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March 2008
We stayed at Breezes Feb 24- Mar 9, 2008. The weather was warm and windy.

The resort is older and worn, yet very clean. They are renovating slowly. We found the service at the buffet to be very slow and almost always had to clear a table ourselves and get our own drinks. This isn't a problem, but not what we expect at a 4 star resort. Service at the a la cartes was very good. The food in general was okay and the ice cream incredible. Beach shoes are a must if you want to go in the ocean. No problem getting a lounge chair.

There are 2 Tennis courts at Breezes. One is completely unusable and the other is in very poor shape. There is no pro at the resort.

Bus service to town was quick and we never waited more than 2 minutes for our $1 mini-van ride into town. Internet service was $7.50 for 15 minutes. You could walk down the road to an internet shop and get 30 minutes for $1.50. Would I recommend the resort? Only if you really want to see Curacao and stay at an all-inclusive. There is much better value for the money available on other islands.
SuperClubs Breezes Curacao
November 2007
The flight (skyserivce and not full- yay!) was great and arrived on time. We had been given the wrong customs forms on the plane and had to wait to receive the new ones when we were already in line, so this caused some chaos, but we managed to fill out the new forms and head through with little issue. The Breezes registration took place right at the airport and although the line was really long, they wisked people through quickly and got us all on the bus to the resort - which took about 25 minutes to get to. At first glance, the resort is on the older side, but once there, it really does have a nice layout, the staff were friendly immediately, and there is a carribean charm felt instantly that differs from Mexico, The DR, or Cuba.
Rooms -
We stayed in the Pelican building on the 5th floor (rm.2526) overlooking the sea aquarium beach and it was lovely. It was a one bedroom with full a full kitchen and bathroom. It also had a living area with a tv and another tv in the bedroom. The only minor issue was that the bed was only a double, but we managed! There was no musty smell and the maids kept it very clean. The view was gorgeous. The couple we travelled with had the same room across the hall with a view of the Punda area of Willemsted, the high bridge, and the resort. They could watch the cruise ships said in and out daily as well.
Restaurants -
We ate at the Italian and Japanese a lot in our 1 week stay (twice at both). The Italian was awesome. Real Italian food. The seafood was cooked perfectly as was the pasta. Try the homemade soup - so good. The Japanese was typical fare, but delicious. As you sit around the grill, the chef does a few tricks and you also have the opportunity to meet some other guests and share stories. We loved them both. The buffet was good too. Lots of selection - although they could be a little quicker to replenish the chafers and hot table when things run low. The mexican night was really good.

The beach grills have the usual hot dogs, burgers, grilled chicken and fish with fries, nachos, and frech popped corn as sides. They were both good with friendly service and cold drinks for the taking.
Bars -
They service here is so good. You can tip, but descretely and they deserve it! Top shelf liquor and they can make almost any drink you ask them too - all with a smile. Norma and Natalia really are amazing.
Beach and Pools -
The pool is very nice - bigger than it looks in the pictures. They will serve you at the swim up bar, but you have to wait for them to see you, so service is a bit slower, but it's no big deal. The "adults" pool at the far end of the resort was closed for repair as was the entire section of rooms in that area as well. Big renos. I am sure it will be open for the busy season though. The kids area and pool was great. I heard one mother describe the care giver in the kids club as the Mary Poppins of the Caribbean!

The beach is lovely and the snorkling amazing. If you have sensitive feet, you will want water shoes as there are little rocks and pieces of coral, but once in the water, it is fine. Try snorkling around the other side of the breakwall and see huge (living) coral, eels, good sized parrot fish, squid, all kind of things. The boys took the intro lesson for scuba diving and got to do a shore dive (about 30' deep). It was included with the inclusive package at the resort. We have stayed in many places over the years and never had more than the pool lesson offered. My husband is now hooked and plans to get certified down there when we return.
Grounds -
The grounds were basic, but well kept and constantly being cleaned.
Activities -
The activities crew were always around - although not always active. Again our adventerous boys did the trapeze lessons and really enjoyed that. A little sore the next day though. There were pool games almost every day at around 4:00 pm - just as the pool bar was usually at it's fullest.
Tours -
Six of us rented a van and did the island tour ourselves. It was great!! We saw 4 or 5 beaches (Grand Knip, Playa Abou, Playa Forti), snorkeled at 2 of them, went and saw the caves (fyi bring a hat - very hot)and had a fabulous lunch at the Playa Forti restaurant on the cliff overlooking a quaint harbour. Then the boys jumped off the cliff to a 30' or so drop into the ocean. Very cool.

We also went into town for a half day to shop. The swinging bridge is an experience when they close it off and no one has warned you that you are now stuck as they swing it open for a boat to pass. There are tons of great photo opportunities and many deals to be had.
Conclusion -
Curacao is a really pretty, safe island and Breezes offers almost exactly what the brochure states. It is not a 5*, but would lose some of it's character if it was. The food, rooms, pool, and beach are all more than acceptable and it does not take any effort at all to have a great time at this resort. I would definitely go back in a second.
SuperClubs Breezes Curacao
Cindy & Bill 

April 2007
Arrived at the Superclubs the first week of April 2007. Weather upon arrival was rainy and overcast. Didn't rain long though 1/2 hour or so. Cloudy and rainy next day as well which is quite unusual.
Arrival at Airport:
Plane was full. For the superclubs they have you check-in at the airport because hotel lobby is very small and can not accommodate 400 people. You line up in a circle and they have 3/4 staff doing the check in. Took about 1 1/2 hours to get through this process and onto the bus. After the 5 hour flight it would be nice to speed up the process and have more check-in staff. At the hotel you line up again minimally to get your room key. We stayed in Royal Tower top floor #5 and had a room over looking the ocean. Room was totally refurbished, large and nice. It was close to the disco so at night you could hear the music but is was not disturbing.
buffet we thought was good for all meals. Attended the 3 al-la-carts as well and liked them all.
lots of service we found the staff friendly if you spoke to them and efficient. They have full premum liquor line which is great. Slussy machines and made speciality drinks to die for. Pop and water to the side to help yourself. Water is totally drinkable. Beach bar was good as well and they also have a grill there. Chicken, chicken fingers, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, fish and grill cheese sandwiches if you didn't want the buffet. Pop corn and cheese tacos to snak on during the day.
Beach is small and rough. No long walks. The breakwall though makes for calm and good snorkelling. Beach never seemed crowed or the resort. The buildings are spaced out along the beach and some kids used the quite pool, kids pool etc. Families we spoke to with children said the kids club was great. Rock climbing wall used at different time by kids or adults. Also had the circus school. Not too many adult games around the pool. Did over beach volley ball, soccer and volleyball in the pool.

