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Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero

March 2008
We enjoyed our trip,very relaxing but were disappointed with this hotel. I had stayed in a 3* the yr before and it enjoyed it more. The mattresses are like rocks...not just firm. Woke up sore every morning and had a hard time falling asleep every night.Giving you one water bottle at the beginning of your trip and having you get it refilled is just cheap...even for Cuba. Always managed to find something to eat at the buffets. The beach is beautiful and we didn't have to get up early and reserve chairs. We liked the location of our room...'sea view' as opposed to 'ocean view'...we could sit on our balcony and have one view and then sit on the beach with a different one. The staff were friendly...goodies brought for the maids were appreciated.

I wouldn't go back to this hotel because of the mattresses alone. In fact, if all 4*in Cuba are like this one then we might as well just save some money and go to 3*resorts.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
March 2007
Flight :-)
Flight from Ottawa with Skyservice (Skysquish) left late because of de-icing but made up the time in the air. Arrival at the Tuxpan went smoothly since we were the only couple on the bus staying there. Our room was ready for us when we arrived, so we didn't have to wait. We were located on the second floor room 202.

The Room
It was comfortable with a good firm king size bed and a mini fridge stocked daily. We had a good view of the ocean and the pool. The bathroom was a good size, the shower had lots of hot water, the water pressure was great, (heard complaints about the third floor water pressure) and the electrical was 110 volt. The location of the room was great, close to everything. Walking down the hall to our room on the left you could see the disco below which we didn't hear in our room at night. A special thank you to Maritza, our maid, she kept our room in great shape every day. She always had a pleasant smile, said Hi and asked how our day was going every time she saw us. She also did a special towel arrangement with flowers for Valentine's day, it was very nice, took pictures of it :-).

The Grounds
The overall layout of the resort is nice, with washrooms close to the beach and pool bar area (not found at all resorts). It's not a big resort but it's well taken care of.

The Pool
Great, it was clean with a gentle slope to the middle of the pool on one side which is nice because you don't have to jump in right away or use the ladder to get in. It was fairly big and there was a kids section. There was a Jacuzzi in the pool but it wasn't warm because it was using the same pool water. There were lots of loungers everywhere.

The Beach
Varadero beach is beautiful with the white sand and blue/green water. It's a long stretch so you can walk as long as you want. You can walk into town if you like. We walked the beach almost every day, weather permitting. There were lots of loungers available even on the crowded days.

The Restaurants
The food's not bad for Cuba. The Buffet was small as it is a small resort, but the food was good and the service was great. We never had to wait long for a table or to be served. We only tried El Rancho once and it was good.

The Bars
There was a lobby bar, pool bar and a beach bar. The service was very good and the bartenders very friendly. Hi, to the best bartenders and our friends at the lobby bar, Ulises, Nayivis, Miriam, Nelson and Andy.

The Disco
La Bamba was fun. We went there a couple of times which made for a couple of late nights... getting too old for this stuff ;-).

The Staff
The staff at the Tuxpan were very friendly and made us feel at home. The service was also very good. The atmosphere at any resort really makes a big difference on what kind of vacation you have.

We didn't do any excursions, have done some before but we walked into town a couple of times hitting our favorite spots along the way. We did go out to dinner one night on Sandy's birthday at La Barbacoa restaurant. Sandy had fresh Lobster and I had Chateau Briand which just melted in my mouth. It was enough for two people and I had some leftover so some lucky cat sitting on the floor watching me got the rest. Best friend for the rest of the night ;-). After supper we went to Calle 62, a bar down the street. The same band we saw last year, was playing again this year, so we bought their CD this time. It was fun, the street dancing is interesting to watch.

Kids Program
We don't have any kids but there were several of different ages there and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. They do have a Mini club for kids and the place seems to be family oriented.

Leaving Cuba :-(
Our plane was an on time leaving and it only took us 3 1/2 hours to get home to the cold. We lucked out at the airport, our luggage was one of the first down the ramp, so we got out quickly and through customs with barely a question.

Final Statement
This is our 5th trip to Cuba and definitely not our last. I have read the past reviews for this resort and to me, I don't understand what the complainers are whining about. We really enjoyed ourselves and will be returning next year if the price is right. Remember this is Cuba, the hotel rating system is not the same as elsewhere. So if you go to this resort, go with a open mind, enjoy yourself and remember you're on vacation.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
Kelsie ansd Michel 

March 2007
We arrived at the resoret and was extemely dissappointed in everything We were under the understanding that it was a 5 star but it was no where near that. Food was poor as well as the selection very minimal.Now if you liked cabbage you would have like it .We ordered hamburger and hotdogs with cabbage on them.Your water bottle on arrival was not to be thrown out but to be refilled by the dining room staff .Same bottle used everytime and they touch the top of the bottle with the water spout.There were many people walking around with cold sores around there mouths!!!We saw staff pick up silverware which had just fallen on the floor and pu back into the clean silverware ,dishes were cracked or glasses chipped.Staff was not so friendly as we witnessed a maid accusing 2 other girls stealing 2 spoons,they said they had never seen her before and they didn't know what she was talking about .We had problems with geting our proper amount of towels as well as poor service from our rep.As for activities very few ,entertainment well it was late and below average.Specialty rest.were almost the same food as the buffet only you didn't have to get up to get it.I suggest another resort as this one was well blow a 4 star and both of us travel 2 times a year.and to many places this one has been our worse yet .
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
Lee Anne 

March 2007
I was very disappointed to read the review of March 2007, in regards to this hotel.

I stayed at this resort during January and February and found it to be a very clean resort, kind and helpful staff and very good food. I like my food and was able to find something good to eat any time of day at any restaurant. The croisants are not your typical 'French Cuisine' but are very nice in the morning...and served warm. The bread was baked every night on site and couldn't be fresher and tasteful.

