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Viva Wyndham Maya  

Paseo Xaman-Ha, Mza. Lote Holetero 5 | Playacar, Playa del Carmen 77710, Mexico

"best first time trip"
Posted by: zeal on Nov 9, 2014
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Viva Wyndham Maya Reviews
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Viva Wyndham Maya Mayan Riviera Mexico

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User rating 3.1

Based on 8 reviews

Viva Wyndham Maya Information

Be immersed in fun. Surrounded by pristine beaches. Submerged among coral reefs. And enchanted by ancient Mayan ruins. Located south of Cancun International Airport in Mexico's Mayan Riviera, a Viva Wyndham Maya vacation puts you right in the middle of it all.

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Viva Wyndham Maya Reviews

Viva Wyndham Maya Review: 3.1 of 5 8 reviews
Very good
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"best first time trip"

Viva Wyndham Maya
User Rating:  Viva Wyndham Maya Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  zeal  on Nov 9, 2014  >  1 contribution(s) GERMANY
Visited on: Oct, 2014 | Leisure | Solo
438 people found this review helpful

It was a one week holiday for me and I enjoyed every moment of my stay. Let me use this opportunity to say that this is my first time in the country and chose this hotel as my accommodation place. The country and the hotel environment were quite safe. When I visited the beach, it was beautiful and security was quite tight there. The hotel is safe; the rooms are phenomenal, always extremely clean with nice ocean view. The hotel actually built around a jungle so that just makes it unique from what I am used to in Cuba. There are no issues of mosquitoes or insects like that troubling the guests. The beach was clean, the waters warm and almost devoid of weeds. The sand is beautiful without rocks and also there are no rocks in the water. The beach always had plenty of chairs so whenever you went there; there were always lawn chairs available. I loved that the people here usually go out of their way to please strangers, the staff I can say it’s their duty to make you feel welcomed but the people on the streets and other guests also do the same thing. The food is hot, very delicious so I can say that whoever prepared is very talented and a good cook. It is a great resort for the money I spent and I can say that I had the best first time experience in Mexico and hope to come back here.

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"Ok hotel with excellent location and beach !"

Viva Wyndham Maya
User Rating:  Viva Wyndham Maya Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Ricky  on Feb 15, 2014  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2014 | Leisure | Family and Kids
501 people found this review helpful

We stayed in Viva Wyndham Maya for a week of Feb 02-09 . The hotel is small compering to majority
of the hotels we stayed before but it's located on the great stretch of the beach in playa car. Food in the
main buffet was very stall and really not much to choose from so if you are not into tacos and tortillas
you will not like it much here. The service in the hotel is also kind of average with not real customer service
everything is pretty much answered with yes or no with no real solution offered . Big problem I find strange
here is wifi , you can use it only in the main lobby and areas around the lobby but since everybody is there
trying to connect it gets really slow and week receptions , specially in evening hours , so if you need to stay in touch
or do any small work here I wouldn't definitely recommend this hotel. The best thing about the hotel is the beach it's
really nice here and with lots of beach chairs available all the time. Also we really like the location of the hotel it's in
Playa Car and with walking distance to Fifth Avenue of Playa del Carmen. To wrap everything I would give it 3 stars
and call it just average hotel with the beautiful beach .

Room Number:

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"Mix bag of good and bad"

Viva Wyndham Maya
User Rating:  Viva Wyndham Maya Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Paul  on Mar 24, 2013  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2013 | Leisure | Solo
558 people found this review helpful

Most sites do not let you write a hotel review unless you book through them. Well I booked through iTravel2000, only later to find out that they display a 4 star review that's set in stone from SunWing's site. That makes iTravel's reviews instantly suspect in my book now.

The Good

The best part about Viva is the immaculate grounds, from parking right back to beach and the impeccably clean check-in area and various restaurants. Absolutely NO issue there. Workers were out there polishing and rinsing away every night. Vegetation and variety was outstanding. Beach tiki huts are very cool.

Room air conditioning was excellent.

