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Riu Caribe  

Blvd. Kukulcan, Km 5.5, Lote 6-C, Cancun 77500, Mexico

"It was ok"
Posted by: Michelle  on Aug 18, 2010
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User rating 4.4

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The warm and charming Riu Caribe offers a relaxed ambiance along with its All Inclusive features and an exceptional level of service.

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Riu Caribe Review: 4.4 of 5 22 reviews
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"A wonderful pause in Upstate New York winter"

Riu Caribe
User Rating:  Riu Caribe Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Debbie&Warren  on Mar 1, 2003  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2003 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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This stunning, service oriented hotel is located directly on the beach on the North section of the "7" in Cancun, Mexico. This is our 7th trip to the Caribbean and to date this resort gave us the Best Service, Best Food, and Best Accommodations yet. Check-in was smooth and professional. The bell boys were exceptional. Restaurants were interesting and up to par. There were few vendors on the beach. Most silver, etc., was sold in the lobby of the Hotel during the afternoon and evenings. Every room actually does face the Caribbean! Downtown Cancun was a bit disappointing for the repetitive number of shops that contained the same merchandise. This trip was a wonderful pause in Upstate New York winter.

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"A girls getaway weekend"

Riu Caribe
User Rating:  Riu Caribe Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Amanda_Houston  on Apr 1, 2003  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2003 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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A friend and I took off to Gran Caribe Real in Cancun, Mexico for a girls getaway weekend. Here is a rundown of the good and bad and what has changed from my first visit last year. We purchased a Funjet Package from Houston and got a really incredible deal on it. We had been to this same hotel last year in July and enjoyed it so much we decided to return again this year. Once we got through customs at the airport, we boarded a large bus to take us to the resort. There were lots of other people staying at the same resort. This was the first time that I have ever been transported to the resort in a bus-usually it is a smaller van. It took about 30-45 minutes to get everyone loaded into the bus. Then the driver took us on a VERY long scenic route of Cancun while his partner told everyone about tours they were selling. Then, we had to stop at another hotel to let some people out and let others take bathroom breaks. In any event, it took over an hour to get to the resort and we were a little aggravated that they did not just take us straight to the resort as were other people on the bus. I am not sure if this is a new way Funjet does their transfers but next time I think I will just take a cab-to me it would have been worth the extra $15.

Upon arrival at Gran Caribe Real, we were told they were at 100% occupancy. We got a first level room with a terrible view of some A/C unit or something-This is very weird since practically all of the rooms are ocean view. We were not pleased and were told we could move to a new room in the morning. Also, they were out of locks for the safe deposit boxes for the night. We decided to take off and have some food before we encountered any more problems. We went to the outdoor café dining area (Gaviotas) and had shrimp pasta. This café is open all throughout the day but does close on some days at certain times. It is always open for lunch. The food is pretty decent there-mostly burgers, pasta, sandwiches, etc. and some seafood as well as desserts. Each night the resort does a different bar trip--$25 for transportation, admission and all you can drink. The night we arrived they were going to Senor Frogs on this big open air Frog bus thing. We decided to go and had a really good time-people of all ages came along. One warning--the margaritas there were really strong so watch out. I can handle my liquor very well but after 3 or 4 of these, I was a bit tipsy. We went on one other of these trips while we were there to a rock and roll place called Bulldog which was also a fun place.

All Inclusive:
As an all inclusive guest at the hotel, you can order room service once a day and also may use club all inclusive (24 hours). We usually ate dinner late and would order the room service around 4 or 5 for some flautas, nachos or sandwiches. Club All inclusive has video games, pool tables, TVs, a bar with various liquors (make your own drinks) and self serve coolers with food to microwave-burgers, onion rings, sandwiches, etc. That changed a little from last year because there used to be buffet food in Club all inclusive. We only used it after going out in the evenings so it really did not matter.

