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VIK Hotel Arena Blanca & VIK Hotel Cayena Beach
December 2008
Arrival: Nov 2008
Late flight out of Toronto on Skyservice. I pre-booked an emergency row seat for the extra leg room, well worth the $35 each way.

Stayed in block 5 right at the beach. This block hasn't been renovated yet, so it was a basic room with tub/shower combo. I did see a finished room and it had a glass shower, all marble bathroom, flat screen tv and new beds. They were very nicely done.

Restaurants and Bars:
2 ala cartes, Italian and Seafood/International..no reservations required, but men must wear long pants and no sandals. Buffet had chinese and pasta station every night with a different style of fish/pork/chicken/beef available. Only slad dressing was oil based..no ranch/french/blue cheese etc to choose from. Always fruit available. Never had a problem with the food at all. Pool bbq had the BEST chicken ever! Bars were always served by happy bartenders, never expecting tips for good service. I had one at the Calypso bar remember me every night and always poured my Presidente in a glass instead of those plastic small ones. That's great service and he was rewarded for his service.

Always someone cleaning the grounds, pool was nice but they tore down the swim up bar which was dissapointing. Beach, not much to say other than outstanding!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Went golfing at Ocean Sands, nice course for $100 but no wow factor like golfing on the coast.

Other Comments:
For the price it was nice, please note this is a 4 star resort so I wasn't expecting to be pampered. I had a great time and would go back. There were the usual people complaining that staff couldn't understand them for their drink/food order but a smile and a few hand gestures goes a long way. Construction was ongoing in the rooms but never had a problem with noise.
VIK Hotel Arena Blanca & VIK Hotel Cayena Beach
Floyd and Linda 
Frisco, Tx
July 2008
My husband and I (ages 60-79) spent one glorious week there from June 17-24th. It was awesome!! Beautiful grounds, excellent food, clean rooms and beautiful beaches...felt safe and secure. We absolutely love the beach!! Cannot say enough about how we enjoyed it. Soooooo relaxing and great!!!!!! Friendly and helpful staff. Would go again in a minute!!!!!!.
VIK Hotel Arena Blanca & VIK Hotel Cayena Beach
May 2008
Arrival and Flight ................ 12th-26th May 2008

Rooms.... The rooms were cleaned often enough. Very helpful

Restaurants .... Buffet bar was the best, the choice of food was amazing. We never get bored with choices. I avoided fish restaurant because of our delicate british tummies (ha ha), but i had it on final day of departure and no problems. I wish i had it more often. The lobster was perfect and i'm a huge lobster fan. I wasn't too keen on pizza restaurant tho, I found pizza bases was very thin.

Bars .... The bar stall are always there to serve, fast and friendly service. Very good measures of alcohol, so it can be tasted.

Beach and Pools .... Beach was cleared if there was any seaweed every couple of days. Beautiful view in both directons.

Grounds .... The premises was very clean indeed. everything was cleaned 1st thing in the morning.

Activities and Entertainment .... FAULTLESS. We had the animation team include us in everything. Thoroughly enjoyed the staffs tean ( Abel, Sanji, Pablo, Edis and my honey... Veronica ) ha ha. They are always more than happy to make your stay as welcome as poss.

Tours .... little on the expensive side but it is after all a piece of mind. Diving team a must. Very friendly and helpful.

Departure and Check Out .... Friendly service. they will do almost anything to oblige.

Conclusion .... I am aleady looking for my next holiday there on 21st July. If only you could see this smile on my face, I really enjoyed it. Go with open mind and your heart will follow
VIK Hotel Arena Blanca & VIK Hotel Cayena Beach
April 2008
Arrival and Flight : Pleasantly surprised by the Air Transat flight - wasn't expecting much based on the reviews but it was fine. Definately recommend paying the bit extra and pre-booking your seats - especially if you are a tall and need extra leg-room. We were delayed departing Calgary due to a conveyor belt issue at the Calgary airport but the flight itself was good.

Rooms : Our room was excellent. Located on the second floor of Building 3, it was clean, no mold smell and no bugs. There was 6 of us that were travelling together and all of our rooms were on the same floor in the same building. Our maid was great and for a measly $1-$2 tip she would leave flowers in our room for us.

Restaurants : I found the main buffet great especially the omelet bar and pasta bar. Can't go wrong with freshly made food. All of our party really liked the pizza at the Italian a la carte restaurant too. We didn't go to the seafood a la carte.

Bars : I didn't actually go the disco at all (too tired by the end of the day). Others did go and said it was too loud for their liking. Our favourite bar in the resort was the one closest to the beach. Bartenders were great and more than willing to share the alcohol. We had brought our own insulated mugs which worked great at keeping the slushy drinks cold out on the beach.

Beach and Pools : The beach was so nice that we didn't spend much time around the pools. Kind of annoying with the "save the beach chair with a towel" thing but then several groups of chairs weren't used at all through the day even though they had a towel on them. The beach was marvellous and the sand extended all the way out into the swimming area! Can't say enough of how nice the beach was here. We walked a long ways down either side of our resort and I think our area was the nicest.

Grounds : Very well maintained - always people out working and cleaning throughout the day. I did notice some cigarette butts in the sand on the beach but that is really due to ignorant people dropping them there instead of in a garbage (there were lots around).

Activities and Entertainment : Didn't participate in any other than beach volleyball as we were having way too much fun playing in the waves or laying on the beach.

Tours : We did the Mega Truck tour which gave a good view of the country outside of the resort area. Very very bumpy though so if you do take it then I highly recommend sitting as close to the front as possible. Also easier to hear the tour guide that way too. Also went to Manati Park to swim with the dolphins and that was better than I had expected. Very hard to see the small pens that the dolphins live it so I don't think that I would do it again but it was an awesome experience to swim with and touch the dolphins. Several of us also did the scuba diving through Pelicano and the instructors were great.

Departure and Check Out : Went very smoothly. The bus only picked up from LTI so the trip was very quick. We were at the airport 3 hrs ahead of time, the check-in was extremely fast (way faster than I ever experienced at home) so we had a lot of time to waste before our flight. Again the Air Transat people were very helpful an efficient.

Conclusion : I would recommend LTI to anyone. The resort itself was quite small which made it easy for our group to split up and then meet again later. (We heard from others on the flight back that their resorts were too big and that it was difficult to get around). The beach was fantastic. The rooms and food were good and I can't wait to go back!
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana

February 2008

We stayed at LTI for two weeks from Jan24-Feb7,2008. My husband and I traveled with our two kids (ages 3 & 1) and our Mom & Grandmother.

This trip was our fifth time at an All-inclusive resort. Plus we have cruised with Princess before. So I guess you can say we have certain standards. :o)

We booked with Sunquest about five days before departure.

- overall a great experience, we would definitely fly with them again. But they do not pre-assign families to sit together so on the flight down to Punta Cana, our three seats were actually separate, meaning our 3yr old daughter was not assigned to sit with us. We thought this to be illogical if not absolutely crazy.

- bus ride to resort was 40min as stated in Sunquest brochure. But the ride to the airport took 1.5hrs of mostly stop and go driving due to the numerous stops at the other hotels (of course LTI was the first pick up point). This was horrible. Our other family (who was booked via Coco Tours) left the hotel over an hour after us and got to the airport before us (their ride was 20min).

- Overall, we do not think LTI deserves a 4star rating, more like 3 or 3.5.
- We loved the beach (so gorgeous), the pool (lots of shade), and the grounds (very well maintained). All get a 10/10 from us. And housekeeping did a great job of the rooms.
- We liked the fact that the resort is smaller as stated in brochure which worked out well for us and our 2 young kids.

- Now, the negatives:

(1) Waiters would bring a beer to our table (even though we did not order one) and then come right back to chug it down. We thought this to be funny the first time, but very unprofessional the second time.

