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Club Med Turkoise  


"Best beach - worst GOs"
Posted by: Caitlin on Apr 19, 2016
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Club Med Turkoise Reviews
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Club Med Turkoise Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

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User rating 3.0

Based on 5 reviews

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Discover the incredible beauty of Turks and Caicos during your stay at Turkoise. A breathtaking resort designed with a panoramic view of the talcum-soft sand and clear turquoise waters of one of the most gorgeous beaches on the globe.

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Club Med Turkoise Reviews

Club Med Turkoise Review: 3.0 of 5 5 reviews
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"Best beach - worst GOs"

Club Med Turkoise
User Rating:  Club Med Turkoise Review: 2.00 of 5

Posted by:  Caitlin  on Apr 19, 2016  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2016 | Leisure | With friend
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Went last year and loved it despite shortcomings, but I think this year was worse. The nightlife is great and employees are okay, but our room was terrible.

One night we were infested with big flying bugs coming in through the bathroom and shower vents and a crack in the window - took an hour and a half for maintenance to come spray the place and by then we had killed them all by hand but still wanted a spray to ensure they wouldn't come back while we were sleeping/out of the room.

NO air conditioning in our room. Thermostat was on HIGH/COLD, but we woke up sweating every single night because of the heat. Last year our room was perfectly cool every night and such a relief to come back to after a long night outside. Maybe that's because we paid for a deluxe room last year and chose standard room this time. Other guests complained of not having AC but we were told nothing could be done about it and were offered no solutions.

Housekeeping did a poor job of keeping the place clean - we never left too big of a mess, but a couple nights we could've sworn our sheets had not been changed, but the beds were made on top of our dirty sheets. Housekeeping also walked in on us multiple times without knocking and LUCKILY we were dressed/somewhat decent. They also would come to clean the room and take our dirty towels but not give us clean ones AND they took our blue beach towels so it was a pain to try to get more towels from the drop off since we had none to trade in.

Of the 7 nights we stayed at Turkoise this year, 3 nights we had NO hot water to shower in and we weren't the only ones.

GOs/employees still treat the place as a sexual hunting ground - don't get too friendly or you'll find yourself being woken up at 4am by one of them pounding on your door and if you don't answer, they'll just use their master key to enter anyway. Some are worse than others, but the lack of respect and professionalism still amazes us. The bar/dance floor turns into a freak show after midnight - broken glasses on the floor and drunken disorderly guests stumbling off to their rooms or being escorted by security.

Food was the same as last year - still very good. Bar service was great - not too long of a wait and most times I didn't even have to ask for a refill, they filled it automatically. Keith and Cecilia were especially attentive.

We still plan to go back again regardless of our experiences because the GOs rotate locations and this year's were better than lasts so we can only hope they'll be different and more disciplined next time.

This is the best adult only resort on the island and that beach is to die for, so we won't be staying anywhere else. Club Med has the best beach front of all the resorts we saw in Turks and Caicos. Take advantage of all the activities they have to offer!

For what you pay, it's worth the trip.

Room Block:

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"OK but read on...."

Club Med Turkoise
User Rating:  Club Med Turkoise Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  SUS  on Jun 6, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jun, 2011 | Leisure | With Group
703 people found this review helpful

.STAFF-GUEST INTERACTION: Staff members are allowed to sleep with anyone they want. So if you have a younger daughter, you might want to provide a bit of caution. While this applies to all of the GOs, the ones in the sailing area and frankly all-over the girls seeking lessons or taking out the boats. I can only say be forewarned about interacting with the GOs as the behaviour seems quite risky. I believe there is alcohol in the sailing hut and that seems to be cool with Club Med management. One guest also mentioned that a GO said that the company even provides condoms for the GOs. This must be the culture. I would not bring a teen or 20 something daughter for this reason. It's creepy and pervasive.

FOOD AND ALCOHOL: The food was a highlight. Alcohol is included, but it is literally bottom shelf. Any brand that you will likely be familiar with is at extra cost at $10 per drink. The top two shelves are considered premium. Most people were disappointed by this. Some girls on the way out swore that it must have been watered down. I know it was the cheapest stuff you can probably find anywhere. The wine provided at dinner was horrible, although a few people got used to it. The red stayed on my palate so long that it took over my taste buds for 60 seconds per sip.