Yes the meat was thinly sliced and grilled and well done is the safe way to go in those countries. The hamburgers on the beach were very good and the cabbage topping was an option, not an automatic, and better without.

Our room was spotless, the AC worked very well, and the elevators were slow but worked well.

I had concerns about the stairs with sore knees, but I had not read attentively before booking, so ....I worked around it and planned my days accordingly. The cleanliness in the dinning rooms was something to be proud of. I saw the servers bringing in the trays from the kitchen and then drying each and every utensil, every plate and glass to perfection before putting them away. I was amazed, here in Canada, everything is drip-dried in restaurants! I would go back to this hotel in a heart beat. I have been to the Coralia Playa de Oro as well, and would go back there too.

The only problem we encountered at all was that the internet didn't work well or often.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
March 2007
Just home from the resort and boy we were very dissappointed .They rated a 4 star well I think half the stars are more like it. We arrived and had our representative tell us that the bottle of water you get in your room on arrival do not throw it away !!!you take it with you to buffet and have it refilled for all of your stay.Now you could purchase water but it cost you. Food was awful!! they the whole 7 days we were there was the same broccoli, cabbage ,rice or potatos[looked like wallpaper paste]mixed carrots &peas ,churd ,chicken legs, eggplantand speggetti and tomatoe sauce.We had lettuce once there.Meats were fish at every meal very thinly slice beef or pork and was overcooked too hard to eat.Breakfast was eggs some sort of sausage pancakes and french toast with no taste even withthe syurp.Toast well they ran out of sliced bread twice but you could have the french bread toasted and that was only after you put it through the old toaster 5 or 6 times to even brown it.Coffee was bad as they use an expresso machine .We took our own thermal mugs and when we asked for coffee in them they said they were always out of milk.They had to take your cup out of your sight to their kitchen to make coffee and sometimes there was several other cups on the tray at once or even dirty dishes.You really didn't know if you were getting your own cup back.Staff either broke dishes or if they dropped the silverware on the floor they would pick it up and put in the clean silverware drawers.Second day we were there we were accused of steal a pillow,3rd day 2 coffee spoons ,4th day a towel which was in the room.They refused to leave any other clean towels. Their 24 hour snack bar which did say it was only opened from 9:00am to 9:00pm.I went on my last night there at 8:00 as I had to eat something other than fruit and bread/butter.I had to beg for a ham sandwich but was told I had to come after 11:00pm.Almost in tears they did make me a ham sandwich with cabbage .It was on everything hamburgers and hotdogs!!!!!!everything had cabbage on it.Beach was nice ,pool was OK but there is not gym ,no water excersises actually the only activity I saw was darts at the pool side last day there,one dance lesson and beach volleyball a few times .Nightly entertainment well it started after 10:00 very loud .First night there they did the whole show with the same costumes on!!!!!Rooms were small ,damp and musty smelling .Air conditioners work sometime .Our clothes were damp alot .Very disappointing resort .So folks book somewhere else Iberastar is excellent as I was there March 2006 excellent.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
Laurie and Michael 
February 2007
We visited the Tuxpan in December 2006 for one week. We used our regular Travel Company - GO Travel Direct which rated this resort as a four star….boy we were disappointed.

The hotel itself, ie. Lobby, Rooms, etc. were very impressive, and clean. Unfortunately, the beds were extremely uncomfortable, HARD AS A ROCK - I like very firm mattresses, however, these were probably the most uncomfortable beds I have ever encountered. We were really glad that we had only opted for a one week holiday vs. our regular two weeks'. We could not have stayed here for a second week.

The staff were extremely friendly and the servers at the buffet were very accommodating and knowledgeable. The food at this resort was very bland, the buffet had nothing to offer that was even close to what is generally offered at a 4star resort. There was no variety at all! I would highly recommend that you bring your own spices.

The beach was fairly nice, however, the pool was not really usable. The water in the pool was green and although the staff did their best to clear it - they were fighting a useless battle. My husband and I were told it was safe to swim in the pool, but of course we didn't dare! We did try the Al a Carte restaurant and it was not great either!

We took a day trip in to visit HAVANA and I would strongly suggest anyone visiting Varadero should by all means do this. The city is beautiful, the buildings, the people and guide we had made our trip an unforgettable one!

Would we return to this resort, No,
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
Manon & Paul  
Ottawa Canada
February 2007
We went to the Tuxpan Hotel from Jan 19 to Jan 26. This is my 5th time in Cuba, twice this winter.

We really like the hotel. The rooms were cleaned. The weather was great except for the last day 1/2. The beach was wonderful. The drinks were great. We really like to drink milk & cacao. Also William at the pool bar was great. So was our maid.

We booked a 24hrs drinks & food hotel. Boy were we disappointed. We arrived shortly past 2am. The disco was closed due to some problems with it and the bar El Colibri was not serving booze. We did not get a welcoming drink either. Nobody there seemed to know what was going on. All the tourist were disappointed, we all expected to get drinks after a long day. Our tour rep told us that this was changed a week ago due to some tourist complaining about the noise coming from the bar. Our travel agent and all the others never told us this. This was one of the reason we went to that hotel. The next day the disco was open so we were able to get drinks until 3am which is not so bad.

We tried the a la carte restaurent. El Rancho was great, we went twice and we were not the only ones. The El Colibri was not soo good, the food was dry, didn't taste anything. After eating there we went to see what we missed at the buffet. Well what do you know. Everything on our plate came from the buffet. Absolutely everything was the same. Not good. As for the buffet well, that was not good either. Every night it was the same thing which included frozen vegetables. The same sauce for the pasta. And not many choice as for meat or fish. This is not the food you would expect from a 4* restaurent.

