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Sol Sirenas Coral

December 2008
This was my 1st vacation with my boyfriend. We went there on april 27 to may 2 2008.
There was only one thing going for that resort, the beautiful white beach!!!
The food was okey, but at the end we got tirred of eating the same things over and over again.Worse part is we had diarrhea the 3rd day and trust me we have strong stomac...hello were asians!!!
The service: the resort has 2; sides sol coral and sol sirenas, the service between those two is like night and day. It seems that all the grouchy employee is in the serinas side, thank god we were in the coral side.
Oh....lets not forget the excursions, we booked the havana tour and the catamarang. the havana tour was fine except the fact that because we were the last pick up we had to sit behind the bus and on the way back someone did number 2 in the bus toilet.Oh my god the 1hour ride back to the hotel was hell!!! The catamarang well we didnt get to go because our bus never got to pick as up....we waited for 2hours,5 phone calls and ended up not doing anything!!!
The rooms....what can i say....it smelled like i dont know...the bathtub was small...The couch had red stain on it.There were mold in the corners of the ceiling and floor.Its like humide inside the room.
I could not wait to go home...I been to dominican,to mexico,to bahamas and to miami. I know you cant compare apple from an orange but hell that vacation was something else....
Here is the worse part....when i thought the hellish vacation is over...1month later we found...Two words:bed bugs in our suitcase and everywhere else in our bedroom. I started having hives 3 weeks after the vacation...i only thought it was because of my allergies but as i discover, it wasnt, it was BED BUGS!!!
5days washing all the clothes in my closet where i put my suitcase, 2days of cleaning, turning my bedroom upside down and of course bills for exterminitor!!!!
i wasnt going to write a review but that bed bug was the last draw!!!!
Sol Sirenas Coral

November 2008
My husband and I are from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We spent a wonderful week at this resort.
The food was great, the beach wonderful, and the Cuban people were precious.
We really enjoyed the Espresso/Capuchino bar right outside our room many times a day. Yum.
The meals were prepared with love, you could tell.
We really appreciated all the Cuban people did to make our honeymoon vacation great.
Sol Sirenas Coral
September 2008
Arrival and Flight: We arrived at approximately 11pm and were tired! We had to wait over an hour for our room because of a mix up but they gave us a great room and were so genuinely sorry about it we couldn’t possibly get mad.

My mother and I went for a girls vacation and had an amazing time. I plan on going back again next year for sure. We stayed on the Coral side and I am so glad we did! Cuba is an amazing place with so much history and beauty and so much to see and do. I suggest if you go to not waste it by lounging on the beach. Go on some of the tours and learn about Cuba.

I think it has to be the safest country in the world. You can walk around by yourself at any time and you are perfectly safe.

The people are so unbelievably warm and caring. They are also unbelievably overqualified for their jobs.

It angered me to see some of the tourists being rude to the bartenders who we learned were lawyers, teachers and doctors. Cuba is not a wealthy country but the people make the best of it and try very hard to show the often undeserving tourists a good time.

Please note that you don’t get cell phone reception there so please start weaning yourself from it a couple of days before so it isn’t a complete shock to your system.

Also, TAKE TOILET PAPER WITH YOU IF YOU’RE LEAVING THE RESORT. Many public washrooms don’t have any.

Rooms: Our room was great. We had a king size bed a sitting room and a “Jacuzzi” tub.

It was humid as others have complained about but I loved it. You have to remember where you are. If you’re looking for air conditioning stay home. I suggest when preparing to go you take things to leave for the room attendants. They work hard for very little. Take things like clothes, baseball hats, makeup, toiletries, shoes, purses etc. I basically emptied my closet before we went. They are very grateful for anything you give, even if it’s just your manners.

Restaurants: The food in Cuba as a whole is not the greatest. Again you have to remember where you are. It is hot there and most of the food doesn’t stay good through the day i.e. fruits and veggies.

The seafood is amazing and there are little restaurants in town that have great food.

We only went to one a la carte, which was the Chinese one. I did not enjoy at all but that is merely personal preference.

We did have to wait in line for a bit but I completely appreciate why they do it. They only let you book one or two at a time because they are trying to give everyone a chance to go and we all know some arrogant person would come along and book everything up and then not show! Often times you can actually just show up at the a la carte’s and they will seat you because people don’t show.

Bars: I LOVED the bar! The bar on the Coral side is the best and has the best bartenders ever!!! We are not big drinkers and we did not get incredibly drunk (it’s very easy to though). We sat and talked with the bartenders and other tourists and it was fun and we made some great friends that we ended up spending the week with. There was such a diverse mix of people young and old. There were some kids there for a party but it wasn’t the “party place” by any means. It is open bar so you have to expect some people will drink quite a bit. There was one middle aged man that got so wasted he passed out and his wife and friends had to carry him out. They are not by any means stingy with the alcohol and they don’t cut you off so be prepared.

Beach and Pools: The beach is fantastic (on the Coral side)! There were many chairs so you didn’t have to fight for one. There’s a bar on the beach and entertainment staff that start up volleyball games. Contrary to what has been written before there was snorkeling equipment you just have to look around or ask. Often times it was just being used and you have to wait your turn.

The pool was also fantastic. They do have a volleyball net set up in the large main pool as well as a swim up bar.

The other pool on the Sirenas side seemed to be more of a lap pool to me. It isn’t out in the sun as much as the larger one either.

Grounds: Cuba is an old country with very little money so the up keep of the buildings is not what you’re used to. I quite liked it though, it gave it charm. The grounds were spotless, there were groundskeepers out all day every day cleaning and pruning. They will also cut down coconuts and open them for you to drink if you ask them (please also tip them as they are out there all day in the heat climbing those trees).

Activities and Entertainment: There were nightly shows which were just amazing. Cubans are phenomenal dancers! There was also a disco on the Sirenas side which was fun too. Often the staff would come over after their shifts and dance with the tourists and try to teach them…key word try! There was bingo and dance class in the lobby. One night there was a sax player and singer in the lobby and they were just amazing.

Tours: We went on the Catamaran which is an absolute must!!! The crew were fun and entertaining and showed everyone a great time. They took us out to Cayo Blanco ( a little island off of Varadero) and we went snorkeling, had a buffet lunch and danced. It was soooo fun! They give you the option of having a lobster meal on the boat for an extra 20 pesos. We split one and it was to die for. The best I have ever had!

We went on the one day trip to Havana as well. It is the most amazing city. It’s architecture and history are amazing. I took about a million pictures. Our tour guide was great and gave us so much information. Also this is the best place to buy cigars if you’re interested. Get the tour guide to show you where to go though because some places sell fakes. The real ones are so fresh and tasty! I am not a smoker but you have to smoke a little Cohiba while you’re there!

The last thing we did was a swim with the dolphins. It was the most amazing experience of my life. They are such affectionate animals…or should I say mammals. One got fresh with me and started licking my neck!!! They take pictures and videos which you can purchase afterwards which I strongly suggest you do. What a great memory!

Off The Resort: I strongly suggest you take a wander through Varadero. There are many markets with great art and souvenirs. I brought home two stunning one of a kind pieces of art that hang on my walls proudly. There is a liquor store that used to be the distillery right at the beginning that sells everything you’d be looking for. The sweet rum is very tasty!

It is best to take Canadian money or Canadian travelers checks with you. Do not take American travelers checks no matter what the bank tries to tell you! They will take it but they have quite a hefty service fee (they seem to have this dislike for the Americans) ;)

Departure and Check: Out Our last day was overcast so we lounged around and played cards with our new friends. It was so sad to leave ( I almost didn’t). The country and people are so beautiful and warm. I loved every minute of it. Be careful using the phone it is expensive and adds up quickly. They do have internet access that you can buy time for but there are often line ups because it is slow.

Conclusion: Go and enjoy and please please please do not be rude and remember you are a visitor in THEIR country.
Sol Sirenas Coral
Don & Marjie  
Comox, Vancouver Island, Canada
January 2008
This will be our third trip to Sol Sarinas Coral and I cannot believe some of the remarks posted in this web page. I have to agree with some of the more credible letters in here. We go because of the people themselves and the way we are treated. The service is very commendable and I could scream when I read some of the remarks putting down the service and the staff.

I saw some of these people in my visits and I could not believe the arrogance and whinning especially with the Europeans. They don't tip on a majority so what do they expect. We always tip and believe me it is certainly well worth the extra little bit. A lot of these vacationers think they should be waited on hand and foot continuously and critisise that maybe there is a shortage of cups and maybe have to wait for a coffee. These people have many persons to attend to for each meal and they are not just serving the one table doing all the whinning. What dinning room have these people ever been in where a server will take thier baby and cuddle it and calm it while they try to have thier meal and then after leave and don't even think to tip as they figure this is thier holiday and they should be catered too. Most of these people have never been in a resort or even on a holiday out of thier own country and forget this is not thier country so as the saying goes when in" Rome do as the Romans do." I saw tourists complaining in the open bars because the birds were flying around where most people enjoyed seeing it so open to nature. My idea of people like this should not bother to go to another country, stay home and complain there.

We do the trips they have available for us tourists and they make us feel like we are part of them and only entice you to have a wonderful time. The catamaran, the jeep safaries, the river ride to the caves, the train rides to the old plantations, or just do the beach scene where the beaches are beautiful and clean just like the whole resort is immaculate you don't find a cigarette butt on the walkways or grounds anywhere.

