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Playa Caleta
July 2008
stayed at this hotel end of june everyone pretty well covers it ;;isa three star only not the other half :food is basic cuban fare same as other hotels in that range ;what got to me was lunch outside at noon and flys were a real nusiance albeit very unsanitary the cubans just dont get it :; The hotel is a fair way out side town to the west end and a taxi will run about six dollars to the centre say calle 32 so they are using the scale of one dollar a kilometre ::The flight was a wednesday deal to varadero but on return it takes a detour to santa lucia making the flight a fair bit longer ;I found the sunwing flight attendands on the inept side ;need a bit of polishing up on their handling of the flight ;;All in all the packadge by sun wing is a fair value esp: this fall really good prices even give you a cash back of 100.00 per couple SO live it up and book a trip for this fall (sept) I did ;: although not at the caleta I prefer in town closer to my extended cuban family The flight will be the same exellent depature and return times not one of those ridiculas middle of the night returns so cheers see you all in cuba
Playa Caleta
Jim and Karol 
February 2007
Visited Playa Caleta in early February. Flew Sunwing direct from Ottawa. A flight is a flight but this was a little different. This airline actually treats you great and provides service with a smile. Our flight crew was friendly, helpful and seemed actually happy to be there. Maybe some larger carriers should pay attention to these guys. Fantastic flight, champagne, wine and food. Arrival in Cuba was fine but customs very slow. Three planes arrived at same time.

The Playa Caleta is exactly what was written in other reviews. Nice building, very clean, as in spotless. Rooms clean and bright. Ocean view is beautiful. Building has been renovated recently and it shows. No complaints.

One thing to be wary of. When there is no wind, the refinery smell can be nauseating. It is a vary bad odour and you can't get away from it. It is not the hotels fault so nothing can be done but it is pretty nasty. We had it two nights out of six.

The food: very nicely presented and quite a good variety. A word of warning, they leave food out for extended periods without refridgeration. Be careul with seafood especially Mussels. Very sick for a day.

In all, this is a nice resort, fantastic beach, pool, rooms and views.

negatives; smell, a few very surly staff especially pool bartenders. One lady was nasty to everyone. Animation team did absolutely as little as possible. Only came out when my wife asked about programs and said"Do you want the bottle of rum"? There seems to be no supervisor on duty and a lot of slacking off.

A bit of background on us. travelled numerous times to Dom. Rep., Mexico and twice to Cuba. We are hotel owners and are realistic, non demanding travellers who tip.

Would we go back? Probably not.We met some great people too. Hello Bruce and Nat.
Playa Caleta
Betty and Jerry 
Guelph, Ont
January 2007
Just got back from playa caleta. Let me start by saying that is not a 9 storey building it is only 7 stories.

Nice hotel, very clean, beach is fantastic with lots of palapas and lots of empty loungers also lots of empty loungers at the pool. We have stayed at other resorts and have had to go out very early to get a chair but not here.

Food was not appealing to us at all, not to much that we liked although they did try to make it look good. The pasta for dinner was good and the omelets for breakfast were good, we didn't eat lunch other then pizza or two at the outdoor little cafe they have.

No disco at night time, annimation show goes from 10-11 and thats it.

Varadero is very beautiful. Take a tour on the red bus, you pay 5 pesos for all day but stay on it for the whole tour of the city. Visit Josone park, free and you can take some nice pics.
Playa Caleta
Les & Joanne 
Prince Edward Island, Canada
April 2006
This was our first all inclusive so I had read all the reviews and kept hoping to see more posted as we had no idea what to expect. Well we were more than pleased with our choice and have nothing but good to say about it. The resort was beautiful. We had no problems with the elevators but it was funny, every person must have read the reviews on the doors because you never seen people so careful getting into and out of an elevator and everyone was very considerate to hold the door for others.

Our room was on the 7th floor with a balcony overlooking the beach. The rooms very clean, the bathroom was spotless, the air conditioner worked great and we had lots of hot water. Our maid was terrific, we left her a little gift everyday and she left us a clean room and a different display with the towels.

