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Viva Wyndham Tangerine
December 2008
Arrival: Dec 14th to the 20th 2008
My girlfriend and i went to Dominican Rupublic Cabarete Beach we arrived at our resort at 12pm our room was not ready so they told us to go and have lunch and when we come back our room should be ready so we locked our bags in a room and went for lunch, the resort is a small resort only 259 rooms so the buffet was not very big but the food was good. So we ate lunch and when we went back to get our room it was ready, nice! Now, Theirs the Viva Wyndham Tangerine and the Viva Wyndham Tangerine palace its the same resort only difference is the Palace is new and right on the beach.

The room was very nice! New, very clean. We where impressed, had a basket of fruit slippers and a housecoat. Only get that in the Palace i think, i paid 50 dollars more for the Palace. We where on the second floor, we had a veiw of the beach and swimming pool.

Restaurants and Bars:
1 buffet restaurant and 2 à la carte restaurants (International, Italian, Mexican) The buffet was good not great but good,something different everynight, For the Italian, Mexican. There is a dress code in effect. You have to make reservations that was ok, no line up for that! I've stayed at other resorts and you can wait in line for 45 minutes. Mexican was great lots to eat had a table over looking the beach very romantic. Italian, again had a table over looking the beach and the food was good. 3 bars including Main bar, Snack bar, Disco bar The main bar was good just off of the pool the staff was very friendly and would make anything you wanted. At the snack bar they had Hot dogs, burgers, fries, pizza, nachos with dip and beer, you help your self there. We never made it to the disco, we where in bed by 12 midnight and disco stared at 12pm, but we did hear it was good.

Very beautiful, clean. There was lots of gardens with tropical plants. The beach was great! Lot of shade and lots of chairs never had to fight for one even around the pool. Like i said, we had a room at the Palace and it had a adults only pool, Jacuzzi and beach, very nice, if you didn't want to be around screaming kids and there was a bar there too, but you had to pay for drinks at this bar ????? We walked for miles on the beach, loved it!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Never went on any tours. We took a horse back ride on the beach which was great! We walked into Cabarete, it was only 3 minutes away lots of little shops and bars. And one day took the local bus into Puerto Plata and walked around that was cool it cost 10us there and back for two people. I wanted to do some Kiteboarding lessons when i was there but the waves where just to big for me 3 meters high so never got a chance but there is lots of schools there.Evening entertainment every other night it was always good.All in all, never was board always lots to do.
Boogie Boards.
Introductory scuba diving lesson.
Exercise classes.
Language lessons: Spanish.
Dance lessons, Pool table ,Ping pong,.
Staff was very friendly and helpful.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine

March 2008
We reserved the second floor threw the agent, but when we got there ended up on the first floor, it took us a whole day to change rooms, and we found cacaroaches in both our rooms!!!! Huge ones in the shower!

The food was awful! Poor choice and very repetitive...

The bartenders always used dirty jokes on female clients. Every time I ordered sex on the beach, they would ask me if I wanted to go with them... EW!

The beach is clean, but the salespeople are always in your face, trying to sell you cheap jewelry... annoying 'cause they come up to you every 3 minutes. And the ocean is very wavy, hard to swim, it knoks you off your feet, great for sky surfing though.

Nothing special... the night show is lame. The entertainers don't take their jobs seriously, they laughted all threw the performance.

The Safari Jeep tour is good, Jessy is the best tour guide you can find!!! But The paradise Island is a piece of artifial sandy beach, no palm trees, it's tiny and they bring like 300 people there at once and there's nowhere no sit. And NO BATHROOMS!!!!!

Thank god I was with my best friend who entertained me for two weeks, but the hotel SUCKED!!! It was the worst hotel I've ever stayed in. The staff is rude, the rooms are nothing like what they show on the website, the food is bad and I would never rate it as a 4 star, out of control staff make is less than a 3 star!!!!
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Michelle & Nicole 
Ottawa, Canada
February 2008
Arrival - We arrived in the middle of the night. We were picked up by a signature bus that took us to our resort. When we arrived at the resort we were greeted by the front desk staff. Extremely pleasant, friendly, very accomodating.

Rooms - Our room was on the 3rd floor in the main building looking out to the ocean. Very nice and spacious room with 2 double beds. The housekeeping lady would come everyday to change our bedding, put clean towels with fresh flowers. Thanks.

Restaurants - La Bahia buffet restaurant had a very large variety of foods to eat at each meals. We tried different things. Always very nicely displayed and fresh. There was never a time that there was a shortage of something to eat. The staffing was extremely friendly and kept the place spotless. Coffee and orange juice was always waiting for us at our ususal table when we would arrive for our meals thanks to two very special waiter and waitress. Our special thanks to Aneudy and Maria.
We went to the Italian restaurant, very quaint, friendly staff, beautiful plate arrangements. We also went to the Mexican restaurant, very good food, friendly staff, beautifully decorated.

Bars - We never had any line up to wait to be served. Anything you wanted you would get. Very friendly bartenders. The surrounding area was kept very clean.

Beach and Pools - We spent our time by the beach and at the end of the day we would go in the pool to cool down. The sand was extremely smooth to our feet. No stones, no pebbles, no garbage. Never felt crowded. We would pick up clean towels everyday from very friendly staffing. Thanks Willy.
The beach front was the most properly spot for Kite Surfing due to the waves and wind on a daily basis. It was the most beautiful thing to see the Kite Surfers ride the waves.
There were vendors, trying to make a leaving, very friendly.

Grounds - The total grounds were immaculate. The landscapping was just incredible. We never saw a piece of garbage on the ground. The ground staffing kept the total surrounding extremely clean.

Activities - The anamition team was totally incredible. A different theme every evening at Show Time. The animation team kept the guests busy participating in different activities during the daytime. Very professionals, extremely friendly. The team made our stay at the resort memoriable. Thanks to Pablo, Richi and Johnny Walker.

Tours - We did not take any tours because we went for one week and we both decided that we would just relax by the beach and the pool side.
The next time we go back we will go on the different excursions.

Conclusion - This was my very first all inclusive trip thanks to my sister. We have both agreed that we will be going back again and would strongly recommend this particular resort.
It was the most incredible experience I have ever experienced.
Thank you to the whole staffing for making this a paradise to remember.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
The Queen 

February 2008
We just returned from the Viva Wyndham Tangerine Resort in Cabarete. We went from January 22-29, 2008. We loved our stay!

The Hotel: The hotel is very clean and inviting. >From the moment you walk up to the front desk to check you are made to feel like a special guest. The staff are very friendly. Always calling out Hola! with a big smile when they see you! The bell boys were great for bringing up the luggage and helping us take our luggage back down when we left.

The Food: The food was good. We always found something that we liked. We tried many new foods while we were there. We only got the chance to try the Mexican Restaurant and it was really good food. The service was great. There was always clean dishes and such. The staff were always busy doing something in the restaurants.

The Bar: The bar was good. Just be prepared for very strong drinks! They mix the drinks 3/4 rum to 1/4 pop! So we would ask for a second cup and remix the drinks ourselves!

The Pool: we only used the pool once. We much preferred to be on the beach! The pool was used by the kids and families at the resort tho. The hot tub isn't very hot, not like at home. The pool and hot tub close at 6pm. So by the time you WANT to use the hot tub it is closed!

The Beach: The beach is amazing! There are lots of beach chairs and we never had a problem getting a chair even when we went to the beach in the afternoon. We brought travel mugs and would stop at the bar on our way to the beach and sip our drinks while on the beach. Kite boarding is very popular here. It is fun to watch them all zipping along. The beach vendors are out there but if you say no thanks they leave you alone.

Cabarete: Cabarete is a quick walk along the beach. There are a couple places that you cut thru to the street. One of them is thru Jose O'Shay's bar but there are a couple others that are closer too. We loved spending time in town. There are a couple of discount stores that aren't pushy and we loved going to them. There is a Scotia Bank in town with an ATM and English. We used that alot when we were in town.

Mototaxi: we took a mototaxi in town and we loved it. He went slow for us and that was nice.

The People: we found the people to be very friendly and they would try to speak English even if they don't speak much English. They love Canadians! Even in the local stores, they were more than helpful...turning the screen so you could see how much what you bought was.

We also spent time in Puerto Plata and Sosua Beach! We loved that this resort was close to town and we didn't have to stay on the resort all the time!
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
January 2008
Arrival ~ The flight Jan 17/08 with Skyservice was great! It was 5.5 hours long but they served a great breakfast, plenty of drinks showed 2 good movies and were very friendly! The only exception was that none of the 5 of us were able to get seats together since the plane stopped in Sktoon first and we hadn't pre-booked seats. If you want seats together, pay the extra money! They did move us around though in the end.

The check in at the hotel was flawless and fast.We had our room keys and the bellboys were ready with our luggage before we even finished our complimentary cocktail!

Rooms - The rooms we got were great.You have to watch though.You do not want rooms in the main bld as they are old, noisy, and no view(brick wall).Buildings nearer the reception area were in the lagoon stink. Rooms in buildings near the main pool though older in style were large and had hotter water (2600's).Our rooms were the farthest out (4100's)and though hot water was hard to come by,the room was large,newer and we had our own private quiet pool and deck area as well as our own reception area and concierge.

Restaurants - The food was pretty mediocre.The choice of only 2 a la carte restarants was limiting, but there was always something one could find to eat. Also, there is food/drink 24 hrs a day which isnt the case in most hotels.

Bars - There is indeed only 1 bar but the staff is very good, fast and the wait is minimal. I didnt find the wait much longer than at hotels in other areas with more bars.

Beach and Pools - The beach area is clean and safe although we found the beach vendors very persistent and annoying.I would imagine it is like this all over though. The water here is very rough so keep this in mind if you are wanting to swim in calm waters. The flag was red every day we were there. There are lots of beach chairs and plenty of room.

Grounds - The grounds are kept very clean and we like the way the buildings were set up. The bar area has a nice view of the whole area - beach, pool and grounds.

Activities - There were lots of daily activities. The entertainment staff at this resort if the best! They were always around getting people up for various things: Bingo, aquaerobics, merengue dancing, bocci ball, volleyball, etc. These staff made our whole vacation!! They were always upbeat and friendly wanting to make sure everyone had a good time! They were funny and kept up the pace all through the day and night.

There was a different show every night with these talented people. There was great dance numbers, air band, funny skits, and lots of audience participation!! We loved it!They even continued on after the show to another round of quizzes and contests at the bar and then to dancing at the disco! They sure had a lot of energy!! The entertainment staff was definately the best part of this resort and one of the best parts of our whole vacation!! We love Pablo and Ricci!

Tours - We went on several tours but the Outback Jungle Safari was by far the best! Go on this tour!! Everyone had such fun; you won't be dissappointed. There is lots of rum, lots of good info on the DR, and lots of laughing!George is the best!

If you are wanting to see Sosua and go shopping, the full day tour of Puerto Plata is not really for you.You only get 1-1/2 hrs in Sosua to shop - not anywhere near enough time.Take a taxi instead and spend as much time as you want.

If anyone tells you you will definately see whales on the whale watchng tour in Samana, do not believe them. Remember, they are whales and you only might see them - like maybe a 50/50 chance. We didn't and it was a long boring day that cost a lot of $$$. Dont lose a whole day of your vacation like we did.

Conclusion - I would say this hotel was very good. We liked that we could walk down the beach to Cabarete and shop there. Go to the liquidation place across from Jose O'Shays first before you shop anywhere else. Is is on the second floor. I paid $10 for a necklace they had there for $4! They have lots of souvenir stuff - T'shirts. keychains, cigars etc. Also, you can buy the same rum at the supermarket just down from there at the same prices you can buy on the tours. The food at Jose O'Shay's is really good - great nachos and great burgers - better beef than anywhere else in the DR.Best meal we had!And very reasonable prices. cabarete also has a good night life, the bars there go till 3am and always seem to have lots of people. Would advise taking a taxi home though as it is safer and easy to get lost in the dark and miss you hotel.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Jim and Jean 
November 2007
We along with our friends arrived in Puerto Plata on the early morning Sky Service flight out of Toronto on November 3. We had booked through Signature Vacations for the Viva Wyndham Tangerine. The flight was on time and smooth. Our Signature reps. were close at hand to show us to the awaiting shuttle buses. We received the first info about the Resort from Pepsi Cola, the Rep. on the shuttle bus. It is a short drive from the Luperon Airport at Puerto Plata to the resort. The front of the Resort is on the main street through Cabarete and is close to the street. The shuttle drops you at the front door of the check in lobby. And so your stay begins…..

Check in – We had reserved 2 Ocean View rooms and since we booked at the same time with the same agent we assumed that they would be at least close together. Wrong we were – they were far apart – in totally different buildings – which really did not please us. Once we saw where the rooms were I returned to the desk and asked if the clerk could help us and set us up in two rooms that were closer together – and with the best Ocean view. She asked for 1 minute to check things out – and bang she gave me new key card to a new room – which turned out to be a room next to one of the first ones and assured us that they had the best location. She was right – great rooms – great service – very much appreciated. All understood and worked out very nicely with limited Spanish ability on our part.

The contrast from the front door of the check in lobby to outside the back door is amazing. The front of the resort is exposed to the street traffic and noise. Once you exit the front lobby you step into the beauty and tranquility of a well manicured Caribbean garden landscape with flowing hedges, majestic palms, and fragrant flowering shrubs. The pathways that lead to the different units converge on a central gazebo siiting area and then lead to another lobby where the different travel companies have their desks for bookings and information and there is a medical office and some very good shops. Pass through this lobby to step out onto a beautiful poolside patio over looking the beach and ocean.

Rooms – Very clean and well made up with flowers and towel sculptures left by the house keeper. Shower was good and hot water was no problem. The bed was comfortable. Air conditioning worked great. Every day the room was made up perfectly and all request attended to.

Bars – Only one bar was used for most of our week. It was next to the pool area. A second bar was offered during the afternoon at the Mexican restaurant. The bar line was a little long at times But extra help would come to speed things up – and if you did need to wait an extra 2 or three minutes it was an opportunity to chat with other guests. Relax….you are on vacation …no … schedule…remember?? Jose did a fantastic job the service and drinks were great!

Food – The food at the buffet was tasty and selection was good. The 2 a-la-carte restaurants – Mexican and Italian both had very good dishes. They have an authentic clay oven to make pizza in – very good. They also have a mesquite and hickory smoke area that allows light smoke to waft through the air by mid afternoon when evening dishes are started . mmmm. The house wine served with meals was good.

Pool and Beach – The pool which was a pleasing temperature is a good size and has a good selection of areas to sit with plenty of chairs. There is a small hot tub and area that we did not use but it was a hit with some. The beach is really good – great sand, clean, lots of chairs and good waves and warm water. Everyday by afternoon there was a good breeze. Kite boarding is very popular and one day there was 27 kite boards all going at the same time. You can safely walk in both directions for a good distance. Cabarete is a short walk along the beach – cut through Jose O’ Shays to the main street. Beach merchants leave you a lone if you tell them thanks but no.

Tours – We have been on the Outback Jungle Safari tour in the past and it was excellent. This time we just did the half day tour into Puerto Plata. It was a very interesting morning and well worth the 25 US. Dollars. We arranged it through our Signature Rep. Max. She did a great job at orientation and was always available throughout the week to answer any questions or concerns. We took school supplies with us for the kids. When you go on the Out back trip the Out back company stops at a school so you can leave the supplies. They are very active in supporting the schools. Since we did not do the tour this time we left the supplies with Max to pass along to Outback – they will make sure they get to a school.

Activities – Always had good direction and participation for the different activities. The nightly shows were very good. Above average dancing compared to some resorts. The Friday night Michael Jackson Show was EXCELLENTE!! The nightly disco was also fun.

