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Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Tim & Sparkyjo 
London, Ontario, Canada (of course!)
July 2008
Arrival and Flight
We flew Sunwing and you are packed in there like Sardines. Its unbelievable! Tim and I both asked for isle seats and I'm glad we did cause at least you could stretch out your legs a bit. Friends that we made on the resort said that some other airlines were way worse. But its only a 3 hour flight so you can survive it. We arrived to the Hotel no problem. Check-in was a bit rough because we didn’t have some Sunwing confirmation paper so we had to wait around till the Sunwing rep. came can gave us one. We had a room down the hall from the Disco and reading previous reviews I knew that it would be noisy so I asked for a different room and they told me to come back the next day which I did and we got a room in the same building which is the tallest building at the very far end of the resort on the 5th floor. We were fortunate in that it overlooked the ocean. I wanted an ocean view room when we first booked this trip but there were none available cause there are so few and they were way more money. And really we spent such little time on our room that next time I wouldn’t care. I do like the privacy though.

Well the rooms were very outdated. Our patio door didn’t close well. Our toilet ran. And Tim brought some food back from dinner for a snack later and forgot about it. Yes. there was a solid 1/4 inch line going across the floor up the leg of the table right into the food. Nasty! So we made sure there was no food laying out! Cleanliness wasn't bad. The housekeeper made cute things with our towels and did her best to tidy up. I'm posting this review sometime after the trip cause life got away from me but this resort is closing for a year for renovations which is a very good thing! There is a safe in every room to keep your money etc. We didn't hear of any incidence of people having stuff stolen. You felt pretty safe.

Money Exchange
We exchanged money at the hotel with no problems. They warn you to not do it out on the street. Its Ok as well to do it at the airport. Only exchange the money that you need cause you have to exchange it back to Canadian before you leave the country and I think its at a lesser rate.

We did enjoy the food. The buffet was Ok. Breakfast is great with Humberto's personally made omelettes was most popular. You can't really screw up breakfast. I did tell him that he is quite famous on this review site. Noel is awesome at the grill! We ate at El Mojito once. It was a more fancy style dinner. At we ate at the the Beach Grill Los Bohios. The waiter there wanted Tim's running shoes for his son so we got to come back a second time. You should book reservations early cause there is limited room. If you wanted preferred service then be friendly and tip. It supposed to be all inclusive but you do feel obligated to tip. It even says on the Guest service Directory ..No Tipping. But its done everywhere and thos that don’t tip don’t get as good service. Late in the week we stopped tipping for every meal unless we really used the waiter's service and we did notice that the waiters paid less attention to you. Sometimes they paid way to much attention to you as well. We tipped a peso. Tim really liked the food. I got sick for 24 hours solid and then felt sort of weak for the last remaining 3 days but I'd still go back. Food is such a personal preference. I'm more of a picky eater but I found the selection was great! I did not find it repetitive as some people found it to be. The first day we got there we had salmon for lunch and we could have lived on that for the rest of our stay but they did not offer it again. Yes, there are birds flying around in the dining room - grackles - and yes they will steal food off your plate if you leave food sitting there unattended. I like birds and found it quite funny. I also noticed ant around the spouts of the juice machines and fruit flies flying around the fruit. The desert table had a veil covering it so that helped. Again these things didn’t really bug us much. Our friend advised us to take snack with us like chips, cookies and candy cause there isn’t that stuff down there. I was glad I did take that with us.

Awesome. I'm not a drinker so I just had drink without alcohol. Again you really feel obligated to tip. We didn’t tip every round though cause it really is supposed to be all-inclusive. We made friends with other vacationers and that made it fun. You kind of made it a habit to meet at the bar at certain times and visit. I'm not a partier so I go to bed early but Tim went with other people to the piano bar etc. and had fun. Oh, Yes be sure to take you own drink containers. We took the water containers and that was great because they'd fill it full at the bar with whatever then you don’t have to make so many trips cause their plastic cups are small.

Beach and Pools
The beach is the most amazing beach. Just like in the commercials and brochures. We walked the beach daily and I must say that Breezes Varadero had the nicest setup and the cleanest. The cabanas and lounge chair were in much better shape than other hotels that we walked by. Breezes Bella Costa's beach setup was awful. There is a volleyball net and we did see them play once in the week. There is a bar close by and so is the grill so you can get you drinks and some food and not have to walk far. Its really nice because no peddlers bug you on the beach. You do see them go by or set up close by but you are never bugged. We weren't into the pool because there is a beach so it surprised me to see people even at the pool. The hot tubs were out of service when we were there. They would have been nice cause for the first 3 days the weather was a bit cool.

Very beautiful. It mesmerizing. We found it to be clean and well-kept. I love all the lizards.

Activities and Entertainment
I can’t say this is the busiest activity spot in the world. There is a board in the lobby that tells of that day's activities. This was our first vacation as a couple even though we'd been married for 12 years. I'd travelled a few time before I married. We really just wanted to come and do nothing which is what we did. We talked with people that did the various trips and they all seemed to say it was positive but expensive! Tim loves to golf and found some people to go golfing with. The course is nearby. Make sure that they know where you are staying cause its supposed to be included. But you do have to pay golf club and cart rentals and its very expensive. Its better to take your own clubs. If you are worried about being overweight you won't be because they don’t include the weight of the golf clubs in the total. Tim said the golf resort is like in a magazine. So beautiful and in a certain spot just few yards away is a 75ft drop right into the ocean. He said he's never seen anything so beautiful. He golfed twice. Going down there you don’t have to worry about weight, especially if you are taking things down for humanitarian aid. Its coming out that they really charge you big bucks for every kilogram. I think its 10 pesos per kilogram so beware!

We each rented a moped and went out on a half day excursion. It is very safe to drive. People there give you notice when they are coming up behind you and give you LOTS of room. We even drove the highway and it was fine. Not busy. We ended up in some local town which was a bit intimidating because everyone stopped to stare at us. But all in all we found people there to be very friendly.

Humanitarian Aid and A local Church
We did take down a lot of stuff with us because that’s what other people suggested when we read reviews before we went. I found it very difficult to understand the level of poverty down there and I did learn a bit though I can tell you to please do take some stuff with you. There is lots of advice on the net as to what to take. What I found difficult was that the workers in the hotels were dong really great. Waiters, bartenders, housekeeping were making good money with tips. And they were not reluctant to ask for our personal items. As I mentioned one waiter asked for Tim's new running shoes, another asked for his sunglasses. No doubt they were amongst the wealthier of the people. We gave our room keepers toiletries and things for her kids. But what was on my heart was to find a local church and take all the stuff we took with us to a Pastor who would get it to the people in desperate need. So at the resort we asked around till we found someone who knew of an evangelical church nearby. It was pretty tricky when language is such a barrier but we managed! We met with this totally AWESOME pastor and boy were they glad to see us. They said they had prayed for three years for someone to come and meet them. They are now family to us! If you go down and would like to meet this pastor and take their needy people some aid please email me at sparkyjo24@hotmail.com I will give you their name and email address and put you in touch with them. You will find that they are not just out to get stuff from us. They are more driven to give you something, feed you, help the less fortunate around them. They have so little but what they do have they give away. It was stunning. The really awesome miracle was that the Pastor's wife and one of the home group leaders speaks awesome English. Please, Please contact me so we can help these beautiful people out! But beware because you will get so much more from meeting them then you could possibly give them.

Conclusion I would recommend this resort in a heartbeat. They also have some program where is you go so many times then the next one is free accommodations. We are considering doing that when they reopen after renovations. Also somewhere on the internet was a site that gave you a list of things to take with you. This is a must do cause availability of stuff we can buy anywhere here just don’t exist there. And if you can find it you'll pay a fortune for it. Here is one webpage that provides a list http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g147270-c86621/Cuba:Caribbean:Packing.List.html. Don't forget to take copies of your passport and travel insurance. If you have any questions please email me. I'd be glad to help. sparkyjo24@hotmail.com
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero

April 2008
Hi, was in Super Club Breezes Varadero from April 1st to April 8th 2008. Had a wonderful time. I went with six other women. The beach, the weather, the people, the resort, not one complaint do I have. Going again next year, to the same resort, with husband this time. CANT WAIT!
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
March 2008
Arrival and Flight
Flew Skyservice and we were delayed pretty much a whole day due to the east coast weather. Flight was okay and the flight attendants tried to make the delay as good as they could.

Okay at best as nothing we asked for was given to us as in one big bed rather than 2 small ones, wanted top floor and anywhere away from the disco. Put us 2nd floor on top of the disco but never heard anything except for the disco at the next resort which kept us awake till 2 or 3 at leat 4 nights.

2 of the a-la-cartes were excellent but the 3rd and the buffet were second rate. We didn't starve but the food was second rate at best and not much flavour. Lots of bird and flies in the buffet all the time. The barbeque was great and if they would have done roast pork at the buffet more often it would be passable.

Bars were okay at best. They didn't have tequila and didn't know how to make any different drinks but a couple. Beer was good and because of the arrival at 4 am decided to stay up and started at the lobby bar till the sun came up. The bartenders at the beach bar were actually rude and abnoxious and would sooner talk to each other rather than serve people and actually thought were were putting themselves out. That was the most unimpressed I was with Cubans, Most of the rest would do their best and help out, and were nice and friendly.

Beach and Pools
Beach was beautiful and the water was warm, what more can you say.

Very nice and lush and had no problem walking the grounds feeling safe.

Activities and Entertainment
Should have done more water activities as in sailing and windsurfing. Didn't go on any day long excursions but had a catamaran on the beach take us snorkeling for about 3 hours very close to the resort.

If it was not for the beach and wonderful weather I would have been more dissapointed but drank and had fun and met a lot of people. I believe I would go back but will have to do a lot more research prior to going.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Nova Scotia
March 2008
Arrival - We flew with West Jet, Great flight, on time and friendly service. Nice snack included. The check-in was fast and friendly, we arrived at 10 am and our rooms were not ready, but by 1pm we were well situated. We had emailed the resort in advance and asked for our room to have a king bed and the teens wanted twin beds, which they got. The seperate sitting area had a futon in it so my daughter decided to move in there and the maid moved the matress from her twin bed onto the futon and made it nice and cozy for her. So they were quite happy to have there seperate spaces. These rooms could easily accomodate three adults with lots of space.

Rooms - The rooms were very large with a seperate sitting area and a balcony. Well laid out and kept fairly clean. The rooms need updating, especially the bathrooms, but they were still very comfortable and exactly what we paid for. Lots of closet space and storage. The safe comes with the room and ours was not working properly when we got there, but a call to the Front Desk and it was repaired before we returned from the beach.

Restaurants - We ate at the buffet most nights and it had lots of choices. We travelled with our teens aged 16 and 17 and they too always found something good to eat. We especially liked the beach grill, which had burgers just like homemade. We tried one of the restaurants but the service was really slow and we heard similar reviews from other guests, so we opted to eat in the buffet as there was entertainment over dinner and we wanted to take this in. It was nice that they had a dance floor in the buffet area, so if liked the music, you could get up and dance during dinner. Nice touch for us and lots of others who got up and danced.

Bars - Always friendly service with top brand liquors if you wanted them. Friendly staff and even though the resort was full the entire time we were there, you never felt like you had to line up for anything. We really liked this, as we are not on holiday to line up.

Beach and Pools - The beach is fabulous! Beautiful white sand, well maintained and lots of palapas for shade and always chairs. This is so important to us, as we have been to resorts where there is not enough chairs around the pool or beach and this can put a damper on things. The water was nice at the beach, though a bit rough on some days so we couldn't get out sailing. No beach venders bugging you! There was a few venders who set up on the beach, but it was uo to you if you wanted to go over and purchase anything. We ventured up to the pool a few times and there was always room, no matter the time of day, the water was a bit cool, which made it nice and refreshing to swim in.

Grounds - Beautifully maintained grounds. Nice mature trees and well laid out resort. Everything seemed to be just a short walk away.

Activities - We always found lots of things to do as did our teens. There was a great piano bar for after the shows and this was a great place to hang out after. They even had Karaoke a few times and I think the teens amused themselves with this after the disco closed and the old folks had gone to bed. I should say how much we enjoyed the shows themselves, they even had a group from NS down there and they played a few nights, the best entertainment we've seen at the all-inclusives.

Tours - We went to Havana for the day. Great trip. We were in Cuba for two weeks, so this broke up the trip a bit. A must see if you are in Cuba, complete with an excellent history of Cuba by the tour guide. The town of Varadero is also a great placeto visit, with an excellent market for souvenirs. We always felt safe and no one bothered you or hassled you to ccome and look at their goods. There was also a plaza in the resort area with a pizza shop and other stores. A good thing to do if you get some rain and the trip is only a few pesos by cab. There is a Beach Tour bus that you can take and it is 5 pesos for the day, but we opted to cab rather than wait aound in the hot sun. Because there was four of us, it was cheaper for us. The one thing I have to say about Cuba is that I felt I was getting value for my money and I never had the feeling that I was being ripped of, as I have often felt when on holidays in big tourist areas.

Conclusion - We would definitely return to this hotel. This is our second visit to Cuba and our fourth all-inclusive vacation and this was by far the best. The staff at the resort were so accommodating and friendly and we just had such a relaxing time.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
March 2008
Rooms - The room we stayed in was above the disco. We could here the music but it didn't really bother us that much. The room was clean but my mom stayed in the older section and it was not great. There was mold on the curtains by the patio door. The rooms in that section need a real cleaning and updating.

Restaurants - The alacarts were very good. But the buffet really turned me off. Birds all over the food and actually hopping on it and picking at it. Not alot of selection and no signs telling you what things were. Food was not that good, not alot of flavour at all. Everything seemed to taste the same. The barbeque grill was good but it got sickening, hamburgers,hotdogs and pizza. We ate there alot it was better than eating at the buffet. At least everything was covered up there.