SPORTS: The sports available include free catamarans, tennis lessons, and snorkling. The ones that you pay for (and they are pricey) include diving. If you are a diver, you really should call and check the price on the optional scuba excursions. Club Med outsources its excursions to a company called BIG BLUE. I signed up for one excursion (a "sunset cruise" -- $50 bucks seemed reasonable -- but it was the worst one I have ever been on.

STAFF: The staff overall (club med staffers are called "GOs") are very young, mostly in their 18-25 range. Their is no apparent senior staff to deal with anything. If you have a problem and it's not something they know how to handle, they will be OK about not trying any further to assist. Don't expect much in the service department or in terms of organizational skill. It's like a camp for adults and the GOs enjoy their share of partying and enjoyment of their time on site. Do research and book on your own. You may pay 1/2 price.

MEDICAL: The on-site medical care doesn't seem very good. The guy on-staff has a name tag that says RN but introduces himself as a doctor. He doesn't seem too bright frankly. Another person was on the scuba excursion and came away with the benz. The on-board "scuba doctor", I am told, didn't put him immediately on oxygen and at first may have thought he was just seasick. They said the scuba doctor took his blood pressure first, etc and then realized that it was more serious. They said that the massage lady (yes massage lady) met the boat at the dock and it took 4 or so people to help get him into a wheelchair. Off they were to the chamber to deal with his condition.

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"Do not waste your money!"

Club Med Turkoise
User Rating:  Club Med Turkoise Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Anthony  on Feb 4, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Barbados
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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My wife and I went to Cancun two years ago and loved it so much but we couldn't return last year because the resort was closed at the time we could go.
The Bahamian gut that greets you at the hotel was one of the few we met there that deserves any mention.
The club is run by a bunch of Go children who are having more fun than catering to the guest.When they are not using all the boats at the watersports they are taking over the gym or trapeeze or tennis courts,I kid you not.
They the Gos were the worst part of the holiday for us,Cancun was full of very pleasant people but Turks needs to have their Gos trained in the art of be friendly to the clients who are paying the bills.
The hotel was hardly refurbished as we were told,the rooms had no balcony and no were to hang your wet stuff,we were given one bottle of water each upon arrival and we had to keep that bottle for our two week stint for refills from a cooler by the bar,I kid you not.
The excursions from the discovery center were very overpriced and horrible,DO NOT WASTE YOUR DAY WITH THE EXCURSIONS
At the end we ordered or own taxi just because we were so nervous about our plane leaving without us and being stuck there!

Your Arrival:
Was the most pleasant time of our two week stink,but that soon changed about day two of the holiday.

Very basic,basic being the operative word and the water stank!

Restaurants and Bars:
Great some nights very poor on some!

Beach,pools and grounds were well kept.Activities on were nothing compared to

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Activities on were not compared to Cancun and the activities off were non existant!

Other Comments:
Will never visit that island again,after the taste left in my mouth by Club Med and its staff!

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"Special Thanks to the best Dive Team I was ever a part of"

Club Med Turkoise
User Rating:  Club Med Turkoise Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Peter from Ontario  on Jan 8, 2010  >  3 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2009 | Leisure | Solo
793 people found this review helpful

Flew in from Toronto (3 hrs 45 minutes direct). Shuttle picked me up at the airport. The resort is about 20 minutes away. Arrived at Club Med and the staff did not waist anytime giving me my room and information then they walking me to it. My luggage was brought in 15 minutes. First resort I have been too where I was not told to attend a meeting so they could try to sell me a condo or something else! Resort is organized and it is easy to learn the layout. Staff (GEOS) are very friendly and work very hard. I have no doubt that the staff is picked on their personality as much as what they can do work wise as all seemed to be very friendly and would stop to talk regardless if you know them or not. Most do multiple jobs in a day. On the last day many came out to see the travellers off (many hugs and handshakes and a few tears shed too). Most of the staff seem to be French Canadian (many from Montreal). Most of the travellers are Canadian and American.

Very clean, electronic safe, modern showers which always had hot water. They supply shampoo and body wash (not high end stuff so you might want to bring your own) Lots of drawers and places to hang shirts/paints etc. Small Flatscreen TV's in each room which get most American stations, CBC and CTV Canada and few British stations also. Maids do an excellent job!