(2) Hotel gift shop. All souvenirs were tagged with price in D.R. pesos, and the computer (till) scans the bar code ie. price, so you would think there is no room for error. But behold, they still try to rip you off by quoting a different price then what the actual total is. Too bad for them I had already done the math in my head so I added up the items on a calculator and showed that back to the cashier. I thought this to be an awful practice, especially given that I am already buying over-priced stuff from the gift shop. I was not impressed. Plus they give a worser exchange (pesos to USD) then the bank (which was like two doors down) so I thought that to be another bad practice.

(3) Animation team. This group of people should be the one bunch that is ALL about customer service. But we were sorely disappointed (Except for PABLO, now he is a gem.) At 8:30pm every night, there is a mini-disco for the kids to dance on stage (to the same soundtrack each night ie. Hands up Baby Hands Up, Hokey Pokey, etc.). Two different female members ran the show the two weeks that we were there. Both were HORRIBLE. The first girl lacked any enthusiam for the kids, did not smile or make eye contact with the kids to engage them. While dancing with the kids, she would turn her head to other workers off stage and practically have a conversation with them. The 2nd girl had enthusiam, but missed the whole point of the show which was for the kids to have fun. After the dancing, there would be a contest i.e musical chairs and each night, they would award the prize to like the 8yr old. The contests were WAY TOO competitive. My poor daughter was having fun but got so discouraged as the nights went on that she did not want to participate any more. They would call the people LOSERS and did not have any regard for hurting these young childrens feelings. Plus, one time someone left her purse behind, we told a team member and her reaction was that they can find it themselves. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! We took it upon ourselves to find the mom who was grateful to have her purse back. Anyway, overall the Animation team was lacking in customer service and making guests feel GOOD. Seems like they do not want to go out of their way, when i would ask one member about something they ALWAYS would say to go talk to someone else.

(4) Front desk. Check in was lame, we arrived in the dark and the front desk guy drew all over the resort map and just left us to find our room by ourselves. Plus, we were suppose to be in a room on the 3rd floor (of a 3 storey building) and when we said that we have 2 kids and a stroller, they VERY reluctantly gave us a room on the main floor. But that room was facing the stage and was very noisy during the night show, and when we asked the next day if they can move us so that our room would not be facing the stage, they said NO because they had accomodated our first request already. We thought that was not a valid reason but they were just too lazy to find us another room.

(1) Very bare - no clock radio ie. alarm. No wash cloths. Bath tub did not drain nor did it plug completely. Water was puddling on the floor (we assumed it came up from the drain in the ground) and I do not think they ever fixed this.

(2) Our Mom and Grandmas room smelled of mold. And their TV didnot work. And water was coming down from a sagging ceiling. They told front desk but none of this was fixed right. The one time someone came it to look at the water leaking, they left all their tools and black tar stuff on the floor. Needless to say their Maintenance people were not efficient or effective.

(1) Great chicken, bad seafood the entire two weeks. Also, I had some food that was not cooked through, ie shrimp at the Oriental stir fry station and pork kabobs at the grill which I luckily saw before I ate. The workers cooking meat on the grills would use the SAME TONGS to put the raw stuff on the grill as well as on your plate. My husband watched and gestured for him to use the other tongs for the cooked stuff but was ignored so he walked away and ate something else.

(2) A la carte restaurants. They had two: seafood and italian. At the seafood one, if you wanted seafood you had to pay extra. Only chicken or beef or pork was included in the all inclusive. At the italian restaurant, the menu was pizzas. Rather lame we thought.

(3) For some reason, they did not like giving out milk as a beverage. I would ask for a couple of glasses at lunch and was almost always denied. You would think I was asking for a bottle of Crown Royal or something. Very annoying. And most times they did not have milk with breakfast. And it was never available with dinner. Is milk really more valuable than any alcohol....

The sand near and under the lounge chairs was not raked. Full of cigarette butts, drinking straws, and even pieces of glass from beer bottles. A hazard and gross for our kids to play in.

(1) The time share people were always standing outside the entrance to the buffet, so annoying.
(2) Room safe was $2USD per day to rent. Internet was $2USD for 15min though the internet cafe was not always open.
(3) We thought the night show (at 9:45pm) was too late, we could not go because too late for our kids. Even the mini-disco at 8:30pm, they should try to have it earlier since most kids have an early dinner.
(4) One day, we came back to our room to find a notice that they would like to fumigate our room. We called to tell them NO, but how disgusting to think that they would spray pesticides in our room while all our belongings and my babies food was laid out. You would think that they can do this once people are checked out.
(5) All the other reviews about the lumpy pillows are right, but you are so tired but night time that it was not a big deal.

Overall, LTI is a lovely resort with the most gorgeous beach. I would recommend but would not go back there myself.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana

January 2008
I went to Punta Canta and stayed at the LTI Beach and Resort with another friend for a full week in January of 2008 - we had a great experience! It was helpful to read these reviews so we had an expectation of what it would be like.

We had a wonderful time!! We had never been to the DR before and had never stayed at a resort before, but regardless - we have very few complaints. We are in our late 20s, both female, and we are not huge partyers or drinkers. I speak Spanish but my friend does not.

I did not think that the music was that loud at all - I enjoyed the programming, classes, activities, group games, etc. The pool was great! and the beach was BEAUTIFUL. Many of the other reviews said that it was difficult to get a chair or a shaded area on the beach but we did not find that to be true (and the hotel was full while we were there). My friend and I never did arrive to the beach that early but we went almost every day and never had problems finding space. A couple of times we moved a chair or two, but we really never had any problem and were very comfortable.

I agree that the catamaran boat ride was worth it and I wish we had also gone kayaking (both activities were included, whereas anything else was extra).

Also: the pillows were really not that bad! We read the reviews and my friend brought her own pillow, which she preferred but it really was not necessary. It was not the best pillow ever, but it was fine and still pretty comfortable.

The shows at night were wonderful! Most of them were dance and we had a really great time. We only went to the discoteca once. We went on two excursions, which were not included but totally worth it and a lot of fun to get off the resort and see the area, see the capital, etc. We learned a lot.

The food was amazing!! Neither of us got sick at all the whole time. We avoided fresh vegetables, but there were lots of cooked vegetables and fruit. The buffet was just amazing!! We made reservations for the Italian Restaurant once and it was OK - but we were not that impressed. We also made reservations for the seafood place but did not end up going. The buffet was just great and we also ate at the barbeque place a couple of times and that was good, too. There was just so much variety, very good.

My only complaints would be 1. The top of the bathroom door was a clear window, which I did not understand. If you are going to have a door, why put a window in there? It was not a huge deal, but I guess it depends on who you are traveling with 2. When we arrived, our room was not ready for about 2 hours and reception did not really tell us why. Turns out the bathtub was not draining and the repairman had to fix it. When we finally got to the room, though, we had No further problems and it was great... We just went with a laid back attitude so when they said the room was not ready, we took a walk around the resort, had a couple of drinks, and it was not a huge deal. I think some people are very demanding and have unrealistic expectations. That was not something we could control and it really worked out fine.

We did rent a safe, although I did not feel like people were ever going to take anything from the room; all the staff were extremely nice, but I guess it was worth it for peace of mind, passports, $$, etc. The woman who cleaned our room was super nice and accommodating; we gave her a $2 tip each day. I also felt very safe leaving the resort, etc. Although staff told us to be careful leaving bags and personal possessions on the beach, we did and we never had a problem. Most of the beach area is a gated, protected area, so...

Most English speaking tourists were Canadian, and there were many European tourists from many countries.

Water: The hotel provided two jumbo bottles of water a day in the room. There was water at every meal and water at different points all over the resort, all of which is potable and purified, so that was fine. I did end up brushing my teeth with tap water and was fine.

Things to bring: 1. Mosquito repellant (my friend did not get bitten too much but I did at night, so if you are someone who the mosquitoes tend to like, bring some 2. Sun screen. My friend got super burned the first day because she was not careful and has very sensitive skin.. we ran out by the end of the week and it is like $20.00 a bottle at the resort, so just bring enough to last 3. A watch or alarm clock. We don't have watches but were not using our cell phones and there was no alarm clock in the room, so a travel alarm clock of some kind or a watch with an alarm would be good.