Weather – Seven days of sun, with a bit of cloud – and light rain a couple of times after dark caused us to have great tans and a relaxed laid back disposition to return home with. Best weather we have had in the Dominican (trips 5 and 6) We were fortunate as the weather had been very wet for the previous 2 weeks as a tropical storm had passed over the island. Comments about the smell of sewage from the sewer system should not alarm any potential visitor. The odours were only light and intermittent. This is common at many resorts when ground conditions would have been drenched from the earlier heavy rains – cannot control mother nature.

In Summary – This resort is located in a fantastic spot. The resort is very clean and well maintained. The staff was friendly and helpful. Language is never a problem. There was a good cross section of guests. Perhaps not all the Elegance of a 5 star but definitely the beauty and charm and hominess of a well appointed 4 star. A great value. We had a fantastic time and would return again – no question.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
November 2007
Arrival - Weather reports all week had promised scattered thunder showers, but the sun was out in Puerto Plata when we touched down at about 1:30 PM. Luggage retrieval was swift, made even swifter by the absence of one of our bags. The luggage attendant looked down the chute, saw nothing and started filling out the lost baggage form. We asked him to at least go look for it, but he said that it was still on the plane and would go on to Punta Cana, then (maybe) it would come back by bus/taxi or whatever. Customs was easy – that little form you fill out on the plane gets shredded on the spot. A short trip to the Viva Wyndham Tangerine by bus followed. Check-in was fast, but communication was difficult as only one check-in person spoke passable English. Our room was fine, but had a strange odour. When we opened the patio door, we found out why. A large pool of water sat just off the patio, stagnant, grey-green and smelly. A trip back to the check-in got us an immediate look at the suite just above, bigger, nicer, but still smelly. The attendant with us called back to check-in and then took us over to the other side of the resort and showed us a double room that was OK, but it meant that we gave up a suite to get away from the smell. It smells like sewage, no getting away from it. In 30 years of consulting, I have seen my share of sewers; I know the smell too well.

Rooms – There are a range of rooms at the hotel, from small suites to hotel-like rooms with a bathroom. The suites have a small efficiency kitchen, while the rooms have a bar fridge. The furniture is plain, a little worn in spots. General cleanliness is good. We had a problem with the A/C and the TV remote; both were fixed immediately. The biggest threat was the bathroom drainage. Over the first few days, we noticed the water draining slower and slower from the sink, shower and toilet. I called the front desk and told them and they said it would be fixed. Next day, still not good and we told our room attendant who happened to be just outside. She yelled at some workmen who were fixing a light not far away. The problem was fixed within the hour. Her name was Andrea – she’s a doll. As we talked with other guests, we found out that this is a general problem with ground floor rooms. This leads me to think that the drainage system is in trouble, as also evidenced by pools of stagnant water at several locations and the above-mentioned smell.

Restaurants – There are three restaurants, La Bahia, La Vela and Viva Mexico. The first is a buffet-style and the others are reservation only. La Bahia had themes every day for the type of food served. I can only say that the food was adequate there – presentation sometimes was a turn-off. The quality of the food in La Bahia varied day-to-day and an open mind is required; this isn’t Canada. I became ill the last day and I think it was a meat dish from La Bahia that caused the problem. Quantity was never a problem and the big eaters should be right at home. The staff was friendly, but communication was a problem.

La Vela is Italian-style and a day-before reservation was needed as they only seat about 24 people at three nightly seatings timed at 7, 8 and 9 PM. The service was very good. It was obvious that the wait staff had been well-trained in their craft. A drink of the day starts off each meal while guests examine the menu. The food was very good and consists of three courses; appetizer, entrée and dessert. Try the pork cutlet – very tasty indeed.

Viva Mexico is….Mexican food! Well, less Mexican as far as spicy food was concerned, as we didn’t find a really “hot” dish in the three nights we went there. That’s just fine with us. The same reservation system as above is in effect. Again, the service was superb, even with wait staff wearing enormous sombreros that threatened hair-dos and dishes alike. A sombrero and a tray with four entrées need a lot of room! The food is great. The salad at the top of the menu, the one with the brandy dressing is really good.

Bars - Local beer is Presidente and it flows a flood morning until night. At the snack bar in La Vela, you can even pour your own. Nirvana on a stick – my own personal beer tap. The vino blanco and vino rouge were just as plentiful, although not to my taste. Neither of us are rum drinkers and there was a lot of rum around.

Beach and Pools – The beach is really good, especially when we were told that it wasn’t really there four years ago. It was pumped in from further out by huge siphons and it has stood up very well. The waves can be huge in the afternoon and some people got really thumped. There’s lots of trees, so you can stay out of the sun if that’s what you prefer. There are always several vendors on the beach, buyer beware – just don’t pay too much and hike into Cabarete to check the prices so you can compare and play with the vendor’s heads a little. The pool was good; always clean and warm. Lots of lounges, there was never a time we couldn’t get one easily.

Cabarete – Go to the beach, turn right and walk 15 minutes and duck through Jose O’Shay’s pub to the street. The street was under construction while we were there and was alternatively muddy or not there, depending what they were doing. Bedlam! Horns honking, scooters on the sidewalks, yelling, exhaust smoke – not a pretty sight. It will be better later on. I heard that they are hoping to pave before the end of the year, but then this is the DR, so it might not be this year that they’re talking about. Places to go; the grocery store midtown, all prices good and marked on tags, the Liquidation store just west of there, up the steps to the 2nd floor, all prices marked, no bargaining. Jose O’Shay’s Irish pub across the street looks great, but we didn’t get there to stay; only used it to pass through from the beach to the street. Walk further up the beach and see some of the great hotels – one to see for sure is the El Magnifico – wow.

Grounds – The resort grounds were beautiful and gardeners worked constantly keeping them that way.

Activities – Something was going on all the time. Spanish, dance lessons, bocce ball, water balloon…something, not sure what it was, bingo and others. There is a gym, but not well-equipped.

Excursions – We did a catamaran trip purchased outside the resort. It was not a success. I hummed the theme music from Gilligan’s Island most of the time. If you buy, stick to the resort; that way, if it doesn’t turn out OK, you have someone to yell at.

Weather – What can I say? I checked every day for two weeks before we arrived and it looked like there was a lot of rain. It didn’t happen that way at all. We had rain most days, but usually late in the day or overnight. The last day there was spectacular – just like that advertisements.

Conclusion – It is a beautiful resort, no question about it. The majority of my points above are positive; however, the negatives are serious. We went to the Tangerine because of the great Travelzoo pricing. At the normal price, we would choose elsewhere. There are too many resorts offering the same or better accommodation.

I don’t know how the star system works. This resort has a 4-star rating and may be deserving on that particular scale. Personally, on my own scale, I would be more inclined to give it 3 to 3½, based on food quality variability, minimal room amenities, the outside sewage smell, standing pools of stagnant water on the lawns, plumbing system drainage problems, speed of problem fixing and the lack of English-speaking staff.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine

June 2007
we were there for a wedding on june 2, 2007......the room was very nice, food good, staff friendly....the only real problem we had was at checkout on june 4....we were told to be in the lobby for transport to the airport at pop at 1:30 pm...we were there on time...however the staff could not understand that we needed the shuttle.....we waited until we almost missed our flight because once we got through to them (by a person that happened to speak spanish and recognized our delima) there was then a huge discussion between the hotel and the shuttle co. as to who was paying for it...it by the way was already pre-paid,finally a shuttle came and did get us there on time.....please, please have a front desk person that speaks english..we are an elderly couple and were getting very upset about missing our flight, and no one seemed to care....on a good note the wedding of our grandaughter went beautifullu and we had a good stay at your resort, also i have to know the name of the hand cream furnishes to us in our room...i love it
Viva Wyndham Tangerine

May 2007
We stayed at this resort from April 6th to April 13th 2007.

It was me, my cousin, my mother and father.

We had a wonderful time at this resort, even though we are all really easy to please and this was all of our first time going anywhere like this.

The beach was gorgeous, so many windsurfers, and para-sailers. We got into the waves a nice few times and we found if you weren't watching, you would go under, nothing bad, and definatly a great laugh.

Me and my cousin both got braids done in our hair on the second day that we were there. We got it done by the girls who we on the beach. Not the best idea, We both had loads of sand in our hair and even two weeks later when we were home and took our hair out, sand was still coming out. If I was going to do it again, I would wait until nearing the end of the trip to get it done.

Our room was wonderful, we didn't have the best view, but we figured if we did, we might have wasted all our time up there, maybe it was for the best. We had the best building though, our building was connected to the bar and buffet resturaunt which was amazing, when it rained two of the nights, we were only amongst a few who didn't get soaked walking over to the buffet.

The bar was excellent, although the bartenders didn't speak much English, which was kind of annoying because you wanted a special drink, they didn't have a clue. All they know are the drinks on the menus, beer and rum. Even though what they did prepare, was beyond amazing.

The food was good, me and my cousin are very picky eaters, but we always found something to eat. I tried sushi for the first time! The breakfast was definately amazing, I couldn't wait to get up in the morning, because I was so excited for the breakfast foods.

The pool was nice, always the right temperature. Never dirty, and lots of fun to try to pull the boys who work there in. (Although we never succeeded.)

The entertainment staff was undescribable. They worked wonders for my family on our vacation. They are one of the main reasons we would go back again, Watch out for Richi, he is the short one, so cute! All the staff are amazing and pull off amazing shows every night. Definately the main highlight of the week.

The two a la carte's were good, not for me and my cousin (like I said, we are picky). But my parents seemed to enjoy them.

The disco in the night time was awesome. There is a bar in the disco, which seemed to be convenient. Don't be shy to go down there, because once you go, you won't regret it. Most of the boys who work there will end up dragging you down.

The nightly activities were also fun to watch (They happen after the showtime, so don't go to bed right after that!) While we where there we seen, a casino night, a beer chugging competition (which my Dad placed second after we bugged him to enter it.) and a dancing competition. So much fun and the boys who work there make the late nights all worth while.

We walked into the town of Cabarete twice while we were there, definately a good idea, We seen so many different things, it was well worth the experience. If you decide to adventure out, I would recommend going to the small convenience store located on the left side of the road as you walk up (about 5 minutes), the man inside was carrying a shotgun and we got our picture taken with him. Definately a tourist attraction.

We also did the Puerta Plata 1/2 day tour, and lost alot of sun-time. Two ladies that had a child who was about 4 went and he cried almost the whole way, definately ruined that part of the trip. It isn't for young kids, at all.

If I had my time back, All I would change is that I brought more things to give out to the children on the streets of Caberete. They wanted money, but I wanted to give them packs of gummybears/m&m's/chocolate's/etc. I think they would have appreciated that alot.

Definately a four star resort, we don't know if this is because its the first time we've ever gone somewhere or not. Well worth the money and we will be going back to this exact spot again.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Darrell and Brenda  
Halifax, NS
April 2007
We arrived at the Halifax airport at 3:09 a.m for our 6:00 a.m. departure. We were a little delayed because of the freak late winter storm that rolled in the night before. We did leave Halifax at 4:30 p.m., good flight down. Arrived in Puerta Plata to rain, at least it wasn't snow! All the suitcases had been picked up except one big green one. It looked just like our friends, but it wasn't! We spoke to an airport person and he took the suitcase to a Signature Rep. She looked at her list and they went to one of the buses. They found the man on the bus whose name was on the suitcase and he showed them where the other suitcase was. People should really check the names tags on the cases before they walk off with them.

Off to the Resort we went, there were 8 of us going to Viva Wyndham. It only took about 15 - 20 minutes from the airport. We were given a room in the same building as our travelling buddies, on the same floor just two rooms apart. When we opened the door to our room we were met with a musty smell and the floor was a pool of water. I said to hubby, we are not staying in this room. The bathroom ceiling was leaking too. I went back out to the reception desk and told them the room was flooded and the ceiling was leaking. In two minutes he had a new room for us. We took the suitcases and went to the new room. Walking down the hallway there was a puddle of water on the floor and the next thing I heard was a loud thud as hubbies feet went out from under him and down he went, good thing he didn't hit his head. We helped him up and went to the room. No water, no smell, perfect. When we went back out to meet up with our friends there was a yellow pylon marking the puddle.

The street in front of the resort was flooded, a couple of the walkways were flooded and it was still raining. Shortly after we arrived the rain stopped. The next morning it was a little cloudy and there were a few sunny breaks. In the afternoon we had a five minute shower. The rest of the week was hot and sunny with a few clouds. There was a nice breeze coming off the beach.

Resort was great, great location. The bar, restaurants, pool, buffet are all located in the same area between the buildings with the rooms and the beach. Very easy resort to navigate around. Only about two minute walk from the reception area to the beach. We all agreed that this was by far the nicest beach we have ever stayed on. Miles long in both directions and nice and wide. No rocks at all in the water, no seaweed either. Only about a 10 minute walk to the right of the resort on the beach and you were at the bars on Cabarete Beach. We loved the location. There was only two days that were not windy enough for the Kite surfers. On Saturday I counted over 50 kite surfers and out further there were about 30 wind surfers (the ones that look like sailboats). There were two days when it was really windy in the afternoon. It was pretty rough to get into the ocean. You had to keep your eyes on the waves or you could get swamped. In the mornings it was a lot calmer. The two days when it was not windy enough for the kite surfers it was really easy to get in the water. Nice and calm. I was going to get a boogie board, but I guess I was just too comfortable on the lounger to bother. There were lots of activities if you were so inclined. We did partake in water aerobics a couple of days and a stretching session on another day.

We ate at the Italian and Mexican Restaurants (food was good and generous). The lasagna appetizer at the Italian was big enough for a main course item. I had the fajita's at the Mexican and had a hard time eating it all. The rest of our meals we ate at the Buffet or Snack Bar. Food was really good and tasty we were very pleased. Some people might say there was not a large selection of food, but we had no problem finding something different each day. Breakfast was the usual, boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, omelet station. Sausages, different meats, bacon one morning. Yogurt, fruit, pastries, four kinds of kids cereal and one high fibre cereal. Fresh juice bar. Hot food selections. Lunch had enough to choose from that you didn't have to eat the same thing each day, pasta station at lunch too. The snack bar always had pizza, French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs. Sandwich meats, fruit, nachos and cheese. Supper always had a carving station, pasta station, Low fat corner, DR corner, pizza, salads, veggies and fruit. At every meal you had choices of fish, chicken, pork and beef (lots of squid and octopus in the salads). Oh, the desserts were especially tasty. Ice cream only at supper. I never heard anybody complaining. One day they had deep fried calamari, my friends told me they were some of the best they ever had.

We never had a problem finding chairs around the pool or on the beach, no matter what time we went out. No problem finding chairs in the shade. Some people did have towels on chairs, there were signs posted "no reserving."

We had a great week. We went on the Puerta Plata ½ day City Tour (wouldn't waste my money on that again). We walked to Cabarete shopping zone three times. Only ten minutes from the resort by the beach. We did go by the street one day, too hot and noisy much nicer trip on the beach.

This resort has taken a place close to the top of our favorite list. I would have no problem recommending this resort and I would return.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
April 2007
I stayed at Viva Wyndham Tangerine from April 6 - April 13 2007.

The resort is lovely. The beach is great and the vendors weren't too pushy. If you told them "No thank you" they left you alone. The people were really friendly. The resort was fully booked the week we were there yet it didn't seem to be a lot of people around. The pool is small but was never crowded. The food at the Italian A-la-carte was okay, the mexican was great, and the buffett was good as well. You could always find something to eat.

When we checked in we had a problem with our room (we ended up on the gound floor with one bed, even though we requested second floor with 2 beds). This was rectified quickly without any problems.

The only complaint I have is with the time share people. At the start of the week they were very easy to pass off by saying you weren't interested. Towards the end of the week some of them became very insistent. Myself and a friend decided to do the time share and see what it was about, big mistake!! We were told it would take about 45 mins and that whatever we decided was fine that they were there to give us the information. Well it took just over an hour (which was a long time since it was our last day there) and when we told them we weren't interested the gentleman got very rude. He actually got up and literally threw the pad of paper onto the table and walked away. Needless to say we weren't impressed by this.

