort only once for a day trip to Playa Del Carmen. The concierge summoned a taxi, our driver took us to Playa & offered to wait for us while we shopped/toured, telling us it was no problem & that we didn't need to pay him until we returned to the hotel. His name is Balthazar Baeza Baeza, his taxi #2919, and he is a real professional. After 3 hours of shopping/touring in Playa, he picked us up at a pre-arranged location in Playa, but at no time did we worry or feel threatened that we may be on a ride to who knows where & be robbed or worse. When we returned to the hotel, he was exceedingly polite, courteous & very grateful for the generous tip we gave him. Having worked in the restaurant/service industry myself, I recognize that these people work very hard & deserve to be tipped well for service above & beyond the call of duty. Try getting that kind of service from a taxi in New York, Hong Kong, Toronto, etc.

Our trip sadly ended too soon. Checking out mid morning for a 2:45pm flight was much easier than checking in, however, we found that the pre-arranged time for the bus to take us back to the airport could have been earlier. We arrived at the airport about 3 hours before flight time, but the lineups & lack of Air Canada staff at the small Air Canada counter area meant shuffling in a huge line for MORE than an hour before we finally reached the counter. A conspicuous lack of signs also made it difficult to find the counter area with the huge numbers of tourists all fighting to find the right area to check in for their flights. As a result, got stuck at the back of the plane. In future, I would probably spend a few extra bucks, get Mr. Baeza in taxi #2919 to drive us the 10 minutes to the airport earlier so we could check in stress free & avoid the huge lineups that developed about the time our bus arrived with many others at the airport, and get a better seat on the plane.

When we left Cancun, I thought that my first AI experience was less than fulfilling. Upon further reflection & discussion with my wife, a veteran of many AI's, we thought Moon Palace was an excellent winter vacation, and we would definitely return when we decide on the Cancun/Mayan Riviera area of Mexico. Our only regret was not to have gone earlier in the winter, say late January - early February when it was much colder at home. As it was, Easter long weekend was beautiful at home & almost worth staying home for. I would not hesitate recommending Moon Palace to anyone looking for an all-inclusive type vacation. I don't believe anyone could complain about the number & quality of the available amenities & activities; with such a large resort and well over 2,000 rooms, the staff do a pretty good job taking care of so many people. It is a thankless job, if you think about being in their shoes, but they do the job pretty well and are genuinely happy to be at your service. We look forward to returning to Moon Palace in the near future.

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"The service was excellent!"

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Carolyne_Ontario  on Dec 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2009 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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We stayed at the Moon Palace Feb 4-11.

Flight...not impressed. Two days before we left they changed our flight (Sunwing). Instead of leaving from London, Ontario and going directly to Mexico, which is why we paid more money..for convenience, we instead left one hour later and had to stop in Cuba to pick up people who were returning to London. So, we were in Cuba for about 45 minutes because we all had to get off the plane and then re-board everyone UGH. Coming home we left Mexico and again had to go to Cuba first (didn't have to get off the plane this time) and then London. So a 3 1/2hour flight ended up being 6 1/2 hours, which is not good for me because I do not like to fly.

Accommodations- Very nice, had all the amenities you could ask for. We were at the very end of the resort Room 1003. We figured it took us 5 minutes to walk from our room to the lobby. In the mornings we would go work out, bring our beach/pool stuff with us, and shower at the gym so we didn't need to go back.

Restaurants- We didn't get to them all, but we very much enjoyed the Japanese restaurant (went there twice). We did go to the Italian restaurant at the Clubhouse and it was excellent. Everything was very fresh everywhere we went and a good variety.

Spa- I had a facial, body scrub and massage, which was excellent.

We did not golf but my in-laws did almost everyday, when weather was permitting. Had a couple rainy mornings and one day it rained non-stop. This was kind of smelly as some of the sewers backed up. Also, when we played tennis it was smelly because I think we were beside the sewage treatment facility. So, we didn't play long.

This place is huge, I'm not sure if I would go back as we do like smaller resorts. However, the service was excellent!

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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Elizabeth_MoonPalace  on Nov 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2006 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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Our one week vacation (10/21 – 10/28) at Moon Palace was wonderful. Food, service, rooms, staff, pool, spa – all of it was wonderful.

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"It's luxurious and spectacular."

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Lynn_Maryland  on Nov 1, 2007  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Nov, 2007 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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My husband and I have been to Moon Palace 7 times -- starting as a couple, before we had kids -- to now when our two boys are both old enough to enjoy the kids club. Obviously we like it. We keep returning. It's not small and quaint, but it's luxurious and spectacular at a reasonable price.

The room size is reasonable -- not huge but comfortable. The bathrooms and showers especially are incredible. We've stayed in different spots at surise and nizuc and we always have a view. Rooms are always clean and staff is willing to move you if the room isn't a good fit for your needs.

