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Villa Cojimar
London Ontario area
December 2008
Arrival: Dec 5 - Dec 12
We arrived before noon on December 5, 2008. The ride from the airport to our hotel "Villa Cojimar" was about 40 minutes. Lots of water, marshland.

Our room was 2nd row from the beach (# 67) and our view was fantastic. We could sit out early morning or at night and see a beautiful beach. Our room was very spacious, with 2 double beds, tv, air conditioning that we had to replace the remote control as it was not in working order. We had a mini fridge (not stocked), the room did smell a little musty, nothing that a dryer sheet didn't fix. Our bathroom was a good size also, enough counter space to leave our toiletries out. Now our first night we did notice sometime after 2:00 am they turned off the water supply to all of the rooms. But I'm sure other vacationers were aware of this issue and by the 2nd night the complaints that came in rectified this and the water remained on for the rest of our stay.

Our room was very close to everything...i.e. beach, pools, lobby, etc. We did notice alot of people had terrible bites/sores on their legs/arms and I do believe they were sand flea bites. Either from the beach, maybe from the beds but we were fortunate , we found around 5:00 pm till about 7:30 mosquitoes were out in force especially around the lobby bar. So we would always spray "off" on ourselves before we left our villa. The lobby bar seats were made of bamboo and we believe that when people are sitting on these seats during the day and they are wet/damp and sandy, I believe those sand fleas/bugs are also on those chairs and therefore is in contact with your skin as you too sit on those chairs.

Restaurants and Bars:
There were 2 al a carte restaurants 1) Cuban which was ok 2) Italian which was a bit better. The main buffet restaurant was ok. You always found at least one or two items that you liked. They also have a fresh pasta frying corner of the buffet where you add your own ingredients and let the cook fry it up for you. Our main waiter was a cuban called "Leo" who was the best, always ready to please and with a great big smile. Tony and Celine from the Lobby bar are the greatest bartenders. So friendly. The other bar at the pool area was also a friendly gang !! Especially after the nightly entertainment when alot of people would gather infront of that bar since they close at 11:00 and then people would gather at either the disco or the lobby bar.

We spent most of our days at the beach. What a beautiful beach. My husband likes snorkelling and that he did right on our own beach. This is a small resort so there isn't overcrowding on the beach nor at the pools. The grill at the pool area was fantastic..pasta and the usual burgers, hotdogs and great fries.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We did take a taxi to Playa Pillar which is about 12 kms from the hotel. It cost us 5 peso's each (return trip). There is a train that also leaves a few times from the hotel for the same price. We also walked up the road from out hotel to do some fishing off a bridge. The fish that were caught were given to the cubans who were very appreciative as they too were catching a few. We didn't do any excursions as we have been to Cuba 2 other times and we just wanted lots of R & R this time. The nightly entertainment was good. We met alot of the performers and also the band that plays at this hotel. Angel and Jari the animators are so friendly. Anna Marie and Eric from the band are also terrific people and the friends that we made this time around in Cuba will always remain friends.

Other Comments:
Terrific beach, friendly staff, clean rooms, be careful where you walk at night because there are alot of uneven cobble stones on many of the paths leading to your rooms. All in all for a 3 star hotel my husband and I would return. If anyone is planning on visiting Villa Cojimar I would love to speak to them. Also our rep was from Signature Vacations (Jorge) and he was excellent.Available 6 days a week !! Hola !!
Villa Cojimar

November 2008
I spent 2 weeks at the cojimar with my partner, and our accomadation was a beach front bungalow. The beach was fantastic, white sand, palm trees and crystal clear waters. The hotel in my view is nowhere near 3 star even by cuban standards, there were numerous experiences that we witnessed that made us feel this way. One day while queing to be served in the dining room one of the cooks drop the carving knife he was using to cut the meat, he picked the knife up and carried on cutting the meat. I saw cleaners mopping the floor and then using the same dirty cloth to wipe tables, my partner saw cleaners cleaning toilet bowls with the toilet brush then clean the sink with the same brush. I and other guests found the food to be very repetitive and boring at times the food was placed out for guests uncooked in the middle. On the day we left the hotel had received a visit from the hotels inspectors, the food on that day was the best it had been throughout the holiday. The paths in parts of the hotel were in a dangerous state and unlit at night. This was not my first visit to cuban 3 star hotel and I went there with an open mind, I had read some negative reports about the Cojimar and thought that perhaps people had been expecting too much.The experience has not put me off Cuba, I love the country and its people.
Villa Cojimar

April 2008
I spent 2 fantastic weeks here at this resort 30th March - 14th April We loved it!! the hotel was great for a 3 star very friendly and we liked the fact that it was large like the other 4 and star's.

The food wasn't bad either there was always something to eat Pork chicken fish pasta salad fruit fries ....... The pool bar at lunch time did fantastic whole snapper fish and you can order a lobster form reception for just £7 to be cooked for you.

rooms did tend to be a bit hit and miss ours was fine and those that did had any issues were moved no problem. All rooms have a fridge air con and safe.