I had read a lot of reviews before I went that spoke of a bad sewer smell on the resort. The smell really wasn't as bad as what some people were saying. And I don't think it is actually sewer that you smell but just really wet ground. The only time we got the smell was after it had rained (we had rain the first four nights, and only in the evening). I live in an area where we get a lot of snow and once the spring comes and the snow starts to melt and we get some rain we get a similar smell from the wet ground. Unless you are really sensitive to smells this wouldn't bother you.

All in all this was a great resort that I wouldn't hesitate to visit again.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Andrew & Jenny 
Cobourg, ON
January 2007
We stayed at this resort from January 20-27 2007.
I will try to give a barebones easy to read review.

Beach: Beautiful! Very clean sand. The water is quite wavy at times, excellent for watersports.

Room: Very clean and simple. We had a third floor with 2 queens. Large bathroom, only drawback was no tub. Shower only.

Bar: There is truly only one bar here, unless you include the Ala Carte restaurants. However with it being a smaller resort, we found no line ups during the day with fast service.

Food: Typical Dominican buffet restaurant with an okay variety. Something slightly different each day.

Pool: Not a very large pool, but also not very busy. Lots of loungers and shade in the pool area, and we found no need to try and reserve chairs by the pool.

Entertainment: The nightly shows are the usual variety you see at all resorts, nothing fantastic, but fun to watch for the most part.

Entertainment staff: Sometimes seem scarce during the day. There is a posting of the days activities, but this is a very rough outline only.

Overall, we were very pleased with this resort, and would go back. We have stayed at nicer resorts in Dominican, but for a nice laid back week of sun this resort is fine.
Selloff Vacations lists this resort as a 4*, we would be more inclined to say 3-3.5*.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
September 2006
Stayed September 2, 2006 for 2 weeks

The hotel
Very nice hotel, great rooms. A small bedroom is separated by an extra door from the living area. All rooms are very quiet. Rooms at the 2nd and 3rd floors are much better for two reasons. First, some rooms at the ground level have shower drainage problems. Second, the hotel grounds are small, therefore the first floor large balcony is of little use because of the lack of privacy. Everything is clean inside and out. Some people are disappointed with foul odors from stagnant water here and then, but it didn’t bother us much.

Time share pushers are trying to lure you in a presentation. These people wear white hotel shirts. They are trying to harass you in the lobby and around (usually when you go for lunch or dinner), and may become quite annoying. You can recognize them by unsolicited question, ‘Where are you from?’ The best way to repel the time share pushers is to ask them to write down their names (all 4), along with the name of their manager, and ask them not to approach you any more. Variation: offer them to attend their presentation in return for $30 cash.

The beach
Great sand beach cleaned every morning. Those who cannot swim should be aware of uneven bottom and wave drag, especially during storms. On the plus side, it’s all-sand bottom, so there is no risk of injuring your feel on a coral reef. The use of water sports equipment was limited by large waves, which were present through the entire duration of our stay. Palm trees provided only partial shade, calling for the use of beach umbrella.

The beach reconstruction project could have been a nuisance for some, but to us it was a sort of entertainment on its own.

Beach traders may be annoying, unless you learn how to tell them, ‘No gracias’ (No, thanks). Be aware that the trader with #7 on his blue shirt claims his crafts are made from ‘Petrified wood’, which in fact is very brittle clay.

The food
Good. Always could try something different and not getting disappointed. The Mexican restaurant was so-so (to our taste), by the Italian was great, highly recommend! House wine was too light comparing to other hotels we’d been before.

That was the reason we came to Cabarete. Reviews said that the wind is not stable in this time of the year. We gambled and lost: only 50% days were good for windsurfing. Those who want to learn, should not bother with the hotel equipment -- for many reasons. Better go and pay for rent and lessons in Cabarete (Fanatic was our choice).

Overall, it was a great vacation and we’ll go there again.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine

August 2006
Hi Debbie,
I've been meaning to send this for awhile.Three couples stayed at Viva Wyndham Tangerine in Puerta Plata in March 2006. It is an amazing resort I will discuss the negatives first then end on the positives. -- One couple had bed bugs even after the room was sprayed they were covered in bites. This went on for about 3-4 days out of the week.

-- One couple needed a wheel chair which was pre arranged But there was a lot of confusion around this. It ended up our friends had to pay around 100.00 us $. They also had to tip constantly to have the chair. We were very upset about this.

The positives for the resort far out way the negatives. But of course I didn't have the bedbugs in my room. The resort is RIGHT on the beach meaning you can walk out of the pool and walk about 50 meteres or less and be on the sand. Lots of resorts say on the beach and are not. Also the bar is beside the pool which is beside the beach . The beach is very clean and there are lots of chairs. It is a very busy beach with wind surfers, kite surfers and boogie boards very nice to sit and watch.The para- sailers were amazing to watch.
If you walk up the beach about 10 minutes you will come to an amazing little town known as Cabarette. It is very interesting. There are lots of little pubs right on the beach to sit and have a drink or food at very reasonable prices. Again they are right on the beach! There was a cool Irish pub we had onion rings and fries and drinks all for around $10.00 us dollars or so. O Reily's I think was the name. The played English music and were very friendly.

Now back to the resort. The staff at the resort were very friendly. The food was awesome lots to choose from and presented very nicely. The buffet was layed out very nice with a large variety, lots of sea food, shell fish, fresh fruit which was delicious. We had 2 suppers at 2 of the A- La- Carte Restaurants and it was such a lovely time. The food was DELICIOUS. It was a very fancy romantic evening. So be sure to book them.....There was lots to drink and a huge variety. There is only 1 bar so sometimes you had to be patient.
There was entertainment each night. Dance night, Wizard of Oz, Comedy night and much more. Lots of snacks in the afternoon natchos, with cheese sauce, fries burgers...all delicious.
There are 2 photographers on the resort that walk around constantly taking pictures which are displayed on a computer screen and dated daily. You can buy pictures at very reasonable prices.Many you don't even know they took, so they are very natural !
The rooms are very spacious and very clean with lovely balconies. The fridge is stocked with bottled water and pop daily. There is a hair dryer, shower no tub. Iron and board.You do not pay for the safe rental which was nice.
There is internet access 15 minutes for 50 pesos so $2.00 us. There were vendors that came to the resort on 2 different evenings set up like a market. You could buy art, jewelley or glass work, and wood crafts.
There are also vendors on the beach who were very nice BUT be sure to dicker they expect that. We met Elvis, Davey, Tony and Johnny B Good. You also can have you hair braided. There is 1 large pool on the resort. It is very well maintained and clean.
The weather every day was hot and beautiful. The water was blue and warm and of course salty.
You do have to be very careful in the water as the waves are very high. A great spot for para sailing BUT you can not snorkel here.
We had a wonderful vacation. The sun was very very hot, some days 34 to 36 degrees c.
Security was always visable on the resort. We" did not" hear of any problems or crime on the resort. At no time, even in Cabarette did we feel unsafe. There are lots of neat little shops to look in and trinkets to buy.
We had our shoes shined by a ten year old boy for 10 pesos. We bought a coconut cookie on the beach from a young boy. His mom had made them ( like a haystack cookie) for 50 pesos they were delicious.
We explored the town and walked the beach and looked at other places to stay. Our resort was by far the nicest and had the nicest beach. I think this resort was wonderful. We would definately go back. For a resort right on the beach and close to a little town......This would definately be the one I would choose.

If anyone has any questions let me know I would be happy to answer them. shelleyfraser5@hotmail.com
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Kathy & Steve 
Nova Scotia, Canada
April 2006
My boyfriend and I (35 & 30) returned from a fabulous vacation at the Viva Tangerine (March 27 - April 3). We booked our vacation 3 weeks prior through Sell-Off Vacations and flew with Sky Service out of Halifax Nova Scotia. We are both fairly laid back, and were looking for a romantic/fulfilled vacation at a 4+ star resort. We were very happy with our choice.

I was a bit nervous booking over the internet (booked with travel agents in the past) however our tickets were waiting for us at the airport with no problems. Flight was fine...no problems to speak of....we were just too excited to get to our destination! POP airport was fast and a large air-conditioned bus took us to our resort.

CHECK IN - We arrived at the Viva Wyndham at 12pm. I was wary at first as the resort is right on the main road. But we checked in and as soon as we walked through the lobby, we were taken away by the beautiful resort grounds. Very well kept with lush flowers and plants everywhere. Our rooms were not ready until 3pm, but the bell-man put our luggage in a secure room. We headed straight to the bar for a beer! My b'friend and I had pants on, so a reminder that if you are going to be arriving before check in, it's good to keep shorts/swimsuit in your carry-on. It was HOT!

ROOM - Our room was very nice on the 2nd floor overlooking the grounds. Very clean and big bathroom. Pressure in shower was fantastic. We had a huge bed. Lots of closet and shelf space and lots of hangers. There is also a clothes line in the bathroom that is useful. Bar was stocked daily. We only received face clothes 2 days, but always got bath towels and lots of hand towels. Mini bar was always stocked with water and pop. Safe in room is free of charge. The villas are fairly close together so you never have to walk far to get around. There was a bad sewage smell outside from time to time, but usually only in the evenings and we could never smell it from our balcony or anywhere else on the resort, just when we were walking along our path.

We did encounter one problem that I should share......one night we awoke at 2am to the sound of rushing water. A pipe under the bathroom sink had broken and the water was flooding our room. I ran down to the front desk and they sent a plumber up right away. They managed to shut the water off and another worker mopped up our floor. There was no damage to our room or the room below us. We were disrupted for about an hour, however the staff reacted very well and did what they could to get us back at bed as fast as possible. The pipe was fixed the very next day for good and we had no problems after that. It was crapy at the time, but the staff did what they could for it being 2am. We did not let it ruin our trip.

BEACH - We loved the beach! Beware...the waves are big so you really have to be careful, however we love waves so we had a blast and used the boogie boards a few times. Water was always warm and very little seaweed or rocks. It was usually breezy on the beach so a great place to cool off. Lots of loungers and palm trees. If you walk down either side of the beach then you can see all the kite surfers. It looked like it took alot of skill, so we did not bother with the free lesson...watching was fascinating enough.

CABARETE - We spent an afternoon in Cabarete. We got there by walking along the beach (about 10 mins). We bought alot of souvenirs at Liquidation as people say it's one of the cheapest. There were lots of shops and places to eat and grab a beer. We stopped at a bar on the beach and had a few cold ones. It's a nice way to spend a few hours.

POOL - Clean, warm. Always loungers. We'd hop in for a dip to cool off but we mostly drank and suntanned around the pool as it was hot there and close to the bar.

BARS - I am a beer drinker so I drank mostly beer in the day and wine at night. The wine was not the greatest, but it grew on me as the week went on. I also liked the Cabarete Tropical (ask them to add rum). My b'friend drank alot of beer and gin/tonic. Bar lines were not too bad and the beer kegs (located in the buffet & snack bar) were great. Best place to get drinks in the day is in the Mexican as there was never a line up, or the snack bar where you can pour your own.

FOOD - We are not fussy eaters so we always found food in the buffet. Being served at the a la cates was more romantic, so we ate at the Italian twice and the Mexican 3 times. Fantastic service, fantastic food! We tried a bit of everything each night. Seatings are 7, 8 or 9pm. We would usually head to the main bar for drinks before or after dinner. Snack Bar was good for a burger & fries or pizza.

SHOWTIME - We enjoyed the nightly show. It was something to do after dinner. We usually got a good laugh. The staff are great and such hard workers. Every night was a different theme. The talent show was too funny.

NIGHTLIFE - After showtime we usually went to the main bar for drinks. Around 12:30 the dancers would try to recruit people to the disco. We went once and there were only a handful of people there. We normally love to go out dancing the night away, but maybe it was too much beer in the day or sun or something cause were found ourselves to be quite tired by midnight! Oh well, we still had a good time.

ACTIVITIES - Always lots to do....dance lessons, aerobics, sports everyday. Also cooking and spanish lessons. Boogie boards, etc to use on the beach. No worries thou, if you just want to chill, the staff won't bother you. My b'friend went to the gym a few times. They also have a spa, pool tables, tennis, a few shops, henna, hair braiding & internet. A photographer was on site and took random pictures that are posted on a board in the lobby. We always seemed to be somewhere else when he was around! There is always someone on site to book reservations and answer any questions.

EXCURSIONS - We did the Outback Jungle Safari ..and loved it. 9 - 4pm. You get to see the real Dominican and visit a home, school, gator farm, small boat ride, boogie boarding and it's all accompied with a tour guide to tell you all about the culture. Lunch is served and it's free booze. Well worth every penny if you want to see outside the resort. We met some great poeple from other hotels.

Catamaran - I got totally sea-sick...whoops! That never happends to me. Everyone else seemed to be having fun. As I sat at the back of the boat, others enjoyed snorkling at Sousa Beach, buffet-style lunch and all you could drink rum & beer. We actually got off early and took a cab home from Sosua. I can say that I did this tour 4 years ago (and did not get sick) and it was a blast. If you can take some gravol first I would recommend it :)

WEATHER - The weather man was showing rain everyday before we left. It was overcast the first 3 days but it was still warm and we had most of our rain at night when we were sleeping. The other days that the sky was clear it was smoking hot, and we loved every minute of it. There was no time that the weather intrupted our fun.

OVERALL - Lots of friendly people. A few children and they were all well behaved. There is a mix of ages but everyone seemed to be there to have a good time. As a couple, we prefered the smaller resort setting. It was fun and relaxing by day and romantic at night. We would definitely go to this resort again.

I hope this review is helpful to anyone considering the Viva. Feel free to contact me at butterflywings_999@hotmail.com if you have any questions!
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
March 2006
Viva Wyndham Tangerine, Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Feb 11th – 18th 2006! A little bit of a background, because this review may be biased. Last yr, 3 of us headed to the Mayan Riviera and had a blast (was our first trip). This year, we recruited 8 others to come along, so 11 of us were heading down to DR, ready to party hardy! (Ages 20-25) We did LOTS and lots of research on resorts before we chose VWT. Laura and I were designated vacation planners and knew what we were looking for in resorts. After looking at lots and lots of different resorts we decided that VWT was the one! Definitely a good choice we made..details to follow.

Before the trip even started, it was becoming a trip from hell! We booked this vacation in July to avoid any problems..clearly this did not work out in our favour. With less than a week to go, our tickets had NOT been printed and miss communication between Signature Vacation and our travel agent (Jet Vacations, nothing but problems with them, no customer service what so ever) We were told our tickets would be airport pick up, which we didn’t want, but nonetheless could do nothing about it. Friday nite, I get a call from our Travel agent and our tickets are at the agency! 12 hours before we are leaving!
Luckily, one of the moms was able to go down and pick them up, myself and Laura (the group leaders) had plans to go out already. All of this, and to have 2 tickets have names spelt wrong

Saturday morning..the day we have been waiting for since July! We all met at the airport 3 hours before, and Ashley and myself had to get new tickets, as our names were spelt wrong!! The signature rep was going to charge us each $50 CDN for a name change. Boy was I furious. Low and behold, because it was not ‘our’ fault, the fee was waived.

Our flight left at 9 30am, CST and had a great flight.
A little turbulence here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary for a flight. The flight was 5 hours long. We were all running off a few hours of sleep, and we’re all anxious to arrive in Puerto Plata airport and get to our resort. Arrived at 4 30pm, and was welcomed with gorgeous sunny warm weatherJ we were unsure how the airport would be, as we only have Cancun airport to compare to. We were stunned with how fast immigration, finding our bags and getting to our bus was. We arrived at the resort at 5 35pm! It all took an hour; I was in total shock and happiness!

The bus ride was scary for some, but being on HWY 307 from Cancun to Tulum, this ride was just the same, not stopping for stop signs, passing cars with on coming traffic, doing whatever speed the driver feels like. Be prepared to see lots of garbage on the side of the road, people all over. The little scooters they drive are very interesting; the most I saw on one was 4 people. Our signature vacation rep, has seen 7 people fit onto one before! Very impressive.