The beach was great, nice and clean and lots of loungers. The only problem was the drop off but we had lots of warnings of that in the other reviews. The colors were breath taking.

The pool was great and so was the swim up bar. The service was excellant and the animation staff had entertainment there every afternoon. I don't know how they could keep the pool and area so clean at all times.

The food was the only disappointment we had, we did not enjoy the food at all. There was lots of it but very little that we liked. The bread was delicious and the hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries were pretty good, but as someone else said you don't go to Cuba for the food. The drinks were plentiful, the bartenders more than willing to fill up your glass and the beer was cold. It was nice to have the 24 hour bar as we arrived at 2 am and of course a lot of us had to visit the bar before we called it a night. The beach bar was wonderful.

The shows were good but I think it would be great if there was a Disco on the resort. Some of the people went into the clubs in Varadero but we didn't venture out.

We did the day trip to Havana for 56.00 each, which included our lunch and one drink. We felt it was very much worth it and enjoyed Havana , what an awesome place to see.

All in all we had a great time and would definitely go back to Playa Caleta.
Playa Caleta
Nova Scotia, Canada
February 2006
Resort: Playa Caleta Location :Varadero Cuba
Travel Dates: February 5 - February 12

This was my first time at the Playa Caleta and also travelling during the month of February as we have always gone in April. We were a group of 8 consisting of 4 couples, no children, ages ranged from 29-46. Our rooms were all together and were 628 - 634. We did not experience any problems with the elevators as we had read in many reviews. The doors did not close shut on us once and gave us ample time to get on/off. The weather this time of year is not bad but as can be expected; a bit cooler than April.

The pool is very nice and has a swim-up bar which I am a huge fan of. The service was great although they don't have a bartender in the swim-up bar full time. The staff do keep a watchful eye and are quick to serve when they spot you seated there. The animation people are wonderful and at different times througout the day would organize some sort of activity from Bingo, to cocktail making contests and other fun events. The pool is shallow around the edges but gets deeper toward the middle. The week we were there they also set up a basketball net you could use from the water.

No complaints whatsoever. Air conditioner worked great, room was kept very clean and hot water was plentiful. We were located at the end of the building on the sixth floor and never heard a peep from any of our neighbours.

Beach was quite nice although there were a lot of blue jellyfish littered on the shore. One of the guests at the resort advised us the jellyfish were called Man O Wars and could leave a nasty sting. Obviously one cannot hold the resort accountable for this as I'm sure the Jellyfish don't make a conscious decision as to where they are going to strand themselves!! (hee hee!)

The food was awesome, no complaints at all. Casa Blanca is the name of the a la carte and it is beautifully decorated; the food was amazing. Word of advice, men must wear long pants they are not allowed to wear shorts. The cocktails were quite yummy and the lobby bar on the second bar in quite stocked. The chocolate pina coladas were amazing and I asked them to add a splash of amaretto; yummy!!!

The resort was kept absolutely spotless. The workers never stopped, they were always cleaning or painting something.

As I mentioned earlier in my review, the animation staff are wonderful. They are outgoing friendly and eager to keep the guests entertained. The evening shows were very good with lots of dancing and music. There is no Disco on site but the animation staff will take you into Varadero to a club. The cost is $5.00 round trip for the bus trip and $10.00 per person for admission with all your drinks included. I can't comment beyond this as we never made it to the Disco.

We did the catamaran/swimming with the dolphins tours. The cost is $85.00 (cuban $$) per person. If you want to skip the dolphins the cost is $75.00 (cuban $$) per person. Wonderful tour that takes you sailing on a beautiful catamaran to a breathtaking beach. The water was so clear it was hard to tell where the ocean stopped and the sand started, amazing! Lunch is served on the beach (no additional costs) with a choice of chicken or lobster and shrimp. I had the lobster and shrimp and it was delicious. There is a bar on the beach and one on board the catamaran so you don't have to worry about getting thirsty! Once again, the drinks are included in the cost.
There is a double decker you pay $5.00 (cuba pesos) and it will take you into the heart of Varadero. Once you pay the $5.00 you have unlimited use between the hours of 9:00 a.m and 9:00 p.m., just make sure you don't lose your ticket. Also there is a free shuttle that leaves the resort at various times throught the day. Information regarding this is available in the front lobby.