Room's bathroom is nicely appointed.

The Bad

The rooms. "Superior" my butt. It's not so much the room but how they treat it. A single harsh florescent lights up the bed area at night, and it feels worse than staying in a hospital bed. There's one chair at the built-in desk, and it's super flimsy plastic.

GIANT COCKROACHES! One morning I woke up to find a giant 2 in long cockroach hanging out in my shower. That sucker was hard to kill, and took 30 min for him to finally go down the drain. After reporting it to the front lobby, I was told they would do NOTHING about it, nor switch me to a newer room that might not have the issue. I was told, point blank, that even the updated rooms could also have cockroaches in them, and with "so much nature around", they can't control it. I even showed the front desk pictures of it. They would do NOTHING. This same girl, if you can believe it, still tried to sell me a time share after telling me tough beans.

Bathroom shower curtain was too short at left and right... resulting in a soaked floor for most showers.

Bathroom sink is too high for most people. I'm 6-3 and just found its height to be OK but odd. If you're 5 ft tall, this sink will feel like you're having to reach up into a high drawer just to wash your hands.

Tub had not had water cycled through it in some time. Much rust came pouring out when switched from shower to tub setting.

No PPV option that I could see on TV, and No mini fridge/bar

Having to use a card for towel service on the beach seemed odd. If anyone wanted to rip off towels, they'd take the more plush white ones from the rooms directly.

Booking a themed restaurant required you to do it before noon, or forget about anything but the generic restaurant. Having the same food cooked at breakfast, lunch and dinner, practically. By the time you leave, you can't wait to come back home and enjoy some real cooking.

SINGLES - not recommended. I went there for a week, and have been single now for a few months. There were 0 single women there. And when you're a single guy, being surrounded by happy couples and married girls-onl

Room Number:

Room Block:

Mar 17


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"Great place and you get your moneys worth."

Viva Wyndham Maya
User Rating:  Viva Wyndham Maya Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Pat  on Mar 10, 2013  >  4 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2013 | Leisure | Family and Kids
612 people found this review helpful

I was worried going to this hotel given I was reading reviews from TripAdvisor. Well, we travel every year to different islands in the Caribbean and we consider this hotel to be one of the nice ones in terms of best bang for your buck. I would rate it more like a 3.5 star given its not a luxury hotel with all that fancy high end food ( we don't really care, we go for the beach and a hotel that accommodates well). Visit the playa del carmen commercial strip ( 20 minute walk, its worth it and good for shopping).
Exchange rate is good at hotel or airport. For all you beach lovers, this one ranks right up their with the best of them.
Weather was great. sunny all week! However, do bring a sweater it does get chilly at night ( drops from 31c day to +- 19 night with a breeze).
If you are one that is down to earth, simple and enjoys life with what it has to offer, then this is for you ( and family). If you are more the picky, fussy, never happy one, well, pay the high dollars and go elsewhere.

Room Number:

Room Block:

No problems with the arrival. Airport to hotel about 30 minutes. Check in was smooth ( we arrived at 2pm).

Simple and typical Caribbean rooms. All the required amenities. Block 3000 is the farthest from beach ( +- 7 minute walk) and most quite building. However, no matter where you are, everything is quite accessible by foot and not far.

Restaurants and Bars:
Buffet and snack bar was good. Nothing extravagant but does offer some variety. The booked restaurants were all quite good ( we ate at the Mexican, Italian and Mediterranean). We never got sick ( I read too many reviews on people being sick here).
I can understand those who stay for 2 weeks in which case the food does get kind of redundant.

Beach: Awesome. Clean, white sand no rocks.
Pools and grounds: very well maintained and there are 2 pools ( one for adults and one for everyone.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Night entertainment was good, staff have a lot of energy and are very polite. Resort is well maintained.