Arrived at the resort, checked in, and quickly found our rooms. We had 5 rooms between the 11 of us. Each room was different in its own way. We had room 3118 (ocean/pool view, free of charge too!) This room was awesome, no smell, had a safe, ample closet space, big bathroom, ours had a bidet also with the toilet. No problems in flushing or clogging the toilet. Water pressure was really good, no matter what time we had showers at. One thing was the shower head was not stuck into the wall very well. No big deal, but did fall every now and then. Shower gel was provided, but we had brought our own. Enough towels for everyone, one day we requested more and got more in a short amount of time..remember everything is on Dominican time..or as we learnt, Manana (meaning tomorrow) The beds were a queen, and comfortable to sleep on. The booze may have helped with us sleeping, seeing how most of us crashed every nite. But compare to the beds we had in Mexico, they were really comfortable. You can push the beds together if you like, we did for our room parties. The balcony was nice, with a table and 2 chairs. TV had lots of channels. Never had a problem with the air-conditioning, well nothing that wasn’t self inflicted. Note: don’t try changing the room temperature after a nite of drinking..it either gets real cold, or real hot haha. We left a tip for the maid almost daily, and one time she did make a snake out of the towels, and added some pretty flowers to it. The maid did do an awesome job, with 3 girls in one room, she even cleaned up our jewelry. The one thing that we did have a problem with was the room keys; they are the swipe kind, and kept getting demagnetized some how, and mixing them up with our friends all the time. A quick walk down to reception and the keys would work again. We had a room right next to one of our friends, and with people constantly coming in and out of our room, it was so easy to mix them up. I would prefer keys being held onto a lanyard or something that’s not as easy to lose.

The ground of the resort were amazing, beautiful all around, luscious flowers, grounds were kept clean. Through out the day, people were always cleaning up. During the end of the week, we did see some workers painting, and touching up some things. Thought this resort is only 3 years old, there is some wear and tear. Nothing to be concerned about though. Just some paint fading, but with the heat and paint on cement, I think the paint would come out quickly. They have poor drainage, as it rained for 36 hours straight, there were puddles EVERYWHERE! I believe this is just part of the country, as after raining for 36 hrs straight, most things were flooded. One of the rooms we had, the couple had to switch because the windows were leaking and flooding their room. They requested a new room and had no problem getting a new one.

The beach was really nice. Not as good as the Mayan Riveria beach, but we expected that. The waves were soooo much fun. They kept us all busy for hours!
Beware thought, they is a strong undertow. Definitely can injure your self. The waves were going over 5 ft high on some days. Its lots of fun, but you have to be careful; I would not go in if I didn’t know how to swim. One day, the wave lifted me up, I did a backwards somersault, spun me around and landed on my face in the sand, and twisted my ankle. Just be careful! If you like boogie boarding, kite surfing, catamarans, kayaking, this is definitely the place to stay. Tons of water activities to keep you busy all day long. Plenty of chairs to lay on, we went to the beach and different times thru out the day and never had a problem for finding chairs. You may have to move them, but big deal. Yes there are people who ‘save’ their chairs all day long with their towel, but there is more than enough chairs to go around. A few of us usually went on the beach after our nightly trip to get some pizza at the snack bar (around 3am). We never felt unsafe just walking around right in front of the resort. There is the security guard watching the beach. Just don’t let go of your stuff in the ocean, or it may go for a swim, just like my purse and sandals did. Luckily one of the guys was sober enough to catch them before they got lost.
There is beach vendors walking around, a simple ‘no gracias’ and they walk away. Some talk to you a bit and ask you where you are from. I never found them to be a problem though. I would see them coming and simply close my eyes. They definitely didn’t bug you then. Also the hair-braiding ladies are out and about.
3 of us got our hair done. I have short hair and only got ½ my head done for $15, the other 2 have long hair and got their hair braided for $30. Definitely barter with them, one of the girls has really long hair and it took over 2 hours to braid and got it for the same price as the other girl who has extremely shorter hair than her. The staff are always walking around on the beach asking if you want to join in activities. They will let you be if you just want to be lazy on the beach.

The animation team is amazing. They are such hard workers. Up early in the morning for several activities that go thru out the day, have a few hours off, and perform in the nightly shows. A lot of the times, a few of the staff would head down to the disco. Personally, we never got involved in the daily activities. A few of us, did the salsa/merengue lessons. There is bocce ball, Spanish lessons, water polo (well something that looked like it), dancing lessons, cooking lessons, and bingo. There is always something to do around the resort. The staff are truly amazing people. They work such long, hard days, always having a smile on their face. We got to know a few staff members, Roberto (nice body, oooh baby;) Beware ladies..these men move EXTREMELY FAST!!! Great people, but just be careful, as the next thing you know, you are going on a ‘walk’ with them on the beach or to the gym!

The shows are amazing. We went every nite except for Monday nite. The first few shows were cheesy, but c’mon, make the best out of them. We sure did, the loud Canadian bunch we are.. I’m sorry for those that had to deal with us, on the 11th, all intoxicated and excited made for one LOUD show. We were told to ‘shh’ a few times, even from the staff. Oopsie. Saturday Nite it was a Grease show, Sunday was Miss Viva. One of the girls from our group was chosen to go up, yay Kate! Monday we missed. Tuesday was Valentines Day and they performed a special show for us, awesome dancing. Wednesday was Comedy..Funny show! Thursday was Michael Jackson Tribute..a MUST SEE. As a dancer of 12+ years, the staff did a phenomenal job dancing. I was in awe. Friday nite was Dance Revolution. They danced to songs thru the decades. Oh baby is all I can say, Boy oh boy, the assets on some of the guys are just yummy! Like I said before, the staff know how to dance. Each nite before the show started, they would bring up people from the audience and dance. A great touch I thought. The shows vary in length, from1 hour to 2 hours. The 2 hour shows were getting long (Miss Viva). At the shows they also hand out all the rum to those who have won the activities during the day. The shows start at 9 45, but the show doesn’t really start until 10. A lot of the shows had a lot of sexual content in them. There were some kids there watching it, not sure how much they understood. However there was a kid’s show before the ‘adult’ show. I believe it was part of the kids club. Always 5- 10 kids in attendance who seemed to enjoy being up on stage while their proud parents took pictures.

The Food was great all around, breakfast I say would be the least favourite of the 3 meals, however im not a breakfast person so it didn’t bother me or was it the affects from the nite before?? Haha. The omelets are really good though. They make them right in front of you. Not as much fresh fruit as I anticipated, but again, more than enough to eat still. Heck, even pizza (more to that story!) Lunch always had lots to eat. Lunch is served from 12 – 3 30. Dinner was from 6 30 – 9 00. Lots of choices for dinner, my plate was always full, and my eyes always seemed to be bigger than my stomach. With the 11 of us going, I was worried, one would get sick. From what I know of, no one ever got sick, unless it was alcohol related! No one starved while at the resort. There is always something to eat at anytime of day. The snack bar is open 24/7 and we always went there after the disco for some pizza and drinks, in attempts to sober us up (never really worked). The pizza they have is amazing. I probably ate ½ a pizza to myself a day. They make the pizza in a wood oven, which makes the taste. If you can get fresh pizza, it is absolutely to die for. The tables are set up with 4 chairs, but can easily be moved. We always moved 3 tables together so the 11 of us could eat together. Service was ok, sometimes a little slow on getting us water or clearing the tables, but overall was great.

We tried both a la Carte dinners, the Mexican and the Italian. Both restaurants are absolutely phenomenal. Best food I’ve had in a very long time. Drinks were flowing in both restaurants; the margaritas in the Mexican restaurant were very good! The wines were decent too. I’m not much of a wine person, but I drank a glass at each restaurant. One thing I did notice was they kept refilling our drinks when they were ¾ full still! You don’t think you are drinking lots but stand up and your body tells you differently haha. At one point I had 5 different drinks going! We all left tips, and after the money was on the table the service was excellent! Always catering to our needs…needing more margaritas! They let us all stay as long as we wanted. This was much appreciated seeing how it was nice for 11 of us just to sit and enjoy a few drinks after dinner. The food is never ending. The bring out home made taco chips with salsa, guacamole (best tasting guac ive had!) in the Mexican, and in the Italian they bring out some different breads with a sauce. They take your appetizer and main course right away, and within 5 min you have food at your spot! In both restaurants, I was too full by the time the main course came, but being such good food, I ate it hehe. I had the fajitas in the Mexican and the lasagna in the Italian. I wish I could have taken both things home with me. Sooo gooood. I can’t even begin to write how pleased I was with the a la Cartes. You are allowed to eat at each restaurant once, but since they book thru room numbers we technically could have eaten there all week. 2 of the couples within our group went to the Italian twice. We never had a problem booking for the day we wanted. They seat at 7, 8 and 9 pm. We booked the day before for each restaurant and did not have to get up early to reserve. You can also book by phoning from your room, but we were always around so we reserved in person. If you stay at Tangerine, go and eat at one of the specialty restaurants. It’s worth it!

The bar….hmm what to say about the bar…MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE DAMN RESORT!!! There are 2 bars, the main one and the one in the disco. Each specialty restaurant has their own bar too! Haha. I do enjoy a few or 20 drinks. I tipped the bar tenders $10 US when we arrived and never had a problem having water downed drinks. In fact some were too strong but didn’t stop me from drinking them. They pour alcohol as if it was water. Omar was the man!!! He is such a nice caring awesome amazing bartender. He had this thing each time one of the 11 of us was in line (just about any given time) he would start chanting “Canada, Canada” Made us feel special. He’s a great guy and deserves a few bucks here and there. Over the week I tipped fairly heavily to the bartenders, seeing how I was using their service LOTS! The drinks are not watered down. Who ever says that you most have a high tolerance for alcohol. By midweek the drinks were ½ booze, the last nite there, drinks were being poured with ¾ booze and ¼ mix. Definitely strong drinks and I got drunk EVERY nite. The last nite there they had a beach party on the beach (AWESOME!) the bartenders were drinking and dancing with us. It was 3am and the bar was closed, but I wanted another drink, honestly I didn’t need it but wanted one. They were not going to get me a drink, but I pull a $5 out and within 2 minutes I have about 5 vodka and 7 up in front of me. I clearly realized I didn’t need the drink when I woke up at 9 am and was still drunk! They have daily specials, which are really good, also they have a list of the drinks they make with the ingredients. Some of the my favs are Sex on the Beach;), Bahamamama’s, Tangerines, and the good ol’ Brugal Rum and coke. I was never much of a rum drinker before we left. However, the Brugal Rum they have is sooo smooth. It just slides down your throat.

I went to the grocery store in Sosua and got 1 liter for $5 US! The cups are plastic and serve its purpose – to hold the drink! I didn’t miss the glass at all, infact I liked plastic cups better because no glass could be shattered on the floor then. The nite it was raining, we decided to have a room party watching the Olympics, and went down and got 16 drinks at once! Omar went underneath the bar and used Smirnoff Vodka. In the 8 drinks that were vodka, he managed to use up the entire 26 oz, and the 8 that were rum, used ¾ of the Brugal Rum bottle!!! Omar is definitely the man.

Overall the drinks were awesome, as well as the bartenders. They always have a smile on their face and are very friendly. There can be line ups at times, the peak time seemed to be when the show was let out, around 11pm. It goes fast, I never had to wait more than 5 min in line. Some of the time, the bartenders just gave us random drinks. I’m easy to please when it comes to drinks. Between all 11 of us, we definitely drank our share in booze. I have NEVER drank that much in my life before. I was hammered every nite. It never took much though, usually 5 drinks and I was feeling no pain. I was only hung over one morning, the morning after the beach party, which was the day we were leaving! There were 4 of us hung over that morning seeing how we just gave er hard the nite before.

Of the 11 of us that went to VWT, about 5-6 of us love to party and dance the nite away, so the disco was where we were almost nightly. The played awesome music, from Sean Paul, Black Eyed Peas, to their Merengue and Bachata music. Infact, they could play anything you wanted because they download their music, using lime wire. We got them downloading a bunch of songs! The DJ Alex was awesome. He would play just about anything we asked for. The staff usually came down to the disco for a while and danced away, with us hehe. I liked how the disco was not open air. It was nice to dance in air conditioning. The floor can get slippery, seeing how I fell almost nightly…I swear it was NOT the booze haha..ok ok, maybe it was. The bathrooms did have water on the ground though. The poor drainage, and after the rain storm we had, its kind of expected. They had couches all around the disco you could sit on. We left our purses alone on a couch and never had anything taken from us.

Now onto the boys of Dominican. Well being to Mexico last year, we were prepared to have a lot of attention! As much as I thought I was prepared, I got a lot more attention this year than last. These guys move extremely fast, they like to dance very close, and definitely will try to take advantage of you after you have had a few drinks. I was asked several times to go on a walk. Of course I said no..I was drunk but never THAT drunk. I was still smart enough to not go. A few nites I was left in the disco alone dancing with some guy and never felt unsafe. The first time I was left alone, I was brought a drink but never drank it.

I was not sure what they could have possibly stuck in the drink. This was after some guys kept coming up to the guy speaking in Spanish and giving him high fives! Something fishy was going on there. I love to dance and that’s all I was there for! Remember ladies, this is their culture – to be charming and ‘loving’ to the ladies. They do it to EVERYONE single or not. Expect lots of hugs and kisses from the guys. I lost count after the second nite haha. Even the bartenders were getting pretty close to us during the beach party. The disco didn’t have a lot of people after an hour or 2.

We found out a lot of people go Cabarete to party it up there. A $5 Cab ride gets you there. I would not walk on the beach, seeing how there are prostitutes. A few people of our group went a couple nites and had fun. Its party central, people partying up and down the street in clubs, playing top 40 music. There are wall-to-wall people dancing to VERY LOUD music. Free cover in the bars they went to. As I’ve previously mentioned, there was a beach party on the last nite we were there, the Friday! All I can say is..AMAZING!!! Partying on the beach, the ocean breeze, on the stage dancing with all of my friends and guys, singing into the mic was the epitome of the trip. The feeling I had is indescribable. The drinks were flowing, and the music was awesome. They started the nite off with the limbo. That’s hard to play after a few drinks, you think you can bend that low, but nope, RIGHT INTO THE SAND! The stage is a little off balance, but so was the condition I was in, so it all evened out haha.

Through out the week we did a few excursions. With our student budgets we weren’t capable of doing everything, but over all the excursions we did do were awesome. We went shopping in Sosua and Cabarete. Sosua was a $14 cab ride. And you can walk to Cabarete from VWT! It’s a gorgeous 10-15 min walk along the beach.
Sosua had shops where you needed to barter. The whole thing is truly a game. Pay between 50 and 75% less of what they say. But use your judgment. Cabarete had more set in stone prices, which were still reasonable so it was nice not to do the whole game with bartering. We went on the outback safari, had Kenny as our tour guide. Kenny was funny and always had something to say. We did this on Valentines Day. This is the day it poured all day long. I’m glad we did this on the rainy day as it kept us busy all day long. The outback is a definite must do! You get to see the culture and country. The rum is flowing all day long of course. At the end of the day they take you to a beach for some boogie boarding in the crazy waves. It was lots of fun swimming in the rain. We also checked out Check Point Sosua. It’s a little pub/bar in Sosua. Colleen and Mark are awesome. The drinks are yummy, and if you ever go into Sosua, please have a hamburger on my behalf! They are soo good. A lot of Canadians stop by here, so it’s a great conversation place. Also check out the grocery store, which has cheap booze. If you are into jewelry, stop by Patrick’s, just down from the grocery store. The prices are set, but they have some gorgeous jewelry. I picked up some nice Larimar and Amber pieces there. They give you 20% off if you pay by cash.