Best trip I've had in a long time and I will definately return to this resort. I am not a fussy person and I travel with limited expectations. I do however expect the 2 ness's: cleanliness and friendliness and found them both at this resort. The good food and drinks were added bonuses as when I travel to a 3.5 star I don't expect 5 star surroundings. The majority of the guests seem to be in the age range of 35-65, a few younger and a few older. I think if the Playa Caleta added a Disco they may attract more younger people but I found the age range great as I am 39.
Playa Caleta
February 2006
On Friday January 20, my wife and I returned from Varadero Beach in Cuba, where we vacationed at the Playa Caleta resort, where we stayed in room 719. This was our fifth visit to Cuba. Two years ago we stayed at the Super clubs Puntarena and were asked to evacuate the building (which is now the Playa Caleta) because there was a fire on the floor below us. It was ! quite the experience having to travel down the outside of the building with our entire luggage and relocate at the Arenas Blancos for the remainder of our stay. But, we were treated so well and enjoyed the manager and staff at the time, that we decided to return. “They” say, “you can never go back” This statement ended up being truer than we could possibly imagine,

The weather was not ideal but, you can’t control that. But when people are stuck inside a resort with no place to go, maybe the volume and song selection of the animation team could be a little less intrusive.

The elevators, (two out of three worked), were responsible for several incidents, included crushing myself and my wife on two separate occasions. We talked to several elderly people who had bruises up and down their arms from the unforgiving elevator doors. On the day we left there was only one elevator operating and it took forever to get to the lobby to meet our bus. There were no signs posted near the elevators to suggest the doors had no stop-gap measure to prevent them from crushing you.

On the Wednesday evening we were sitting around playing music on the second floor, when the power went off. The person at the bar didn’t have any flashlights and refused to issue candles so we could see, although candles were situated across the lobby in the al a carte restaurant, Casablanca. We could not go to our rooms unless we scaled the fire escape to the seventh floor and still there was no guarantee the door to the floor was unlocked. One of the other guests was coming up the stairs from La Floresta when the power went off was she tripped and hurt her leg. In ! all fairness, she was carried by the staff to where we were but nobody offered to get her ice or anything to keep the swelling down. I speculate the power was off for about 2 hours before we could return to our rooms.

On our second last full day, Thursday Jan.12, the sun was shining in the middle of the afternoon, so my wife and I retire to the pool area to enjoy the warmth. The ocean was still and little choppy, so the beach was “red flagged”, indicating no swimming. Therefore the beach bar was closed. There were about 80- 90 tourists sitting around the pool trying to enjoy the remaining sun’s rays, (as prev! iously mentioned in this letter, the weather that week was not ideal so lets take advantage of what little sun there was) and we were told the pool bar was closed as well. Several people asked at the desk if they wouldn’t consider opening it and we were promised it would be attended to immediately. Around 4:00 pm, my wife Angie went to the front desk and then went to an office to speak with *******, (I think). She requested Angie fill out a form, which is a pamphlet asking guests for feedback as to what they thought of the resort. My wife responded because there were only about two hours of sunshine left and a lot of us were leaving the next day. Ms. *********** explained there was no bar or entertainment at the pool and the animac! ion team were entertaining people on the second floor. In fact, at that time the animacion team was sitting near the pool playing cards. Ms. ******* appeared surprised. She was then told, due to the weather, the manager decided that morning that the pool bar would be closed all day. My wife reiterated that the weather had been bad over the last week and again requested the pool bar be opened. She pointed out the sun had been shining since 11:30 and we had all paid for “all inclusive” package, including the pool bar. There appeared to be enough staff around that area so what was the problem? Ms ******* then agreed it was a reasonable request and promised to open the bar in ten minutes. Approximately ½ hour later, it was still not open, so I went to the desk and they indicated it w! ould be opened immediately. We left the pool area at 6:00 pm and the bar was still closed. Therefore, in order to enjoy any beverage, one had to go back in to the hotel, go to the second floor bar and order your drinks and take them back to the pool area. It got to the point that I was taking orders from fellow tourists around the pool, going to the 2nd floor bar and bringing back trays of drinks.