Entertainment at night was pretty good. Did karoke a few times. 3 or 4 times had a different local band for their theme nights. The bands played around the pool are from 10 pm to midnight and some bands good and people got up and danced. Disco was dead most nights and opens at 11 to 3 am. This was easter week so some Trinidad people came over for the weekend and then the disco was full. No issues with local staff or neighbouring island people being too loud.

Weather during day was pretty warm high 80's but the trade winds make it bearable. Lots of beach umbrellas for shade and no towel card. You just got your towels and returned them daily. Casino was nice. 1 cent and 5 cent slot machines that can keep you going for hours. Lots of locals participating. Gym was nice and spa as well. Kids used the pool tables daily and nightly

This is a family oriented resort. Nice, quite and we would go back again to explore the island more. Went into town twice. $1 us each way. Lots to see. Lots of designer shops, jewellery shops and sourveniers. The floating market was interesting. Had a few beers at the local bars in town. Prices about $175 each to $3.00 depending on where you go. Curacao licquore was $7.50 US for a 750 ml bottle. All different colours. Beach bags $5 US, towels the same. T-shirts pretty cheap. Can also buy knock-off designer wear.

The week went by too fast. Would have loved to see the sea acquarium next door. About a 15 minute walk. Some of the local beach you pay $3 to use for the day. Some are apparently very nice and a must to see said the locals.

Any ways the resort is rated as a 4. I would say it is a solid 3.5 and possibly a 4 given the decent food and the water activities. My husband did the free shore dives daily. To book the boat tours you are looking at $50 and upward towards $100 fairly pricey. Marine life better than Cuba, DR. If you want a boat dive book early as these fill up quickly. People are nice and it is safe and friendly. Note they enforce the no tipping policy. We tried to tip discretely and staff told us know they could not accept. We did get around this by just leaving it and walking away but tipped very little that week.
SuperClubs Breezes Curacao
John and Anna 
London Ontario Canada
February 2007
Just want to let anyone that is considering a vacation in Curacao, Netherland Antilles,to know that it is definetley a great choice. If you are looking for a SAFE, relaxing and peaceful vacation...this is the place.

We stayed at the Super Club Breezes in the middle of January/07, had a room in the last building, the Flamingo, on the 3rd floor. The resort is fine, food was fine and lots of variety, room a bit musty, ( you can take along an air freshner) It would be damp anywhere ...considering the ocean is a few yards from your door! Resort is clean, staff are hard working. Pools are plenty, and clean....and, the ocean is right there and its beautiful....great for snorkelling. Most of our time was divided lying next to the ocean resting.... or floating in it looking at the scenery beneath. Sun here is brutal as you are a mere 12 degrees north of the equator...so heavy duty sun screen is important. Oh...and hats are a good thing too. Every day was sunny and bright and hot. Once in a while a cloud would skuttle through and there would be a 3 minute gentle sprinkle...I think that happened twice.

Travel here is safe, we rented a car and drove the length of the island.( no need to worry here, very safe, you can actually go off the resort on your own!!) What a beautiful island!! It is about 38 miles long and 7 or 8 miles wide.The ocean on the north point is stunning! The island has a dessert like feel, lots of lizards and cactus. Stopped in at Jaantjes for some local food...superb. Visited a wildlife park as well, ( Kristoffel Park ) and we were stunned by the beauty of the ocean and the cliffs!! The different colors of the water are breathtaking, as is the power of the waves smashing into the cliffs below!

Went into town, ( Willemstaad ) by local bus. Gorgeous to sit on the Bahai roof top bar on the Otrabanda side of the port and just watch the scenery. A treat for the eyes!! Buildings all brightly colored in pastel blues and yellows etc., with clay top roofs. Great shopping on the Punda side as well. Really neat outdoor markets and floating markets! Amazed to see all the different ships and cruisliners in port.

They use American monies or guilders here. These people speak papiamento, dutch, english and spanish! So no problem with communication. The airport was staffed well when we left...and, for arrival, check in was smooth considering only 2 or 3 people inspecting passports.

They rate this a 4 or 5 star, depending where you look at the reviews, and they deserve it! We would definetley go back, this is a little piece of paradise that should not be missed.
SuperClubs Breezes Curacao
Brantford Ontario
January 2007
We rate this property as a three star resort

