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The Islands of the Bahamas offer something for everyone. This archipelago includes 700 islands more than 2,500 cays totaling 5,300 square miles. They are all similar in topography – mostly flat with miles of beaches, forests, swamps, lakes and lagoons. Only 30 of the 700 islands are inhabited. Most of the population lives in Nassau on New Providence Island and Freeport on Grand Bahama Island.


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Bahamas Information

Activities on Nassau and adjoining Paradise Island consist of jet skiing, scuba diving, beaches, nightclubbing, dining and casinos.

The capital city and commercial hub of the Bahamas, Nassau is a vibrant town that harkens back to colonial days with its Victorian mansions, cathedrals, 18th century fortresses, and straw market, while embracing the 21st century with some of the finest resorts in the Caribbean. A horse drawn surrey tour is an excellent way to see Nassau.

Just outside of Nassau is Cable Beach, a breathtaking two mile stretch of sand, with a number of resorts.

Paradise Island is accessible from Nassau by a bridge, and boasts a number of luxurious hotels.

Grand Bahama Island, with its miles of beaches, fabulous scuba diving, modern resorts and casinos is the fourth largest island in the archipelago, and the second most popular tourist destination in the Bahamas. In Freeport and Lucaya you will find casinos, nightclubs, fine restaurants, and water sports.


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Bahamas Practical Information

Bahamas Public Holidays

New Year's Day; Good Friday; Easter Monday; Whit Monday; Labour Day (June); Independence Day (10 July); Emancipation Day (Aug); Discovery Day (Oct); Christmas; Boxing Day.

Bahamas Visas

US citizens do not need a passport or visa for stays of less than eight months, but must show proof of citizenship. Visas and passports are not required of citizens of Canada or the UK and Commonwealth who stay three weeks or less (though UK citizens will need to show their passports when re-entering the UK). Visitors from most other European countries need passports but not visas for stays of up to three months. Air passengers must have a return or ongoing airline ticket.

Bahamas General Information

Bahamas Area
13,939 sq km (5,382 sq miles)

Bahamas Capital

Bahamas Currency
Bahamian Dollar (BSD)

Bahamas GNI per capital
US$14,920 (World Bank, 2005)

Bahamas Language

Bahamas Main exports
Pharmaceuticals, cement, rum, crawfish, refined petroleum products

Bahamas Telephone codes
00 1242

Bahamas weather

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