The next morning we went to the front desk and they moved us to an oceanview room on the 3rd floor-much nicer with a great balcony right above the main pool and beach area. We also got a key to the safe so we were all set. The majority of the front desk workers were very nice, but you have to follow up with them. They are on Mexican time and sometimes forget certain guest requests. The remainder of the vacation was spent lounging by the pool and beach. As the resort was really crowded, almost all of the loungers were full. We found a spot on the beach and then eventually moved to the pool area. People reserved chairs really early in the morning which I really hate but we always seemed to be able to find a couple of stray chairs to get some sun.

Breakfast at the resort is served buffet style in Albatross Restaurant. They have very good omelettes made to order and various fresh juices. They are also open for lunch and dinner but I am not a big buffet person so we did not eat there except for breakfast and one evening meal. There is also an outdoor pizza hut-they have great personal pizzas and I would say this is some of the best food at the resort. The fancy restaurant is called Maria Margaritas. You can make reservations each morning between 7-11 for dinner that evening. Get there early or you will be eating after 9pm. The dinner there is served a la carte with a soup, salad and cheese buffet. The food there is the best at the resort; however, the menu changes daily. The night we went (Friday), there was not a great selection. I found the food definitely to be better the first time I visited.

Lobby and Pool Areas:
The lobby at the resort is very beautiful and lush with open windows everywhere. There are tables and couches for relaxing, TV and some games. There is also a large bar in this area that is used a lot in the evening. There are shows-usually music and karaoke. Lots of people participate and just sit down in the lobby area and enjoy beverages. Right outside the lobby there is a shaded area with large wooden Adirondack chairs for just relaxing and watching the ocean.

The pool area is definitely the hub of the resort. There is music playing all day and activities galore. The main pool is huge with walkways over it in certain spots and there is also a kids pool. Lots of families visit this resort; however, there are also lots of younger couples and singles as well. The entertainment coordinators are great. They try to get everyone involved and really seem to enjoy their jobs. Most of them were the same ones that we met on our first trip. Also, in the evenings there is an outdoor theatre where the entertainment coordinators put on shows. The one on Saturday night is the best one. Most of them are singing and dancing, costumes and tricks, etc.

All in all, we had a great time. The only downsides were that the resort was less crowded during our first visit, the food was a little better and we did not have a problem with our room last time. Things that were better were more nightly activities, met really fun people staying at the resort and liked the places we went bar hopping better than the last time. I would definitely consider staying at this resort again; however, I will probably want to try something different next time I go to Cancun because I like to explore different places. My next trip to Mexico will probably be to Playa del Carmen since I want to do a little more relaxing and less partying :-)

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"I stayed at the Grand Caribe Real resort in February of 2003 and it was well worth it"

Riu Caribe
User Rating:  Riu Caribe Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Erin_Riverview  on Dec 1, 2003  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2003 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
177 people found this review helpful

I stayed at the Grand Caribe Real resort in February of 2003 and it was well worth it. I was on the 5th floor and the view of the pool area and the ocean was fantastic. The bar fridge was kept stocked with bottled water, pop and beer. We had to remind them to restock the bar fridge though. All of the employees were very friendly although I found it a bit difficult to understand them. Their english is not so good, and neither is my Spanish.

When we arrived at our room, they were fixing the air conditioner, but they had it repaired and reinstalled within 15 minutes. The hotel has an open concept, no windows in the lobby or in the hallways, but we didn't find any creepy critters in our room (insects, salamanders), which we have experienced at other resorts.

