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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort  

Carretera Federal 307 Km 340, Cancun 77500, Mexico

"an amazing resort"
Posted by: henry on Oct 18, 2014
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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Reviews
Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Pictures and Information
Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Cancun Mexico

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User rating 4.8

Based on 16 reviews

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Information

The minute you enter your guest room you'll be primed for luxury. A refreshing breeze sails over your private balcony and a Jacuzzi built for two entices you to stay indoors.

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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Reviews

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 4.8 of 5 16 reviews
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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Colin_UK  on Jun 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) United Kingdom
Visited on: Jun, 2006 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
423 people found this review helpful

we have just returned home after 1week at the moon palace and 1week at the aventura spa and both were fabulous if i was to pick the best the moon palace would just shade it from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave everything is great/ the staff/accomadation/facilities and without exception the food was out of this world.we will definately be returning

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"We can’t wait to go back to the Moon Palace!"

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Debbie_Canada  on Apr 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2006 | Leisure | Family and Kids
187 people found this review helpful

My husband, sister, brother-in-law and I just returned from one week of paradise at the Moon Palace. We traveled between April 2nd and April 9th from Toronto. We arrived and were treated like VIPs from the very start. I had requested a king size room close to my sister, 3rd floor, oceanview and on the Sunrise side. We didn’t get our choice on day 1 but were switched on day 2 and got all we requested except the Sunrise side – Rebecca at the front desk was a delight to work with). As it turned out we were more than pleased we ended up on the Nizuc side because it was so busy and crowded on the Sunrise (we spent a day over there using the pools and restaurants). Our view was spectacular and our room was lovely. Our only experience prior to this had been in Punta Cana, Dominican so we were astounded by the food at this resort, the variety and quality was excellent, not a twinge of stomach upset the entire week. The service was incomparable, these people cannot do enough for you…every time you say thank you to them for something you get a very sincere ‘Its my pleasure’ in return. Although there are some indications that Hurricane Wilma passed through, they are minor; paint drips and some missing grout are certainly not showstoppers for me. There is work going on throughout the resort to restore it to its former glory, ponds being rebuilt etc but the workers are pleasant and the work is performed quietly. The pools are beautiful and extremely well maintained, always a lounge chair to be had although perhaps not enough shade here. However, we had no trouble finding shade at the beach, which was a few short steps to the pools, grill restaurant, beach bar etc. There are servers coming around constantly to refresh your drink, tipping them a couple of dollars now and then is welcomed and they will not let you go thirsty. The beach is nice up to the shoreline. They do have a problem with seaweed here and in the water. There were only a few people in the ocean. This may be a disappointment to those who like to swim in the ocean, I am one of those but the rest of their facility more than made up for this one issue. Top shelf liquor is available…try the Mayan coffee in the Mexican A la Carte on the Nizuc was fabulous! Communicating was not an issue; everyone spoke English very well (except the maids who understand very little). We went on two excursions, Captain Hook (a Pirates of the Caribbean type dinner and show on a ship)…I was disappointed with this as they crammed so many people on here it was extremely difficult to maneuver…tiny, tiny stools to sit on. The meal was passable. The second was to Xel Ha (pronounced chel ha)…fantastic snorkeling, food and drinks all included…we thoroughly enjoyed it although it was a long drive to and from. We can’t wait to go back to the Moon Palace!

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"We are considering on a return visit."

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Chuck_Minnesota  on Mar 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2006 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
185 people found this review helpful

We just got back from the Moon Palace on Sat. the 17th after a great week at the Moon Palace (Nizuc side). The check-in was terrible. We were using a gift certificate from a friend who has a RCI timeshare. Before we left, we were told that we had a 2 bed (double) room. When we checked in they asked for the all-inclusive fee, and gave us the wrist bands. We then had to come back at 3 to get our room. This is were the problems started. They advised us that they had a room with a king size bed. This is not a good thing for 3 adults. After telling them to give us something different, they said that is all that they had. I asked them to send us to the PlayaCar or Aventrua Palace. They came bask and said that they had a room at the Aventrua, but we would need to pay for the transportation. They soon came up with a solution. They showed us a King size room, and a one with the double beds. They would but a rollaway bed in their, but with the Jacuzzi you could barely move. This room was far away from everything, so we looked at the room with 2 double beds. This room did not have the Jacuzzi, but that was ok with us. It had a ocean view, and close to lobby. We took this one. (I think it helped that I let them know that I was calling the RCI home office.) So if you are using a exchange from RCI get everything in writing.