The entertainment was basically null or at least would have been better if we were not expecting something. There was a schedule telling us what was going to happen for the day but yet nothing happened. During the week they once did stretching at the beach. Played volleyball twice. The dance lesson was a routine. If you could dance their dance then you were ok, otherwise they were not showing you how to do it. You were on your one. The entertainers were also the same people at the club house giving you the towels, which means they were not doing anyting else for the tourists. We only saw 3 of them and they were busy not doing anything with each other. We saw 3 shows at night which only lasted 30 minutes when it's supposed to be an hour. The 1st show they were competing for a bottle of rum. The next 2 shows we saw were the same. The same costumes, the same songs, the same dance. It was pathetic.

We did a day in Havana with shopping for $88. canadian. It's a 2 hour drive each way. When booking it with Marie, we were speaking in french with her so she assumed we wanted a french guide. We didn't. We had trouble understanding him. He has a accent and spoke very low.

Beside the negative thing, we had fun. We meet awesome people there which we will keep in touch with. At least we were not freezing like they were in Ontario.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero

October 2006
I travelled to Cuba at the end of January 2006. I have mixed feelings on Club Tuxpan. The resort itself was clean. The beds are quite small (not quite a double). Although they tell everyone that they have ocean view rooms, the view from half of them is not what you expect, yes we could see the ocean, but not side that we were swimming in, and before you stretched your neck to see the ocen, you ran across the delivery yard where everything was brought in, including the staff. The food was good, by no means great. Everything is very bland. I would recommend anyone going to bring their own pepper. The concierge was extremely nice (but was getting well tipped by everyone). My main problem was the day we left. As we had an evening flight and had to be out of our room by noon, our luggage was kept in a locked room, monitored by hotel staff. By the time I got home, I was missing my hair straightener, camera (with all my pics), and a few other personal items. I did send an e-mail to the resort, but never heard back from them.

Would I go back - yes, but I would not leave my luggage in their care, I would try very hard to get a room on the pool side of the resort and I would bring my own spices.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
Jim & Christina 
Toronto, ON
August 2006
Our Arrival: The flight with Air Transat/Conquest was uneventful and going through customs was very quick. The drive to the hotel was about 30 minutes.

Room: Our room was on the 3rd floor, we had a full view of the ocean and the pool. The room was horrible. It was small, dirty and dated. The bathroom counter had mould growing behind the faucet. The bathtub was dirty; a ring of dirt went all around the bottom of the tub. The shower knobs were rusted and dirty. The beds were very hard. Not a pleasant experience.

Grounds: The hotel grounds were nice.

Pool: It was okay. During our stay the hotel was only half full. Therefore, lounge chairs were always available.

Beach: The beach was beautiful! Lots of lounge chairs available at all times.

Bugs: Lots of mosquitoes. Bring bug repellent.

Restaurants: The Buffet was horrible. They only offered one meat selection and one fish each night. They would then basically grill your choice and serve it to you. The only salad available was cabbage. The ala Carte restaurant was a little better than the buffet.

Clubs/Bars: The resort has a disco on the grounds. There were also scheduled shows every night but nothing special.

Staff and Service: The service for the most part was great.

Activities: There were a few activities by the pool each day like water volleyball, dancing and water aerobics.

Tours: We did not participate in any of the tours. Instead, we rented a car and drove to Havana.

Going Home: Our flight was ½ an hour delayed. Other than that – it was uneventful.

Summary: This was our 4th time to Cuba. We love the island and I am sure we will be back again. Due to the issues noted above regarding our room and the lack of the food selection and quality, we will never stay at and/or recommend the Tuxpan.

Please feel free to email me should you have any questions.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
July 2006
I had read some good and bad reviews about the Tuxpan before I arrived there recently (I was booked to stay there all inclusive for a week). We had been advised by our travel agents that the Tuxpan was a 4*. I have stayed in 5* hotels in Grenada, a 5* in Thailand and 4* in Bali in the past and been very happy with all these hotels.

Upon arriving at the Tuxpan I found the hotel reception area extremely hot (no air conditioning). This we were later advised by a travel agent is a standard in Varadero with only 2 hotels in the area having air conditioning in the main reception areas. We were shown to our room which was extremely disappointing. Perhaps it depends what you are used to but I found the room below the standard I expected. The furniture was very dated and the room was extremely hot and the air conditioning didn't appear to be working properly. My instant reaction upon seeing the room was to feel appalled, it was so below the standard expected of a 4* and the heat in the room was awful, the sweat was dripping off me. My immediate reaction was that I would not be able to stay in the hotel.

My boyfriend insisted we give it a try so we went to the bar area to get a drink.
I asked for an orange juice and was given an orange squash. I asked and they had no real orange juice (this however I found was later the case in the other 4* hotel we later moved to). The bar appeared to have very little stock in it. We then decided to give the buffet lunch a try - it appeared to me that the choice was very limited and it certainly was not somewhere that I would have enjoyed the food.

Following this, we asked to be moved to another hotel and were transferred to another 4* hotel. The other hotel it has to be said also failed to meet my expectations but was ok for a week. I would however have found a week's stay in the Tuxpan to have been an endurance test rather than an enjoyable experience.

We did meet some people who stayed at the Tuxpan and seemed to have enjoyed it. I think that whether or not you will like the Tuxpan very much depends on your expectations. If you are happy with a 2-3* hotel and have pretty low expecations I am sure that the Tuxpan would be fine. However, if you have reasonably high expectations I don't think that you would be impressed with the Tuxpan. It definately is not what I would expect of a 4*. Having said that the other 4* hotel we moved to was better but not what I would expect of a 4* hotel either. I think that if you have reasonably high expecations, the safest bet is probably to book a 5* hotel in Cuba (if you can find one with good reviews).
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
May 2006
We just got back from the Tuxpan in Varadero, Cuba. It was an awesome experience, with lots of wonderful staff and I can only say good things about this resort and our trip in general. Beach there is second to none.