We did 3 excursions the jeep safari, catamaran and the speedboats. We are going back next year and will do the cat and speedboats again but we found the jeep safari a bit bland - no off road excitement at all just a drive along normal roads to local town Moran and then a visit to a crocodile farm. We did a jeep safari in Dom Rep. that was far much better. The jeeps were very small and you had 3 of you in the back of them and it was very hot! but saying that our guide was fantastic telling us lots of information about cuba just wished it had more of the 'fun factor'

All in all we had a fantastic holiday at the Cojimar and would go back tomorrow! Read lots of bad reviews about this place and I cant understand why (Also the other 6 we made friends with over there had just as much of a good time as we did!) People just have to remember this is a 3 star - If you want a 4/5 star pay more money and go to one!! The is fantastic value fo money having paid just £630 each for 2 weeks! The beach alone was worth that!
Villa Cojimar
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
April 2008
I just returned from my 3rd trip to Villa Cojimar. I only go to this resort every year for 1 main reason...the staff. They are absolutely amazing. Gleiver taught me to do archery(bow and arrow)which I never thought I'd like or I'd be good at, but I was. He was a great teacher.

All of the entertainment staff(Yuni, Yoan, Yari, Yani, Elsi, Sanin, Joel, Angelo, Abdeil, Luis, Yoel, Michael - I'm sorry if I missed a few or spelled their names wrong) they are fantastic! They start working early every morning doing activities all day, practice their routines, even join you for supper if you invite them. Then they put on an amazing entertainment show every night starting with a kid's mini disco which is really cute. The show goes for a couple hours, and then off to the adult disco. Most of the staff come and stay until 2:00am showing you their amazing dances. Then they are still up doing activities again with you early the next morning. They work very hard!!! Even when they are on break, they still take time to sit and chat, teach you to dance at the disco, and make you feel welcome. I would never want to go to any other resort, I would miss them too much. If this kind of service is what you like in a place, I highly recommend here!!! Just a tip for anyone going there though: sometimes the toilet paper is out in the disco or main bathrooms late at night, soap as well, so I recommend bringing some from your room with you and maybe some hand sanitizer. But that would be my only complaint.
Villa Cojimar

March 2008
There were 5 Thirtysomething females who booked this trip at this resort.

Cubana Airlines – if leg room and good customer service is your main attraction, this is your airline! There was no movie, duty free or cash bar though.

Hola Sun – Great job – we found our rep quickly at airport – we left promptly for the resort (40 mins or less bus ride). He entertained us during our ride and made sure we knew when our rep meeting was. Our meeting with the rep was the next day and was very informative. He pushed the Colourful Cuba Excursion, which three of my travel-mates went on. They were very pleased with this tour and recommend it. There are a variety of elements/places visited on this day tour

Villa Cojimar was a great resort that met the expectations of a 3 star hotel. In reality, it is just a few small things that differentiate it from other 4 star Cuban Resorts I have visited.

The front desk made necessary room changes to ensure our 3 rooms were close to each other (side by side!). This was much appreciated.

Our maid service was dependable (every day at the same time) and thorough – very friendly and helpful when we had any issues.

Drinks were plentiful (keep in mind they are relaxed folks – bar-staff aren’t rushing like mad like they do in bars in Ontario). They have other spirits besides rum as well – vodka, gin, tequila. Be sure to try a Banana-mama! Also, the British tend to que up the line up along the bar single-file, not in front of the bar (we do in Ontario) – I think I budded a few times before I caught on to their system.

Beach – you can not go wrong with a Cuban beach – very clean (cleaner than the other resorts down the way), shallow (great for putting your lounger right in the water) and just plain gorgeous!

Entertainment – what an effort the staff puts into their nightly shows – there are some talented dancers in the bunch. It appeared that the kids show prior was also a hit too. During the day, they have multiple games/events. Be sure to play some. You can win 26ers of rum (I won three in one day!).

Nightlife: The disco was always a great time – the dancers from the show will be there as I think they are encouraged/have to go and “entertain us” into the wee hours. Don’t expect up-to-date music, they are a bit behind….

Buffet – small in comparison to the other resort’s I have been too, but I assume that aligns with the capacity. Yes, you will be probably sick of the buffet by the end of the week because the selection is just not there – but go in with that expectation, and you will not be disappointed (who knows, perhaps you will be quite satisfied!). What I did near the end of the week was have my lunches at the grill (try the fish and ask for a grilled sandwich with cheese/tomato – yum!) to change it up a bit.

Restaurants – both were fabulous! Be sure to book at both.

Room: No complaints really – shower was hot, towels were changed daily. We stayed in rooms 135 136 and 137 – far end of the resort, close to disco. It was a small trek from the “action” (pool, lobby, buffet) but not that big of a deal. One complaint here – our room key and the door had to be reset a few times.