Bars - The bars were great. There was alot of room to sit and the drinks were pretty good. I liked the hot tubs at two of the bars. My favourite bar was the lobby bar, I loved the coffee it was like a cappichino.

Beach and Pools - The beach was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. We swam in the ocean every day. The sand was white and very soft. The pool was huge and no one was really in it because they were all at the beach. For that reason there was lots of room at the pool. They have a big hot tub by the pool that was nice.

Grounds - The grounds were nice, lots of beautiful flowers and shrubs. The only thing was I found they didn't clean like I have seen in the Dominican. There was a dead snake along the walk way and it was there for 3 days in the hot sun, it started to smell, we went home so I don't know how much longer it was there.

Activities - If your looking for things to do don't come to this resort. There is absolutely nothing going on. I saw bingo one day and there was 3 people playing. They don't announce it or have a board telling you about the activities. The animation team is not good at all. They are not friendly or fun.

Tours - We went on the speed boat tour, it was alot of fun. My daughter swam with the dolphins. Very expensive but she had a ball. The water that the dolphins and you swim in is very dirty and stinky. We also rented two scooters and drove all over Varadero. We found it very safe there and we were not scared to drive on the roads.

Conclusion - Well I loved Varadero and the beach but the food was not good. The rooms were average some below average. The staff there not friendly, only found the one bell boy very nice and the barbeque chef was friendly. Also the bathrooms in the lobby were very digusting. The mens room was all pluged the day we arrived and like that all week. I would try another resort in Varadero but not there again.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Lindsay, Ontario
January 2008
Arrival - Flew Skyservice, was great service, early for departure and arrival.Great breakie and lunch served.Movie wasn't workng on trip there, but had it on the way home. 4 star

Rooms - Absolutley wonderful rooms! Block H was close to all but still away from noise. Granted they need updating I think they do a great job for what they have to work with. 4 stsr

Restaurants - Only ate at 1 ala carte, was good food but small portions, most left and went back to buffet to top up. 3 star

Bars - EXCELLENT!! Great service, great staff, great drinks!!! Ask for a breezes...they were so good I had my husband drinking them non stop with me. (remember to stir before drinking!!)

Beach and Pools - Awesome pool, very lrg and very very clean!
Beach was outstanding, warm water, friendly people, and always enough lounge chairs for all!

Grounds - This was absolutly the most beautiful grounds I have seen in a very long time, flowers, trees, bushes, were all well maintained and walkways are always clean to walk and walk.

Activities - Always something to find and do, they have geat activities from dance lessons, scuba lessons to playing bingo. They have pretty outstanding shows in the evening, the aqua show was great, the comedy night, and the casino night!! Plus a 24 hr games room.
Take time out too have a great massage on site. My husband and I both had one after our excursions and this relaxed us so much we could sit and drink some more!

Tours - Catamaren was FANTASTIC!! Jeep Safari was great as well (take goodies for kids as they stand on the side of the roads waving).
We also walked to the markets and had a great time shopping, taking pics of all the old cars, and staues, and bought some Rum to bring home!

Conclusion - This was a Fab time, and we are already planning our return for next yr! I have recommended this to all our family and friends and to you as well!
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Fort Erie
January 2008
Arrival - Flight through Sunwing. I love flying Sunwing. Nothing unexpected. Plane on time, food good, movie was also good.

Rooms - We were in room #144 block E. Great location for the room. Close to pool and main dinning room with out it being so close you hear everything. The room is in need of some minor upgrading. The room is actually very large with two sitting rooms and we had a king size bed. I loved the lay out of the room. I loved the room and would stay here again.

Restaurants - The a la carte restaurants were very good. The Cuban, Itlain,and the Grill.Even the steak was great We didn't get a bad dinner even at the main dinning room.The food was very good. I know every one says you don't go to Cuba for the food, but this resort, the food was really good. Everyone can find something to eat.

Bars - Four bars. They were all good. No complaints about bar service. It was all good.

Beach and Pools - The beach is amazing. Goes for miles. I love Varadero beach. Even the pool was good. the water was warm and the pool was great too, not too shallow. Loved both but perfer the beach. We had lots of loungers and shade when needed.

Grounds - The ground of this resort were beautiful. It looks like they care about the grounds. Beautiful floweres and paths to walk and a ton of LIZARDS every where. They were very cool to watch running around.

Activities - Lots of water activities to take advantage of.

Tours - We just loved the JEEP SAFARI!!!! This tour is well worth the money. I can't say enough about this tour. It has a little of everything for every one. You go off roading, snorkling, river boat, to a farmers farm for lunch and horse back riding and a ride on a bull if you want, hang out in hammacks, then you go to fresh water caves for a swim. Great Tour for $73CUC each.

Conclusion - We loved this resort. We would go back to this resort. Highly recommend Breezes Varadero to my family and friends. GO YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
November 2007
Another cheap trip to Breezes and free golf to boot. Nice course by the way

Food was decent and expresso and alcohol was good.

Beach was nice and if the water is calm it is the best around.

Rooms are worn and have ant problems and air conditioning leaks but for the price who cares. Bring some ant traps.

Staff were decent, a few were great. Most were friendly. Some were sour, Who cares really

Service was decent but all of the stupid Canadian and British tourists have ruined it y giving out little packages of toiletries etc and over tipping. Wake up you fools. Professors and doctors are making half of what the bartenders are making in this country. Now the staff are begging for curling irons, cd players and more. You get no service now if you don’t continue to over tip.

All inclusive was designed to have no tips as it was included in the price. Hey, if someone goes out of their way then give them a buck but you idiots have ruined it for everyone and now people from Cuba who actually like working in tourism are having trouble getting a job as it is the most sought after occupation now. There is all kinds of black market trading going on with your so called gift pouches you give the made etc as they get so much of it they can sell it on the black market and make more than a teacher just from the gifts.

If you really want to help those who need it then go to Havana and seek out a family on a park bench and surprise them and the kids. Those are the ones who need it and appreciate it. Quit widening the poverty gap by making the hotel workers the richest on the island. They already get salaries higher than a University Professor.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero

June 2007
We went with a group of 24 people to the Superclubs Breezes Varadero resort from May 20-28th (half left out of Toronto and the other from Calgary). The resort was beautiful, the staff is always friendly, and everything that we wanted was there. Some of our guests weren't fond of the buffet but everyone was able to find something that they liked to eat - I personally love to try everything and if I didn't like it then I could always go and get something else. The beach grill had good mini pizzas and burgers and drinks were all very good.

The pool was warm every day that it was sunny, although cooler when we had a day of clouds. We had mostly yellow flag days so we weren't able to use any of the water sports available, but we all managed to have a great time playing in the waves! Since we went in off season everyone was upgraded to Oceanview or Poolside rooms which were very large with a sitting area off the bed space and another room which had a futon if the room was to be shared, or a great place to store your luggage out of the way! The rooms don't have alarm clocks in them which is great, except if you have to be somewhere on time! We told time by knowing that poolside Bingo was at 3:00 every day. Everyone did the Jeep Safari tour and loved it because it had so much to offer – from driving through the beautiful countryside to snorkelling in a cave to horseback riding.

We arrived in Cuba on a Monday night and then on Tuesday morning we met with the wedding coordinators and planned all of our details. They took us on a tour of the resort to see all the different locations that you can have the ceremony and the cake and champagne. There are about 5 locations, some shaded, some not, and are all over the resort. They also ensure that your documentation is correct, ask you about flowers (they mainly have lilies and roses to choose from but you can get whatever you want), as well as the type of cake (we had chocolate, it was really good), and the reception location. We then all went to the piano bar and sang songs together, and then headed to the disco to dance it up! If you have your wedding there you also get to go back one year later for 50% off, we had a late check out (so all the guests left their luggage in our rooms when they had to check out and used our shower to clean up before we all got in the plane), and we were treated just wonderfully by all of the staff.

Everything was taken care of and there were lots of surprises, like a bottle of rum, a Romeo y Juliet cigar, and a bouquet of gorgeous flowers the night before the wedding in the room. We had our wedding on a Friday which is by far the best night in the buffet, and we were given a large table for our whole group in front of the stage and were allowed in before it opened for other guests so we could do our speeches and toasts privately. Normally the dinner is at Martino's, the Italian restaurant, so we were able to have our group there for our rehearsal dinner the night before with a specialty menu prepared just for us! There are lots of beautiful locations to hold the ceremony and you can choose where and how you want it to be. We did ours outside the piano bar and held our reception inside there due to rain (we had planned the cake cutting and champagne for an outdoor balcony in the Junior Suites building originally.) As long as you are a couple who can easily go with the flow then a resort wedding is just for you. Our guests were so happy with out choice of resort and we are all planning to do it again in a couple of years!

There is a photographer and videographer that you can also book but we chose not to - All of our guests took pictures and we had our laptop there so that they could download their pictures on it so we have them all. We are making them DVDs so that everyone has everyone else's photos too! As our 'favour' we gave all the guests travel mugs to use for the drinks at the resort and it was a big hit - it kept the drinks cold and sand free and was pretty cute with everyone's initials on them.

This is a fantastic resort and I can’t wait to go back again!
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Jenn and Andrew  
Guelph, Ontario
May 2007
Traveling from April 13 - April 27, 2007 Wedding Date: April 18, 2007 at 4:00pm

I have to say that our wedding in Cuba was beyond perfect for us. The Breezes Varadero staff (specifically Eduardo and Lizbeth) made not only "the day", but our entire stay perfect. Here is my review...

The resort is old. In our eyes that made the resort BEAUTIFUL. The gardens were well established and there are no 'kinks' that needed to be worked out. Everything ran smoothly around that place. The pool is open 24hrs. There are 3 hottubs, in which the water is actually hot! A very nice surprise. It's a great place to go to in the wee hours of the morning.

The food in the Buffet (specifically for dinner) is my only complaint as the food was often luke warm or cold. The evening entertainment is during dinner (around 9:00ish). We didn't enjoy this as it was loud and you couldn't carry a proper conversation, which I wanted to do with all my guests and husband. I found out at the end of our 2 week stay that they made fresh sandwhiches at lunch and then pressed them...they were yummie. The food at all other places were amazing! The grill has hotdogs, hamurgers, chips, chicken and pizza everyday until 5:30pm. At 7:00 the Grill turns into an A La Carte (my favorite). My suggestion is to try to book for 7:00 (to make sure to get a good seat to view the sunset), and especially on Friday night (Lobster night - apparently the Lobster in the buffet was not good, but it was to die for at the grill). The Fish and Shrimp were also excellent. The Italian restaurant is also excellent. You will LOVE Angel if he is your server...what a sunny personality he has. And the last restaurant is the Cuban. I enjoyed the food there as well. There is music playing at all three A La Cartes and really sets a romantic or fun mood...depending on the restaurant. We used the room service for Breakfast. You don't get hot food, but you can get a variety of fruits, and ham and cheese, bread, etc. It was very nice.

The activiteis were announced daily, but I rarely saw anybody get up and do anything. Everyday I heard dance lessons announced, but never did I see a lesson occur. There were a few games of pool volleyball that happened, but not run by the entertainment staff. It was nice to not have staff constantly bugging you to get up and do something. Be prepaired to hear the same CD playing everyday...you will know all the words, even if you don't speak Spanish! The games room can be a lot of fun. There is Pool, Table Tennis, Chess, Checkers, Fooseball (sp?) and Darts. It's airconditioned and can get pretty busy and competitive!!!! If the Ocean is calm there are a lot of activities that are included. Unfortunately I didn't ever get a chance to go on the bannana boat...next year I guess. We did however take a paddle boat and paddled out towards the golf course. We jumped into the water there and found ourselves a few golf balls to take home. We plan on returning them to the water during our golf game next year! Three green fees for golfing are included. If you look at the website it indicates that you must have a minimum or max handicap to play. It's not true at all (at least in April it's not). They were very laid back there. The golfing was great. Very difficult for a beginner like me, but it was fabulous. Cart rentals are mandatory ($33CUC) and clubs are available and can be shared between two people ($33CUC).

We stayed in the Hotel portion of the resort. It is the only rooms that have been renovated. We loved our room, and only encountered a few ants, which is to be expected. The only problem is the noise from the resort next door. It is loud through the day and night. This wasn't a problem for the people staying in the Blocks. Many of my family and friends were in the Blocks. They mostly enjoyed the rooms, only the people that expected "the hilton" were not happy about it, as some of the rooms are in need of renovations. All the rooms are very spacious (which works out great for storing a big white dress!!). The beds were not the most comfortable, but better than other resorts that I've stayed at. Big Fluffy Pillows make up for it all!!!

Our Wedding day was amazing. The wedding was set for 4:00pm. There are several beautiful places to choose from to have the ceremony. We choose outside the piano bar, where is it very 'Greek' looking. There are stone walls with an archway and vines hanging down. It was also a good place for a back-up plan, just incase it rained we could easily move the ceremony into the piano bar. We had 32 people including us for the wedding. The package includes one bottle of champaine and one set of flowers. They gave us the extra flowers and a box of champaine to accomodate for the group at no extra charge. There is also a flower archway that they put up, behind where the ceremony takes place. The flowers that I choose were Red Roses, and for my Maid of Honour, Red Roses and Lillies mixed. They were beautiful.

Lizbeth sent me to a hairdresser that they normally send the ladies to, at Melia Varadero (there is no hairdresser at Breezes). My hair turned out better than I could have ever asked for. I was so happy with it. I brought in a couple pictures that I found on the internet, and we went with what the hairdresser thought was the best. I definatley suggest having some pictures with you, because my maid of honour was not happy with her hair and we ended up fussing with it a lot before the ceremony.

I brought in a few items of my own to make the wedding special for us, such as a Sand Ceremony. The staff were accomodating to make sure we got what we needed to make it happen. A small note for any bride who does the sand ceremony--make sure that afterwards you have the vase filled, capped and in a safe place. Ours was just sitting our on a desk in our room, two days after the ceremony I returned to our room to see the sand shaken up. I think maybe the maid picked it up to look at and then dropped it or something. I was pretty upset about it, as I was planning on putting it in a special place at home.