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"Awful experience...3rd time there would not go back"

Viva Wyndham Maya
User Rating:  Viva Wyndham Maya Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  TRUDY  on Feb 17, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2012 | Leisure | With Group
653 people found this review helpful

This first 2 time we went to this resort it was great, friendly people great service. this year we went in a group of 11 for three of us it was our third time there which meant nothing to the people at this resort. The experience with the chairs at the beach this time was ridiculous the security wouldn't in allow you to go to the beach bar in the early morning to get a coffee/tea and go back to your beach chairs once you left your stuff on the chairs when you walked away the security would remove all your belongings. The Security would stand and watch for anyone leaving their chairs and run to take your stuff a lot of people had words with the security and all the security people did was laugh...not much of a joke to me....the bartenders at the beach bar were not friendly and rude at times. (which saved me money as I did not tip to much this time) I am not paying someone to yell at me because there is sand on my cup...hello I am at the beach what do you expect. The shows suck never stayed to watch a complete show...boring!!!!
I adviced to you is think twice about to this resort

Room Number:

never received face cloths, didn't alway get extra roll of toilet paper
I one bottle of water for three people

Restaurants and Bars:
rude and unfriendly bartenders

grounds were well keep, kids place in hot tub by the pool so adults could not use. Also kids in swim up bar pool and that should not be aloud as the kids have their own people

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
very few...didn't find activity staff overly friendly

Other Comments:
I would go back to the Mayan Riveria but NOT back to this resort

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"This resort is not for family people. Very bad vacation."

Viva Wyndham Maya
User Rating:  Viva Wyndham Maya Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Svetlana  on Dec 12, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2011 | Leisure | Family and Kids
666 people found this review helpful

My family went to Mexico before and really liked it but this vacation experience was so hell like. I'm still asking myself what did i spent so much money for? We booked 10 days vacation and it wasn't worth it. I'm not booking my family vacation in Mexico ever again.

We came with 1 older person and 2 young children late in the evening. Nobody greeted us, after a long wait we were checked-in in a check- out counter. We were assigned to the 3rd floor room , no elevator, we changed it to the 1st floor room. Nobody helped us to find our room in the dark resort. After 6,5 hours flight and another 30 minutes of checking -in ( we were the only family that came at that time ) we finally opened our vacation room.

The room was dark, floors dirty and huge TV took up half of the vanity table it wasn't hanging on the wall as pictures show. There was not enough space to put our luggage or to hang our belongings . Beds covers was so old I didn't feel like touching it. The room was step away from walking path where staff was riding some noisy bins late in the night and early morning.
We moved to the different room in the newer building. It looked much better until it starts raining and our light fixture has water running down it's cord . We let reception know about the leak and 2 days later nothing was fixed. Another rainy day and water running again.
Sealing in the shower was bulging more and more every day until it's cracked opened and stayed like that for 3 days! Shower head and ventilation was broken from day 1, sink fell out and gave our granny blue toe.
Water was never brought to the room - all we got is 2 little bottles on a first day . It was a chore to go to the buffet and refill our kids small water bottles. Our used face towels was not washed but folded again and again.

Restaurants and Bars:
For the amount of people that was in this small resort I say kitchen staff performed to their highest to make all that dishes , but it was quantity above quality matter- didn't enjoy it much.
One or two waiters new how to be professional on the job, the rest just shown bed attitude - it was expected that tourist would run away from their path fast enough to make a way for a waiter.
Restaurants was tight , everybody was just on top of each other.

Beach was good, clean but towel service staff was present there only half of the working time.
There was only 2 showers to rinse off that caused long waiting lines.
Pools in the resort made for adults who like to enjoy swim up bar . Nothing for kids to do there.
Water puddles around the pool was not drained or wiped so it was very slippery to walk in some places.
In the middle of the reception plaza was an old tree filled up with the fire ants nest . The ants are not visible during the day and there is no sign or fence around it. One evening my 3 year old was playing with a girl his age and they ran around that tree for a minute , next thing I know my child is shaking and screaming than the girl screaming too. So I took all of his clothes off as soon as I could , he was naked and looked like he was wearing black west - that's how many ants got under his clothes. The parents of the little girl was helping her too. It was one of the worst days of my life.
After my son was cleaned and calmed down I went to the resort reception - manager wasn't available and nobody knew where to find one. I told about the ants to the resort representative just to hear back " Well, it's a jungle".