There! were a few other incidental items like. The beach was never combed, our free bottle and fruit basket upon arrival never materialized. It took over an hour to clean up a greasy area outside the elevator on the seventh floor and in the meantime, we saw two people slip when leaving the elevator. One day my wife and I were “hit on” three times on the resort, before 10:00am asking us to buy cigars or give our shoes away.

In closing, we both love Cuba and understand the plight of the Cuban people. We take an extra suitcase full toiletries, clothes, shoes and this time I brought down 12 sets of guitar strings (I’m a musician) to give out to local musicians. Which I did! My wife was approached by the young lady who played the second floor bar area to leave anything we could. By this point we had given everything away so we went through our personal items and got a bag together to give to her. Her quartet was playing main stage that night in the Cuban Country show, so Angie; (my wife) took the bag backstage and handed it to the young lady, who asked my wife to wait for her after the show to talk. ! We waited for over an hour only to find out she had left immediately after the show.

Brandishing American money behind the glass, I was even asked if I had a “gift” for the Para military guy who checks your passport when leaving to head back home.

I believe the people have changed their attitudes about tourists since the peso or CUC has come into effect on the island.

I’m sure my wife and I will return to Cuba in the future with a differe! nt attitude and as far away from the Playa Caleta as possible. I guess it’s true that “you can never go back”.

Disgruntled and discouraged
Playa Caleta
Kim and Danny 
January 2006
This was our second visit to Cuba, the first time travelling there with our three kids (ages 10, 13 and 15). To start on a positive note, the atmosphere in the hotel is beautiful, with Lobby 2 looking down over Lobby 1, lots of indoor garden and rattan furniture to sit and relax on, very nice in the evening after dinner before the show. The 24 hour bar is well situated in the corner of the 2nd floor lobby.

Food: We didn’t have any real complaints about the food, if you’re not expecting too much…..The buffet was smaller than we thought it would be. It would have a main meat being served that was sliced up as you requested it, and then there were several other choices after that. There was a small pasta buffet with the same three choices of sauces, and they would heat it up for you on your choice of pasta. Salad bar, soup, cold meats/cheese, desserts. Breakfast was eggs, pancakes, French toast or omelettes, all of them cooked up freshly for you. Scrambled eggs, hard and soft boiled etc in the buffet. The 24 hour snack bar fed my kids for the week with their pizza, hot dogs and French fries. I liked their ham and cheese sandwiches. The pool grill was opened everyday for lunch and always had a soup, potato, rice, fries, and 2 choices of meats. The one restaurant to book was very nice, the food was good, but it was a 2 hour dinner, so not so good for the kids.

Beach: Water was very rough, only 1 green flag day. There was a lifeguard visible on the red flag day to make sure no one went swimming. Sand a little rough, but not an issue. There is a sharp drop where the water erodes away at the beach, so dangerous for little ones, and hard to supervise your kids from your beach chair. Beach volleyball was usually seen being played at least once a day. Lots of beach chairs and sun umbrellas – no problem there.

Nice pool, shallow. Cold water. Swim up bar, but no bartender unless you called up to the regular bar just above it looking for a drink. Of course if you were a frequent customer then they were usually looking for you! Kiddie pool over on the side, maybe about 18 inches deep. Good amount of chairs for tanning, usually full by the afternoon.

Bars: Usually always quick service, always friendly service. The lobby bar has the coffee, cappuccino and tea available, nice for after dinner.