Yes, the one side of the resort has some rough walkways and could be lit up a bit more because of it. And yes, this area has many tiny frogs that can fit under doors so it could happen. Overall, for the budget oriented, this resort is a-ok!
Villa Cojimar

February 2008
Our family of four has just returned from 2 great weeks at Villa Cojimar (Jan. 18 to Feb. 1, 2008). Having researched the resort on Debbie's site before we booked, we had reasonable expectations and certainly feel that we got our money's worth! We had a good trip down and were quickly moved to the resort.

This is a budget resort, and as such, anyone booking here should be expecting a thing or two to go wrong (once at the resort itself)! When we got into our room (#148) we were ecstatic! The room was just as the advertising photo showed! Big and clean, with a nice bathroom! Many of the rooms at the resort have been renovated, but they still have some to go. We felt fortunate to have a newer room! After starting up the bar fridge, we found it made a loud intermittent noise, very disturbing, however, after starting the A/C, the normal hum drowned it out enough not be a real bother. The next morning we found water leaking down the back wall of the shower (from the drop ceiling) and it stunk! It soon stopped, but repeated again later with less smell (this continued for our 1st week). We complained several times and were finally moved to a new room (#152) for our 2nd week. This room was almost perfect! Both rooms had slow draining showers, no doubt from sand build up in the drains.

Buffet food was plentiful and good. There is a limited selection of items such as fruits and meats. As our second week ended, we were definitely tired of the buffet!

Here are some of the best points about this resort. Price - our 2 kids stayed for free, so our family of 4 got a great price! Space - the resort has a huge beach front, and we always found a nice stretch of beach to call our own. There were always enough lounge chairs (beach & pool), but sometimes you had to drag them around a bit. People - we decided to tip at the end, and we received great service from most of the restaurant staff day after day. The entertainment team is also great, not too pushy, and they put on some great evening shows. Yaima is especially great with the kids (both at the Kids Club and the nightly kids' show, 9pm to 9:30 pm)! Maid service was tremendous (thanks Oladys), this is the one exception where we tipped several times throughout our stay.

Here are some challenges. Maintenance - many guests we met complained about things not working with their rooms (i.e. TV, fridge, A/C, etc.). It seems that you need to be very forceful about demanding room changes, repairs etc., otherwise they write it on a list that does not appear to be worked on very quickly! The pathways between the villas on the east side of the resort are in very bad condition. They are a major tripping hazard, particularly at night! Laundry - clean beach towels ran out every day. We could not get any from them until well into our second day (tip, pack your own). Clean room towels also seemed to be unavailable certain days, some days they were not changed, and one day we were left smaller green towels with an apologetic note from the maid.

Overall I would suggest this resort to budget minded people that are looking for quality time at the beach and pool. Expect that everything will not be perfect so you are not disappointed, just keep in mind the money you saved and the wonderful beach at your disposal! It is a great family resort, quiet, not much 'night life'. The Cayo Coco area does not have much to offer in the way of exciting excursions (by North American standards), and what they have are pricey. The ocean water is clear and shallow, not good for swimming or snorkelling (excursions for snorkelling are available) but great for small kids. Nearby Pilar Beach is a 'must see'. The resort does not have all the 'high end' things like a 'swim up' bar. The employees seem to want to make your stay enjoyable, but it appears that their 'hands are tied' by their Cuban management (i.e. not enough funds to fix everything, buy more towels, etc.). If we were to get a great deal on this resort again, we would gladly go, however, we'd also like to see other parts of Cuba...
Villa Cojimar
January 2008
Tan is fading but memories are not...
As always, before we went did quite alot of research, including of course Debbies' wonderful site, so not many surprises really.

Toronto early morning departure with Sunwing. Very sticky with weights - group of 3 and 2 of the 3 carry-ons were overweight; luckily checked bags were a bit under, but still had to kind of re-pack while at the check-in counter with annoyed looks from those waiting in line behind us. (Coming home they didn't even weigh the carry-ons at Cayo Coco airport). Plane was late taking off (Pearson's fault not Sunwing's - apparently were few baggage handlers working due to being New Years morning so took a long time to load plane). Flight was smooth and actually breakfast meal was really good (waffles). Really quick through Cayo Coco airport, we were only flight there.

Outside airport were directed to buses by Sunwing rep. We were to go on the small bus going to Cayo Guillermo. When we stopped at Cojimar and we were the only ones to get off there (ie on the entire planeload of people, we were the only 3 going to this hotel !), my first thought was "Yikes, what did I get us into!" I was a little surprised that there were no bellboys to help with luggage and direct your way - desk clerk gave us our room card and a map of sorts and we had to find our own way to cottage dragging bags along (at least it was daylight for us; there were others checking in some nights, wandering around with suitcases trying to find rooms in the dark, we'd help as best we could).