Some side notes – each language gets their own colour of bracelet you wear at the resort. There are towels given for the beach. You will be given towel cards upon arrival. Tip the staff. They really appreciate it, and it never hurts to give a buck or two. They get paid minimal and when you give them a tip, you see a difference in service. The plugs are normal, my hair dryer worked in them. The bathroom did have a typical hairdryer but I always like to bring my own.

Overall, our first trip was a memorable one. Of what we can remember! I would definitely stay at Viva Wyndham Tangerine again. It was our first trip to the Dominican Republic, and it won’t be our last. This is definitely a 4 star resort. I would recommend it to anyone. I went for a week of lying on the beach and partying. I definitely did both, well maybe more partying, seeing how it took me a week to recover from our so-called vacation.
Feel free to email me at skittle_gurl85@hotmail.com
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
February 2006
Hi Debbie,
This is the fourth review I write to be posted on your site as we just came back from our fourth trip to DR.

My husband and I just came back from 2 weeks stay at the Viva WyndhamTangerine, Cabarete (Jan 26 to Feb 9 2006) and we enjoyed our trip very much. This was our fourth trip to Cabarete as my husband is a windsurfer/kitesurfer enthusiast, and this hotel ranks at the top.

We traveled with Sky Service and can only say good things about them. Friendly service, smiley flight attendants and roomier than Air Transat. At the airport, customs looked through a box that we brought containing schools supplies for a small village school. They were all smiles when they saw the content and that was it. The delay was maybe 3 minutes so not really worth mentioning.

The Viva Tangerine is only a few years old, and is well kept. The gardens are beautiful and well attended. Our room was large and had lots of storage space with all essentials and more. We even had iron and ironing board in our closet. The bathroom was roomy with an height-adjustable shower head. Our cleaning lady was thorough and real nice to boot.
The hotel layout is such that when you are in the pool/restaurants area, you can see the ocean from everywhere. They have a sauna, a gym that look like it's well equipped, and a disco that is reminiscent of the 70's. Some people did complain that the noise from the disco kept them up, but we had no trouble with it even if we were in the same building as the disco.

The food was very very good with many choices and a different theme buffet evey night. The desserts were amazing but the leg of lamb and pork roast were among my husband's favorites. Lots of fish at every meals with occasional clams and oysters. Lunch on Thursdays was a BBQ in the garden with live music. Just wonderful. Lots of staff which makes for good and prompt service. The two restaurants a la carte are really good and the service excellent as well. They offer food 24hrs, and have beer and wine tap so that you don't have to wait at the bar. You find water cooler in many places, so you can refill your water bottle. The many barman were always smiling and friendly even when the line-up was real long. The cappuccino/expresso bar is a nice touch and really busy.

The pool is nice with a children area but we are beach people and so were not disappointed with Cabarete beach. I love the breeze and sometimes strong wind that make Cabarete distinct of many other beaches. We sailed on the catamaran when the wind was not too strong and I watched my husband joined other kite-surfers when the wind blew harder. The hotel as a hot tub that unfortunately was not hot.

The animation team is another reason why this hotel is special and fun. There are 17 of them, animation and sport team together. They work from nine in the morning untill twelve-thirty at night, six days a week. Their break is from six to eight. They put on lots of activities for those who want to participate and five shows out of seven are real productions with lots of decors and costumes changes. They even put up a beach party one night after the show. This Viva animation team wan the "year's best Viva team" award while we were there. Thanks to them all but especially Teresa, Annie and Jordan.

The hotel offer some kind of vacation club so there is lots of guys trying to sell you the concept. I think that there are too many of them, as you find them everywhere but if your not interested, they should leave you alone.

All in all, it was a great vacation in a very nice hotel. Definitely a 4 + stars.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Paul and Amanda 
Glasgow, Scotland
February 2006
first of all - great holiday ( just read).

On arrival - at airportgreat weather very warm, beware of tourist card - it will cost you 10 dollers on arrival then 20 dollers (on departure) tax, you will have to fill out a simple blue form either on plane which they give you or at airport (make sure you have a pen) . Porters are waiting to take your bagsat airport to buses they want a tip for this which is about £2 or a doller - dont pay any more, they are only carrying cases a 100 yards to your bus.

You are then on an air-con bus with your hoilday rep giving you a welcome pack - just sit back and enjoy the ride to the hotel - you will see lots of motor bikes - this is the main transport for the locals - the roads are chaos - we do not recommend hireing a car - your rep will tell you this - it is fun to see just how many people you can fit on a bike. you will see lovely green scenary - but also alot of poverty - locals live in run down half buit houses - they have no running water - and some have no electricity - again your rep will tell you this on trip to hotel. 45 min trip from airport to hotel

on arrival at hotel you my feel let down because there is a main road outside and an esso garage opposite hotel with a big pylon for electricity / phone etc.

HOWEVER - once inside the hotel and gardens are amazing - the most beautiful you will see in any hotel. You are greeted with a free fruit juice while your cases are taken to your rooms., our room was 2113 double with balcony, mini fridge, air conditioning and a mini bar which was only stocked up every day with 2 bottles of water, 1 7-up, 2 bottles of pepsi NO ALCOHOL, IF LIKE US YOU ONLY LIKE DIET COKE YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED as you cant get it anywhere in hotel only esso garage across the road..Bathroom was lovely very clean, tiled floors, no bath however shower is great. t.v has 200 channels, room had balcony with 2 huge beds great size room.

POOL Freeform pool with lots of loungers around but fill up quickly, pool water was to cold to enjoy.

BEACH Beach is about 10 steps from pool and it looks amazing, lovely sand ,palm trees, and lots of loungers which you can move to suit yourself. Lots of annoying sellers approach you to buy something just say no and they should go away, they are friendly enough though. One down side is the waves, they are very big and very strong good if you want to boogie board which is free, we had a great laugh trying this. Also try kayaking this is free also, weather was hot. its romantic to go down and watch the waves on the loungers together at night with your free drink of course, as bar is very close.

There is the main buffet resteraunt for breakfast, lunch,dinner open at set times of the day. Although you can always get food anytime day or night from other snack bars. Excellant choice best we have ever had, something for everyone be aware of pastries/bread lots of these very tasty but very fattening.You can book a la carte at italian restereaunt/mexican try these as very nice you can book these from your room by phone.You can get pizza/burgers anytime day or night. There is a self service for beer,wine,soft drinks so you dont have to que at bar although plastic glasses are a put off.

Each night there is a different show put on by the animation team who are brilliant, one night it was basically the team dancing to traditional music which did make us think what have we done, but that was only one night, every night after that they did a different theme and it got better as the week went on, they all work very hard day and night, there is one guy who is the lead part of the show and you will know who we mean when you see him he has the biggest funniest smile ever and just looking at him and his expressions alone make you laugh, they involve the audience in dancing, competitions etc my fiance even got up and joined in a competition to do a strip act nothing disgusting just funny, the team join you in the bar area later where the fun continues they never stop they do there best.

When we arrived mid afternoon it was warm, the next day we went down to the beach and the weather was scorching all day, we did find that on the beach it was very very windy wich was off putting, sand was every where and you couldnt enjoy the heat because the wind was so strong, which for us was a disappointment as we prefer the beach to the pool. But we decided after that day that we would try a lounger at the pool every other day ,what a difference the sun was beating down and there was no wind to spoil it ,sheer bliss, my fiance and myself both love the sun and for only having gone a week our tans are amazing. There was only one day where the weather wasnt nice, it was cloudy all day not one bit of sun and everybody was rather miserable to say the least ,luckily it was only that 1 day after that it seemed to get warmer and warmer we even managed to get 5 hours sunbathing in before we checked out on our last day, fantastic.We did however find that we had to get up at 6am to reserve the loungers we wanted as they were prime position and everybody wanted them so it was worth it for us.

We only went on one as we wanted a chill out holiday but we went to Ocean World which we thought was fantastic, it was a full day for 85$ each, we did the sea lion encounter where you got to touch them and get professional photos took with the sea lions cuddlinig you , swim with dolphins, swim with sharks, see exotic birds (huge parrots, toucans etc) which land on your head etc, see stingrays, tigers a free buffett lunch is included apart from the drinks we spent a fortune on professional photos but you dont have to buy them (prices range from 7dollars/12dollars/22dollars each., or you can sunbathe beside the dolphins what an amazind day a definate must we loved it.

we have had a brilliant holiday at the viva wyndham tangerine and would certainly recommend it to anyone we have no complaints please dont believe all the bad reviews they are nonsense, one more thing the hotel does have a couple in the reception area who are photographers and they go about taking pictures of everbody and you dont know until you see your picture displayed on the wall it could be on the beach, at the pool anywhere which is amazing as it captures a moment in time, we did buy a lot of these as well we asked them to take some more personal romantic photos of us at night which are beautiful at different locations throughout the hotel, very professional we now have our walls covered in amazing photos of an amazing holiday we wont forgot so go ahead and book you will not regret it one bit. if you would like more details on anything at all as its hard to cover everything please feel free to email us at

hope our review is helpful to you and have a great holiday as we did
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Oka, Quebec,Canada
December 2005
Hi Debbie!

I've travelled to Colombia,Venezuela, Peru,Chili, Bolivia,Argentina,Mexico,Belize all of those trips we're bapckpack type trips with stays in all inclusive in huatulco, san andres and now dominican republic, I've been in pretty much all kind of accomadation from the basic to the 5 star, your website helped me a bunch in finding adequate resorts so here's my contribution

Here my review of the viva tangerine in cabarete, I stayed there for two weeks in early december, Skyservice was the airline, signature the tour operator, paid $1150 each +taxes ($1500 cad) a week prior departure. the pesos at the time I was there could be bough at $25DR pesos for $1 canadian

airline: flew to perto plata on Skyservice old B-757 there was no knee space for folks over 5'11",on the way back it was much better, seats on the return plane had those cheesy green seat,Lol! returning flight was thru punta cana + there was a delay of and hour or so, full meals were served with juice and pops, alcoholic drinks could be bought for $5 canadian

airport: from customs and immigration to our room via a nice mini-bus was about half an hour, a real breeze

hotel: we walked in the lobby and our key was waiting for us at the front desk, had requested thru email for a 3rd room floor with a king sized bed and got just that, the grounds are like a little botanical garden and are well kept, the rooms are in condo type building all three floors high, with about 12 rooms in each,there is a main building where some of the ocean view suites are located, atop the bar and buffet-restaurant in front of the pool, the top rooms are the roomiest as the have vaulted ceilings, ours had a shower, a bidet, a bathub with shower, sink and hair dryer it aws fully tiled and SPOTLESS,they have sanitizer soap dispensers in both showers and sink, the room itself was not that big but was enough for two and we had that huge terrase,there was enough room for our clothes and things, in room safe is free of charge as is the mini bar witch is stocked daily with bottled water and soft-drinks, maids made sure our romms we're well kept, we tipped our maid about $2 a day and left some candys witch were very appreciated, one problem thought, the hotel has a serious sewer problem,the slow drains, they use a septic system and when it rains the leech field saturates with water and sewage liquid raise to the surface, one night in particular smell was so intense that you could taste it, not too impressive for a 4 star resort

food and drinks:
las Brisas buffet
there is one buffet restaurant called Las Brisas, it serves buffet type food, it serves breakfeast,lunch and dinner, had some roasted pig, beef as well as turkey chicken and duck, saw some sushi, small steaks, pork chops and chicken could be cooked as ordered,soups, anti-pasto bar, wine and beer are on tap as well as fruit juices and pops breakfeast fare was the usual,with the omelet station fruits and vegetable are plentiful, dessert were quite good, cuisine was adapted to the European clientele

La Vela Italian restaurant:
À la carte on rerservation, unlimmited attendance, above average meals and service, great place

Viva Mexico Mexican restaurant:
À la carte on reservation, unlimited attendance, above averge meals and service, another great place

they have a bar in the main building and in both the carte restaurants, main building one is open all around the clock, there can be some line up at the bar but nothing that I havn't seen in other bars, during the day only this bar opens so it can be ectic for the bartenders, beer is on tap, wine is average, drinks are average, there is a coffee service bar wich serves cappucinos and espresso witch laced with amaretto are out of this world when ending a nice meal

guest service:
It is above average, they work hard to make you feel nice, sure there can be a grump here and the but in general it is excellent, there are vacation club reps in the hotel just before you enter the restaurant-bar area, they call themselves concierges, all they want is to sell you some kind of vacation club, you'll find some on the beach on the way to cabarete too a firm and polite no will do, if you're not interested of course,Lol!!

leave your critic sense at home and you'll have fun, nice resort type shows

can you say peddlers... I rest my case, beach is awesome good size wave that can pin you to the bottom if your not careful and venture too quick,ideal for boogie board,kite and wind surfing,nice for extensive walks

there's a ton of tours you can take we went on ourselves in Puerto Plata, Wet met a guide in parque central, paid him a beer and gave him $10 to take us around to the better places to shop for arts and craft, he took us to this artisan house, address is 30 avenida de marzo, is name is gerald a haitian artist,prices there where a third of what you'd pay at tourist traps and it goes directly to the guy who needs it the most,went to check the tourist attraction, the old fort, the cathedral, nice day trip but again peddlers... We also took the tour to playe Grande visiting a fruit plantation in Rio San Juan, going thru the town of Gasprd Hernandez, visiting the Gri-gri laguna and then on to playa Grande, A secluded almost natural beach with light blue waters and wave that are incredibles, not for the water phobiacs! meals where included, fish or chicken, had the fish, excellent total cost for 2 $80 canadian dollars

cost of life: according to travellers that I met cost of life has doubled in the past year and if you go aroud with a resort bracelet it can triple in some places, not a problem if you stick to the resort but if like me you like venturing a bit, it's good to know that DR is not as cheap as it used to be

All-in-all our stay at the Viva tangerine was a nice one and I would recommend it to anyone who'd wish an all inclusive resort right on cabarete beach, it one of the nicest if you can get over the negative points mentioned,I did and had a ball
Viva Wyndham Tangerine

November 2005
We just returned from a lovely week at the Viva Wyndham Tangerine. We were there from October 23-30, 2005.

The first thing we noticed upon arrival is that the grounds are absolutely beautiful. The foliage is exceptional, and it is easy to see why. They have grounds keepers working on it constantly.

Next we arrived at our room. We had a third floor, so there were vaulted ceilings. The room size is good, and the bathroom size is good. It was very pretty, and very clean. There was a nice size balcony overlooking an area of beautiful vegetation. If you stood to one side, you could see the ocean from our balcony. The only negative we found about the room was that there was not enough places to hang wet towels and clothing. They could add a couple more towel bars in the bathroom, and maybe something on the balcony so you do not have to hang stuff over the railing.

The food in the buffet dining room was quite good. Very fresh fish, good tasting pork and chicken. I personally do not like the beef in the Dominican Republic (this is my third trip there), so I did not try it. They also served duck with orange sauce one evening, and it was exceptional. The salads were also good, but limited. At breakfast, the hot chocolate was the best I have ever had. For those who do not find something they like, at breakfast they make omelets and eggs to order. At lunch and dinner there is pasta made in your choice of sauce to order. I did not find it necessary to have the pasta at all during the week.

We ate one evening at the Italian restaurant. It was excellent. The pasta was obviously home made, and the sauce was delicious. My companion ordered the grouper, which I tasted. It was wonderful, seasoned perfectly and very fresh.

Our only suggestion for the dining room is that they ought to install fans. It tends to be a little warm in the dining room, so we did not linger over our coffee, but took it out by the pool where there was a nice breeze.

The beach is the reason I wanted to come to Cabarete. I had been there before and knew that it was the most beautiful I had ever experienced. I love the big waves. There is plenty of shade at the beach for those of us who do not do well in the sun, and I never had a problem finding a lounge chair. There are vendors on the beach, but if you tell them you are not interested, they will eventually leave you alone.

The hotel offers non motorized water sports for free. We used the boogie boards and the kayaks. I also took a lesson in wind surfing--all free.