We tagged onto a group of dental personnel Jan 14 - 21 from YYZ. I will give our opinion of this property based on our past all inclusive adventures throughout Mexico, Cuba, DR, and the Caribbean islands in general.
Flights there & back
good with SkyService - suck it up this is a charter that works on volume - going there 'nil' seats left on the plane - coming home 2 spaces and we and another couple lucked into a row without a person in the middle...fortunately we booked with "premier service' at no charge. We waited less than 2 minutes to check in - unlike the long 'regular line' and got (each) 2 free drinks , free headsets, $15 tour voucher (but no good at Breezes), free seat selection and $75 off our next Sunquest tour booked by Nov 1/07....$80 value that I may think about next time. Flight good there & better back - food and service OK too...
Curacao Airport
very fast clearance - not a lot of people come here via air- customs friendly - passport is not required for 1 week of less in the ABC islands.... no holdup without one neither. luggage off quickly. Slowest part was going thru line at the Breezes offsite checkin at airport - most of flight was going to breezes so it held us up at least an hour - 3 buses left in 1/2 hour intervals to the resort. Departure fee included with Sunquest - but no 'lighters' on return checkon baggage...
Breezes Check In
they are organized in an unique way - the reception area is not large so you go to a couple of tables just off this to check in - you turn in the paperwork you fill in on the bus which includes the basic ID info plus the 'do you want a safe info' - it's free....the safe that is...our room was not ready so we had a bite and an hour later had our room - #7118 Pelican wing- not in the tower and I'm glad it wasn't..ask me why on the board..
not as large as those in the tower but clean, large.large shower, king bed and right beside the 'carousel bar/grille and kids pool' - we saw 5 kids for 10 minutes in this area. If you are over 45 or maybe older - you'll love it here - 1/3 occupancy - by the quiet end of the resort and a nice walk to the central - no boom boom - no noise at night - plus the bar til 6 or so is yours &^ great snorkel area. I never had a 'hot' shower here but adjusted to the temps they had - run shower for 2-3 minutes before going in them - they'll be comfortable then.....
in general -OK - buffets and lunch restaurants good and in 1 week not boring other than desserts and lack of fresh veggies and fruits - 'ice cream and the once seen to die for chocolate cake fantasia awesome- we did not enjoy a la cartes as service was slow and far below our simple expectations from previous resorts with food mediocre at best. Buffet pasta stations excellent - the best white sauce I've had at a resort. However be prepared to wait at the cooking stations no matter what the meal....
it is narrow and not the Mayan or Punta Cana but OK - do take water shoes as there are urchins in the water & Coral - the breakwall is the saviour of this resort. Snorkel is good+ maybe the best in the Carribean in such a confined area...outside the breakwall is great - so it's been said - for snorket and diver - too rough for me....Lots of chairs til about 9 - people do save - so heads up... And if anyone knows of anyone losing a wedding ring - it is supposedly safe in the hands of the Breezes staff - 18K gold, married June 2004 - I found it in a sand dune dredged from the area outside of the Pelican wing - email me if you are the owner - I"ve all the inscripted details....and who you should contact.
cleaning staff in our room were good but no towel swans, etc....we tipped but 3 times had to give it to them as they are not suppose to take. 2 ladies stand for us - Nayda - the best lady bar service - always smiling - truly genuine - this is someone who makes the difference - a small tip gave her the biggest smile in our stays in any all inclusive resort ever and she more than deserved it - and yes Norma Sweetie, Honey Pie - Iguana 'no eat' lady - is a machine...sorry but other than Vaniella in the buffet the rest were just there. We found the front desk staff to be good and our Sunquest agent - Donna - very knowledgable..otherwise - it was not at par for a 4 star...
go down the street - 5 minute walk - cheaper - in the resort internet is $15 US for 20 minutes and must use within 24 hours - ouch - phones no better 3.14 first minute and 3.74 for the next ten (per minute) - worse then some Mexican resorts we've been burned at - go down the street
The Island
most of this island centers on the Willemstead/Punda area - 80% of the population lives here...Downtown is lovely and the architure is there and they are trying to bring all the buildings back to original...It is clean and has all classes of life within it - this area is mainly business oriented - shopping is great - shop when the cruise ships are in at the 'artisian markets' - better deals than mexico and the dr....we did not do the jewelry thing or purse thing - someone gets a $20 Gucci purse that's real - I doubt that....Eat by the moving bridge is cheap - for us - 5 margaritas, 10 beers, 2 blts to die for and a ceasar salad $70 US - good deal - nice place to share some time.....
lots to do - we did the West Island - a bit boring but lots of info - growth is in the Willamstead/JanThiel area - booming because outside this there is not much commercially. West Punt lagoon is OK - seen better - Janchiies for lunch was $40 US for 3 drinks and 2 meals - pricey on top of the tour....
fair house group unlike many other islands - enuf said.
To Die For - always a tradewind breeze - without it you would not be able to stand the heat ......
Island Feel
before going to this Island I did some research - especially on culture and current happenings - Minimum wage is supposedly 6$ US per hour - most resort people are lucky to get $500 per month - do the math - it doesn't work...they have 1st generation and 2nd generation 'welfare housing' - they have fertile land or plantations that are sitting there growing bramble - they have areas which their 'natives' choose not to allow growth on - they have yet to be exploited and most say they will not be exploited.....there is poverty and run down buildings that the 'rich' are trying to bring back and you can buy a piece of paradise for 26,000 US -

I am posting pix on this on webshots under judestravel...if you have any questions, please contact me - judesgarden@aol.com
SuperClubs Breezes Curacao
January 2007
We are from the Toronto area and were at Breezes over Christmas '06 with 19 people : 2 in their eighties, 8 adults, 9 teenagers - age 13 to 20. Ideal place for our family group and excellent place for all ages!

We have been to Mexico twice, Cuba twice and Dominican Republic and chose Curacao for the weather guarantee at this time of year and because of the Dutch heritage on the island.

Sunquest and Skyservice were great - just a couple of glitches - we left 1 hour late on the way down and as usual with a charter, we were packed in quite tight with no empty seats. I had also requested a main floor unit at the hotel for the 2 seniors who needed walkers - no stairs or elevators and close to the restaurants - and as luck would have it they were placed on the top 3rd floor - stair access only in the Flamingo wing which is the very furthest building on the entire resort - away from everything.

The check in for the resort was at the airport and very efficient. The sunquest rep Donna was fantastic and provided good recommendation at the orientation and throughout our stay.
In good shape. The staff are all phenomenal - never met a grumpy person during our entire stay. They work very hard to please and are genuinely happy. Our rooms were in the Royal Tower and Flamingo block. Both had a nice balcony and great view. They were very clean and comfortable with good AC and the housekeeping staff were friendly.
The buffet was basic, lots of choice, great breakfast omelettes. The a la cartes (3) were very good although most of us found the food a bit overly salty at the Japanese and the Starlight Grill.. The Japanese place definitely had the best ambience. The Italian had excellent choices and food was prepared beautifully. We reserved it for Christmas day and asked for a table outside which worked out great for the 19 of us. When the noisy kids show was going on in the buffet one night they found us a nice table outdoors by the pool. The staff always worked hard to accommodate us and with a smile on their face.

We also had two vegetarians and some picky teenagers with us but they easily found some food they could eat especially throughout the day at the beach and pool grills which served grilled fish sandwiches (superb!!) burgers, fries, croquettes, nachos, etc. The round bar/grill at the far end of the property was never busy and you could get food there the quickest.
We all love the beach, but definitely enjoyed the pools, hot tubs and the swim up bar at our daily cocktail hour get together. The seniors enjoyed the large pool. The pools were clean and had no rules - there were kids enjoying them late into the evening.
You definitely need water shoes because of the shells and coral mixed into the sand but this beach had absolutely the best snorkelling I've ever seen. Since we had no small children in our group the drop off was not a problem at all. We did venture to the far side of breakwater rocks - too wavy for me and the visibility was actually much better on the inside. We saw schools of yellow, blue, big and small fish, even some squid. As my daughter said " this is like the discovery channel".
We had 6 certified scuba divers, one who took the certification course while we were there and 7 of us who took the free resort introductory scuba course. Having the Ocean Encounters dive shop right on the resort was fantastic and the certified divers took advantage of the free daily shore dives seeing new coral and fish every day. They also went on the dolphin dive - somewhat pricey at $200US per person. A trained dolphin swims out to meet you in the open ocean waters near spectacular coral reef. The teenage girls however were beside themselves about the dive - Growing up on and living the fantasy of Disney's "Little Mermaid". Ocean Encounters also took our entire family out for a sunset cruise at $60US each. They took us to a quiet cove with a submerged tugboat so the scuba divers and snorkelers could enjoy the open water, followed by snacks and drinks and the sunset while on the boat. It was the perfect family gathering.
Because it was over Christmas break there were bands playing every day - sometimes 3 different bands in one night starting at dinner time right through to 12:30 am. The place was hopping with steel bands, reggae bands, south American bands etc. We even had a "carnival' parade with spectacular costumes and a flame dancer. Leading up to New Years eve, many South American guests arrived at the resort for the weekend. For the rest of the week it was mostly Canadians and Dutch with a few Americans. The entertainment staff work very hard all day and for the evening shows. On Christmas they had a special play by the children of the staff dressed up as shepherds and angels -singing in English - extremely cute.
They were usually quite busy but the staff were quick and paid attention to who was next in line. I heard all kinds of drinks being ordered and they were able to make them all. Self serve water, sodas and fruit punch (the real thing) were always available. The teenagers enjoyed the shooters at night.
Some of our group did the city tour and we all did the caves and west end beach tour. The caves were great but the beaches, in my opinion, were not really worth the drive. As far as beaches go, I've seen nicer beaches on other islands. The Playa Santa Maria beach was closed for the day (you'd think the tour guide would have known this and not wasted time diving to the beach to find out at the gate).
We took the bus into town ( the bus stop or "bushalte" was just across the street from the hotel for $1.00 per person). The buses look more like a van with a sign in the window - some are brand new while others are falling apart- so if you don't like the shape of one you can wave them on and wait for the next one. It was a 15 minute ride and the town was fun, lively and interesting. There were cruise ships in the harbour each day (we could see them in the distance from the resort) so the town was generally busy. There were good deals on the usual tourist stuff- beach wear, bags, crafts, and knock-off shirts and purses. There are European style cafes on the waterfront and the floating bridge was quite interesting - it swings closed so that boats can pass through the harbour. Our teens went into town alone by bus and we didn't have any concerns about their safety. Curacao is not as commercial and prosperous as Aruba and still has the charm of the original city architecture..