They have a very large swimming pool with a shaded swim up bar. The whole pool has a ledge going around it that is about 3-4ft. wide and 1ft. deep so that you can sit in the pool and read or drink or you can put your lounge chair in. There is a kiosk by the pool for Aquaworld so that you can purchase outings such as parasailing, jungle tour, scuba diving tours

I went on 3 outings, parasailing, which left from the Grand Caribe Real beach, The Jungle Tour. Although we purchased this tour at our resort, we had to take a city bus to Aquaworlrd to get there. and the Isla Majore Island tour, which left from a small marina by Aquamarina resort.(also required travel on a city bus)

The beach is incredible with soft white sand and clear blue water. Waitresses walk the beach and take drink orders, but it is much faster to get it yourself. I found that the vendors were no trouble at all, they are only permitted to walk down along the waters edge so that you pretty much have to go to them if you are interested in purchasing items. There is a manmade reef made out of sandbags at the edge of the resort which attracts alot of very colorful fish if you want to do a bit of snorkeling at the resort. You can rent kayaks and snorkel gear on the beach.

We used the city buses quite often which were cheap and they run 24 hours a day. Beware of drivers in Cancun! It seems pedestrians don't have the right of way, so if you need to cross the road, run, run run! They drive very fast! and don't stop for anything.

I loved this resort and hope to return there again. I am trying to convince my parents to go. They have been going to Dominican Republic for years, but after they get a taste of this, they won't go back!

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"Cancun is a fabulous place, but I highly recommend you stay somewhere else!"

Riu Caribe
User Rating:  Riu Caribe Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Ginger  on Jan 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2004 | Leisure | With Group
178 people found this review helpful

I stayed at the Riu Caribe several times when it was still the Gran Caribe Real. We liked it so much, we decided to take 40 of our friends and get married there. Unfortunately since the new management has taken over, things have changed dramatically.

We came to Cancun and made all the arrangements 9 months before the wedding was to take place. Additionally we had a wedding coordinator in Cancun who met with management on a weekly basis. I found out the day before we left that my wedding and reception site had been given to someone else. I got the reception dinner menu less than a week before we left. It took months and help of several others just to get the spa services list. For those who may be planning events, I would be wary. I found the management staff to be antagonistic and downright rude. They never apologized for the problems I had. They even refused to meet with me upon arrival to find an alternate wedding site.

Lots of changes have been made to save money and it is extremely apparent. They no longer change your sheets, the fancy restaurant menu has been reduced to a few dishes, they don't restock your refrigerator, even the bottles of shampoo are gone! Other problems included all of the room keys being deactivated, no one receiving towel cards, no water except a drizzle most days and when it was more than a drizzle, it never got warm. Additionally several of my guests' room reservations were lost, many became very ill, and the maid cleaned my room while I was still in bed! The general chaos caused what should have been a wonderful trip to be disastrous. These were not isolated incidences, these things happened to all of our guests. It is no longer the Gran Caribe we knew and loved. Cancun is a fabulous place, but I highly recommend you stay somewhere else!

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"The Riu Caribe has some work to do."

Riu Caribe
User Rating:  Riu Caribe Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Bruce&Margaret  on Feb 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2004 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
172 people found this review helpful

The S.O. & I have just returned from an eight day stay at the Riu Caribe via Air Canada Vacations, 02/08/04 – 02/16/04, and I would have to say we’re somewhat disappointed considering this is now a Riu chain hotel. It is not up to the standards of the other Riu properties we have stayed at. (Riu Jallisco, Riu Palace in Mexico and the Riu Bachata in the Dominican) Here are some of the reasons.

Check in is supposed to be at 3:00pm. We arrived at the hotel right at 2:45 and there was already quite a crowd at front desk. When my turn finally came, I was told that the room would not be available till 4:00 pm or later, but they took our information and issued us the all-inclusive wristbands and pointed us in the direction of the lobby bar. The staff seemed overworked and unable to cope with the sudden influx of guests. At all the other Riu hotels, most of the check in procedure were done on the bus to the resort, so all that was left was picking up the room & safe keys. At 4:00 I went back to check again, and was told there would be a further delay. After some conversation and a $20 gratuity, a room suddenly became available, eight floor and ocean view, no less. Exactly as I had requested, and was promised, in the email I sent to the hotel several weeks earlier.