Food was great...and the staff were accomadating and friendly. We are planning to go back again next spring.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
April 2006
We arrived at the hotel around 10 pm.

We had 2 rooms. This was our third stay at the Tuxpan and we cheerfully mentioned it to the hotel checkin guy,and he said nobody told him and we got the repeat visitor status-a couple of free bottles of rum in the rooms(got the kiddies before they did!) Probably could have gotten VIP rooms but we requested lower level and were very happy. The rooms were clean and everything worked.There was a power failure one day for about 4 hours but it was no big deal.

The hotel is beautifully laid out and we let the kids have the run of the place. Even our 8 year old was allowed. The Cubans are the best . The food was ok-nobody starved Fabulous morning omelets..Went to Cojimar and ate the best shrimp ever at La Terraza pub (Hemingway hangout) Also loved to eat at El Compay- an open air restaurant in downtown Varadero-right on the beach. Great lobster!

Spent a couple afternoons enjoying some cold ones at the Dupont mansion. Third floor is a bar. Second floor is now an hotel. Of course the beach is the best in the world. Perfect for kids and adults. Kids lived off the beach bar hotdogs fries and hamburgers as we did for the cervezas(gotta keep up the hydration levels!)

Can't say enough good things about the workers. Brought lots of gifts which were appreciated. A great mixture of people. We actually chummed around with a party of 15 or so Brits aged 65-70+! They were great company! The clientele is changing somewhat. It is now managed/owned by Mexicans. Previously it was the Italians. Internet time was 10 $ an hour. Two computers and the kids connected with their buddies on MSN.

We had a great experience and would do it again.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
Don and Rosarii 
March 2006
Enjoyed the hotel, rooms were clean. We did not experience any loss of hot water or loss of water pressure that others reported.

Food variety was limited in the buffet, however the food was generally good.

A la carte restaurant food was good and the service was very good.

Live music was very good , lots of talented local musicians .

We took a day tour to Havana. The tour covered a lot of sites, but you did not get to spend a lot of time in any one location. Apparently you can book transportation from the hotel to Havana and return which allows you the flexibility to spend time in particular places, however you have to find your own way around Havana.

The swimming pool was not that clear or clean and they seemed to be having problems addressing that problem. The beach area by the hotel is excellent and includes a beach bar that also services burgers, hot dogs and salads. Lots of lounge chairs to use. You needed to be on the beaches by around 09:30 if you wanted to get an umbrella for shade.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
Paul & Jill 
Ottawa, Ontario
March 2006
This was my second trip to Cuba and Jill’s first. We are in our 40s and love to dance. We had taken extra salsa dance classes before we left. Last year we went to Punta Cana in Dominican Republic.

Food - There are 4 places to get food – the main buffet, the specialty restaurant, the pool side bar/grill, and the beach bar/grill. Main buffet – I was not impressed, but everyone has their own opinion. In general I found the fish overcooked, which is generally a good thing, and the meat was undercooked which is not so good. Across the back of the buffet were 8 items in hot trays. In general, there were 2 rice dishes, 1 pasta, 2 vegetable, 2 meat, and 1 other. The white rice was instant or minute rice as opposed to long grain. The salad bar had lettuce, shredded red cabbage, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. The last day they had no bananas at breakfast. The table service was slow and it was not until the final days that the staff became friendly and service got better. I think they recognized our bracelet as people who were leaving soon and expected a tip. A few birds fly around inside. That did not bother us until a bird nest fell on Jill’s plate of food at lunch one day. There was no real dress code. If you arrive later, say 2 p.m., for lunch you better check the chair before you sit unless you want to soak up some pool water from someone else’s swim suit. Where are people’s manners these days?

Food at the main specialty restaurant, El Rancho was good but not great. The line up to book it grows longer as the week goes on. Poolside and beach grills served fast food that was never too fast, typically burgers and fries. Don’t expect thick and juicy burgers. They are thin and slightly undercooked. I heard people asking the cook to please burn their burgers.

Room. Bad news - three times the hot water ran out and then the tap ran completely dry. For that reason alone I would never return. It you waited for an hour or two it would come back. Sound carries far in the hallway and it was noisy on most nights as people came back from the bar in the middle of the night.

Hotel in general. There are a lot of stairs and the elevator does not service all the levels so it would not be considered wheelchair accessible. Someone with difficulty on stairs would have a real problem here. We also got stuck in the elevator once. There are 3 elevators. You need to find a good one and stick to it. Our room was on the 4th floor and we used the stairs more than the elevator.

Music/disco – This was a big disappointment. We went to Cuba for Latin music and we got standard American pop and hip hop. La Bamba, attached to the hotel, used to be the disco place to be, but not any more. They don’t play salsa. One night we went in and the bartender had the TV on loudly watching a Cuban baseball game at 11:30. The DJ finally came in and put music on, but went out for a smoke and after while the music stopped until he came back in. I think the younger people enjoyed it.

Mambo Club. If you are interested in Latin music and dancing you MUST go here on a weekend night. They had a live band with lots of great salsa music. They also have two dancers who help teach a few steps. It was about $10 taxi ride from Tuxpan. Amazing.

Catamaran tour. Other reviews cover this well. One tip – buy the lobster snack on board the boat for $10 because it is very good. They serve a free lunch on the island but, you don’t actually think that ‘free’ lobster means fabulous tasting fresh lobster do you?

Money exchange. People had lots of stories about getting shortchanged at the airport. The cashier at the hotel had bad rates and I saw someone arguing about the exchange there. So, go to the 2nd floor money exchange and do it there. There were open pretty much all day. It you want a cash advance against a credit card you have to go next door to the Bella Costa hotel and remember to take your passport.