I would recommend Breezes and Curacao. It really did not seem that hot as there is a constant breeze and usually intermittent clouds. Although the pilot warned us about sun burns being the worst in the Caribbean, we used our regular sunscreen and even though we were out and in the water for most of the day did not come back with any bad burns. No one became ill and we all drank the water from the taps. We had a great time and it was an ideal location for our family holiday!
SuperClubs Breezes Curacao
December 2006
Traveled with wife and kids, 7 and 10.

We picked this resort for our annual winter trip because we had been to the Superclubs Puerto Plata with a few other couples and we felt our kids would really enjoy the experience of this style of resort. We also wanted to experience a different area of the Caribbean, and we had never been to Curacao.

We have to travel from our home in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to either Toronto or Montreal, at this time of year to get any kind of variety of destinations. This time the departure point was Toronto. We flew with Skyservice. Our last encounter with Skyservice had us stranded for 42 hours between Punta Cana, Toronto and Halifax. It was a terrible experience, and we vowed never to step foot in a Skyservice aircraft again. Our complaint to Skyservice ended with the company offering us each a $100 voucher off our next trip with them. This year we found a good deal ($980) each to Curacao, with Sunquest and Skyservice, so we swallowed our pride and booked, through iTravel2000.ca, and used our $400 worth of coupons.

I like to give credit where credit is due. This time the Skyservice organization was well organized and there absolutely no glitches at all. Their aircraft are old, and cramped, but they are a charter airline, and we expect this from them.
The check in with this resort is different in one major area; it’s done at the airport. Don’t be intimidated by the long line you will meet at the airport. The Superclubs staff are very efficient and your wait in line should not be any longer than 10 minutes. They will give you tags for your luggage and information about the resort. A short questionnaire has to be completed on the drive to the resort, so have a pen ready. When you arrive at the resort, it is as simple as passing the completed form to the resort representative, and a key is passed to you, and you are on your way.
It is an older resort. Don’t expect a Riu. They are trying to upgrade this resort at every turn you make. New paint, new floor, redesigned rooms. The work is going on everywhere, but it doesn’t interfere with your stay. They seem to be working in specific blocks of the resort. It is a longs resort, that runs along a small roadway on one side, and the ocean on the other. I think the beach is approximately ½ km long.
Our room was on the larger side of anything we have stayed in before. We had two large King size beds. We did not have a suite. Our room was in the “Royal Tower”. It’s really just a block of rooms in a 4 story building. Our room was obviously just renovated. There was a new tub, sink, fixtures and tiles. The television was a flat screen model, with only about 6 channels. But it did have CNN so you could stay in touch, relatively. The rooms were kept impeccably clean, by friendly housekeepers.
The buffet was basic. There was not a large selection, although what they did have was delicious. There was always plenty of food, and the hot food was hot, and the cold food was cold. There was one major problem, in my eyes, that I will get to at the end.
We ate at both. The Japanese restaurant was fun. The food was prepared right in front of you, and our kids enjoyed that. The food was great. I really enjoyed the sushi. The food was very fresh. The Italian was also nice. Again, the food was fresh and nicely prepared. There is a beach grill located to the western side of the resort. Typical beach fare. Hamburgers, hotdogs, fries and chicken nuggets. It was welcomed as a change.
There are 4 pools. A main one, located off the buffet area. The pools are not large as one would think for a typical Caribbean resort. We did enjoy the pools though. They were greatly underutilized while we were there. We were usually in them alone. The main pool also has a hot tub, which is for adults only. The staff did ask children to leave the hot tub on several occasions while I was there. There three other pools located throughout the resort, one of which is exclusively for little children. All the pools were well maintained, and always clean.
The beach had a sharp drop-off, which would be over any child’s head within 10 feet of the beach. If your child doesn’t wander, it should be a safe beach for them. It was one of the best snorkeling areas for beginners or kids that I have ever seen. Beautiful fish can be seen within a few feet of shore, and if you venture out to the manmade breakwater about 50 feet out, the varieties are even more impressive. There is supposed to be a national park man made reef just beyond the breakwater, but try as I might, I couldn’t find it. It is made out of cars and busses that were placed there to make an artificial reef.
There were hobie cats, kayaks, paddle boats, snorkel-mask-fins, and other typical resort activities. Guided snorkel trips are available daily, and a resort sponsored (free) beginner’s scuba dive is included with your package.
This was mediocre at best. However, the entertainment team definitely did what they could to keep the guest interested. They had the Karaoke night, Talent Contest night, Curacao night and so on. The strange thing about the entertainment was that the stage was in the buffet restaurant. At times it was almost like a dinner theatre. The entertainment team deserves an A for effort.
The main bar is located between the main pool and the buffet restaurant. It was never really busy, and we never waited more than 2 minutes for a drink. I believe they have some “Top Shelf” alcohol available, but I am not a real big drinker, and I probably wouldn’t know “Top Shelf” if I fell over it. I did see Canadian Club available, and the beer was Amstell, which I believe is a well known beer. Beach Bar was closed for renovations.
Our kids loved the trapeze, rockwall and trampoline. Within an hour of walking in the resort my son was climbing the 40 foot rockwall, then climbed up the trapeze for a few swings. If the kids want, they can join the circus school and join in a professional performance during the week.
We took the kids to the Seaquarium. They enjoyed the displays. They were amazed with the dolphins. My wife fed a shark. She screamed. It was fun. We rented a car for one day and took off to see the island. You can drive from one end of the island to the other in 45 minutes. It is a very small place. We asked the Sunquest rep what her favourite beach was, and we went there for a few hours. I believe it was called Playa Santa Marie. It was very nice, and very relaxing. There was no loud music, and people seemed to be there just to enjoy nature. We stopped at every look off or photo opportunity we saw. If I knew before leaving Canada how easy, and safe it is to drive around Curacao, I would have rented a car for the week online, and saved 50% off counter pricing, and explored the island more. We drove downtown and shopped twice. Downtown is no more than 5 minutes away by car, with ample inexpensive parking. Just get good directions before leaving the resort. According to my wife, prices were very cheap. Bargaining is expected.
We had a very enjoyable time in Curacao. The place is the hottest location we have ever been. By 11 am each day it was 120F degrees. I took a thermometer with me just to see how hot it got. The humidity got so high that on several days we were unable to use our video camera. It shut down with a high humidity trouble code. I personally love extremely high temperatures. I could live year round in them. People who are susceptible to high humidity or high temperatures should be aware though. The staff really made this place enjoyable. They were always smiling, and genuinely seemed to want our vacation to be as enjoyable as possible.
We have traveled to our share of resorts, and there is always the bird factor. That is, the open air restaurants always have birds flying around stealing a morsel here or there. This resort had the worst bird problem I have ever seen. There was actually on species that had a knack for opening sugar packets, by picking a small hole in an edge, and eating the sugar, then leaving the packet, seemingly unopened. If you weren’t aware, you would open the packet and use the uneaten portion of the sugar that the bird had just consumed. There are pigeons in and around the restaurant also. Birds have never bothered me, but the overwhelming amount at this particular place was pushing my limits. This is the one area Superclubs should considering tightening their belts on.