I have never slept (or tried to sleep) on a harder bed in my life. Previous reviews are quite correct in this respect. The bed was as hard as the marble floor. Pillows were as flat as pancakes and offered no support to your head and neck. The bathroom featured a sunken tub, but the water pressure and temperature was so low at certain times of the day (5-7pm was the worst) that taking a bath or shower was quite an adventure. The soaps were more like soap chips and the shampoo packets barely held enough shampoo to wash your hair twice. On a positive note the air conditioning was extremely efficient, almost too much so, as it dropped the temperature of the room so quickly that it never really de-humidified the room, so it was cold and damp, instead of cool and dry. It was more like refrigeration than air conditioning. The S.O complained the first night we could have hung meat in the room.

The restaurants were really hit & miss here, both the buffet and the one ala carte (there are usually two ala cartes) but one was closed for renovations. I had some reservations about the food on the buffet as hot food is supposed to be hot and cold food cold, so I tried to confine my choices to food I saw being brought out fresh from the kitchen, or eating from one of the food preparation stations. The ala carte’s food was suspiciously like the buffet food by times, but the service in the restaurant was fine and the presentation of the plates excellent.

I found that the mixed drinks were prepared much stronger in the lobby bar than around the pool. I think the reason is that management wants you pace yourself somewhat, not pass out, or puke in the pool. Works for me. Those who want to get drunk can chase each mixed drink or beer with a tequila shot to achieve the desired effect (much to my chagrin and headache the morning after the night before!!) Also, there are bar staff taking drink orders around the pool and beach area, a service not in effect at the other Riu’s.

Was better than any other Riu I have stayed at. Very professional shows. Not Vegas, but what is?

Pool area and Beach:
I found the pool and ocean temperature a bit chilly for the time of year, I expected much warmer. The pool has a swim-up bar, but it’s in the shade, and a little cool to sit at for long. The pool also has a ledge which extends out about 6 feet all around it, with a water depth of about 1.5 feet, and then it abruptly drops off to 5 feet. There are steps on one side, but no hand rail to hang onto as you’re walking in.

There are the usual early-bird lounger hogs here, who must run down at 5:00am to reserve their all-important seats right next to the bar with their towels, a practice I find pathetic. The other Riu resorts I have stayed at do not tolerate this, and signs are prominently displayed to that effect, and it always seems everybody gets a seat and a fair shot at whatever chair they want once the towel hut opens. The beach is very nice, although the first day we got there, there was a lot of seaweed washed up, I think, due to some bad weather at sea that had the ocean all stirred up. Not the resort’s fault, and they worked endlessly to clean up the seaweed.

I must, at this point in the review, make special mention of one of the front desk staff. Lizbeth. What a sweetheart!! When she found out that it was the S.O.’s birthday, she recommended Lorenzillos’s, which is the most terrific seafood restaurant in Cancun. Beautiful place, excellent food & service, we ate right out on a dock on the water. She made the reservations for me, and made sure that the restaurant knew it was for a special occasion. She also waited till we were out for the day, and had a beautiful birthday cake sent up to our room, along with plates, cutlery, napkins and flowers. Next morning she gave us a big hug, asked us how we enjoyed ourselves, and I practically had to force a tip on her in appreciation of her efforts. Riu management – pay attention!!! This girl is a keeper and a shining example of terrific customer service.

Outside restaurants:
As above, Lorenzillo’s was terrific, Tony Roma’s was just ok, and Carlos & Charlie’s was poor.

As this was our “lazy” vacation(unlike last fall’s Las Vegas excursion), we didn’t do much in the way of day trips, so we confined ourselves to shopping at the various markets, and yes, even the Wal-Mart got a visit. We rode the bus, one of the truly great bargains in Cancun. Easy to use, cheap, and a great way to sightsee up and down the strip. Mercado 28 was lots of fun, but watch out for the Coral Negro market. The vendors are so aggressive there that two of them had me by both arms, screaming at each other in broken Spanish that “I saw him first” to get me into their shops. Not really pleasant, and probably a little scary for a first time visitor to Mexico. I haggled the vendors down to what I thought was some great bargains on silver and turquoise jewelry, leather sandals, and of course, tee-shirts. Probably still paid too much, but had fun.