Restaurants and Bars::
Most days I ate at the main restaurant food was always good. Head Chief (Ruben) great guy who always came around shaking hands and taking to the people at each table. Sharkies Bar is a nice place to spend the later afternoon as the sun is going down. There is always a musician playing. My only complaint is the slow bar service at the main bar (male staff will basically serve females and men will wait) A few times I waited more then 15 minutes to get a drink as the women would just walk up and get served right away (very common complaint among men while I was there). Amy (Montreal) was the best bartender (very beautiful, always happy and friendly) and Cerro and Justin also did a great job and always work much faster then most of the other bartenders (and serve everyone not just women). The alcohol is pretty cheap but you can buy top shelf if you get sick of the low grade they serve (might want to pick up a couple bottles at Duty Free and bring it with you). The beer is fine (Turks Head) and they have both dark and light.

Beach is beautiful the water looks like it does in the travel books. 1 pool always kept clean. Afternoon dive clinics that do not get in the way of the swimmers. Lifeguard on duty (a girl named Dawson from Montreal). Grounds kept in great shape. Grounds crew work very hard everyday keeping the grass, bushes and trees well taken care of. This is a very nice resort in all aspects!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
I went SCUBA Diving almost everyday. This is the best run and most organized Dive Resort I have ever been too (and I have been to a lot in the Islands). Juanita (From Newfoundland) great gal who runs a tight ship and is very well respected by her team. The divers loved her as she had a good sense of humour (after all she is a Newfie *L*). Modern dive boats! Nobody leaves the boat until all your equipment is checked 100%. There were a few divers who were in wheelchairs and that was not an issue to this staff as they did an excellent job assisting everyone! The staff (Julian, Sam "Bam", Kevin, Mike, John, etc all did an great job. The diving its self was fantastic. On my 3rd dive our dive seem saw a Whale Shark (30 feet at least but depending on how many drinks we had later that day it grew *L*) very rare to see (sorry Juanita I had to put it in *L*). When not diving the dive staff would eat with the divers and spend time with them having a drink and just hanging out. In short I know I speak for a lot of divers when I say THE DIVE STAFF MADE THIS TRIP GREAT!!!!!!

Other Comments::
Don't listen to any of the negative reviews as these are the type of people who complain about everything in their daily lives (or it's travel companies who do not deal with Club Med or The Turks & Caicos doing the slamming) THIS RESORT IS FANTASTIC! This is my first time I have been to a Club Med and it will not be my last. Make sure if you are a SCUBA Diver to have a dive (even just a couple) as this is one of the best dive sites in the world! Leave things like toothpaste, shampoo etc for the staff as they do not get payed a lot of money and can use it. Don't forget about the grounds keepers they work very hard also!
Special Thanks to the best Dive Team I was ever a part of (Luke, Brian and Shannon "Flap Jack Fins") see you guys on our trip in 2010 and to Julian, Amy and Ruben who went out of their way to make my trip great!

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"Found the place to be very laid back"

Club Med Turkoise
User Rating:  Club Med Turkoise Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Primo  on Apr 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2009
781 people found this review helpful

Arrival: March 26 to April 2nd
Flight was non eventful made it in good time transited thru Miami once we arrived at airport ( noon local time ) in Provo we went through customs people there were very nice and pretty laid back , we were met by a Club Med rep minutes after stepping out of the airport and taken by taxi to the resort were we were met by GO`s . who handed us our room keys and we were immediately taken to our room.

Since we had already experienced Club Med we were not surprised by the room which was ( like most Club Med`s ) small void of any exterior balcony`s whether on the ground floor or second floor . Other then that it had the basic necessities expected in a resort that does not put emphasis on rooms but on where they are situated geograficaly . So the room was comfortable at best.

Restaurants and Bars
During all of our stay we had breakfast , lunch and dinner at the buffet restaurant which was fine . The food there was always abundant with good choices ( lots of fish , vegeatables , great fruit etc.. ) , ever night there was a different food theme which took the monotany out of dinning at a buffet restaurant . Beer on tap ( Turcs Head ) was available at all times along with white and red wine ( if you really like a good bottle of wine you will need to buy at x tra charge ) which was not very good at ALL .I bel;iev they have 2 ''A la Carte'' restaurants which you have to make reservations , but we never tried them during our stay . Main bar situated at the pool had much of what you would expect in a resort bar , and most of the folks there were very nice ( Isabel , she makes a mean Margarita and ahe`s very sweet also ) and are very fast to accomodate any of your needs . By the way you have to pay ( 5$ US )for water , unlike most resorts where water is free here it's not . Tip : in your room fridge there are 2 comlimentary bottles of water use them and re fill ( theres a water cooler close to the bar ) them during your stay.

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