Also be careful, using the phone is expensive.. even with a calling card there were some charges and local calls added up quickly.. it was not out of control or anything, but I would just be careful. We used the internet a couple of times throughout the week, which was easy, accessible, and fine. I think you could also probably text pretty easily from a cell phone, as long as you enter the area code, etc correctly. I would call your cell phone company first, though.

If people have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you and have a great trip! I would definitely recommend LTI.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
Maple, Ontario
December 2007
We stayed at the LTI several years ago and loved it. We are avid travelers and are always looking for a deal. My husband and I decided to go back because of the price and the beach. After reading some of the reviews I was very hesitant but am glad we went. I will be very brief….the resort is small, 5 - 3 story buildings. Everything is within close proximity (beach, rooms, restaurants). The beach is the highlight and one of the nicest on the strip. We had no trouble getting a cabana. The food was surprisingly good. We had no problems and there was always something to eat. The service was great. The rooms are a little tired but always clean and well stocked with water, towels etc. We had no problems and I didn't want to come home…even though we spent 3 days in the rain during a tropical storm.

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them denisepratt@hotmail.com
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
Jacquie (hula) 
November 2007
Flight: Friday November 16 flight #TS588 with Air Transat A330 seats 2 - 4 - 2. Flight was uneventful, they served us a Wing Wong frozen chinese entre of chicken (if you call it that) and some rice, what can you do wrong with rice...it was unediable . Arrived in Punta Cana 20 minutes early to a serve rain storm with lightning and thunder, I have never seen it rain that hard. Could not deplane due to arriving early and another plane was in our spot, sat on the tarmac for 1/2 hour. (interesting fact, to idle on the tarmac with one engine running cost $15 per minute, as per the pilot) They brought out the buses for us because of the storm but still got soaked getting off the aircraft. In the terminal customs was quick and then to get our luggage which we waited for at least 45 minutes...peoples luggage was soaked through lucky mine was fine.

Airport: Well then off to find our bus, the aprking lot was a small lake with spots as deep as up to our knees. I took my shoes off and but them in my bag. They told us the wrong bus so by the time they dragged our luggage and us through the parking lot one more time we were soaked right though our clothes. But it was warm rain!!!!!! This was my sisters first trip to the Dominican Republic and she was thinking was did she get herself into.

Bus: On the bus and off to the LTI, there were only 3 of us on the bus...the roads were in worst shape than when I was there in September ... some parts were completly washed out ... we saw other buses (large ones) stuck in the mud and water. I thought we were going to go off the road a few times.

Hotel: We arrrived at the LTI and it was still raining, (there were only a handful of english speaking people at this hotel, mostly german guests) check in was fast as there was only 3 people checking in. We thought they might bring us a towel or something to try and dry off a bit, but no. They showed us a map of the hotel layout and where our room was and then we were left on our own in the dark and rain to find it. Finally found our room 4105, and we un-packed. Surprised that after all the water our luggage encountered, only one pair of pants had a small wet spot. (took the suitcase the week to dry out)

We went to try and find something to eat seeing that it was now 11pm and we were starving ... the info they gave us at check in was not up to date so what it said was open at certian times etc. was not. We did find some sandwiches and soup at the Calypso Bar. Had something to eat and drink and then went to bed. Woke up the next morning to more rain and wind. Went to get coffee but again this was not open as per hotel information.

Room: 4105 basic, 2 twin beds a dresser 2 chairs and a table, mini fridge with 2 cokes, 2 sprite and 2 large bottles of water replaced daily. No coffee maker in room. Bathroom was nice, softess hotel towels I ever had. Marble floors and walls. They need to invest in new pillows as these were nothing but foam balls in a pillow case. Toilet leaked all over the floor so reported it to the front desk 5 times and 5 times they sent someone to fix it, I never understood how they could come to the room expecting to fix it without any tools, they would say it was fine and leave and still leaked!!! They would unhook the flush chain so we had to put our hand in the back of the water tank to flush it!!!! It was leaking from the seal around the bottom so everytime you flushed it, it would leak all over the floor and smell ... finally on the 3rd day and complaints from us and the Air Transat Rep they moved us to 4017, first floor with a nice view of the pool. Room was fine and keep very clean by the maid ... same as above but toilet worked. Our friend wasn't so lucky, she was complaing of a stomach ache and dizzieness and was sick to her stomach (she thought fit was the food) so she went back to her room to lay down (4106 the room next to our orginal room with the toilet problem) something had leaked we think the AC. but the smell was so caustic you could not breath, (if she had of fallen asleep she might never have woken up!!!) she came back to find us to come with her to see what the problem was, the front desk didn't underestand what she was trying to tell them, as we were going back to her room we met up with a man from the front desk and asked him to come with us ... we only got a few steps up the stairs and you could smell it, he told us to go back down and wait for him ... repair people came from everywhere when he called them on his walkie talkie ... they opened her room doors and told her to meet them back there in an hour...when she went back they had her room packed up and told her to empty her saftely deposit box....they moved her immediatley to building 5 ... they never did tell us what was wrong ... They sent her a letter of apology that night to her new room with a fruit plate and a large bottle of rum.....

Food: Buffet was good and you could always find something you liked. Coffee was great!!! International a la carte did not have much to offer unless you were willing to pay a $23 to $29 surcharge, we were very disappointed with this fact ... lunch grill had the best chicken I have ever had and the Domincan sausage was very good to, they had hotdogs, hamburgers and french fries. They also had a hot pasta dish, a meat and a fish along with salads, cold meats stc and great desserts. On the information sheet they gave us at check-in it told us the beach grill buffet was open at 5:30am for coffee and continental breakfast....THIS WAS NOT OPEN any morning we were there....late night snack was at the Calypso bar and consisted of some meat sandwiches (not to my liking but the others liked them) and soup ...

Beach: was can you say, as usual it was beautiful. IMHO the streach where the LTI is, is one on the best streaches in Punta Cana. Yes, they played the towel game here, if you didn't put your towel out by 6:30am!!! you would not get a lounger on the beach. What makes me mad is there are signs everywhere (pool and beach) about saving chairs ... people would put their towels down and then not use the chairs the whole day ... we had to take turns getting up and going to the beach to mark chairs for the day ... (not my idea of a vacation)

Pool: very large, clean with an area for kids, needs to be painted in areas. Lots of loungers and shade (if needed). Lots of greenery around the pool, very pretty and tropical looking. Never had a problem finding a lounger here.

Overall: I would return to this hotel and I would give it 3 1/2* (we got a sell off for $650 with taxes in). Resort is on the smaller side than I am used to but it is very clean and the gardens are beautiful. Staff was always friendly from the staff at the front desk down to the gardeners. The nightly entertainment was good as far as the night shows, there were daily activities if you wanted to join in. Not enough seating in the lobby bar in the evenings and the service sometimes was was very slow, you could go and get your own also. Internet was working off and on through the week ($2 for 15 mins). Shops are very nice and carry a large selection on gifts, you can buy alot of the same things as on the beach without being hassled for a good price. We had no problem from the time share guys they never bothered us the whole week ... but if you were travelling as a couple and walking the beach then they were all over you.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana

November 2007
I will never go there again and I would never recommend this place to anyone.

We have been the Dominican Republic every year for the past three years. For two of those we have been to the IFA Villas resort which I would highly recommend.

The LTI was noisy; they play very loud music by the pool every day. The music is the same everyday you can set your watch by the tune! It became a monotonous headache. The staff were very rude and unhelpful, the would very often ask out right for a cigarette if the knew you smoked and if you gave them one they would ask everyday! The bar staff would leave you standing at the bar whilst they laughed an joked with their co workers, they would then serve drinks that were inconsistently made so would be strong one day and fruit juice the next, that’s if they had the ingredients. All our party ended up with very bad stomach upsets!!!!!!!!!!! One of our group was still poorly eight days after returning home. A fellow guest had something stolen from their room and they were told by the front desk that the hotel was not responsible so they spent and afternoon talking to the local Police. As far as I know the hotel offered no compensation! We had a sea view room. The view was spectacular but the air-conditioning didn’t work very well, the toilet blocked and would not flush so it over flowed constantly. It took THREE DAYS for some one to come and look at it. The TV never worked and they NEVER came to look at it for us.