We went to Fat Tuesday’s and Senor Frog’s. I can’t see quite what all the fuss is about, but of course, I’m not 20 anymore, and their aimed at the younger crowd. Actually, both were a bit dumpy, but I guess that once tequila is applied they look better and are lots of fun.

Topless women:
Got your attention? Well, the only topless women I saw was the S.O. Resort was way too family oriented for that, and the guest of European heritage seemed to be the minority there, mostly prudish Canadian and American guests.

All too soon, our vacation came to an end. We had beautiful weather 6 out of the 8 days, and ok weather for the other 2. Would we go back to the Riu Caribe? No….not until I hear some changes have been made, or until Riu fully takes over the hotel. Would I go back to Cancun? Maybe….it’s a little pricey for what you get. Would I go back to Mexico? That was our third visit, so I think it’s time to go somewhere else, but overall, I have enjoyed it every time, and my Spanish is getting better bit by bit.

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"I would say that this resort was close to a five star"

Riu Caribe
User Rating:  Riu Caribe Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Jim&Ann  on Feb 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2004 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
168 people found this review helpful

My wife and I stayed at the Riu Caribe on the first week of Feb. We have travelled quite a bit in the last few years and always try to stay at a four or five star resort. I would say that this resort was close to a five star.

We found that the hotel was well run and the staff to be very friendly and helpful. We arrived late Saturday night and when we got to our room we decided to see if we could change rooms. It was done as soon as a room was available in the area that we wanted to change to ( 6th floor right in middle of the hotel overlooking the pool.). The beach was fantastic and the pool was even better. The food was great and while we were there they had closed the pool restaurant for some kitchen upgrades. While this was taking place there service at their buffet and al a carte really picked up.

We found no problems with water temperature or water pressure in our room. The mini bar was over filled every day and our maid when she saw us always asked if we needed anything.

There was always something going on down at the pool during the day, whether it was a Fashion show or tequila volleyball or aerobics. If all you wanted to do was laze around, you were left alone with no pushing to get up to do something. Every night they had an lounge act happening in the lobby bar and also there was the entertainment at the outdoor theater.

Overall this was a great hotel and staff and we would stay here again with no second thoughts. Infact we are already preparing to return next year at this time again.

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"We were quite pleased with everything."

Riu Caribe
User Rating:  Riu Caribe Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Marlene&Mike  on Mar 1, 2004  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2004 | Leisure | Family and Kids
190 people found this review helpful

My husband, and two kids and I returned March 12th from this resort, and we were quite pleased with everything. In every area, service, entertainment, cleanliness and hospitality. Nothing was outragiously 'fabulous', but there was a well balance of good qualities about the resort.

Check-in - we got in after a four hour flight from Montreal, and we had a six and eight year old just wanting to unwind in a hotel room, relax, whatever. Anyway, our room was'nt ready, we had to wait two hours for our room. This is definately one thing that a resort should be on the ball with. Get those cranky travellers, whose been lacking sleep and food , in their rooms as fast as possible!

Kid's club- My kid's were six and eight. My six year old enjoyed it, but my eight year old disliked it. Most of the kid's clubs we have been to in the past have been geared towards young kids, say four to six year olds, so don't be fooled by the 4-11year age range, because chances are, that is'nt the case. How can one or two workers keep the attention span of this broad age range without boring someone?....impossible. They only went two mornings. Advice, Don't plan a romantic walk on the beach, or a parasailing trip while they are gone to the club, cause chances are, your kids will get bored, and end up joining you!!!