I don’t like ending on a sour note, so I will conclude by saying this is a wonderful resort. We have a bunch of great memories that will last us a lifetime. I would not hesitate to recommend the Superclubs Breezes Curacao to anyone who wants a great vacation, in an exotic country.
SuperClubs Breezes Curacao
February 2006
We are a married couple in our 50's and we have travelleld to Aruba, Barbados, Antigua and St Lucia in the Carribbean, this is one of the better islands. We were at Breezes Feb 5 - 12 and it was mostly Canadians with some Dutch.

Curacao is a wonderful island offfering something for everyone, it is one of the Caribbeans best kept secrets! Curacao offers historic Willemstad with colonial dutch architecture, wonderful snorkelling, good sightseeing and some of the best most diverse shopping in the Carribbean.

Breezes was nice, really no major complaints, we would say it would compare with the Jolly Harbour in Antigua and Club St Lucia by Splash in St Lucia.Check in was primarily done at the airport while waiting for your baggage so that when we arrived at the hotel we really just had to get the room key and start the vacation. Donna the Sunquest representative was very informative, readily available and had lots of good tips at Orientation.Dinner reservations for the a la carte restaurants must be made for the week early and we recommend doing that as soon as you can. We never ate at Jimmys at night (the buffet) as we preferred to eat a la carte. You are supposed to only eat once at each a la carte restaurant but patience and a nice smile will get you in usually. Starlight on the beach and the Italian restaurant were both nice and the food was good. The Japanese restaurant was amazing, wasabi, tempura, and much much more, ask for Benjamin if you can, he was superb! Breakfast at Jimmys was good and lunch at the beach grill was also good, Adonis the cook was always willing to smile.

We would recommend the Flamingo wing with the adult pool, its quieter not far from a bar and the water sports. The ocean view rooms were great. We would make a comment that the bathrooms were tired and need updating and on occasion hot water became a problem. It would be nice if they planted some more tropical plants on the property.

The staff was great, mostly all polite, pleasant and eager to please. We have already mentioned Adonis and Benjamin but also of particular note is Miguel at water sports, his hobie cats rides were awesome. Baby love one of the bartenders was great and Lex the water sports manager was seemingly always there working and eager to help. Security was great on the property.The wine was good and it was great to be able to drink Courvosier in a proper glass.

The beaches were ok, not the best but snorkelling was great and take a bun with you, the fish will eat right out of your hand, near the breakwater We toured the Island with Peter's Tours ( Peter emigrated from Holland many years ago, and he is great) a great day although it is a long full day, You have to do it tho! The caves you see are great and lunch at one of the Islands local spots, Jannchies is a must! We tried a fish called Wahoo and the Iguana!

A tour of the sea aquarium is well worth it to see the sharks, dolphins and turtles Bring some swim shoes and an underwater camera. Take the local bus to town for $1 Book any tours early as they fill up quickly and wer were told rental cars couidl be hard to get on the day you wanted them for. Try to learn the local Papiamento language, its fun and the locals appreciate your efforts.

Dont believe the negative reports, this is a good resort, and a great island but if you want 5 star service this is not the place.We would go back.
Breezes Curacao
February 2006
We were at Breezes Curacao Jan 6-13, 2006 and from the moment we left Toronto until we came home it was a great experience. Check in was primary done at the airport at Curacao so that when we arrived at the hotel we merely had to pick up the room key and start the holiday. We were prepared for clean rooms with tired bathrooms and that was the case .We found the resort, food, and staff all lovely. If you are expecting a 5 star resort for 3 star prices this is not the place for you . We had a terrific time and would go again.
Breezes Curacao
April 2005
My wife and I traveled to Breezes Curacao April 10 -17 with our two boys ages 9 - 10. We did the Breezes in Cuba last year and based on Julie's review on this resort we decided to try Breezes Curacao. The temperature all week was low 90's during the day and high 70's at night. The breeze that blows all day was a godsend without it you would definitely cook under the sun. !!

We flew SKYservice out of Toronto with no complaints, just the right amount of time 4.5 hours with our kids before they wanted to get off the plane and do something else. Getting through the airport and customs was a quick, luggage loaded onto a flatbed and off to the hotel. Check-in was quick and easy, they said the room was not ready but when we checked it was. The time from the airport till pool time was less than one and a half hours.
We were on the 5th floor of the tower room 2515, beautiful oceanview, clean. I had read that there were complaints about the noise if you were in the tower, but if you are outside and participating in all the activities, you are not going to be awake much past 10:00 anyway.
Most of the reviews are accurate, the buffet is decent. Did not go to the Italian, but the lady who cooked up the pasta and marinara sauce in Jimmies had my attention all week. Superb !!!. The Japanese was amazing, just the right amount of food. The best part was lunch, Julie was right about the fish from the beach BBQ, but she forgot to tell you about the jerk chicken as well, unbelievable. Our kids had no problem with the food whether it was in the buffet or the beach grill, all the staff spoke good english, spanish and dutch.
I cannot say enough about the staff, if you have kids no matter what age, there was always something going on to cater to their needs, even the little ones. Every morning at 09:30 the staff would read off the days activities and start over again. The first 5 days the resort was no where near full but the staff tried to get people up to do things, they had tons of activities for the kids to keep the busy, there was a games room for the ones who cannot get away from video games, pool tables, ping pong, shuffle board. There is a rock climbing wall that is open everyday (my kids fav) and trapeze school with a trampoline. There was contests everyday for various things and Bouncy Boxing you know those inflatable boxing rings and those giant oversized boxing gloves and Sumo wrestling in those oversized suits. I was wasted from watching them all the time.
We hung by the beach everyday, there was plenty of room at both the pool and the beach, we just like to relax and hear the waves lapping against the sand. There is not a lot of sand on the beach, within 10 feet of the beach you are over your head. There is great snorkeling just off the beach and down to the right which is all sheltered. we took a couple of buns into the water in a bag, the kids thought it cool to feed the fish while taking pictures with their underwater camera's.