When walking down the isle the trio played "Here comes the Bride", which I wasn't expecting, but liked very much. The ceremony itself is very legal sounding, that is why we added the sand ceremony. Once the ceremony is over the Trio sticks around to play some music while you open the champaigne and cut the cake. They will also play a song for your first dance if you like. We then started to do the formal pictures. The photographer is great. The only thing is to look out for shadows. We have a few pics that would be much better if we were out of the shaddows. Dinner for all 32 people was at 7:00pm in the Italian restaurant. It is very romantic in there. And again the food and service was fantastic. We had the restaurant to ourselves until 7:30, then other guests from the resort were also there. I didn't mind this, I just felt sorry for them having to deal with our roudy group. At 8:30ish we headed back to the piano bar for toasts. I also brought a few CD's with music for a reception. It was a very intimate place for our First Dance and the Father & Daughter dance. We stayed there until after 10:30 and then proceeded to the disco to continue the party.

We also opted for a Wedding Video. I believe the cost was $200CUC. We did not discuss one thing with the videographer, and I wish I did. He added songs that I really dislike and think are cheesy. When the video comes to our first kiss, he put it into slow motion and then added the cheesy music. There is a really nice video clip that he put together as well. Again it was music that I would have never chosen. It actually made me laugh the first time I watched it. If you have ever watched a Wedding on Days of Our Lives and the montages that they do...it's exactly like that. :o)

For what can often be a stressful day, I have to say that the staff did not allow me to stress. They made me feel confident that everything was well taken care of, and it was. I was able to enjoy the day to the fullest, because of the fabulous job that they did.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me a personal message in the Forums section of Debbies Reviews. My username is jennb.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Nicky & Paul 
Ontario, Canada
May 2007
Awesome place , awesome people, all the BLA,BLA,BLA cannot describe it. Just GO!. We golfed , toured , walked downtown during the day & at night. Very safe & fun place to go.Any one at any age would enjoy this resort & this area.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Calgary, Canada
March 2007
We just returned to Calgary, Canada after two fabulous week’s at the Breezes Varadero Feb 22 - Mar 8 2007. We would HIGHLY recommend both Varadero for a vacation as well as staying at this resort. What a fabulous trip. The beach, the weather, the local people, the Breezes complex, and the variety of things to do were all just great. We also met a fantastic group of people that we hung out with and will not soon forget. We have travelled extensively throughout Mexico and the Dominican but this was our first time to Cuba . . it won’t be our last. Here’s some info we would like to share.

CHECK-IN: this was so easy. We gave our names and they handed us an envelope (with a smile) that provided our room keys, a map of the grounds, info about the amenities, and towel cards. A friendly busboy took us to our room. The front desk staff are very helpful. They post a weekly weather report each day, and can answer any questions you have. Please note, all hotels take your passport at check-in. I’m not sure what they do with them but this is a routine thing.

MONEY EXCHANGE: this is done right on site and is very easy. We found the best way is to take cash advances on your credit card. To do this, you go upstairs to the Money Exchange room in the main lobby, along with your passport. We took travellers cheques too, but will not do this again. The lady has to write all the information from your passport on every single traveller cheque and it can be quite time consuming (especially if you have cheques in $20 like we did)! We did not use our debit card, but I’m sure you can at the banks in Varadero.

ACCOMMODATIONS: we stayed in the junior suites which are very nice, two story complexes that are scattered throughout the Breezes grounds. They have nice-sized balconies and a separate front room with a couch and coffee maker. Sure the rooms are dated, the beds quite hard, and the lighting isn’t so great, however, for the amount of time you are in your room, it is not a big deal. Everything worked and the maids did a good job cleaning. Yes, there are teeny-tiny little ants in the rooms but they didn’t bother us. Some people bring ant traps with them.

FOOD: I had heard horror stories of the food and it was fine. We were embarrassed that we brought our own ketchup and salad dressing (we left both there unopened). Although the food is repetitive, if you like pork, fresh fish, lobster, potatoes, pasta, tomatoes, cucumbers, bean salad, cabbage, fresh fruit, fantastic breads and ice cream, you will have no problem. They don’t have a lot of vegetable choices, however we did have broccoli on two nights, pumpkin, and okra on others. Breakfasts were great with fresh croissants, fruits, cheese, meats, omelettes made to order, eggs any way you wish, cereals, French toast and waffles – all very good. This resort has a grill near the beach which was fantastic for lunch. They made great hamburgers, hot dogs, or mini cheese pizzas. Yum! Or you could go back to the main restaurant for a large buffet lunch.

BEACH: What can I say except absolutely fantastic. The white sand is like flour. There are no rocks. The turquoise water is crystal-clear and there is no seaweed. The ocean is shallow for quite a ways. It didn’t matter what time of day we came to the beach, there were always lounging chairs available. Yes, no getting up at 6 or 7am to stake your claim on the beach like in Mexico! It was amazing. Same up at the pool - there seemed to always be a chair or two available at 10:00 or 11:00 which is unheard of in other countries we have been.

DRINKS: All the bars have pop machines so you can help yourself to pop or fill up your water bottles with water. Bartenders are very friendly and will make all sorts of drinks for you. I recommend the Canadian Flag or the Breezes which don’t taste like rum, or my favourite which was Malibu rum, pineapple juice and soda water (no name – just made it up). The beer, Cristal, is very good and tastes similar to Canadian beer. A Dr. Pepper is also good (beer, amaretto and coke) and tastes just like a Dr. Pepper. None of the bartenders, maids or waiters expect tips, however, they greatly appreciate a few pesos or other small gifts. We also tipped the pasta guy, Juan, and omelette man, Humberto regularly who were also very grateful. The lobby bar is the best place for a decent cup of coffee. The coffee in the buffet restaurants isn’t so good.

GIFTS: We wished we had brought more gifts for all the wonderful local people. They are so happy and sincere, and are truly grateful for small gifts that we take for granted. Stuff such as hygienic gifts: razors, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and bandaids. It is also very difficult to get medicines such as Tylenol which they are so grateful for, especially stuff for kids like children’s Tylenol, Ambesol, etc. They also love receiving baby and kid’s clothing.

Lots of other people have written about the tours. We did Havana and the Bay of Pigs which we greatly enjoyed both. We also heard the Catamaran tour was great.

Let’s see what else to share . .

There are bicycles at Breezes that you can take for free and go for nice bike rides. There are also mopeds that you can rent.

Prices for souveniers are regulated so everything costs pretty close to the same. At the flea markets or on the beach, you don’t barter much like in other countries. If something is $15 pesos, you may get it for $12 or $10. The beach vendors do not bother you. If you are interested in seeing something they have, you go down to see them.

Bring mosquito repellent. We got some good bites at night.

Again, I would strongly recommend Varadero for your next vacation and highly recommend Breezes Varadero. We became friends with many of the local staff as well as tourists. We cannot wait to go back.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Saint John NB
March 2007
Just got back from Breezes-stayed for a week - both flights with Air Canada on time and no problems.

Weather- perfect- only a 5 minute showers 2 afternoons. No ants or mosquitos.

Internet was down all week.

You get a card for a towel, the room safe is included, they use keys not key cards for the doors, and some are on a springy type thing that you can put on your wrist or arm, if you dont have pockets or carrying a purse.

Everyone we met was from Canada...we only saw one topless sunbather all week, when we were there before there were more topless sunbathers.

We drank the water from the tap in our room, ate everything and neither one of us got sick.

Room in jr. suite garden view, big room with sitting area - no fridge, had a thermos you could fill with whatever from the bar, pop,water.etc- great view from the balcony. 110V in bathroom, but my flat iron plug wouldnt fit, as it had a polarized end - wish I had brought my adaptor- I have hair that humidity does a number on and the flat iron controls it- room has an iron and ironing board - huge bed, we loved sitting on the balcony in the early am and late evening, room has a coffeemaker which I used every morning.

Grounds are well kept and very pretty with lots of flowering shrubs and trees, lot of walking - we were located in the big building a bit of a distance from the lobby and beach, no problem for us, but there were a lot of elderly people and I can imagine the walking may have been an issue. In our building the Italian restaurant is located as well as a bar that is open around 6:30 pm and the Disco is located here as well, our first room was 503 on the ground floor where the disco is located, lots of loud noise around 2:45am woke us up, so next day we got moved to room 703 top floor, not a sound. If you are in this building make sure you check out the deck on the top floor, wow, the view is incredible.

Food we had no problem with the buffet, always lots of different things to eat - Friday night is lobster night - grilled lobster yummers..all 3 a la carte restaurants had enjoyable food,got reservations no problem, remember folks, you are in Cuba - if you want your usual food stay home or go to the US.

Bars -Lots of bars located through out the resort my fav was Duna,also Lobby Bar and a nice piano bar,pool bar, beach bar.

Drinks- they use cinnamon on the top of their pina coladas, we asked them to leave it off and it tasted like it was supposed to, with cinnamon on it tasted like eggnog at Christmas,Canadian Flag was a good drink, I also liked the beer.every kind of drink you want they have.

Beach The green flag was up all week, so all water activities were a go, we went out on the paddle boat, lots of fun, and Juan Calos took us out on the sail boat, also there were sea kayaks you can take out and snorkelling gear to use. Beach is unbeatable, we were in Varadero before so we knew what it was like, and it is as beautiful as ever. Lots of loungers on the beach and pool area we never bothered staking claim to any early in the am as some do..

Pool- Nice and clean water chilly, hardly anyone in the pool the whole week.

Trips- Took a day trip to Havana highly recommended- we took one through Air Canada Vacations, lots of people do the private taxi driver tours, we opted to book ours .stopped at the highest bridge on the way to Havana, the bar there makes the best pina coladas in Cuba, although in Josone Park they claim to make the best..the one we had they chopped the coconut and pineapple up fresh and made it right there, they had rum if you wish and at 10 am with rum it does taste great..lol... the buildings in Havana are incredible the Capital Building is unbelievable. In front there are people with homemade cameras that will take your picture on the steps in front of the Capital Building, the cameras are like something from the middle ages, the pictures are sepia, they develope the pictures right there with all these chemicals, no environmental laws..lol..we had ours done and for 1 peso, what a treasure. Had lunch at the Florida Hotel, well worth the pricefor everything we see n.

ALso did the all day Jeep Tour, had a blast, drive your own jeep,all through the country side and through the town of Mantanzas, went snorkelling,went up the Rio Canimar river on a river boat with entertainment, visited a ranch where they had horseback riding and paddle boats, and had lunch at the farm as well, and stopped at the Saturno Cave where you could have a swim,also stopped at a Cuban womans farm house, with animals etc, you can tour her house,etc.if you go bring lots of toys, clothes, flip flops,pencils, anything, for the kids that are everywhere,I had a ton of things but wished I had more. We will never complain of pot holes in the spring on our roads after seeing the craters on the back roads of Cuba. We left around 8 am and got back to Breezes around 6:45 pm, we loved every minute.

We rented a scooter twice, very safe lots of fun. Drove into Varadero went to all the flea markets, drove down to the end of the peninsula to the last resort, only one person on the scooter has to wear a helmet..strange law..I guess its whoever doesnt want a head injury.

Other stuff there are 2 really nice tennis courts and basketball court, nice gym with indoor aerobics, shuffle board, big checkers game, indoor games room, lots of different stuff to do other than beach and pool.

Bring an insulated mug for the beach, to keep sand out, drinks cold, and save using more plastic cups.

Bring an empty water bottle or a sports water bottle, as they do not have bottled water to give out, you have to buy a bottle and fill it at the bar.

If you go anywhere off the resort, take kleenex, no toilet tissue anywhere unless you want to buy a single sheet..even at the Florida Hotel in Havana, which is a really classy restaurant, a lady waas wanting "tips" for a single sheet of tissue, I had mine with me. antoehr good thing is carry a package of baby wipes and hand sanitizer with you.

At the Varadero airport coming home lots of people, but we got checked in right away, strange thing the clerk said " I have some American dollars do you have any pesos you would like to trade" my husbands says yes, I kicked him and said no we dont, I didnt know if it was a scam or what then when we were boarding our plane a female agent came past us with a handfull of American dollars asking the same, by that time we only had not even 1 peso and she traded the coin for 1 American dollar.

Going through security didnt even ask or check for liquids in your carryon, I had a bottle of water which I took through.

They actually had free toilet tissue in the Varadero Airport!

I have seen some reviews saying that employee were drinking in front of vacationers...well our AC rep told us, they are only allowed to have a drinkif you as a guest ask them if they would like a drink, and if they say yes, then they can have a drink.

We took baseball caps and gave them to the gardeners, pool guy, the security guards on the beach, I left a lot of things for the maid, never did see her as we were out all day everyday, I left barretts, kids clothes, crayons, pencils, tooth brushes, dental floss,candy,books, note books,etc, plus some of my clothes and flip flops the day we left.

All the staff we were sweet and friendly.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Burlington ON
January 2007
This was my first vacation to Cuba, it was very nice, rooms clean and the Cuban’s were 98% of the time friendly.

Weather: We arrived on January 19, 2007 the whole week was mid to high 20s, and sunny with very little clouds. We had a storm mid after noon the day before we left and an overcast day when we left.

Hotel Building: Showing its age but very clean, problem with very small ants in the bathroom. I brought ant traps.

Recreation: we went for the golfing, it was great, and the greens were perfect.

Bars: Ran out of Malibu Rum 3 days into our trip, the staff were friendly by the pool and snooty at the beach bar if you weren’t tipping. They would serve my friend and walk away without serving the two of us waiting beside her.

Staff: The staff are friendly and they DO expect a tip.

Food: I am not a picky eater, but when I end up eating rice, beans and fish or chicken for lunch and dinner, it gets pretty boring. On the Lunch and Dinner buffet, most of the trays had cold food; at least they could have had the food warm. I got very tired of the food; you don’t go to Cuba to eat like a champ.