Food-Good, clean, and no mystery meat!!! You tend to know what it is by looking, and not even reading the cards. Not alot of variety, but it was fine. Waiters and waitresses were at your service more in the evenings.

Entertainment- Great performers, the shows were fun and well choreographed. I thought that there could have been more variety of pool-side entertainment. The places I have been to in the past has had dance lessons, Karaoke, kayaking contests just to name a few. Here it was so predictable. They had volleyball, aerobics, and I think the list stops there....Oh , I forgot that fashion show. It was just like clock work. The animation crew were nice, but there was only one or two that would always say hi. Overall, they done their jobs well.

The staff in general were great, the food and entertainment were good. Maids cleaned the room well, and fridge was always stalked. The kids were bored after a few days, the wet and wild waterpark is nearby, but we could'nt move there for the rest of our trip.....Anyway, would we go back? Probably, maybe just the two of us next time........

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"This is an excellent resort...depending how much you paid!!!"

Riu Caribe
User Rating:  Riu Caribe Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Jean-Pierre  on Sep 1, 2004  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Sep, 2004 | Leisure | Family and Kids
190 people found this review helpful

My family and I stayed at the Riu Caribe for 2 weeks at the end of June. Here are some of our thoughts about this resort:

First, this is an excellent resort...depending how much you paid!!! It is not at the Riu standard ...yet!!! So, if you are paying the same price, or there is a small difference with the Riu Cancun, or even more with the Palace Cancun, take one of the later! This is not to say the Caribe is a bad deal. It is an average 4 stars (not bad), but it is NOT a 5 stars as advertised in some brochures! With some renovation, the resort is a bit used up, and minor improvement, it could become a 5 stars. Contrary to what was written in some reviews, I think the food was good, but not great! Many items repeated themselves, but we never doubted their freshness. As for drinks, I am no expert, and god knows there were many of them at this resort (see my comments about the guests), but they seemed good and varied. We had a 6th floor deluxe room (their standard room). My personal choice would be that floor and up. The central part is preferable (rooms in the 30-40-50-60's). However, some rooms at both ends are quite good (watch it, some are far less attractive)! We had 2 dbl beds, more comfortable because they added some kind of cushion foam over the mattress (a frequent complaint seen on the reviews).

The pool was very nice. Well located and of a pretty good size (with a kiddy pool area not too far from the kids club). It as an unusual deep of 1'2'' at the edge (for approximately 4-5 feet's) and 4'3'' for the rest. This arrangement as his advantages (i.e. Chairs in the water), but it can be dangerous too!! The bathroom is average. The tub is pretty deep but they have supplied the rooms with a moving steep. Some parts of the tub and the ceiling showed some fungal invasion but nothing to be over concerned with. The rooms had a minifridge filled, if you were lucky, every day with pops, water and beer (Corona). Furthermore there was some kind of shorter dispenser of 4 kinds of booze.

This last item brings me to the most negative aspect of this resort ...the drinking (or the most positive for certain!). Probably because of the very liberal access to booze or/and the tolerance to 'hooligan' type of behavior, the resort has a serious image problem when compared to other Riu properties. Alcohol consummation was not limited, unfortunately, to adult! Under 18, you were, supposedly, be wearing a red bracelet to limit your access to alcohol. Many teens wearied the adult (beige) bracelet and some used it! Young adults consumed large amount of alcohol, which created a very ''delinquent'' atmosphere were rules and respect for other wasn't that important. Mid-night awakening because of loud noise was, unfortunately, too frequent. This is particularly disappointing when you read and see the installation they have for kids (i.e. kids club, pool section), this resort should be more oriented to a family environment!