The rest of the week was awesome. I have stayed at a few all-inclusive, but this place was above my expectations. The Sunrise side is huge compared to the Nizuc side. We spent most of our time during the day at the sunrise pool side.

Food was great, after spending most of our vacations in Punta Cana, this was a treat. Never a worry about getting sick. Very good selection of top shelf liquor, but only Dos Equies (XX) beer.

The beach was getting back to shape, and the Nizuc side it was all cleaned up. The ocean floor was very rough on the feet, would suggest water shoes. I knew before going down not to expect a great beach.

We are considering on a return visit next Feb.

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"We loved it and would go back in a flash."

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Stan&Mel  on Feb 1, 2006  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2006 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
188 people found this review helpful

We had an awesome week. It was exceptionally slow at the hotel. The Nizuc side is lovely - we had a fabulous ocean front room. There is definitely sign of hurricane damage - the rooms have been repaired but rather quickly. Lots of paint slops and hasty grouting around tiles etc. But, nothing too bad. The beach itself is ok - still a bit dirty - they are really trying to fix it up. The water is not swimmable - far too much seaweed and debris. We did see lots of people using jet skis and kayaks etc. Not too many brave enough to swim. The pool is great. Lots of swim up bars and plenty of loungers - even some great ones in the pool with great little shower heads beside them - so you can cool off. Staff are amazing - can't do enough for you. No waits at bars or restaurants. Great sushi bar, smoothie bar, crepe bar. Mexican food is all great - Oriental not so great - Italian was good and the Brazilian restaurant was very good.You certainly won't go hungry. We went primarily to golf and it was top notch. There are 3 nine hole courses and they try to make sure you get to play them all. Club house is beautiful. They store your clubs free, clean them, change your cleats etc. Excellent service. Cart service is very regular with beer, soft drinks, sandwiches and chips. We saw a lot of alligators, lizards, lots of different birds and some funny little mutant racoon type critters. Shuttle service directly from door of hotel to the starters box. It was superb. We met a lot of people who have been before and they were all stunned at how quiet it was - we heard lots of comments about it being a bit of a circus during busy periods. So, I imagine our good fortune was the result of people not coming down yet because they're not sure of the condition post-hurricane and the fact that a lot of rooms were no open yet. We loved it and would go back in a flash.

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"A good vacation but I am in no hurry to go back"

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Karen_UK  on Jul 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jul, 2005 | Leisure | With Group
181 people found this review helpful

Resort - Moon Palace, Cancun, Mexico
Date of Arrival - 10th July 2005
Departed - 24th July 2005

I have just returned from a 2 week vacation in above resort. I travelled with my partner and my sister and her partner.

Arrival and Room:
When we arrived at the hotel, I was slightly disappointed as we were checked into the Nizuc side, not the newer Sunrise. I have had a few friends stay at Sunrise who said it was nice (they also have a hammock on the balacony whereas Nizuc don't)

The check in staff were very helpful as we wanted to be in the same block and they did meet our requirement whilst we were served with a glass of sparking wine. We were given rooms on the ground floor - again disappointing, as people could see you in the jacuzzi unless you drew the curtains when surely the whole idea is to sit in your jacuzzi looking out at the ocean.

The room was OK although could do with some fresh paint. The optics in the room were of no good to us unless you drink tequilia, whiskey, bacardi or rum. Where's the Vodka??

The sheets didn't smell that particurly fresh - had a very slight hint of urine. The floor didn't appear to be swept everyday either.