Pool: The pool was fine, but stayed on the beach most of the time, the sailing was great, and you have to try it. Carl took us out 3 times and had lots of fun.

Tipping and Gifts: we brought soaps, shampoo, conditioner, gave clothing, tee shirts, golf caps. Very much appreciated.

Beach: the beach was clean, the water clear

The Italian restaurant was good, Roberto was great.

The Cuban restaurant wasn’t great; the one waiter was totally rude. Either they are very nice or watch out for the rudeness and attitude; almost like we were in the way.

The Seafood restaurant was good.

I will visit Cuba again; we did have a nice time as we were with friends- 3 couples together, but would try a 5 star resort. I won’t be rushing back. It won’t be my first choice.

I have traveled to the Bahamas, Dominican, Mayan Riviera, Cozumel, 10 day Cruise-Panama Canal-Princess Cruise Lines, and 7 day Western Caribbean- Princess Cruise Lines. My next choice will be 14 days to Panama-Royal Decameron Costa Blanca, Eastern Caribbean Cruise-Princess Lines, and will return to the Mayan again.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Toronto, Canada
December 2006
This was my first time to Cuba, let me say I had an amazing time and plan on going back and doing a half Havana half Varadero trip. I understand now why so many Canadians head over to Cuba, it doesn’t cost much and it’s a gorgeous place with some of the nicest people.

Trip Operator: We booked through exit.ca and our operator was Conquest. In terms of price we got a good deal. Let me mention this, our Skyservice flight was rescheduled to 7am two days prior to departure. Our friends booked through Sun Wing and had a stop-over in Caya Coco. Keep in mind the flight to Varadero is only about 3 hours so a stop-over seems an unnecessary inconvenience.

Weather: We arrived on November 4th and the first two days were a bit cool and windy but the remainder of the week was my ideal weather, mid to high 20s, not humid, nice breeze and sunny. Keep in mind that the storm season ends in October, November should be OK but next time I’ll be waiting for mid-November.

Hotel Building: This is an older building and is showing some of its age. Although management has done its best to keep it up to date. They were actually renovating the ocean view resorts while we were there and painting the outside of some of the occupied resorts. If you’re looking for a beautiful looking resort this isn’t the place to go as there are a number of modern resorts in Varadero and more currently being built. There is free internet access available at Breezes, at the time we were there 1 PC was working and internet speed is about the speed of dialup.

Recreation: chess/checkers, small library, pool table, foosball table (in decent condition), ping-pong table, paddle boats (non-functioning at the time), kayaks.

Bars: The majority of bar bin stock are no named brands, although they did have Canadian Club for those who are a fan. Most of the bartenders on the resort took their time and made their drinks well.

Staff: The staff are extremely friendly and they don’t expect a tip which makes tipping them that much easier. Some staff members that I’ll remember, Yadina and Barbero at the lobby bar. Noel at the grill. Humberto at the omelette station. Brian the entertainer.

Food: A number of reviews I have read complain about the food in Cuba but I have to say that the food was good. I would by no means say the food was excellent but it was enjoyable. The restaurants consist of 1 buffet, 1 grill, 1 a-la-carte (which is the venue for 2 different restaurants). Our friends that were staying at another resort were disappointed with their food; they were at a newer resort and paid about $100 more for the week. We had lobster our last night there which was excellent. See Humberto for awesome omelettes at breakfast and Noel at the grill for burgers, sausages and chicken.

Cleanliness of Rooms: Excellent. Our rooms were cleaned meticulously everyday. We gave our cleaners something everyday, such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, disposable razors and children’s toys.

Pool: There is 1 large pool and a hot tub within 10 feet of the pool. Unfortunately no pool bar.

Tipping and Gifts: The Cubans very much appreciate toiletries and small gifts. Things to consider bringing: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, clothing, perfumes, makeup, children’s toys. The warm nature of Cubans makes giving gifts or tips so easy and the gratitude they show just warms your heart.

Beach: I have to say that Varadero’s beaches are the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to as of yet. I am comparing to U.K., Mexico, Philippines, Hawaii and a number of US states. The waters are crystal clear, perfect temperature and the sand is not polluted with litter.

Mopeds: Awesome. These things top out at 80km and they’re a blast. They can be rented for 24 pesos for 24 hours; other time slots are available as well. They provide 1 litre of gas and you are expected to return it with 1 litre, there are gas stations not too far from Breezes. As far as I found all the prices were the same but the condition of the mopeds does vary, the second one I rented topped out at 60 and that was due to engine condition. There isn’t too much traffic in Varadero so that’s one less thing to worry about. If you’re responsible you shouldn’t have much to worry about, keep an eye out for potholes they can shake you up a bit.

Clubs: Before I get specific what you must understand is that if you’re looking for the type of party that you experience in Cancun Mexico, Varadero will not compare. This is not to say that partyers are not around and that a good time cannot be had but you won’t see Varadero on anyone’s top 10 party cities. Unfortunately we did not have a chance to try out the clubs in Havana but we were told there a much better party in Varadero.

La Rumba – Price: 5 pesos. Beer: 1 peso. Located about 2 blocks from the Breezes resort. We somehow ended up at this club twice, although once would be more than enough. The actual venue is really nice, the club sits on a hill and faces the ocean for an amazing view. There is also a wall just outside the club where they’ll let you sit and enjoy the view and the breeze. It was probably the largest club, in terms of square footage, we went to. Unfortunately the crowd and the music don’t carry as much of an appeal as the venue. Music was mainstream hip hop, r&b and reggaeton. It was one of the few clubs that did not have a live band prior to the party starting. If you think the washroom attendants are aggressive about getting their tips in Toronto, you’re in for a shock. More than 90% of the people in the club were tourists – a large number from Toronto – so it didn’t bring the liveliness that some of the other clubs did.

Club 62 – Price: Free. Drinks: pricey. This place isn’t really a club. It is a bar with a stage and a small dance floor. There was a live band playing till about 12 which was cool. This place is open and faces a small street so the majority of people are dancing or chilling on the street. If you want to listen to live music before heading out to a club you can drop by this place. Drinks are pricier as there is no cover charge, but be forewarned there not made very well.

La Composita – Price: 10 pesos, drinks included. By far the best club we went to. This club has a live band till about 12:30 or 1 and then the stage becomes a dance floor. The music ranged from reggaeton, latin, reggae, house/techno and a few classic rock songs. This club has an open roof and has an elevated stage with tables and chairs on the lower level looking up at the stage. The crowd is a good mix of tourists and locals. A warning to the females you have to tip the washroom attendant to get toilet paper a bad tip means one square. Saturday is their busiest night.

The Cave: - Price: 10 pesos, drinks not included. Beer: 1 peso. This club is actually built within a natural cave, so it was something I think is worth checking out. Unfortunately it also meant ventilation wasn’t that good and there was a sort of mold odour. There was a live performance till about 12:30, it was probably one of the better performances we saw, the performers were in full costume and even if you didn’t like the music the show was entertaining. The music consisted of reggaeton, reggae and latin. Again a warning the washroom attendant is really aggressive about getting a tip. We were told Monday night is the best night to be there.

Havana: Havana was an interesting place with a real view of the Cuban culture and history. We rented a cab and driver for 140 pesos which seems to be the going rate. Drive took about 2 hours; we left about 9am and came back to Varadero around 6pm. You can take a tour bus for 70 pesos per person if you want to have a tour guide give you a more informed tour.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Isabelle 29 yrs old 
Montreal Canada
August 2006
This was my first time at this hotel but my third time in varadero. The check in was done fast the staff is nice but BEWARE if you get a room on the lower floor i had to request another room wich they did so but when i got there there was a dead lizard on the floor a major invasion of ants everywhere and when i put the light on a huge roach popped out the headboard of the bed so i was pretty grossed out.Keep in mind this is my 8th trip to the carribeans ive been to mexico and dom rep and never had a gross room like that,but the second room wich was on the 2nd floor was sooooooo much better.

BEACH- AMAZING ..............so nice its clean no rocks,no algea, long stretch nice white sand!!!!!!

FOOD- well lets just say you dont go to cuba to eat like a champ...the food is pretty bad at this place,i really was starving after 1 day there.I suggest you take a 5$ cab ride to plaza las americas and go eat a good pizza at PIZZA NOVA worth it trust me.Im not a real picky person but i couldnt handle it.

GROUNDS- the hotel grounds are nice the golf course is also nice.

I have to say that i always return to cuba for one reason the BEACH... and the people there are so amazing but if you wanna eat well this is not the place for you i suggest you go to riviera maya near playa del carmen thats where all my future trips will be...................................
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
March 2006
Just returned from a week at Breezes.The resort is beautiful and the staff is the friendliest and most helpful we have encountered in Cuba.The food was excellent and the no tipping policy was appreciated.The garden suite we had was huge.Although a little dated it was spotlessly clean .The nightly shows were great and it was nice having them take place during dinner.We will definitely return to this wonderful resort next year.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Jackie and John 
March 2006
We were at Breezes for 2 wonderful weeks! We were there from February 19th to March 5th. This was our first time to Cuba and an all-inclusive resort. We got married there during our first week. Lizbeth the guest relation’s manager took care of everything for us. She is the nicest person you could ever hope to meet. She made our wedding day perfect. We choose to get married by a huge fico gomero tree by K block, with the ocean in the background. They made a beautiful archway of bougainvilleas. My bouquet consisted of orchids surrounded by white roses and baby's breath. The ceremony itself only takes about 15 minutes or so and then you have cake and champagne. All this with a Cuban trio playing in the background. We also hired the resort photographer and video. We took pictures around the resort finishing off on the beach. Both the pictures and DVD of the wedding are great! We received our pictures the day after our wedding. We are so glad we decided to get married at Breezes, it was the most wonderful and stress free day we could have imagined!

ROOMS: We were in an ocean view suite room in I block, on the second floor. We thought the room was excellent! It is very big with an extra room off the side with a couch and coffee maker in the room. We also had a fridge in that room. Our friends staying in the same block did not have a fridge in their room. I think Lizbeth arranged this for us as an extra bonus because we were getting married there. It really was unnecessary because you can always get something to eat and drink at this resort 24hrs a day. We did drink the water right from our taps with no ill effects. The balcony is huge with a table and chairs. It was really nice sitting out there looking out at the ocean and listening to all the birds sing. We had a few small ants in the bathroom a couple of days but they didn't bother us at all. The air conditioner worked great and we could set the thermostat to what temperature we wanted. They also have 110V plugs throughout the room. The maids kept our room spotless with nice towel arrangements on the bed every day!

GROUNDS: The grounds are beautiful at Breezes! It’s like walking around in a park like setting. There are mature trees, flowers blooming everywhere, and nice garden areas. Which brings all the birds and the small lizards you see while your walking along the paths. We also saw some bats flying around at night. I don’t know if this helps with the mosquitos but we did not see one in our 2-week stay here.

BEACH/POOL: The beach is awesome! The beachfront at Breezes is very wide with white fine sand. There were plenty of lounge chairs. My husband is not a beach person so we never spent a whole day on the beach. On the days we went to the beach we didn’t get there until the afternoon and never had any problems getting a chair. We only had one red flag day while we were there. This means that you are not allowed into the water. The beach guards would stop you from going in if you tried. The water is warm and clear! If you have a snorkel and mask bring it. If you go on the right hand side of the beach in front of Breezes there are some rocks and seaweed about 100 yards out. It is about15 to 20 feet deep and you will see some fish, but best of all you can dive for some nice shells. Much bigger and nicer then you will find at the shoreline.

I did not use the pool at all. My husband went in once to play volleyball. Our thinking is why swim in a pool when we can go swimming in the ocean.

FOOD/BUFFET : We were very happy with the food at the buffet restaurant. We had brought some spices with us but we never had to use any. My husband is not a picky eater but I am. I never had any problems finding something I liked. They have a very big variety of food to pick from. The pasta and bread was excellent! The plates were heated and we never found the hot food cold. We had Humbero’s omelet’s almost every morning. He greeted everyone there with “good morning my friends, how’s my family today”. He was always such a pleasure to see every morning! We didn’t have lunch too often at the buffet, because we were either away from the resort or we just had one of Noel’s delicious burgers or hotdogs at the beach grill. Every Friday night at the buffet is Gala night. You can have all the lobster you want! They were delicious and they do put butter on the lobster if you want. Whatever night is was all the food we tried at the buffet was great. The wine is also very good. The waiters at the buffet serve this to you at your table. There was a couple times we had to flag a waiter down to get our wine but for the most part they were very attentive. We found that a small tip or a gift really helped in this department. We don’t remember all the names but the two that really stood out for us were Duniel and Vladimir!

The entertainment at the buffet was from 8:30 to 9:30 every evening. Some nights the shows were better then others, but overall we enjoyed them very much. We did find on our second week there some of the shows were repeated. This was good on the nights that we had missed the entertainment on the first week. The desserts at the buffet were good, but we found that they didn’t have a whole lot of taste. They only had ice cream at lunch. I could have had that after every meal, their ice cream is very good!

BARS: We only tipped occasionally and we always had good service at all the bars at the resort. It was nice being able to try out different drinks they have there. They have a very big variety of different alcohols here. Our favorites to sip on were Frangelico and Cream de la Caribe. At the lobby bar we found that they also had Baileys. After the entertainment at the buffet we always went to the pool bar and got our favorite beverage and went down to the beach, to look at the stars and listen to the waves come in. It was very romantic! Make sure to bring an insulated mug with you. On most evenings I needed a light sweater with me at the beach.

SIDE TRIPS: We went on two overnight trips. The first one was to Havana, which we got for free! Breezes was overbooked for our second night there, so Lizbeth our wedding coordinator offered the four of us a free overnight trip to Havana including the Tropicana Show and a tour of Havana the next day! We were originally in J block and we would be put into I block on our return. This was an upgrade to an oceanview block. How could we refuse that!! Packing up everything again to store at the hotel while we were gone was a small price to pay. I’m guessing that we were offered this first because we were the only ones getting married at this resort that week. We had a fabulous time in Havana! We stayed at the Hotel Libre and all our food was included at the buffet there. The Tropicana Show was fabulous! Definitely something you should see if you get a chance. We really didn’t get to see a whole lot of Havana on the following day but it is definitely an excuse to go back again one day and explore on our own.