The quality of different restaurants changes from year to year. The buffet restaurant at nizuc always has good seafood. The asian restaurants are pretty much always good. The dining room waits at the golf club are usually long. And on our latest trip, the new restaurant at the soon to open (in Feb?) Moon Grand was really great.

Tip the bartenders modestly and they don't forget -- they take amazing care of you. Don't tip them and they still serve you pretty well. Moon has great bars and bartenders. Only exception is the lobby bar at sunrise which gets really busy at night and is pretty consistently slow. Ask a bartender to recommend a drink and they'll wow you with suggestions. And don't be shy about requesting the top have to ask, but no one minds.

Beach is mediocre but really quiet and peaceful -- if you want to read a book or take a nap – you can usually find a quiet bit of beach. Pools are all great but not quiet or peaceful. The new one at Grand was terrific because it was undiscovered. Other pools are great, but they can get pretty crowded. Also the water gets like bathwater in the summer and chilly in the winter. But that's really getting picky. The sprawling pools of both the sunrise and nizuc resorts with their hot tubs, bridges, swim up bars and islands are absolutely spectacular.

The grounds are really gorgeous – picturesque -- a joy to walk around and an inspiring reason to take a morning walk or jog.

Our boys love the kids club and the mini golf. They've extended the hours of the mini golf into the evening which makes it much more fun when it's just too hot to play in the summer. They need a bar out by the mini golf course though. Bring your own drinks. And they've made the kids pool on the sunrise side into a kind of water park with slides and fountains that look like fun. The kids club is decent – the kids preferred watching an evening movie in the kids club to having dinner with us…which made everyone happy.

Overall, it comes highly recommended. We've been to Moon 7 times in 10 years. We've tried a couple other resorts -- but in each case, the alternatives cost more and weren't nearly as enjoyable for us. Moon offers so many alternatives for a family with kids, we just haven't been able to do better. A note though -- they hit hard with the time share/membership business. We've sat in on their sales pitch a couple times, but they want a huge membership fee ($20K maybe) and then the special members' prices are about the same as we pay if we book through the palace resorts website or a reseller (without the $20,000 fee). It's an agonizing used car sales kinda pitch worth avoiding, but if you can stand it, they do come through with pretty good gifts for sitting through the presentation.

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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Neeta_Vancouver  on Feb 1, 2008  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2008 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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Arrival was good, no bumps. Our Air Canada rep found us at the airport and took us to our shuttle van. Our resort was only 15-20 mins away which was great! Upon arrival at the lobby (sunrise) we were greeted with champagne and a flower for me! Very sweet. The check in was abreeze and then we got a 20 min info session on what the resort has to offer/location of restaurants/free trips that were included(no timeshare presentation attendance required to take the trips..whew!) Then we took a golf cart to our golf course suite

The room was just like the pics show- beautiful jacuzzi, nice patio and sitting area with king size bed, fully stocked mini bar and fabulous view of the golf course and golf club.

We tried the mexican buffet in sunrise lobby as well as the italian, both were great. We really enjoyed the oriental restaurant in sunrise as well. The oriental restaurant in the golf club house was very nice as well. Food was always well prepared, and enough jalapenos and hadchipotle peppers to add flavour to any meal that was a little bland!

Always stocked, no pressure to tip, and had really good imported and local selections. All first class. Especially lounge bar on the beach- open til 12am- Hector the server was fantastic. And they even serve appys like sushi (that are comparable to canadian california rolls!) VEry nice!

The beach was red flagged most days we were there because of the wind. But the beach is beautifu. I did see the seaweed others have complained about not it wasnt enough to deter anyone from enjoying wading in the water. We sat on the chairs and enjoyed the view!

Grounds are really nice. Lots of greenery, flowers anf fountains. Even a crocodile pond! The golf carts are a relaxing way to take it all in.

We went shopping in cancun at caracol mall. ME and my husband ate at the Mextreme outdoor restaurant! Very good food and great service. Enjoyed looking at Mexico from outside the resort. The shuttle leaves the hotel and brings you back after 4 hours. All for free! Good trip for shoppers and just to look around Cancun! We went to Coco Bongos one night with the resort. That is an amazing show and well worth the $40 us. Open bar and great service there as well. Beyonce, Michael and Madonna impersonators were really good.

Fantastic and well eorth the $ spent! Would return here, had the cahnce to see Cancun Palace and Beach Palace as they are part of the palace chain and they are nice as well.

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"The best golf course in Mexico (bar none)."

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Paul_Mississauga  on Dec 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2006 | Leisure | With Group
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Just returned from the fabulous Moon Place Resort in Cancun Mexico.

We were part of an 18 member Golf Group. Played golf every day at what our team considers the best golf course in Mexico (bar none).

