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As the summer is getting closer, people are already starting to make arrangement for their vacation. It’s like you drain your energy to the minimum and now you need something that will relax and make you forget about that exhausting year you had, no matter if it’s because you work or study. Some people are still going from one travel agency to another; some already are looking for the bigger bag so they can fit all of the necessary clothes and stuff for the vacation.  more...


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But all of them have the same problem; where should they spend 10-20 days of joy? You need something new, something exciting, a place where you can feel like you are at home and still get everything you deserve it and what you need is the beautiful place like Venezuela.

Venezuela is country settled in South America surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, and it’s offering a real vacation for everyone interested to spend some quality time with their families, relatives or even with friends. The long white beaches, rainforest, wildlife will leave you speechless, and you can accommodate everywhere you want. There are very nice luxury hotels and their prices are not very expensive, so everyone can afford it. Most of the hotels in Venezuela offer two meals a day, supported by their highly trained professional service. But if you don’t want to leave your room for the rest of the day, or you just don’t like going to breakfast or dinner in the hotel dining room, you can ask for room service anytime you want, because they are available for 24 hours. But the excitement this country offers will force you to go around and explore it, so don’t spend the whole day in the room. You can work on your tan by visiting the hotel pools which are available for the whole day. If you had your time at the pool, maybe you should visit one of the beaches in this country. If you want to spend some time alone with your friends, relatives or family you can visit the Los Roques beach. It’s really quiet and it is meant for people who want peace and relaxation. If not, you can visit some other beaches and still have a great time. With white sand, clear and blue Caribbean Sea, you will feel reborn, and if you don’t want to stay in the sun, you can sit at of the beach bars and drink some of the cocktails. Also, if you feel hungry, you can visit some of their national restaurants. You can order some of their traditional food which is really good. But if you don’t like it, you can order something different or similar to your taste for food, because their menus are full with all kinds of foods so they can satisfy everyone's taste. You can enjoy having a lunch and listen to their native music all around this country. If you are a born explorer you can visit some of the national parks around Venezuela such as Canaima National Park, where you can find Angel Falls. There is nothing alike Angle Falls in the world. The view of it is stunning, and this is the world highest waterfall. Also, you can find some of the rarest animals in the world, such as antelope or Ara parrots. Don’t forget to visit Orinoco River, which is a really beautiful one of a kind river. If you don’t want to visit Canaima National Park, but you are an animal lover, you can visit their National Zoo, where you can find every kind of animal, even anaconda snake.

Exploring through Venezuela can be done only by the day, and if you want some quality time at night, then you should visit one of the nightclubs through the city where are you staying, or you can visit some of the beach parties that Venezuelans are organizing. You can stay there and have a great time until the morning. Then you can retrieve to you your hotel room, and have a glass of their rum, which is very popular and one of the best rums in the world. Also, you can try their cigarettes and coffee that they are producing.

This trip to Venezuela can fulfill your dreams for a perfect vacation and you will be back for more that is for sure.

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