One day we walked into town from the Tuxpan. It was 30 minutes. There are a lot of open markets for shopping. We took a side street and found a decent restaurant where there were only locals. A good tasting plate of fried chicken and Cuban rice cost us $1.50 each – yes that’s 1.50.

On the flight back, Skyservice left 17-21 bags in Cuba, including Jill’s. So overall it was not the best vacation. Cuba has changed since I was there 4 years ago. I loved it last time. We had a good vacation because we always manage to have fun, but this was a bit of a disappointment
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
February 2006
I just returned from Varadero,Cuba as i stayed at theTuxpan resort from Feb.12-19.I have two complaints, the weather and the foreign exchange.Canadians are getting ripped off big time.I exchanged 100 dollars at the airport and received 77 pesos as the exchange rate was 1.30.Before i left for cuba the exchange rate was 1.17 in canada as i purchased 100 dollars american and paid 117 canadian at the bank in town.I think they charge us canadians 10% and the same rate if you have any money left as i turned in 14 pesos at the airport and only received 15 dollars canadian.They also will not give you the correct change as i was 3 pesos short as i counted my money at the resort and not at the airport.The tuxpan resort was a surprise as it was quite nice and the staff were excellent and polite.I tipped everyone as i know that will be my last time in cuba.This was not my first trip down south as i travelled to mexico 6 times and the Dominican twice.Cuba is now at the bottom of my list.The trip to Havana was an eye opener and worth the 67 pesos as you receive a meal to booth.They will never rebuild Havana in my life time as there are too many delapated buildings.If you have any questions to ask my email is c.nemis@ns.sympatico.ca
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
DR. Ulf Hanxleden 
Augbsurg, Germany
September 2005
My wife an me arrived on Cuba in November 2002. It was our honeymoon vacation. When we have booked our vacation we also booked the "honeymoon arrangement". As we arrived (very tired after 12h flight), the check in was very quickly done. The room we got, was on the 2nd floor, ment to be our "honeymoon-suite". As we entered the room, we recogniced a very musty smell. After a short inspection of the room, we were really upset !!. The bathroom was mess; brocken ceiling-plates, broken sink, rust around the bathtub. And really disgusting were the "microbiological-cultures" around the door. The beds were dirty, the planty on the balkoneer were dead and dry. My wife started crying. After a while of deep breathing I went to the check-in. After a short argument, the people told me, that is would´nt be a problem to change on the next day. I asked him, why we got such a messy room, especially when "honeymoon-arrangement" is known !? --> No answear.! Next day, we started with breakfeast, the weather was fantastic, so that we could calm down. They have shown us two different rooms, and one of those was quite ok. We moved in there. The travel-agency didnt feel responsibel at all. I think the problem of all was, that the owner of the resort have changed from LTI-group to Cubanacan, Cuba. Everything was very run down around the pool, the bars a.s.o.. Right in the time, when we were there, they have started to repair and refurnishe everything. At the end of outr three weeks stay, the only really terrible thing was the food and the hygyne of the dining area. The food was low quality; not that kind, what we were used to by the other vacations to Cuba or other carribean islands. No very fresh fruits and salads. Maybe the hotel is on an acceptabel level today, but I´d never go there any time again, even for half price !!!
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
July 2005
I would like to thank all those who wrote the bad reviews, you lowered our expectations so much that when we got there and saw what it was really like we could hardly believe how wonderful it was.

The staff was fantastic, even the Italian staff gave us nothing to complain about, everyone was helpful and nice. The week we went, there were about 50% Canadians and we heard very few complaints. The Italian guests were not a problem at all, well except for that great big one that blocked out my sunshine one day but after she sat down everything was fine lol. Actually there were a few Italian characters that were very entertaining, I'm sure everyone will remember the Paris and Nicole wanna be's, they were hilarious and quite serious about their "look". There was a variety of ages, lots of couples, some singles but not very many children. The service, particularly from the Cuban staff was second to none.

I can't understand anyone not being able to find something they like at the buffet, there was always lots and something different every night, for example one evening there were rotisserie chickens, next night hip of beef, another night roast turkey ect.. along with the main dishes there were always lots of other selections like sea food, rice dishes and other Cuban, Canadian and Italian food most of the time the food was a good temperature. Lunch wasn't quite as good but breakfast was great.

Yes there were always a few different pasta dishes ( never the main coarse) some pasta that I have never tried before and it was delicious. One evening the manager cooked up a pasta dish that I have never heard of, can't remember what he called it but it was very good, I had a second helping which seemed to flatter him. Come to think of it I ate about 7 times a day and put on about 7 pounds.

The A-la-Carte Restraunt was fantastic, yes there was only one but we could get it any time we wanted. It was very romantic and the 5 coarse meal was great, there were two gentlemen that played the violin and guitar at your table, very nice atmosphere. The rooms were pretty basic but very clean, never saw a bug at anytime in the room. Yes the beds were hard but we were so tired and maybe a little drunk by the time we went to bed we hardly noticed.

If I had to complain about something it would be the pool It wasn't real clean looking some days and the tiles are coming off, also the swim up bar was never open but it is only abot 200 feet from the Ocean were we preferred to be. The beach was incredible and the water was warm, there was no shortage of loungers or shade if you wanted it. The beach bar was great, there was never a line up for drinks and you didn't have to wait long for the food they served there ( burgers, hotdogs, sausages and fries). Our travel company rated this resort as a 3.5 star, we paid the price of a 3 star, the hotel rated it's self as a 4 star. We had a 4.5 star experience for an unbeatable price.

This was our first time to Cuba and would go back in a second. Last year we went to a 3.5 star in the Dominican Republic, we liked it but it couldn't compare to the Tuxpan or Cuba in general.