The meals are not what we are accustomed to but hey, we are in Cuba so try them and enjoy the different kinds of food. It is like any dining room anywhere, sure there is something you may not like then pass it by and get something you will like and if you don't next time get something else. Don't make a scene and complain as the others there that are enjoying it don't want to hear you complaining.

The town of Varedero is unique and many places to eat, beautiful park, lots of open markets for unique crafts that are truly crafted by very skilled craftsmen or craftwomen. They are very ingenius as in most of the crafts they are desighned to come apart for taking back home with you on the planes.

Many ways to go and visit the different things to see, buses, cabs, horse and buggies, antique cars, scooters bicycles, car rentals. There is much to see, Al Capones house at the beach, just too numerous to get them all in this. A must is a trip to Havana city, the architecture is fanstastic, go across to the old fort and you get a most spectacular view of the city from that side, across the harbour where the statue of Christ is on the hill. The Revolutin square where Fidel Castro makes his speeches, and the copy of the Whitehouse. All I can say is go and enjoy it all, you'll be much richer if you do.
Sol Sirenas Coral

March 2007
We stayed at the Sol Sirenas Coral from Feb 24th to Mar4 2007. (my wife and I and our 22 month old son and our friends and their 7 month old son).

We selected this resort partly on price (although there were cheaper, nicer ones) partly on flight details (we wanted a direct flight from Ottawa that departed/returned during the day and that severely limited our selection), partly on travel dates (my friend could only travel within a few days), partly from ratings/reviews and partly from travel agent suggestion. It was our 5th visit to Cuba and we've been to DR twice and to Florida countless times.

This resort is rated on 3.5/4 depending on where you check but this is too high even for 'Cuban standards'. The resort is really 2 distinct resort; the Sirenas and the Coral and you have access to facilities at both resorts. Our room was on the Coral side (I believe if you book a standard room, you get placed on the Coral side, if you book a upgraded room you get placed on the Sirenas side (the Sirenas is significantly nicer and probably how they justify a 3.5-4 star rating). Parts of the Coral side actually look like they must have been different resorts at some point as well (several of the buildings are very different and don't go together well so I'm guessing that they used to be different complexes). Since we stayed on the Coral side, most of my review reflects that.

Beach and ocean:
The beach and ocean were amazing. This was our first trip to Varadero and I can now agree with others who've said that this is the nicest beach in Cuba. At the Coral, the beach is very wide, white sand. There is lots of palapas for shade there's a wide section that's just in the sun. The water is crystal clear and you can easily see 10 feet deep very clearly (didn't get any deeper). One drawback is that for those looking to snorkel, I don't believe there's really any to be done from the beach (unless you are happy just to see sand) (although I heard that for $20 you can get a boat to take you out to the reef where it's nice). There were a few catamarans that you could take with the staff, a few 'sit-on-top' kayaks and a few pedal boats but I didn't see snorkling or sailboarding gear (not a huge deal since we were there with our son but I would have probably used them had I seen them). Another great thing about the beach is that there are tons of beachchairs at any time of the day so you don't have to 'reserve' any. I only had a brief look at the beach at the Sirenas but it actually looked quite a bit narrower so we didn't bother going.

There are two pools on the Coral side which is quite good. The main one is free form, mostly shallow and has a swim up bar. This one is quite busy and lively but it's big enough that you can usually get chairs with not much trouble. There's also a smaller, 'regular' rectangle pool (remnant of another resort I suspect) which is much more quiet and which would be great except that for some reason, they don't leave chairs there so you have to drag them over from the 'main' pool. The other problem with the pool is that it doesn't have a section for 'animation team' games so they have to improvise (e.g. use trees to hook up a volleyball net, etc) - not a huge deal but I think all other resorts I have been to had a dedicated one. The Sirenas pool did have a 'permanent play area' but overall it wasn't as nice as the Coral pool so we never ended up going to it. Food:

This is by far the source of most complaints. The buffet at the Coral was pretty much horrible; there was very little selection, one gripe that I heard many complain about was that there are no labels to identify any of the food. There are almost no vegetables (salad, etc) at the buffet. And the service was poor (the staff itself was good but there just wasn't nearly enough so they didn't have time to properly clean tables, help guests, etc so most of the time, the staff was running around like crazy while there were tons of tables needing to be cleared and tons of guests looking for clean tables, cuttlery, dishes, etc. The biggest problem with the buffet was that because of the limited food and the layout (it's pretty much like a cafeteria, there was ALWAYS lineups - even if you only wanted one item, you pretty much had to lineup at the beginning and wait through the whole line because there was one long lineup. They did have the usual 'on-demand' pasta / omelet station (I think that's it though) but there was always a very long wait to get it so a lot of people often skipped it. Although I'm really not very picky about food (I'll eat pizza or hamburgers or pasty pretty much every day and be happy) this really was not very good. The buffet at the Sirenas was significantly better (more selection, better service, nicer ambience, etc) but still basically sucked compared to all the other resorts we've been to.

There's a grill at the Sirenas and a 'Beer Garden' at the Coral where you could get burgers or sandwiches but neither were very good either. The one exception was the lunchtime 'beach grill' at the Coral (at the far end of the beach (at the left if you are looking at the ocean)) (becomes the Cuban restaurant at night) which was very good and had a 'mini-buffet' with better selection than the 'main buffets' - after eating there once, we returned every day (and others we spoke to agreed).

In an huge contrast to the buffets, the 'A-la-carte' restaurants were excellent. We went to the Oriental twice, the Italian twice and to the Cuban once. Both the Oriental and Italian were as good as any other restaurants I've been too and the Cuban (although I didn't enjoy it as much) was good. (as you can see we had most of our dinners at the a-la-cartes, but we still went to the buffets every night because we'd feed our kids there). The problem with the 'a-la-carte' restaurants was that you had to make reservations to go and to make reservations, you pretty much had to wait inline for 45 minutes to 1 hour every day for 3PM (e.g. some people started lining up at 2PM) and you could only make reservations for 1 night (i.e. if you want to go 5 nights, you have to stand in line 5 times). Because of this, many guests didn't actually get to go to the 'a-la-carte'. On our last day, we did find out that if you went to reserve at the Sirenas side instead of at the Coral side, the wait was quite a bit less (but you still had to go every afternoon)).

As mentioned by others, our room was not very nice and not very clean. Despite tipping, we were not able to get bath towels everyday (they chambermaid tried to get some but all she had were hand towels so she left us a bunch of those). The room was not very clean and in general poor condition. Our AC worked but really only on the 'low fan' setting (our friends' only worked on the 'high fan' setting so they had to keep turning it off/on during the night otherwise it got too hot/cold (the thermostat itself does not appear to be connected in either room - you ever get full AC (at whatever fan speed you can set or off). The air filter was absolutely discusting (I think this hotel is 15 years old and I do not believe it was ever replaced - actually I wouldn't be surprised if the filter was actually used at another hotel before this one was built!) The mattresses were the worst I've ever had in a hotel room (includes 2 and 3 star resorts). The shower did not have any cold water - not necessarily a huge problem (although I'm a wuss and don't like water that's too hot) except that we had a young child so couldn't keep the water on him and had to fill the tub and then let it cool for a while before giving him a bath. The bathroom always smelled horrible from day one (we always kept the bathroom door closed) and there was no 'stopper' in the sink (not a huge deal but you had to be careful not to drop anything in it (especially for us since we had to clean bottles every night). The TV also didn't work but we didn't care nor did some of the lights in the room. One good thing is that the crib they supplied was excellent. There was a very small mini-fridge but it is not filled. After a lot of effort, we were able to get containers of whole milk for our son but I heard that others just went to the store and bought some.

One of the reasons we chose this resort is that they had a babyclub (0-4) which was actually very good. It was in a large building and had a separate portion where kids could have their nap (other parents took advantage of this and dropped off their toddlers for a nap while they were at the pool/beach but it never worked with our son) and a playroom with toys. Most of the time there's 2 older ladies watching / playing with 2 or 3 kids. Our son loved it and we left him there for a while (30 minutes to 2 hours) on most of the days.

There was the usual mix of older folks and families but one thing that surprised me was the number of younger (college age). It didn't really bother us but I could tell that some of the other guests were not happy about the noise. Not sure if it was the time of the year (although I asked people at other resorts and they said there weren't really any at theirs) or the price (this place was fairly cheap and it looks like they might allow quad-occupancy) but there was a lot of people here to 'party' so if that's what you are looking for, this might be a good resort for it (although I don't know where guests could go at night - I saw one of the reviews mentioning a disco but I didn't see one at the resort.

Overall impression:
While certain aspects where good, overall we were quite disapointed with this resort. The condition was poor (room, some of the buildings are closed and being renovated, the public washrooms were horrible (I can honestly say that at least 50% of the men bathrooms were unusable (particularly the toilet stalls) for various reasons (out of order, no toilet paper, no toilet seat, no toilet stall lock, no toilet stall door, overflowing, etc) From what I heard from my wife, the women's might have been slightly better but not that much (they pretty always returned to our rooms if they needed to go). There are elevators in the hotel (first time I see that in Cuba actually) but about 50% were not operational (for the first 2 or 3 days, one of the ones by our room was working but had no lights in it so you rode in the dark - not a huge deal but some people didn't want to take it). My friend was actually stuck between floors in one of the elevators for about 5 minutes and another day while we were waiting for the elevator and it went from showing the floor number it was on to simply showing an 'X'. Another bad sign is that one of the other guests at the hotel accidentaly went to my friend's room instead of going to his room one floor above and was able to open the door with his card! Another drawback is that for most people in the 'main' building, the show is quite loud and you will hear it until 11pm (I heard that again the Sirenas was much better for this).