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Kids club has a gated playground with splash pool where parents can leave 4 -12 years old kids. Our 7 years old spent a lot of time in the club, but our 3 years old wasn't allowed on that playground even with a parent supervision. That was one and only playground in the resort. Overall kids club was good but their swimming in the sea is not well supervised. At one point I saw my 7 year old kid with one of his friends playing in the waves . I asked them where is their group and we searched all beach together - kids club group left, leaving 2 kids in the sea >: [

There was equipment for diving and snorkelling off shore and boat was going for this activities ( $ ) quite often but it's not something to do with a little kids.
Walking distance from the resort was a little shopping plaza, we found one great souvenir store that sell all kinds of sea shells imaginable - it was a beautiful experience, I could call it the only highlight of our vacation.
Good thing for kids of all ages was kids on stage dancing every evening.

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"Most fun you could have in a week"

Viva Wyndham Maya
User Rating:  Viva Wyndham Maya Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Linda  on Nov 5, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Oct, 2010 | Leisure | With Group
738 people found this review helpful

No problem checking in our rooms were all ready and clean

Neat and clean rooms with a towel animal every day on our bed

Restaurants and Bars:
The staff was excellent at the bars and restaurants. Drinks were very good with plenty of booze in them. Loved the Japanese Restaurant and the food around the pool bar.

The grounds were always kept up clean and pretty and so was the pool. I liked seeing all the different creatures that came out and none of them bothered us.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The activities staff worked real hard to keep us entertained in and out of the pool. Plenty of handsome men and pretty women. I enjoyed the entainment at night and they even had my son dancing on stage.

Other Comments:
I would love to be able to facebook the entertainment staff. I talked to Pillow one of the dancers and he was going to tell us how to get on the hotel facebook but I didn't get to see him the night we were leaving. He is a nice guy who is serious about dancing and he does a great job. I enjoyed watching Spike and Oscar too.

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"Great value for the money"

Viva Wyndham Maya
User Rating:  Viva Wyndham Maya Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Jeff  on Mar 22, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
771 people found this review helpful

Clean rooms, small but lush grounds, friendly staff from grounds keepers up through management.

I can't say enough about the friendly staff, leadership comes from above and all the managers I spoke with were as friendly as could be.

Your Arrival:
We arrived with the rest of the tourists so the check in was hectic.
That's not a bad thing....hectic but also quick and efficient.
The Sunwing was also there to greet us.

Clean but basic, in fact very clean and the maid service was fabulous.
I know many people leave a dollar on the pillow for the maid in return for good service.
I do things different....if I get good service I tip at the end.
We got fabulous service each and every day and I made sure to search out the maid on the final day and left her a pretty good tip....she looked so suprised but it goes to show how good the service really was, even when I'm sure she thought we'd not be tipping.

Restaurants and Bars:
Good food with plenty of variety.
I'm a very picker eater and usually lose weight on holidays. I'm sure I've gained a few kilos,

The pool was small but well layed out.
The mexican brought in 11.2 Billion square feet of white sand to repair the hurricane damage.
I'm given to understand this was a smallish beach to begin with but it's huge now.
One note to smokers....and I'm one. I smoke when I drink and I smoke on the beach....In fact I always seem to have a smoke in hand on vacation, how hard is it for us smokers to get off your behind and go get an ashtray to take to the beach?

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Great animation staff.
My previous frames of reference is two trips to Cuba and 3 to the Dominican....these folks were motivated, they enjoyed what they did and they obviously had competition for their jobs, the worked hard and it showed.

Other Comments:
My only complaint is nothing to do with the resort but more to do with Sunwing.
To much time spent on the bus on the trip to Tulum/ much to see but time was wasted on the bus waiting for people who could show up on time.....twice we waited for over 20 minutes and then spent time waiting for another bus because the first was to small.


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