Of course the price will determine where we go next year but we are hoping to go back to the Tuxpan or at least somewhere in Varadero.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
April 2005
This was my fourth trip to Cuba and although I've been to Cuba, Mexico and Jamaica several times,coincidentally I've always traveled to Cuba alone.

THE TRIP - This April I went to the Tuxpan in Varadero. I had been to Cienfuegos, Cayo Largo & Cayo Guillermo previously. I booked the all-inclusive package online (my first time online) with Dream Vacations in Toronto. The funny thing that happened was that I never got my ticket. I was supposed to get the ticket 1 -week prior to departure only so they told me not to worry. But because the week prior to my departure was the Easter weekend, they finally called me on the Tuesday to tell me that it was too late to send me my ticket and just to pick it up at the airport. On the Wednesday, they also called me to warn me that my flight's departure time had changed because of the Spring time change and that it would leave an hour late. Well... I get to the airport. There is no one at the Caribe Sol counter so a nice lady from Tours Mont-Royal asks if she can help me. She had my ticket but thought I would bring my old ticket with me and that I would simply do an exchange. It was a bit of a hard sell to say that I had NEVER gotten my ticket in the first place but I finally got my ticket.

As I had arrived early at the airport in case of problems I was waiting with my boyfriend in the food court and we looked at my ticket. My boyfriend had the presence of mind to ask: Where's your Cuban tourist card?? They had forgotten to include it!! Thankfully we noticed it early enough so I went back to the counter and was able to get my tourist card. Now as I was finally waiting in line to register my luggage, I started speaking with the other travellers and somehow we talked about the change of time and I mentioned the flight leaving 1 hour later... AND they all looked at me very strangely and guess what??? of course the flight was leaving exactly at the time it was supposed to leave and not 1 hour later as I had been told over the phone by Dream vacations... I ended up in a middle seat between two overweight (but very nice) ladies. Not the most comfortable trip. The morale of the story? Always get to the airport earlier than you have to and double-check every piece of paper!

THE HOTEL -Now for the holiday itself, personally I don't think I will fly again to arrive in the middle of the night. Very tiring and once at the hotel, we only had 2 receptionists to help us (oh and of course, I didn't have my room documents either so they confiscated my passport - I guess they were supposed to be with the ticket!). Plus there was no one to help carry our luggage to our room AND my card key did not work so I had to go back down at 4 am - exhausted - to get another card key.

THE ROOM - Lucky me I got the room right next to the elevator...hum... and what everybody else is saying about the beds is true. They're quite hard! It was a bit difficult to finally get to sleep that first night but as the week went by I got used to them. The mini-fridge is not plugged in and you have to order and pay for what you would like in stock - ultimately the noise of the refrigerator wasn't worth it). The maids kept the room spotless though and the TV had good movie channels. I had the garden view with the bay and it was nice to be woken up by the birds. The only problem was being woken up one night at 2 am by some girls who were being flirted by two guys and they talked and talked and talked, it seemed right outside my door... Until I couldn't take it anymore!!! If you go, try to request a room at the end of the hall...

THE FOOD - Cuba is Cuba. The Tuxpan does have lots of Italians so lots of pasta. The fresh orange juice every morning was superb. Pizza & fries at lunch were a good choice. The red wine was exquisite! Evening meals weren't that bad. But I wasn't there for the food...

THE BEACH - Best I've seen in Cuba so far. Just gorgeous !!! The weather cooperated and even though it was a bit hard to find a chair if you waited too long in the mornings, the staff would get you one from the pool. Kilometers of white sandy beaches.... just a dream!

HOTEL, STAFF & POOL - Hotel was just ok. 3.5 stars is almost too generous - I've seen better. Next trips to Cuba I'll stick to Sol or Melia chain of hotels. They're a notch above for sure. Pool was a hazard to your health (too much chlorine - or not enough - and small tiles were coming off the bottom of the pool - not very inviting). Great hotel for Italians or anyone who speaks Italian. Staff doesn't speak much French at all and only a bit of English. Fortunately I speak Spanish so I kind of spent my social time speaking with the Cuban security staff and beach vendors. Although Danilo at the pool bar is a sweetheart. The rest of the animation staff were too busy with the Italians. But I've been told that Italians stop going to the Hotel at the end of April and the people from Spain start coming in May... That would have been a lot more fun!

POSITIVE END NOTE - Please don't get me wrong I LOVE Cuba. Love the sun, beaches, people & culture. Don't mind the food being average, or accommodations not being on par with North American standards. I will definitely go back to Cuba again and again. But next time I will definitely leave the Tuxpan to the Italians...
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
April 2005
On April 3rd, 2005, our family of 4 consisting of 2 teenagers and 2 parents left Halifax for Varadero with Go Travel Direct. We have travelled with Go Travel for the past 3 years and have nothing but good things to say about the people who operate Zoom Airlines and new this year, Excel Airlines from England. The flight was smooth and the service excellent. We were met in Varadero airport by a Go Travel Rep who ushered us to our tour bus. Within minutes we were on our way to the motel where we were welcomed and given a cold drink. The people at the front desk spoke perfect English and were always were helpful and friendly. Our initital visit to the buffet at lunch time was a bit disappointing but at dinner time we found lots of good food. The homemade bread in Cuba is as close to "Grandma's" as you can get! There is only one a la carte and it served delicious 4 course dinners! There is also tasty hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries at the beach bar. Varadero Beach is spectacular and the weather was great. We had 3 evenings of rain but it didn't dampen our fun. The Cubans were so excited as they said it hadn't rained in 3 months! I read other reviews for this resort and can't help but wonder what some people expect? The Cubans were friendly, the service was great, there were lots of different drinks and the nightly entertainment was excellent. Yes, the beds were hard but we fixed that by putting extra blankets under us and it wasn't bad at all. The Italians presently own this resort and have left a few things go, i.e. the pool. The gentleman at the front desk told us it was changing hands on May 1st to the Spanish and that there were plans to drain the pool and do some upgrades to the property. The swim up bar wasn't open when we were there. The only complaint was that the exchange on the Cuban peso was higher than the American dollar and changed at the drop of a hat reaching .43 at one point! Hopefully we will return again some day soon. We paid $699 all inclusive for a week at a 4 star resort and were more than pleased!
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
April 2005
I just returned from Club Valtur Tuxpan, where I spent a week with 3 of my friends. We couldn't have asked for more, the resort was excellent, the people were awesome, the beach was gorgeous, our vacation was basically perfect.