The general consensus from everybody we spoke to is that while people had a good time, I don't think anyone will return or recommend this resort. As far as Sirenas vs Coral, while I do believe that Sirenas is quite a bit nicer (e.g. cleaner (although not the bathrooms), better condition, etc), I don't think that staying on the Sirenas side is better (in my opinion, the pool and beach were better on the Coral side as was the lunch grill).

Overall, we were disappointed (although we still had a very good time) with the resort and I would have to rank it near the bottom of the resorts we've been to. We like Varadero and will return but not here.
Sol Sirenas Coral
Prince Edward Island, Canada
March 2007
I, my daughter, and her friend just returned from a one-week stay at Sol Sirenas Coral in Varadaro. We returned home on March 5, 2007.

I will begin by saying that this resort is quite beautiful, the grounds are fantastic; the beach is so, so beautiful with wonderful green waters. No rocks, seaweed. A wonderful place to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

This was my sixth stay in Cuba, in future years I stayed a few times in Holguin at Brisas Guardalavaca; and a few stays also at Iberostor Daiquiri in Cayo Guillmero in Cayo Coco.

I must admit that my stay in Sol Sirenas was not near as enjoyable for these reasons.

First off, the three of us were hungry, no, I should say starved for the whole week that we stayed at the Sol Sirenas in Varadaro. The food was worse than horrible. Along with tasting bad, most of the food was cold. Many times we had to ask that the food be heated up. One day while trying to eat potatoes; I could not get my fork through them, for they were hard and not even cooked properly.

Secondly, this resort at Sol Sirenas is not even near to a four star, I would give it a 2 star at best. The bathroom in the main lobby was very dirty and mostly every night there was no toliet tissure. I asked one lady one night to try and find me some toilet tissure, she had to go into the mens washroom to get me some. This also happêned many nights in our hotel room - there would be no toilet tissure left; and we even had left gifts for the maids each day.

The weather while we were in Varadaro was hot; cloudy most days; but we did manage to get some kind of a tan.

So, in summary. If you are a young person and do not care so much what you eat and like food served cold and do not mind a dirty bathroom with no tissue well this is the place for you to go. You will have fun. But, on the other hand, if you are a little older and like a clean washroom, food well-cooked and hot, well, I would MOST DEFINITELY stay clear of this resort.

Would we return to this Sol Sirenas Coral resort in Varadaro, most definitely a NO, NO NO - Never!!!!!
Sol Sirenas Coral
Bob and Pat 

March 2007
To start i must say that this was only my second trip to Cuba and will definately return again, only i will not go back to the Serenis Coral. The grounds and pool area are terrific to say the least and the beach beatiful. The short comings of this resort are the lack of food in the buffets, always running out of coffee, plates and cups. I realize where we are and all but i really think they could do better in that aspect. The rooms were adequate but if you like to have a little quiet when your sleeping, do not stay on the ocean side of the Coral part. We were on the second floor and it was so noisy i never really slept much, the kitchen staff are up at 4 a.m banging pans and yelling at each other, so that was my wake up call every morning and on top of that we had a floor of very load guests partying loudly throughout the early hours. I guesss i should have asked for another room but you keep thinking the next night will be better. All in all if you want a cheap vacation and don`t mind not sleeping than this resort usually has great sell off prices,We stayed at a nicer resort down the road a couple of years ago called the Solymar and when we return to Cuba next winter we will stay there as we had better luck with everything.Please keep in mind that the Serenis Coral is going through changes and might get better i just don`t want to keep trying.But hey we still made the best of it and thank god we are blessed with the country in which we live in .
Sol Sirenas Coral
Mike and Brenda 
Alberta, Canada
February 2007
We have been going to Varadero for the past 10 years, and have always chosen this resort. We never thought we could go to the same place over and over again, but we love it!
We have seen the Sirenas when it was the only resort, and we have seen the changes since adding the Coral. We have been such good patrons that the one year the resort held a private dinner to show its appreciation to its returning guests. So yes, we have seen the ups and downs. At this dinner we had the opportunity to go and spend a day at their 5 star the Paradisus. We chose not to, and everyone that did said it was nicer, but they hated the fact it was so much bigger and spread out. Even more than the Sirenas Coral.

First thing to remember you are in Cuba. If you do not have an open mind for that then you shouldn't go. Do not go and expect what you would usually receive at home. If you require a 4 star at home, then book a 5 star in Cuba.

At the moment:
First tip: Always ask for the Superior Oceanview Rooms. They will be on the Sirenas side. The Coral is slowly coming along, but still needs alot of work. Insist on staying at the Sirenas.
Second tip: Don't get aggravated with the power shortages, again, welcome to Cuba.
Third tip: Don't get aggravated by a cold shower, again welcome to Cuba.
Fourth tip: TV doesn't work, why are you watching TV? Your in the Caribbean?

The main thing we like about this resort is the location and the people. The location, if you want to take a nice long walk down the beach into town you can. The new five stars you cannot. You MUST take car, taxi, bus, to get to town.

Yes, we have noticed a difference in the attitude of workers to guests. It was us as travelers that brought this on. No, you don't get everything for nothing. It use to be a dollar a day tip would get you anything you want. They have put up with enough rudeness from us, it is the same as everywhere else in the world, treat them kind and they will treat you like gold! The people we see now entering Cuba are very rude and inconsiderate, not all, but alot! We are from Canada and I would never treat my waiter or waitress in Canada like I see people being treated in these resorts. I have been sitting at a lobby bar and practically pushed out of my chair by patrons, actually I was pushed out one time. Who do you think you are? If you want good service, then treat people with respect! And that includes fellow travelers. I read alot of reviews, and laugh and wonder if you were the one that pushed me out of my chair? If you require the very best service available, I know what you pay for this resort, and I suggest you go to the Paradisus, or another 5 star down the road. Remember upgrade a star to what you are used to.

E.g. of being nice:
The drink in Cuba is the mojito! It needs mint. The weather in Cuba this year has been much colder and the resorts gardens cannot keep up with the mint demand. That is right, most resorts have their own gardens for the kitchens and bars, it doesn't just come from the supermarket down the street. My husband sat at the lobby bar one night with a little bouquet of mint that was given to him from a bartender the previous day. The next night the bars were out of mint, so down went my husband with his mint, and enjoyed his mojito's. Everyone else wondered why he was so special, we just told everyone he brought his own. We were asked how we got the mojito? My husband replied, "by being nice" The woman replied, "I don't need more friends, I just need mojito!" Guess what, she didn't get one.

Also, alot of your workers in the resorts are lawyers, doctors, engineers.....they make more money in the resorts than they do in their specific fields. That is how communism works. These people also will work 12 hours aday. Some work six days a week! I know alot of you don't do that! Most will put us to shame, they know more about their country than we could ever know about ours. When they graduate they must pass a difficult history exam. Don't be afraid about medical emergencies, the doctors are the best in the world! It is not a joke! Actually I met a lady on our return flight, no sooner had she landed in Cuba, actually she stepped off the plane wrong....(can you imagine her luck) anyways she went by ambulance to the International Clinic, was seen by three doctors, sent back by ambulance to her hotel with torn ligaments, and it cost her $187.00 CDN! That's it, and she said they were unbelievable! Don't worry about this part of travelling, Cuba has awesome doctors.

Food: The Mediterranean was closed this time, but, this is a big statement, being from Canada, but it was one of the best steaks I have ever had! The Italian is nice, the Chinese is nice. But if you are doing the buffet thing, the Sirenas at the moment is the best. Again, I will say, most people find all inclusive bland. Which to me is good, rather that than in Jamaica and have Jerk sauce on EVERYTHING! Add a little salt, and all is good. Try the ice cream, it is awesome!

Tours: They have changed alot in the years, and we again are the ones that have changed them. All are good. But if you want to see Cuba, go to Havana. And another, go on the Catamaran. Don't bother with the one swimming with the dolphins. If you want to do this, go to the marina and book to swim with them there. You get alot more time, and you will have way more fun! On the Catamaran, take $10.00 or so with you. They will offer you fresh lobster on the boat, this will be some of the best lobster you will ever eat!

Snorkeling: Go down to the beach, it will cost you about $10.00, go to the hobbie cats and rentals, they will set you up. A guy will take you down the way about 20 minutes and you will see some unbelievable fish!!!!!!

Parasailing: Do it, it is an unbelievable view!