Rooms: Had problems with the air conditioner in one of our rooms, and was fixed fairly quickly. Ants in one room on the first day, but they sprayed when I told them about it and never had another problem. No bed bug issues. Had the ocean view room, definitely a plus. All rooms have balconies, so it was nice to sit and watch the ocean. Rooms were clean. Toilets are another issue. Once one became blocked, it was impossible to get it to flush normally. Refrigerator in the room was great to have, bottle of water in it on arrival. Shampoo, body wash, soap, lots of toilet paper all supplied.

Animation: Almost non-existent. We expected activities all day like we had last year at another club, but all we got was bingo at 3:30, a quick dance lesson at 5:00 and a show in the evening, after which any animation crew still left there, escaped rather quickly. A large change from what we had experienced somewhere else. The kids club did a few things after we complained. It was also difficult to get our free scuba lesson, had to go the hotel next door. No Spanish lessons, no aerobics. The archery, tennis court, badminton area, basketball have not been built yet.

Rented a scooter one day, nice way to see what is around. Was charged the $1 tax also…..

Hotel problems:
The elevators are a joke. They were either not working, or you got stuck in them, or they worked but were in total darkness, or they shut on you very quickly. You learn quickly that you have to keep your finger on the button if you do not want to get injured. We used the external stairs to go down most of the time. One of the nights there was not any water in the entire hotel, I was not very comfortable with that. I think that lasted for several hours (it was late in the evening).

The hotel is still being renovated; the first 3 floors are not opened yet, so they are operating on half capacity. They are busy doing a lot of gardening, no signs of building the other sporting things.

Overall, nice for adults if you are just looking for beach, pool and a relaxing time. Would keep it a 3.5 star. Would not bring my kids back.
Playa Caleta
Jojo & Glenn 

January 2006
I have been to Cuba four times in the past and this was the first time I felt I had to write a review. For starters they took our passports on arrival and kept them for an uncomfortably long time. When we entered our room it was hot and muggy and the air conditioner was broke. when I went down to ask to have it repaired they sent some repair men up and after about two hours it was finally fixed.

The toilet was a completely different story.Our toiled was not working the whole time we were there. I complained to no avale. Luckely we brought a 2 liter coleman thermos that we could fill up in the bathtub and flush the waste down the toilet with it. We woke up every morning with bedbug bites. staff-There was no complaints of the staff.they were very friendly and helpfull. FOOD-the food was at a two star level.we survived on the 24 hr snack bar. the a,la,carte restaurant was very nice the 1 time we were allowed to eat there.

The electricity went out several times throughout our stay stranding the older vacationers in there hot rooms who couldnt climb the stairs because the elevators and air-conditioners didnt work when this happened.

POOL-the pool area was nice and so was the poolside grill the 3 times it was opened. beach-the beach had a lot of sharp shells but was nice to look at.

The conversion rate from canadian dollars to cuban convertable pesos is still a mystery to me.For every 100 canadian u give them they give you back 74 pesos!!! We rented a scooter for 24$ and the rental guy tried to make me pay 1$tax. but when i argued the the fact that there is no tax in Cuba he rushed me away. because he didnt want the other guests to hear our conversation. entertainment-WE were the entertainment!!!!!A lot of the canadian people complained when the dj played only fast loud music for the cubans who all danced around ignoring us. so we pulled out our guitars and harmonicas that we brought from toronto and had a real good time playing various music for everyones taste(we even did guantamamera) for the cubans. all in all my review is two thumbs down.I will never go back to Cuba until they fix the very broken conversion rate with the money and if they do ill pick a different resort because the cuban people are some of the nicest and friendly people ive ever met.
Playa Caleta
Ottawa, Canada
January 2006
This was our first time to Cuba and we were lucky to have nice weather throughout our stay in Varadero.

At Playa Caleta we were told the hotel just re-opened after some renovation. Luckily for us we did not notice it, and there was no foul smell in our room. We were on the 7th floor (top), in a room facing the canal. Wish we were given the sea view option but SunWing did not offer that to us.