My travel companion is a scuba diver, and was able to make diving arrangements through the hotel. Diving actually took place in Sosua, about four miles away, and they had a taxi take him over there and bring him back each day that he dived.

Snorkeling is not possible in Cabarete because of the waves. However, you can snorkel in Sosua on the public beaches if you are interested.

In conclusion, we found the Viva Wyndham Tangerine to be a wonderful resort. We are plannng on returning in the spring of 2006.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Lucy and Michael age 28 and 44 
November 2005
My partner and i stayed at this hotel from the 5th July 05 for 2 weeks. After reading the reviews from other we were a little sceptical. On arriving at the hotel we were welcomed with a fruit juice drink, which was much needed after the 9 hour journey from the UK.

We had emailed the hotel before our arrival to request a price for an upgraded room. We were never given a price, but was shown to an upgraded room upon our arrival, and charged £250 (supposedly sea view) we were put above the kitchen and all night all we could hear were the pans clattering. The following day we made a complaint and were moved to another room (supposedly with a sea view)

As the holiday went on i became more and more upset over being charged for an upgraded room when all I wanted was a look at it and a price. My partner and i went through misery with the hotel reception manager. He called me a liar and refused to give me an explanation as to what i was paying the extra money for.

Finally in the 2nd week of our stay, we were shown a standard room so i could compare the difference between that and the room we had upgraded to. The standard rooms are in my opinion awful. So small!! enough for one double bed.....lord knows how 4 people could have shared the room as they were supposed to be for between 2 and 4 people.

We then decided to stay in the room we were in. The room was over looking the pool, It was a superior room.

rooms- The superior rooms were very nice. They did not over look the sea, as the tree's were in the way.....nature cannot be to blame. we had two double beds, a large shower room. A television and a large balcony. The air-conditioning was 'GREAT." The rooms were cleaned everyday and the maid was very nice, we had clean towels and bed linen everyday. What was frustrating was that the rooms were not done till the afternoon, so we could not have a shower with clean towels before lunch. Also i liked to have a sleep in the afternoon, and because the maid needed to come in it became frustrating.

restaurants- we had breaskfat and lunch in the buffet bar everyday and found the food to be very nice. most days there was something to chose from. I am a bit fussy so just stuck with plain food mostly. The deserts were not very nice they never had any flavor....I dident even gain any weight hear. Myself and my partner had bad tummies for two days. We ate in the pre-book restaurants twice and found them very nice! we preferred the italian, which doubles up as a snack bar in the day.

pool- What a waste of time. Never any beds free after 6am everyday. Idident really mind this because the pool was filthy and i prefer the beach.

beach- the beach is beautiful to look at. The sea in my opinion is a death trap. I am a confident swimmer and i nearly drowned because of the force of the waves. I would strongly advise people with children that like the beach to go else where!!! I am a big girl and one day as i was walking out the sea the waves dragged me under twice. I like to sunbathe so just watching it is nice. One you get out past the break (which is a fare way out), Its calmer and very warm.

beach vendors- they do not leave you alone for 5 minutes. I was always very nice to all of them because they are just trying to earn a living, but if your thinking of coming hear to relax and chill out on the beach FORGET IT!!!!

bar- Not good at all, every night without fail we were stood at the bar for 15-20 Minutes waiting for a drink. When we did get served we had to order 2-3 drinks each to save spending all night at the bar and by the time you drink them they have gone all watery and taste nasty. There is one bar for the whole hotel and mainly one man serving, sometimes two and he also has to man the other side of the bar that serves hot drinks.

entertainment- Sorry it was terrible. What we saw was the dominican men messing around on the stage dressed up in women's clothes. The entertainment staff seemed only interested in the young girls (NEED I SAY MORE) There was one good night out of the 14, which i think is poor!

staff- 50% of the staff are friendly the rest are ignorant and rude. The main chef in the snack bar is a miserable guy, he never smiles and when we asked him for something he seemed put out, very disappointing for us!

hotel grounds- the hotel ground were kept very nice. There was a lot of ants, I got bit a lot. There is a pond among the rooms and it did smell very nasty, they did clean it out when we were there. The hotel main lobby or the restaurants did not have air-conditioning, which is a shame because it made meal times not so enjoyable because it was so hot. The staff tried very hard to make the place look nice, so all credit to them.

Overall we had an OK holiday, I would not return to the dominican republic north again, I do not see the point in travailing all that way to go to the atlantic sea. I would go to the east or south coast as that is Caribbean, The north is not.

My partner and I had a nice time together because that is what is was about, spending time together and we did that. The hotel is advertised as a 4* I would rate it as 2*. I have been to better 3* hotels. some of the problems within the hotel were due to nature and not the staff, so they are not to blame for everything.

We were in bed every night by 10pm because there was nothing to do (we dident mind as were early risers). It is not safe to go out the hotel grounds and the place is covered by security with guns as it is dangerous outside. The dominican republic is a 3rd world county and outside the resorts is shows.

I hope this has not put anyone off going, but opened your eyes to what you can expect! If you do go out watch out for the mopeds they sometimes have 5 people on one bike, its amazing to see! There are no road laws in the dominican so i would advise not to hire a car. You wont believe it till you see it.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
United Kingdom
June 2005
Hi, we stayed at Viva for one week commencing June 19th and had a really good time. After several reservations about the resort/holiday in general we were pleased that there was little we could fault (apart from the weather!) (We are both 20 years old.)

Firstly the negative points we had originally had concerns over:

Little space in the bathroom - no there wasnt a lot but plenty for just the two of us. The bathroom itself is actually quite spacious so no problems there.

Poor food quality/tummy upsets etc - all the food we ate was fine and we were told on our first day tummy upsets are usually due to dehydration rather than bad food, so we just made sure we drank plenty every day! The buffet was a little repetative, however there is a lot to choose from so we didnt actually eat the same food every day.

Bugs in the room - our room was immaculately cleaned every day. There were the odd one or two tiny bugs but no more than that. Also there is a mesh mosquito net to prevent anything from getting in, which you slide across your door. Alongside that are net curtains on the inside.

Airport porters - yes these were a pain. When we first got there one tried to grab my case, I tried twice to take it back from him but he wouldn't let go. So we were stuck. I also went to tip him 50 pesos (about £1) and he demanded a minimum of 500 peso (£10) it was crazy but he just took if from me when i got my purse out. Fortunately on the way back my partner was more stubborn with them and we got away but there were many who didnt. BE VERY FIRM!! tell them you have no money for them or whatever. Do not give more than 50 pesos. They only walk your bags about 100 yards!

Pickpockets/hagglers etc - safety around the island was fine. We held tightly to our belongings at all times and had no problems. We used the safe in our room and tried to never carry money around with us. On our last day we wandered into cabarete. Be firm with the hagglers. Dont let them dictate to you. We bought some cigars and i got a hand made photo album. He originally wanted £70 for it which was outrageous. He then stood firm on £26. I ended up paying £11 which was probably fair. If you are haggling, do not flash your money around. Let them think you have less than you do etc. Practice makes perfect. Also they will drape necklaces around you etc to try and get you to buy. One guy tied 3 bracelet things on me when I hadnt wanted anything in the first place, was just walking past his stall. Only other encounter we had, both me and my partner have long hair and as walking through cabarete were both grabbed by women who started braiding our hair as we walked along, de! spite our refusals. Be firm!! We kept telling them no and before we knew it they were demanding money for what they had done. We had little left as it was our last day. They practically held me ransom while my partner had to go back to the hotel for cash. It was upsetting at first but we laughed over it later. They demanded around £50 for doing my hair. They had spent little more than 5 minutes doing it and I had refused it in the first place. I was outraged. We ended up giving them around £8. While they forced me to wait for my partner they told me their life stories. They weren't bad people, but seriously do not let them do this. Walk away if you can (we did try!)

Few sunbed loungers - around the pool we didnt manage to get loungers once which we felt a little unfair. We are fairly easy going so just settled getting sandy every day and going to the beach instead. One day I got up and went for breakfast around 7.30am, this is when people were getting the loungers. Also some put their towels on late at night after dinner. It seemed to be the same people on the loungers every day.

Sewage smells/noise from the bar - we were located right above the bar on the 2nd floor. We could hear a little noise each night but it didnt bother us at all, it wouldn't keep you awake or anything. The only night was the opening night to the world kitesurfing championships, which was severely loud, but we'd had such an exhausting day we fell asleep regardless. There is a slight smell towards the reception area of the hotel but we didnt notice it where we were and it wasnt so bad it bothered you a great deal.

Air conditioning - the noise of it did seem loud when we first got there but soon got used to it. Didn't interrupt sleep or anything and was very welcome in the heat!

Timeshare people - they are about sometimes in one area outside the buffet restaurant but generally asked you how you were etc, didnt bother us at all.

Water/electricity - had a very short blackout on our last night but candles were soon lit. Also for just over a day our water came out the tap a bit strange, in small short bursts, we managed fine, and the shower was still ok.

Overall the service was fab. The maids were good, and at the end of the week we left vitamin tablets, lipstick and a few pesos for them. We didnt do much of the hotel activities as we were there purely to relax, but there was a few things going on each day. The staff there work so hard and are always happy to help, very friendly and always smiling.

We had a superb meal at the Mexican, couldn't fault it. We also ate at the Italian, unfortunately it poured down that night and we were very tired, but the meal itself was nice.

The ground/gardens of the hotel are very well kept and are pretty to look at.Cant complain about much. The bar sometimes had nowhere to sit after we had eaten so often just sat on our balcony overlooking the bar.

The staff were very organised, and we had a smooth check in/check out.

I would definitely recommend Viva and would go back myself. The weather in around this time of year, cannot guarentee sunshine, but it was just as hot all the same. We had a few days of overcast skies and one day of rain, but the rain only came in small showers at a time. The sun did make several appearances, but seemed best in the morning! Wasnt a great deal to do when it rained, we just amused ourselves by playing cards, having longer meals, reading, and we watched a couple of films on the TV!
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Toronto, Canada
June 2005
We stayed at the Viva Wyndham Tangerine May 14th - 21st. I went with a couple of buddies all in our mid to late 20s, all easy going. The purpose of the trip was pure relaxation with a bit of partying thrown in for good measure. This is a very detailed review (written over several days… lol) so most answers can be found here.

We arrived at the hotel at 11:30am with just a few other guests so the wait was not long. Rooms are made available for 3pm, which we knew before getting down there. We took our swim trunks and sandals in our carry-ons so we could hit the beach immediately (carrying your beach wear separately is a good idea regardless in cases where your bags are lost/delayed). Our suitcases were locked up in the porter's room until our room was ready.

We were able to get two rooms next to each other. They also had a connecting door between them, which was great. They were two ground level rooms (2503 and 2504) with the patios facing the garden so we still had our privacy. The rooms were also located near the swamp/lagoon. I've read a lot about people complaining about the smell beside the lagoon. They must have had the most sensitive noses in the universe because we did not smell a thing.

The rooms had a small fridge stocked with Pepsi, Sprite, and water daily. Television has about 100 channels with all the major ones present (HBO, ESPN, etc). Air conditioning was fine. Lots of hangers in the closet. Free safe use. No coffee maker however. The bathroom shower was amazing and I never spent more than two seconds getting good water temperature. There is a lack of shelf space but it didn't bother me too much.

No matter where you are located on the resort you can get to beach or bar in under a minute. The grounds are very green and well maintained.

The pool is a good size but does not have a swim up bar (I prefer it this way). Lots of chairs surrounding the pool, half of which are under some kind of shade whether they are huts or palm trees.

The central building contains the gym (with modern equipment), spa, library, variety store (a bit expensive but handy), games room, and Internet café ($2 for fifteen minutes).

There are three staffed bars and two self-serve bars. One staffed bar is located in the main building beside the buffet restaurant (one is open day and night closing at around 2am). Another staffed bar is located in the Mexican restaurant (open during the day only). The other is located in the nightclub (open 11pm - 2am). The two self-serve bars are in the buffet restaurant and snack bar (open 24 hours and serve beer, pop, and wine only).

Buffet Restaurant
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I must tell you that we ate very well here. Unlike most other resorts, the food in the buffet changes from one day to the next. You can get omelets made to order at breakfast along with the best chocolate milk I've had in a long time. You'll also find potatoes, eggs, variety of breads and cereals, fruit, etc. For lunch and dinner you'll usually find seafood, chicken, and beef dishes along with a variety of veggies and desserts. No ice cream however.

Snack Bar
Open during the day and in the middle of the night, you can get great tasting burgers (with or without cheese), fries, hot dogs, salad, and wood oven pizza.

Mexican A la Carte Restaurant
Serves traditional Mexican food including nachos, enchiladas, fajitas, some seafood dishes, etc, all served with freshly made margaritas. This is very good a la carte restaurant. No limit on the amount of times you could make reservations (before 2pm prior to the day of your desired reservation).

Italian A La Carte Restaurant
This was the best restaurant at the resort and some of the best Italian food I've had. Lots to choose from on the menu and I sampled a lot from my own orders as well as those of my friends. Can't go wrong with any of the following: Lasagna, panzerotti, barbecued chicken, Salmon ravioli, octopus, many varieties of pizza, etc. Most of these dishes were made in the wood oven and they all tasted amazing. Again, no limit on the amount of times you could make reservations (before 2pm prior to the day of your desired reservation)

I'd say a good 75-80% were from Europe with 20% from Canada. A very good mix of couples, singles, and families. This is a very good hotel no matter whom you are traveling with. Everyone was friendly and we met lots of people, all very cool.

The staff at this resort are some of the hardest working I've seen. The entertainment staff always have something on the go so if you're one to participate (as we are) then you'll have plenty to do.

The nightly shows were lots of fun and not repetitive in my opinion. I usually skip the shows since they're usually cheesy and not well executed but not so here. We actually made reservations for dinner on the basis that we could make the shows.

The beach was very nice and is where we spent most days (playing volleyball, swimming, relaxing). No shortage of chairs but not a lot of shade. You can go out in the water quite a bit before it gets deep. We had good-sized waves 4 of the 7 days. Families with kids should be mindful because the undertow is pretty intense. No music on the beach, which is nice if you want to sleep. Boogie boards, snorkeling equipment (although not useful here since there is little of interest in the water) and windsurfing equipment is available on the beach.

We traveled the middle of May. Despite the weather reports all reporting rain for the week, we received nothing but sun the entire week. We brought sunscreen SPF 8 which was laughable (it did nothing, we should have brought 30 spf at least). It rained a couple of times but this was only at night. It was very humid most nights but the beers helped. It was windy a few days but nothing major, this was more over the water than on the beach.

We did not go on any excursions due to the fact that we were enjoying ourselves playing volleyball all week. I did hear however that Oceanworld is lots of fun for kids but is expensive. The jeep safari is also quite good. The best prices I've seen are those in the small town of Cabarete at a place called Fun Tours. Check to see that the tours are insured before booking.

The town of Cabarete is a five minute walk from the hotel. This walk is better if made from the beach. The town has lots of restaurants on cafes to sample but be sure to check with the waiter to see if tax and/or tip is included in the prices as the final bill could jump 26% with these added on.

For shopping, I found the best prices at Liquidation. You can't bargain but the prices are five times lower than what the vendors on the beach are asking. If you're buying cigarettes or rum buy them here, as they are more expensive at the airport. Also, when shopping there I accidentally gave the guy more money than I though and started to walk out the store, he chased me down to give me my change back. When does this happen? Very nice people I realized. Just wanted to point that out.

For other items you can shop across the street at the gas station or just a few buildings east you could find a little grocery store that has everything you need. NOTE: I found that shopping in pesos is much easier and a better value at most places.

The nightclub on the resort is okay but it empties out pretty quick. It is useful however to listen to some top 40 tunes and have a few drinks before going to the real clubs.

The clubs in Cabarete that we partied at were Bambu and Onnos. These two clubs open up onto the beach and are located right beside one another. There is no cover charge but the drinks are pricey (in comparison to drinking free at the resort). However, we had a blast at these clubs into the wee hours of the morning. Be mindful of prostitutes though…lol.