BIG TIP: At the airport, changing money. DO NOT change your money prior to entering security. YES, you can change it once you are in the departure level!!!!! They will tell you no, but you can! They do not want their money leaving the country. The reason being is that if you want to buy anything from duty free, or even a drink, it is all in pesos. Keep all your pesos, and then there IS a money exchange upstairs in the departure level. If you don't, the price they charge you for using any other money is unbelievable!!!!!! It will make you look like a sucker instantly!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, TIPPING: If you want a really good holiday........everyone you meet the first time, you very first drink.......tip them 1 - 3 pesos! Then that is all you need to do. Tip them before, not after. They will see you are genuine, and your drinks will never quit! Waiters and waitress's, tip them the first day you use them. They will remember you. I have been remembered by never buying anything to bring home, e.g.) cigars, rums, ha....mint, it has all been supplied to me. I have even been up in my room, and suddenly a bottle of "Baileys" arrives! Yes, there are other drinks at this resort, but you just have to be nice.......and you can get Vodka, Rye, Scotch (sometimes they have to charge for the Scotch) anything you want is yours and you can be treated like you are in a 5 star, just be nice, and remember you no doubt came to Cuba for something different, so be expecting something different.
Sol Sirenas Coral
Sarah and Mark 
September 2006
My boyfriend and I visited this hotel this summer, with it also being our first visit to cuba. the main reason to why we chose cuba than any of the other carribbean resorts was because of the weather. shallow you may think, but my personal interests are in sun beach holidays so weather plays a big factor and cuba was the best island with the least rainfall for the month we were visiting. we chose the sol sirenas coral resort (mostly known as the coral) due to it being a large complex and mainly due to my boyfriend liking the 9 bars the hotel offered. we are both 20, so abit of nightlife was considered important, yet not a priority.

so, the hotel itself was lovely, the reception area, grounds of the hotel including the pools were fantastic. although, we did encounter problems with two of the pools during our stay. one was closed the entire two weeks, but it was the smallest one so it wasn't really a problem. however, in the second week half of our main pool was closed due to it being cleaned out.

wasn't really impressed about that, but there were still swimming pools on offer. due to the size of the hotel it is sort of in two parts, we were on the side that i felt offered the best swimming pool and access to the beach, along with the restaurants mostly being located on our side. however, when exploring the other side of the hotel and not until the second week, we discovered their buffet restauant offered better food and service. after this discovery, we wished we had known earlier on as our buffet was ok but not as good as the other one.

that brings me on to food. to be honest the quality and creativeness of the food was quite poor. the buffet was rather repetitive and the food served wasn't brilliant. however, it was comforting to see meat and pasta cooked before you as you waited in line. we always went down for dinner at half 8 in the evening and there was never a queue or no free tables. breakfast again, was ok, with a range of hot and cold food on offer.

as on the subject of food, it makes sense to now cover the drinking experience. please do not go out there thinking you will be able to drink alcohol as we do in england. alcohol options are very lacking, spirits are mainly rum, you can have rum and coke, rum and lemonade, rum and orange, need i go on?? rum is certainly the main option out there and although on first taste i thought it was disgusting it actaully became my regular drink. a lager is availble and isn't actually too bad.

drinking i guess leads on to the nightlife within the hotel. this was abit of a disappointment, the main lobby bar was where we spent most of our evenings after dinner. however, as for livliness, well there wasn't much.

this wasn't really a problem but it would have been nice for a bit more of action. the hotel has a "club" that is situated on the other side to where we were staying, called the havana cafe, this was more livlier but just a one off visit was more than enough!

service of staff was either excellent, especially the housekeeping and reception staff, or absolutly shockly ignorant. now this was a major let down, we expected a good level of service but instead we recieved a rude and unprofessional service. it varied with certain staff members, but generally we were shocked at some of their attitudes and expected a lot more of a friendlier service.

as i said housekeeping staff were fine, the rooms were clean and well presented and the maids made their own personal touch by making the towels in a different shape everyday. rooms are equiped with a safe that is electronic by a code that you choose yourself. we had absolutley no problems with the rooms at all, and at the end of the holiday we tipped our maid generously.

im coming to the end of the review now, although i could write for england!

saved the best bits till last and that has to be the beach and the weather.

as we visited during the tropical season it is abit risky, however we were blessed with absolutely fantastic weather for the two weeks. it was only our second night we encountered a storm, but after an hour and half of rain it cleared and the next day was just as brilliant as the day before. so my main reasons for choosing cuba served its purpose. brilliant sunny hot weather!

and it couldn't have been better than to enjoy it than on the beach. the water is so unbelievbly clear and clean and the sands so white. it really is how it looks on the brochure, beautiful. watersports were available but not always equipped with staff. a beach hut is there serving drinks and a restauarant is closeby for lunch. so even if you are not a beach person, do walk down and just look at it, i loved sunbathing and closing my eyes to open them and see the views, breathtaking.

also, the excursions we took up was the havana overnight tour and the dolphin trip, these you must do if you can and you do get your moneys worth. we were so glad we went on these trips and it was nice to spend a coupld of days from the hotel. i told you i could write for england! well hope my review has been useful to anyone thinking of visiting. my boyfriend and i loved it, although there were certain areas of the holiday that were quite poor. generally though it is a good hotel and a fantastic holiday. beware of the mosquitos and if you visit havana, avoid the market sellers selling cheap cigars! for booking the a la carte restaurants, get down there early to book or you will never get a table (especailly the italian) have a fantastic time
Sol Sirenas Coral
Rob and Lisa 
February 2006
The two of us were on our very first trip any where and im so glad i decided to cuba as we both had the time of our lives we flew out of edmonton the flights there and back were on time and the movies seem to make the time go by pretty fast

as for cuban customs i had no problem at all i have a horrible passport picture which i feel makes me look like a drug lord but on both sides in and out in like 5 minutes

as many have said before this hotel consists of two resorts which you can use all the amenities of either one the only little problem we had which i did not mind to much was that the bus dropped us off at the sirenas side when the whole bus load of us was actually on the coral side so we had to lug our luggage all the way from one side to the other which is not so easy with all the nice walkways going over bridges and stuff but we made it check in went really fast i paid for a standard room but because they were having a problem with water in the main building we were put in building 2 they call it right down by the beach our room was all we needed i read all the tv complaints but who watches tv while in cuba we never even turned ours on we had a king size bed and a single bed big balcony good for smoking the cigars on and you could see the ocean while standing on it

i found the resorts close to each other except at 3 in the mourning when you had to many rum punches at the havana cafe

the beach is awesome sand as far as you can see cant say much about the pools as i just walked by them they seemed nice but with the beautiful ocean right there we found no need for the pools

i found the buffets to be very good i liked the one on the sirenas side better than the one on the coral side

the ala cartes were all very good my favorites were the cuban and the oriental did not care as much for the Mediterranean

i found in my view this hotel lived up to what i was sold by the travel agent

we went on the havana tour and it was awesome great old architecture

one thing i noticed at all the bars was if you tipped first time you would get great service all the time but only by that person a few time i stood there and they just looked at you and went the other way

we took what i called the crazy tourist bus it was great for 5 pesos you could ride the bus all day unlimited in to town or tour to the end of the peninsula

they had shows every night at the stage and i thought they were all great

i met so many cool people from all over the world England, Scotland, Switzerland and even made some new friends from good old alberta

i would go to this resort again and i would recommend it to any one who asked i loved the beach,the people of cuba are very nice, and this hotel seems centrally located for everything
Sol Sirenas Coral

September 2005
I just recently visited cuba from september 18-25 2005 and stayed at the sol sirenas coral resort. Let me say i had an excellent experience with very few negative things to say. i don't know why some of the reviews were so terrible because after i had booked i read some of them and became worried. rest assured fellow travellers staying at sol sirenas there is nothing to be worried about.

The rooms: i stayed in the sirenas side although i did not pay extra or request to stay there this is just where they put me. i was on the top floor i was pleasently surprised with my room! It was very bright, and clean (there was no bugs! and definitley none in the bed) the washroom was big with large mirror and lot's of counterspace. the closet was quite large also with a safe in it. i brought a converter but did not need it! there was a nice balcony with a small table and chairs,

The pools there are the three pools to be honest i spent most of my time on the beach not because the pool area was not nice i just prefer the beach.
the pool on the sirenas side was always busy, with a great atmosphere (not too packed) the pool on the coral side was much quieter although still very nice, then there was the olympic style pool no one was ever in it so it kinda of gave me a creepy vibe. the walkways and landscaping were all very nice and CLEAN!

the food was good, breakfast was probably the only meal i didn't really enjoy. the coffee is good however and they have a couple espresso bars on the resort. at the buffets there was quite a selection pre-made served as buffet style but there was also a grill where they would cook you fish, beef or chicken right in front of you, as well as pasta cooked right infront of you. the restaurant i enjoyed most was "el rancho" it's on the coral side it's little bit hidden but look for the signs you'll find it it's right next to the beach. i only ate there, the buffet on sirenas side, the medditeranian, and the cuban all were good. i heard the chinese is good (also hidden a little- but just ask) i heard the italian was bad but i never tried it.

the staff were extremely friendly. always smiling ready to help or have a conversation with you. If you're looking for night life the entertainers are the ones to ask. they wear bright, colourful shirts they will take you to the clubs that are the best for that night! or just go to the lobby at 11:00pm thats when and where they usually all meet to go out! all the clubs are fairly close by maximum taxi ride was 5 pesos ( i think was to the cave) but usually it was only 3. clubs are 10 pesos to get into and are all you can drink once youre in! wed- havana club is good only tourists are allowed here so the locals won't take you there cause they can't go. thurs- La roumba is good but be warned it's VERY hot in there! there was no air conditioning! Fri- we went to the continental which is the club in the iternacional hotel sat we went to pirates cave very cool to see but it was not very much fun! one word of advice GET YOUR OWN DRINKS! evrything should be fine and it was with me but just be safe and order them yourselves don't take any from the entertainers or locals!

the few negative things i would say were the elevator wasn't working( i think they turned it off) for a couple of days because when i had to bring my luggage down they had it working. but my key was card style and after climbing all the stairs to the top floor to my room my key 9/10 times wouldn't work! so i'd have to go all the way back down to the lobby then all the way back up! there were a lot of mosquitos outside but i guess thats beyond their control.the beer is good, the pineapple juice is good. and their snacks generally consist of ham and cheese sandwiches which they grill i wasn't feeling the ham so i always got them to make just grilled cheese!