We had enough problems with original room right off the bat (broken furniture, non-draining shower, frogs (not bugs, frogs)) that they offered to move us that first night. This was the best thing that could've happened as new room (120) was in best location imaginable. It was also pretty run-down with peeling paint and had a poorly flushing toilet that took several days to get fixed, but was literally right on the beach so we didn't complain too loudly this time! In all my travels, I've never had a room location like that before. This was a duplex, and your first step off the patio was onto the soft white sand of Cayo Guillermo beach. Unbelievable.

The water was fairly warm and very clear, calm and shallow - became even more shallow at low tide when other, off-shore, beaches were formed by the various sand-bars all over the place. Very good for walking around in the clear water, picking sea shells, etc. Not appropriate for swimming, though, as not deep enough.

Bar staff were pretty efficient. Bring a thermos mug, as the cups they serve drinks in are tiny, like in most places. There were two a-la-carte restaurants in addition to the buffet and pool snack bar. Pretty much stuck to the buffet as my daughter is very picky and I knew we wouldn't stand a hope at finding anything on a small menu for her. Buffet tray items were pretty bad for the most part, but there were some good fresh selections - breakfast had "Johnny" cooking eggs any way you liked. Lunch he'd be grilling fish fillets. I've now had enough eggs, and fish, to last me for awhile, because as I said the stuff in the trays was largely unappealing. Supper was usually best meal as normally had a guy carving a roasted something - pork, beef, turkey, etc. Also fruits, vegetables at meals were normally good, though not a huge variety. My daughter's favorite was the chocolate ice cream - didn't have it as a choice every night but probably 3/4 of the time anyway. Restaurant had some very good staff besides egg guy Johnny - wait staff most notably Amyah, Alex, and Dalmaris, and Orlando or Michael dispensing coffee and other drinks.

Only went on two excursions - one major, one minor.
Went to old caribbean city of Trinidad de Cuba - wonderful day full of culture and history. Long trip across country through sugar cane fields, villages, mountains, etc was just as interesting as the city destination itself. Was a long day though, especially for my daughter, but she was a real trooper.

Also went for part of a day to beach at other end of island - playa pillar. Very nice, a bit deeper than our beach but still calm and clear, so more appropriate for smimming etc. To get there, took a little "train" that stopped at each of the hotels for $5 per person.

Clientele seemed mostly from the U.K. and Montreal, and was also actually younger than at some other resorts I've been to, likely because of the affordability factor. As always, Cuba is a great place for meeting people and we met alot of nice people here, both vacationers and staff.
Weather was a little disappointing to start, with several days of cool, cloudy, windy weather (I went through most of my two weeks worth of reading material within the first four days, really had to pace myself after that!), but warmed up eventually and was actually pretty calm for most of the second week. If I'd have only been on a one-week vacation, I'd have been pretty upset by the weather, but didn't matter as much for a two-week stint.

Cojimar is the cheapest accomodations in the Cayos, and in some respects we got what we paid for but other areas did exceed our expectations. The sea and sand of the location really is a great attraction, no matter what the accomodations. I'm pretty easy to please and have never had a vacation I didn't enjoy, this was certainly no exception. I would likely only go back to this resort if I could be somehow assured of a beach-front room, though, which likely is just luck. If I do go back to the Cayos, I'd likely stay at a higher-rated, better maintained hotel to hopefully take advantage of better food though.
Villa Cojimar
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
January 2008
Stayed at the Cojimar Dec. 21-28, 2007. Flew Air Canada from Vancouver > Toronto > Cayo Coco. All went very smoothly. Air Canada Vacations representative, Carlos, was waiting at the Cayo Coco Airport, just outside with an identification sign. He directed everyone to their correct buses. All questions I had on arrival were quickly answered. Check in at the resort went smoothly. Initially, I felt a bit underwhelmed at the site of our room late at night as the resort looked deserted and the room seemed very basic. However, by the arrival of the morning sun, everything looked much brighter. We had fantastic weather. It was warm, but I felt that I could stay in the sun all day with #30 spf even though I am fair skinned. It didn't seem to fry me or wipe me out.

Knowing that the Cojimar was the budget pick on Cayo Guillermo, I'd set my expectations accordingly. In many ways it surpassed my expectations. I thought the animation team were very entertaining. We anticipated and really enjoyed the shows they put on every night. Don't expect the same buffet quality that you'd get in an American hotel on Maui. There was lots of food selection, and interesting new creations to sample. If you're with really picky eaters there's always french fries, fruit, soup, and toast, etc.

I loved the beach and the clear water was a beautiful temperature.

We enjoyed the following excursions:
Pillar Beach morning trip
1 hr horseback riding
speedboat/jungle snorkling
catamaran snorkling to reef
colourful Cuba day trip to Moron

Wished we had another week there. We're already plotting when we'll go back. Gotta see Havana next trip!
Villa Cojimar
December 2007
We have just returned from a fabulous week at Cojimar Villa Resort, weather was absolutely fabulous and we have no control over that.