The pool at Nizuc is not nice as the one at Sunrise. The pool at Sunrise is like a long, wide river with jacuzzi tubs set in the pool. The pool at Nizuc is a lot smaller. One of my biggest complaints is that there are way too many sunbeds for such a small area - there are literally sunbeds around every space of the swimming pool - how are you expected to get in it? In fact, there was once instance, where a lady was lying in the pool on a sunbed and complained when you had to walk past her to get out of the pool. She tried to block herself in by positioning other sunbeds around her but how does she expect people to get in and out.

There was not enough shade and needless to say those sunbeds were the first to go in the early morning. Because there were so many sunbeds, you had no space away from other holidaymakers and you couldn't move your sunbeds as they were so close.

The pool area was dirty. It needed a good jet clean. What with so many people drinking alchohol and eating food which quite often got left around for the birds to fight over and there were a few of those around. It was also very dangerous when the floor was wet as it was so slippy - I saw several people hobbling around on crutches, wheelchairs, arms in plaster.

I was quite surprised at the "type" of people who were staying at the Moon Palace. For a 5 star establishment, I would have expected a better class of people. It was very mixed, families with young children, couples of all ages, honeymooners. We witnessed a man, probably in his late forties, downing tequilas who later passed out on a sunbed and then awoke to be sick all over himself and the sunbed. Very classy!. We also witnessed a fight. Do you get where I am coming from?

I have to say, if I went to Moon Palace for my honeymoon, I would be very disappointed. It is not romantic at all and if you are getting married there, it is a like a wedding factory, holding about 5 a day, everyday. If you are unfortunate to be there when the weather is poor, you have to get married at an altar above the lobby bar with the sound of people chatting below you!! I personally cannot think of anything worse on your special day to be sitting round with people in their bikinis whilst you and your partner are dressed up in your wedding attire.

I was unfortunate to be there when Hurricane Emily hit on the 17th July. We were very lucky in that we did not need to evacuate the hotel but many people were evacuated to the Moon Palace. It was very busy for a fews days which did compromise their normal level of service. I think those were the only days when nearly every sunbed was occupied, and there are a lot of sunbeds! We had to stay in our room from 5:00 pm on the Sunday evening but when we went for lunch that day, it felt like people were starting to panic and stocking up on food as obviously no dinner would be served that evening. The hotel didn't communicate that they would be providing plenty of sandwiches for people to take to their rooms.

There was limited entertainment especially when the weather was poor which it was after the hurricane. I would like to have seen more casino nights, bingo etc which they did but they finished by 09:30/10:00. After 10:00, the only entertainment in Nicuz, is a very small room with a band, who stuck to their play list every night. There is a disco at Sunrise which is OK if you like R&B music.

Food and drinks:
We had heard that the Oriental restaurant at Sunrise was very good - but good luck if you can get in. We tried to eat at Sunrise but the queues were too long. The longest we had to wait for tables in Nicuz was 30 minutes for the a la carte restaurants. Generally, the food and bar service was good. You can eat 24 hours a day. Also, there is only one bar in Nizuc which is the lobby bar (can get very busy). It would be nice if there was an outside bar - they have one like that at Sunrise.

Overall, we had a good vacation but I am in no hurry to go back

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"Great Resort!"

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
User Rating:  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Mary&Pat  on Feb 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2005 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
180 people found this review helpful

Just returned from one week at Moon Palace Resort on the Mayan Riveria. We booked on a Monday and flew out on the Friday- very last minute. Before going away we noticed no current reviews of this resort. We took it as a good sign of few problems. We were correct.

Flight by Sky Service:
Uneventful both ways. Resort is only 15 minute drive from Cancun airport to main lobby of resort. Resort has 2 sections, older Nuzic and newer, Sunrise. All services offered at both- full access at both. Easy walk even though 123 acres of property. If you don't like to walk always rides provided in minutes throughout resort via chauffeured golf carts.

We stayed on the Sunrise side, beautiful 2nd floor room, 3732 in Pina building. Nice view of ocean with swaying palm trees in front. A little noisy at night from hallway traffic- same at most resorts we have been too. We arrived at resort by 9:45 am, did not get room until 3 pm but given full run of resort immediately. Leave your luggage locked up, put on your swimsuit and have your beach bag packed... You are good to go. We did not mind this and came prepared for it. You should too.