All in all i had an excellent time and would recommend sol sirenas coral to future cuba goers, in fact i plan to go again in april! hope this was helpful! Have fun!
Sol Sirenas Coral
Rap and Sap 
Gananoque, Ontario
September 2005
I have just read the review on the Coral/Sol Sirenas in Varadero. As a frequent visitor to Varadero I have some inside tips for travelers who wish to stay at Sol Sirenas. Yes Sol Sirenas in the past few years purchased the Coral and yes the Coral is a major dump, but not the Sirena. For the past 2 years the Sirena has undergone major renovations and eventually the Coral will also. Although the renovations to the Coral would be better to demolish the Coral and start over again. When you book your hotel room and want the Sirena AND NOT the Coral you must book the Oceanview rooms at a slightly more $ - the Coral rooms and what the consider the STANDARD rooms. If you have booked an oceanview room (Sirena side) and the bus stops at the Coral - DON'T GET OFF THE BUS - don't lelt them take your luggage off the bus and have them take you to the Sirena side. If you do get off the bus you will be put into the worst rooms you could imagine. Stand you guns - stay on the bus until it takes you to the Sirena which you have booked the upgrade room of an oceanview. Buy a standard room you get a standard room and a sub standard hotel - purchase you holiday with an upgrade oceanview room and you get just that - a lovely hotel. Although the bar tenders could learn how to mix a decent drink.
Sol Sirenas Coral
August 2005
We are a group of 4 (in our mid to late thirties) flew from Toronto to Varadero with Skyservice (my boyfriend and I have been to Cuba twice last year but previously stayed at a 41/2 star Melia Varadero which was fabulous).

Flight was great no delays.

Sol Sirenas consists of two resorts the Sirenas side and the Coral side (4 star resort). JUST SAY NO! do yourself a favour choose somewhere else please!

Check in was fine - registration was easy and the front desk had friendly staff who spoke English.

Our rooms were on the Coral Side (we never saw the rooms on the Sirenas side, apparently some of them have been renovated). Our rooms were disgusting, the smell was unbearable, old, musty, they don't change the sheets all week, small little ants all over the room (and in the bed), we sprayed around the bed with bug spray the pillows had such a bad smell, we ended up putting towels or cloths on top of the bed to mask any smell or bed bugs from biting us, we slept with the lights on in hopes the bugs wouldn't come out. I KID YOU NOT! We are average Canadians who are not hard to please all we want is a clean bed. We changed our room due to the TV and shower not working, but the second room was no better (at least we got CNN). You get a large bottled water the first day, after that you take your bottle to the bar in the lobby and they re-fill it with filtered water.

The two resorts were far apart, a lot of walking is required, the grounds themselves are kept very nice and manicured, they seem to have a few other small resorts on the property sitting empty which are quite eerie. I think in its heyday this was a happening spot but the buildings just haven't been kept up.

The beach is beautiful, great weather but while sitting in the ocean I would glance down the beach and in the distance I saw my favourite resort Melia Varadero and a tear came to my eye (what have I done).

They have three pools on the Coral side (the pool with the swim up bar was in operation (while getting out of the pool my foot went through the plastic worn our grate surrounding the pool which warranted a scraped up leg and bruises, and whatever you do walk slowly, those tiles around the pool are very slippy, the adjoining deeper pool was "under construction" the third pool was more of an Olympic looking pool where you can swim lengths but the water was green (needless to say nobody used it).

The buffet food was ok, you don't go hungry and nobody was sick, but they were definitely rationing some foods, butter, wine, ketchup and oh did I mention one evening they ran out of Crystal beer (at an all inclusive).

We didn't get reservations for all the a la carte restaurants but the ones we went to were ok, the best was Mediterranean.

We made the best of it but this 4 star should be rated a 2 , but don't think the Sirenas side is any better because its not, well, maybe a 2 1/2.

I know that the people are poor, I know they don't like their jobs but the service (except for 3 people) was absolutely unforgivable.

Sol Sirenas Coral
Jeff & Julien 
August 2005
We are a late twenties/early thirties couple originally from Toronto, now living in Vancouver. Although this was our first stay in Cuba, we have vacationed at just under a dozen all-inclusive resorts within the Caribbean, and based on that experience, we believe that we have sufficient comparative exposure to provide a fair and just review of Sol Sirenis-Coral.

Although we have referred to reviews on this web-site in the past to facilitate resort selection, we have never posted one upon our return. This time, based on an overall mediocre experience, we felt it would be of benefit to fellow travellers also considering the Sol Sirenis-Coral.

Essentially, having booked a standard room and thus ending up on the "Coral side" we do not feel we received good value for money. We would not return to this hotel and would not recommend it based on that value for money concept.

The Sol Sirenis-Coral is essentially two separate and distinct hotels merged into one under the Sol Melia banner. The Sirenis Hotel, in our opinion, is a four-star.

The Coral, on the other hand is no more than a three-star.

The value for money issue stems from the fact that combined, this hotel complex is marketed and priced as a four-star, is cost comparable to other Varadero four-star resorts, but if you end up on the Coral side, you are paying for a four star but getting a three.

Our recommendation in short, is that there are many places to drop a few thousand dollars, many vacation spots in the Carribbean, many hotels in Varadero, but if you must go to this specific hotel, pay for the Superior room, otherwise, try the Paradisus Varadero.

Overall these two combined hotels are confusing to navigate and simply too expansive. The map provided at check-in is a charicature-like depiction of the two hotel grounds including a number of errors and omissions. Combined with a wide variety of building styles, of various ages and states of repair, this can make it difficult to find things initially.

Although grounds on both hotels are well kept, there is a clear distinction on the Sirenis side, with better footpaths and more manicured gardens contrasted by the Coral's wider roads including automobile traffic. The central area of the Coral is comprised of a number of unique, and in some cases fenced-enclosed, villas. These villas seemed to be inhabited by local officials and like "important people" (as surmised by their license plate colour) complete with automobiles and motorcycles driving about as swimsuit-clad vacationers walked between their hotel rooms and the beach.

All in all, an odd set up leaving a lot of room for improvement. As an example, the Biergarten, a dated but well-gardened sandwich eatery, was largely empty throughout our stay and could be made into a much more useful space.

Damage from Hurricane Dennis was clearly evident on the Coral side of the main hotel with large sections of missing ceiling panels, bare cables and metal supports swaying in the breeze. No repair work was underway at the time of our visit while to the contrary, no visible damage remained on the Sirenis side.

Rooms were not elaborate but satisfactory, with mattresses being well used but not uncomfortable. Bottled water was a challenge in the room, upon use of the first bottle we quickly learned that it was not replaced without visiting reception or filling the empty yourself at the lobby bar. Beach towels were also only given out with a 15CUC deposit, made at reception, a surprise for us based on details within our travel brochure. Again, not a major issue, but another minor detraction from the purported four-star hotel status.

Staff and Service Levels
Service levels are also noticeably different on the Sirenis side, with more prompt and courteous attention at lobby bars and buffets meals. Reception was wonderful, but aside from that there were clear differences in staff morale between the two hotels. The Sirenis employees seemed outgoing, friendly and as though they enjoyed their work, while Coral staff were much slower to smile and at times outright unhappy in their activities.

Food was mediocre throughout, but we were not expecting high-end dining. Although there was usually sufficient variety, buffet restaurants may see some improvement by offering more rotation in food types or perhaps theme-style meals while maintaining a variety of choice. Lettuce and tomatoes were nowhere to be found and the salad bar was quite limited. Fruit, surprisingly enough, was of poor quality save two days including mango and papaya.

One evening at the Coral buffet, we, along with a long line of other guests, were locked out of the buffet with the explanation that it was full. During our half-hour wait, at least 40% of the tables within the restaurant were visibly vacant, but guests were not admitted, as tables remained cluttered with used tableware. Upon admittance, dinner plates were not available for some time and most tables were without cutlery or glassware. After our meal we inquired with a staff member as to the cause of that evening's dinner chaos and were told it was due the number of guests wanting to eat inside as opposed to the patio because of the mosquitoes. (Although the mosquitoes were pesky and we did receive about a dozen "good" bites, that was not a point which we factored into our review.) Upon further discussion with this staff member, we were told that there was a scheduling problem and a staff shortage. Whatever the true issue, a hotel of this tenure should have its buffet staffing and scheduling in order by now and apologies go further than long stories.

The Beach
One last point, in closing, Varadero is truly a beautiful beach, the water was incredibly warm and the sun exposure ideal for the sun-worshipper. Although small jellyfish made our final days' swimming a little less than fabulous, nature has her own ways and we respect and expect such things. Snorkeling is limited to further east on the beach and patch reefs are subject to heavy sedimentation. Sponges and hydrocorals are present but were in most cases broken by either heavy wave action or anthropogenic damage - so don't expect Palancar Reef while snorkelling. We did note a fair bit of guest litter on the beach in front of the hotel, and all along the strip for that matter, (plastic cups, straws etc). If you do choose this hotel, be sure to clean up after yourself, as we did not see staff manicuring the beach as is done in some locations.
Sol Sirenas Coral
L & E 
July 2005
We’re an easy going couple in our early 40’s from Toronto; we’ve travelled to 3 and 5 star destinations and resorts. This was our second visit to Cuba (first trip May 2003 Bella Costa).

This property consists of 2 resorts with two totally different looks. Our opinion; the Sirenas felt more like a 4 star (we did not see the rooms) and the Coral is more like a 3.5. Both sides are nice with easy access between the 2 sections/resorts. (The Sirenas has a newer look.)

Grounds: Both sections are very lush, well maintained and easy to get around; lots of palm trees. Very clean.