Golf Course:
Three 9 hole courses, Dunes, Jungle, & Lakes. Four (4) sets of tees ranging from a rating of 75.6 and slope of 139 for Black tees to 71.1/129 for White tees. We played from the Whites all 7 days, they mix up the various nine's so you can enjoy the entire golf course. It is a Jack Nicklaus design, somewhat difficult. "Jungle" (nine) yardage 3,600 yards at tips to 3,100 for whites, Lakes 3,400 down to 3200, and Dunes 3,600 down to 3,150 for white tees. I am an 18 handicap and shot in the mid 90's each day. Not a great course for beginners, but definitely a great challenge for mid to low handicap. The service at the Golf Course is 2nd to none. The BEST I have ever experienced in the Caribbean. The staff at check-in (Laura) outstanding, very quick even for 18 guys every day, they store your clubs & shoes for free, clean them every day, give you a fresh ice towel at the end of the round to help you cool down after your game. Driving range, practice area, yardage books, tees, markers, towels all supplied and very good. The staff on the golf course with beverage & food carts cannot do enough to make your golf game enjoyable, plenty of selection of food & drinks, alcohol & non, bottled water, etc (all free) and if you want something from the restaurant they will be only too kind to take your order, go and get it and deliver it right too your cart one or two holes down the line. We asked for toasted bagels with smoke salmon, cream cheese, lettuce & tomato every morning from the golf course breakfast menu (very decadent) and the cart girls were only to happy to go and get the order, deliver it hot in packages with a big smile on their face. Every person you encounter at Moon Palace (golf course & hotel) always answer your thank-you with "It is my pleasure to serve you sir" without exception over 7 days in every bar, restaurant, including room maids, everyone you meet has this response. I have never seen better service and have stayed at 5*+ rated hotels throughout the Caribbean over the past 10 years and this is without doubt the BEST.

NOTE: If you are going for the Golf, book a golf package, we were told stand-alone golf cost $250.00 US$ per day. Incidentally if you were to play one day only you would find this price very reasonable for the class & style of golf course you will experience. Rental clubs appear to be Muzzuno. (Personal preference for 18 holes was the Dunes & Lakes combo).

We stayed in the Nizuc, visited the Sunrise several times, both are equally GREAT.
Once again I will state the best in Mexico, and perhaps throughout the Caribbean. Almost every room has an "Ocean View" and not one where you need to stand on the roof of your unit or lean out the window to see the ocean, every room has an ocean view. Room come with King or two Queen's and you can add a full size double (portable) bed too your room if you have a child or extra person. Each room appears to have a very LARGE Jacuzzi tub on the window side of the room facing the ocean, great for couples and honey-mooners. Not much use to an 18 person golf group of men rooming two to a room. Caution some of the rooms come only with a King bed, especially the rooms in the main building, if you want your own bed, request a room in one of the other buildings. Rooms are very clean, made up every day with fresh towels and linen, maids leave the normal towel animals every day, they get better & more complex as the week wears on. We took some small items for children from our local dollar store (crayons, colour books, marbles, etc.) to leave in the room for the maids, plus $2.00 US each day, and our room was always made up and spectacular. Again I repeat, their everyday response was "It is my pleasure to serve you sir"…………………….. Water, beer, pop, and a 3 bottle liquor bar in every room, stocked fresh every day, it you need more of one (beer vs pop), they were only to happy to accommodate your request.

The BEST…………….do you get the idea that I love this resort???? My wife & I have been on 3 cruises, this resort is like being on a cruise, only on dry land. You can eat 24 hours a day, plenty of choices, look at their web-site. Early every morning before 6:30 AM there is a full continental breakfast (coffee, tea, cakes, & fruit) available in the lobby bar, self serve. Plenty of selection for Lunch around the pool, in the main lobby, etc. Dinner choices equally plentiful, anything and everything you may want. Incidentally our Golf Group had lunch every day after our golf game at the Golf Course (which is also the location of the SPA) This in our opinion was the best location for Lunch in the resort, fresh made meat & fish dishes cooked to your order from a buffet style setting, not very busy, and again excellent service. The Golf Club/Spa doubles as an a-la-cart restaurant at night, line-ups are a bit of a problem (you cannot reserve) however quality & service & selection well worth the wait. This is the same at the a-la-cart restaurants at the Sunrise & Nizuc Hotels, you have full access to all……….This is the first vacation south in a long long time that I have not come home with some form of slight stomach up-set (if you know what I mean) after a week of fun & sun. Got home to the cold weather here in Canada in full health with no after affects. I do not think you will be disappointed with the food selection at this 5*++++++ Resort.

This is the 2nd time our Golf Group has been at this resort, once before the Hurricane (which we are told almost wiped the Moon Palace off the face of the earth) and now once after. It has only improved, post hurricane. Staff, rooms, pools, food, restaurants, & golf course the BEST. The only negative we could find, and we had to search was the ocean water, a little dirty and not very inviting to swim in. The Beach on the other hand is great, fast efficient service from your "It is my pleasure to serve you" waiter with plenty of cots, and shade (straw) huts. There is a tractor with a beach groomer going up and down the beach constantly cleaning up seaweed that might wash ashore.