Our second overnight trip in Cuba was to Trinidad. This we did on our own. We had booked a Casa Particular ourselves before we left, for 25CUC. We took the Viazul bus from Varadero which left at 7:30 a.m. and arrived in Trinidad just before 2:00 p.m. The Viazul bus to Trinidad costs 20 CUC each way. The bus is similar to a greyhound bus in Canada, with a bathroom and air-conditioning. It is a long bus ride with a few stops along the way but you really get to see how people live in Cuba. It was a very eye-opening trip. Trinidad is a very old but beautiful city. Around Plaza Mayor were we stayed there is live music coming from everywhere. There are alot of small bars where you can stop for a drink and listen to the bands play. Wherever we went, the bands always came around to the tables to sell you their CD for 10 CUC. So if you like the music you can buy the CD and reminisce when you get home. The casa owners where we stayed were really nice, but did not speak any English. With our limited Spanish we communicated just fine. We had our own bedroom with a shower and they made us a home cooked supper for 8 CUC each, which was very good. I must say that it is a little unnerving walking around at night because Trinidad like Havana is not very well lit. Even saying that, we never had any problems. We were only in Trinidad for 24hrs but we really enjoyed this trip!

We also went to the Delfinario in Varadero to watch the show and swim with the dolphins. The show is good but swimming with the dolphins was excellent! You spend about a half hour in the water doing different things with them. Afterward you can buy some pictures they take of you with the dolphins and also a video.

Rent the mopeds they are a blast. They are really easy to drive. You just have to be careful. None of us had ever been on one before and we had no problems at all. This is how we went into Varadero to do our shopping in the markets. They only give you 1 liter of gas so the first thing you have to do is find a gas station in Varadero to fill up. If I remember correctly the closest gas station to Breezes was down 54th street in Varadero. To rent a moped for 3 hours it cost us 15 CUC. We did rent them once for 24 hrs, which only cost 25 CUC each. So the longer you rent them the cheaper it will be.

The golf course is beautiful! When you stay at this resort you get 3 free games a week. If you golf before 1:00 p.m. you have to rent a golf cart for 33 CUC. I would suggest renting a cart no matter what time you go at because there are some lengthy distances between some holes. We are average golfers and we found that the golf course was not too difficult. You get beautiful views of the ocean from some holes! Bring your camera along with you.

Overall we had a fantastic time at Breezes Varadero and would love to return one day!
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Oryst and Vicki 
March 2006
We took the direct flight from Sudbury to Varadero. We were totally impressed by Breezes. We loved that it was not too crowded. We noticed people painting but were not bothered by renovations in anyway.
We thought the food was great. My husband and I travel a lot and we fell in love with Cuba, and this resort. We hope to go next year.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
March 2006
Just returned from a week's stay March1-8th and would not return to this resort. There are major renovations going on and the rooms are very outdated, musty-smelling and ours had ants and mildew. The air conditioner sounded like a jet, and we couldn't regulate the temperature. The food was good and the entertainment was mediore. The beach is wonderful and the people are very friendly and hardworking. The week we were there, it was very quiet--too quiet. There was no one at the disco and people wouldn't participate in the activities. I wouldn't rate this a 4 star resort.

The Havana tour was excellent.

I have travelled to many other places and would not recommend this resort
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
"Jimmy Jack" Carter 
March 2006
I just returned from a two week stay at SuperClub Breezes Varadero and it was just fabulous! The resort is undergoing renovations to the Jr. Suites and therefore there were fewer people in attendance which made for a great holiday as there were no line ups for the restaurants. The staff at this resort made my holidays a vacation to remember for ever. The staff was fantastic! The best tasting food in Cuba is served at this resort. I had service fit for a king at the buffet and Noel, at the Beach Grill, made the best tasting hotdogs and hamburgers that I have ever tasted. The shows at night were also very good, especially those using the some of the guests as participants. My room was very comfortable and spotlessly cleaned every day. The maids spoke English as well as French so communications went well. Fresh cut flowers were provided everyday by these wonderful ladies and they made great designs with the towels on the bed. A very beautiful touch.

The "Animacion" staff, under the direction of Anita, were very helpful in getting the guests to participate in the activities and I joined in most of the games and had great fun. Joseline, one of the ladies on Anita's staff, was especially helpful in making my stay a pleasant experience.

It is because of the wonderful staff, at Breezes Varadero, that I will return to this resort
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
December 2005
My wife and I recently stayed at the Superclubs Breezes Varadero from Nov. 21 - 25, 2005. We went with seven other people and had a great time due to good weather, good drink and good company. However I would not recommend this resort to anyone at this time.
It is old, tired and dated. Needs serious renovations and upgrades. Rooms are just OK. Most have tiny ants all over the place. We were told that renovations were being done to one of the larger buildings but I did not see any activity. The one a la carte restaurant switched from Italian to Cuban on alternate nights. The menu was boring, vegetables cold and the buffet became our preferred choice for meals. Burgers and chicken at the beach grill was great for lunch.
This was my fifth visit to Cuba so I have other resorts to compare with and this one just doesn't cut it.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
T.O, Canada
November 2005
My experience with Signature Vacations and staying at Super club Breezes Varadero was excellent!

We had the fantastic experience of getting married on the beach at this resort. We cannot say how wonderful all of the staff was, Eduardo looked after all of our legal papers and wedding arrangements. The staff made our day spectacular, creating a beautiful setting complete with a flower arch way made of fresh bougainvillea on the beach. The three piece band and champagne and cake reception was lovely and well arranged.

The Resort/Location:
The resort itself was fantastic. Check in was relatively quick and painless, they do hold onto your passport for 24 hours but they are quick to return it upon your request after that. There is a bank on site that seemed to give a fair exchange, there was not much difference between the airport bank and the one on site. If you don't like gecko's and birds this is not the place for you, but if you enjoy the outdoors it is wonderful. The grounds are well maintained and the pool and beach was always kept clear and clean. There are two hot tub's one by the main pool and one by the gym/sauna bar. Both were decently clean and nice and hot. For 25 CUC you get a one hours massage that was so relaxing!

It is only a short drive from the airport and it was about a ten minute moped ride into Varadero which has the local markets for tourists. There is more activity on the weekend but it is open all week. Don't forget to barter. Everyone seems to love Canadians and most spoke a fair bit of English. Taxis are a decent price it cost 5 CUC to get to the market and five back. Mopeds are 24 CUC for 24 hours, it is the best deal if you want to tour around.

The rooms were decent, nothing spectacular, we were fortunate to have an ocean view suite that had been recently renovated. There were some that had problems with ants, but the housekeeping staff was quick to look after what they could. It you don't have water pressure or hot water then simply let them know and they are quick to solve the problems. We were in block H and had no complaints, the rooms all have 110 V compatible with North American technology. You are given a safe key with no extra charge. There is a CD player in each room as well. We did not have any problems with insects and I never closed out patio doors. The A/C works well for those who prefer that.

Housekeeping always appreciate any small items that you tip, be it a peso or small toiletries items/cards etc..at times leaving a note along with the sweet flower and towel arrangements.

The food:
There was a party of 27 of us together and all of us were able to find a few favourites. Shrimp and Calamari are plentiful, pasta bar every night if you want to stick with something safe. Not a ton of variety as what we are used to in Canada but everything was always very well prepared. Omelette station in the morning is always a safe bet as well. The a la carte restaurants were ok, but we all seemed to prefer the buffet in the main dining room. The beach grill is a great stand by, Noel was our favourite. He makes great burgers and there also have a few other treats some days. I believe it is Tuesdays that they have these little pork sandwiches that are delicious. The grill is open 11-5.30, grabbing a bite to eat is recommended as dinner is not until 7.30. Our favourite waitress in the morning was LeZara and Duniel was wonderful in the evenings, by the end of our stay he would have everyone's wine poured before we sat down! Always remembering who drank what and would know how we wanted tea coffee or cappuccino!

They have wonderful shows every night, lots of participation by the audience with chances to win rum of course. Those girls could sing! We were blown away. They have a house band that is always entertaining, the sax player puts on a great show. The day staff and M.C's are tons of fun, Bryant felt like part of our family by the time we left. We cannot express how wonderful the staff is, they are there all day and are more then willing to help with anything. Sports, directions, dance lessons, where to go in Havana ( La Habana) how to play a new game, they are well versed in it all. Most of the staff spoke English quite fluently and this was appreciated. It seems French and German were also quite common. William at the Piano Bar was very obliging, even though we killed his ears with our karaoke and sing a longs. There are ping pong tables and pool, not to mention chess and shuffle board. A small library if you forgot to bring some beach reading as well as complimentary internet use. The internet is a bit slow but not terrible, enough to check your e-mail and the Leafs score.

Although it is an all inclusive resort a tip is very much appreciated. A peso at the bar or in the dining room will increase the hospitality and willingness to go the extra mile. For the housekeeping staff a peso or so and perhaps a few small items from he dollar store seemed to be appreciated. Cosmetics and creams, decks of cards, nail polish, soaps all these things are expensive items. I left a few pairs of beaded slippers with one of the waitresses and she was in her glory, just an inexpensive pair or beaded ones you know the ones from all the Chinese shops for 3 dollars? Apparently clothing is very expensive for many people to purchase, even things like t-shirts etc.. Many of the guests leave there items behind.

All in all it was a wonderful vacation, the beauty of the country and the people was a fantastic experience!
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
October 2005
Flying with west jet, Toronto to Varadero airport, flight was good, going through the airport was fast and easy. While waiting for luggage you can exchange your money for cuban pesos and I advise you do it at the airport, as at the hotel reception you won't get as much. For 200 dollars canadian I got 149.20 and my friend at the hotel got 142. and change. Be careful when finding your bus outside , bag boys will grab your bags right out of your hands, so they can get tips, so have one dollar pesos ready. Our rep was sunquest, Anna was real nice and took care of us. Hotel was scary at first, you can't check in until like 4 pm, they keep your passport for 24 hrs, still don't know why that is, but do give it back. Went with a friend who was disabled and put a request in early for a room close to all amendities, and got there to find out no request was there so ended up in a room furthest away, also key to fault was not given, they had none so bad start. Next day they did move us closer, but had ant problems in bathroom on the counter going through toothbrush etc. but maid had it taken care of next day. Airconditioning was on from day 1 until we left, hot nice weather for one week, avoided the hurricane that is coming near now. We were informed by our sunquest rep on all happening, alfredo was great, kept us all calm, hotel staff are great there, do bring gifts for them as they love it. Noel the grill guy was fantastic, my fav. spot to have lunch everyday, food was ok, one thing to remember there do not expect fast service or good food, be patient and you will have a great time, everything is done slow in cuba but they are all nice people. I did not do any excursions as they are very expensive, but the group I knew who were there did some and all sounded great, pricey but great. They have security staff and other staff members who arrange private tours, but was told to do all through your travel agent rep. more safer. Entertainment staff are fun, they arrange night time excursions to the night clubs for you single people out there, the cave was the best as you are in a cave and get to see a dance show before night club dancing starts. La rumba was good too, international was the weekest in my opinion, too loud to talk. I only did the golfing which was fantastic, price is steep, 30 bux for rentals, 33 bux for cart, but we had free green fees, they are like 60 bux. You play right on the ocean, really picturess. Also did the horse back riding, one hour for 15 pesos, bumpy ride it was, lol wear pants. Ocean and beach was fantastic, only one day where we were not aloud in, water was too rough. Did not see any jellyfish, but could see dolphins from a far jumping out of the water. I personally did not encounter any mosquitos, got lucky, only know of two people there who got any. Seemed to be more couples there then singles, being an adult club resort you will see some topless woman but was no big deal. Be sure to play in the pool games as you can win play money for there resort, they have casino nights on thursday's with that money. Night club disco there was dead everynight, guess we had a boring crowd there, lol. After dinner everynight there is some kind of entertainment going on, either a fashion show, or play or dancing so stick around after dinner. So overall I would reccomend this hotel, and cuba in general, and yes tipping goes a long way everywhere in cuba.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero

August 2005
We stayed at Breezes Varadero for the first two weeks of August. We have been to Cuba 3 times previously and the Dominican Republic twice.

We had a room in A block by the lobby. The room was old and run down. It definitely needs a paint job and the bathroom needs a thorough cleaning. Over the course of the 2 weeks we had no hot water one day, the toilet stopped working three times, and the a/c stopped once. However, we reported all the problems to the reception and they were fixed within a couple of hours. The room was clean and the maid did a good job each day. We were on the second floor and had a balcony and a sitting room next to the bedroom. There were some tiny ants in the bathroom each day but this didn’t bother us and they disappeared after the maid came.

The beach is gorgeous. The water is clear and calm. We had one day with a yellow flag. One day there were a number of large (the size of a plate) jellyfish and for about 3 days there were small jellyfish everywhere in the ocean. They then disappeared and didn’t come back. Interestingly during this time we swam at the public beach in Varadero and there were no jellyfish there. The beach is not really good for snorkeling but you will see some fish swim by as you swim. There are a number of palapas. We would get to the beach at 10:30 and we always got one. However, I would think that during a busier time you would have to get to the beach earlier to get some shade. There were always plenty of loungers. There were lots of watersports available every day including pedal boats, water-skiing, catamaran, banana boats, kayaks, and snorkeling.

We are not usually pool people but we did spend time at the pool this time (probably helped that there were no kids running around the pool). The pool was always clean and quite warm in the afternoon. There is a volleyball and basketball net in the pool. No swim up bar.