I would definitely recommend Viva Wyndham Tangerine to anyone considering a trip to the Dominican Republic/Puerto Plata. The highlights are definitely the food and it's proximity to town and nightlife. I would come back again.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Staci & Jake 
May 2005
My fiancé and I (ages 25 & 32) stayed at the Viva Wyndam Tangerine from May 20-23, 2005. We booked our vacation through Vacation Express and flew out of Cincinnati. We got an exceptional deal. It was our first time to Puerto Plata; I/we have been to two other all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana & Riviera Maya.

Flights: Vacation Express uses a budget charter airline – Transmeridian Express. It is not the best quality, but it was ok. They are a bit disorganized, both boarding the plane and getting ready for take-off, landing, in-flight service, etc. It got the job done, luggage arrived as expected and we had on-time arrivals for all flights.

Airport/Hotel Transfers: We were taken to the hotel in a very old van that ended up getting a flat tire about 2 miles from the hotel. We were stuck in the hot afternoon sun, with a driver that did not speak English, and were not sure what to do. However, the driver quickly arranged for another van to pick us up and we were on our way to the Viva Tangerine in a few minutes. The trip back to the airport was on a much nicer vehicle (small old bus) and we did not have any problems. Beware of the luggage handlers at the airport… they ran up, grabbed our bags, wheeled them a few feet and then brazenly asked for a tip.

Hotel Room: We arrived at the Viva Tangerine about an hour before check-in time. However, they had a room ready for us and let us check-in early. We had booked a king-size room, but were given a very very small room with a double bed (#1403 – 1st floor). When I say small, I mean the room was 8 feet by 8 feet – the bed barely fit! We were discouraged, but didn’t plan on spending much time in our room, so we dealt with it. The first night, we found that our drains were nearly plugged; we could run the shower for 2 minutes and then the water would start spilling onto the bathroom floor, and we had to turn the shower off. We also had a lot of mosquitoes in our room. We dealt with both problems – not a huge deal. On our 2nd morning, we killed 3 cockroaches in our room within 5 minutes of waking up! We went to the front desk immediately (7:30am) to request a new room. The reception man told us to come back at 9:30am when the manager could help us. He went on to say that they would spray our room and then it would be ok. We told him there was no way we were inhaling bug spray on top of our 3 other problems. So we came back at 9:30am and the manager said the hotel was full and we couldn’t get a different room. We insisted that something be done; he said to come back at 2:30pm (check out time is 1pm) when more rooms would become available due to check-outs. So we did. We were finally given a king size room on the second floor (#2312). The room was more modern and much larger. We did not have any drain, mosquito or roach problems, but we did have a lot of ants, which we lived with. Later that afternoon, someone from the front desk showed up with fresh fruit, a bottle of wine and some mini-sandwiches. We weren’t sure what it was for, but after some discussion with the man who brought the food/wine, we assumed it was because of our room problems. It was some consolation to us.

Food/Beverage: The buffet was limited and the food was somewhat strange. But we found enough to eat and surmised that you get what you pay for (and we didn’t pay a whole lot). The drinks also tasted strange – it really depended on which bartender made them. The pina coladas were excellent; some margaritas were good & others not. We ate at both the Mexican & Italian restaurants. Our dinner at the Mex restaurant was cut short due to a swarm of mosquitoes that bit us terribly, but the food was good. The Italian meal was excellent – we recommend the lasagna.

Pool/Ocean/Weather: The pool was average and the water was very warm. They had a hot tub that we did not use. The ocean was very enjoyable. We went kayaking & boogie-boarding almost every day and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sometimes the water was warm and other times cool, but whenever the sun was out, the ocean was the place to cool off. Prior to our trip, the forecast said rain & clouds every day, all day. However, it rained a bit one afternoon and again one morning. Other than that, it was somewhat cloudy for about half the trip, which was a welcome relief from the sizzling sun. We still got tan during the cloudy times – be sure to wear sunscreen at all times. The weather was much better than the forecast led us to believe.

Overall, we enjoyed our trip and it was still a good value. However, we won’t stay at the Viva Tangerine again and we may or may not visit Puerto Plata again. The beaches in Punta Cana & Riviera Maya are nicer, and the people in both other places are also more friendly and outgoing. Likewise with Vacation Express – we may or may not use them again – it depends on the price & the place.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Colorado, USA
May 2005
Our family just returned from our DR vacation to the north coast. We stayed at the Viva Wyndham Tangerine just outside of Cabarete and had a great time.

Short version: Hotel was very nice, clean, pretty grounds and friendly staff. Food was interesting to very good. Location depends on your point of view either great or too quiet. Beach was very clean, great surf, be careful when you're swimming there. Cabarete town, enjoyed shopping there, be careful crossing the street, and the upstairs liquidation store operates on Dominican time.... whenever they feel like opening up. Safety: never felt unsafe once. Biggest Negatives: Kids Club, plethora of annoying vendors on the beach. Biggest positive: the people, the beach! For many more details, tune in for the very long version.

Long Version: We arrived May 5th and stayed for one week, Thurs. to Thurs., flew in from New York City on American Airlines. Flight and customs were smooth. They ushered us around the line because they were totally taken with our girls. 'you come up here, is ok, you got babies.' The babies are 5 and 10! Sorry to anyone we passed by! From there we had an absolutely terrifying, nearly pant-peeing taxi ride to the hotel. Cost was $25.00 + tip. Watch out for the baggage handlers at the airport, they are insistent to say the least.

Check-in was smooth and quick, baggage arrived quickly. We did not receive a welcome beverage, which was a bit of a disappointment. My throat was extremely dry after that taxi ride!! But our mini-fridge was already stocked and ready to go. If you sign up for Wyndham by Request (a free program I'm told) they will have your preferred beverage and a couple of other things ready to go for you when you arrive. (this program also includes some free-internet time!)

Accommodations: We had room 2401, 3rd building from lobby on left, first room on the ground floor. Our patio looked right at the fountain and we were across the open pavilion from the disco. We never had any noise issues from the disco as we were asleep by the time it opened, 11:00 - 12:00 most nights. If your a night owl, you may have some noise issues in this building from the disco. The room was kept sparkling clean by our housekeeper, Arelis, who also left us little towel animals often with a flower tucked in them. Our girls loved coming in after she'd been in to clean and finding out what she'd made for them that day. Our room had two double beds and we found it spacious enough for all of us. A little shy on dresser space for that many people, and definitely short on shelf space in the bathroom. We asked for extra waters and towels on our first day and received whatever we needed everyday after that without asking. We were not booked thru a tour group or vacation company, we booked on our own and had no issues whatsoever.

Food: We had varied experienced with the food from things we found a little 'interesting' to dishes we loved. We tried all the restaurants, but found the Italian restaurant (la vela) and the buffet easiest with the kids. Personally, I suggest skipping the meatloaf and heading for the pork loin and the chicken curry on the buffet. There is always a potato dish, veggie dish, and varied pastas each day. We found breakfast to be the weakest meal of the day. The scrambled eggs always looked runny, but the omelets were made on the spot and were good. Our youngest ate some thin-crust pizza everyday, her favorite being the hot dog pizza. My biggest disappointment was the fresh fruit. I had figured we would have a good selection of fresh, ripe fruits being in the tropics and it was hit and miss. They mostly offered melon and pineapple which was sometimes ripe, sometimes not. Papaya was offered here and there along with a citrus fruit I didn't catch the name of and these were hit and miss as well. They were out of bananas most of the time, but they were tasty when they did have them! Definitely bring your own salad dressing packets and don't expect too much from the salad bar. Lettuce, shredded carrots, some usually fairly green tomatoes. The mexican restaurant (viva Mexico) was tasty and served up the best margarita I got the whole trip. Make your reservations no later than the morning of and better yet, the night before.

Entertainment: Busy, busy, busy. Always something going on, aerobics, darts, volleyball, etc. We spent most of our time on the beach and only joined in a couple of activities. Bingo was on everyday at about 5:30 pm. They play 2 games of it, that's it. The shows were fun for the most part, some of the humor is quite bawdy and we left partway thru one because of it. Don't miss the Caribbean show, it's a lot of fun with a lot of upbeat music and dancing. The kids enjoyed the Wizard of Oz show as well. The staff tries really hard and it shows. Many are quite talented and enjoy what they're doing, and that comes thru as well. The beach sport activities seemed geared more for adults than kids, though I saw a few kids trying to join in....and a few adults not happy about it. Dominican buffet night was vendor night as well. The vendors are allowed to come in and set up booths and you can browse in relative peace. They do not come out from behind the tables unless you approach the table. They cannot call out after you or call to you to come 'lookie lookie.'

Drinks: We're not big drinkers, but we did try out quite a few between us. Antonio was our favorite bartender - he's the only one who made a decent daiquiri. The girls loved the non-alcohol selections on the menu and drank their fair share of pantera rosa's and piñatas. My personal favorite - Dominican Sunrise. There were no bananas for the 6 first days of our 8 day trip and so I only got to try a banana daiquiri, none of the banana drinks on the menu. The drinks are small and depending who your bartender was, weak or fair. There is only one bar for mixed drinks, however you can get a Presidente yourself at the snack bar or the buffet.

Kids Club: The kids club was a huge disappointment. There were two of the entertainment staff there to watch the kids, both young women. We checked our girls in and went back to the pool. Both came out within 15 minutes - unaccompanied. They just wandered right out, no one came with them, no one tried to find us, they didn't even stand in the doorway and watch them when they walked out to make sure they hooked up with us or anything. We were furious and didn't take them back. It did looked well stocked with toys, movies, games, etc. but the girls said the adults would only let them color.

Beach: The beach was where we spent most of our time. The surf is amazing. On the windiest days (may 5th, 6th) the waves were huge and hit the beach with tremendous force. The kites were out in multitudes and it was fun to watch them. However, I nearly got clubbed in the head by one kitesurfer and several others passed within arms reach - so keep your eyes peeled when you're in the water. The undertow here is tremendous, at least during our stay. If your not careful, it will pull you straight back off the beach and into the next wave. This is the perfect place to boogie board or body surf. The beach was kept very clean and everyday there were guys cleaning up the seaweed and trash the sea had seen fit to deposit the night before. They planted another row of palm trees in the sand while we were there and this greatly added to the available shade. Chairs were plentiful (although less after they planted the trees). There are plenty of vendors to fend off or to shop from as you prefer. Trick to avoid them - stand down where the waves are hitting the shore - they don't like to get wet!! One vendor got really pushy with me, actually pushing his display case into my leg so that it hurt. I got loud and next thing I knew the security guard was there. He spoke a few words, I got an apology, the vendor walked away from the resort and I didn't see him again the rest of our stay.

Pool/Jacuzzi: The jacuzzi is just that, a jacuzzi, not a hot tub. It's quite small and will only hold about 5 people. The pool is sectioned into a kids area (1.5 ft) and 3.3 ft, 4.4 ft, and 5.5 ft. areas. Very clean, warm and not too much chlorine. Actually, not sure there is chlorine! Get down there early to reserve a chair around the pool. Got up early to watch the sunrise one morning and saw people there at 6:30 am to save one and they were gone by 8:30. After that your in the sandy area behind the pool which is quite nice, but more difficult to watch your kids from.

Resort grounds/extras: Grounds are very pretty, clean, and well kept. We saw people everyday out cleaning up fallen palm fronds, sweeping, mowing, trimming, weeding. We met Jose one day while walking a path around the backside of the buildings and he enjoyed showing the girls little things he had planted, what they were called and picked them a banana off the tree cause they were 'good'. The internet cafe is upstairs on the 2nd floor of the main pavilion building. 15 minutes minimum, 15 pesos per minute. The gym is hot and stuffy, bring water and a towel. Guest services was helpful when needed and pleasant to deal with. There is a little store on site that sells everything from Pringles to pharmaceuticals, but is pricey. The gift shop and the art shop are also pricey, but handy when you realize you forgot your deck of cards. 80 pesos, not too horrible. Exchange rate for the resort when we were there was 27 pesos to the dollar. Didn't try the spa or price their services. The time-share people tried several times the first day or two, but after that they recognized us and we could just wave them off easily. Sundays are very busy at the resort!! Lots of locals come in and use the facilities for the day.

Excursions/Shopping: We booked all our excursions on our own. Ocean World Adventure Park online before we left and did Puerto Plata with a taxi. The taxi stayed with us all day ($55) and took us where we wanted to go and was waiting for us when we were finished. We went to San Felipe Fort (15 peso "donation" for the adults included a 2 min. brief history oration hmmmmmmmm), Amber Museum (not the Amber Gallery!!!) near Central Park ($2.50 US, free with ad from Puerto Plata HOT! magazine), and the cable car ($7.00 adults, kids under 6 free.) Kids got a kick out of all of it. The Amber Museum is air-conditioned and has some interesting stuff, especially if your kid likes bugs and other creatures. The cable car allowed us to take a jungle hike at our own pace for as long as we liked. Ignore the "guides" at the entrance when you buy your ticket. One actually told me "you cannot hike without a guide to take you around." Just a ploy!! We loved Ocean World and had a great time. There is actually only one show - the sea lion show, and it's really funny! The other shows are based on you being allowed to watch other people do their encounters or swims, the sharks, stingrays, and dolphins. We did a shark/stingray swim and a dolphin encounter. It's horribly expensive, but absolutely worth every penny, if you do the encounters. The girls can't stop talking about it, they had such a blast. The tiger grotto is the place to snag a chair and swim, it's beautiful and being able to watch the tigers is great. We saw very few people at the 'beach' area. there was little to no shade. The snorkel reef was fun, you can only go around twice. They are building a new lagoon where they will have an actual dolphin show coming up soon. We didn't catch a date. They have lots of animals that are rotated thru the habitats so they don't get overburdened. The staff was really friendly and knowledgeable. We were asked several times if we were having a good time and if we needed anything. The restaurant at the top of the hill is included, except for drinks. My hubby recommends the BBQ pork ribs, he went for seconds. The cafe down by the dolphin area is not included, but serves up sandwiches, pizza, and other items including ice cream. We did all our gift shopping in Cabarete. It happened to pour rain that one day of our whole vacation and it kept a lot of the street vendors inside or not out at all. There are two liquidation stores, one up, one down, both across from Jose O'Shay's, about a 10 - 15 min. walk from the resort down the beach. The upstairs one is open sporadically as the owners (I'm told) come from Santiago. It was closed both days we tried to go there, so we bought downstairs and the prices were still better than anywhere else. We bought a nice amber set and larimar set at the Taino store right by Jose O'Shay's. It's operated by a very nice man who speaks good English and his prices were extremely fair. (and set prices as well.)

I would highly recommend this resort. It was beautiful, the staff was really friendly, impeccably maintained. None of us got sick, didn't hear of anyone getting sick, and would go back in a heartbeat!!
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Kelowna, BC
April 2005
We just got back from the Dominican (March 16-31/05) and we absolutely loved it! I would highly, highly recommend Viva Windham Tangerine as the place to go in the Dominican. It is by far the best-looking resort in Cabarete, and is about a 15 min. walk on the beach into town so the beach is not too crowded. I'll break down my review into sections to help you learn more about this fabulous place.

Accommodations: The hotel room was very nice- extremely clean, air conditioning, T.V., beautiful tiled bathroom with a big shower. Limited counter space in the bathroom. We had 20 foot vaulted ceilings in our room and a very nice covered deck. The mini-fridge was always stocked with Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Sprite, and bottled water (our kids loved the unlimited pop situation). The bed was as comfortable as a hotel bed could be, but the pillows were very flat (you might want to double-up on those!). The rooms are very soundproof but unfortunately, we chose to be there during the Easter Weekend so the Esso station across the street from the resort pumped out the loudest music all night long! Not a big deal, but our room was pulsing from the bass of the music! There are safes in the room, which are great for storing money, etc.