Food - What can I say: you have quantity but not quality. I understand this is a common problem with hotel food in Cuba. And we did not come here for food.

Pool - It was re-opened two days after we arrived, after some repair. It was nice, but the water was cold that time of the year. The swim-up bar was nice if you are a 24-hour drinker. Didn't do much for us.

Room - Clean and large. But the A/C was not effective in removing moisture at night so we were stuck with sticky sheets for a week. A great opportunity to give you dry Canadian skin a break but sleeping may not be as comfy. Bring your own soap and shampoo, of course. We were given one piece of soap for the whole week. Bed sheets were changed after 3-4 days.

Beach - Beautiful looking sea and good beach area. However, the sand is mixed with small shells and sometimes thorns. I stepped on tiny thorn balls several times but they did not do big damage. So exercise caution. In most part the beach has a small step into the sea so small kids may find it scary. Also, no lifeguard at the beach and kids need to be supervised by parents, in particular on wavy days, and that applied to almost all the days for us. Still, we swam in the sea daily and once we overcame the first chill shock we could stay in the water for an hour or more at a time. Free water sports like peddle boat, kayaking, etc were available at the beach. There were patches of seaweeds at the ocean floor and I was told corals were at a distance away. So snorkeling did not do much for me.

Staff - Very friendly, and the nightly free entertainment was enjoyable. They all can communicate in English.

Misc - Fasting closing elevator doors. You get caught a couple of times and learned the lesson. We had a 15-minute blackout during an evening storm and I missed my flashlight. That was the only blackout we had, though. Of the three family members I was the only one with a few mosquito bites. However, I was told the young boy of a family got bitten badly. I did not bring and use any repellent, but probably should.

Summary - I will rate Playa Caleta 3.5 stars (it was rated 4). We will definitely come back to Cuba again but may try a different location (i.e. not Varadero) for a change. Our day trip to Havana was the highlight for me and I love that city. Definitely want to go back and stay there for a week. Throughout our week-long stay we felt safe, in Varadero and in Havana. The Cuban people knows how to play music and dance. A great bunch.
Playa Caleta
April 2005
We stayed at the Playa Caleta from April 8-15

Hotel: Very clean, beautiful gardens inside and out. Front desk staff polite and helpful.We stayed on the 4th floor, rooms very clean and newly renovated. We had a canal view which was wonderful. We had no problems with the elevators!!! Lobby bar was very nice, lots of seating, and service was good.

Beach: BEAUTIFUL!!!!! The beach was white sand with some shells(nice to look at). You could walk for miles. The water was warm and it was fun to play in the waves.Colours in the water were amazing. Beach bar always had ice cold beer ready!!

Pool: There were always lots on chairs to choose from and the pool was cleaned every morning.It was cool, but very refreshing. There are lots of shallow areas for lazing about in the pool. Swim up bar wasn't very busy, but the bartenders were always ready to fill our glasses (travel mugs from home A MUST!!!) The grill at the pool was only open for lunch, they always had lots to choose from.

Food: The only negative for this resort is the food. But lets all admit we don't go the cuba for the food. Our suggestion is to eat at the 24 hour cafe. You can get by on Pizza, Fries, Hamburgers,Hot dogs and Sandwiches (but they weren't great but edible)

In summary this is a beautiful resort, don't listen to the bad reviews, you will have a great time! People will find anything to complain about.
Playa Caleta
Halifax, NS
March 2005
We stayed at Playa Caleta from March 20-27, 2005.

All can say is WE LOVED IT. It truly is a four star resort with a huge bang for your buck.

ROOM: Beautiful 5th floor room. Not ocean facing but canal facing. It was modern with a powerful air-conditioner, the water was always hot and if you have more than two people in the room even the cot was VERY comfortable- believe me I know!

POOL: Fantastic and big. It does have a swim-up bar. The pool used to be gargantuan but when superclubs sold the resort to two other companies it was split and now so is the pool. Playa Caleta got the better side I think as it does seem a little bigger and has the swim-up bar. I am more of a beach person than a pool person though.