On the resort you can SCUBA for free here, I did the scuba on Saturday, knowing now, I should have done it early on in the week since once you take the pool course, you can dive everyday for one hour, the visibility was 60ft + really cool.

If you have kids aged 9 - 11 like ours, then they will be happy campers with all the activities. Bon Bini !!
Breezes Curacao
from small town of Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada
March 2005
Age:28, single
Travelling companions, mom (53, teacher) and aunt (59, retired)
Date of travel: March 6-13, 2005

I was in charge of organizing this trip, and booked it before seeing the reviews on this website. I too had some worries after reading some of them, and made sure to add a room request(Flamingo wing) to Sunquest. Let me say, I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, your rooms are already assigned when you arrive at the airport in Curacao (where you are given a map of the resort, and can also pick up a 'welcome' bag of helpful info, including a DVD). If you're last to get your bags you may have a long wait in line and be on the last bus to the hotel. Bags are loaded the open back of a large truck.

I was relieved to see on the way to the hotel, that this island is indeed the most upscale I have been to thus far. I have been to Dominican (Fun Tropicale - actually not bad for my first trip - but lots of vendors on the beach, and guards with guns), St.Maarten (Great Bay Hotel - no palm trees at hotel :(, but no annoying vendors, safe to walk beach at night, crappy snorklling- but a great side trip to Anguilla), and St.Lucia (Club St.Lucia - farthest from the airport, but awesome and secluded if you get the 'Hummingbird Village' rooms- a few minutes walk from beach, it's tropical so expect ants(in the bathroom mostly), superb diving in marine park, great food).
We arrived at about 2:00pm, and not many rooms were ready, and when ours was, our bags still hadn't been delivered (we were on 3rd floor, no elevators so we didn't want to do it ourselves!). Definitely pack your carry-on with your beach gear. We were in room 8302 in the Flamingo wing, an oceanview room, right behind the 'oceanfront' room. Perfect sunset view. Far end of resort, rooms angled in a horseshoe around the adult pool. Pelican was the next wing over, around the Carousel bar. Heard many complaints about the Tower rooms (noise).

Yes, some of the rooms are run down - we were told they are working on them bit by bit. We had some stains on ceiling, nothing to complain about, except the 'hot' water tap would somehow spring on in the middle of the night, flowing full blast! Oh, and both taps seemed the same temperature! - you can safely drink the water but it won't be cold! (you can rent a mini-fridge for $5/day) As on other islands that claim to want to preserve water, they still seemed to replace the towels every day. I wish they wouldn't!
The buffet restaurant is decent. Get your alcoholic drinks at the bar before going in, then the 'servers' can spend more time pouring water for everyone else! There is a water cooler at the bar right beside Jimmies if need be. The only complaint I have is kind of unavoidable - birds. Lots of 'em. A few on the buffet counter too. They'll get in your drink/food if left unattended!
The Italian restaurant was very good.
Grab a packed lunch if you're going to be diving or touring all day.
Definitely look for Norma at the bars - see how many times she calls you 'baby love' or some version! And I can't recall her name, but the lady with glasses at the Carousel snack bar was great. I'm not sure how long the 'frozen' chicken fingers had been sitting out, so I avoided those.
The Superclubs policy is strictly no tipping, but we think that should be an option.
Best I've done, other than west coast of Australia. (Though I'm told that Cozumel is even better)
Ocean Encounters staff are great, they remember your name after your first dive. Family run, I was invited to a BBQ at the end of the week down at Lions Dive hotel (their main shop - be sure to check it out). Daily guided shore dives at 2:30pm, good for me since I was alone, and spent my dives taking pictures, not paying attention to where I was headed! Divemasters pointed out lots of stuff for me, and there's LOTS to see right in front of the resort, like a big school of cuddlefish/squid. Car Pile is a must see, with a crane at 100'.
Unfortunately, I was stung by some almost microscopic things once or twice, right near the breakwall.
I did 2 boat dive days. One to Klein Curacao, an uninhabited island (but lots of lizards). It was $100US for 2 dives, plus $25 for gear (with my own mask), and it left at 6:30am -which meant signing out the gear the night before and lugging it all the way to my room. A 2 hour ride on the tourist boat The Mermaid - a bit of a clunker - lots of people were ill over the sides! Diving was done out of a Zodiac. This is the place to see turtles - but I only saw a small one. HUGE green moray followed the group. Walk over to the lighthouse and shipwreck - good photo ops. Great lunch included - but they made WAY too much food!!! Also did Mushroom Forest/Watamula ($85+ equip). Super!! Amazing endless coral formations. Saw lobster, eels, baracuda, and a 'lizardfish'? Bus broke down on the way, the new driver made up lost time with breakneck speeds! Went on another companies boat, really nice. The 'camera rinse bucket' ended up being used for masks :( Refreshments included, but was good to have the extra that I'd brought. Oc. Enc. are the 'cadillac' of dive ops on the island, a bit pricy, but worth it!
Honestly, I was too tired to do much after 9:00pm, I spent a lot of peaceful (when the band wasn't playing) time on a chair under the stars, water lapping at the shore. A few sandflies got me when I 'fell asleep' for 45 min. I never saw a mosquito.
My mom and aunt enjoyed the 2 shows they saw, and the trapeeze demonstration.
Mom liked her Hobie cat ride.
Never went in casino, or disco.
The City tour was a good one, included tastings at the Curacao liquer estate.

Mom and my aunt had a good time on the 'jeep' tour - actually Suzuki Sidekicks. Lots of people ended up covered in road dust on that one.
We went for dinner at Fort Nassau one night - $125US for 3. Pretty good, but another diver I met said the 'mixed seafood' meal was pretty dodgy.
Seaquarium - I felt sorry for the turtle going back and forth constantly. Mom fed a shark.
Mom and my aunt were roped into a lengthy viewing of a time share near the Seaquarium - avoid that unless you have $20,000 to spare!!
It rained heavily for 10 min. the first day, and lightly 10 min. the last day.
I burn easily, but I actually got a tan, thanks to laying out from about 9:30am - 10:30am with #15SPF!! Lots of shade (huts and trees) to snooze under.
They say dolphins swim by the hotel every morning, but I never saw one.