Food was not what you might expect at a 5star hotel but there was enough variety that one could certainly be sustained for a week or two week stay. We found the staff to be very helpful and went well beyond the call of duty to ensure our needs were met. There was an abundance of fresh fruit at all meals but fesh vegetables posed a bit of a problem, rice and beans which is a staple of many Caribbean countries was certainly available for all. Meat ( which is not readily available to many Cubans ) was abundant, in other words it was a carnivores delight. We found the food acceptable and did not need to indulge in copious amounts and pile our plates high with food and throw half in the garbage as many people did,

yes french fies were available at every meal were usually eaten by the ones who could have done without them ( in other words they should have had the salads which were available) The chefs went to great pains to grill fish ( which was fresh) for all who stood in line and it was well done with fresh chopped vegetables.

Our room was fairly large compared to most hotel rooms, but our chief complaint was the plumbing and the barely available water which trickled out of the faucets from time to time. Many people complained of bug bites of which there seemed to be no answer of how they were acquired, some thought they were from the rooms ( yet with 2 people sharing a room one would have been bitten with 200 or 300 bites and the other none), others felt the bites were from sand fleas and still others felt they were picked up at night in front of the stage where the nightly shows were performed. As for us, we did not receive any bites. I saw people who had literally 300 -600 bites, they looked as if they had had a severe case of measles or pox. Though we enjoyed our stay immensely we would not return to Caya Coco for another holiday.
Villa Cojimar
Tom and Elizabeth  
December 2007
We returned from Cuba, Villa Cojimar early Sunday morning. This was our second visit to this resort, we visited in April and had a great time,,,,,this time however,was just a little different.

THE GOOD, We flew Air Canada from Winnipeg to Toronto,and then to Cayo Coco. After our initial baggage drop-off in Winnipeg and going through security ,our luggage was looked after til we picked it up in Cayo Coco.Thanks to Air Canada for a very easy and smooth day.Even our seats were better and bigger than on any Skyservice flight we have been on.

Again everything went very smoothly at the airport when we arrived and our bus trip was good as well.

THE BAD....................The food was horrific ,,,,,,,this was our 7th visit to Cuba ,the first time I came home ill, and have been ill all week.The buffet food was apalling , the lunch buffet being the absolute worst food we have ever experienced in Cuba. The hamburger meat was so undercooked that my husband took it back to have it cooked more but it still came back bloody.

The cross contamination of fish, poultry and pork was terrible to watch. Any individual with fish allergies has to be very careful. By the end of the week we ate mostly French fries and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Ugly.................................The Cubans get to use this resort (which is fine with everybody we spoke to) however.....................most of them are sadly lacking in any social skills, urinating in the pool, coughing up phlegm and spitting into the pool,throwing unwanted drinks,,,cups ,straws everything into the pool is not acceptable behavior in most resorts.

Perhaps the biggest insult of all, is that they think the tourists are all too stupid to notice there bad behavior. The pool area was littered with plastic cups, straws and any garbage that the Cubans and the tourists didn,t bother to throw in the trash bins.

We would probably go back to visit this resort in a few years, hopefully some things will have changed.
Villa Cojimar
London, UK
July 2007
Beautiful and relaxing holiday ever. WOW

We returned on 4th July after spending 2 fabulous weeks at the Cojimar.
Our room had a beautiful beach view, we were about 20 feet from the beach. It was perfect.

The room was very clean , with 3 large beds, TV, fridge, safe abd the bath room was spacious.
Our room was cleaned daily, to a high standard.

The resort never felt busy, we would always find a sun lounger, on the beach or by the pool. The pool is great, but the beach was paridise. From the 1st to last day , we were the only two people on the beach. The water is not very deep, but crystal clear.
and the fish's were amazing and so were the crabs.

We enjoyed the food. for breakfast we had either omlettes or pancakes, set us up for a perfect day. Lounge would either be at the grill bar by the pool or buffet. I would give the sheff a tip in the first couple of days, as it gets very busy, he will know you and bring your food over. In evening buffet was good. there would be fish or a different meat joint. plus many other yummy things to eat.

Tipping I found was a must, You show your appreciation and you will get served quicker. I must admit, this is the first holiday destination that I felt that I had to tip, and on numerous times during the two weeks. Don't get me wrong, you will still get served even if you don't tip.

the resort it's self is kept to a very high standard and the gardeners work very hard.

We did have a fantasic time, and would not hesitate to return.

One more thing, we went on the overnight trip to Havana. Great it's a must.