Coral Section: The grounds consist of ‘wide straight paths’ to the beach and around the grounds. The Coral section needs a bit of repair. Some rooms/buildings are closed for renovations. The pool area is attractive.

Sirenas Section: More of a grassed area with narrow winding paths to the beach and around the grounds, very manicured and attractive.

Lobby: Coral: Nice looking, good layout, open concept with seating throughout. A lobby bar at one side of the lobby with barstools and small tables and chairs. There is a tea corner at one end of the lobby with great cappuccino’s and pastries. The lobby looks out to the pool area. There is outdoor seating also off the lobby. There are a few steps down to the pool. The buffet restaurant is just off the lobby.

Sirenas: Much the same look however no outside seating. This lobby plays soft mellow music at night.

Rooms: Coral: A bit dated, in need of a spruce up and some repair. Had an in-room safe, balcony, tv with remote and mini fridge (note not all rooms have mini fridge or remotes for the tv). Large closet, but not much drawer space. Air-conditioning did not work very well at first; they repaired it mid week and it was nice and cold. Did not see Sirenas rooms, they call it an upgrade.

Beach: Beautiful; soft sand, turquoise water, no rocks, you can take long walks in both directions with resorts all the way along; facing the water to the left you can walk to town approx 20 minutes. Water off shore is a good depth; not too deep, but not the shallow wading pool type either. No palm trees on the beach. They had stacks and stacks of lounge chairs. Lots of palapa huts well spread out. Paddle Boats (free). The Coral Beach Bar is directly on the beach with easy access from all palapas. The Sirenas Beach Bar is not directly on the beach it’s just behind the sand dunes and trees.

Pools: Coral: 3 pools. Two are located side by side near the lobby. One is shallow about 1 to 2 feet and gets to about 4 feet in one small area, this pool has the swim up bar in the shallow end. The other pool is next to it with a bridge between them; it looks to be about 4 feet for the most part; with a small shallow end that resembles shore line, you can walk right in (it was closed). Another pool about 4 feet deep; located between 2 buildings in the grounds. All pools have loungers and lots of natural shade from the palm trees. They play local music at the theatre stage and you can hear it at the main Coral pool (nice). Sirenas: 1 pool. Not as much shade and looked more active; had loungers, a swim up bar and a snack bar serving food and drinks with table/chair seating.

Activities: Dance lessons daily at the entertainment stage. Volleyball on the beach and water exercises. Saw some dance lessons on the beach one day. Both sections have a games centre; ping pong, pool tables.

Nightly Shows: The stage is on the Coral side behind the pool; it’s theatre style, open air with a roof. Lots of seating. No bar. Good shows, very theatrical. No audience participation type. Kids show started at approx 8pm and adults show at 9:30 to 10:30. They play some local music before the shows you can hear it from the lobby area.

Disco: One on the grounds in Sirenas section; but we did not go. Open Thurs Fri and Sat.

Food: The food was actually tasty; always replenished. Much better then our first visit to Cuba (different resort).

Main Buffet: Both sections have comfortable indoor restaurants with air conditioning; both offer outdoor seating. Typical buffet items with made to order stations. Clean, wait service for drinks; birds do fly around. The Coral buffet is older looking, bigger and quieter. The Sirenas buffet is newer looking, but louder, they also had more food selections and a trio singing band.

Beach Restaurant: Coral section. Open air thatched roofed. Buffet, plus burgers and sandwiches. Open for lunch only.

Snack Restaurant: Coral section in one of the buildings towards the beach, open air; served burgers, fries sandwiches, hotdogs; lots of birds flying around. Open for lunch only.

Pool Snack Bar: Sirenas Section around the pool area. Open 24 hours; serves hotdogs burgers, fries, sandwiches.

Ala Cartes: Italian & Creole: Both on the Sirenas side; both outdoors near the pool. Mediterranean: Coral section, indoors. Other restaurants listed but closed.

Internet: 1 computer in the lobby of the Coral for both sections; it was not working the entire week.

Other: Staff and locals were friendly. Service was very good. The resort felt safe and always people walking around. Mixed even crowd of all ages; few kids. Lots of Canadians on the Coral section.

Getting pesos was no problem. We bought some at the airport on arrival; the line went fast, they had about 4 tellers. The resort also had a bank and no problems getting small bills; they have $1 peso bills and $1 peso coins. Cost on average 1.41 Cdn for one peso. Resort gave us the same rate as the airport.

Although the bus ride is included; we took a cab to and from the airport; $30 (pesos) plus tip; one way. Approx 20 min drive.

Off the resort: Town of Varadero few shops, restaurants a park. Comfortable and safe feeling. Long street, spread out, not your typical Caribbean town. You can take horse n buggy ($10 one way to town) or little yellow scooter things, or a cab ($4 one way to town). We found things a bit pricier this time round. Double Decker bus $5 per person, can use the pass for the entire day.

To Plaza America $4 cab or scooter thing. Has a few shops, restaurants, vendors. Lots of people there.

Weather: Very hot and sunny and very hot and sticky at night, but not the hard to breath kind. Rained 2 mornings and cleared up by 8am. Rained 2 afternoons for about an hour; and again cleared up completely. Lots of mosquito’s. Bring lots of spray or cream; coils and small citronella candles might be a good idea too.

Varadero is a quiet relaxed place; no pushy vendors, the beaches are beautiful, people are friendly. There is a town but it always felt a bit deserted. We like to venture out off the resort more, go in and out of town, rent a car and explore; and this was lacking in Cuba for our liking.

Always watch for those slippery wet tiles, they are everywhere.

Sol Sirenas Coral

July 2005
My boyfriend and I, (26-34) stayed at Sirenas hotel in July 2004.

When we first got there, they put us in a room in the Coral section. It had rained that night and walking to the room was very dangerous as there was puddles of water everywhere. They put us in a room that was extremely far and hard to get to. When we saw the room they put us in, we were apalled. It stank like mold and looked dirty and to top it off, our view was facing the street where buses were parked. We immediately went back down to the reception desk to demand a better room. The receptionist told us she didnt have anything else available for that night but my boyfriend just refused to take no for an answer. The chef of the buffet overheard us and offered to escort us to the Sirenas section to see if they had any rooms available. We had to drag our luggage ourselves in the poorly lit paths to the Sirenas section. Once there, we were immediately checked in to another room and it was great. I cannot believe they'll put their customers in the worst room they have rather than putting them in a nice room where they'll be happy and maybe think of returning another year. Finally, our room was great and it overlooked the pool which I found amazing and it was always kept very clean. I talked to other people I met there and they were staying in the Coral section and they loved their rooms too.

Food. I was expecting the worst from what I had heard but I was quite pleased. We always went to the buffet at the Sirenas section since it was so close but you can also go to the Coral section buffet if you want. My boyfriend loved the food and ate like a champ. I on the other hand, nibbled on whatever looked decent since I'm more picky. But, you wont go hungry. There's so much to choose from and they really put so much effort into displaying the food so nicely. I had mostly pasta and salads for supper but I really enjoyed breakfast...it was the best! For lunch, I'd usually have ham and cheese sandwiches at the pool bar with french fries....delicious!!!

Beach. Absolutely breathtaking! I think Sirenas has the best beach. We always slept in, so we never had a hut for shade, but I didnt really care since I am a sun worshipper. I would put my chair in the water and just sit there and tan. The beach was very clean. There's a beach bar very close by if you get thirsty. We walked along the beach and saw other resorts and I was so happy with our part of the beach.

Pool. They have 3, but one was closed. The two biggest ones were open though and they were both stunning although the one at Coral was nicer.

Grounds. Beautiful. Very well kept, very lush. Lots of beautiful paths that you'll just love to walk and discover little hidden spots where you can sit and relax.

Entertainment. The shows were nice and entertaining but after that it was boring. We would go sit at the lobby bar but I just wished they'd play some music to liven things up a little. After sitting at the bar for a while, we would then choose to walk to Varadero which was a 20 minute walk away. What can I say about dowtown Varadero? I cant say enough. Just walking alone was great. You really get to experience Cuban culture. There's plenty of little bars and restaurants that have shows you can watch standing on the street and they were so much fun, especially with all the locals dansing in the streets. One night, we caught this band playing at this restaurant, Septeto Carisma, WoW! These guys were great. I can't remember the name of the restaurant but I will definetely go back and try to see these guys perform again. This was one of my best nights there. We even bought their cd for $10US. On other nights, we hit the clubs which were also unbelievably good. There is a disco at the resort but it was so boring and dead. You'll enjoy that if you're 12 yrs old.

Excursions. We did the Sun Cruise for 75$ US. Best day of my life! What a way to celebrate my birthday! We went snorkelling, we swam with the dolphins and then stopped at Cayo Blanco to have lunch and spend some time on the most beautiful beach ever. The catamaran in itself was so much fun. They played music and dansed for us, our boat was the only one who looked like we were having fun. I highly recommend this excursion.

Staff. Very friendly and nice. There were some exceptions but that's normal. All in all, great staff!

We really enjoyed our stay at the Sirenas. I would go back, hoping that I don't get one of the bad rooms. What I enjoyed the most about this resort was that it's not far from town if you like to walk and of course the amazing beach and grounds. One negative thing I should add is if you do visit this resort, bring your own bath towels. The ones they give you are dirty and you'll feel grossed out to use them after you shower.
Sol Sirenas Coral
July 2005
I'll keep my review short and to the point.
We were a group of 6 people that went there in August 2003. We were 5 guys and 1 girl. Our average age was 29 and were from Montreal Canada. A few people in our group are on the picky side and a few were not.