Good things to say. The beach was great.

Advice. Go to the Dom Rep but STAY AWAY from the LTI Beach Resort.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
Mr And Mrs Beekhoo 
June 2007
Well the day we arrived we heard some people complaining, we travel a lot an thought these people were just people who complained for no reason. Well we were supprised on the 2nd day we were there, my wife and i got sick from eating something bad. I recovered in about 2 days, my wife in 3 days. Needles to say were afraid to eat the food for fear of getting sick again. The AC were not cooling properly, we told the front desk they did not do anything about it. While we were there we met other people who had the same problem with the food, about 11 or 12 we knew of, and found out that there other people who had gotten sick. Spoke to one of the people in charge at the Cayena club, who no management skills, kept interrupting while we were trying to tell her there was a problem with their food,her reply was that there was nothong wrong with her food .

Asked who was going to pay for our medical expenses,was told they will pay,that our insurance will pay it.

Well for the rest of the stay we were miserable, unless we wanted to pay another airfare to get home, so we were stuck.

Will not ever go back to that island, the food were the same old crap every day.

I dont eat meat, only fish, same frozen fish every day, no imagination in preparing fish,was dissapointed, thought there would be fresh fish, since we were on an island.Her manager did have the courtesy to speak to us, said he was busy.

Most of the people were friendly, and helpful, especially the service people. Will let every one i know who wants to go ther to forget it, bad experience.

My conclusion they are interested in making money no matter what, at any expense.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
June 2007
My friend and I went there June 2007 and found everything to be perfect. We are in are mid twenties from the US. The facilities were beautiful, the staff was incredibly freindly, the beach was prestine and there was a different show every night followed by dancing at the mini disco in the resort. There weren't even any bugs anywhere (not even on the lights outside the room at night) I'm guessing the place is covered in deet but i never saw anyone spraying it. There was entertainment on the beach as well; horseshoes, volleyball, soccer, darts, dancing, etc. The food was better at the main restaurnt then at the beach side one. We had no problems. The room had the air on when we got there and fresh sheets and towels were there everyday. As for other things we did parasailing, scuba diving and the local club Mangu. That was an $8 cab ride away and was filled with locals and some people from other resorts but the beers were $5 but it was still a great time. The scuba staff was wonderful but the reef life left something to be desired- try a different part of the island for diving. All in all A+++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana

June 2007
We went the first week of June 2007 and flew out of Montreal Canada.

Day 1: We arrived and checked in without problems, our room was ready.

We turned on the Air Conditioner to get rid of the dampness and to cool down the room but realized after 8 hours that the air conditioning was not working. I called the front desk and asked them to look at the AC unit and they sent the repairman the next morning.

Day 2: The repairman realised that the unit needed to be drained and re-charged with freon and started to drain the system.

As he did, the pipe broke and dirty water came down bringing part of the ceiling down and flooding a portion of the room. The maid called the front desk and explained the problem and we were moved to a new room.

Day 3: I came down with food poisoning from ??? and it was nasty. The food was average and not very good but the sickness lasts for several days.

Day 4: Great beach and friendly staff.

Day 5: A Dominican Convention took over the resort and it was jammed and above capacity.

Day 6: Uneventful.

Day 7: Ready to go home.

All in all would not stay here again………food was disappointing. Great beach
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
Kim and Mark 
June 2007
Hi...Just wanted to add my two cents to the LTI Resort. We went in late July of 2006. The LTI was beautiful and looked exactly as the online pictures showed it. However, our room's air conditioner did not work properly and the room stayed blistering hot the entire week. The maintenace people pretended to speak no English and were absolutely no help. My daughters room had ants in the bathroom. The vast majority of vacationers were German and French who were not the least bit friendly. The food was aweful to all of us and we could not get away from the incessant cigarette smoking. The nightly entertainment was non existent...only one magic show the entire week. The beach was beautiful but noone raked the seaweed, there was noone at the non motorized water sport hut to sign out anything, catamaran trips were unavailable the week we were there and yes, the Cayena Club harassed you constantly about time shares. We are airline employees that have traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and Mexico...we are not picky people but this was the vacation from HELL!!! My kids were practically foaming at the mouth to board the plane home....so from our perspective...choose another resort.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana

May 2007
We stayed at the LTI Resort April 16-23, 2007.

We are a late 40’s couple who travel to all-inclusive resorts a couple of times a year.

When looking for a destination, the beach is at the top of our list of “must-haves”. We tend towards at least 4* resorts more on the smaller side (less than 500 rooms), it must be clean and have decent food. We eat to live, not live to eat. We can always find something to eat and are willing to try new things.

Along with the forums, we have found the reviews submitted on Debbie’s site to be more than helpful for us to choose just the right resorts for us.

We had visited the DR about 5 years ago and, after having visited Cuba the past few years, we were looking forward to heading back to the DR.

Arrival at the airport was uneventful and going through Customs was a breeze, especially since we were used to much tougher “scrutiny” when being processed through Cuban Customs.

We found our Sunquest Rep who directed us to our bus to take us to the resort. Of course, it was in the furthest row but we had no problem finding it. Everyone on the bus was heading to the LTI so we didn’t have to make any stops along the way. I didn’t time the bus ride in but it was probably about ½ hour – 45 mins. The roads and the driving conditions are about the same as Cuba.

Check-in was very efficient and courteous. At the time, we requested a safe as well as a remote control for the TV as we had read that there weren’t enough to go around. We had no problem getting the RC. We also had no problem with communication with the Front Desk staff.

Our room (#2202, building 2) was basic and was pretty much what I had requested in an email I had sent prior to arrival. I had requested top floor, king-sized bed and building 3, 4 or 5. Well, two out of three ain’t bad! I had received a response to my email prior to leaving, stating they would do their best to fulfill my requests.

We found the room to be immaculate and it remained so all week. We didn’t get any towel arrangements during the week but that’s ok with us. Flowers were left in a glass by the bathroom sink and this was a nice added touch. The room was left spotless and fresh sheets and towels were provided every day.

We enjoyed the privacy our balcony offered, although looking straight ahead off our balcony was a blank wall of the building beside us, but by rearranging the table and chairs, we enjoyed the views of the huge palm trees and the lush grounds of the resort off to the side.

We had no ants or bugs in our room except for finding a very large cricket-type bug hanging on the curtain, between the liner and the curtain. We found him (we named him Enrique) on our first day but never saw him again after that. He just disappeared.

The food at the buffet on our first night was not very good and we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. But after that first meal, the food improved immensely and we enjoyed all the food the resort had to offer. We found the Asian stir-fry station in the buffet to be our dinner of choice.

There was lots of variety offered at breakfast in the buffet – but every day was the same.

You could also eat breakfast at a smaller buffet at the Bucanero – cereal, toast, fruit.

To make reservations for the a la cartes, they were to be booked by the hostess at the buffet the morning of. We had no problems getting the times and restaurants we wanted. We enjoyed the buffet much more than the a la cartes.

The beach was everything we had remembered it to be. Fabulous! The seaweed had been raked up almost every day.

We aren’t ones to sit still for very long while we’re on the beach so we didn’t play the palapa saving game – although this practice in full effect - and there were signs posted on each palapa to please refrain from doing this. No one paid any heed to this. Some couples actually would save 4 lounge chairs for the two of them under one palapa.

There really was no reason to save palapas or chairs as there were plenty to go around for everyone. We never had a problem getting a chair at any time of the day.

Same situation was at the pool in regards to saving loungers and shade. The vegetation at the pool is lovely and the pool itself was clean and well maintained also.

Most of the activities were at the pool and there didn’t seem to be too many participants in any of the activities we witnessed.

Also available was beach volley ball, beach soccer and bocce ball on the beach.

There were quite a number of children at this resort so the pool did get quite noisy. We rarely spent any time at the pool but this was just an observation we had when we stopped for lunch (barbequed chicken) or a drink at the Bucanero restaurant, which is pool-side and offers great vistas of either the pool or the beach.