Resort: Clean, spacious, nice facilities, the back area is beautiful, with shaded sitting areas, a nice outdoor bar by the stage, palm trees and cute little lizards running around. The pool isn't perfect (although it is being renovated next week) but who needs a pool when you're 100 yards from a gorgeous beach?

Rooms: The rooms were nice, the beds were relatively hard, as some people have mentioned, but certainly not uncomfortable, I was able to get a good night's sleep every night, and so were the other people I was with. I never had a problem getting hot water for showers, the housekeeping staff were excellent and very friendly.

Food&Drink: We ate most of our meals in the buffet restaurant. The food was always fresh, and there was always lots to choose from. There was a different type of meat available every night at dinner, always fresh pasta with lunch and dinner, eggs (any type), bacon, cereal, fresh squeezed orange juice, homefries, croissants, you name it, for breakfast, and delicious fresh fruit and bread at every meal. I am a picky eater and never had trouble finding food I liked. The a la carte restaurant was nice, with a violin and guitar duo entertaining the customers, and a 4 course meal. There was a live band in the buffet restaurant every evening during dinner, with an awesome trumpet player. I saw a complaint from another person who left a comment, that there was no bottled water provided free of charge, but if you simply take an empty water bottle to the restaurant or any of the bars, they will happily fill it with cold, purified water for you.

Staff: Excellent! We didn't meet a single unfriendly staff member throughout our entire trip. Everyone was helpful, friendly, and welcoming. We befriended many of the entertainment staff, as well as the waiters and cooks in the buffet restaurant. When the bus arrived to take us to the airport on our last day, many of the stuff came outside to send us off, and many hugs and photos and email addresses were exchanged. When we got on the bus, all the people who had already been picked up from other resorts were commenting on how well we seemed to be treated by the staff.

Entertainment: The shows at night were excellent, great music, awesome dancing, funny comedy skits, singing, you name it. There was always audience participation, the dancers would come out into the audience and bring people up on stage to dance with them at the end of the show. My friends and I actually participated in the last show (Grease) which was lots of fun. During the day, there were dance lessons, aquacise (in the ocean) sailing, paddle boats, kayaks, swimming, biking and numerous others activities (at no charge). There were also numerous excursions to choose from. We went to Havana for a day by taxi, and the taxi stayed with us all day, driving us wherever we wanted to go and showing us the high points of Havana. We also walked into Varadero and wandered the markets, and were actually invited into the home of one of the locals (a staff member of the hotel), giving us a true taste of Cuban culture.

I wholeheartedly recommend this resort to anyone, we had the best vacation of our lives and wouldn't change anything.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
Ontario, Canada
April 2005
First of all I am a travel agent from ontario canada and have been lucky to travel to alot of places in the south and I would have to say Cuba is one of my favorite spots. Four of us girls went to Club Valtur Tuxpan from 02-09 April this year. We had a blast. The hotel was clean and the staff was excellent. We had no problems with the Animation staff even though most of them were Italion. We danced and had fun with them and the cubans were so friendly and helpful. The food is ok...we never went hungry and the beach and water was excellent. I would have no problems recommending this property to any of my clients. Even the general manager Julianno came and the staff came and wished us goodbye.
Club Valtur Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
April 2005
I had an awesome time at Club Valtur Tuxpan. The staff were so so nice. The entertainment was the best. The beach- no rocks, crystal clear and sunny every day. I found that when you start talking to the dancers you really get to know them. I went on a snorkeling trip on a catamaran. If you don’t like fish or not too many of them, I’d suggest you don’t go , or you can just stay on the boat. You go right over the coral reef. On wavy days in the ocean it is so so fun. The rooms are nice. If you are at the very end of your hallway, you get a bigger balcony. The beds are very comfy. The maids are nice. Sometimes they leave candy on your bed. The internet wasn’t working at the time. The entertainment starts at 10:00 pm. Sometimes the dancers will come off stage and pull people on the stage. It is fun because they play very cool music and show you dance moves for the funky songs. The disco is nice. The 2 restaurants are: Ristaraunte Cristal and El Rancho. They are both very good.
Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
London, Ontario
March 2005
Just returned from 2 wonderful weeks at the Tuxpan. The resort is very clean and everything is very easily accessible. We had wonderful ocean and pool view rooms (4th floor). The food was very good. 1 buffet restaurant and one a la carte. Maybe not as much variety as other resorts but always a meat (chicken, pork, turkey etc), fish, and lots of pasta to choose from which was very tasty. The entertainment was fabulous. Activities from morning to night. Shows were of professional caliber. Yes there is an Italian factor and we are Italian Canadians so we enjoyed it immensely. We met many Canadians who did not understand Italian who still had a great time. Club Valtur is leaving at the end of May unfortunately as I would book for next year already. The beach is absolutely stunning in this location! Club Valtur has their own music which they played but supposedly impossible to buy. Did anyone record or videotape some of the music as we loved it so much we would love to be able to continue practising our dance moves (Amici song, martello marshelon, frusta me, etc). Please e-mail me if you know how I could get a copy (jeff.tucker@sympatico.ca).
Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
Toronto, Ontario
March 2005
I can not recommend this hotel for the hard beds alone. Everynight I would wake up anticipating the pain in my back just to roll over.