The beach doesn't have the big wave like on the other side of Cancun (i.e. Del Ray location), which again is a plus for kids! However, there is more seaweed, but the beach staff cleans it every day (or try to). The sand and water is typical of Cancun, white and clear. The beachfront is large enough for all, but the pool gets most of the attention, so there isn't a large crowd. If you intend to walk on the beach, bring shoes (or sandals). There are rocks and garbage in some area. N.B. one nice thing with dealing with the Riu resorts, is that an hour walk on the beach get you to the Riu Cancun & you are allowed to eat & swim (breakfast & lunch only. You can use your towel card there too). This is not valid for the Riu Palace (but the Palace guest can obsiously!). Avaibility of beach chair is not bad, but don't arrive past 11:00am! You get waiter service directly on the beach, which is getting scarce in all-inclusive. No one begs for tips, but they surely deserve one for working on these condition!

This brings me to the most positive aspect of this resort ...the service! This resort as received some conflicting reviews (depending on the individual), one that seems unanimous is service. This is especially true of all the workers, but at a much lesser degree with front desk (depends on your experience with them).

Last, watch for the exchange rate, especially Canadian. We have witness large difference between, not the banks which would been almost normal, but against other Riu resort in Cancun (Riu Cancun & Palace)!!! We felt was much better to bring our Canadian currency & exchange it for pesos at the local banks.

Would I return? Maybe depending at which price? We paid $1,678 each for 2 weeks, I would not paid more than that for it (at the actual situation). After talking with Riviera Maya visitor at the airport, I would probably pay a bit more for a hotel with less "partying habits"and a better beachfront!

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"It was one of the most wonderful holidays we all have ever had."

Riu Caribe
User Rating:  Riu Caribe Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Agnes_Donna_Elisha  on Jan 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2005
177 people found this review helpful

My two girl friends and I recently visited the RIU Caribe. We range in age from 23-31. It was a last minute vacation booked through Air Canada Vacations.

It was one of the most wonderful holidays we all have ever had.

We had arrived a week after a topical storm. The mornings were sunny. Not too hot, just right. It rained in the evenings

Check-in and Rooms:
It was a short bus ride to the hotel - 20 mins. Upon arriving at the hotel at about 12:00pm check-in was quick and we were taken up to our beautiful room. It had an excellent view of the pool and beach. The three of us shared a room and was fittingly given room 341. The room was clean, comfortable, bright and beautiful. The only compliant we have is one day we did notice ants. The front desk took care of it immediately. The bar was restocked every day. The towel art was beautiful. On a few occasions we were even greeted with champagne, fruits and cheeses. Thank you Miguel and Freddy.

The hotel also had a great Gym.

Our first stop that day was the pool bar. All women were greeted with roses. The bar staff was amazing. The were fun, friendly and full of personality. We must have been served every drink available. The guests at the resort also seemed to be extremely friendly. We never had to wait for anything.

Room service was available once a day - pretty good.
Breakfast - good, lots of variety
Lunch was fine - just okay, but not bad
Dinner buffet - just okay - lots of variety
The restaurants - good - make sure you book these before 10:30 am.

During the day - the pool seemed to be the happening place. There was always something going on. If you wanted excitement if was near the bar side. The other side was quite, for those who wanted to relax.

The beach, was always clean and serviced by a waiter. There was some seaweed but not much. The sand was white and fine. There were also lots of chairs and shade available.

Nightly Entertainment:
At night - there was a show, we only made it to one. Every night we also had the option of going to a local night club. The cost ranged any where from $15-$35 a club US. The cover includes open bar. As we only wanted to dance we opted for entrance only. I would suggest visiting Coco Bongo.

All around this was a beautiful resort and we would all go back in a second. I would suggest going for two weeks as there is lots to do and see in Mexico.

Have fun

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"A true 5 star."

Riu Caribe
User Rating:  Riu Caribe Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  RuiCaribevisitor  on Jan 1, 2005  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2005 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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The Riu Caribe is an excellent resort, a true 5 star. The entertainment is first rate. The food is excellent.The staff is great and the beach is really nice. I would rate this place as a 9.5 out of 10. The only big complaint is that we couldn't stay another week.

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