All the bartenders were quick and ready to please. They were friendly, courteous and attentive.

We spent a lot of time at the Calypso Bar as it’s right beside the animation stage and it’s also open most of the time. They serve soup and grilled sandwiches there at night, if you get any cravings.

The lobby bar was a really nice place to chill out at, and sitting outside on the patio offered one a lovely view of the resort.

The beach was well-lit at night and you could go down there if you wanted – we met a woman who had just come back from a night-time swim in the ocean.

I have to say here that we found all the staff at this resort pleasant, helpful and courteous, even those that didn’t speak English very well. They all made an attempt at English and, as well, we made an attempt at Spanish.

We had rain almost every day, two days we experienced torrential downpours. It was quite something to experience. However, this didn’t dampen our spirits or let it ruin our vacation and we actually got “caught” in a downpour while walking on the beach. We were about an hour away from our resort but we just continued walking back “home” and had no trouble getting a palapa at this time – lol.

We always enjoy the night-time entertainment when we travel and it’s something to pass the time away after dinner. The Michael Jackson show and the Magic Show were lots of fun and very entertaining.

The animation staff put on shows only a couple of nights (the other shows were “professionals” that were brought in) and were audience participation. There were children in the audience who were quickly escorted out by their parents as these shows tended to be adult-themed.

We visited the on-site disco / nite-club nightly and there were always folks in there having a great time! The music played in there was a mix of hip-hop, top 40’s and latin. Always someone up dancing and having fun.

Check-out was quick and easy, only having to “settle up” our bill for the safe, which they charge you $2.00 per day for.

Just a couple of things to mention.

This is a popular resort for Europeans. There was a large number Germans and as well we vacationed with people from France and Holland. You will find a lot of folks who don’t speak English. And no one nationality is ruder than the other. We also did not notice any more toplessness at our resort than any of the other resorts we walked by. There were also quite a few Dominicans at this resort, having a great time. They were actually the only ones who looked like they were having fun. Most folks walked around like zombies, barely cracking a smile or responding to a friendly "Hola, Hello, or Hi", from us.

There is also lots of cigarette smoking going on all over this resort. You can’t get away from it. So, having a sensitivity to cigarette smoke didn’t make for a pleasant experience for me, although I was certainly glad there was a warm breeze all the time and I could walk around in the fresh air.

We were disappointed that there was no freshly ground coffee anywhere in the resort. All the coffee came from push-button machines and most of the time it wasn't hot. And, talking about beverages, I'll add that all the alcohol is domestic brand, and anything with an "international" label that you recognize is available for a charge. The red wine was awful (I can and do drink just about anything) and they looked at me blankly when I asked for Bailey's (or a knock-off). They made some sort of concoction with milk and cafe liquour. No cream to be found anywhere either.

We didn’t have to tip to get good service. We received good service throughout the resort and we tipped for that.

There was music being played all around the resort in the lobby bar and by the pool and it was a great mix of everything. We didn’t find any of it annoying or disturbing or too loud. It was a really nice touch.

There is a very modern gym one can use with lots of equipment but you have to have closed toe shoes and a shirt. And the Spa is just beautiful, offering lots of different spa treatments. The prices seemed to be what we would pay here at home.

Now, the time-share people! This is the one negative we found with this resort. They were constantly hounding everyone, every day.

A “no thank you / gracias” wasn’t always taken for what it was and we were very offended when one of them said back to us, “For Chr*$t’$ sake, you said you would talk to me today”. We did not ever tell any of these folks we would talk to them – we only said, “no thank you / gracias”, put up our hand as a no thank you, or just walked by, shaking our heads.

They stand by the entrance to the main buffet and “get you” when you walk by. They also hang out by the back entrance / exit to the buffet.

They were also on the beach and I understand they did not limit themselves to approaching just the guests of the LTI.

All in all we had a great vacation. We will definitely go back to the Dominican Republic and, although we liked the LTI for the most part, we won’t stay there due to the time-share people.

Hope some of this helps and if you have any questions, feel free to direct them to me on the forums.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
April 2007
We are a group of 6,ages 55-67, and stayed at the LTI from March 29,2007 to April 5,2007. We are a fun loving group and very easy to please. We went to Punta Cana to have a good time with each other and anyone else we met and we surely did. While the resort is a very nice place to spend a week, I think it is mainly because of the weather, pool, and beach. All three were great. Upon checking in we noticed the patio door was broken and couldn't be locked. Being on the ground floor we went to the front desk and requested to change our room. We were told to return in 1 hour and it would be done.This time we were told the previous guests hadn't turned in their key yet so it would be another hour. After 2 more trips we were told it was too late and the room had been given to someone else.They did send someone to fix the door within 1/2 an hour. On the second night there were cockroaches in 2 of our rooms. They told us the rooms would be sprayed right away.No one ever turned up. There was lots of food at the buffet and there was no problem finding something for everyone. Staff, especially at the bars, were very friendly. I guess a tip helps.While we did have a few minor problems we had a great week at the LTI but will find another resort next year.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
M & D 
Ontario, Canada
March 2007
Just returned from a week at LTI – Punta Cana, March 11 – 18, 2007 and had a very enjoyable time. As the postings are all correct, we will add or confirm a few of our experiences:

Arrival: Getting through the airports on arrival was fairly simple and quick. The resort is about 30 minutes from the airport, but with all of the stops to drop off guests at other resorts, the trip is well over an hour.

Resort: A bit “tired” looking but clean. The grounds were nice with lots of flowering bushes and palm trees. Expect about 70% or more of the guest to be German. Mainly adults, few kids, mainly around the pool during the day.

Tennis courts: If you are looking to play lots of tennis on your vacation, you’ll be disappointed. There are just 2 concrete courts covered with course sand. Guess it is a Caribbean version of “clay courts”. There are 2 resort organized tournaments, a singles tournament on Thursday and a doubles on Saturday. Four people turned up for the singles’ tournament. We passed on the doubles. Racquets and balls are available, free of charge.

Room: We arrived at the resort at approximately 11:30 AM and our room was not available until about 1:00 PM. We had lunch and returned to the check-in counter and were advised that the room was still not available but would be by 7:30 PM. However; because of the inconvenience, we were upgraded from a garden view room to an ocean view room and the charge for the room safe (US$2 per day) was being waived. This was offered without us asking and we were provided a courtesy suit to use to shower and change. There is no iron in the room so walk with your own travel iron.

Bathroom: Hand wash gel was provided at the sink with body-wash/shampoo gel in the bath via dispensers. Bathroom supplies commonly provided such as wash cloths, Q-tips, sewing kits, combs, etc were not provided. Towels, although changed everyday, were grey and dingy.

Security: We did not experience anything missing from our room.

Duty-free: There are only 2 good duty-free shops at the airport. Brugal Anejo rum at the airport ($20) is more expensive than at the resort! But the best place to shop is at the flee market on the beach. Picked up 2 – 750ml bottles, Bacardi 151 and Brugal Anejo, for US$20. Also, a box of 25 Cohiba cigars (Cuban made) for US$35. However, you have to haggle with them at the flee market. Go late in the afternoon at about 4:00 for the best prices. For example, they wanted US$35 for the Bacardi 151 rum and we offered US$15. We agreed on US$20 for the Bacardi & Brugal.

Beach: Great beach with lots of European sunbathing practiced (i've come to the conclusion that bikini tops are not sold in Europe, just the bottoms!). Resort was not at 100% capacity so there were no problems getting lounges regardless of when you hit the beach. Sea weed is raked up early every morning. The only problem we encountered was that it was very windy which blew sand into our eyes.

Restaurants: There are 4 restaurants in the resort. The main buffet, Italian, Seafood and Grill. Dinner reservations are required for the Seafood and Italian restaurants with 1 dinner reservation per restaurant per week allowed. The main buffet restaurant offered the 4 basics every night, i.e. pork, fish, beef & chicken. Generally, the meals were good but not great. We are picky eaters so you be the judge. If you like creme caramel you would think that you were in heaven, it was available every day at both lunch and dinner! There are 2 “lobster nights” at the grill, Monday and Friday nights. The price is US$17 per lb for the lobster which you pick after which it is weighed and grilled. The Grill uses real charcoal to cook burgers & hotdogs during the day and steaks, lobster, fish & chicken at night. I think it makes a big difference as the burgers & steaks were very good.