We have traveled a lot of the Caribbean and stayed only at 4 and 5 star resorts. Moon Palace is top ranks with us. On all aspects!

Very clean, great housekeeping (new towel figure almost everyday), bar in room- restocked every day, 2 person jacuzzi in room, marble shower- great hot water. Lots of pressure. 2 Man hammock on balcony- not available on Nuzic side, otherwise rooms exact same- Nuzic side has smaller balconies also. Definitely a bad moldy smell on Nuzic side, no problems on Sunrise side.

Great for a 5* AI. We tried Italian first night- this is buffet only- not ala cart as indicated.. Very good. Mona Hana's Sushi and Oriental ala cart 2nd night- wonderful food, drinks and service. 2 Pool side restaurants on Sunrise side- great grilled food- especially the rib steaks and t-bones!!! Had 3 meals this way. Tried Bougainvillea's- Brazilian cuisine for another ala cart dinner- very tasty. Overall, great food at all restaurant offerings and buffets.

Service was good at all bars. Drinks were as strong as you asked for. If you want a double shot, ask for it, they will keep pouring them they same way for you over and over. Drink service on beach- every 20 minutes if you tip a buck every once in a while. Served Mimosa's and Bloody Mary's every morning at buffet breakfasts- or make your own- we did and took in our travel thermos to drink while we walked the entire beach front each morning.

Heaven! Meandering free form pool- spotless. Max depth 4'- fine for swimming or walking with drinks. Not heated- couldn't be because of the size- it was fine temperature wise. Several whirlpool areas- again not heated- you wouldn't be able to stand it heated in 90 degree weather! Lots of loungers in and out of sun. Resort was at 98% capacity and we never felt crowded or had to wait for anything. Loungers in pool along edge was nice. Kid's area at far end, 2 swim up bars, pool activity centre if you wanted to participate but also lots of quiet areas too. Great balance offered.

Notice folks, tides are high in the entire Caribbean- so many great beaches are in bad shape everywhere. Same true for Cancun and Mayan Riviera. Beach at Moon Palace one of the best this year. Yes, there is a little bit of seaweed- racked up several times a day at Moon Palace by large tractor. Sand at beach- smooth and beautiful. Although Moon Palace is on the windy shore and it was windy while we were there, you could swim. Most days bottom was stirred up due to wind but what do you expect on this side of Mexico? Last 2 days, winds died down, calm ocean and clear water. Lots of loungers and papalyas (shaded thatched roof). More on Sunrise side.

Anything you could want. Non-motorized- all included. Motorized available at cost. Parasailing to kayaking, Sunfish sailboats, Hoby Cats, paddleboats. Bikes, mini golf...pool tables, all there and readily available for us. Be as busy as you want or not at all. No one hounds you at this resort... Nice change!!!

Timeshare presentation:
Older reviews had complained about timeshare presentations. Well, we were told on the airplane by the Captain not to get caught up at the airport with the time share folks, just walk past, ignore and go collect your luggage. At the resort, the Hotel staff have oval name tags and the Time Share Staff/ "Guest Services" have rectangular name tags. Common sense folks, if approached by phone in your room or at the Guest Services desk, just say "No, gracias" and that will be the end of it. If you attend the very brief welcome meeting offered by your Tour Operator you will be also be notified of these tips, so go to it. You might be very surprised at the information provided that you might not otherwise learn of. Additional tours, how to book other activities you are interested in and how far away certain day tours really are.... Better informed, better holiday!!

We were in Cancun 10 years ago and did all the tours, Chichen Itza is the best in our opinion. But several are included in your package- take advantage, it will save you over $400 US by doing so.

Looked like a great course. Not cheap. Did not play. But many did and enjoyed it. If you are a golfer, book the golf package through your tour operator don't do it once you arrive at resort!!!

For a 5* All Inclusive resort - we will recommend and likely return someday. Still other places to see...

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