Another thing I didn't really care for was the foreign workers at the resort. I was under the impression that only Cubans were allowed to work in Cuba but it looks like the rules may have changed. It didn't have the Cuban flavour that I had experienced on my last trip to Varadero. If I wanted to experience Italy I'd go to Italy. Besides, while we were there 70% of the clients were Canadian.

I understand that I got a pretty good deal but for $150 less I could have gone to Cancun too and maybe gotten a good night sleep. The bottom line is it is my vacation and I didn't feel relaxed once.

There were other things that are beyond anyone's control. Ate a bad shrimp, weather etc. Eat a bad shrimp, spend 30 hours in a hard bed...I don't think so.

What did I learn from this vacation....no more All Inclusive for this girl. I'm gonna find a nice resort on one of the Islands or Mexico and and enjoy what the local restaurants have to offer.
Tuxpan Resort - Varadero
Halifax, Canada
February 2005
Returned after visting the Valtur Tuxpan Jan 30- Feb 6. Travelling with GoTravel, service proved adequate on Zoom except upon return when there was a 6 hr delay. We weren't informed as we waited for pick-up on hotel steps for 1.5 hrs.

As for the targeting of an Italian clientele, Valtur's slogan is "Italian style vacations"; This however isn't mentioned by Canadian tour operators. This wasn't an issue for us as the people watching was surely entertaining excepting the sea of 55 yr. plus scantily clad cellulite laden bodies populating the beach. The hotel still has 4 stars gracing its signage but these are, alas, relics from the bygone days of LTI management. In comparison to my stay at the 3.5 star Punterena, this property is worse in all areas except the beach.

Room- Basic, very hard beds and quite noisy at times through adjoining door and from echo in hallways. Could hear neighbors snoring, talking, and "avere sesso". Lots of noise from stage which faces front of hotel. Were given ocean facing room but can't really see much as hotel set back from beach. Sat TV but limited channels- HBO was nice offering. Other channels advertised by hotel not available. Bar fridge in room, having it stocked costs extra $$.

Food- Major disappointment here. I'm not fussy when it comes to food but this was a low point. Hotel now down to one buffet restaurant and one a-la-carte. Buffet is home to numerous sparrows which dive bomb the bread, pastries and your plate if left unattended. Flies are also present, making the rounds on all food left out. Breakfast was the worst, with no change day-to-day. Items in warmer were luke warm, greasy, and strange (e.g.. dissected hotdogs). Cook will make you an omelet (you have to fetch your own cheese from across the buffet!) or fry an egg. Limited, fresh fruit, sugared cereal, pink yogurt also offered. Only upside was fresh french bread, only in white variety, and fresh squeezed OJ.

Lunch and supper were marginally better, with some daily variety. The production of combining of the pasta and sauce by the cooks or animators took on a surreal quality as shouts of "La pasta!" echoed through the room and the predominantly Italian clientele cued to inspect and be served the anticipated delicacy. In an atmosphere reminiscent of a Fellini circus scene, the head chef was observed circulating through the buffet, alternately playing tarot cards with a clown, stirring pasta, talking with guests and eating with patrons! Everything but attending to the food. Italian men in white holiday ensembles mingle with compatriots and animators, and a Cuban 5 piece band belts out traditional Island music. Cold pizza appears at lunch with burgers and assorted rice, stew, beans and veggies in the "warmer". Some overcooked beast is carved at supper, while another cook fries eggplant and chicken or pork fillets. Burgers, dogs, fries and terrible paella can be had at the beach bar 11-5pm.

The a-la -carte was better overall with great service, surroundings, and choices from four courses on the menu. The chili, pork with "bittersweet" sauce, beef and peppers and grilled salmon all stand out. Book as many times as they'll let you get away with; we went thrice.

Lastly, forget about getting any sustenance after the buffet closes at 9:30 pm.

Service: Very uneven in practice. Some waiters, usually the males ones, seemed to work hard especially Emilio in the buffet, who was a whirling dervish. Breakfast in the outer buffet seating area was atrocious, the nadir of which was embodied in one waitress who ignored patrons altogether leaving them to fetch their own cutlery, grudgingly poured 1/2 cup of cold water over a tea bag and made no effort to provide cream or clear any plates. Arrival for breakfast after 9:30 ensured a do-it-yourself attitude as molasses-slow servers fixated on setting tables for lunch, three hours henceforth. Some front desk staff weren't too bad- marginally amiable and attentive to requests.

Entertainment: Low expectations were apropos as nightly mountings of "Grease", "Moulin Rouge" etc. featured hastily recruited and choreographed tourists. Each "show" tended to degenerate into toilet humour and shouting/chanting and many-peoples, one-world platitudes . Most turistas seemed to enjoy the spectacle- go figure. Animators regularly rounded-up victims for activities and provided high-volume play-by-play through the P.A. system.

Property: A plus, nice pool, grounds and lobby and bar areas. Non-smokers may be choked out by the omnipresent cig vapor as mediterranean types seem to puff away like Cape-Bretoners and Quebecers. A new law banning smoking in public places may alleviate this but I'm doubtful. The beach is white sand and you can walk it for miles toward the city. Beach loungers can be in short supply at times and many are saggy and beaten-up. The swim-up pool bar is never open but a juice hut nearby is a nice feature. Bar line-ups are shorter than other all-inclusives I've visited.

Conclusion: Can't complain too much as we got a great deal on the package and I can't stand winy spoiled tourists myself. Go if you get a bargain and enjoy Cuba and the beach. Don't expect much else though.