As mentioned by others, do not expect 5star food and service here. But it was an incredibly comfortable and enjoyable vacation had by all. We paid $1800 each, the most I've ever spent, but the best place I've been to. Would be hard to chose between here and St.Lucia if I were to ever return.
Breezes Curacao
March 2005
I've recently returned from my trip to Breezes Curacao Feb 6-13, 2005 and overall had a pretty good time. The flight from Toronto was direct on Skyservice. We were met by the Breezes staff who were really easy to find and once we got our luggage we boarded the bus to the resort. Check-in was a little bit of a mad house because as our huge group was checking in another huge group was also checking out. After a while I finally got my room but had to wait while the housekeeper finished cleaning. While I waited for her I sat out on the balcony and took in the awesome view. I could see the ocean for as far as the eye could see, the palm trees and a nice pool and no snow anywhere. When the maid was done with the room I had a look around. The room wasn't anything special at all. The room was clean but very old. The Flamingo building is the oldest section but far from the noise of the main area and disco. The tiles of the room were stained and cracked and the tile work in the bath/shower were falling apart and the handle for the bath tub was falling off. The bed was leaning to one side so that when you started out sleeping in the middle of this king size bed you always seemed to wake up perched on the very edge. I never did fall out though.

I walked around the resort and it looked nice. Certainly not 4 stars but still nice. There was enough water sports to keep the biggest kid busy all week. Every morning I went out on a kayak and paddled around the protected area. The first day I went for some beginner lessons that were listed on the daily activity sheet the staff weren't interested in leading a class. They gave me a lifejacket and a paddle and told me not to hit the rocks and that was my lesson. I found this laid back attitude with many of the staff, unless their supervisor was around. You really should try out a Hobie Cat. The staff member will take you out for a joy ride and if the wind is just right, it's so much fun. The snorkeling was pretty good. The fish were really colourful and there's a protected area that you can swim out to the reef from the beach. There are a lot of rocks on the beach side of the reef and on the ocean side of the reef has some coral and even bigger rocks. I think that the reef has seen better days. The coral isn't exactly the picture of health.

When walking on the beach if your feet are sensitive you might want to wear water shoes. The broken shells and coral do hurt the feet.

The food at the resort is ok but not gourmet. You have your usual kids food (hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, sandwiches) and then there's the fish of the day and other daily specialties. The ice cream is really good. You should try the specialty restaurants Pastafari (the Italian restaurant was great) as was the Japanese restaurant. It was really fascinating to watch the cook make the food on the hot table right in front of you. You need to sign up early for those when you arrive right at 9 am so as not to be disappointed. In the main restaurants you might have to get your own cutlery or cups as the staff really weren't too helpful. They were too busy talking to each other to clear away dirty dishes or re-setting the table.

I took a city tour organized from the hotel and it was really great. The tour guide really was an enthusiastic fountain of knowledge. We saw the city and the countryside and got good a good idea of what to see later when we returned on our own. I took the hotel shuttle into town the next day and walked around on my own. Being a single woman I felt very safe as the local people were very nice. I walked around to see some of the historic buildings and took some photos and then went and strolled though the shopping areas. I saw the floating market which is where the local people buy fruits and vegetables that come over from Venezuela. I also went into all of the tacky tourist shops and saw the same T-shirts in each store.

One day I took a 15 minute walk from the resort down the street to the Seaquarium. It's located at the very end of the street to the right of the resort. It was really interesting to watch the trainers interacting with the various sea animals. You can also sign up and have an up close and personal with the Dolphins or feed the sharks. While the seaquarium is no Sea World, it sure is a great place to visit but make sure to bring water to drink on the way. It's one hot walk when the sun is out.

All in all the trip was ok. This is a 3 star resort that is in need of renovations so please don't go expecting the Ritz. A vacation is what you make it out to be. Go relax on the beach or play all of the sports you like but go and have fun.
Breezes Curacao

January 2005
We arrived back from the Superclubs Breezes, Curacao on Sunday, January 9th. I was getting worried because of the negative reviews recently posted with respect to this resort. Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about. This was our first all inclusive and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at this resort. I believe you can make or break your own vacation so we jumped in and partook of EVERYTHING. We took full advantage of the phrase "eat, drink and be merry". This resorts allows you to get thoroughly involved or sit back and relax, it's all up to you.

We arrived to warm, 29 degree weather after departing Toronto with freezing rain and a –3 degree temperature. Disembarking on the tarmack was quite an experience for my boys as they had never done such a thing. Clearing the airport was a breeze as was luggage pickup, bracelet registration and transportation to the hotel.

Unfortunately our room was not ready upon arrival but I packed swimsuits in the carry on so we changed and went back for our room key later. A quick glance at the resort and we knew we could be kept busy – rock climbing wall, paddle boats, kayaks, Hobie Cat, Circus School, ping pong, pool, shuffle board, fitness facilities and food galore …

Our room was generous with two beds, loveseat, table and two chairs, dresser, closet, nightstand – plenty of room for the four of us and a large balcony for enjoying the sun. It was thoroughly cleaned every day and we had no problems with bugs (other than mosquitos some nights but it is their rainy season –we packed bug spray so we were fine).

The Entertainment crew was great. Make sure you track down Shemy and Jerome – they'll make sure you have a good time. We sailed daily with the WaterSports team – get Steven to take you on the Hobie Cat. Make sure you get to know Georgia and Adonis at the Beach Grill. Even if you're not a fish lover, try fish cooked by Adonis and you might just be converted as we were. My youngest son joined the circus while he was there and had a ball. For those scared of heights, this activity might not be for you but for the young and fearless it was perfect.

We ate at the Japanese restaurant – pace yourself, there's plenty of food coming your way, at the Italian restaurant but our beach grill was rained out so we simply moved to the buffet. You would be challenged not to find something to eat there. Steak, roast pork, turkey, macaroni and cheese, vegetables, potatoes, children's fare (chicken nuggets, fries, pizza), pasta, cheese, fruit and dessert abounded – we tried everything and had no complaints about variety, taste or "tummy troubles". We drank the water from the tap with no problems.

The best advice I can give is this, get to know the people who work at the resort. They are great people and are extremely interesting to talk to. We learned of the island, the customs and their own stories of how they came to settle there and we were fascinated by them. Don't hesitate to try things, we are firm believers of leaving no stone unturned – if it's raining, swim anyway – if you've never snorkelled, try it, experience the taste and flavour of the island and don't hesitate to go into town and do some shopping, have a drink by the water and watch the bridge swing – take the ferry across just for the fun of it.