When we first arrived there were very few people at the resort. The numbers picked up by the second week. At first I didn’t think that there were entertainment people at the resort because they were not very recognizable (no uniforms and often not around). They tended to be around the pool in the afternoons organizing various events. They tried to get people involved but were not too pushy if you declined. The events that the most people got involved with were beach and pool volleyball, bingo, and pool games. In the evening the entertainment team helped put on a variety of shows. The shows take place in the buffet so you can watch the shows while you eat dinner. Most of the shows began with a live band or singers that began at 8:30p.m. This was followed by a variety of shows – some better than others. After dinner and the shows some people remained drinking/socializing by the pool/buffet bar. Other people went to the lobby bar where there was a man who played piano while guests sang karaoke. There was also a disco. Some nights it was busy other nights it was quiet (4-6 people). Wednesday night is the toga night and the disco was very packed. If you wanted to visit some local discos outside the resort there was an entertainment staff member who would take guests out to places such as the Rumba or the Cave. You must pay a cover (I think 10CUC) to get into these discos and then it is all you can drink. These trips to outside clubs happened about 4 times a week. Thursday night is the casino night at the Lobby bar. You must earn ‘casino dollars’ by participating in various entertainment activities during the week. We didn’t know this the first week because we were not by the pool. You then use these dollars to buy chips and gamble at 4 different games.

The food here is not as good as we had in the Dominican however, we recognize that Cuba doesn’t have access to many foods that we are used to. We are not picky eaters and we enjoyed almost all of the food. A lot of the food is deep fried. We did find that if we went near the end of the meal time the cold food was not that cold. Breakfast was at Jimmy’s Buffet and there was a wide choice of foods. You could have your eggs made to order. The orange juice was fantastic. It is better to get your coffee from the lobby bar not the buffet. Lunch was at the buffet or the grill. At the buffet there was a good selection of foods. There were always a variety of hot dishes including meat and fish. We usually ate this. For those looking for food from home there were fries, pizza, and pasta made to order. There was also a man who would prepare a sandwich for you with a variety of fillings to choose from (tuna, cheese, deli meat). The grill served hamburgers, hot dogs, and sometimes other food from 11:00-5:30. We liked the hamburgers although they were a little greasy. Dinner was at the buffet or a specialty restaurant. Dinner at the buffet was quite good but you need to be adventurous to try food that you might not have had before. Monday night was seafood night and Friday was the Gala night -the best two nights. We did not like Oriental night. The best specialty restaurant was Martinos.

There is a woman who plays the piano and the service is excellent. We like seafood so that is what we ate and we really enjoyed it. El Mojito is the Cuban specialty restaurant. There is a group that sings and plays music while you eat. The atmosphere was fun. We didn’t like the appetizers or the meat here but the main course of fish was good. Even if you ask for your beef to be medium-rare at any of the restaurants it comes very well done. Los Bohios is the outdoor restaurant. It is nice to watch the sunset while you eat but, wear mosquito repellent. We found Muskol to be pretty effective and necessary every night. We didn’t enjoy the food here as it was really oily. If you got the munchies later in the evening, there was always food available at the lobby bar.

We found overall the staff to be wonderful. Reception was always helpful. We always got good service at the bars and the specialty restaurants. However, the service at the buffet was hit or miss. There was one server who we frequently had and he was wonderful. Some of the others were okay. But there were some meals where we had to set our own tables with cutlery and napkins and get and refill our own water while staff stood and chatted. We noticed this was the case with other tables too. There was one evening when the staff would fill everyone’s wine at the tables around us numerous times yet our table was completely ignored. Although this was frustrating the number of kind people we met overshadowed our disappointment with the poor service.

Overall, we had a good time. We found that many guests at the resort were sociable and it was easy to find people to chat with over a drink (perhaps because it is adults only so people aren’t just focused on their children). We met many wonderful staff. We would definitely consider returning.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero

July 2005
Arrival was late. We were supposed to get there at noon and arrived at 11pm into our room. Room was ok. Close to Jimmy's Buffet and pool. Pool and beach were excellent! Dining experience was not too good. Food ok but not too exciting. We couldn't wait to get back to Canada for a decent hamburg. Hamburger at the Grill had grizzle in it! Not bad flavour though. The Ala Carte Restaurants were fine...but not spectacular. This was supposed to be a 4.5 * hotel..and in speaking with other guests, we rated it a 2*. Had ants in our room. Black mold in the bathroom and closets. When we packed our bags to come home, our clothes had mold on them by the time we reached Toronto. We would not go back. It was not a terrible experience, but definitely not a 4.5* one
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
June 2005
We arrived in Varadero a little bit early. No problems with the flight. We went through customs fairly easily. We didn’t know that we were supposed to fill out both sides of the tourist card, so they sent us to the back of the line. One of us waited for the luggage, while the other exchanged some money. At the hotel our room wasn’t ready, we had to wait until 2pm and it was 11:30am. No problem, we changed in the bathroom and then we went and had a few bevies by the ocean.

We were E block in the bottom level. Actually had to go down some stairs to get to our room. It wasn’t the nicest, and we saw several small ants. We were one block away from the pool, and very close to the lobby. Unfortunately this room was really not that okay. The second morning we woke up with ants in our bed. I can deal with ants on the floor, but in my bed, that’s where I draw the line. We went to the front desk and complained and they said we could move to another room after 2pm. They let us keep our stuff in our room until we moved. The room we moved to was in F block on the second floor. We were right infront of the pool and close to the bar and Jimmy’s Buffet. Not bad right? We’ll see!

There were small ants in the rooms and in our bed as mentioned above. I talked to several other people, and they all seemed to have the same problems. The hotel had to move several people to new rooms. We thought that we were safe with a room on the second floor. WRONG. The second last day we woke up with ants in the bed again. We asked to have the room sprayed and they added our name to a very long list of others needing the same thing. The last night I was packing and noticed that my clothes were all wet. I had put them on top of the little dresser in the closet and the airconditioner had leaked all over them. Upon further investigation I realised that there were thousands and thousands of little ants crawling on them. I couldn’t wait to get home.

We had a lot of rain, when it finally stopped raining the bugs came out in full force. They were flying ants that landed on you and dropped their babies on you. The pool was so full of them that it was almost black. And the mosquitoes were out thick as well. Thank goodness for off skintastic!

Not too exciting, but it wasn’t busy season, so the staff tried their best. The animation staff was wonderful. They would sit and talk to you and really want to get to know you. By the end of the week we were all kissing each other on the cheek. They were by far the best I have seen at any resort. The shows were okay, but then again, I’m not really into that sort of thing anyway.

Jimmy’s Buffet: We nick named it Jimmy’s Barf-eh! The food was not great; the breakfast was horrible except for the fabulous O.J. and the omelettes. The lunch was the best, especially the sandwiches. And supper was pretty boring, not much selection. On seafood night (Monday) I heard that they served Lobster, I never saw any. All I saw was fish and shrimp with the heads still on.

Cuban: Not much to choose from on the menu. Mostly meat served with rice and beans.

Italian: By far the best meal. We went twice and loved it both times. It is a fancy restaurant, so dress up for this one.

Grill: We got rained out the first night, because it is outside. Get there early because once the top fills up they put you downstairs at picnic tables, not too fun!

Piano Bar: They make the best grill cheeses that I have ever had. They only serve after 1am. Come home from the clubs and get these for sure.

Beach Grill: They make pretty good Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. We ate there every afternoon.

We were told that you didn’t have to tip, so we started off like that. I tried to get a bahama mama and they didn’t have any, I tried to get a strawberry daiquiri, none of these either, I ended up having a beer. Well, the next time I went up I gave an American dollar and what do you know, they had strawberry daiquiri’s. The bahama mama’s were actually called banana mamas and they would only make these if you tipped, and if they had bananas. They could make them with banana liquor, only if you asked them to. We tried to tip the same people; they would then treat you pretty good. The resort does cater to repeat guests, one lady that was there had been to breezes 22 times. Please don’t try to tip in Canadian coins, they do not like these, they can’t exchange them anywhere in Cuba. American is better, but they prefer pesos. You can exchange money at the resorts’ bank. They are open from 9-9 everyday.

I have had way better drinks at other resorts. The Mojito was pretty good, the Havana Special was nice, the Breezes Varadero was neat, and the banana mama’s were the best especially if they had real bananas. My finance liked the beer. Don’t forget your travel mug. The cups are pretty small, so you will want a bigger mug to avoid fewer trips to the bar.

The beach is great. You can walk in either direction for quite a while. Someone in another review mentioned watching the dolphins at sunrise, we never saw any. We asked a few staff and they said they had never seen any either. The pool was pretty big, and really warm, still refreshing. We spent most of the day on the beach. No one really went to the pool until around 3pm. You didn’t really have to reserve a hut on the beach unless you were a large group.

Water Sports:
The staff that are in charge of these are not friendly at all. We went water skiing once and there is only one person driving and the skier. If you were to fall in the ocean I am not sure the driver would notice right away. Banana boats are fun, the driver doesn’t take you too far, and try not to fall off, one group fell too many times and the boat driver gave up and left them in the ocean to swim back. (Not cool!).

Off Resort:
Golfing: We never went, but those that did said it was a pretty good course, a little easier than expected. You do have to pay $30pesos for a golf cart.

Mopeds: We rented these and went into Varadero. We were a little shaky at first, but loved it. It was hard to find a spot to park the moped in Varadero, but finally found one in front of the market. It costs $2pesos to park. We went for two hours. On the way back to the hotel we hit a rainstorm and were in water up to our knees. Even more fun! The guy that rents these from the hotel doesn’t give much gas, I think only one Litre.

Double Decker Bus: This is fun. We went in the rain and sat on top. A little chilly, but still fun. It costs $5pesos and you can get on and off all day with a ticket. The total tour is 1 ½ long. You go to the end of Varadero one way, and to the end of the hotel’s the other way. It stops at the Americana’s Mall, Casa De Al, Market, etc. You have to walk down the street to where the turn around circle is to catch bus.

Havana: Some people from our resort went on the Havana special tour. They said it was fun, a little long, but worth it none the less. Another couple we talked to hired a taxi and went for the day. He took them to a restaurant for lunch, all the tourist things in Havana, and then took them into two different peoples houses to look around. Personally this one sounds much better.

Things to Bring:
Travel Mug (for drinks, you’ll thank yourself for bringing this)
Bug Spray (for you and your room)
Munchies (chips, chocolate)
Extra Money (you can only get money off your credit card)
Air Mattress for pool and ocean
Umbrella/Rain coat – it rained four days in a row
Cards/Games if it rains
Tipping stuff for staff – they liked Canadian hats, T-shirts, we gave shampoo and make-up to maids, toothbrushes to gardeners, toe rings and belly button rings/necklaces to the animation staff women (loved these), some people brought Tylenol, Advil, etc. Older running shoes. I wish that I had brought more of my older clothes, the staff really appreciates whatever you have to give them. They also love the livestrong bracelets if you can get your hands on these.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Natalie and Maria 
Mississauga, Ontario
May 2005
Would I recommend this resort for your Holiday....Absoulutly NOT!! I had a great time besides all the problems with the resort and staff because of my great friends and all the wonderful people we met. This was my sixth time to Cuba, fourth to Varadero and this was by far the worst hotel I have ever stayed at and far over priced for what you get. Most of the brochures quote this as a 4.5 star hotel other then the beautiful grounds and the beach I would put is at most a 3.5 star. I have been to all 3 superclubs resorts in Varadero and this was supposed to be the best one. We were told that they this resort is known for having alot of repeat customers but with the problems we had I could not figure how when some of the staff treated us so poorly. I found out about an offer by Superclubs during my vacation that after 5 trips to the same resort your 6th stay is free. I personally would not even stay at this resort if it was the 3rd stay free because I certainly would not pay for another week at this resort.

If you are within the ages of 19 to 35 and are looking to have an exciting time do not choose this resort. Fortunately for my roommate and I we were travelling in a group of 8 people and someone heard my prayers for other young people to attend this resort for this week. I read many reviews and talked to the entertainers on the resort stating that this resort is catered to the 40-45 plus crowd. So buyers beware.

Entertainment -

If you like to go out dancing or to clubs my recommendations are the following: Go off the resort. We did not attend the onsite disco once. Ask the entertainers for the best nights to attend which disco. The cost for most of the clubs is about 10 pesos with all your drinks included. We attended the following discos on the following nights:

Saturday- La Rumba - excellent crowd, lots of locals and very packed best night to go.

Sunday - Havana Club - Great music, no locals on site the occasional entertainer accompanying tourists, not too full.

Monday - The Pirates Cave - Best night to go, they have a show first then the disco open till 3 am and locals are allowed in the club.

Tuesday - Medeterainiao on Calle 54 (Street 54) - this I think was one of my favorites, it is an outside bar with a live band and locals and tourist mixed.

Wednesday - La Rumba - not as busy as a Friday or Saturday and mostly tourists on this night, music was still great.

Thursday - Havana Club - Same as Sunday all tourists, Excellent music.

Friday - La Rumba - Good crowd, not too packed, half locals, great music.

If you get a chance the bar Calle 62 is supposed to be a great hotspot in Varadero. It is on block Calle 62 (Street 62).

Problems at the Hotel
We arrived at the hotel around 12:30 pm and our rooms were not ready. We were told that check in was at 4:00 pm. I then asked if there was a courtesy room for us to change. I was then told that there was a bathroom around the corner to change and to leave our baggage in the lobby not in a locked room until our rooms were ready. We decided to take our bags to our friends rooms since they arrived on Thursday afternoon and changed there. I then returned to the lobby and had to ask for our towel tickets (they were not given to us when we arrived) and asked the lady at the front desk if she could arrange for our room to be near the rest of our group. She then proceeded to tell me that there were no other rooms on the resort available. As of Saturday night there were 390 guests on the resort and there are 277 rooms (based on 2 people per room, you do the math). She told us that maybe the next day that we could get another room (Sunday). I also asked her is there were any pay phones on the resort and she t old me that there was none available on site. I then asked her where the closest pay phones were and I was told that they were in the town of Varadero. I later discovered that there were three pay phones on the resort (2 at the shops and one by the moped rentals).