Bars: There are bars in each restaurant plus one between the poll and the beach and one in the lobby. Had to leave the resort to get a cold beer as they were cool at best. No premium drinks, not even Brugal rum available. Just your basic “rot-gut” available.

Smoking: Expect lots of cigar & cigarette smokers at the beach, pool, restaurants, theatre, etc. There was one buffet dining room that was smoke-free.

Shopping: There is a free shuttle every 2 hours between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM from the resort to the Real Palm shopping plaza. Forget about it! The shuttle takes close to an hour to get to the plaza which is only half occupied. The prices are ridiculous and there are only about 6 – 8 shops open, including a Tony Roma’s Restaurant.
There are 2 flea markets within walking distance along the beach. As you step off the resort onto the beach, turn left and within 10 minutes there are a bunch of stalls right on the beach. Or you can turn right and walk for about 20 minutes until you reach the Captain Cook’s Seafood Restaurant. About 50 meters off the beach there is a strip on the road with various stores and a supermarket. There are also flea market type shops around. You have to (and they expect you to) haggle with them. Start by offering them 1/4 of their asking price and work from there. A 750ml Bermudez 12 year old rum went from US$45 to US$22 or US$40 for 2 bottles. Never pay more that $4 for coffee, you can easily get it for 3 packs for $10.

Activities: We did the ATV and horse-back riding tours. Reasonable priced but a very long ride to get to the ATVs or horse stable. An hour and a half trip each way is such a waste of time.

Pool: There was a very large pool with lots of lounges usually available. We are not “pool people” so we did not hang out around there.

Bugs: No mosquitoes when we were there. Did not hear anyone complain about bugs or mosquitoes, however, we don’t speak German so they could very well have been.

Nightly shows: Most of the shows were quite good. There was one show called "4 X 4" that is a total waste of time.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana

March 2007
well there is certainly no shortage of reviews on LTI , but one more can't hurt!! we stayed at LTI from Jan 31 to Feb 7. 2007. there were 4 of us that went down and we had the time of our lives. first off the reviews about the pillows are all right , if you have the room , take your own. a good night sleep can make or break a holiday. the rooms are fine , nice and clean , the maids do a wonderful job. you do need to make sure the patio doors are closed all the way to turn on the a/c, some sort of switch I guess. the beds are really 2 double pushed together to make one queen. money is a preferred tip , I left 2 dollars on the pillow each day and the maid was very happy. ( 150 a month is a top end wage , or so I was told??!)

the food is just great, lots of it and many choices, even the fussiest of eater will be satisfied. pasta stations, fresh fish , a Japanese station where you pick all your own fixings and then watch it all get cooked right in front of you, really cool and good as well. ( the line does get a little long for this but worth the wait) it would be nice to see 2 cooks for this as it is so popular. no problem getting a seat , three separate rooms all holding about 150 each. waiters are so friendly and willing to help .
you need to check out the grill by the pool, good munchies ( burgers and hot dogs, chicken , fries etc...) had a hot dog and nothing happened... so no worries!

pool was breath taking so large and clean, being so close to the beach you would almost expect a lot of sand. there is actually a small island in the middle of the pool, can't get on it but it is sure scenic. lots of lounge chairs and never had a problem finding open ones, even at 2 in the afternoon. lots of shade as well if you have too much sun or heat. some people would go in the morning and reserve chairs, don't like to do that just because I don't know how the day will be , but when in Rome!!!

the beach is the selling point of Punta cana and I believe that LTI got some of the best around, silky sand not too big of waves, a coral reef 300 yards out slowed that down lots of chairs 300 at least with or with out huts for shade, no problem finding what you needed for the day , again some people liked to reserve early.
nice little feature was the beach vendors , 2 min walk and there you are, very happy to see you , not too aggressive. but they do at least want you to look in their shop. always willing to make a deal. we bought several things and the price was always negotiable, so work at them they enjoy it!! we got coffee 3 for 10 , hats for 8-10 , sunglasses that were 60 for 12 -15. don't be discouraged by there first price.

the bars do free pour the rum so you might have to tell them to go easy, or your done by 2. one thing no one told us was that fresh coconut milk is a natural laxative.. :-( so be warned , that being said we never waited more than 2 min to get a drink. and you just have to have a coco loco , a local drink that is out of this world, but again you have to tell them to go easy on the rum as it takes away from the flavor and slushiness of the drink. a good thing to take is a mug of some kind as all the glasses are rather small.( some kind of travel or thermal )

just a spectacular place to be, the grounds are very nice and always clean, very well maintained. lots of palms and shrubs. no bugs, this was amazing, with all the water and sand!!!

I know I never mentioned everything but there is soooo much, I would be more than happy to answered any ? you have if I can so I have included a e -mail address. I can also send some pics of the grounds if anyone likes. please don't be put off by the bad reviews, they are just not justified, it is hardly anyones fault if you get sick, you are in a third world contry so take precautions, it will help you enjoy your holiday. and a sun screen of 15 is not enough we used 30 for the first 3 days and even then got a little pink.

thanks for reading and enjoy your holiday!!!! email at goodstuff67@sasktel.net
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
February 2007
My cousin and I stayed at LTI the first week of Feb 2007 for 7-nights all inclusive. We booked about a week before the trip. We knew people who had stayed in other resorts very close to Punta Cana telling us that the beach and water was beautiful, and one relative of ours had stayed at the LTI beach before and said it was good. So we booked.

After booking we started reading reviews (lol) and my cousin got a bit worried about some of the bad reviews about the resort (here on Debbie’s website). We can both honestly say that our vacation at LTI was nothing short of paradise. The water and beach in that area of Punta Cana was surreal – just like what you see in the adds; white sand, aqua water – it was gorgeous. It got somewhat hot when we were down there in the sun between 1-3pm (hottest time of day), but there was always this awesome breeze on the beach so you could sit out there the entire day and feel great. About half way into our stay we had eaten and checked out most of the food at the resort and we really have no complaints. About the halfway mark I discovered a pasta station in the main buffet (can’t remember the name) that has 3 separate dining areas and then main buffet – I lived on this station daily it was awesome. You got to pick items from a bunch of bowls then tell the chef what else you want and he would then sauté your sauce, take whatever pasta you wanted (pre-boiled), drop it back into the boiling water for a few seconds, then throw it on the pan and cook it all up. I’m telling you: take diced tomatoes, red onions; get chef to drop in 1 spoon of garlic & oil, 1 spoon hot sauce, and 2 spoons of basil pesto, and then finally load it up with parmesan once you get your plate… this was as good as I get back home! ;)

The Italian restaurant was probably the best place I liked to eat lunch at – they had buffets every day for lunch. Pizza was good and the pepperoni especially. We never got around to making a reservation there for dinner. FYI you need to make your reservations each day between 6-10am if you want to dine at either of the 2 restaurants. Besides the Italian one there’s also a seafood restaurant (right beside). We went there one night and both tried the chicken (lol) with a fish-salsa and it was wicked! The only place we didn’t eat at very often was the buffet right near the beach. The main buffet within site of the main lobby was where we hit up every day for breakfast and mostly dinner. All the bacon you can eat (good too) for breakfast and like the pasta station they had an omelet station in the morning which was just as great. Some of the food at the buffet you look at and think twice about… just like you’d see at a Mandarin today they have chefs around the side of the room cutting or cooking stuff. Thursday night seemed to be the most festive night of our trip (they decorated the whole resort) and in that main buffet they had a pig roast, roast beef, and lots of other stuff. Most surprising thing I ate at the resort was at the main buffet for lunch: they had these pork chops which looked like basic cuts of ham on bone – didn’t look like anything special… they had fried them up on a hot plate and I actually was going to pass but the dude called me over and dropped one on my plate. For something that looked so plain this cut of pork was so damn tasty I went for a second.