To start off let me just say I wouldn't return. If your someone who is picky with food and drinks, I would say stay away from this resort.
No matter what the travel agents say this is a 3 star resort!

Drinks and Food - Only local alcohol (vodka, whisky, beer). Lets just say stay away from the hard liquor unless you like rum. Their beer is okay. The coke and 7up is flat. They don't have the usual cranberry juice and stuff. Their Orange Juice was brownish. If you go and your a vodka drinker try mixing it with the lemonade...its the only solution I found. The food is bad. The grill is inside the restaurant with an insufficient vent...so the place fills with smoke and moisture from the ceiling drops on your head if your near the grill. Not much choice in terms of food. Don't get dressed up to eat, you'll end up having to change after because of the smell of the grill. If they run out of beer or alcohol at one of the bars they wont get a new supply until the next day...YOU gotta go to another bar.

The Resort - Nothing special its a 3 star in reality. The A/C in the rooms aren't that strong. The service is slow. If something like the lights on the paths go out at night (as it happened to us) they wont fix it until the next day. The bar on the Coral side and the rooms are better and newer. Most people don't speak English. The pools are okay, but are on the small side and there's one swim up bar. I asked 4 times for remote control for the TV at the front desk, on the forth day they had it but didn't have batteries. A lot of lizards on the resort also.

The Beach - Nice beach. Clean waters, nice smooth sand. Some activities to do like kayak and pedal boat. If you go snorkeling be careful cause its not always organized by the hotel, sometimes you run into locals who work there organizing activities on their own as was the case with the snorkeling. You gotta go early to get towels otherwise you gotta use the previous days. If you do go, throw some money around and you'll notice that the service improves all of a sudden. Money talks in Cuba.
Sol Sirenas Coral
Ontario, Canada
June 2005
We recently spent a week at the Sol Sirenas Coral Resort in Varadero. Before I went, I read every review on this website and was getting very anxious about the trip. We went to the hotel on the assumption that we were booked in at the Coral side of the resort, we had stayed on this side before. When we got to the resort we found out that we were on the Sirenas side, travel agent error, nothing to do with the resort. Because we were there during their slow season, the Coral side was mostly closed to do some renovations.

The Sirenas side of the hotel was just as nice. Our room was older, but everything was clean and satisfactory. The reception staff were very accomodating every time we had to consult them. We were transferred to a second room ASAP when our first room was unadequate, they spoke very good English and everyone was so friendly. The hotel grounds itself are soooo beautiful. I read some reviews that talked about bad groundskeeping and not being able to find garbage bins but on both sides, Coral and Sirenas, I couldn't find a piece of garbage, there were bins every 10 steps. The gardeners were constantly working, the grass and flowers and trees were in perfect condition and the everything in my opinion was immaculate. The beach was again, amazing. I have been to beaches in Florida, Mexico and Europe and the beaches in Varadero were the most beautiful by far. The resort, on both sides, had very clean beaches with plenty of bars, huts and garbage bins.

The food at the resort was quite impressive. The buffets were always great, especially breakfast. I am a very picky eater and I was constantly satisfied with the selection and quality of the food. Breakfast was great with eggs, pancakes, and french toast, lunch we normally did the grill with hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries and sandwiches and the dinners were fabulous. The a la carte restaurants were great. The service, the selection and the food itself were amazing. Yes, there were mosquitoes and birds in many of the restaurants but that is only to expect if you want to eat at resuatrants that are out in the open. The staff did its best to keep the birds off of the food but there was nothing of concern. The so called stray dogs that other people claimed were everywhere, were not to be found.

Overall, I would definately recommend Sol Sirenas Coral. Both sides of the resort were beautiful and you can use the facilities on both sides regardless of your reservation. The pools, beaches, food and staff were all great. People need to remember that Cuba is not Canada or the US. The food is not the same, the hotels are not Hilton's. If you go down expecting buffets like in Canada or the US, you will be dissapointed. I found that this resort was not very big into partying and organizing nights out, but anyone looking for a relaxing, great week in Varadero should definately consider the Sol Sirenas Coral!
Sol Sirenas Coral
Winnipeg Canada
May 2005
We chose the Sol Sirenas as the location for our daughters wedding. We were not dissappointed. The resort itself was beautiful, the buildings are starting to show their age a bit, as are the rooms, but the grounds are beautiful. People have to understand the difficulty involved in maintaining a resort of that size in a 3rd world country.

The wedding went off without a hitch and was absolutly beautiful. Mirena our wedding co-ordinator worked very hard to ensure the wedding was such a huge success. We had the whole Italian restaurant for the wedding dinner, as ther were 48 guests. The food at the buffet restaurants was of good variety and I found it quite edible. The al acarte restaurants were great. the service at these was absolutely fantastic. We managed to go to them all a few times. The al acarte restaurants are also open to serve lunch without a reservation.

The staff at the resort is the best part once you get to know them they bend over backwards to show you a good time. A tip every once in a while helps a long way as they don't have a lot of money. It is also a good idea to bring some stuff to give away. They love Canadians and appreciate any clothing or hats that have Canada on them.

The beach at the resort is the best I've been to, crystal clear water, fine sand, just gorgeous.

The rooms are not fancy and are showing ther age, but are cleaned well every day. Some of the guests had some problems with their rooms, but they were fixed as soon as possible. Who spends much time in there any way.

All in all we had a fantastic time at the Sol Sirenas Coral Resort. I met some fantastic Cuban people and plan on spending another two weeks there this Winter.
Sol Sirenas Coral

March 2005
We recently returned from our spring break family vacation at Sol Sirenas March 2005.

The place is really a 3 ½ star property. Its OK with decent but not great accommodations. Amenities are same. The big let down is that the resort has lots of potential. The grounds at the Sirenas Club between the beach and hotel are incredible, but like all aspects of the resort, are poorly maintained. Cuba just doesn’t have the money or the materials to keep things in tip top shape.

The food was OK. Actually my expectations were quite low prior to going as I heard Cuba is no Mexico. However, in spite of the lack of food, it was actually pretty good.

We took the Catamaran trip with snorkeling and swimming with Dolphins. If you’ve never done this I highly recommend it. We also took a full day tour of Havana. It’s a down right shame what this once glorious city looks like today. A can’t miss tour for history and architectural buffs. We also took in the Tropicana show…AWESOME!

Weirdest thing I thought was I couldn’t find a gosh darn garbage can anywhere. So where to people dump their cups, wrappers etc. You guessed it, in the bushes or wherever. Please Sol Sirenas and Coral, buy some garbage cans, tourists will not litter with them available.

Tipping is a big thing. Face it, they make very poor wages so we did our best to tip a peso or two whenever we could. Tourist tips not wages are their real income. And keep in mind that tour guides, bartenders, your travel rep and even a doctor is poorly paid. Keep lots of single pesos around and budget for $100 and you will feel better about it and for them. The only time the tipping or begging was really annoying was in Havana. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! Enough is enough.

Finally, I thought a previous comment about the customs guy asking for the man’s watch was kind of funny. The same thing happened to me. Now the rules make it very clear that you should not offer or try to bribe a Cuban official. Catch 22 eh! Well after he asked me 3 times I simply played dumb (no understand). The way I figured this was a no win situation for me. Give the man the watch and I’ll be accused of bribing, don’t give him the watch and he’ll have me pulled aside and give me the thorough (ouch) inspection. I didn’t give him the watch and he let me through. Just an FYI to y’all.
Sol Sirenas Coral
Michael C. 
March 2005
We went to the Sol Serinas (Coral) resort on Feb 24 for one week.

If you arrive at night and the porter offers to guide you to your room, DO NOT REFUSE! This is a very large and confusing complex, especially at night! The pathways are NOT well lighted or marked! One of our fellow travelers tripped and fell only meters from the building due to very uneven and unlighted paving. Her vacation was essentially ruined, at that point. By the end of our stay, maintenance people were installing lighting along the path where the fall occurred.

Sol Serinas, Coral side, turned out to be quite a pleasant place. The suites (facing away from the garden side, unfortunately) were spacious and comfortable. Our room was very clean and well kept due to the efforts of our lovely Cuban maid. She was only one of many employees at the resort who made up for any inadequacies the age of the resort exhibits.

The main pool was always well attended. Two others are also present. Two buffet restaurants were very neat and clean and offered a variety of food to most tastes. The salad bar was very good. Reservations for the four sit-down restaurants occur each morning at 9AM for the following evening. Some food was QUITE different than one usually sees in Canada. The learning curve can be fun, though.

The bars were open from about 9AM to midnight and the main bar always seemed to be well attended and entertaining.

You will encounter a virtual United Nations at Sol Serinas. French from Quebec and France, Germans, Austrians, Swiss, Italians and Spanish were the other major groups we encountered. A great place to attempt to remember those almost forgotten language classes you studied in high school.

The beach is wonderful. It’s about 20 km long and pure white sand. Locals push bicycles loaded with “souvenirs” along the hotel zones during the day. If you never forgave your wife for throwing out your old Bongo drums, they are readily available here. There is a bar for the center portion of the hotel beach. Not too much of a walk if you are at either end.

Varadero has only one “high end” street. It is located at the east end of town, closest to the resort. Nike factories fun 24 hours a day in small Asian countries. From the prices we saw in town, I believe that some of these hours are completely unknown to Nike! Several nice restaurants are located in town. A taxi ride to town for your whole party will cost $5.00 convertible pesos each direction. Open top busses run all day long around the resorts and town for a one time (daily) rate of $5.00 convertible pesos per person.