We were taken to our room on the other side of the resort (we called it the Havana section - Junior Suites) and arrived to our room (623) opened the doors and the room had the worst smell of mold and mildew. We thought we were going to be sick. We then preceded to open the doors to air out the room and thought it was only for one night and then we will have a different room tomorrow. I proceeded to use the washroom and the shower did not work and nor did the toilet and there was mold spores all over the ceiling. My roommate proceeded to call front desk to say that there was a problem with the room and asked us if we were calling about the shower not working. This shows us that they already knew that there was a problem with the bathroom. We also got alot of attitude from the clerk also when we asked for another room and was told what difference did it make and that we put our bags in our friends room. The clerk then told us to come down to the front desk to change our room. We demanded to have someone come to our room and help us to another room as it was quite a distance from our old room to our new room (223) which was excellent compared to the old one. (We later found out that the Junior suites are scheduled to be renovated in the near future.)

Later that night we went to the buffet for dinner and got our food and sat at one of the tables. None of the tables had cutlery so we sat and the waitress came to fill our water glasses. We asked for cutlery and she said that she would be right back. She never returned. We waited about 7-10 minutes before I got up and washed my own cutlery. We never saw the waitress for the rest of our dinner. Another night I could not even get a glass of water to drink with my dinner I had to watch the table in front of me be served to the dimes, but I had to go and get my own water to drink. Saturday morning we were to check out and leave the hotel for 7:40 am so we placed an order for room service the night before for 6:30 am and nothing had arrived for us. We did not even receive a call notifying us that there would be no room service that morning. If we wanted breakfast we had to wait till 7:30 till the buffet opened or have a couple muffins or pastries at the 24 hr snack bar. Not impressed with the Buffet r restaurant.

Sunday we went to our orientation with specific intentions to speak to our rep about the problems we encountered the previous day. Lisa (Signature) was astonished by all the problems we had and put in a formal complaint with the hotel and went to spear with one of the managers about our problems (Public Relations Manager Liz Beth). Lisa arranged a meeting with her for us for Tuesday @ 11 am. Tuesday we went to the lobby to meet Liz Beth for our meeting and she was no where to be found. We asked the desk clerk to call for her and she did not and told us that she would. We waited till about 11:15 am before Liz Beth's assistant Eduardo came to tell us that the transport that carries her to work had problems and that she had not arrived. eduardo said he would come to look for us when she arrived. Eduardo came to tell us @ 1:15 pm that she arrived. We rescheduled our meeting for Wednesday @ 11 am where they made a lame offer to try to compensate us for our problems and wanted to arrange another meeting wi with us another day. We were very upset because we were on vacation and did not want to be in meetings for our vacation. Wednesday night Liz Beth then came back to us with a more satisfactory offer.

We tried several times to make reservations at the a la carte restaurant which almost became impossible. Saturday when we arrived they were closed. Sunday the person did not show up and there was no notice that the reservations could be made at the front desk. Lisa our rep told us that she would make the arrangements for us. We went back Sunday afternoon at 3:30 pm and there was no one there so we waited until Monday and went to see Lisa again. She said that the arrangements would be made for us. Tuesday between 7:00 pm and 7:15 pm we received our reservations of which the first was for 7:30 pm Tuesday night. Needless to say we missed our reservations. We did make the other two reservations. The Italian restaurant was excellent and my roommate and friends enjoyed the Cuban restaurant.

I would like to accommodate some outstanding people on the resort: Lisa our Signature Rep, Noel who really does make great burgers at the grill, Edertesto at the front desk for trying to put a smile on our faces after a not so nice first day, Milton and all the rest of the entertainers who tried so hard to make our vacation fun and entertaining, Angel our matredee at the Italian restaurant (even when he was so busy he always made us smile) and the ladies at the pool and lobby bars who put up with the rowdiness of our group.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Marty and Suzanne 
Guelph Ont.
April 2005
We went to Breezes Varadero in the middle of March. This was a last minute decision as an original trip was booked on Jetsgo and alternative flights were not acceptable.

This resort is small and easy to get around. It consists of multiple low rise buildings where we did not see the rooms and one large building. The rooms here were well appointed and everything worked. There is a safe with a key and the door also operates with a key. Most hotels do not use keys anymore but this was not an issue as you have a wrist band to carry it if you don't have any pockets. We would have liked to have a mini bar as some hotels do so you can grab a drink without having to go the bar. The rooms were clean and well looked after by the staff. We lost power one day but the hotel has a back up generator which was great.

Food was very good with good variety for all. Fruit was not as good as other places we have been but the bread was fabulous and you can have eggs made to order by very friendly chefs. Tables are cleaned quickly so it was not an issue if the restaurant was busy when you came in. We also ate at the Italian al a carte restaurant and here the food was excellent. We also experienced the outside restaurant where they transform the beach bar in the evening. We were not sure at first as this is not elegant but it was quite reasonable, although not gourmet. We did not get the chance to eat at the Cuban one. You need to book the al a cartes and the line was slow so go as early in the week as you can.

There were numerous bars and the service was very good. We did not have to wait long to be served as this hotel again is not that big.

The beach is fabulous and we were fortunate to have great weather. Getting a chair or hut for us was never a problem and we did not have to go and place a towel to reserve one. Towel service was open most of the day and you could also keep it for the week but could exchange for a clean one every day. This we found a better system that handing a card in every day.

There were numerous boats available as well although only one windsurfer was out. The only complaint is that they closed everyday at 4PM just as it was usually getting windy. If you want sail do it early in the day. Scuba was also available although we did not do this. Reasonable tennis courts are available for use but bring your own balls as the hotel supplies only old ones. Lessons are also included.

Entertainment was just OK but at least there was something every night. The gala on Friday night was the best in our opinion.

Overall this was an excellent hotel and Varadero although touristy was a great experience and we would highly recommend it.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Beau and Shirley 
April 2005
We are a young mid 40's couple, having travelled 7 times to all-inclusives.

We left Vancouver via Skyservice. Very uneventful 6 hourflight to Varadero. We have flown most of the major Canadian airlines and this was no or worse better than most. Our preferential airline of the moment is Westjet. We had "breakfast" service and two movies for the flight down.

Arrival at Varadero was quick, getting money exchanged at the airport was quick and completed before luggage arrived on the carousel.

Arrived at Superclubs Breezes Varadero in the late afternoon, after about a 1/2 hour bus ride from the airport. Check in was fast and easy.

We had been assigned room 619. It was on the second floor of one of the unrenovated blocks, the building which houses the "disco", and we were above the a la carte restaurant, Martino's.

Our "view" was of a huge, blooming azalea bush and if we craned our necks enough, we could almost catch a glimpse of the ocean. We had the afternoon sun on our balcony all day, great for leaving our damp clothes out there so they could dry. We just through our damp stuff on the chairs.

The air conditioner worked ok but the musty smell that emanated from it seemed to subside by about day 5. Our clothes and towels never dried out, even overnite, in the room.

Our room had two twin beds that were quite comfortable, but we pushed them together. When our maid had remade the bed the next day, she had used a king-sized sheet to really make the bed into one bed. She asked us if we minded and we were thrilled. She was great! Our room was clean and we always returned to the room with the usual towel sculptures and she had also used the bedspread to make them.

We had learned that they don't change the sheets every day unless requested. Apparently there is a little card that one leaves on the pillow to request this. We didn't learn about this until day 3 so we had just written our own note and it was done. Day 5 we received the card.

Towels are to be left on the floor or in the tub if you want fresh ones each day.

The resort itself is about 14 years old and it's starting to look tired. Although it's clean, for the most part, and the grounds are fairly well maintained, the is a bit of room for improvement. The decor is seemed sort of 'plantation' style.

The food, for the first couple of days, was quite bad. We have travelled to Cuba before (Cayo Largo twice and Holguin once) and know that one doesn't travel to Cuba for the food. It was very difficult to find something to eat.

Our first evening meal in the buffet: The food was not replenished and we've heard of this before. The food was barely warm or cold, depending on what temperature it was supposed to be. The service, if we could get it, seemed to a real chore for the staff. They, too, seemed old and tired. The tables were not re-set very quickly so at times it was difficult to find a fairly clean table to sit at and eat. Sometimes it was like pulling teeth to get some clean cutlery and a fresh napkin. We are not ones who demand to be waited on hand and foot but even when we requested these things to take back to our tables, there was muttering under the breath and rolling of the eyes. We arrived on a Tuesday and for "some reason", this behaviour all changed on Friday. Ah Ha!! There was a lot more management to been seen in all areas of the resort by then.

One thing also to note - there were many return guests and the staff couldn't wait to serve them, giving out hugs and kisses by the truck-load. And, of course, tipping was not too subtle and VERY graciously accepted.

During our week there were about 4 weddings. Therefore, lots of larger groups of vacationers. Lots of Canadian Flags hung over the palapas on the beach (to reserve them), lots of "I Am Canadian" T-shirts, ball caps, etc., lots of thermal mugs, lots of beer consumed - makes for lots of noise and perhaps "fun", for some.

There were lots of loungers by the pool (no need for getting up early to reserve) and lots of loungers at the beach. This resort has both the hard plastic ones and the blue mesh types. No problem getting a chair at all.

The beach is lovely. White sand, turquoise water, but be warned the the sand is hot on the feet in some places. We walked towards Varadero once and noticed a number of closed, deserted resorts. To us, this seemed quite depressing. When we walked towards the Dupont Mansion / golf course on the beach, the Tuxpan was right next door to us and was VERY lively, all sorts of activities and music playing on the beach, water aerobics in the ocean, etc. Looked like a very fun resort, for all ages. We enjoyed this walk and it took about 20 -30 minutes to walk to as far as we could, due to the rock out-cropping and the tide wasn't low.

The golf was the highlight of the trip. What a beautiful, well maintained course. Perhaps it was the location that made us fall in love with it. Be "warned" though, it was very windy on the days we played. We booked our tee-off times through the front desk at the hotel, all three we wanted to start at 2:00 and it was no problem. We could have shown up at any time to the course and been let on to play. Cost of the taxi to the course was 4-5 pesos and cost of the cart was 33 pesos. The advice we received about not walking the course was accurate. Too much walking between holes - would have made for a very tiring game. We took 12 balls each with us and came back with all of them.

We had mosquitoes in the evening and as advised, "Off! Botanicals" didn't work that great as I did get some bites. For some reason, the mosquitoe bites I get in Cuba don't bother me as much as the ones I get at home.

The three a la cartes are great! Our Signature rep booked them for us. I guess this was the "Concierge" service we were to get with the "Signatue Club" privileges. We got the free headset, one free alcholic beverage on board, but that was about it. Our Signature rep, Lisa, was great and very informative. It is wise to talk in your orientation meeting.

We didn't get any sort of information brochure about the resort itself and found the "signage' at the resort regarding any animation activies to be quite lacking. One thing to note is that they do have theme nights in the buffet and around the resort. One night is Casino Night and to earn Casino Money, you must become involved in the activies, which mostly happen around the pool. We are beach people, as well as we were out golfing three of the afternoons. Therefore, when we showed up at the Casino, it was a bit of a hassle to get some chips to play with.

Another thing to note is the dress code in the buffet. Although the sign may say no shorts and T-shirts, especially on the Gala Night, I guess some people's idea of dressing up is wearing clean cargo shorts and putting white athletic socks on while wearing their sandals and maybe a cleanish golf shirt and they were admitted. So, in other words, there really is no dress-code.

One thing that was a great idea is that the evening shows happen in the buffet while you eat. Kind of like a dinner theatre. Well done, Breezes Varadero.

The disco on site could have been great but for most of the nites, the two or three animation staff that were there (all day) took any vacationers that wanted to, to the local nite clubs off the resort. We talked to a couple of people who had done this and they said it was ,"Ok".

The animation staff were few and far between and chose to "hang out" with some select few vacationers so it was a little difficult to get to know them and get involved.

All in all we had a great trip - we always do and it's what we make of it! The highlight was the golf and the people we did get to meet.

This is an "Adults only" resort but the minimum age is 14 years old. There were a few people of this age during the week we were there. Not sure if they were bored or not but we didn't really see the animation team have much to do with them. There were all different age groups there but it seems that the return visitors are probably in the late 40's to late 50's age group.

Hope some of this helps.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Peter, Joydip, Alex and Angelo 
March 2005
We're four mid-twenties guys who just returned from Superclubs Breezes Varadero for a week-long all inclusive stay with Signature Vacations. Personally, I think it was one of the best vacations I've had. This was our first time at an all-inclusive resort and we took FULL advantage of it, food and alcohol-wise!

The weather was great, one day was completely rained out, 3 days were about 25 deg. and breezy, 3 days were 28-29, and nicely less breezy. The sun always bakes though so be prepared with lots of sunscreen!

I haven't seen many reviews of Breezes from the perspective of younger folks, so I'll gear it for our age group.

We flew from Toronto to Varadero with Skyservice, Varadero-Hoguin-Toronto on the way back. In-flight service and food was excellent, but the plane was cramped, uncomfortably hot at times and we had some crazy turbulence on the way down. But it was a charter, you get what you pay for. Customs in Varadero was fast and easy, got our luggage in good time, and got stiffed 20 convertible pesos by some random Cuban who took our luggage to the bus. Word of advice: Cubans everywhere will ask you for money, just tell them no and they usually politely leave and be prepared to be hassled once you step out of the airport or out of a tour bus.