Food: The food was pretty good, and I am a picky eater. The buffet was varied, and there was always thin-crust pizza available. If you like salad (as I do), bring your own bottle or mini- packs of dressing! They have only two types of salad dressing (Italian and Thousand Island) and I tried the Italian, which was not very good. If you have kids, there are mini- packs of sweetened cereal (Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Flakes, cornflakes, Fruit Loops) at the breakfast buffet and you can take a few to your room as snacks for later. Don't bring any other types of food to your room, as the ants will visit you (we learned this the hard way!). The burgers at the snack shack were interesting, and we couldn't quite place what type of meat they were made from (pork?). My son, extremely picky eater, survived primarily on fried chicken and the nachos at the snack shack (the chips were made fresh) and pancakes in the morning. The buffet tries to cater to a variety of tastes, and they have nightly themes of various countries (we found the Canadian section pretty interesting!). The Italian restaurant was delicious- I loved the Caprese and the roasted chicken with spicy tomato sauce and mashed potatoes. The Mexican restaurant was good too, and our family really liked the tortilla soup there. Make reservations a day in advance (at the guest services desk) as the restaurants fill up pretty quickly. We got a bit tired of the food after a week and a half, but we reminded ourselves that food was not the reason we were in the Dominican.

Entertainment: There was always something to do at Viva, if you weren't too lazy like me. The entertainment staff seemed like they worked 18 hour days and had an itinerary of the activities that were available each day. This included exercise (water aerobics, aerobics, stretching), bingo, water polo, volleyball, dance lessons, cooking lessons, and games. The staff would walk around and ask if you want to do an activity. They give prizes of local rum for winners, so if you like rum, join in the games. Every night at about 9:30, the staff put on a spectacular show, and we found in the two weeks that we were there, the shows only repeated themselves in the last few days of our stay. My 6 year-old son liked the Wizard of Oz show, and my 11 year-old daughter liked the air band show. The dancing is incredible, and it is amazing to see how multi-talented the staff is. My only complaint is that the gym is so hot, and running on the treadmill was almost impossible as there is no air conditioning or fans in the gym. If you are a chronic exerciser, make sure to take it easy and drink lots of water because running on the beach or in the gym is very difficult due to the heat (best time to go to the gym is between 7:00 and 8:00 in the evening when it cools down a bit).

Kids: Our kids had a blast, and found that making 'buddies' was pretty easy. Hang out in the pool long enough, and your bound to find someone about your age and who speaks your language. The kids club was pretty good, and had movies, games, toys, and a plastic climber for smaller kids. There were kids from infants to teens there, and all of them seemed to be having a great time. A lot of moms/dads with babies and toddlers simply put the kids in the strollers in the shade and let them nap away the afternoon by the pool, while they read a book or got a tan! The kids also loved the freedom that they had, such as being able to go get food or fruity drinks whenever they wanted, and go up to the room for quiet time by themselves if they needed it. There was enough for them to do without feeling bored.

Health Precautions: We got the Hep C shots and took the malaria pills. Mosquitoes were very rare at the resort, because it is so windy there. We ate all of the food and drank the bottled water/ water cooler water (including using it to brush our teeth), and we were fine for the whole trip. The resort seems to make quite an effort to ensure the food is safe, including serving only peeled/thoroughly washed veggies and fruits.

Safety: We always felt very safe at the resort, and let our kids (6 and 11) have a lot of freedom around the resort. Cabarete also felt very safe, even though everyone was trying to sell you something. The people of Cabarete were very nice and helpful- everyone seemed to know a bit of English. As for the time share sellers at Viva, we just told them that they had already approached us and we weren't interested. They let up a bit, but they are very persuasive. You can tell who just arrived to the resort by how much time they spend talking to these salesmen. Be nice but firm, and they won't bother you too much.

Make sure to bring: LOTS of sunscreen, batteries, and other 'necessities' as these are very expensive at the resort and in Cabarete. Bring school supplies for Project Dream located in Cabarete, which distributes much-needed items through schools in the area (you can go there during regular business hours and drop things off- they have a website that details what they need and are extremely appreciative of any donations). We brought dollar store toys and candy, and left them for our housekeepers, staff at the resort, and people in town to give to their kids (I felt like I might be insulting people by giving them these things, but they were so appreciated!). Change your money to US funds before you go, and when you get to Cabarete, go to the banks (there are two in town) to exchange your money into Dominican Pesos (you get a better rate than the hotels and the money exchange places). We got up to 28 pesos per US dollar, while most places were offering 26 pesos per US dollar. Bring your passport to the bank, or they will not exchange money for you! Also, make sure to put aside $20 US per person for departure tax because it is very, very hard to get US dollars for pesos down there (the banks do not carry US dollars). If your kids want to spend a lot of time at the pool, bring blow-up floaties or snorkels/masks/fins like we did, because there are no 'pool toys' available. Blow up toys for the pool also help to facilitate friendships between younger children in the pool, because other kids are drawn to playing with the owners of these toys.

Excursions: The excursion staff are fantastic (friendly, accommodating, and informative). We went to Ocean World Adventure Park which I highly recommend even though it was expensive. At Ocean World, we saw a sea lion show, had birds land on our heads and hands, went into cages with parrots and toucans, snorkeled in a reef pool with huge tropical fish, swam in the tiger grotto and watched the gorgeous white and orange tigers play, ate a very good bbq buffet (real beef burgers!), watched sharks and stingrays, and did the dolphin encounter where the dolphin 'kissed' and 'hugged' us, 'danced' with us, and allowed us to pet him/her. It was a long day and close to an hour bus ride there (they will come and pick you up and drop you off) but it was so worth it. The kids (and us adults!) loved seeing and being close to the sea creatures, and had a great day. I also heard that the Safari Adventure was fun, but I didn't want to spend the day in the heat of a vehicle (it is open-air) driving around. There are other excursions, such as one into Porta Plata, but if you do the Ocean World Excursion you get a mini-tour of Porta Plata. It is a pretty dirty city (garbage everywhere) so it didn't really appeal to me. There is a shopping mall in Porta Plata, but we didn't go there (supposedly there is a Pizza Hut at this mall- the only chain restaurant that we heard of down there).

In all, we loved it there and would love to go again. We even saw a wedding taking place there, and it seemed to be well-organized by the staff. We had some great family time and everyone in our family enjoyed the relaxation and fun.
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
March 2005
My husband, two children (11 and 13) and myself just returned from the Viva Wyndham Tangerine in Puerto Plata DR. The dates of our travel were 12-19 Mar 05. We flew with Sky Service from Toronto. The service was excellent on the flight, the flight attendents very friendly however the seats were extremely uncomfortable and very cramped.

When we arrived in DR, we were through customs, had our baggage and on the shuttle bus within 20 minutes. This was excellent. The Viva Wyndham Tangerine is only about 20 minutes from the airport. When we arrived at the resort we were quickly checked in and taken to our room. The room that we were given was in the main building (same one as the buffet restaurant) on the second floor. The room itself was very very small and was definitely not to my liking. It had two double beds, but really was only big enough for 1 queen bed. The room was suppose to be for up to 4 people, but really should have only been for two. It was also very plainly decorated. The room itself was not the worst thing though. When I went out onto the balcony, all I could see was a green wall and some big leaves from some kind of green plant. The balcony overlooked a covered walkway which was used by the kitchen staff to bring things in/out of the kitchen. This room was not the only room that overlooked this. There were at least 4-5 more which I would think had an even worse view because they would not have even had the green leaves to look at - just the wall. It was without a doubt the worst view of any room in any resort that I have been at. In my opinion these rooms should not be given to tourists! However unless you request an ocean view room, I do not know how you could guarantee that you do not get one of these rooms. As I said the room was on the second floor of a three floor building. If you had a room on the 3rd floor overlooking the same area, you may have a better view as the wall was not that high. Anyway, we immediately phoned the front desk and asked for a different room but were told there was nothing they could do until Mon (this was Sat evening). The next morning I went to the welcome briefing by our tour company. The representative (Franklin) asked me how our room was and I told him that I was not very happy with it, especially the view, and he said that he would see about getting us moved. Anyway, this was about 1030 hrs and by 1300 hrs we were told that we would be moved to another room. My husband then went to the front desk to see where we were being moved to and was taken to another room in a different building. This room was bigger, but only had 1 queen size bed (4 people remember). Apparently the view from this room wasn't much better. As he said if our room was rated at a 1 for view, then the second room was rated at a 2 - not much better. This room overlooked a field next door. He was then taken back to the front desk and a few minutes later was shown to a different room. This room was excellent. It was very spacious and had a beautiful view of the gardens/grounds although the decor in the room was still quite plain.

The food at the resort was without a doubt the best food of any resort that I have been at. The two specialty restaurants - Mexican and Italian were extremely good and I would highly recommend eating at each. The food in the buffet restaurant was very good as well. Lots of selection, including fresh veggies for salad. The one negative thing that I would say about the buffet restaurant was that the tables were not properly prepared. They were usually lacking a knife, serviette, glass, cup, etc. It seemed that you always had to go and get something off the table next to yours in order to complete your table settings. They could also use more help in clearing away used dishes.

The grounds of the resort were beautiful and in fact I think they were the best of any resort that we have been at as well. All the staff were very friendly and always trying to get you involved in doing something - whether it was water aerobics, dancing, playing volleyball, etc. The beach was beautiful; however, the waves were very rough. You could not turn your back on the waves because they would knock you down if you were not looking (I know I swallowed enough salt water during my 1 week vacation)! You could borrow boogie boards to ride the waves which was a big hit with kids. There was a lot of kite surfing at this beach as well. Apparently this is a designated spot for this. One day there must have been at least 75-100 of these kites flying at one time. There were a few vendors on the beach but they did not really bother you. If you told them you were not interested in what they were selling they would leave you alone. A short walk, about 10 minutes down the beach, is the town of Carbette where you could go shopping.

The weather was absolutely beautiful. It didn't rain at all while we were there.

I would definitely recommend this resort; however, I would stipulate that I do not want a room facing either the green wall or the field. Please stipulate that you want to look over the gardens or if you are willing to pay for the view - ask for a oceanview. I definitely would ask for the oceanview next time!
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
Ottawa, Ont.
March 2005
I travelled with my best friend (we're both 19) to Viva Wyndham Playa Dorada the week of February 19th to the 26th. We flew with WestJet and we we're both very impressed with the service that we received from the staff. The staff really made sure that we had the best flight possible.

When we arrived to the airport, we had a bus waiting to bring us to our resort. The bus was dropping people off at different resorts in Playa Dorada and at the end my friend and I were the only two left in the bus. We were a little bit worried because we thought that there wouldn't be alot of people at our resort. So we checked in (it was about 1:30 a.m.) and ended up getting a junior suite which we hadn't even paid for (we we're supposed to get a superior room). No complaints there! The resort looked a little empty but that was due to the fact that we arrived so late.

ROOMS: They were very impressive actually. Very very clean compared to places I've been in the past (Cuba, Mexico). I didn't see any bugs in the room and believe me I looked for them and couldn't find any, hehe! The Junior suite that we had was really big. We had two queen size beds and had a big washroom. There was also another section with a couch, mini fridge, TV, table and chairs. There was also a balcony with a table and clairs as well. The maids worked very hard to keep the place very clean and they were also very friendly.

RESORT: Like everyone else mentionned, the resort isn't beach front. You have to walk down a path (next to a pond) to get there. It's not a very long walk. The resort is very well situated in the complex. It's really close to the Plaza (about a 3 minute walk), next to the golf course and close to other discos (Mangu, Crazy Moon). The resort itself isn't very big but we liked it that way.

POOL: Although we didn't spend much time there, it was very nice with the waterfall in front of the bar. It was nice and quiet around there so if you wanted to relax that was the place to be. The hot tub just above the waterfall was really big and fun in the evening.

BEACH: It was beautiful. The water is nice and turquoise. The sand is golden (darker than Cuba) but I found it to be very nice. There's a lot of waves so I wouldn't recommend it for young kids to go in without their parents. The waves were great for boogie boarding, sailing, windsurfing, whatever watersport. The vendors on the beach didn't push at all. If you said no to them they would simply walk away. Just beware that they will try to get as much money from you as possible. So always BARGAIN with them. They'll start really high with prices but don't be fooled.

NIGHTLIFE: The disco at the resort was pretty dead. The staff tried really hard to get people to go but since the resort is small it makes it hard to get a huge crowd in there. However, the plaza has a bar called Hemmingways which was a lot of fun. You don't have to pay anything to get in but it's very expensive to get drinks. So drink up at your resort and then go over there for some good dancing! I also heard about a place called Mangu which was very close to our resort (next to Jack Tar). We didn't go but heard it was a lot of fun.

SERVICE: I was very impressed with the staff at this resort. They really tried hard to get everyone involved in the daily activities. My friend and I were dragged once into a dance lesson and it turned out to be a lot of fun. The bartenders are friendly, they were also big time flirts! lol!

FOOD: the buffet was very good. We hate there most of the time. They have a variety of things and they also have meals for people who are on diets. The snack bar on the beach was good too but it was mainly just burgers, pizza, nachos, hot dogs...the typical snacks you would get here in Canada. We went to the mediterranean à la carte restaurant and that was also very good. So all around we thought the food was excellent.

TOURS: We did the Outback Jungle Safari and had an awesome time. They take you to a school, to a fruit plantation, to a typical domincan house, to cabarete beach for some boogie boarding, on a boat ride, to a ranch for lunch and to visit the Jessica river. They also serve you drinks all day long. It's a really great way to see how the dominican's live and you get to learn a lot about their counrty. Our guide, Rudy, was hilarious and showed us a good time! It was a great experience and it's worth every penny! On another day, we also took a taxi to Sosua and went snorkeling which was also a lot of fun. We got to swim in coral reefs full of tropical fishes. Lots of nice things to see!

OVERALL: We had an AWESOME time at Viva Wyndham! So thanks to all the staff for making our stay there so great! I would definetely go back there in a second! "Viva Viva"!!
Viva Wyndham Tangerine
March 2005
My husband and I spent the first week of March at Viva Tangerine. We flew from Winnipeg via Sky Service or what we referred the airline by as Sardine Service. Pre selecting the seats was a waste of money, all the seats are cramped and uncomfortable. We had major delays on the return flight and what should have been a 5 hour flight turned into a 7 hour pain. About an hour and a half was just sitting on the tarmac. The flight crew did their best I guess but I think Sky Service must be on the bottom rung of the priority ladder at the various airports. We have flown with Sky Service before and had a similar experience. Our next vacation we are going to look at different air carriers.

We enjoyed Viva Tangerine, we asked for a Superior Garden room. The term Superior was rather grand term for the room, it was small but clean and quiet and we really didn't spend much time in our room anyway. The grounds were lovely and well maintained and we enjoyed the gazebo by the main building. An information pamphlet would have been appreciated describing where the restaurants, snack bar, and entertainment was located, granted it is not a large complex but something to get your bearing would be nice. The buffet and Italian restaurants were good, wasn't thrilled about the Mexican one though. I'm not a big drinker but found the drinks very weak and small, I couldn't figure out how some people actually got drunk, they must have spent the entire day at the bar. The entertainment staff worked very hard, I wish I had their energy. The evening entertainment reminded me of a summer camp for adults. Some of the dancing was very good and some of the shows were so bad they were good. We had a good laugh some evenings, but I'm not sure if they intended it to be as funny as we found the show.

The time share people were annoying, it got that I avoided eye contact and didn't stand in one spot for any length of time. They aim for the new arrivals and since we are fair skinned and don't tan well they assumed we had just arrived even after a week. We eventually, on our last day went to the presentation. You end up talking to 3-4 people and are hard pressed to get a price from them. We said thanks but no thanks after about an hour.

My last comment is on the reservation system for the restaurants. If you didn't go to the guest services desk early you could only get a late seating. But when you went to the restaurant at your assigned time there were plenty of empty tables. Our theory was the buffet was cheaper to run and was a cost cutting move.