Auto rentals all seem to favour the same prices. Figure about $100.00 CP per day for a small Suzuki 4 wheel drive. Some cheaper and some more expensive vehicles are available. One place demanded a $200.00 CP deposit on top of the rental charges for a small car I had never seen or heard of previously. You couldn’t sell the car here for that much money! Away from the tourist areas, your convertible pesos are not accepted! You will need regular pesos to journey south, for example. The roads are very poor and completely unmarked to our standards. DO NOT rent a moped! The sides of all the ones we saw were well scraped. Figure the rider’s legs to be even more so!

Al in all, a very pleasant stay. We made some nice friends while there. Frank and Valerie, from Ottawa, I lost your e-mail address. If, by chance you read this, please drop me a post card to 20 Redmount Road in Toronto. M3H 2A3.

Would we go back? No real reason not to but, there are so many other places to try. I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a good recommendation, though.
Sol Sirenas Coral
February 2005
With the problems from our stay at the sol serenis coral--they made a mistake with the resort---pushed over to the coral--to lousey rooms for our group of 13..holes in the beds to nudes in our room after booking in. WOW--this was not good, after our stuff was already in the safe. anyways they shifted us to garden rooms with some fuss..tours didn't show up and late and leaving cuba through customs and losing my watch...YES.. that's right--customs agent asked if we were going to canada as husband and wife and repeated it again--I said yes..He said nice watch--expensive----again he said --going back to canada today...I said yes.. the customs agent put his hand on my watch and said..can I have it for a present..My wife and I looked at each other and I slipped my watch off and give it to him..He said have a good day...I complained in Toronto customs --He repleyed--yes we are hearing alot of it..way did you give it up--tell him where to go..I said right...think of it..another country...coruption. hands out everywhere...and with my wife--I don't think so...so I made a formal complaint with canada's cuba consulate--they are now looking after it--hopefully..I don't want this to happen to anyone else..Oh yea..other people lost hats, and other articles to customs that day..what the hell is going on...anyways cuba--HAVE A GOOD LIFE..
Sol Sirenas Coral
Ontario, Canada
January 2005
This provides an evaluation of the Sol Serinas Coral resort in Varadero, Cuba. My family of 4 vacationed at this resort from December 23, 2004 to December 30, 2004. The Sol is rated a 4-star by the various tour books we reviewed prior to our vacation. We purchased our vacation on a 1-day sell-off deal and paid $795.00 Cdn. per person for the week. A very good deal – or so we thought.

Our family of 4 consisted of husband and wife and two teenage children, ages 19 (girl) and 16 (boy). We vacationed with another family of 5 that consisted of husband and wife and three teenage children, ages 16 and 20 (boys) and an 18 year old daughter.

Overall Rating: On a scale of 1 – 10, we would give this resort a 4 out of 10. (We have vacationed in the Caribbean on 6 other occasions, which gives us a few points of comparison.)

Check-In: Overall the check-in to the resort was handled adequately, we would rate a 6 out of 10. The check-in seemed to take a little longer than normal – but not a huge deal. Hotel lobby was nicely appointed and was spacious enough for the size of the resort and number of guests being handled. Absent was any form of welcome reception sponsored by the resort management. Generally at a 4-star resort you would expect a welcome table, drinks and other resort information available to the newly arrived guests.

Rooms/Accommodations: BIG ISSUE and a sincere warning to anyone planning a trip to this resort. Overall, a 1 out of 10 that later improved to a 6 out of 10. Let me please explain. Upon check-in we attempted to confirm our reservations we had established with our travel agent. Two rooms for the adults, King size beds, 1 room for the 2 teenage girls, separate beds and 1 room for the teenage boys, 2 separate beds with a cot. The resort did not have any knowledge of these arrangements and it took some time (and unnecessary delays for the guests behind us in line) to sort this out. When we were finally provided our rooms, they were on the ground level, (not recommended) and the rooms were very worn and tired. The rooms had an unpleasant musty smell as if they had not been used, or cleaned for some time. Our room had additional problems such as a clogged bathroom sink, no hot water for the shower and an air conditioner that leaked and spilled pools of water all over our tile floor. In addition, we had a floor standing lamp with several frayed and bare wires at the switch mechanism. (Not a good mixture with puddles of water on the floor.) We had to shake the lamp back and forth just to see!

At this point I had had enough! I went to the front desk and explained the situation. The front desk clerk informed us that they would give us new rooms – tomorrow. There was nothing that they could do right now as the resort was full! Eventually, the following day we were given new rooms in a different building, which were cleaner, not quite as worn, had plenty of hot water and did not smell.

For vacationers planning to stay at the Sol Sarinas Coral for the first time, you should be aware of the following: the resort is actually divided into two separate resorts all under the same name. The Sol Coral side, (the side that we stayed at) is a 2 star or 3 star at best, in my opinion. The Sol Serinas side would be rated closer to a 4 star, in my opinion. While experiencing our room problems, the front desk staff informed us we could switch over to the Sol Serinas side for only $10 (US) per person per night. This would have cost us an additional $240 (US) for our family of 4. This was not in our budget.

Food: I would rate the food at this resort a 5 out of 10. The buffet had decent variety of dishes but did not appear to be created with Canadian pallets in mind. The buffet at the Serinas was somewhat better than the Coral but overall was just okay. The resort boasted 4 a la cart restaurants, Italian, Mediterranean, Cuban and Asian. By conversing with other resort guests, we quickly learned that the Italian restaurant was the best and the Mediterranean was okay. The catch was that you had to line up at 8:30 in the morning just to reserve a seat at these restaurants – which we did. The Cuban and Asian restaurants were not recommended.

The resort lacked a beach-front grill serving the standard hamburgers, hot dogs and other lunch items – buffet style. The one restaurant that did provide this type of food during the day was a sit down and place your order with a waiter style of service. This was likely due to the desire of the staff to receive tips.

The one bright spot of the foodservice was a hotel lobby coffee bar that served freshly brewed coffee, cappuccinos, espressos etc. This was generally the busiest location of the resort with 24-hour service and Baristas that worked endless hours with a pleasant smile on their faces. (They received a good tip!)

Grounds/Facilities: Overall I would rate the grounds a 4 out of 10. The entire resort had a very tired and well-used feel to it. The entire resort is in desperate need of a large investment in facilities upgrades. Both pool areas (Serinas and Coral) were well appointed and clean, but needed scrubbing. Lot’s of lounge chairs to accommodate those guests wishing to use the pool facilities. Unfortunately the lounge chairs were of the hard plastic variety. The main pedestrian traffic areas were generally clean and free of debris. The grasses, flowers, shrubbery were generally in good condition and kept up daily. The groundskeepers were busy throughout the morning doing their work. In the afternoon, however, they resorted to harvesting Coconuts and opening them for resort guests, for tips of course!

There were a few areas of the resort that were completely neglected and appeared as a black eye to the resort. Specifically the tennis courts at the Coral and the 9-hole mini put facilities were unusable due to the lack of upkeep, holes in fences, garbage strewn about and in general disrepair. The tennis hut was not used and was filled with garbage and empty booze bottles. Similarly, several facilities at the Serinas were also very neglected. For example, in a back garden behind the restaurants and pool area they had a large hot tub facility which was empty, abandoned, full of leaves and garbage and quite frankly a safety hazard to small children staying at the resort.

Service: Overall I would rate the service a 6 out of 10. Resort staff and food and beverage staff were courteous and provided adequate service. At times the service requests took a little longer than we are used to waiting in Canada, however, we have to remind ourselves we are in a Caribbean country and the speed of service is different there. A few notable comments: The recreation and entertainment staff was very low profile at the resort. The only activity I observed them attempt to organize was BINGO by the poolside daily. No water aerobics, water polo, beach volleyball or other organized activities to encourage guest participation were organized. The resort provided nightly live entertainment but I only caught part of 1 show, therefore, no comment.

Front desk staff service was poor! I had a special request of the front desk clerk on our departure day. Almost before I was able to make my request, the clerk was shaking her head NO! (I felt as if they were trained to say no so that they would not have to do additional work.)

If you plan on exchanging money, do not do this at the front desk. They charge a 10% service fee on top of a very weak exchange rate. Go down the street to the Riu resort and change it there. The Riu gives you the going bank exchange rate with only a 3% fee.

One aspect that was noticeably absent at both the Coral and Serinas was the Resort Management. The management was not visible and I doubted if they were even on site – which I conclude is a negative, given one of the busiest weeks of the year.

Outbound excursions recommended include the day trip to Havana, lots of history and a very interesting tour through a once majestic but now a very decaying metropolis. The other tour is the Catamaran day trip. Our Sunquest tour guide only offered us the excursion where you watch a Dolphin show. We were aware however of the same trip that offered an opportunity to swim with and have your picture taken with the dolphins. This is highly recommended and indeed was one of the highlights of our trip.

Summary: As with any vacation and any outing, you need to make your own fun. I would conclude that we had a great vacation despite the shortcomings of the resort. We vacationed with great friends and our teenage kids also had a very good time. During our week stay a cold front came in so the weather wasn’t the greatest – but you can’t blame that on the resort. As stated earlier, the Sol Serinas Coral resort was worn and tired and in desperate need of facilities investment, repair and upkeep. Entertainment staff needs to “Get on the job” and where were the Managers? When we booked our trip we thought we were getting a 4-star resort however, based on my experience, I would give it a 3-star rating at best. Buyer beware!