Checking in was fast but they didn't give us directions to our rooms so we wandered around in the dark for 10 minutes, not cool. The reception staff is helpful and nice. If you want to call home, be prepared to spend 20 convertible pesos as a deposit, and 3 pesos PER MINUTE for your call, brutal! The resort itself was very nice, clean and well maintained. Rooms were large, well air-conditioned, cable TV with some US stations (MTV), and well stocked with toiletries and towels. Minor issues: we had crappy views and one of our rooms had a small leak in the ceiling. The pool was nice, with a few activities (basketball, volleyball and water polo nets). The pool is a great place to tan but get there EARLY, there isn't enough lawnchairs and most of the guests hang out at the pool instead of the beach. The beach was awesome, beautiful blue water, white sand, swimming and getting hammered by the waves (which can get quite large) was a ton of fun. The beach at Breezes is just that--breezy!! Bring a t-shirt and think about going to the pool instead as it gets quite cool at times, at least in the winter when we were there. A couple of us caught a bit of a cold, I swear mine was because of the windy beach and wearing just trunks. After clubbing at night, we hung out at the hot tub by the pool. The hot tub was always a lot of fun, but the characters that show up in the middle of the night were annoying and downright raunchy (uncle Bill, are you reading this?) Breezes also has an excellent basketball court (another good place to meet people) and great tennis courts.

Food and Bars
Food at Jimmy's buffet was pretty good (especially the ice cream!) with something new every day, although I agree with another reviewer who said the food was never hot, just always lukewarm or even cool, so I wasn't impressed with this. We had dinner at the three restaurants on the resort: El Mojito (Cuban style) was okay, the steak wasn't cooked right, good singers as entertainment; Beach Grill was good, with a nice view of the ocean, red snapper was pretty good and the surf and turf flew well with the other guys who weren't afraid of jumbo shrimp's eyes and antennae; Martino's (Italian) was the best place, the salad, chicken, fettucine, tiramisu and the service was great. Actually, Noel makes some amazing burgers at a hut by the beach, we ended up having these for breakfast/lunch most days. Breezes has a bunch of bars scattered throughout and you get to know which bartenders are better than others--some make extra stiff drinks while others skimp on the alcohol. The brands of alcohol were mostly local stuff, not the greatest, but hey, it's all-you-can-drink so it's okay. A popular hangout was the lobby bar. Most smokers hung out here so that was disgusting, but if you're getting ready to go out at night, get there around 10:30 and you'll meet younger people.

You have many choices of excursions to take and we heard good things about most of them. We personally did the Havana day tour, which goes without saying as something you have to do if you're going to Cuba. The day tour was a good time, we had a great tour guide on the bus who really enlightened us about Cuban culture, politics and history. Lunch was included and it was pretty good. Also included was a tour of the Havana Club rum museum (with free samples of aged rum); a really bizarre walk-through of an Arabic museum (we were confused as to the significance of an Arabic museum in Cuba so it was good for a laugh); one hour for shopping in the super-busy and cramped flea market (where pretty much every vendor and Cuban walking through the flea market will offer you cigars or even pot); and beggars/street artists/greasy cigar-selling guys everywhere you go. Souvenirs are always the same no matter where you go in Havana or Varadero, so don't feel pressured to buy something at the flea market in Havana because you'll find the stuff again at the much more pleasant flea market in Varadero.

Two of us also did the 2-hour Jungle Tour on a speedboat. This was a blast, you get to drive the boat yourself REALLY FAST. You stop off at a zoo to check out crododiles (you get to hold one), iguanas and turtles. We heard from others that the catamaran cruise, jeep jungle tour and swimming with the dolphins were good times too.

Ah, one of the best parts of our trip! If you want to have a good time, here's two pieces of advice: go the lobby bar and the hot tub by the pool on your first night and you should meet other young people. Secondly, chances are you'll meet Bryant and Julio, two Cuban guys that work at the resort who organize groups of people to go to the local clubs. They also have their own bus to take you to and from the clubs, costing less than the cabs (4-5 pesos one way). Cover at each club was 8-10 pesos which gets you all-you-can-drink--try getting THAT in Canada!

Hotel International
Once you get over the disgusting B.O. smell once you walk in, this place was hype--filled with young tourists, Canadians, Spaniards, French, Germans. They played probably 60% latin stuff, 40% hip-hop. It was packed the night we went, but the bartenders were really good at getting your drinks quickly. If you drink beer, there's only one beer you can get at any bar or club--it has a wicked name (Cristal) but it's horrible stuff.

Los Piratos (aka The Cave)
We hit this place twice, it was pretty good both times. They have a funny dance/magic show 11:30-12:30, if you want a laugh while drinking, check this out. The place played about 60% latin, 40% hip-hop. There were more locals at this place than anywhere else, but still lots of tourists.

La Rumba
This place was a 5 minute walk from Breezes so don't take a cab or Bryant's bus. I thought this place had the potential to be the best club, it was big, clean and had great music, but for some reason hardly anybody was dancing (tons of greasy guys just checking out people on the dance floor--not cool) and we left pretty early.

Havana Club
This apparently is the place-to-be on Saturday nights so we went on our last night in Cuba. The club is in Varadero town and there was a street party going on beforehand for some amusement. This ended up being the best night--40% latin, 60% hip-hop with some great tracks, lots of tourists, they had lots of chilling out space along with the dance floor, fast bartenders.

As we first walked through the resort, we thought we were the only young people around which was scary, but there are other 20-somethings around that you should introduce yourself to, it'll make the night-life and the overall experience better. We aren't crazy partying guys but we all thought we made the right choice of resort for guys our age. The resort and Varadero had everything we wanted--a great beach, awesome weather, lots of Canadians to meet, good clubs and great excursions. We'd definitely go back!
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Scott & Julia 
February 2005
We just returned from a one month vacation (Jan 10 - Feb 7) at the Super Club Breezes - Varadero. We have been booking 3-4 week vacations in all inclusive resorts for about 15 years, so our knowledge of all inclusive resorts are not from first timers.

We had been to Cuba, on the other side of the island in 1992, Cienfuegos/Trinidad, just when Cuba quit receiving support from Russia. There was very little to do there at that time, rules were very strict regarding not receiving tips/gifts/etc. Things have changed now, numerous people tip for all services daily, some Cubans ( bus drivers) ask for tips and gift/clothes.

With all the research I did on Varadero I did not realize just how small the town of Varadero was and how little there was to do in Cuba, a month was far too long. We met numerous people that have returned to Varadero, and Breezes for the 5-8 time, however, most people go for 1 week, some for 2 weeks many to relax and sun tan.

We took a direct flight from Calgary with Air Transat vacations, the flight was good, over night. We arrived in Varadero at 8:30 am, perfect time. It only took about 15 minutes to clear customs and get on our bus. A short drive ( 25 minutes) to the resort, check in was immediate, however, our rooms were not ready until 1:00 pm. No problem time to walk around the resort, have some lunch and a few drinks and our room was ready. The rooms are large, we were in "E block", a perfect location situated close to the pool/dining room, and a short walk to reception and the 24 hour bar. As other reviews have mentioned the grounds are fantastic with gardeners working continuously to keep everything beautiful.

We had some extremely cold, windy, rainy weather our second week, felt sorry for the people that only came for that week. The rest of our stay was quite warm and pleasant. Other reviews had mentioned that there were no mosquitoes in Varadero, well let me tell you, in our final week the mosquitoes came out in full force and ate most people. Tip, always carry some insect repellant. We went to the nurse on site and she gave us a antihistamine pill and all the inching was gone. Also we had one cockroach in our room, and the resort has a serious ant problem (ants everywhere). In other resorts we have stayed in they have tried to manage the insect problem by spraying weekly, in our 1 month stay, this resort never sprayed once. Every bar tender when they open a new bottle of booze, will pore the first shot on the floor, (apparently for the saints for good luck) this adds to the ant problem.

In our 1 month stay, we never had any hot food. The food was always just luke warm, even in the specialty restaurants. When the cooks are bringing out new pans of "hot items" for the buffet with their bare hands you know the food is not going to be hot. We have never had this happen with other resorts we stayed at. We asked people we met from other resorts about this and everyone indicated their food was hot. Numerous people in the ala carte restaurants sent their food back and still came back cold. This becomes a real problem, when the food is average to begin with.

The entertainment for 4 out of 7 days was great, magicians, entertainers, etc. However, I do not consider 3 fashion shows a week as entertainment.

We golfed every second day. The golf course is great, well kept and challenging. It costs $33 Cuban convertible pesos for a cart. The exchange rate is the same as the US dollar. The starter at the course is super.

We did have some other meals during our stay. One day when we were in Varadero, were walked off the main road, to the beach and stopped for some lunch at a small restaurant/bar directly on the beach. We each had a beer and a shrimp dinner, cost about $15 pesos, they also had a live band playing it was great. On another day we walked to the Los Americas mall and had pizza, great meal, two drinks and pizza was only $12 pesos. Then in our final week we went to the Xanadu Restaurant, this is on the golf course, (use to be the Dupont Mansion) this is truly 5* dining, but well worth a visit.

We also took two tours during our stay. One was the jungle tour, riding jet skis through the jungle and open ocean. Cost was $39 per person, it was GREAT. The other was swimming with the dolphins. They offer two different tours, one included with a catamaran all day tour. We opted for just the dolphins, two hours, included a 45 minute dolphin show, and 45 minutes swimming with the dolphins. This was FANTASTIC, cost was $69 pesos persons but well worth it. They also take pictures and a video you can purchase. Some dolphins reviews have mentioned that you could not touch the dolphins, other said it was very short. This one was, as I mentioned 45 minutes, we got to pet the dolphin, they jumped over us while we swam in the pond, taxied us back an forth, and even put their noses to our feet and shot us out of the water like superman. At the end the dolphins came to each one of us and gave us a hug and then waived goodbye. I would highly recommend this tour.

The staff at the resort are great, very friendly, and hard working. The really try to improve their English by talking to you. They are very helpful, especially Alexander, one of the connoisseurs.

The beach is fanastic and well maintained. The color of the ocean is truly aqua and turquoise. The sand is absolutely white and very fine. It is hard to walk in as it is deep.

The rating of this resort ranges from 4, - 4+, to 5* depending on website or travel brochure. This seems to be high, I would consider it to be a 3+. It also seems that resorts are given a rating when the resort opens and are never re-inspected after opening.

Because of the limitation of activities, we will probably not return to Cuba, however, I would rate our vacation a 7/10.
Superclubs Breezes - Varadero
Bud and Liz 
Oakwood Ont
January 2005
We returned from Superclub Breezes on Jan 12. Had a wonderful week. Exchange rate varied between 74 and 76 convertible pesos to $100.

Flew via Jetsgo. First booking was for the p.m. Later was changed to a.m. and then again flight on that particular day was cancelled and we had to select another date. That was annoying since we had to alter other arrangements each time. We were asked to be at airport 3 hours before departure and so we were but the airline staff wasn't. They were about 25 mins. late. so by that time, we were a little put out. Sat in row 32 - not a good choice - no leg room. All the staff were pleasant.

Finally reached Varadero and went through Customs without any problems. Our bus was waiting for us and we were transferred to Superclub Breezes in about 25 minutes. We had a student on board who gave us commentary on the area. Very interesting.

We arrived at the hotel and were assigned room 528, which was in a building quite far from the main hotel. Although the building and the room were very nice, the room was too far from the major activities. My husband has difficulty walking so this would be a problem for him. He is in his 70s. The staff arranged for us to move to a room near the pool, in Block F, which we would highly recommend. It was close to the buffet restaurant, pool and bar and a short walk to the beach grill and ocean. We had a king size bed, with a separate sitting room and two terraces - front and back. Also had a safe in the room. Housekeeping staff was great and kept the room clean . They were also very pleasant and always smiling.

Weather was great - very hot during the day but by about 4 p.m. the wind started to pick up and it cooled off so that I wore a jacket most evenings. Had one day when it rained for about 20 minutes. The rest of the time it was mostly sunny. The odd day we had clouds.

Food in the buffet restaurant was good, some days exceptional and others just so so. Here again, we found the staff very pleasant and always willing to help. The made-to-order omelets were great. We had pasta at the Italian restaurant (Martinos) - it was a little dry but the restaurant setting was beautiful. Also had dinner in the cuban restaurant. My husband had steak and I had seafood. I often had lunch at the beach grill, either pizza or hamburger - both were excellent.

There was always some kind of a floor show in the buffet restaurant. Also had a couple of fashion shows - very nice.

Lady bartenders were very friendly and we got to know them quite well. They got to the point where they just knew what you wanted to drink and that was some trick considering the number of people that visited the pool bar.

Went to shop at Plaza America - quite an impressive mall. However, prices are comparable to Canada. Although Cdn $ are used, if you use Visa, when you get your bill, you will find that bank uses US $ and then converts. In the long run, it is quite costly. Went to Varadero to look around. Lots of cabs available and horse drawn carriages. There is a double decker bus that you can ride all day for $5 from one end of the island to the other. Unfortunately for us, we could never find the bus when we went looking. Cab trips from the hotel to the Plaza cost $4 and the same to go to Varadero.

Staff were very appreciative of any small gifts and tips that we gave. Although Canadian dollars are accepted, tips should not be given in Canadian coins as the staff has no way of exchanging these for pesos. I found out after we got back that pantihose are hard to get so girls you might think about taking these.

Gardens around the hotel were fantastic. Orchids were blooming along with bougainvillea and oleander. Saw all kinds of exotic plants. Gardeners were working daily to keep everything tidy.

On day of departure, we were to be picked up by bus at 9a.m. Bus was late and then we stopped at another hotel to pick up other guests so trip to airport was longer. Our flight was to depart at 12.15 but then was delayed to 1.15 because of an ice storm in Toronto. Our seats were not great. We were in the 3 abreast with my husband sitting in the middle. He's 6' and needs leg room but unfortunately, we had to share with a man who was smaller and sat in the aisle seat. Also the airline had double booked the seat my husband was in so they had a dilemma as to who was going to sit where. We finally arrived home 2 hours late.

Unfortunately the going to and return from the island takes away from the trip. We definitely enjoyed our stay there and would most certainly go back. In fact, my husband was talking about returning before we had even left. Great holiday and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a laid-back vacation. Of course, you can live it up if you want. We would have liked to go to Havana but it was a 2 hr trip there and another 2 hrs back so we decided against it. Maybe next time.