BEACH: Super! Yes it does have some shells in it I find but if you are that picky stay at a Sandals. There are lots of huts to avoid the blaring sun for those of you who burn like I do. The water is aqua blue and depending on the sun you can so so many shades of blue and some greens... absolutely beautiful. Use a mask and snorkel and you will see lots of tropical fishies. Watch out for the prickly sea urchins but it is nothing that some flip-flops won't cure. I was able to go barefoot after I actually got to the beach between my "post" and the water.

ENTERTAINMENT: I think it was fantastic. Lots of amazing dancers and magicians and fashion shows. The dancers were stunning but than again all of the employees and locals I encountered were stunning. They are truly a beautiful people who know how to take life each day at a time unlike our busy schedules, deadlines, and general rushed lives.

FOOD: It was "OK". I say this as it really does not matter what resort you stay at it will all taste the same. YOU WILL GET BY! The A La Carte "Casablanca" was good and a nice break from the buffet but seriously you will be fine. There was also an all-day/late night snack bar with burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, and my choice the toasted ham & cheese! These got me by in a pinch to say the least.

DRINK: Fan-friggin-tabulous!!! From Mojitos to Pina Coladas to Cerveza it was all super. The beach bar is really close to the beach so that helps (BRING A TRAVEL MUG to avoid the tiny plastic cups) and the lobby bar (dare I say it is 24 hours!!!) was my favourite. That is where the drinks were more fancy and in actual glasses. I big shout out to Omar the bartender... Omar I wish you could read this because man do we miss you!

In general we loved this place and I am definitely going back. Plan to tip and make a trip to your local dollar store for little goodies to bring them. They love this and throw in some Canadian paraphernalia. I don't know how many employees I saw around the hotel wearing little Canadian pins, etc. Also if you go to the market bring some goodies for the kids. I did not see many but I saw the occasional child sitting with their working parents and when you give them a pack of gum or some markers, etc. their eyes will light up and their parents will thank you immensely.

Enjoy your trip to Playa Caleta! I know we did.
Playa Caleta
Toronto Canada
February 2005
Hi, we just got back from Varadero Cuba Sunday February 20th, the Playa Caleta resort, and it was great! I believe Playa Caleta was previously named Superclubs Punatarama. We had a great time, in my personal opinion it was a 4 star resort. The weather was perfect, sunny & hot everyday, it does get very windy in the afternoon, and especially in the evening, it is cool, we needed a jacket for sure. The beach was gorgeous, beige sand with beautiful shells everywhere, turquoise water, watch out for the beached purple & blue jellyfish! We would lie on the beach until the late afternoon when it would start to get very windy, and then we'd migrate to the pool are, which was also beautiful. The pool still had lots of sun but was less windy, and there were still beautiful palm trees everywhere. We had the all-inclusive package of course, drinks & food were available 24-hours so it was one big fun party all week. The staff are great, so friendly and helpful. Our chamber maid Marcia was so nice, we left her a peso and lots of makeup on the pillow everyday, she left us new towel art in exchange. The rooms were nice, clean & spacious, not that I really cared about that because who in their right mind would spend a lot of time in their room. At night the shows were great, the dancing was incredible, and the disco was a pumping! We did the 'Jungle Tour' one day, 2 people to one sea doo, it was fun, they take you into a jungle type area where you get off your sea doos and walk to a mini zoo area. Another day we rented scooter and went into Varadero City, scary at first, but fun. I enjoyed the food, it was fine, they tried their best to switch up a couple dishes in the buffets everyday. On the last night we did the 'a la carte' restaurant, I've never had such a fancy meal in my life, there was candlelight, and a woman playing a grande piano. Next year I would like to go somewhere else, but if Playa Caleta was my only option I would still be happy with that, I recommend it to anyone. I am very sad to be back in cold snowy Toronto Canada, can't wait for more sun & fun soon.