What else can I tell you about the resort – NO bugs whatsoever. I spotted tiny lizards along the side of the walkways once or twice but these guys are so tiny and funny looking (and FAST). I wanted to try and bottle one to take home but they move like lightning (impossible to catch). These little guys are the length of your pinky finger and 1/3 the width. People at the LTI were great and very nice. The resort has a bunch of free stuff to do which I found out about my last day, and they also have tours and diving trips you can pay for. Can’t attest to these but if you are looking for a place to sit in the sun in relative peace and quiet and just enjoy one of our Earth’s nicest beaches, this is it. One neat thing about the LTI resort is that it’s owned by Germans – imagine my cousin and I, two pale-white Canadian boys sitting our buns down on the beach facing the water, toasting two sweaty cups of beer, and having gorgeous topless young European woman sun bathing and walking right on front of us LOL! It was great. We’re not talking total nudist colony or anything but them Europeans don’t mind going au-naturale, and you take the good with the bad. But the caliber of topless young women down there (maybe 5 or 6 during our stay) more than made up for the oldies. Seeing the Euro men in Speedos was also a riot – no shame! OK regarding pillows… yes they are bad – as my cousin joked it feels like they are filled dozens of rolled up socks… But honestly it didn’t bother us. You just have to find the best corner of the pillow and sleep on that part.

We’ll always have very fond memories of the LTI Beach Resort. I’d recommend this resort to just about anyone – young and old; with kids or without. It was a blast!
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana

February 2007
My wife and I made our eleventh trip to PC Feb. 3 thru 10 and stayed at the Cayena Beach Club. It was our first stay at this facility.

Many questions about the resort were answered at my request by Barbara who works at the Cayena prior to our visit. She was extremely helpful, polite, accurate and quick to respond. This proved to foreshadow our trip which was the most enjoyable by a fairly large margin.

I will be careful to point out this resort does not have the magnificent artwork, marble, fountains and other impressive and expensive things to look at like the Paradisus or Riu Palace. What the place does have is very clean and livable rooms, excellent proximity to everything you normally do during a beach vacation, and the friendliest staff we have encountered. Due to the fact that it is small you get to know all the waiters, bartenders, desk help and anyone else you see throughout your day. They quickly become friends.

Service was almost too good to believe. A call was made to the Cayena desk informing them that not all the TV stations were working and they advised me they would come over to look at the set. I said they should let themselves in as I did not want to wait around in the room. They said they would be right over. They were there in about one minute and said it would be working in an hour. It did. We lost a key card to our room. It took less than one minute from stepping up to the counter to leaving with the new set that replaced the old ones. I don’t imagine they can continue to have these type of results but it is certainly indicative of their willingness to help.

The resort is set within the LTI which has a nice pool and is not overly expansive. We found the LTI food to be much better than most resorts with a few options to order off a more upgraded menu for a very reasonable cost.. My wife had a rather risky appetizer caller carpaccio and I had the prawns. They were excellent and of the highest quality. While some do not want to spend and extra dime when they are at an A/I, this was a tremendous value and I personally would not hesitate to shell out $14 for foods such as this. I did have lobster as well and it was not as good due to overcooking. They also have a grill that has outstanding chicken and ribs. The buffet had a wide variety and I found the fish to be very flavorful and without bones. This had eluded me in previous visits. Lines are a bit of a challenge at the bars but this is an economical resort and I would not hesitate to stay at this resort had we not been spoiled by the Cayena. It will difficult to ever find a more enjoyable trip as this resort set the bar high.

The Cayena serves a breakfast at the building near the pool. As is the case with all breakfast in PC it was very good. The upside is that it is about 75 to 125 feet from the Cayena rooms. The walk is incredibly short. You could order an omelet, go back and get the towel you forgot at the room, and still return for the omelet the cook began preparing when you left before it was done. They also serve lunch which was the highlight of the trip. We do not go to PC to eat but found ourselves looking forward to lunch every day. In past trips we looked forward to returning home to get out stomach back in order. Not on this trip. Items such as grouper fillet, marlin and shrimp skewers, fillet of beef, and a few more delicacies made ordering difficult as we did not want to miss out on other items , yet wanted what we had the prior day because it was so enjoyable. While the service at lunch was at times a little slow, it is tough to complain when you are gazing out over the ocean from about 30 feet away. The second floor has an even more impressive view due to the elevation. Here we spent many nights having drinks with Elvis, the friendliest bartender we have ever met. I would be remiss not to mention the daytime pool bartender Newton who was equally as hospitable.

If the food and service were the same at all resorts in PC, it would be overrun with tourist. We count the days until Barbara is checking us in for another seven day slice of heaven.

All reviews should mention the negatives. The beds are a little hard and they only provide two pillows. That is all I have to complain about!
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
Saskatchewan Canada
February 2007
We just returned from LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana. I thought I would add my review. We had an excellent time. The food was wonderful, an outstanding number of choices. The rooms were clean, the grounds absolutely lovely and well maintained. After walking along the beach, I thought this resort had one of the best swimming areas, the water was clear and not as rough as in other areas of the beach that were close by. The patio doors seem to be an issue, they needed repair in our room and the room of the people we were travelling with. When we asked, the repairs were done. All of the staff were courteous and wonderful to us. The beach vendors were a fun group, I did not feel they were too aggressive, especially after my friend and I walked over to the Bavaro Shopping area and dealt with some of the vendors there. The beach vendors spoke fluently in a number of languages and were always polite to us. We went parasailing and snorkelling, enjoyed both immensely, we had all the time in the water snorkelling that we wanted. They gave us food to feed the fish and they ate right out of our hands. One suggestion that I would make to anyone on a one week stay, find out which activities you want to participate in when you get there and schedule them in your week. Some of the tours are not available every day. On a one week stay I even missed participating in some of the resort activities at the begining of the week because I missed the times they were available, my fault entirely. Thank you for providing the information on your website, as a first time traveller to the area, and a novice traveller overall, it was very helpful to me.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
Sheryl & Josh 
Halifax NS, Canada
January 2007
We just spend 7 wonderful days at the LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana (we went there for Christmas). It was AWESOME. I had read some good reviews and some not good ones. This resort was worth every penny! It was BEAUTIFUL, clean, the food was great, the people were great, and it was just Awesome!!!!! If you complain about this resort, then you must complain about everything in life, because there was nothing to complain about!!!! I had even read the reviews about the bad pillows, they were not great, but they were not horrible either, I brought a little travel pillow with me, and my husband just slept on 2 pillows, and it was fine! I would recommend this resort for sure. It was sooo beautiful and I would go there again in a heartbeat!
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana

May 2006
I just spent 7 glorious days at the LTI Beach and Golf Resort in Punta Cana. I had read reviews on your website about this particular place before I left for my trip. Alot of them were great reviews and some were not. I just want to add mine to say that some people just can't be happy or pleased with anything. If anyone did not find this resort to be spectacular , then they are just someone who cannot be pleased. Every single thing about this place was wonderful except for the pillows. I had read this on some of the reviews and that was totally accurate--they were awful, so if you have room to carry your own, I recommend doing so! Other than that, it was all superb! I have been to many resorts in many different areas of the Caribbean and found this to be one of the best. The food was good and there was tons of it! It was displayed beautifully and tons to choose from. I found it best to eat at the buffets because of so many different choices. The Seafood and Italian restaurants required reservations and the food was not as good and a small selection to choose from unless you paid for other choices, which I did not. I did not even eat at the Italian restaurant but did go in and see that pizza and pasta was about all there was to it. The buffets, however, were spectacular! The beach was beautiful and the pool was too! The sand on the beach was like powder. We never had any problem getting huts or lounge chairs where we wanted them--we were there May 19-26, 2006. In may be harder as it get's more in to the peak season. The animation team was great--always something going on--stretching, aqua aerobics, pool and beach volley ball, dancing, contests, you name it! Plenty of motorized sports if you wanted to pay to play and non-motorized if you did not. My only disappointment, other than the pillows ( I did request a better pillow and was promptly brought one, but it was no better than the others) was I really, really wanted to snorkel and booked a "snorkeling trip over to Seona Island" from a guy named Leonardo who stood outside the Mirador Restaurant every morning selling "snorkeling trips". Very extroverted guy who misled us into this trip. Sounded great but there was literally NO snorkeling the whole trip. We had to leave the hotel at 7:15 a.m. and was told we would be back by 5:00 p.m.--we actually returned at 8:15 p.m. It was a 2 1/2 hour bus trip over to where you get on a catermeran for another 2 hour catermeran ride to Seona Island. Then lunch was provided and you hung out there for 1 1/2 hours and then got on a speed boat back. Here's the kicker--you got to jump off the boat for about 15 minutes and swim and see some star fish. Star fish only and NO SNORKELING AT ALL. Then stop in Higuey at a souvineer shop for about 45 minutes and then another 2 1/2 hour bus ride back to the resort. I'm not saying all of this wasn't fun but it was misleading as there was absolutely no snorkeling, which is what I was told and paid $80.00 to do. Knowing this now, I recommend the James Bond boat trips for snorkeling--heard they were good but that you really didn't get to snorkel for long. I did tell Leonardo the next morning about this and he said he was just telling us what his brochure said and then immediately started trying to sell us another snorkeling trip. My friend, who had never snorkeled and wanted to, was going to do this. He said he would be back in 20 minutes and we never saw him again. His new name became "Lying Leonardo" to us. Enough of that! All in all the entire trip was GREAT! Everynight they had shows at 9:30. We saw one excellent show that I considered as good as a Las Vegas style show--the rest were not Las Vegas style, but still fun and funny! Good MFEM entertainment by the animation team and others. The resort staff were all VERY friendly and helpful and prompt with everything. Lots of Europeans there as the LTI is German owned. We had a wonderful time and I can highly recommend the LTI.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana

May 2006
Stayed at LTI April 28th through May 5th 2006. 7 Nights. This was our first time in DR and really did not know what to expect. I had read many bad reviews about this resort and was worried that we had made a mistake. Now that I have been, I cannot believe that anyone could complain about this resort. We met a couple from AL (Hello Tommy and Donna), and they have visited 40 other resorts all over the Caribbean and said this one they would rate excellent!!! The food is almost entirely homemade. Homemade ice cream, cream puffs, flan, cheese cake, cakes, soups, salads of all kinds, homemade dressing, made to order omelets with homemade cheese, bacon, eggs, sausage, their pancakes are wonderful, crapes, French toast, potatoes: mashed, or fried, fresh fish, fresh shrimp, fresh grilled chicken: I ate 8 pieces in one day, ribs, French fries, whipped deserts, steak always well done, hotdogs, hamburger: I did not like but wife did. This is just some of the food I sampled. My family ate everything, I stuck with what I like. The fresh fish fried in front of you was just great. The DR people are the most loving people. We made friends with so many DR people my wife was almost crying when we left. They even bought her gifts, which they make so little money shows you their kindness. They are very family oriented and if you treat them well they will show you their kindness. But if your hateful you will get the service you deserve!!! Some of the reviews say there is no entertainment!!! Every night at 9:30 they had a great show. We karaoke, discoed 2 nights, disco opens at 11:00, went to the dance party, dancers, lip sink with 4 men from the audience dressed up like women, very funny, ect. We went to the entertainment every night we were their but one. They also let all the kids get up every night to dance for the audience before their regular show. The kids loved it but we seen a lot of people walking out during their show, pathetic if you ask me. We have 4 kids, but they stayed at home. Disco was not usually that busy but my wife loved it, I’m not much on dancing. But I did dance and it was fun. Go to the manager’s reception, you will meet all the managers and they will serve you drinks, cheese and cookies. Music is played at the pool, inside the buffet, and at the beach. They have dance classes by the pool and the beach. Games are played daily at the beach. The catamaran ride was also a lot of fun. We snorkeled everyday at the beach and that was an experience. Some days the waves had the water cloudy but still you could see all the fish. A small reef is in front of the beach, but you will have to look for it.

Food, excellent
Buffet, well done and laid out
Bathrooms, cleaned every hour on the hour Drinks, great try a Santa Libra; it is ½ DR dark rum and ½ 7-up. Tastes great but be careful!!!
Staff, the best
Management, great, we lost a piece of luggage and they sent security room to room to find it!!! I hurt my ankle, acting like I was 16 instead of 40, and could not climb steps; they moved us to the ground floor the same day.
Very, Very Clean Hotel
All the guest were friendly except the French. Oh well their loss.

Excellent Hotel, Excellent Food, Excellent Staff, Excellent Dominican People, Excellent Value.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
Katie Anne 
Fredericton, NB.
May 2006
Hey my name is Katie Anne and I am from Fredericton, NB. Just wanted to write a little note about my recent experience at LTI in Punta Cana.

I went with a group of ten friends between April 27 and May 4. We are all in our early twenties.

The resort was beautiful and all of the staff was really friendly. Most could speak English relatively well, especially the managers. Brush up on some spanish before you leave.

We did not realize that this resort catered mainly to European clients, mostly German. This was definitely a draw back because a lot of the shows were not done in English and we could not interact with a lot of the other guests. However, we did meet quite a few people from the U.S. and Canada as well. (Be prepared to see a lot of topless european women).

We didn't have any problem whatsoever finding lounge chairs at the beach or pool, although finding shade was always tricky. All the drinks were great, and definitely strong.

Most of us got a little sick when we were gone and weren't loving the food. The buffet was great, lots of pasta and other options, and we loved the italian food at the italian restaurant too. None of us were brave enough to try the seafood.

We didn't even realize that the resort had tennis or a spa until we were leaving. We tried a couple of water activities such as snorkelling, banana boating, and catamaraning and had so much fun with all of them.

The rooms were cute. I had read that the beds were uncomfortable and the pillows sucked, but I didn't have room in my suitcase for my own pillow. I actually had no problem with the beds. A couple of people that travelled with me were supposed to have one king-size bed but instead actually had two twin beds pushed together.

Overall, our experience at LTI was great. We definitely did not know that it was geared towards families as much as it was, but that didn't prevent a group of young kids from having a terrific trip. Would I reccomend LTI, yes. Would I go back myself, probably not.
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana
May 2006
An Honest Opinion from a USA family:

We stayed at LTI from 4/21-28. Booked thru TNT vacations in Boston, MA. Our on-island rep, Primi was wonderful and very helpful. As a travel agent myself, I do wish that TNT had of mentioned that this particular resort was going to have a 95% european (mainly german) clientele when I reserved it. Really, this was the only drawback we had with LTI. We just could not socialize with anyone and we are a very social family. Our teenage boys had each other to hang with but it would have been nice to see some more teens from the USA. The language barriers made it impossible to carry on conversations.

The staff was welcoming and did make a gracious attempt to get all involved in the daily and nightly activities. We all joined in pretty much every day. The beach baseball was a lot of fun for the boys and my husband and they ended up winning a prize during the nightly entertainment.

Rooms were standard and plenty large. A bit musty but only when you had the a/c on and the slider shut. Our rooms were on the 3rd level in building #4 and we slept every night with the slider wide open and just the ceiling fan on as the breezes were wonderful! Weather was fabulous and we only had 5 minutes of rain in 7 days. The beach in front of LTI is fabulous. We all have great tans!

Resort has a great layout and is so beautiful. It's even better than the on-line pictures! Pool is large and winding with a small bridge. Plenty of pool and beach chairs as well as palapas.

Food was sub-par and we all suffered with "travelers tummy". A couple of us are still suffering. This is typical for Dominican however. Presidente was good but not always cold enough. They put a lot of rum in the drinks so watch out.

Bottom line is, if you are planning on a vacation to Punta Cana and you want to mingle and interact with the other guests, I would find out from the resort you choose if they do in fact have a decent amount American guests. Or, if you prefer to keep to yourself, LTI would be fabulous.

Any questions, feel free to e-mail julie@hideaways.com