We would recommend this resort without hesitation and will return ourselves many, many times. Hope to see you there.

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"We all (8 of us) recommend Moon Palace!"

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
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Posted by:  Tara  on Mar 1, 2007  >  2 contribution(s) United States of America
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Hi, just recently found your site and wanted to contribute a review on one of my favorite places!

We spent New Years at Moon Palace Sunrise Side Dec 27-Jan3. I hope this information helps you in deciding where to stay! We all (8 of us) recommend Moon Palace!

The Travelers:
I am 25, my boyfriend 27. We traveled with 3 other couples ranging from 25-35. I am a corporate event planner and travel extensively for work and try and vacation as much as our pocket books allow us! I've been all over the US, London, Spain, Cayman Islands, Hawaii, and numerous places in Mexico - Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta. Being that I plan corporate events I am accustom to high end resorts and all that goes with it.

Moon Palace:
We were the first in our group to arrive. We didn't have any trouble getting from the airport to the resort and were actually surprised how short the drive was - 15 minutes in a cab. We were greeted by numerous friendly staff, given a glass of champagne, and a flower for me. We expected to wait for our room as we arrived at 10 am, but were told we were upgraded to the golf villas and our room was ready! Nice way to start a vacation! Also the lobby is a sight in itself. Very beautiful.

We were on the Sunrise side of the resort. We stayed in Villa #1 by the golf course. Room 101. It was amazing! Large, double vanity bathroom, separate shower/toilet area, sunken in seating area, lazy boy type jacuzzi for two, huge patio, comfortable furnishings (especially comfortable bed, which surprised us being we were in Mexico) very clean and very well stocked. Biosilk hair products in a hotel?! Great! The mini bar was stocked with Dos Equis, and the liquor dispensers could be changed at your request. Another bonus was that you could room service bottles of wine, more beer, etc. Our room was always clean and always welcoming. We didn't have any bugs in our room at all! We saw lizards on the patio, but as much is to be expected and enjoyed.

The food is amazing. I eat hotel buffets all the time when traveling for work. Thus I am not a big buffet fan. This was an exception. The buffet food was really good. Lots of selections. The restaurant by the pool was our favorite for lunch. You could get pretty much anything grilled - fish, steak, chicken, burgers. (but be sure your meat is thoroughly cooked as my boyfriend started eating a piece of chicken that was still raw in the middle) And the pizza there was my all time favorite for lunch! Our best experience cam from the Asian place out by the golf course. We did wait 2 hours, but it was worth it! Amazing service and even more amazing food - the six of us tried literally the entire menu and everything on it was great! Only thing we really didn't enjoy was the Italian place by the golf resort. Again a long wait and the food was junk. Tasted like something that came out of a can - ie spaghettios.

We cannot say enough about how great the staff were. All of them! We saw many of the same people every day, and each and everyone had a smile on their face and an Hola! to send your way. They all speak English very well - which helped my boyfriend very much (he just learned that cerveza was beer on this trip :)!) Also, they seem very amused if you tried your Spanish on them. Even though all tips were included, we gave out many tips. The staff work so hard and are so nice that they deserve tips. Plus once you tip them they remember you and your service gets even better! We gave our server at the Asian place (by the golf course) $50 for 6 people and he was beyond happy!

The pool is one of the best parts of the resort. We hardly went to the beach at all. Although the pool is a little cold at first, you get used to it and never want to get out! Only negative, is there are tons of kids. If you're trying to take a nap by the pool you will wake up to the kids splashing and playing. Also, get out there early and reserve your spots. The prime spots fill up early! We found "prime real estate", as we called it, right by the pool bar, large enough to fit 8 and only 8! But we did get out at 6 to reserve that spot every day. Also some hawks, aka people, will steal your spot if you don't throw down a magazine or something of that sort.

So so. The swing bar out by the pool was really great except that it closed at 10pm. Only thing open after 10pm is the lobby bar and the disco. We did go to the disco once, but were surrounded by teenagers doing their thing. Needless to say we didn't go back. We found the lobby bar enjoyable, but overall we spend a lot of our nights on our large pattio playing cards and room servicing liquor. Hint: Room service for liquor ends at 10PM so get your orders in during the day.

We were surprised to find out that many tours were included in our stay. We wanted to take advantage of them but found out they were booked up until or arrival day. Had I know about the tours prior to arrival I would have booked them.

We had a great time! We never left the resort we loved it so much! We will definitely go back, and are even looking into other Palace resorts and timeshares.

If you'd like more information on our trip or have questions please feel free to contact me at

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