If you are going to the Cojimar, you are lucky and have a great time.
Villa Cojimar
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
May 2007
*(My second trip to Cuba!)
After reading several reviews months and weeks before I headed out to Villa Cojimar I wasn't really sure what too expect!
A lot of people don't realize that Cuba isn't like home, or anywhere else you travel. So many people complain about the littlest things like bugs, different small animals, etc. I had a little frog and a lizard living in my room for a few days and they didn't bother me! It's just different! (And they EAT the bugs)! lol!
To get on about the resort, I went by myself, as a single female, and I TOTALLY felt safe and had a GREAT time! No one bothered me and everyone made me feel like I was at home! Especially the people I met from Canada and England! It was wonderful!
From the airport the resort is a straight 30-40 minute drive.
(I flew Cubana Airlines, which was FABULOUS! Ask for the emergency exit seats! Your leg room is like 3 feet!

Villa Cojimar is a small resort and the rooms are bungalow style. It is modernized though, and they have recently done some new renovations! It has a key swipe for entry to the room, and for the FREE safe. It comes with two double beds, a small fridge, tv, air conditioner, blow dryer and plenty of towels! If you are planning on bringing your own blow dryer, it's 220 amps, so you'll need a converter. Also bring some AA and AAA batteries for the tv remote and air conditioner remote or you'll be stuck with whatever the temperature is set at for the air!

The pool and beach were AMAZING! Especially the beach! Cuba has 5 Star Beaches and this beach was the BEST - for sure! The tide comes in the morning and the water is a bit deeper for swimming. However, the water does get shallower in the afternoon (after lunch) - but it's great if you have kids! And it was great for cooling off from the hot sun!
It was never so crowded at the pool or the beach that there weren't enough chairs for everyone! Plus - the weather this time of year is gorgeous! HOT, HOT, HOT and rain for only 20 minutes 1 day!

There are only 3 resorts on Cayo Guillermo and right now the Iberostar Daquiri is closed for renovations for six months! So the beach is really quiet! There are quite a few activities to do while you're there! I went horseback riding ($10 pesos for 1 hour). I para-sailed for $40 pesos (it's AWESOME - you're up 1200 feet in the air)! And I also did this flying-boat thingy (hard to explain), which takes you around the whole island for $30 pesos. I also took a small catamaran out with Peter from the sport/boat shack and did some great snorkeling for only $15 pesos!

It was fun! There are also other tours you can go on, like the big catamaran out of the Marina for about $80 pesos or so. That's for the whole day. Just ask the people at the front desk about the trips.

All of the staff were nice and friendly! And most of them spoke English! Which was nice!

The food was better than any other 3 star I have ever stayed at! They always had hamburgers and French fries by the pool for lunch. And I had omelette's, bacon, and these great little sugar donuts every morning for breakfast! lol! There was a big selection of food everyday, and it was different too! Fish, pizza, bread, pasta, etc. It was GREAT! I never ate at any of the restaurants, but I heard the pizza/pasta rest. was good - just very hot - no a.c.!

Note - the souvenirs were sort of over-priced. For example, I bought 2 magnets for almost $5 pesos each (crazy)! For Your Money Exhange - Here's and example: For $220- CDN I got $160- pesos (at the airport).
They also have a little bank right at the resort outside the front lobby.
In the end, that's really all I can say about his wonderful resort! If you're looking for a beautiful resort with an AMAZING beach, a trip that's affordable, safe, and FUN - this is the place to go!
If you have any questions re: the resort, or would like like to see any of my pics, contact me at onacho69@yahoo.ca! Have a great day - and a GREAT trip to Villa Cojimar! :-)
Villa Cojimar
Carrie and Lee  
April 2007
Me and my partner have just returned home from our first holiday away together, and we both agreee that we could not have picked a better resort than Villa Cojimar. We paid for a 3 star and if anything it went above our expectations.

The staff were faultless, the maid service was fantastic,we always had a clean room, towels in swan shapes, and the maid even left us a present at the end of our stay (maracas). We found that the lobby bar and pool bar were adequate for the number of guests staying in the resort. (If you are worried about the amount of alcohol the staff put in your drinks, just tell them when to stop pouring!) Sure we had to buy a bottle of water from the shop, but unlike some people we decided not to let 1.95 get to us and rather got on with our holiday.

Food was basic, slightly varied, but what I expected for a 3 star. I've stayed in 4 and 5 star resorts before and sometimes the food has not been much better, so it is not just typical of this resort.

We had no problem with mosquitos at all, ok a few bites, but definatley no more than what I'm used to when I go abroad to places such as Greece and Spain. We found that a decent mosquito replent and the ones you can plug into a socket served us just fine.

Trips were FAR beyond what I expected, the variety catered for all types of people, and were excellent value for money. We found the evening entertainment well beyond our expectations. To be honest we expected a little cheap comedy show, not a full scale dance act, interpreting many different types of dance and music from all around the world.

The hotel could do with a lick of paint, but what do you expect when the hotel was built in 1992, it's going to look a bit shabby round the edges, this is Cuba after all.The beach was wonderful (no concrete slabs in sight) at most there was washed up seaweed, which was cleaned up in the morning. The water is very shallow when the tide is out, so shallow a mini catarmaran got stuck on the dunes! However when the tide is in it's a little deeper and easier to cool off in. We were only asked twice throughout the whole two weeks if we wanted to but some cigars on the beach, and after 1 "no thankyou" they would leave.

