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Club Amigo Tropical
May 2008
Hubby and I just returned from our 9th trip to Cuba. (April 19-26). We picked this resort because of it's location right downtown. Club Tropical is a older resort, not fancy. However we had a wonderful time. There are 4 building built around the pool. From pool to beach in about 100 feet. Everything is so close at hand. Unlike some of the larger resorts where if you forgot something in your room you had a 1/2 hour walk each way.

The rooms are small, no tub, 2 single beds. But there is plenty of closet space, and everything is clean and in working order. There is a safe and telephone. The resort has all been freshly painted and the pool was redone in November.

Lot's of chairs and shade on the beach, and by the pool.

Food was not the best, but they try. Pasta to order, omelets and smoothies to order, fresh juice. Plus on Friday they set up a wonderful BBQ by the pool for lunch. There are also snacks at the pool/lobby bar most of the day. There is also a al a carte restaurant in a separate building, just book in the morning of the day you want to eat there with the hostess at the buffet restaurant.

We found the staff to be very kind and very helpful. Entertainment was good as well.

But the selling factor here is the location. You are on Calle 22, the main market it just out the door to the right, but there is a wonderful outdoor place called FM17, they have live shows every night and are very good.

While this resort was not full when we went there, and I think that added to our enjoyment, it is still under 200 rooms, and would keep it's charm even with double the people we had at the time.

Don't let the number of stars fool you. We will both be going back.
Club Amigo Tropical
February 2007
We stayed at club Amigor TROPICAL in Febuary 2007 it is important that you do not confuse thie resort with Club Amigo Club Amigo Tropical as advertised in the brochures is the same as Club Tropical

While we met many nice people and ended up having a good time I would not reccomend this resort. I dont think you can realy call it a resort. it is more of a hotel with pool, restaurant and bar.

It is very very noisy. We were facing the pool and the music blares all day and night. There is nowhere in the resort that you can go and sit quietly and read a book. They even have big sound systems facing the beach area. The pool is closed after 6.00 p.m. - cant figure that out. The room was very run down, old beds and a smell of mold. Even the sheets smelt moldy. coackroaches were seen in the bathroom. This would be a $20 a night room in any other country. other guests we talked to had plugged toilets and sinks. If we were staying for two weeks I would definitely have moved resorts.

The food in the restaurant was ok for cuba and we always managed to find something to eat. The restaurant only serves breakfast until 9.30 and if you dont get there by 9.00 you will miss the omeletes. The coffee in was the worse I had tasted anywhere. The coffee in the bar was much better but often a long wait as they usually only had one person on. Order everything in twos.

The entertainment was not bad for a small resort. I think the staff worked hard and did their best. could take Salsa lessons, beach aerobics , and other things. Like any resort there were staff that were realy nice and staff that were not friendly.

Tips for Cuba - Trip to havana definitely worth it. Take the official tour or you can take a bus from the bus terminal for $10 each way and do a tour around havana when you get there. As there were four of us we opted to hire a taxi. If you dont speak spanish it is better to take the official bus as we ended up getting ripped off.

We did take the local bus to Matanzas. the terminal is in the centre of Varadero just ask anyone where it is . it says omnibus on the varadero map. That was well worth it If you realy want to see how the people live go off the beaten track. The people are very helpful. In Varadero the people only want your money so be very careful as you can easily have more added on to your bill. Even though we were tipping well we still ended up having bars/restauants charge us extra. We caught on fast and started paying for everything as we went and asking the price first.