A few tips:
The voltage is different, you'll need an adapter if you're taking electrical appliances

Spend $7 at Wal-Mart and take water shoes with you – they're perfect for walking around the resort and getting in and out of the water

Depending on the day the drop off into the sea can be quite sudden, don't expect to walk far before you're swimming

Book your restaurant reservations the day after your arrival and book them all at once, if you don't and try two days after your arrival you'll likely be out of luck

Take the City Tour, it's very informative and helps you get your bearings if you venture into town on your own (we did and we had no problems – we took the local bus (which is actually a mini van)

If you're at all interested in the Dolphin or Sea Lion encounter at the Seaquarium, inquire on your first or second day. Although they promote you can book a day ahead it's very busy and we were unable to secure a spot. Speak to the Tropical Tours operator in the lobby, she's great.

If you prefer body wash and need hair conditioner, take it with you, they provide bar soap and a shampoo/conditioner combination

Take bug spray, you may need it after a rain

Apple juice is not readily available on the island but you can buy imported apple juice from the gift shop if you have children who crave it

We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation and our time at the Breezes and I would go back in a heartbeat so for those of you who may be worried about your upcoming vacation, don't, if you're anything like us, you'll love it!
Breezes Curacao
Gary & Lori 

February 2004
My husband and I and another couple just returned on Feb. 1, from a 1 week stay. Transportation from the airport was a breeze. Within 45 minutes of landing we were on the beach with a drink in hand. We were assigned to the Royal Tower room 2330. Corner room on the third floor. It was a little noisy (just turn the a/c on and keep the doors closed at night) on the friday night, but that was all. There was a nice view from the balcony and a beautiful breeze. The rooms are not modern like you may find in Mexico, but they are exceptionally clean. You may find a rust stain in the tub but everything worked, towels and face cloths were plentiful and room was very spacious.

Do take along water shoes as getting into the ocean is a little ruff. No problem getting towels or lounges. We also had some shade as my husband is not a sun worshipper as I am. There was plenty of equipment you could use for snorkeling and we also used the bikes. No front brakes but they were fun and got us where we needed to go.

We took the free shuttle (M-F at 9 and 2 and back at 12:30 and 5:30) into Willemstad. Don't expect to do much shopping as they do not cater to the typical souvenir shopping most people are used to. The best part was that there was no high pressure sales and only once did we get asked if we wanted a taxi and at the time were in front of the taxi stand. For most people who have traveled, they know how nice this is not to be hounded. I felt very safe down town. The merchants are very polite and friendly. Be sure to go downtown even if you do not want to do any shopping as the floating bridge and the brightly colored buildings are worth the trip. We did 2 side trips. The Bounty and a Jeep Tour. Both are a great time. The Bounty is an old pirate ship. The crew have wonderful personalities and are well suited to please all the passengers. There was a sailing trip, a stop to snorkel over a reef, a wonderful BBQ with rice, salads, ribs, chops and chicken. Drinks were always flowing as well. Another stop over a sunken barge and a chance to feed the fish by hand. Good value at $54. The Jeep tour was just 3 couples and the guide (we drove our own). We saw parts of the island that I am sure no one knows exist. Saw tones of lizards. Any where from 3 inches to 2 feet. Two stops at beautiful deserted beaches to snorkel, a authentic Curacao meal (extra), a tour of the iguana reserve and a spectacular view from the north part of the island where is is very rocky and rough. We left at 10 and returned at 5. Cost was $54 plus whatever you ordered for lunch.

The resort was laid out nicely. The buffet restaurant was at the edge of the pool, which was right on the beach, right next to the ocean.

I can't say enough good things about the food. I heard a few people complain that there was never anything left when they got there. We ate between 6:30 and 7:30 every night and we ate like kings. The salads were always fresh, the food was hot and the drinks were cold. The water is the best tasting I have ever had and is very safe right from the tap. Get your reservations in early for the ala carte dining. We did 1 at the Italian. Food was very good but service was too slow. A meal at the Japanese. Way to much food but what a variety and they cook it right in front of you. We also did a night at the Beach grill. It was okay but a bit understaffed. The meals we enjoyed the most were at the buffet. Always salads, many meats and side dishes plus vegetables and pasta. Lots for dessert and always 3 flavors of ice cream with toppings.

The staff was pleasant. Most would greet you with a smile and hello each time they saw you. Beach bar was very slow with service and a couple were a bit rude, but you can get that anywhere. We stopped going there and would go to the main bar. Never more that 3-5 minute wait.

If you get the chance be sure to take the opportunity to do the introductory scuba which is offered for free. Leo is a fantastic teacher. I was a bit panicky in the pool and he took the time to reassure me and helped me work through my jitters. There is a 45 minute in-class, approx. 45 minutes in the pool and then a 45 minute dive in the ocean where you can go up to 35 ft. This was an experience of a life time.

After reading a few reviews I was a little apprehensive about the choice we made for our vacation. I went with an open mind that it was going to be a new experience and was pleasantly suprised. Unless you want to be pampered and catered to constantly this is a great resort. We met the Manager and he has only been in the job 4 months and has some big plans for the place. Night time entertainment was a little sparse, but what they did have was good. Overall a great holiday. The average temp was 30 and there was lots of sun.
Breezes Curacao

January 2004
Eight of us just returned from a week at this resort. Let me start with the good things. The snorkling right from the beach was great, we all snorkled every day. Wear water shoes because there are a lot of sea urchins. One of us had to go to the nurse who was very helpful with taking out the spiny thing which got stuck in his hand. The Japanese and Italian restaurants were fantastic. The resort is in dire need of repair. The ceiling in the bathroom had water stains and the clothes closet had a constant leak. The rooms were all oceanfront and air conditioning worked well. We were first given a room in the Royal Tower 2307. If you plan on sleeping please do not stay in the tower. The band from Mambo Bay plays on the weekend until 4 AM it is like you have the band right in your room!! We did not sleep at all the first night and requested a change or room which we were given . We ended up in 7308 which was very quiet. We felt that section of the beach in front of our rooms at the Carasoul Bar was the quietest. Raymond was a great bartender and made great Rum Runners. The bar closed at 5 PM which we though way way too early. At night there is only one bar and long lines. A lot of the workers were not friendly at all and some were downright rude. When we asked for water the waitress told us to wait. They need a lot more staff at Jimmys buffet. We had to get our own coffee, juice and water every time we went there. I would say this is a 2 star resort. We have been to Iberostar in Playa del Carmen, Swept Away , Couples, Sandals, Grande Sport all in Jamaica. There is no comparison to any of these as far as staff, food, entertainment etc. goes. One of the biggest complaints is that there is no entertainment at night. They had one night of a talent show and three nights of karaoke while we were there for the week,the rest of the time there was nothing at all. It was nice to try a new island, but we will never return to Breezes again.