Overall we thorughly enjoyed our stay at villa cojimar and would definatly go again. I recommend this resort to people who want a relaxed beach holiday and are ready to take villa cojimar as it comes. It may not be the most glamorous resort on the island, but the atmosphere and location of the hotel is perfect for those seeking a quiet holiday away from the hustle and bustle of eveyday life.

Villa Cojimar

February 2007
Club Cojimar is listed as a 3 or 3-1/2 star. You get what you pay for. We usually visit a 4-5 star hotel on Cayo Largo yearly, so we have something to compare to.

The Good:
This week, we travelled with 13 people and had 4 smaller children with us. Although we joked all week about being on a “ghetto resort”, it met our needs this trip. The kids could wander off and swim, eat and play at their leisure without always having to wait for us. We always felt secure and comfortable with the resort staff. Everyone was very friendly. The resort is older, but is being renovated. Our back door was always left ajar for the kids to come in and out, and we never had a problem with this. The animation team is very active during the day. We played games constantly, and the kids were always encouraged to join in. We rented two catamarans one day and went snorkelling for an hour ($15/each). Also took the kids horseback riding ($10/each). They had a blast. The older “kids” all had massages right on the beach. This resort offers what all the others do, but on a much smaller scale.

Although the beach was very shallow, this was okay for the wee ones. We hung out at the pool most of the time because of this.

The Bad:
The only two things that really bothered me were: there were two lifeguards that spent 90% of their time begging for cigarettes, trying to sell cigars and begging lotions and shampoo from the teenage girls. This ticked me off and made the girls feel a bit uncomfortable. I’ve never seen this in Cuba before but heard from other travellers that they experienced the same thing at the Cayo Coco resorts. It’s a shame that this happens on this island. I’ve experienced this type of bullying in DR and Jamaica, but never here. I’ve always felt safe in Cuba.

Service at the Buffet is much to be desired. The wait staff would stand around talking and giggling. We were left to find cutlery and go to the bar for our own coffee and drinks.

The children were NEVER served at their tables unless we specifically asked a server to see to them.

The Ugly:
Signs around the resort were in bad disrepair. Cups (both plastic and glass) and straws littered the grounds. One night we actually witnessed a light blow up like fireworks on the way back to our room. The walkways are poorly lit, and in need of repair.

Two of our 4 rooms didn’t have any hot water all week. We invited them to use our showers. Not a big deal. And yes, there are frogs, bugs and lizards abound. You’re in CUBA!! This can’t be helped. All in all, our group had a great time. But probably wouldn’t go back to this particular resort.
Villa Cojimar
February 2007
Stayed at Villa Cojimar Jan 27 -Feb 4 2007 ,we've been home two weeks and we are still scratching. There were other review sites which mentioned this but we thought we would take a chance.This place is really infested, they're in the rooms,by the beach,pool area they are everywhere. We have been traveling in the Caribbean for 10 years ( D.R. ,Costa Rica Columbia etc.) and my wife will get bit and I NEVER have bites.She came home literally head to toe covered in bites and I had many on my legs and arms, I heard they do fog the property but we never saw it day or night.We were in villa 123 (the remodeled section) we had frogs in our sink next door had lizards in the room and even snakes a few villas down.You're in the tropics you might say -true but to this extent -never. The bed bugs are not selective they are all over the resort beach side ,road side. The doctor on site will sell you a lotion (we never bought it) but those who did found it did not help.

We also found this resort lacking in security hardware(especially the back doors ) closures and locks. They are very worn, flimsy and in some cases non existent.

The beach is very shallow , rocky and many concrete blocks strewn about the shore line. The ocean bed is not soft sand however it is crystal clear and the shore line is cleaned of seaweed daily.

A few positives- service was ok , stick with one server if you can, dine in the small dining area off the main dining room -it's much cooler.The food was good with fresh shrimp, pork tenderloin always some other sort of fish however a very limited pasta bar only a red sauce to choose from.Breakfast has small crepes, french toast and omelets.The resort has a very wide range of shops -cigars/liquor, crafts and necessities but beware of the very high prices 1.5 L of water 1.95 Con peso(buy one and have your server refill for you) rum and liquors 5.60 Con peso ,at the airport 2.80 Con peso with a bigger selection.The crafts are very very overpriced at the resort and heaven help you find a pen to purchase.As for cigars -good selection but limited quantity,no Cohiba boxes to buy only singles or packs of 5 -again better selection and cheaper at the airport.Overall I would emphatically not recommend this resort simply from a health aspect (the bugs).- a side note we were some of the luckier ones, some people were in much worse shape than us, with bites covering most of their bodies.

The maids are not the best , we had requested a crib(got a third bed instead) we never got it only to find as we were leaving our next door neighbours had it all along -they had grown kids. She never noticed this?? They also put us right next to the disco, with a 7 month old, music pounding the walls til very late. We asked the maid if there was a chance to move she simply replied we are full.
Villa Cojimar
Dave and Pat 
Ontario, Canada
August 2006
We stayed at the Club Villa Cojimar from July 9th to 23rd, We were there last year for one week only (Hurricane Dennis visited us while we were there,) and decided that one week just wasn’t enough this year. We are in our late 40’s.

We wanted to return for one thing. Relaxation. We knew what we were returning to. Bungalow type accommodation, great air conditioning, modest rooms with functioning plumbing and hot water, a bar fridge in the room (not stocked.) Numerous channels on TV, CNN, HBO, Discovery, etc. The dining room is air conditioned, unlike some up the beach. The beach is great for children, shallow and you can walk out forever. We prefer the beach to a pool any day, but the pool was always surrounded by families and serious sunbathers alike. We didn’t do any tours this year, preferring to hit the beach by 9:00 at the latest. We would sometimes lunch at the grill at the poolside bar, (serves burgers, hotdogs, french fries, etc) or we would visit the dining room. At around 4:00, the poolside grill serves grilled sandwiches. Great ham and cheese or cheese with onion. They tided us over to suppertime at 7:00. To save yourself from frequent trips to the bar bring along an insulated mug that can hold a drink or two and keep it ice cold. Drinks are served in small plastic glasses and in the heat they don’t stay cold for very long. You can leave the mugs behind for staff members and they will be greatly appreciated. If you are able to, bring disposable razors, bar soap, shampoo, toothpaste/brushes. School supplies, pencils/erasers, sharpeners, pens are greatly appreciated as well. We supplied the people who generally don’t make tips (gardeners for example) with these and they were always greatly appreciated. Hats, t-shirts as well. I brought small ziploc bags to put them in and hand out.

We always found something we liked when we went for meals and each night at the carving station there would be fish (and ham, or turkey, pork roast, roast beef) as well as the usual buffet. I believe that Tuesday night is Seafood night, with lobster, mussels, prawns, etc (there was land fare for those who aren’t seafood fanciers.) They also had a pasta station set up on most nights. We were always offered white or red wine with meals, or beer if desired. You never had to wait for a refill either. You’ll get to know the wait staff and guests seem to venture to their same tables, time and again. Celia, Mirelis and Arangel looked after us well. Arangel even had a birthday cake made for my husband’s 50th birthday as well as a bottle of champagne on ice. What a way to spend our last day. (I must mention that the road to and from the resort is terrible with potholes; much worse than last year.)

There were a few Canadians, but mostly from the U.K. We were surprised to see Anna and Krystyna there. We had met them last year and we certainly were surprised to see them again and catch up. We met lovely people from both England and Scotland. Hello to Alan and Suzanne and to Lee and Hugh. We really enjoyed ourselves and hated for our vacation to come to an end.

While we were there, surveyors were on site and I was told that they are planning on building a restaurant between the pool bar and the beach. I was also told that they were going to be sprucing up the rooms with paint and new furniture. I think they should look at getting new loungers by the pool as they are in need of being replaced, as well as getting more tables in the lobby bar, which would be of benefit to the guests. Ceiling fans in the lobby and lobby bar area would help on those hot days as well. With a little TLC I think this resort would attract return guests and positive reviews.

Last year we exchanged Canadian money at the Airport and at the Reception Desk as needed. This year, there is a bank outside just past the lobby entrance. The internet wasn’t working, but you could purchase a phone card to use in the public phones on the outside of the building, right behind the lobby bar. We bought rum from the shop on the resort for $5.90 for a 26-oz bottle. The same rum was $5.40 at the airport. I preferred buying it at the resort as I could package it up safely inside my luggage (rather than place it in my carryon and have it crammed into an overhead compartment.) Speaking of being crammed, we flew Skyservice. If you can, book your trip using Air Canada, West Jet or Cubana Air as your air carrier, I guarantee you that you will have more legroom on these planes. I am 5’8” and my knees were touching the seat in front of me. Skyservice doesn’t have first class seating so that wasn’t an option. I will say to Skyservice’s credit that the box lunch was good, and the flight was smooth, but when all you can think of is how uncomfortable you are, it’s hard to think of anything else. Lesson learned.

I love the Cayo Guillermo area. We have been there for 3 years (once at the Daquiri and twice to the Cojimar), but have decided to visit another area in Cuba next time. If you are thinking of heading down to Cayo Guillermo, give the Cojimar a try. I wouldn’t compare it to any of the 5 star resorts we have stayed at, but it is a solid 3 star. If you want a 5 star and want to pay the price of a 5 star that’s great. But if you want to get away to a beautiful beach, wonderful weather, terrific staff and still have money in your pocket, this is the place for you. It is an affordable family vacation. If you have any questions about this resort, my email address is pmckinlay@rogers.com